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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 29, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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world's global bird migrations life intersect right where we are the basic discovery treasure is one of the most special that lands on the planet after ice ecosystems announces era. iraq's prime minister is to step down after weeks of antigovernment protests that have seen more than 400 people being killed. hello and welcome i'm peter davi you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up the taliban says it's holding preliminary discussions with the united states to restart peace talks as president trump visits troops stationed in afghanistan. the authorities in sudan dissolve the party of the ousted president omar al bashir one of the key demands of the protest movement.
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taking action against climate change a new round of global protests kickoff ahead of the un climate conference. ok a breaking story for you this half hour iraq's prime minister abdullah abdullah marked he says he'll resign in the face of the growing protests against his government's mr abdul mahdi who took charge last year says he will submit his resignation to parliament his decision comes after iraq's top shia cleric the grand ayatollah ali al sistani called for a change of leadership protesters who've been calling for political change in iraq have begun celebrating well in 400 people have died in 2 months of antigovernment protests in a statement he said i'll submit my resignation to the house of representatives in order for the council to. it's options may gold protect iraq and its people live to
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baghdad and correspondent mohamed jump to mohammed are we any clearer on when he might actually do this then. peter no clarity yet on that point and it's something that a lot of the demonstrators that we've been speaking with here since the announcement made are really starting to wonder i mean they say it's not enough for them that the prime minister says he's going to step down they want to know exactly when that's going to happen and beyond that they want to know if anybody else is going to step down because that has been one of their key demands to an overhaul a complete overhaul rather of the political system here in the eye doc now it's interesting because the prime minister in his statement said essentially that he was doing this as soon as possible in order to stop the country from sliding into complete chaos and he spoke a lot about having listened to the words of the grand ayatollah ali sistani the top shiite cleric here in iraq a sermon was delivered earlier by his representative i mean a softly let's take
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a listen to more of what i'm going to suffer you had to say earlier in the day. i'm a genius a new layout the parliament from which this current government is drawn is asked to reconsider its choice in this regard and to act according to iraq's interest and preserve the blood of its children to prevent the country from slipping into violence chaos and destruction we confirm again that attacks against peaceful protesters are forbidden as well as them being prevented from having the right to demand reforms we also confirm that attacking private and public property is forbidden and that property should not be left to be attacked by infiltrators and their allies mohammed this is kind of a little bit so what. was saying he wanted as well a couple of weeks ago is there an axis between him and the stunning. you know peter that's a question that many people here have been asking for weeks really trying to understand the complete motivations between these between grand ayatollah ali
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sistani who is the who's the top shiite cleric in the country and also trying to understand completely what for the southern who is a very popular shia cleric here in iraq what exactly they are trying to do when it comes to these protests you had statements from both men supporting the protesters but many of the demonstrators you speak with say they don't believe those statements have gone far enough and they really distrust the motivations of so many of the politicians of so many of the officials here now i want to just we have a crowd around us it's a very festive atmosphere atmosphere here right now since that announcement was made so i just want to bring in one person very quickly who had something he wanted to tell us but i want to go on i want to i want to. say like it's a bit of a chaotic scene give us a 2nd here tell you before but it was ok after this i'm not going to make the new album out of this is not my duty not sure that let's have the truth when it's been an economic that i mean the reason was that i'm asking him what his opinion is of
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what the prime minister said and it's not i she holly shouted out of a point to mujahideen was toward the. future i could make changes very happy news for all the people out here that hearing that the prime minister is resigned that he says she may be out of glass in your house a balcony i didn't allow me to go have a good holiday tomorrow. jeff what i'll put her feet up but i think that i should conduct these say that they want to see justice done they want to see those who are responsible for what happened not only ended up they want to see justice done so that these crimes that were committed against demonstrators are brought to justice now again i'm sorry it's a bit of a vibrant crowd here right now a lot of people want to get in and talk to us we're trying to get the opinions of all the people out here peter. as to that idea of justice mohammed when you talk to people yes the government has announced multiple investigations but they also want roots and branch reform they don't just want to get rid of
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a prime minister or even the entire government they want something completely new something that iraq has never in living memory perhaps experienced. yet peter i mean this is true i mean what they want to see really is accountability they want opportunity given to them they want into corruption they want jobs they want to basically have what they consider to be their human rights and they say that really that can't happen that the government is demonstrated to them again and again over the course of the past 16 years that that cannot happen with these political players who are in place right now they want to see a complete overhaul of the political system here now bearing all that in mind they also know that that's not something that's going to be easy to achieve politics in and out are very difficult there so that's one of the reasons why we keep coming back to this point people that we're speaking with here say that even though the prime minister has said that he's going to resign they don't know exactly when that's going to happen there was news a few weeks ago that the prime minister apparently was going to resign now that news with a lot murkier than what we heard today but they say that they want to know when
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this is going to happen and they want to know if more people are going to be resigning because unless all of the political elites who basically they attribute to creating the mess that they are in unless they go you know believe anything is going to improve for them here in this country peter and on the other side of this news equation that you're breaking down for us right now in real time as we get a trickle of information on the other side of that the demonstrators are still on the streets the demonstrations presumably are still ongoing and also crucially we don't know what the security forces are going to do those security forces who've been reacting to the protests in such a robust way when real people have really lost their lives. you know i must tell you i'm sorry it is very noisy here so i didn't hear all of what you had to say you talked about the security aspect of all this and one of the
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things that's really been fueling the anger and driving people out onto the streets despite any threat of violence they may face here is the fact that they continue to see what they believe to be an inordinate response an excessive response by by security forces here towards peaceful protesters and what happened in niger and also the yesterday to shiite majority cities in the south of the country they say that that is completely unacceptable you had dozens of people killed hundreds of people injured all in all as of yesterday you had at the very least 350 people that have been killed since the beginning of the anti-government demonstrations in early october and now many people here believe that that number is ultimately going to end up being much much higher and we've heard statements from the government here saying in the past that they are going to try to ensure that there is justice meted out that there are members of the security forces that are put on trial for these egregious crimes committed against anti-government demonstrators but look again
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they're cynical as well rather they're jaded they don't really believe that the government is going to do that so you have a real situation here in which statements continue to come out from the government . but the people that are on the streets don't have direct contact with these representatives they don't believe what their representatives are saying and that's one of the reasons they're continue they're continuing to demonstrate better stay close keep us posted thanks so much we'll talk to you soon let's bring in my one on he's had a policy analysis of the arab center for research and policy studies he joins us from another one of the studios here in doha great to have you here on this developing story let's talk about the prime minister did he jump or was he pushed no i think he was pushed because. the that dub cleric the shiite cleric actually he was issued today was very clear that he once the but i minister to gore and i think also most of those so that he made a very clear position as well today he said that we will not participate in this
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government and i think after all it was the protest movement that this should be seen as a measure as a major victory by the protest movement because i did i did maggie is is that was what is seen as she was was seen by this but this movement as as a very weak but i've missed out he was a puppet to you're on your own was pulling the strings he couldn't stop the killing of the of the protesters in in most of the south and most of your oxide city and so i think this is this is something this is something that but this stuff should celebrate it i mean today but of course i mean there will there will there will be emboldened and there will be calling also because this is not going to be enough for them they want actually the bar lament to bar. form for their electoral law and they want to have early elections that is the only way actually to change and remove the horde political class which have ruled iraq since 2000 pretty since then actually iraqis have seen an option they have seen actually
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a very very weak government that is influenced by iran and we have seen a very weak a central government that cannot quantrill. the shiite militias were also supported by iran so i think this is going to be just the fish the butter a very important step for the brothers for the furthest movement and they are pointing with this this cycle and to achieve their objectives this is what we feel is a very bare sustained parties who have decided actually to get the state and to bring down. that is not really the presenting iraqi interests if he is one half of an axis between baghdad and to iran how will this news if and when it actually happens be received in tehran it's going to be seen as a very big blow to iran because don't forget that after all it was iran which a bit of vented actually the iraqi political factions from actually moving i've
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been mad the past i'm still a man he was at it but god like 3 weeks ago and he put to you is a pressure on the iraqi political factions not to push for the resignation of the prime minister if you remember that your arc leaks which was published by the new york times and the end of sept a few weeks ago they mentioned i did i did maggie by name as the man of iran in iraq he is actually taking i wouldn't say that he's taking orders from iran but he's actually very much influenced by iran he spent most of his life anyway and and it was iran actually which brought them to power last year because he was seen as the man who can best be present iranian interests in iraq iraqis cannot accept this anymore in my opinion they want a national leadership that actually serves the interests of the iraqis not serve the interests of iran it seems to me from what you're seeing mo and that this is not necessarily the beginnings of a recipe for calming the situation in iraq it may actually make it worse
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particularly if iran is an unknown variable and direct the the reaction on the streets is a variable as well. bitter that made it out but i got these for the you're on the on the regime the top priority is the security of the regime the 2nd the is to keep iraq and that iranian influence and that iran controlled iraq is seen by iran as a major challenge as united challenge since 2003 actually got on has made its best in order to keep iraq weak divided and that is control iran is not going to give up in easily on iraq they are going to have a really big fight we have seen that actually in 201-420-0201 extension 6 when they are force for the control of iraq and don't forget actually most of the prime minister who ruled iraq since nouri al maliki in 2006 and then tell now we are talking not about 30000 years now they have all actually been m.
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board somehow by iran and this is why i feel iran is not going to get easily they are going to have a big fight in iraq but i think that archy's talking about iraq is here iraqis have decided that they will actually also fight this button because it's very much from what we have seen yesterday in najaf and from what we have seen also incredible and other cities they are targeting iranian consulate they are seeing this as a bottle of independence for iraq and i think they are very much. very much keen on actually happening there and dependence having their country back and having their destiny back do you get the sense that mr markey is a fall guy and if he is a fall guy will there be other people who fall behind him or is there a calculation that's been taken in the upper echelons of the iraqi government which is ok here's your sacrificial lamb if you will one man one prime minister now we
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should be allowed to carry on doing what we were doing anyway but i think i think i do not match the it's just just one figure off a political class that. it is very corrupt if you go to the united nations reports actually about corruption in iraq you can see actually that billions of dollars have been stolen from the iraq it budget somehow by this political class and this is look iraq is that it's just one of the richest countries on earth and terms of reserve iraq is the 4th largest has the 4th largest oil reserve in the world and yet iraq doesn't have electricity enough electricity so the corruption is huge in iraq and this political class i mean this is what made these protesters actually decide to go out and decide to bring not only the government this is just one step in a very long way towards achieving their objectives they want to bring down the whole
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political class which have actually made iraq a very poor country because of this corruption and because of the lack of services because of the lack of reforms i think so i demand is just one figure out of flaws that most iraqis would like to see goal. as a but we appreciate your insight thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera thank you. we move on to the other top stories today informal talks have resumed between the afghan taliban and american officials the taliban telling al-jazeera that some initial meetings have been taking place here in doha and those discussions could pave the way for the resumption of formal peace talks president counseled to go see asians in september after the death of one u.s. soldier but on the short trip to afghanistan he told american troops there he believed the taliban was willing to strike a deal stephanie decker explains. it was a surprise visit and is often the case with president donald trump a surprising announcement taliban wants to make
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a deal and who are meeting with them and we're saying it has to be a cease fire they want to do a cease fire but now they do want to do is use fire i believe it probably work and there were some submission there meeting with the taliban comes after the president abruptly broke off talks in september following the killing of a u.s. soldier in a bombing claimed by the taliban talks had been making progress up until then the taliban has confirmed to al jazeera that some meetings have been taking place to pave the way for the resumption of talks the group also recently released 2 western hostages and 10 afghan soldiers in exchange for 3 of its senior leaders but officials say there's still no sign the taliban is ready to give up its weapons in exchange for a role in afghan politics demilitarization is a key demand from afghan president ashraf ghani but he's been sidelined while u.s. and taliban negotiators meet still ghani joint tromp on stage by graham air base and tweeted out highlights of the moment apparently keen to show he is relevant in
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the peace process for donald trump the priority is cutting down the number of u.s. troops in afghanistan from about 13000 to just over 8000 and to help the afghans handle their own security. we're breaking it down very substantially and will be down in a number that's very it's a good number and we're going to stay until such time as we have a deal or we have total victory and they want to make india over it's been 18 years since the u.s. launched its war in afghanistan pushing the taliban out of power the irony not lost that almost 2 decades on both sides in our negotiating an end to the fighting and if a deal can be struck it will more than likely see the taliban return to play a part in ruling afghanistan stephanie decker al-jazeera. michael semple is a visiting research professor at the institute for global peace security and justice a queens university in belfast he says there has to be compromise for more talks to
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go ahead. the taliban have to accept some form of violence reduction whether it's partial or global the optimum one being a full full ceasefire but it's possible they could agree to more limited measures to reduce violence so they have to they have to agree to start turning off the violence and they have to agree to a pathway to direct talks with the with the afghan government what the taliban have been saying in the past couple of months since that process broke down is that they there they are happy to reenter negotiations but only if the americans give them everything that they felt had been promised in that deal whereas the. on the other side this is then the americans have been telling them quietly that
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that deal became impossible because it had basically no 0 support inside afghanistan strongly opposed by the afghan government public opinion in kabul and something is going to have to budge to to make this process acceptable to the afghan people so the taliban's insistence on. restarting where they left off is actually reviving the deal that was dumped on the 7th of september seems to me like a nonstarter in sudan the former ruling party of the deposed president is condemning dissolution plans by what it calls the illegal new government the transitional government's approved the main demand of the protesters during several months of unrest a lot to dissolve the n.c.p. the national congress party said of morgan reports from khartoum the prime minister says it is not an act of revenge. it was once the dominant party in sudan ruling the country for more than 25 years now more than 6 months after its head leader was
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ousted sudan's transitional government has announced that the former ruling party will be dismantled. yet the the more dismantles the national congress party and seizes its assets money and properties and gives it to the government's minister of finance a committee will be formed to ensure that any organization association institution union company partnership that has links to the former ruling party will be dismantled. the national congress party came to power in 1992 a few years after it had already bashir overthrew a democratically elected government in 1989 the coolest carried out under the name of the national islamic front bashir went on to create the national congress party that ruled until he was ousted from power in april this year following months of anti-government protests the december protests gained momentum after the burning of the national congress party headquarters and. despite it being the only party many sudanese knew the demand for it to be dismantled had become one of the protest
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movements main ins. this rattling a party doesn't mean it's and it has to be remembered that establishing a new country would have to include establishing quick systems with those from the disbanded party and in a way where politics is practiced wisely i mean also man regards herself as the victim of one of the parties signature laws that came to define the controversial public order it's severely curtailed women's rights and which was condemned by human rights in sudan new leaders say it will display. an attack that when i was arrested for refusing the offices called me names saying i'm not a real sudanese because i didn't follow the rules of the government they said they expected me to be from the south a christian. during its time in power the national. party left scars that many continue to feel from burning sudan 20 years of u.s. trade and economic sanctions following accusations of supporting terrorism abroad
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to dividing a nation that was once africa's largest country it now remains to be seen how straightforward eradicating it from sudanese political life will be people morgan al-jazeera puppets and. rebels in yemen say they've shot down a helicopter and killed 2 pilots it happened near the yemeni saudi border the saudi u.a.e. coalition now in its 5th year of fighting with these isn't commenting the funerals of people killed in protests in eastern democratic republic of congo have been perspire and because of security concerns crowds have gathered in a village there demanding that the military leave that area after rebel groups killed 28 people earlier this week they say the army hasn't done enough to protect them from armed groups which are behind the latest round of violence catherine soy has more now from goma. what this is one of the areas where police have been battling protest is all morning and this is a main road ronald goldman has made inroads the police have been trying to clear it
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all morning but it seems to be a fairly well because one thing leads people just bring back the stones protesters . and grieve the people we've talked to say they want to get some more new school that's a u.n. peacekeeping mission base to express that and that and the frustration about what's going on even the police have over the days recall for them so that the process of the been able to advance to this base is but they say they're very angry about what's happening we also i've spoken to the governor of north he was calling for calm and telling people that yes we understand you know we in the found your frustration but you need to get security forces a chance to do their job no police are firing yes the protesters who have been throwing stones at them so the situation here in goma very very tense indeed. you know activists around the world a skipping school today in protest
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a climate change students in the indian capital of demonstrating outside the east and the chief power plant new delhi is one of the world's most polluted cities. in rome hundreds are marching to bring attention to the dangers of climate change they're calling for immediate action the rallies come ahead of a u.n. climate change conference in madrid next week. protest is in london the start of their march side parliament house they're using next month's u.k. election to pressure both the government and the opposition to make climate change a priority challenge has been following the demonstration through london. it is black friday today that commercialized a frenzy of shopping and they are even they could bring their message to shoppers as well now the heading back towards parliament square we don't have the demonstrators but we do you have theodore sciri who's one of the organizers a youth striker a 15 year old student how do you think today is going to get compared to the other demonstrations that happened. today has been
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a bit smaller than something other than assertions of god but it's still being incredibly positive had a really good turnouts and the crowd that we have got to stay with us all the way through our protest in front of really great energy we've made a really clear points about what we feel about this election and about the general habits of consumerism on black friday and i think overall it's been a really successful strike so you mentioned the election there of course britain has a general election coming up so what do you want to drive home to the politicians i think the most important message for us is that this is above anything else the climate crisis is more important than any other issue is called me being discussed on the political table and so it's why we need parties not to be against each other in this but we need to be leading and he leading as warm as the u.k. misleading clip do you see it out of my formidable absolutely no we don't see nearly enough leadership from our country or from the people who are trying to run our country. and that really they don't think very much in go back and judge on the rest of the protesters not back to you. algerians are out in big numbers for the
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41st successive friday of protests to demand political change campaigning for. next month's presidential election began on sunday demonstrators in the so-called head are going to rejecting the vote many feel that will be linked to the old guard close to the deposed president but if we come. malnutrition in india is a chronic problem and a slowing economy may make it worse new figures show economic growth is at its slowest pace in 6 years and reports now from pradesh. says she never had enough to eat when she was pregnant nor after she had the baby now her daughter 13 month old anita is suffering from malnutrition. she's below the normal weight and height for her age a recent global hunger index ranked india at $1217.00 countries.
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a hunger level in the country as serious some days i get to eat some days i don't my husband does farm but there is no guarantee we will have a crop to harvest activists say dealing with a health crisis must and daily mitigating the ag really in crisis and increasing employment. at the but. in every other house there is a child suffering from malnutrition the food that is given through government schemes for the child is consumed by the whole family because they do not have enough and governments rural employment scheme is failing to provide them jobs in non farm sectors. according to a yet under his government survey rural spending in india has plummeted for the 1st time in 4 decades experts see the expenditure on food items as an indicator of increasing monetization they call on the government to focus on policies that increase consumption. i think this is going to prolong in the absence of any
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government intervention because a large section of our population lives in rural area so the high growth phases in india let's say of the 2000 did also simultaneously see higher income growth in the really area. and middle income pharma says while farming is always risky the last few years have been particularly trying not when they were easy because of the monetize ation we didn't get our money on time we could not buy the seeds in time and sold them in time and then it rained so we lost a lot of frequent droughts and floods have wrecked havoc in the farms through do you see earnings they indian government says all is well with the economy and if there is any slowdown it is because of global dynamics but in these villages the pharmacy the visas are domestic whether it is too large or too little rainfall damaging crops or the lingering impact of the government's changes to the national currency some economists linked to the government have questioned the methodology by which the date on hunger was collected nevertheless many farmers and guitars
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village have migrated to the cities for work she wonders if her family should do if it is their stomachs. al-jazeera my tip of the india. this is al jazeera these are your top stories iraq's prime minister abdullah abdullah marked he says he'll resign in the face of growing protests against his government mr abdul marked you could charge last year says he'll submit his resignation to parliament his decision comes after iraq's top shia cleric the grand ayatollah ali al sistani called for a change of leadership protesters have been calling for political change to iraq have now begun celebrating more than 400 people have died in 2 months of anti-government protests mohammed is in baghdad. and that's something that a lot of the demonstrators that we've been speaking with here is the announcement
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made are really starting to wonder i mean they say it's not enough for them that the prime minister says he's going to step down they want to know exactly when that's going to happen and beyond that they want to know if anybody else is going to step down because that has been one of their key demands to an overhaul a complete overhaul rather of the political system here in iraq now it's interesting because the prime minister in his statement said essentially that he was doing this as soon as possible in order to stop the country from sliding into complete chaos after weeks of stalled talks preliminary negotiations between the u.s. and the afghan taliban have resumed president trump made the announcement during a surprise visit to kabul the taliban has told al jazeera some meetings have taken place to pave the way for the resumption of formal turk's sudan's transitional government has dismantled the former president omar al bashir his party which was the main demand from protesters the cabinet has also scrapped a controversial public order more or that has severely curtailed women's rights.
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the funerals of people killed in protests in eastern democratic republic of congo have been perspire on because of security worries crowds have gathered in a village there demanding that the military leave the area after rebel groups killed 20 people earlier this week they say the army hasn't done enough to protect them. then activists around the world are skipping school to protest against climate change protesters in london who started their march outside parliament house they're using next month's u.k. election to pressure both the government and the opposition to make climate change a priority a lot more news whatever you want is always there for you on the website the address al-jazeera dot com how will keep you company from 15 g. i will see you bright and early from 7 g. tomorrow between now and the next it's the stream but i for now. as nato turns 70 leaders will go in london to plan its future but after france's president micro-loan called the alliance braindead nato going through an existential crisis
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and what will this summit mean for future transatlantic military cooperation join us for december the 2nd for the u.k. nato summit on a visit. i'm femi oke. and i'm really good today is for tonight more than just a video game we have diving into one of the biggest cultural phenomena. and share your thoughts in a live chat or you can tweet us at. the pianist. the free to play online video games is a cultural it's not only is it influencing pop culture but pop culture is influencing fortnight the game both more registered players than the populations of canada and mexico combined it also generates roughly 200.


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