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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 29, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm +03

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lines of code what more can you tell us at this stage. history. at the moment as you say a long time in the service is to put a major incident here on the bridge of the cordon has been put in place keeping us a few 100 metres away back now from the bridge joining me now is a person who's actually on the bridge at the time is jackie benz feel she's a receptionist and thomas's talks with one of the local hospitals here some of you were you on a bus on the bridge to what happened i was on 17 bus and on going towards our train and we're stopped in traffic and all of a sudden i see people police officers people running off the bridge people getting out of cars still getting off the buses running their cars a man in their cars about in the bus trying to get off and i see police officers with guns running running towards where i was heading. and so i just i see bang on the bus and try to get off the bus because i could and i started running
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and then i heard gunshots for 5 or 6 pop up pops and i see more police officers running towards the bridge and i'm running that oh we're going in one direction the insults is already the other is. probably one of the scariest moments of my life and i achieved a lot of gunshot wounds and i've never been that close but yeah and talk to me about the gunshots themselves how many there were quick succession yeah quick succession i think 5 or 6 i don't know if it was the police officer taking down. taking on the. perpetrator or if it was the perpetrator i don't know that's all i i just ran like hell to get off the bridge and stuff they couldn't but everyone was running past his house they could as well. as you say it's for even for an experienced medic like you extremely scary strange scary. sorry. yeah that was probably the most. everything.
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very good so i'm going to break off thank you very much indeed. and you're safe now ok and everything. out of the channel and. i can imagine spoken to other people. on the bridge on a bus fleeing essentially for life fearful for her life and the more ground here now and show you that there are police officers here the police. and ambulance down there as well. blocking off the markets of the south side of london bridge and we await more details from police as to exactly what is going on what is transpiring indeed brennan there life for us in central london thank you very much indeed and just to recap for viewers joining us this hour we are bringing you breaking news coming out of london where the police have confirmed that they
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have responded to. an incident being described as an incidents on london bridge and they were called to a stabbing premises. they have confirmed they're aware of reports circulating on social media there have been reports of gunfire there have been reports of numerous incidents but for now the police confirming that there has been an incidence on london bridge a stabbing. at premises near to london bridge the london ambulance service have also confirmed that they are responding to what they say. is a major incidence in the london bridge area they have several crews at the scene and they are the storms and we're going to bring you the details as and when that comes in but certainly dramatic eyewitness testimony there from paul brennan and his guest. a nurse who was on the bridge when the incident unfolded.
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certainly the police cordon has been widened weeks like in the live pictures we're bringing you a heavy police presence in central london we're going to keep an eye on this bring you all the very latest as it comes through in let's bring you some of the other top stories almost had it be a rather busy day here on al-jazeera. so just see confirm you are with al-jazeera and how will he bring you the very latest on this news or we will bring you more on that sheeting in london in just a few minutes but the other major breaking story this hour coming out of iraq where the prime minister abdullah bill martin says he will resign that's in the face of a growing protests against his government's no viewers will remember up to much of the martinet in charge last year said he would submit his resignation to parliament's that protest is who have been calling for political change in iraq for
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several weeks now they've been celebrating of course one of $400.00 people have died same 2 months of government protests now dramatic announcement comes just shortly after iraq's top shia cleric ayatollah ali sistani condemned the use of lethal force against protesters and cold for a change in leadership. in legislation or the parliament from which this current government is drawn is asked to reconsider its choice in this regard and to act according to iraq's interest and preserve the blood of its children to prevent their country from slipping into violence chaos and destruction we confirm again that attacks against peaceful protesters are forbidden as well as them being prevented from having the right to demand reforms we also confirm that attacking private and public property is forbidden and that property should not be left to be attacked by infiltrators and their allies. well spray your minds of what's led to the civil unrest where the demotion of a popular counterterrorism chief in september fed into small antigovernment
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protests will see young iraqis who are demanding jobs now called for better basic services and an end to corruption where the government responded with force fueled more protests spreading from the capital baghdad city southern and central provinces iraq's prime minister promised a reshuffle of his cabinets and cut salaries of senior officials but protesters returned to the streets and from domestic issues night turned their attention anger their turn their anger rather to iran's influence in iraq close to 400 people have been killed in the violence since october well i'll just here's my homage on june is live for us in baghdad this this resignation of the prime minister is being quite a kids amount of the protesters as it is the mood on the streets. let me say that the scene here and to her you're square which is the epicenter of the
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anti-government demonstrations and but it has turned into a complete party a huge contrast from where things stood hours ago because you would have had this violence that had transpired throughout the day yesterday in the southern cities of najaf and also the dozens of people killed and the mood earlier in the day here in to where square usually vibrant on a friday people were very sad i think were angry about what had happened activists that i have been speaking with over the course of the past few weeks when we come out here to where square they were coming up to us and they were in tears because of what had happened yesterday they were telling us that that they wanted to come out here to show solidarity but they just didn't feel like our world our attention to their demands their top government was paying attention to their demands and then this news emerged that the prime minister was going to resign and then within a matter of moments you had fireworks going off you had music playing dancing
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literally dancing in the streets families started appearing right now it's like a festival atmosphere you know we've been asking people about this announcement of the resignation and while they are happy about it and while they say that this shows that they were right to keep coming out and that they feel that this is a victory for them they say they're still not sure when this resignation is going to take effect we must remember that in this statement the prime minister has not specified exactly what the date of his resignation will be only really saying that he will be submitting his resignation to parliament as soon as possible so that's leaving people here a little bit skeptical about what's going to happen next and many of the demonstrators we speak with say frankly even if the prime minister resigns that doesn't go far enough they aren't just looking for the resignation of the head of this government they want to see the elimination of the political. it's an overhaul complete overhaul of the political system here in iraq and they know that that is
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something that cannot happen overnight even if there is a resignation by the prime minister and they say they are committed to continue to come out day after day one of the thing i want to mention about the festival like atmosphere here right now you also have this very important football match for there are fees that is being played right now against the united arab emirates and this and we must remember that iraq hasn't won a golf cup tournament since 1988 i believe so now you actually have screams here into your square where people are watching this match and it's just adding to the celebrate tory mood and without wishing to dampen the celebrations mohamed we have got and as he said this is going to be a long slow go ahead what is going to happen next because the protesters have been calling for wholesale political change and one resignation however good news that is certainly not going to cut do you think we are going to see a lot more of these process what happens from here. look i can tell you that
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everybody that i'm speaking with here say that they believe that these protests will keep going they don't think that the resignation of the prime minister whenever it may take effect is going to quell these protests they say if anything it's going to give more of an incentive for more people to come out despite threats of violence despite what may happen they say they believe people are going to continue to come out in a street and i spoke to a woman a short while ago who was here with her husband and 2 of her children and i asked her why it was important for her to come out with her family and she said because this was a historic moment and she said that she was out here to support the youth that are her estimation it's the youth that's leading these protests in this country and it's very important and she said that what she has seen in the media here is that she believes her duckie people are calling the demonstrators here the facebook generation meaning they don't really take them seriously they think that this is sort of just a trend for them but in fact she is saying that these demonstrators have
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shown the kind of resolve they're adoptees having in the past and because of that she says she believes that these demonstrations aren't going to go away any time soon i must tell you it seems as though i could be wrong here but it seems as though perhaps that out the national team has scored a goal because there is an awful lot of celebrating fireworks going off and flags waving in the district in the distance close to where those screens are set up right now all of the question of better holds the iraqi seems for me to be could say nice to be everybody's in that football much but just before we leave you had to get back to see that game about to happen and scare the other elephants in the room almost and it is of course the the influence from iran however there are the protesters reacting to this how are they for are they reacting to the the radian influence that has been revealed over the past couple of weeks with those iran
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cables and certainly over the fact that the the prime minister was certainly seen to be someone who was quite consumer iran. yeah hala i mean this is a very significant part of these demonstrations we have seen again and again in various cities in iraq where these protests are happening one of the demands from these protesters that keep coming out is that they don't want foreign interference in that off the politics and because iran which neighbor is a neighbor to it off of course plays such an outsized role in their pocket politics that that is fueling a lot of the anger here and one of their hearts if you're hearing that once again a lot a lot of fireworks going off so sorry for the noise but one of the major escalations that happened in the past few days is you have anti-government demonstrators in the shiite majority city the shia holy city of najaf going out on tuesday evening
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storming the iranian onselen and setting parts of that compound on fire and that echoed an attack that took place by other demonstrators in another shiite majority city covered by the just a few weeks back when demonstrators attacked the iranian consulate in that shii holy city and in which they demanded that iran basically get out of it off the politics so that really goes to show you how this movement this time is different than movements in the past what we are seeing right now is a cross-section of iraq these coming out of various cities that are putting aside politics that are putting aside sectarianism that are uniting as you know hakim in demanding a better future and demanding an overhaul of the political system here which they say is too corrupt and doesn't provide them any opportunity ok mohamed we'll let you get back kid see the atmosphere there in central baghdad we will of course
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provides cross and i thank you very much. stay with this story and speak with marwan and he's head of policy analysis at the arab center. for research and policy studies and joins us now live from doha marwan caballo thank you so much for talking to us here on al-jazeera can i 1st just get your reaction to the the resignation of the iraqi prime minister do you think this is a victory for the process movements absolutely it's a major victory for those protesters who have decided actually to change the destiny of their own country by their own hands i think today. the opposition by their top shiite cleric was very important in my opinion because he has been very reluctant over the past few years few weeks to call for the resignation of the prime minister but i think he has decided to did that he cannot. cannot actually this is the pressure anymore so he decided actually to go public and call for the
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resignation of the prime minister i think the position of the other shiite cleric not at all so there was also important he said today that he will not be part of this government anymore i think the protesters who have sacrificed a lot over the past 2 months actually be a must be thrilled that they have achieved at least i mean. something after 2 months of protests but this is going to be the 1st step in a very long road towards achieving their ultimate objective which is eliminating the whole political class which has ruled the country for the past 16 years since the u.s. invasion of iraq in 2003 i think we have witnessed today and for the boss also 2 months that eyes of iraq national identity iraqis they don't want anybody to interfere in their on domestic politics they don't want iran to don't want the united states you don't want anybody actually they just want to get back there on their own country and they want actually to end all sort of coral options in iraq
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you know iraq is a very rich country is one of the richest country perhaps on the on the fears of the at all d'oh. iraq the iraqis actually have electricity don't have public services you don't have clean drinking water you don't have see which actually so i think the iraqis they have decided today that they will go out and they will kick their on a distance by their own hands but there's certainly and it's a long road ahead but certainly one of the key demands of the protesters was they wanted the prime minister gone i guess the question now is who do they replace him with because this is a largely literalists protest absolutely this is why they are demanding a new electoral law they want a bottom and actually after the resignation of the prime minister they want to bottom and to introduce a new electoral role because the electoral law actually the one that is that is
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that are now like now in place is tailored to the end of the bodies who have been the willing in iraq says to the 2003 they need a new electoral law in order to allow the emergence of a new political forces and nonsectarian none the religious but it's called forces that will actually reflect the interest of the iraqis this is the next step that everybody is expecting the bar lament to take after accepting the resignation of the prime minister. i guess this is the other question is there you mentioned that the iraqis are certainly wanting no interference from foreign powers in their elections no interference in the running off their country and certainly one of the key demands of the protesters or rather one of their main grievances has been against iran so my question is how do you think tehran will react to the resignation or the prime minister and see the events that we are seeing in
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iraq well this is this is on was this is a very almost everyone in everybody because now how iran is going to react to that because iran. applied huge pressure on the different iraqi political factions in order to prevent that ignition of fire that i've been maddie we all know that soleimani the head of the other chords force in the air on the revolutionary guard he visited baghdad a few weeks ago and he asked for the political factions to support either lived in maddie and also annoyed that the supreme leader of iran ali had been a he called up on the iraqi government to crush the protesters so now i think iran is in a very difficult was ition because its influence in iraq is seen as seen actually. badly by this by this protest movement which have been really directed against iran and defeat us because iran has established a bottom line power in iraq which i that i did maddie said he's not responsible for the killing of the protesters over the past few weeks so i would about the actually
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was was asking who was then. shooting at the protesters and of course the answer is the iran militias who are taking the orders from cause i'm sorry manning up from the iraqi from the iraqi government or the iraqis now are trying to regain control and i'm talking about the protesters here to to regain control and to regain the their on their own country from iran from iran interference in their own affairs and of course they want actually to have their own country independent from all sorts of international of international difference including force iran and other countries ok great to get your thoughts on that story thank you so much indeed for joining us martin cabal in their head of policy analysis at the absence of research and policy studies and thank you very much for joining us there live from doha. let's say head back to our other breaking news story this hour that's the shooting in the u.k. near london bridge british police in london say several people have been stamps and
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injured close to london bridge the metropolitan police says a man has been detained there witnesses have reports is hearing gunshots earlier some buildings have been on lockdown and we have several people on the ground so let's cross back souple bread and he's live for is in london paul what more can you tell us. what we're here on some thomas street over my shoulder you can see the south side of 'd the london bridge you can see the police lights you can see important place here with police officers were right next to guys hospital and joining me is michael connor allen who is an events organizer who's who's driving a van across on the bridge heading north on the bridge when all the commotion happened just starting to shift right here ok oh yes this shot just told ok i can tell me what you saw yes we was heading from this side of the bridge over to the
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bridge to law then you still we are just off coming straight. as he's driving out of the traffic so slowing down. so bands are sort of coming down the deluge turn around it's turned around this is something that is happening at the north side of the bridge side sort of banks is that banks august is going to have yeah as we be sure driving up fancy coming down saying a nice round people are driving across the burj turning around we don't know what to do a lot of it going on sounds like pandemonium it was it was crazy it was not us and then everyone then started running towards us coming back this way. to me my colleague then was sitting in the bag over what we do a woman think a lot of us there's so much speculation as a terrorist incident we got out of this we stepped out of a place of running. susa please post us this side of skunk chops why sumit gunshots have popped you don't really know what gun sounds out but there was there was
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gunshots quite a few of them. then we saw them on up the van and we were running and then we sort of stood up there for a bit and officer said all fans than all of us because it had been an unintended died in the middle of the bridge and i didn't know whether that could be a problem and then and then everyone started running again just further down that street was going to say because at one point we were quite close to the south side of the bridge and then we were moved back there was a flurry of activity which i presume also impacted you when you stand down there oh yeah that was so sort of i didn't calm down but everyone still didn't know what's happening. and they yeah and then i also i wanted everyone to just start running again. it's sort of what you do in that situation you run with it you you you get you go over there and see if you sort of you don't know how to how well the extent of it is what it was going on while i mentioned to you 2 years ago along the bridge of times 27 seeing the you know you remember them you're from this discovery one i think everyone remembers them and everyone has that in the back of their head 'd
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that this is that happened again it was it was in a bomb as a guard running around with you know i think it just. you sort of don't really know what's going on and you sort of on the stairs but what has is when you talk to police officers and they don't know and the one guy that we was talking to a shy kid and some police officer i'll get place of everyone's getting to know it's just human instinct to become a bit nervous of some of that stress no matter how much training you've got a lot of trying to the events that you can't you can't trying to something you don't really you just want to get away from it and then so now we go away from here and so i thought well actually we need to figure out what we're doing with a van not got a vent on tonight i think we've just spoken to some colleagues. and that's all very understanding and with so if you've got a client. this kind of moment on the set. i'm you know we have the police helicopters over above us not just wanted to i've seen. you don't know that you have been told by the police anything about when are we going to leave that one
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there was one police officer as we go out to find something else what's going on since a terrorist. it was a terrorist incident it's another police officer said there was an altercation at the other end of the bridge. and then other places just so just out the way and i think the main thing is just as you can hear the helicopter for it to hit it felt like he was in a bed because i. thought about it took place a rail. and we you hear these voices you hear these you see that you hear the helicopters you see place running out with guns and they've got these fathers on. this is more so that even though you don't know what's happened you know you're not seeing anyone is injured is more so the fact that you say police have not bought a clock you know that i don't place. but there was 0 point probably was sitting there for about 4 minutes. and then sort of kicked off the program grateful for the
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time thank you for joining us and to get going somewhere warm because here you are shivering as you can hear the impression on the bridge was one of kind of panic essentially in those early moments of people in buses in towns in cars being told to get out as quickly as possible what we've been told by the police that one person has been detained we also heard reports of one person been shot now is that the same person he's been treated but also several other people have been injured but the police are still working out the full circumstances and exactly what is going on here. obviously bring you all the details as quickly as we come from here at the scene obviously paul bread in their life for us and the central london thank you very much indeed for just a quick recap there for. live pictures coming from central london after wards of the met police have described as an. dence london bridge they are the only information that they have confirmed is that they were called to
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a stabbing near near to london bridge traffic remains calls in the area as we've been hearing from eyewitnesses a heavy police presence and quite a significant security cordon has been put in place the metropolitan police in the last couple of minutes have confirmed that one man has been shot by police as a precaution the responding see the incident as though it's is terror related but they are calling for common sense and restraint and certainly to restrain from from speculating so we will try to abide by that here on al-jazeera certainly an incident at london bridge a very heavy police presence but no word yet on malta if no word yet on any specifics as to the attack police confirming one man has been shot by police the london ambulance service have to clear it's a major incident and they are responding but we still have no confirmation on
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any. any fatalities or any injuries at this stage we will of course be dipping back in and out of our coverage in london to do stay with us here on out 0 but let's bring in some other world news in just a 2nd. there a series of killings has provokes more process demands in the army leave a town in the democratic republic of congo at least 28 people have been killed in this week's 5 or say the army and u.n. peacekeepers aren't doing enough to protect them well funerals for the victims have been perspire wounds because of the protests school life notes catherine soy in goma captain there have been a process in both oyster and in goma what's the situation like now.
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why are people still in shock our team. travels to china and talks to a woman who lost her parents and 3 other relatives they talked to a member of parliament there who says that he saw some of this bodies that have been mutilated many of them are decapitated others are burned people there are very angry the 28 was supposed to be buried today but i don't see that happening because the situation there is very very tense indeed people saying they do not want to see the police the military all the u.n. they're saying that this acutely forces have not done enough to protect them when this rebel from a.t.f. come to attack so a lot of anger there and here in goma this morning there also protests in some neighborhoods we so in one of the neighborhoods protestants throwing stones at the police police in britain retaliating using tear gas police have been trying to
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clear some of the roads that have been blocked but it seemed exercise in futility because as soon as they clear the stones of protesters threw stones back to this part is that we've been talking to say that they are also angry that doing this in support of what's going on in betty the protests that are going on in beni and they're also angry and they're saying that the u.s. the united nations mission here called the new school is not helping. and cason just why has it been so difficult for the government there to contain the a.t.f. and of course something. well that's a big question and that's the frustration that people are expressing in the streets of penny and here in goma they're saying that this for example the united nations mission has been here for so many years then we have a government forces that have been trying to battle this groups in vain abia for
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example has been in the r.c. for nearly a decade and a half they came from uganda we've been talking to a researcher who says that they have intermarried knows they know the ins and outs of the dense forest in beni they thrive in terror we've also seen over the years many operations government operations and this is the government supported by the un so many operations against a.d.f. but then this does not seem to help to me just give you an example of now the reason currently an ongoing offensive against a.d.f. but this rebels are able to come out of the forest and go to villages and attack people so brutally so there is a lot of frustration about that and as you mentioned it's not just a.t.f. that the government is dealing with this region has dozens of rebel groups controlling remote villages where there is no government presence and also fighting over the reach the vast mineral resources in this region so people are saying that
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more needs to be done the very young with this ng something needs to give they cannot be talking about security challenges all the time ok catherine so we will have to leave it there must thank you very much indeed for bringing us that sound analysis live from goma. there's lots more still to come on al-jazeera including protests over a 2 year old murder case maltese journalist puts the prime minister under pressure rice's family is waged and in sports iraq's footballers face the united arab emirates mccrae show game at the dot com bubble will be here with me. here with al-jazeera a quick reminder all of the headlines this hour iraq's prime minister as well up to nothing he says he will preside in the face of going protests against his government's need to charge last year says he will submit says resignations of
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parliament his decision comes after iraq's top shia cleric grand ayatollah ali al sistani cold for a change in leadership. u.k. police in london says several people have been stabbed and injured call soon london bridge the metropolitan police says a man has been shot and taints and some buildings are have been on lockdown. prime minister has told friends sees about it's to resign joseph muscat sums of pressure over the murder all of a journalist 2 years ago daphne gully siyad died in a car bomb explosion ball investigating corruption involving politicians and business executives protesters gathered outside parliament in valetta after the prime minister's former aides was released by police he's schembri was arrested on cheers day after resigning along with 2 government ministers or the journalist son
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is accusing the government of covering up his mother's murder. we know nothing my family knows nothing the journalists know nothing people know nothing that's why we're here it's called really absurd the police research state route all feasible one sentence we have instigated found no evidence and released him and they want us to believe that sudan's transitional government has passed a law to dismantle the former within party was the main demands of protesters during the revolution which to post the president's votes the leaders of the national congress party say what the government's done is illegal rosabelle morgan reports from khartoum the prime minister says it's not an axe or revenge. it was once the dominant party in sudan ruling the country for more than 25 years now more than 6 months after its head leader was ousted sudan's transitional government has announced that the former ruling party will be dismantled. yet the the more
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dismantles the national congress party and seizes its assets money and properties and gives it to the government's minister of finance a committee will be formed to ensure that any organization association institution union company partnership that has links to the former ruling party will be dismantled. the national congress party came to power in 1992 a few years after it had ahmed bashir overthrew a democratically elected government in 1909 the coup was carried out under the name of the national islamic front bashir went on to create the national congress party that ruled until he was ousted from power in april this year following months of anti-government protests the december protests gained momentum after the burning of the national congress party headquarters and. despite it being the only party many sudanese knew the demand for it to be dismantled had become one of the protest movements main ins. dismantling
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a party doesn't mean it's and it has to be remembered that establishing a new country would have to include establishing quick systems with those from the disbanded party and in a way where politics is practiced wisely i mean also man regards herself as the victim of one of the party signature laws that came to define the controversial public order act it severely curtailed women's rights and which was condemned by human rights in sudan new leaders say it will display. an attack that when i was arrested for refusing the offices called me names saying i'm not a real sudanese because i didn't follow the rules of the government they said they expected me to be from the south a christian. during its time in power the national. part 2 lefts cars packed many continue to feel from earning 20 years of u.s. trade and economic sanctions following accusations of supporting terrorism abroad to dividing a nation that was once africa's largest country it now remains to be seen how
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straightforward eradicating it from sudanese political life will be people morgan put some. well. welcome to vote. for the change we are actually really excited about this will it was like finally coming we were expecting it months ago and now that it's happening this is the one thing that was all uniting us on october 21st we went in a big protest and the main aim was dismantling the national congress party and to us this is an end of an era just having this rule is a big deal now when you want to talk about the deep state and all that and the committee that they put together there's only one thing that's really scaring us is for them to quit because the president of the committee is going to be from. the presidential council that we have right now and half of it is army people so we're actually scared that one of the army people will be head of that committee because then everybody knows they used to be part of the n.c.p. so for us he's like that has to be the 1st that we need one of the civilians to be
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the president and going forward we're expecting good things i mean this is the start it's strange it's kind of the start of the end it's the start of what we all wanted which is get rid of the national congress party this dictatorship that will this for 30 years with all the bad things that came with it genocide or not but also it's now the split between now this people in the government and there is the processes on the ground and now this is the last thing that united us so now we have a moment of unity that's happening right now. informal talks between the afghan taliban and u.s. officials the taliban has told all to 0 some preliminary meetings are taken place here in doha president trump council go see asians in september following the death of a u.s. soldier but also on the short trip to afghanistan he told american troops he believed the taliban was willing to strike a deal stephanie decker has more. it was a surprise visit and is often the case with president donald trump a surprising announcement taliban wants to make
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a deal and who are meeting with them and we're saying it has to be a cease fire they wanted to cease fire but now they do want to do is use fire i believe it probably works trumps admission they're meeting with the taliban comes after the president abruptly broke off talks in september following the killing of a u.s. soldier in a bombing claimed by the taliban talks had been making progress up until then the taliban has confirmed to al jazeera that some meetings have been taking place to pave the way for the resumption of talks the group also recently released 2 western hostages and 10 afghan soldiers in exchange for 3 of its senior leaders but officials say there's still no sign the taliban is ready to give up its weapons in exchange for a role in afghan politics demilitarization is a key demand from afghan president ashraf ghani but he's been sidelined while u.s. and taliban negotiators meet still ghani joint tromp on stage by graham air base and tweeted out highlights of the moment apparently keen to show he is relevant in
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the peace process for donald trump the priority is cutting down the number of u.s. troops in afghanistan from about 13000 to just over 8000 and to help the afghans handle their own security. we're breaking it down very substantially and will be down in a number that's very it's a good number and we're going to stay until such time as we have a deal or we have total victory and they want to make a deal it's been 18 years since the u.s. launched its war in afghanistan pushing the taliban out of power the irony not lost that almost 2 decades on both sides in our negotiating an end to the fighting and if a deal can be struck it will more than likely see the taliban return to play a part in ruling afghanistan stephanie decker al-jazeera. across the world's thousands of people have taken to the streets to demand more action on climate change the day of global action has been spurred on by students who have skipped
6:40 pm
school to make their voices heard let's take a look at what's been happening around the world in sydney people wore gas masks the smoke from nearby wildfires horford over the city thousands marched announcing more climate action over in new delhi demonstrators demanded the quarter of a waste management plant 2 and a half 1000000 people in india die from perro quality every year but testers in belgium beat their drums as they marched through the capital brussels and over in london demonstrators took their fight to parliaments they want climate change to be a big issue at next month's general election well were a challenge before when the demonstration through central london. it is black friday today that commercialized frenzy of shopping and they are open they can bring their message to shoppers as well now the heading back towards parliament
6:41 pm
square we don't have the demonstrators but we do you have theodore sciri who's one of the organizers a youth strike or a 15 year old student how do you think today is going to be compared to the other demonstrations that happened. today has been a bit smaller than something other than assertions of god but it's still being incredibly positive how to really get timeouts on the call that we have got to stay with us all the way through our protest if not a really great energy we've made a really clear points about what we feel about this election and about the general habits of consumerism on black friday and i think overall it's been a really successful strike for you much of the election there of course britain has a general election coming up so what do you want to drive home to the politicians i think the most important message for us is that this is above anything else the climate crisis is more important than any other issue that's called me being discussed on the political table and so it's why we need parties not to be against each other in this but we do need to be leading and he leading as warm as the u.k.
6:42 pm
nice to be to live do you see that in my formidable absolutely no we don't see nearly enough leadership from our country or from the people who are trying to run our country. and that really they don't think very much in go back and join join the rest of the protesters now back to you. a rally has been held in hong kong in support of a former british consulate employee he says he was tortured by secret police in china simon chung was detained for 15 days in orchestrating a trip to the mainland the protesters are demanding the british government investigate sarah clarke isn't that really. this good the people are here to support the former british consulate worker simon ching ching says he was a timed on a work trip to sions in milan china was in banking and tortured by chinese police. line of thought is have rejected the accusation and say chain broke the law while in chains and these people want the case investigated by the british government and i think that investigations. hold by british government is that of hong kong
6:43 pm
government because simon is british national overseas. born before night in 97 obviously even he. stopped just hours later in hong kong more rallies are planned over the weekend but the sea at the polytechnic university campus in talent has now come to an end police have now entered the campus and collected evidence for the investigation that includes around 4000 petrol bombs and 500 weapon like device places around 1300 people have now been arrested but the clean up at polytechnic university has just begun. but livia's former presidents a former alice further down i think it's a bit the united states for following his icing and flights into exile the 1st bolivian ambassador to the united states and 11 years has been appointed john home and has more from the pros in the movie he's proof of
6:44 pm
a radical change of bolivia's foreign policy under its interim government. is the country's 1st ambassador to the united states in 11 years. it's a big swing socialist ex-president ever morale is so the us isn't of bursaries the empire he called it is now serenity his total dizzier his 1st job is to rebuild trust with washington i will practical results but the practical results they always come of a good partnership over a solution. and love his vertical create. the closer to home there's been no love for bolivia's former leftist allies the interim administration has moved quickly to leave the regional bloc and cut off relations with the macdougall government in venezuela perhaps the most controversial part of all of this is that this is meant to be a caretaker government just looking after things until fresh elections are called
6:45 pm
instead they've really changed the direction of the country's foreign policy nor are the basic men we asked the new foreign minister why they didn't leave these decisions to an elected of ministration she said quick action was needed to stop foreign interference. the political activism that the venezuelan diplomats were demonstrating couldn't wait for months for us to complain about it and it's not a measure that means a traumatic change in our foreign policy. but there's a chance that the changes could be short lived movement to socialism ever moralists his party still has the majority in both houses of congress congresswoman trinidad russia has says if it wins but the presidency it will reverse things going any further says. it's just we had respect from other countries not just from argentina venezuela but all of latin america and now it's painful for us that now there's
6:46 pm
been this chain reaction from the united states to finish with our indigenous and rural people regular mental yes but one of the movement to socialism party blames the u.s. for the crisis so that the is already planning for his 1st visit to washington next week if we can become good neighbors then cooperation is possible. not cooperation from a muster to a little country cooperation between equal when you respect the collectivistic of your neighbors. so. that's my wonderful mission and. his role is still only temporary just like the rest of the administration but there's no date set for elections yet in the changes keep coming. john home and how does it or . the president if he can get some advice from his father and heights leave the country. as a son of a former president for his 2nd run run affect the conservatives promising to turn around the slowing economy and tackle rising crime stories about reports. he's the
6:47 pm
youngest president in your wise history at 46. 1 the 2nd round of the presidential race in this tiny south american nation. even though the elections took place last sunday the results have only just been confirmed in what was a tight race between paul and the new martina's a 62 year old engineer from the center left party brought front. borders say it was time for a change. a change is needed for all your requirements we cannot continue to be like we were unfortunately really this changes for all europe why happy happy release this was for 15 years the broad front party with figures such as former guerilla turned president hossein was implemented a series of liberal policies like legalizing marijuana and abortion was but
6:48 pm
a slowdown in the economy and rising crime is what allowed a conservative party to return to power. even though the onion might have been a spare in most votes in the 1st round in october in the days that follow confirmed an alliance with other right wing parties that helped him gain victory how much i believe we are very satisfied with the work there we did all those months and for the support we received from across the country and the people from all political parties that make up this multicolored agreement. comes from a political family his father. is the former president. and his mother was a senator or. even though many countries in latin america are in turmoil why has been considered a country of stability in recent years. both main challenge will be to gain at
6:49 pm
consensus after such a tight victory to ensure that stability continues. algerians are right in large numbers for the 1st for the 41st successive friday process to demand political change campaigning for next month's presidential election began on sunday but demonstrators in the so-called heroic movement are rejecting the votes and if you are the poor will be linked to the old going to link to the polls president to flicker. from football. games.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
it's time now for a sports update here and i thank you very much english premier league team also have fired their manager in our emery in a statement the club said the decision was taken due to results and performances not being at the level required for emery replace austin van at the club in may of last year having previously led perry sized amounts of the french league title but the team are now enjoying their worst run of results since 992 and they were beaten by our untracked frankfurt's in the europa league just last night there have been some messages of support from the outgoing manager and his fantastic coach lot happier times the obviously but the fantastic called true the proven record a little bit of a rest another big club will come for him in this career ruby will be back on
6:52 pm
track so. no dramas merely go 'd keep going and you'll get another clue. who will replace emery well the early favorite is the current walls manager nuno espirito santo the portuguese led wolves to a 6th place finish last season and they're currently 5th in the table and of qualified for the next round of the europa league napoli carrots collar and chelsea is i know the possibility napoli's players are an open revolt with the area right now and that's led some to suggest that nacho chelsea could leave the club he won the english premier league title with chelsea. and in turn boss freddie ljungberg would also be a popular choice with the fans the swede was a member of all souls invincibles team i don't friday he said however long he oversaw that saying he would give everything and try to put some smiles on faces again now has been a crucial day will be
6:53 pm
a crucial game for the house cats are in the arabian gulf. having lost their opening match to iraq a repeat for the asian champions against yemen will mean they can't qualify for the semifinals the other teams in cattle's group are playing right now with iraq taking on the u.i. both sides won that are opening games in iraq to no up on our own course to book their place in the last hole 'd that is midway through the 2nd half. of the county grey flames hockey team deny their storming a racism investigation blames head coach bill peters is accused of the body abusing apply it 10 years ago former and i came to says he was targeted by pieces when the pair were involved in minor league hockey or peters has issued an apology describing it as an isolated and immediately regrettable incident but didn't refer to a came by name in his statement well on thursday this reaction on social media i have read the statement of bill peters which i found to be misleading insincere and
6:54 pm
concerning i've accepted an invitation an invitation from the n.h.l. to meet and discuss this situation. this investigation we're doing i know everybody wants everything done immediately in the world we live in is immediate. we are not trying to stall or take time or drag our feet it's a serious matter and it's it's it's involving. serious subject matter and i just want to make sure that we are doing. a thorough job in looking under every stone rock and doing all the things that we need to be done now the southeast asian going to officially start until saturday but the football tournament has already kicked off in the philippines kicked off and boy still one not much struggling respect sharing in this guy in between singapore and indonesia the referee opting to finish the game a minute early when the fighting took over from the football. well how is it taking
6:55 pm
a deep dive in their pursuit of gold medals under water hockey is making its games that you in the philippines and island dog and reports from manila. holding their breath for the biggest sports competition in their career these athletes have been promoting underwater hockey in the philippines a largely unknown sport in the country underwater hockey is making its debut at the southeast asian games the sea games this month the 4th time the philippines has hosted the games. underwater hockey originated in britain in the 1950 s. what it was known mostly as octopus helping divers the fit during the cold winter months. in the philippines a number of players including charlie on young call have been trying to make the sport popular for years our objective or our wish or goal is that. they
6:56 pm
want to have to be part of it. in be so says we have a very big advantage because it is just you know surrounded by water so many of us are meaningful for the moment with water because where you know there's a lot of fashion as we were so there's yeah i think we're in a very very good in. some of these asian games hosts are usually allowed to add or remove preferred sports at the tournaments there are teams from at least 11 countries across southeast asia and underwater hockey is just one of the 6 new sports this year. obstacle greasing is another sport that requires mid july speeds and resistance it is slowly gaining popularity in the philippines. we are aiming idea we are aiming for a 6 goals and for silvers so that's that's our target and we
6:57 pm
are doing our best that we can deliver and we can bring bring the medal for for our country almost 10000 athletes are expected to compete in the least 56 sports the filipinos to do enough to reclaim the overall championship the country born when it last hosted the games in 2005 but for these underwater hockey players representing their country for the 1st time is a victory in itself jim duggan al-jazeera manila. and that is always but for now have. thank you very much indeed rahul well there is much more available on our website of course if you need more news about al-jazeera dog com. we'll bring you all the very latest on the iraqi prime minister's resignation straight after this break.
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celebrations in baghdad as advance prime minister announced his plans to resign. and how he did this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up british police say they've shots a man on london bridge after several people were stopped. the taliban says it's holding preliminary discussions with the united states to restart peace talks as president trump visits troops stationed in afghanistan plus.


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