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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 30, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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street. unusual journeys leading to unexpected leads. and what will move on al-jazeera. balance to the demands of the people iraq's prime minister announces he will resign after weeks of violent anti-government protests. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. a stabbing in central london least 2 people dead while the suspect was shot dead by police. positioned later in warri is released from prison pending a trial over a major corruption case plus. like no need to state in pots aabs him.
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i'll tell you why many families are still struggling. weeks of deadly anti-government protests could finally force 'd a major political change in iraq the prime minister. mahdi that is has announced intends to resign he had to charge last year says he will submit his resignation to parliament mohammed was on the scene as a news emerged and has a support from baghdad. the celebrations were instantaneous as soon as it up the prime minister on the announced his intention to resign anti-government demonstrators but that's to leave a square practically threw a party. the stunning development came a day after more than 50 people were killed by security forces in one of the bloodiest days of violence since the anti-government protests erupted in early october. it was just over a year ago that he was appointed prime minister as
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a consensus candidate between iraq political blogs. throughout the streets on friday cheering singing even dancing optimism on full display oh shut up today the iraqi people are happy but we only consider this as a 1st step we demand the resignation of all lawmakers and we call on the judiciary to put them on trial immediately. the protesters making it clear that cosmetic changes will not suffice they are after a complete overhaul of the political system in iraq the mood here a dire square has turned celebrates worry but all around us there are stronger reminders of those who have lost their lives during these protests here you see people who are praying for the memories of anti-government demonstrators who were killed by security forces and college students told me he and his fellow protesters are more encouraged than ever to keep coming out on to the streets and risk their
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lives if you're going to do an argument out of that album isn't only adela just a cover he wants to topple the whole regime and it's been a corrupt system for the last 16 years a corrupt system that negatively impact society and politics the economy and it's even had a psychological impact on us a lot of study on it not brought her whole family so they could all witness a historic moment together and you know as we just shot it today we have to come and participate because this iraq is our iraq this country is our country and this pain is our pain the youth who have been demonstrating are like all our children they have to take their rights because corruption won't last forever. inspiring words that may help transcend the deep pain felt by so many in iraq these praying constantly not just for the dead but also the living. but that. they had an arrest in iraq has been ongoing for weeks now the protests began in the
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capital baghdad over high unemployment and claims of corruption and spread across the country from there despite public support from key religious and political figures by october 4th about $65.00 people have been killed in clashes with security forces protests subsided when the prime minister released a plan including subsidies and housing for the poor the crowds were turned to the streets angry with the government and what they say was iran's influence on november 3rd the iranian consulate and karbala was attacked and this week demonstrators set fire to the iranian consulate in the job sparking another explosion and violence the death toll from most 2 months of anger now stands at least $400.00. 80 is a former iraqi ambassador to the united nations he explains what will happen when and so money resigns and how it could shake up the iraqi government. the prime minister resigned. except resignation it is deemed that the entire song. of the iraq. what is next is that. the president will be acting
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prime minister but he has a certain amount of time to name. the prime minister designate who then has 15 days to form a cap but he has to form a cabinet and obtain the approval by a simple majority vote of the. parliament so this is sort of mechanically what has to happen but what is difficult to see is that the impasse that resulted in the aftermath the becoming prime minister in the 1st place that in power system in place it's difficult to see that an up short period of time in 2 weeks the parliamentary parties will be able to agree not only on the prime minister but on a new slate of. cabinet officers we don't actually know what their positive vision is we know what they're against it isn't clear to me that they know what it is that they're for or how to get there so that the slogans of the secular state and of
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corruption opportunities for all these are slogans this is not a political agenda there's no leadership to these demonstrations it appears and in a way forward does not immediately present itself where is likely to result in more chaos as in a fear. and state that's my fear to people have been killed in a knife attack in the heart of central london a suspect was also shot during the sensitive and that has not been identified as reported to of been released from prison for terrorism related offenses around a year ago. it was a life or death struggle witnessed by hundreds of shocked bystanders the man in the gray sweater is pinning the london bridge attacker to the ground and police drag him clear and as the attacker rises the police officers fire trying to get off the bus because i can't and i started running and then i heard gunshots 5 or 6 pop ups and i see more police officers running towards the bridge and i'm running that
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place was running out soon as a police passed us the side of the gun shops i was shim it was also popped really go on sounds out but there was there was gunshots quite a few of them from another angle mobile phone footage shows how several members of the public overpowered the attacker before the police arrived the man in the black coat is seen removing one of the 2 large knives which the attacker had been holding an explosives belt which the man was wearing turned out to be fake but the police did not know that by this point 05 people had been stabbed and seriously wounded and despite the immediate attention of paramedics 2 of the victims later died. my heart goes out to their loved ones and to the 3 further injured victims. who i understand are being treated in hospital and of course to everybody who has been affected by today's terrible and mindless events. the
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police are treating the attack as a terrorist incident the prime minister returned to downing street for a briefing with the security chiefs he then briefed the opposition leader jeremy corbyn this country will never be cowed or divided or intimidated by this sort of attack and of values our british values will prevail we have to remember that we live in a democratic society and those that would seek to silence us will not succeed our democracy must be alive and vibrant. it's just 2 years ago that 8 victims lost their lives in another attack of london bridge in that incident 3 men used a rented van to mow down pedestrians and then rammed through the nearby market area indiscriminately stabbing people before being shot dead by offices in that attack they were inspired by so-called islamic state the background and possible motives
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of this latest attack and all the immediate focus of the police and security services there is an intensive ongoing police operation down here at the south side of london bridge people are still filtering out from where they've been held in quarantine essentially in their offices and in their homes now being allowed out we've also seen an unmarked police car moving at speed through the police cordon and on to the bottom of the bridge this investigation will take many more hours many more days paul brennan al-jazeera london bridge pulmonary negotiations between the u.s. and the afghan taliban have resumed the taliban confirm the informal talks as u.s. president on a truck made an unannounced visit to afghanistan the talks were cancelled by trump in september of following an attack by the taliban out of peru opposition leader cake of which he mori has been released from jail schembri supporters are gathered outside the prison to celebrate her early release but you more as the daughter approves former president she was serving an 18 month pretrial sentence for
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allegedly receiving bribes from the brazilian construction company or direct are on a sanchez has more from her his capital. she was freed up to the constitutional why did you go approved leave us corpus requested by her sister as she has been in jail for 2018 and wanted to know her imprisonment for accepting money for her presidential campaign from over a year then giant construction company 'd it has been a common thing for politicians like her businessman a former presidents are under investigation now having received money from brazilian companies now her release doesn't mean that she is free of charge is the best geisha is to her. receiving money from other rich continues she could return to jail persecutors jailed her because they thought that
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she thinks fair that she was of trusting justice and that she could leave the country so now of course there's a huge complaint from the prosecutors there are a lot of people of course who are in favor of the body supporters of her that are very happy that she's out now but like i say she could go back to jail quite soon. still ahead on al-jazeera. the murder investigation that sent shock waves through maltese government the prime minister could be next to resign. and severe flooding blocks were roads and bridges in kenya making it difficult for rescue teams to find survivors. hello again to welcome back we're here cross united states this weekend the travel
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is going to be quite high across many of those major cities as people come back home after the big holiday we're going to be seeing a big weather story here across much of the central and also east united states 1st of all is starting out here towards the southwest we do have an area of low pressure that's really begin to develop as we go through the next couple of days as we go towards saturday though look at all the snow we do expect to see across the northern plains as well as the midwest down here towards the southeast it is going to be the thunderstorms and up here across the ohio river valley expect to see a lot of rain as well as probably some icing across much of the area going from saturday as well as into sunday a lot of that snow makes its way across much of the great lakes a lot of rain across the east coast so those major cities for new york washington as well as philadelphia expect to see delays in your forecast minneapolis also a big city for travel there we're going to be seeing a lot of mixi mixed weather here on saturday as we go towards sunday it is going to be very heavy snow in your forecast and by the time we get towards monday things
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approved but is going to be cooler with a temperature there of minus 2 degrees and then here across much of central america as well as into the caribbean we are looking at mostly cloudy conditions for kingston with a temperature of 31 degrees. a chinese casino empire is transforming cambodia bonhomie transit development and crew. what i want to. revisit in cambodia. on al-jazeera as nato turns 70 leaders will go in london to plan its future but after france's president mccrone cool be alarmed braindead these nato going through an existing 2 crisis and war will be some with green for a future transatlantic military cooperation and join us from some of the 2nd from the u.k. a nato summit on a loser you. are
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watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories now iraqi prime minister mahdi has announced he intends to resign as a call for a leadership change by a top cleric after anti-government protests more than 400 people dead. and that has killed 2 people on a knife attack in central london boarding to police and london the suspect 28 year old monk on was also shot dead during this and said it was known to authorities and had been convicted of terrorism related offenses and 2012. be an opposition leader take a few more a has been released from jail she is the daughter of former president she was serving an 18 month pretrial sentence for allegedly receiving bribes from brazilian obstruct a construction company that is. at least 13 people have been killed by rebels in
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eastern tomorrow tick republic of congo 28 people were killed by a.t.f. fighters earlier this week in an album buried the fan rolls in the village were initially postponed with crowds demanding the military leave the area they accuse the army and un peacekeepers of failing to protect them catherine so has more from the regional capital goma. the morgue in the hospital is still small to hold the bodies of 28 people killed by allied democratic forces or a.d.f. fighters in an attack this week so sam kos kids have to stay outside the family and residents of stealing chalk are also frustrated accusing both congolese security forces and united nations peacekeepers of not doing enough to protect them from rebel attacks. what is happening here is unacceptable we need to be united to solve the security problem i have seen those bodies most competent.
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and we cannot accept a fix for working in this crowd have lost many relatives. we don't want to see soldiers police or day un they must all be leaves my parents and 3 other relatives have been killed i don't have a family now. many say that angered by the insecurity at least $100.00 civilians have been killed by a.d.f. rebels since a government offensive against them started in october. protesters have been out on the streets of the tamil and goma in north kivu province police have been trying to clear this road all morning by fear the feeling i did because people keep bringing back the stone processing go mark i said several days ago in protest there the thing that i want to get to a u.n. base to express that on top of that saying that no one the u.n. here before the u.n.
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and the government soldiers are not doing enough to protect the people in beni. some human rights campaign as also accuse security forces of failing to do their job. congolese people bear the brunt of the battle to control vast mineral resources here it's never become really isn't me that is going to solve it it's no more new school buddies are fairly here. but it's to cut off. the supply chain of blue mineral rights that's number one second then is to be talks whether we call this people. based or whatever we need to engage in and that is to be done honestly regionally by your the neighboring countries back in the believe to not only allow funds they also hope for the rebels to time kathy soliah al jazeera.
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thousands of people who survived a deadly cyclone and zimbabwe are still struggling to move on hundreds were killed and thousands displaced and cycling to die struck parts of southern africa 8 months ago there are fears the rainy season which just started will worsen the situation has more from eastern zimbabwe. home for mabel check out our used to be a house with a small garden now she lives in the taint with her husband and children. they survived. that struck parts of eastern zimbabwe in march but she says adjusting to this new way of living is hard her family never has enough food and whenever it rains it's terrifying you know just sort of to do much and with the government it brings back bad memories i keep thinking what if that happens again last time could spit in my life what if this time is different in a day and always kid living in. many people in this camp say they want to
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place to call their own again but they don't know when or if they'll be moved some used to live in this rural community before you die struck it was a worst storm to hit somebody within cycling ilene nearly 20 years ago people say they heard a rumbling noise at 1st no one saw what it was and then they saw these rocks and boulders tumbling down from the mountains or were they being pushed by the water and raging when all the hole in its path were destroyed and this is all that's left . others were lucky the violent flood and debris narrowly missed a few buildings and schools in other places entire communities were devastated. here 300 households are working together to repair damage to a dam it's part of an initiative to help people rebuild you want to make sure you understand why your house failed or why that specific breach why that school. roof
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threw away and if needs be if you don't need to put specific. systems in place when it doesn't happen again then that's that's where you want to put the effort and money in. roads and bridges are also being prioritized but it's a race against time the rainy season has just started people could again be at risk if the proper infrastructure isn't in place. hundreds of people in eastern zimbabwe died during psycho need by many more are still missing presumed dead and those who survived are hoping this rainy season will be safe how do with al-jazeera zimbabwe a president of the south american country a certain army has been sentenced to 20 years in prison a panel of 3 judges convicted there's a bitter say for the killing of 15 political opponents in 1982 when he became the defacto later following a coup the decision was announced on friday while the president is on an official trip to china. rescue operations in kenya after heavy flooding are being hampered
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by damage to roads and bridges 120 people have so far been confirmed dead and there are fears that number could rise and rescue workers finally gained access to the remote areas baba joe has more from the capital nairobi. a week of the traditional floods in most parts of north western kenya many bridges that remain down fast flowing water also washed away long sections of roads workers are repairing this bridge on the road between keitai on. the government's appealing for help from anyone but i'd like to see james we need of assistance we can get we have people into well wishers for the prototype for nice to take food and medicine to the affected people so they can cope and get to. the village of tom collins one of the last hit by floods on landslides which followed days of torrential rains and tire families were wiped out in a torrent of water rocks and in old $21.00 kenyans died he you might
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assume that when such disasters hoppen emergency help is quick to arrive but in tom luck it's the village just left with the grim task of such and for the bodies of missing relatives government rescue workers are yet to arrive because of the damage to roads and bridges. we're really sad that we've not yet recovered the bodies about children it's not just my son's body but also my neighbors 7 children who died we need urgent help. we spoke with counties damaged traders and their families are walking together to clear the debris away you get to reopen their businesses but the flood threat isn't over kenyans in affected villages again being judged to move to safer ground that could run you down there the government does not necessarily want to it's the danger is really that perfect and by the floods and landslides must look it on this time only when we have western 2 for the many
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flooded the whole grain belt clearly enough you could take months and months. and that will ultimately be persons in the coming days and weeks with the mole who seem to have been done to protect lives and property. and he is economy is experiencing its wake us performance and more than 6 years government figures concluded the slump has cost india its position as the fastest growing major economy to china this year prime minister there in germany has announced reforms aimed at restrictions on foreign investment in hopes of reviving the economy balance russian is a chronic problem in india and the slowing economy could make it worse on reports from the diaper dash. says she never had enough to eat when she was pregnant nor after she had the baby now her daughter 13 month old anita is suffering from malnutrition. but she's below the normal weight and height for her age
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a recent global hunger index ranked india at $1217.00 countries. hunger level in the country as serious some days i get to eat some days i don't my husband does farm but there is no guarantee we will have a crop to harvest. activists say dealing with a health crisis must and day in mitigating the ag really in crisis and increasing employment. on the top of the but. in every other house there is a child suffering from malnutrition and the food that is given through government schemes for the child is consumed by the whole family because they do not have enough and governments rural employment scheme is failing to provide them jobs in non farm sectors. according to a yet under leigh's government survey rural spending in india has plummeted for the 1st time in 4 decades experts see the fall in rural expenditure on food items as an
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indicator of increasing long duration they call on the government to focus on policies that increase consumption. i think this is going to prolong in the absence of any government intervention because a large section of our population who lives in rural area so the high growth is in india let's say of the 2000 did also simultaneously see higher income growth in the area. that the love and middle income pharma says while farming is always risky the last few years have been particularly trying. because of to monetise asian we didn't get our money on time we could not buy the seeds in time and sold them in time and then it rained so we lost a lot we could droughts and floods have wrecked havoc in the farms reducing earnings they needed government says all is well with the economy and if there is any slowdown it is because of global dynamics but in these villages the pharmacy the reasons are domestic whether it is too large or too little rainfall damaging
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crops all the lingering impact of the government's changes to the national currency some economists linked to the government have questioned the methodology by which the date on hunger was collected nevertheless many farmers and get as village have migrated to the cities for work she wonders if her family should do if it was their stomachs. al-jazeera my tip of the india. 49 people are now known to have died in albania is worst ever earthquake as workers are still sifting through rubble and search for survivors a port town of doris was the worst hit by the 6.4 magnitude quake which also damaged buildings in the capital tehran a war than 500 aftershocks have been recorded. malta's prime minister is reported to have told colleagues tends to resign just of mascots under pressure over the government's alleged cover up of the murder of a journalist 2 years ago daphne chronically died in a car bomb explosion while investigating corruption involving politicians and
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business executives or board mainly has more. to government ministers resigned as the prime minister's chief of staff and now joseph musket himself also is telling friends his government's been accused for months of mishandling the murder investigation which goes right to the heart of his political and business community journalist daphne katter wanna go was killed in a car bomb explosion 2 years ago one investigating corruption involving politicians and business executives. as protests this rallied early friday outside parliament in the capital letter demanding his resignation the prime minister met his government ministers without ministers conrad mizzi and chris cardona they resigned on tuesday along with the prime minister's top aide keith schembri who was
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taken away for questioning and released on friday 1st of all this is a national security issue. as is the case with all prime ministers i believe that i have to be briefed on national security issues for us this was not just america does was a major case that shook our democracy the murder investigation is focused on one of motors richest men jorgen fenech fun act was arrested for the 4th time last week as he attempted to leave the mediterranean island on his yacht before she was killed he had revealed a secret offshore company called 17 black. a reuters investigation last year named fenech as the company which was allegedly used fund shell companies linked to government ministers is how some is accusing the government of covering up his mother's murder we know nothing my family knows nothing the journalists know
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nothing people know nothing that's why we're here it's called read the op said the police research states recall feasible one sentence we investigate can reach far with no evidence and released him and they want to believe the. 3 men and now waiting trial for the report is murder but with the investigation dragging out for 2 years the patience the protests is demanding on this is run out and it seems sulu has a prime minister's time in office who are about to manly al-jazeera. to minute then at the heart of the story in europe or bowing out on sunday the commission president john call younger will be replaced by germany's ursula vander lion and e.u. council president on altos skins handing over to former belgian prime minister charles michel they have already marked the event with the symbolic passing of a ceremonial bell. and frankfurt protesters have stormed the main shopping
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precinct trying to block access to the black friday sales demonstrated outside some termes biggest chain stores act to say the sharpest shopping frenzy is bad for the environment and want to see an overhaul of consumerism if climate change is to be tackled. recap the headlines right now on al jazeera iraqi prime minister abdullah abdullah mahdi has announced he intends to resign it follows a call for a leadership change by a top cleric after anti-government protests left more than 400 people dead. in my genius in no way are the parliament from which this current government is drawn is asked to reconsider its choice in this regard and to act according to iraq's interest and preserve the blood evidence children to prevent the country from slipping into violence chaos and destruction we confirm again that attacks against peaceful protesters are forbidden as well as them being prevented from having the
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right to demand reforms we also confirm that attacking private and public property is forbidden and that property should not be left to be attacked by infiltrators and there are lawyers. a man has killed 2 people in a knife attack in central london according to london police the suspect 28 year old spahn khan was also shot dead during this incident khan was known to authorities and had been convicted of terrorism related offenses in 2012 the city's mayor says passers by showed breathtaking heroism in bringing the incident to a close progun opposition leader keiko for more and has been released from jail she is the daughter of prue's former president she was serving an 18 month pretrial sentence for allegedly receiving bribes from brazilian construction company autocrat pulmonary negotiations between the us and the afghan taliban have resumed the taliban confirm the informal talks as u.s. president on a made an unannounced visit to afghanistan talks were cancelled by trump in
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september following an attack by the taliban the president of the south american country of suriname a has been sentenced to 20 years in prison a panel of 3 judges convicted as a bitter say for the killing of 15 political opponents in 1902 when he became the de facto leader following a coup the decision was announced on friday while the president is on an official trip to china. 49 people are now known to have died of now by any as worst ever earthquake askey workers are still swift sifting through the rubble and search for survivors the port town of tourists was the worst hit by this 6.4 magnitude quake it also damaged buildings in the capital tehran a more than 500 aftershocks have been recorded keep it on al-jazeera one a one. county mccall just won't start the protests. could it be a multi-billion dollar loan which both tax forgiveness to the corporation
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stereotypes of the poorest. on the part of the economic policy did it help. from a small start. counting the. chinese casino in. las vegas. on the coast of cambodia. in just a few years sihanoukville has been transformed from a sleepy tourist town into a metropolis. money is flooding in but so too are notorious chinese. with allegations of abduction. and even murder it seems these gangs will stop at nothing in their quest to get rich quick if the. people.


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