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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 30, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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jay selects on al-jazeera. uncertainty in iraq after the prime minister announces his resignation following weeks of violent antigovernment protests. hello and welcome i'm peter dubey you're watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up more violence in eastern democratic republic of congo where a rebel group has killed dozens of people. out on the streets again high school students in hong kong rally against alleged police brutality and demand more democratic reforms plus. in my. state and parts of zimbabwe
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i'm how do. i tell you why many families are still struggling. iraq's cabinet is set to meet in a few hours from now that meeting comes a day after the prime minister announced he intends to resign. decision followed weeks of antigovernment protests which have turned violent for 2 months iraqis have been demonstrating to demand jobs better services and an end to corruption. in the city of nasiriya protesters tried to storm the police headquarters at least 17 people were killed in confrontations there on friday a curfew was lifted to allow families to hold funerals the violence has forced the governor and the director of police to resign simona fulton joins us live now from baghdad simona the process for the prime minister to resign it's not clear
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constitutionally what do we think we can expect in the coming few days. for parliament is supposed to meet tomorrow or sunday but it's not clear at all whether they will discuss and vote on this resignation the constitution does not in fact as the prime minister submit his resignation to the parliament if there is no mention at all of what the process is it's just the bylaws of the parliament to submit his resignation to the president which means that basically there is no need for a vote i spoke to one member of parliament earlier this morning and they said it's still not clear to the members of parliament what will happen tomorrow if they will actually vote on this resignation or not effectively if they do vote it would be a vote of no confidence which requires an absolute majority and if that passes. they would basically remain in office as part of a caretaker government for 30 days before a replacement is found but at this moment we don't know whether parliament will
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actually vote on his resignation sorrow and if they don't it remains to be seen whether the prime minister will then. the president or not if he resigns to parliament if it's accepted by parliament do we know who might take over from him. well this is not that they were dollars in fact one of the reasons why there has been a lot of opposition from all the political parties for him to step down because it was extremely difficult in the 1st place to agree on the prime minister who was elected. excuse me the parliamentary elections took place in may 2006 months for the political parties to select a compromise candidate that they could all agree on this is a process that can take months takes a lot of political bargaining and it is likely to be a protracted process that will increase the uncertainty in iraq and that will lead to even more instability the biggest bloc in parliament which is led by. and to
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reign in that part of the party is very much against his resignation so should there be a vote of no confidence he will vote against it now it does not appear that his blog controls an absolute majority so there would need to be other parties that basically also vote against. this resignation for him to remain in power all of this we will have to wait and see what happens in the parliamentary session for tomorrow but for now it. is basically trying to placate not just the demonstrators but also grand ayatollah ali al sistani who on friday called on the parliament to reconsider its option basically suggesting that perhaps parliament should oust the government and put in place a new one the question is whether he's actually serious about his resignation and whether he will follow through. thank you there's been more violence in eastern
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democratic republic of congo rebels have killed 13 people including tama that's near the village avoid show where 28 people died during an attack by groups on tuesday as it was catherine sawyer is in the regional capital goma. presidents are 8 now feeling that it's safe to go and assess the situation and we're also hearing that some of the bodies are mutilated others have their heads cut off and this is a situation that people have been talking about for the past week or so people very upset with what is going on but. able to calm and carry out attacks yet we have thousands of soldiers in that area carrying out an offensive against a.d.f. we have u.n. peacekeepers in that area as well yesterday evening the 28 people who were killed earlier this week. the families there are still very much in shock still afraid that this rebels might come back and we've been talking to the governor of north kivu where benny's
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a territory in north kivu province will be talking to the governor about just what is going on. and he said that this seems to be a strategy being employed by the a.t.f. they want to cause maximum panic and fear they want to show that bennie is ungovernable the security situation is out of control and they know that people are angry security forces so they're playing on that and they want to anger people even more so that we can see more protests going on hundreds of high school students around in central hong kong today they're calling for democratic reforms on the stand against what they say is police brutality during the recent protests that follows the arrest of dozens of students at the polytechnic university protesters had barricaded themselves inside for almost 2 weeks after some of the most recent violence the scene over recent days is in hong kong. this is a particular assembly has been organized by secondary students by high school students but they've invited the older generation to attend so we have
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representation from the older and the younger generation here to cross generational divide but the united in the calls the political reform they're also calling on the government to hold off conduct an independent investigation into what they describe as police brutality the place has been accused of using excessive force on protesters over these 6 months of demonstrations so it's a united front it's a peaceful gathering of it certainly with this is one of a number of rallies we're expecting and i mean this weekend we had last weekend's district council elections where the pro-democracy camp secured a majority and that certainly bolstered the protest movement and on sunday we have a rally where people we're expecting large numbers together and march to polytechnic university the political universe is where we had a number of protests more than 1000 people who hold themselves up inside the campus for almost 3 weeks now this march will return to the polytechnic university campus and may be considered a provocative move by police cruiser opposition leader keiko fujimori has been released from prison after 13 months she was detained pending trial accused of
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receiving bribes from a brazilian construction company hundreds of her supporters gathered outside the prison to celebrate her release which moreas the daughter of the former president alberto fujimori president of been sentenced to 20 years in prison for murder saying was convicted of killing 15 political opponents in 1982 the court ruled that he oversaw an operation to have them abducted and killed he's currently out of the country on an official visit to china the military court the plantain guilty on friday has not ordered his arrest and he can appeal against the sentence. the maltese government is denying its prime minister is planning to resign joseph mascots under pressure over the alleged government cover up of a journalist's murder 2 years ago daphne. died in a car bomb explosion while investigating corruption involving politicians and businessmen has laura burton manly. to government ministers resigned as the prime
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minister's chief of staff and now joseph musket himself also he's telling friends his government's been accused for months of mishandling the murder investigation which goes right to the heart of his political and business community journalist daphne carolina was killed in a car bomb explosion 2 years ago while investigating corruption involving politicians and business executives. as protests this rallied early friday outside parliament in the capital letter demanding his resignation the prime minister met his government ministers without ministers conrad mizzi and chris cardona they resigned on tuesday along with the prime minister's top aide keith schembri who was taken away for questioning and released on friday 1st of all this is a national security issue. as is the case with all prime ministers i believe that
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i have to be briefed on national security issues for us this was not just a murder this was a major case that shook our democracy the murder investigation is focused on one of motors richest men jorgen fenech phonetic was arrested for the 4th time last week as he attempted to leave the mediterranean island on his yacht before she was killed he had revealed the secret offshore company called 17 black. a reuters investigation last year named fenech as the company which was allegedly used to fund shell companies linked to government ministers has some is accusing the government of covering up his mother's murder we know nothing and my family knows nothing the journalists know nothing people know nothing that's why we're here it's called read the op said the police release
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a statement all feasible one sentence where vista gave can be found no evidence and released him and they want us to believe that. 3 men and now waiting trial for the reporter's murder but with the investigation dragging out the 2 he is the patience the protests is demanding on says run out and it seems soon as a prime minister's time in office nor about a manly al-jazeera. still ahead here on al-jazeera we asked politicians in brussels what they think of boris johnson's brogues a plan plus. i'm out of order in a porous in my paper the home to thousands of indigenous people this is a they're living in a constant fear of addiction but that they are determined to fight for what they claim is their habitat.
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how it has rained in jakarta over the last couple of days nothing substantial and that's also seen from space where you see showers a long way north i wanted to run into java and just on the screen still the activity of tropical cyclones develop in the philippine sea and that one there is due to come across the philippines in the next few days but the obvious line of dark agreement takes you across southern thailand northern sumatra is where the active rain is at the moment and in the forecast for the next couple of days we've seen big showers in borneo that are more than to come and still a suggestion now more reliable sandstorms or at least some rain in western jobber including in jakarta. and despite the change of season australia we're going to prophesy once more cold fronts a cummings for kicking up the dust so you've got red dust new south wales for example and then some storms of ensuring they reach the shore and i think that's
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true in new south wales and southern queensland during that part of sunday and monday behind it just look how unpleasant it is for we're talking about the teens from melbourne adelaide and on shore breeze and a lot of cloud rain still falling down tasmania and yet in perth it's up into the cities. on county mccall that's what started the protest in ecuador could it be a multi-billion dollar loan which both tax the good news to the corporations the stairs each of the poorest in the lobby and it's a part of the economic policy did it help to pan recover from its last decade. counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera live from the mind of our top stories this hour iraq's cabinets expected to me today after the prime minister up to last he offered his resignation antigovernment protesters welcomed the decision but they say they will not back down until there's a complete overhaul the political system. rebels in the eastern part of democratic republic of congo killed 13 people it happened in cocoa tama near the village of between. 8 people died during an attack on thursday. and hundreds of high school students surrounding in central hong kong they're calling for democratic reforms and they're standing against what they say was police brutality during the anti-government protests. there's been fighting between the police and
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anti-government protesters in chile demonstrators threw rocks at officers who responded with tear gas and water cannon several people were arrested the rallies began in early october over a rise in metro fares which was later reversed but the demands of the protesters widened to demand social equality british police have identified the man who killed 2 people in a knife attack in london last man card was shot dead by the police shortly after the incident the 28 year old was convicted of terrorism related offenses in 2012 paul brennan reports from london. it was a life or death struggle witnessed by hundreds of shocked bystanders the man in the gray sweater is pinning the london bridge attacker to the ground and police drag him clear and as the attacker rises the police officers fire trying to get off the bus because i can't and i started running and then i heard gunshots 5 or 6 pop ups and i see more police officers running towards the bridge and i'm running that
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place was running out soon as a police passed us the side of the gun shops i was shim it was also pop just don't really go on sounds out but i was there was gunshots quite a few of them from another angle mobile phone footage shows how several members of the public overpowered the attacker before the police arrived the man in the black coat is seen removing one of the 2 large knives which the attacker had been holding an explosives belt which the man was wearing turned out to be fake but the police did not know that by this point 05 people had been stabbed and seriously wounded and despite the immediate attention of paramedics 2 of the victims later died. my heart goes out to their loved ones and to the 3 further injured victims. who i understand are being treated in hospital and of course to everybody who has been affected by today's terrible and mindless events. the
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police are treating the attack as a terrorist incident the prime minister returned to downing street for a briefing with the security chiefs he then briefed the opposition leader jeremy corbyn this country will never be cowed or divided or intimidated by this sort of attack and of values our british values will prevail we have to remember that we live in a democratic society and those that would seek to silence us will not succeed our democracy must be alive and vibrant. it's just 2 years ago that 8 victims lost their lives in another attack at london bridge in that incident 3 men used a rented van to mow down pedestrians and then ran through the nearby market area indiscriminately stabbing people before being shot dead by armed officers in that attack they were inspired by so-called islamic state the background and possible motives of this latest attack on the immediate focus of the police and security
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services there is an intensive ongoing police operation down here at the south side of london bridge people are still filtering out from where they've been held in quarantine essentially in their offices and in their homes now being allowed out we've also seen an unmarked police car moving at speed through the police cordon and on to the bottom of the bridge this investigation will take many more hours many more days paul brennan al-jazeera london bridge 49 people an unknown to have died in albania is worst of a quake rescue workers are still searching through the rubble for survivors the port town of builders was the worst affected by the magnitude 6.4 quake which also damaged buildings in the capital to run 500 aftershocks of being recorded. attempts to reach an area in kenya that was hit by flooding and landslides are being slowed down by damaged roads and bridges 120 people died in my spoke out but there are fears that number could rise when rescue workers get the areas that are being cut
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off has more now from the capital nairobi. a week of the traditional flirts in most parts of north western kenya many bridges that remain down fast flowing water is also washed away long sections of roads workers are repairing this bridge on the road between keitai and road where the government's appealing for help from anyone but i'd like to see jim we need of assistance we can get we have been to well wishers for the prototype for nice to take food and medicine to the affected people so they can cope and get to. the village of tom collins one of the was hit by floods and landslides which followed days of torrential rains and tire families were wiped out in a torrent of water rocks and in all $21.00 canyon started here you might assume that when such disasters happen emergency help is quick to arrive but in
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time like it's the villagers left with the grim task of such and for the bodies of missing relatives government rescue workers are yet to arrive because of the damage to roads and bridges the sun we're really sad that we've not yet recovered the bodies about children it's not just my son's body but also my neighbors 7 children who died we need urgent help were spoke or counties damaged traders and their families are working together to clear the debris away eager to reopen their businesses but the flood threat isn't over kenyans in affected villages again being judged to move to safer ground that could run you down you know the government does not issue unnecessary warnings the danger is real and perfect and by the floods and landslides must look it understand only when we have west. 2 for the many flooded the whole. you could take months a month. and there would be questions in the coming days and weeks about whether
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a mole. or should ha been done to protect lives and property. thousands of people who survived a devastating cycle in zimbabwe 8 months ago are still living in tents hundreds were killed and thousands were displaced from cycling eat days from parts of southern africa there are fears that the rainy season will make the lives of survivors even worse has more from she many many in eastern zimbabwe. home for mabel check out our used to be a house with a small garden now she lives in a taint with her husband and children. they survived. that struck parts of eastern zimbabwe in march but she says adjusting to this new way of living is hard her family never has enough food and whenever it rains it's terrifying not to do just enough to do much and we dug up from it brings back bad memories i keep
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thinking what if that terrible to him happens again last time could spit in my life what if this time is different in a day and always kid living. many people in this camp say they want to place to call their own again but they don't know when or if they'll be moved some used to live in this rural community before i struck it was a worst storm to hit zimbabwe since i can ilene nearly 20 years ago people say they heard a rumbling noise the 1st the one saw what it was and then they saw these rocks and boulders tumbling down from the mountains over there being pushed by the water and raging all the homes in its path were destroyed and this is all that's left. others were lucky the violent flood and debris narrowly missed a few buildings and schools in other places entire communities were devastated. to . hear 300 households are working together to repair damage to
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a dam it's part of an initiative to help people rebuild you want to make sure you understand why your house failed or why that specific breach why that school. roof threw away and if needs be if you are need to put specific. systems in place so it doesn't happen again then that's that's where you want to put the effort and money in. roads and bridges are also being prioritized but it's a race against time the rainy season has just started people could again be at risk if proper infrastructure isn't in place. hundreds of people in eastern zimbabwe died during psycho need by many more are still missing presumed dead and those who survived are hoping this rainy season to be safe how do with al-jazeera zimbabwe. 2 men who've been at the heart of the story this year in europe on sunday e.u. commission president jacques rogge younker will be replaced by germany's vonda lion and e.u.
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council president is handing over to the former belgian prime minister sean michel they marked the event with the symbolic passing on of a ceremonial bell. well above all else it is at the heart of next month's general election in the u.k. the liberal democrats about to keep the u.k. within the european union well the main opposition labor party is promising another vote on the issue the governing conservatives say they will get it done before christmas if they get a majority on the whole went to brussels to find out what the thinks of that plan. with the conservative party ahead in opinion polls boris johnson's campaign to get briggs done it could prove election winning and we can get on with that deal not just the promise of leaving by january 31st but with a trade deal too by the end of 2020 so we get. more than 3 years after the u.k. breaks it referendum it is a beginning a ling time line but one that is viewed with rather less optimism by the e.u.
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side it's for him it's much easier to sell people this story he knows the truth he's clearly not telling people the full truth. into felt is a member of the european parliament she's fiercely and he breaks it but reconciled to want may lie ahead it will be very difficult i mean people often make the comparison with the negotiations we had with canada for a free trade agreement i mean canada is probably the most european country on earth . they're very close to us and yet it took 7 years to negotiate a deal and it still hasn't been ratified if breaks it does become law by january 31st that would leave just 11 months to complete a trade deal before the end of the formal transition period if you thought negotiating there with rule agreement was tough to say said what is here in brussels you ain't seen nothing yet there's talk of a brutal reckoning for u.k.
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negotiators as they get to grips with the future relationship complete with uncomfortable compromises prolonged uncertainty and. more nailbiting deadlines to come. boris johnson insists they will be no further extensions raising the prospect of no deal on future relations between britain and its biggest trade partner really had several clif in this process and really we've got one coming up even though before the end of next year because there would have to be a decision normally or whether to extend the transition period in the middle of the year so actually with the time the kind of rest by the we would get even if everything goes according to plan from the u.k. government side and leaves on january 31st the rest but it would be very short a fast or far i wouldn't necessarily take his claim started would extend at face value because he also said the u.k. would leave you on the 31st of october come what may and here we are but i think
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concerning the trade relations it's a bit like asking whether you can build a house in a week of course you can bit house in a week but the question is what kind of house you're going to get and whether anyone is going to be very happy with the house it's an irony not lost on many that the oldest part of the european parliament building in strasburg is named after britain's wartime leader boris johnson if he wins will need a strong dose of churchill's fighting spirit if he stick it breaks it down as promised jonah how al-jazeera brussels. millions of india's indigenous people are living in fear of being evicted from their land that's because state governments have been slow to enforce a law that protects their rights politicians say the forests need to be conserved but critics say they are only promoting business interests and shovel visited the state of marjah pradesh where the native community is now fighting back through
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dave singh and surely by our farmers and forages. living off the forests in the state of market in central india through the family of 5 eat what they grow and drink from the stream. but their claim to land in the forest was rejected by the local government and india's supreme court ordered dereliction. singh is aware of the government's plans to create a violent sanctuary in the forest. there are we as a diverse these are the original inhabitants on earth the forest belongs to us for us the truth is we can't live without our jungle and we just can't live in a city. more than a 1000000 indians across different states in india like multiple chad and child kind may lose their homes and their way of life if the court order is carried out. is one of the many farmers who already been evicted. the allege that they were
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beaten up by government forest workers and forced from the forest years ago and. forest officials burned down our homes and meters homeless we were forced to leave and look for jobs is doing laborers are mono blunt activists say the 2006 forest rights act guaranteed the right of these people to their land but see the government is seeking to weaken this law with indigenous people out of the way it's easier for the governments to simply sell of land to corporate store industries and mining operations and he says has been happening for the buyers fayose in on allies not skilled. the act recognized the right of 150000000 people to inhabit and live off 14000000 hectares of forest land in india so they could preserve their customs and culture and protect the forests the people here in says the forest provides them with everything they need it would be nice to have a few street lamps and a few paved streets but they refuse to give up the forest and move to
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a city they say if there's anything they feel more than forest officials it is the continuous erosion of their culture and identity for the forest department staff now it's all about following procedure. those whose claims have been rejected to being checked by village committees this is under process now. while they wait for the supreme court's order they've seen by live off the natural riches of the forest to the sea along with their compatriots all over india they will fight the powers that be to protect their traditional way of life. al-jazeera want to put the india. committee just joining us you're watching al-jazeera live from doha i'm peter dhabi these are your top stories the rugs cabinet is expected to meet
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a day after the prime minister idle up the marquis offered his resignation antigovernment protesters welcome the decision but say they won't back down until there is a complete overhaul of the political system simona fulton is in baghdad. we're actually entering a constitutionally ambiguous area here and the way the prime minister announced that he would resign is further adding to the country and he said that he would be sending his resignation to the parliament but there is nothing in the constitution that actually asked him to do so the bylaws of the parliament however mention that the prime minister should be sending his resignation to the president more than merely accepted so it's unclear whether the parliament at all needs to vote on his resignation this is currently a point of contention between members of parliament who are discussing whether in tomorrow's session they should be voting at all rebels in eastern democratic republic of congo who killed 13 people it happened in cook a tama near the village of where 28 people died stray an attack on thursday crews
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are positioning to kick who fujimori has been released from prison after 13 months she was detained pending trial accused of receiving bribes from a brazilian construction company hundreds of her supporters gathered outside the prison to celebrate her release. the president of sudan arms been sentenced to 20 years in prison for murder. he was convicted of killing 15 political opponents in 1982 he's currently out of the country on an official trip to china. maltese government has denied reports the prime minister there plans to resign joseph muscat says under pressure over the government's alleged cover up of the murder of a journalist 2 years ago daphne cotto nagaland c.-a was killed in a car bomb explosion those are your headlines the news continues here after counting the cost of the news for you in 30 minutes a chinese casino empire is transforming cambodia. money grabbing development and criminology one i want to investigate the winners and losers in cambodia. on
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al-jazeera. hello i'm come on santa maria this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week ecuador it took a multi $1000000000.00 loan from the i.m.f. but while the corporations got tax forgiveness the poor got austerity and i wonder ecuador same 2 months protests look at how the government of lending moreno seemingly got it so wrong also this week shinzo of a novel longest serving prime minister japan's ever seen and that is quite your chief meant to look at the economic policy that bears his name and whether it's enabled japan to recover from its lost decade and in the fight against climate change we meet the scientists in california working on genetically modified plants to help soak up.


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