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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 30, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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the crushing of their will. people in power exposes the use and abuse of power around the world. on al-jazeera. protesters in iraq to keep up the pressure on the government despite the prime minister's announcement that he will step down. hello again peter davi here in doha you are watching al-jazeera also coming up more violence in eastern democratic republic of congo where a rebel group has killed dozens of people. there is opposition leader keiko fujimori is free after spending 13 months in jail on corruption charges. you meet the survivors of cyclon each day who are struggling to move on after the storm
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swept through zimbabwe causing death and destruction. in iraq facing an uncertain political future after the prime minister offered to resign the cabinet is just met to discuss. his resignation his decision follows weeks of antigovernment protests which have turned violent demonstrators have warned they will not back down until there is a complete political overhaul for 2 months iraqis have been protesting to demand jobs better services and and to corruption some of alton joins us live from baghdad so simona we've had this meeting of the cabinet what came out of that. prime minister had a lot done the theory affirmed the surgeon to hand in his resignation to parliament which is supposed to hold a session tomorrow the cabinet also discussed that it will. i continue to work on
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a daily basis and line of the constitution to ensure a smooth her hand over and a peaceful transition to whatever government comes next not course when you're at tahrir square and despite the resignation being announced demonstrators here show no sign of going home i'm now joined here by one of the demonstrators a man 22 year old student in the college of liberal arts now prime start a lot done matthew has handed and his resignation is that enough of course is not enough. is resignation is only a mere step we want we want a lot more we want the whole parliament to be out you want to hold political parties to be out. of those resignation is just the 1st step we got along where head and we want them all out we want the political parties and the whole parliament. now there is a new election reform bill that is being read in parliament what do you think
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should be the next step do you want fresh elections and if so under what system well of course you want fresh elections and the people in this resort and i think a presidential system. for our spirits in iraq both presidential and parliamentary systems have ups and downs but the parliamentary systems have proved that it's it's not suitable for us what we're going through right now is the fruits of the parliamentary system so of course we don't want that anymore we want the presidential system and we want it to be we want us to be able to elect our leader directly with him being affiliated to any party because the parties are what caused this we don't want parties anymore we want direct leaders who do you think would be best suited to become the next leader of iraq i don't think i get stitches that but whoever has the. enough skills who who is true leader. i
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truly did or is supposed to be in that position who i can't name anyone i don't get to do that but hopefully we'll get someone who'll be who'll take the responsibility and do well and do us justice because that's all we want what they're just leader thank you so much for joining us here now of course that's the new electoral bill that has been tabled in parliament does not actually stipulate this change it will still be the political parties who will choose the new prime minister and that's something that many demonstrators here will find unsatisfactory. soon thank you hundreds of high school students around lead in central hong kong there calling for democratic reforms and standing against what they say is police brutality during the recent protests that follows the arrest of dozens of students at a polytechnic university protest as they had barricaded themselves in films 2 weeks after some of the most violent scenes since the protests began sort of clark has more from hong kong. members of the older and younger generation are attending this
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assembly here in central hong kong across generational divide the web is united in the polls for political reform this peaceful gathering is demanding the government make the 5 demands which include an independent inquiry into place conduct and investigate accusations of police brutality they also want the government to push back on china's tightening grip on this former british territory. to some parts the youngsters. all men have nothing to lose in my life they come so full of dicey about even though it's tough to bring the kids out to the rally we want to tell the government we aren't scared no matter how many ways they try to suppress us we will still come out this really comes a week after the pro-democracy camp secured a majority in the district council elections that victory has bolster the protest movement with more rallies planned for sunday in home from. the president to suriname has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for murder they see protests see
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was convicted of killing 15 political opponents in 1982 the court ruled sea oversaw an operation to have them abducted and killed he's currently out of the country on an official visit to china the military court that found him guilty on friday has not ordered his arrest and he can appeal against the sentence peru's opposition leader who fujimori has been released from prison after 13 months she was detained pending trial accused of receiving bribes from a brazilian construction company hundreds of her supporters gathered outside the prison to celebrate her release for 2 more years the daughter of the former president alberto fujimori mariana sanchez is in the capital lima she says this may not be an end to fujimori's legal battles. she was freed up to the constitution most 5 years ago approved. corpus requested by her sister she has been in jail for 2018. months of her imprisonment for accepting money for her presidential campaign over various years giant
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construction company d it has been a common thing for politicians like her businessman its former president. are under investigation now for having to feed money such as brazilian companies no hungry doesn't mean that she is free of charge as the best geisha to her home was receiving money from other rich continue she could be charged jail but prosecutors jailed her because they thought that such things said that she was obstructing justice and that she could leave the country so now of course there's a huge complaint from the prosecutor's proctor there are a lot of people of course who are in favor of the body supporters of her that are very happy that she's out now but like i say she could go back to jail quite soon
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there's been more violence in eastern democratic republic of congo rebels have killed 13 people in cocoa tama near the village voice show where 28 people died during an attack by armed groups on tuesday catherine sawyer has more now from the regional capital goma the morgue in a hospital is to small to hold the bodies of 28 people killed by allied democratic forces or a.d.f. fighters in an attack this week. so saab cost gets half to stay outside the family and residents of stealing chalk are also frustrated accusing both congolese security forces and united nations peacekeepers of not doing enough to protect them from rebel attacks. what is happening here is unacceptable we need to be united to solve the security problem i have seen those bodies most competition
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and we cannot accept this. working in this crowd have lost many relatives. we don't want to see soldiers police or day un they must all be leaves my parents and 3 other relatives have been killed i don't have a family now. many say that angered by the insecurity at least $100.00 civilians have been killed by a.d.f. rebels since a government offensive against them started in october. protesters have been out on the streets of the temple and goma in north kivu province police have been trying to clear this road all morning by failing at it because people keep bringing the stones processing go much said several days ago in protest there they're saying their want to get to a u.n. base to express that on that day that no one the u.n. here before the u.n. and the government soldiers are not doing enough to protect the people in beni.
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some human rights campaign as also accuse security forces of failing to do their job. people bad the brunt of the battle to control vast mineral resources here it's never become me that is going to solve it its no more is a fellow here. but it's to cut off the supply channel of blood minerals. that's number one second there has to be talks whether we call this people 80 year 4 beasts whatever we need to engage him and that is to be done honestly regionally by your the neighboring countries back in 08 or they believed not only more funds they also hope they were able to tan cathy al-jazeera. british police have
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identified the man who killed 2 people in a knife attack in london on friday car was shot dead by the police london bridge is still cordoned off khan was convicted of terrorism related offenses and 2012 but released early from prison row challenge has more from london. this. was convicted of in 2012 he was part of an 8 man group the word jailed for preparing acts of terrorism and at the time they had been convicted for plotting attacks on the london stock exchange pubs in the north of england where car was from and also. a training camp in pakistan now 3 of the men can included were given indeterminate sentences for public protection but the following year 2013.
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2 of the other men had sentences quashed by the court of appeal and they were given new fixed sentences. got 16 years now as a process of the english justice system most prisoners on fixed sentences at the heart point of their sentences they get less out of prison is being called being released on license and what that means is that they are given electronic tags they're monitored but essentially they serve the remaining the remaining half of their sentence outside of jail and this is what happens a car in december 28th teen he was let out of prison. still to come here on al-jazeera the murder investigation that sent shock waves through the maltese government plus. i'm in a forest in my home to thousands of indigenous people they say they are living in a constant fear of fiction but that they are determined to fight for what they
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claim is their habitat. how the winter has finally arrived in beijing you can see the winter front week so it is this one here now you know it's been very cold up in the far north east of china in siberia but this is the 1st snow fall in beijing of the season and it was actually quite enjoyed we're not talking about disruption he was just talking about a spell of 6 day which everybody is really rather enjoy confirmation of the change of season now there won't be any will and in fact temperatures by day will probably come up to a few degrees above freezing so what's on on the ground will most likely melt but to be frosty by not on the cold air makes its way across the korean peninsula towards japan doesn't make it not make it is fossil cardew a bit of snow but more importantly it's contrast in temperatures once again with
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the opposing winds coming in from the pacific and siege that means it's going to be a wet day on monday tokyo includes the heaviest affair the south dry behind frosty start sunny day in pyongyang is and beijing has 2 examples in mainland china the same is true but not the same extent south of rouhani and we're talking about the teens or more for the most places and this year higher up a bit right and a bit of cloud but monday's a sunny day and shanghai is forecast to be up to 10 hong kong at 21 humidity quite like. from the al-jazeera london total cost center team special guest in conversation i am here because of colonialism unprompted it's funny interrupted there's a sense of white man's burden still having some legitimacy in terms of spreading knowledge and technology pretty. preparations for something
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more new mentally horrific slavery studio script on al-jazeera. and watching al-jazeera remind us of our top stories this hour iraq's cabinet has met to discuss the prime minister's resignation. his intent to quit on friday following weeks of antigovernment protests that often turn violent. rebels in the eastern democratic republic of congo have killed another 13 people it happened in cricket tama near the village of 28 people died during an attack on thursday.
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cruise opposition leader who for the morning has been released from jail after 13 months she was in prison pending trial for allegedly receiving bribes from need brazilian construction company. malta's government is denying its prime minister is planning to resign joseph muscat is under pressure over the alleged government cover up of a journalist murdered 2 years ago daphne. died in a car bomb explosion last investigating corruption involving politicians and businessmen. to government ministers resigned. so as the prime minister's chief of staff and now joseph must get himself also he's telling friends his government's been accused for months of mishandling the murder investigation which goes right to the heart of his political and business community journalist daphne carol. was killed in a car bomb explosion 2 years ago one investigating corruption involving politicians
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and business executives. as protesters rallied early friday outside parliament in the capital letter demanding his resignation the prime minister met his government ministers without ministers conrad mizzi and chris cardona they resigned on tuesday along with the prime minister's top aide keith schembri who was taken away for questioning and released on friday 1st of all this is a national security issue as as is the case with all prime ministers i believe that i have to be briefed on national security issues for us this was not just a marriage as was a major case that shook our democracy the murder investigation is focused on one of motors richest men jorgen fenech phonecalls in rested for the 4th time last week as he attempted to leave the mediterranean island on his yacht before she was killed
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he had revealed a secret offshore company called 17 black. a reuters investigation last year named fanuc as the company owner which was allegedly used to fund shell companies linked to government ministers has son is accusing the government of covering up his mother's murder we know nothing my family knows nothing the journalist no nothing people no nothing that's why we're here it's called read their absurd the police release or stay through it all feasible one sentence we have instigated found no evidence and released him and they want us to believe that. 3 men and now waiting trial for the reporter's murder but with the investigation dragging out the 2 years the patience the protests is demanding on this is run out and it seems so has the prime minister's time in office nor about a manly al-jazeera. i mean source epidemic in samoa has killed 42 people more than
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3000 cases have been registered since october when the outbreak began health workers say most of the victims are children under the age of 41 victim was less than 5 months old country seen a drop in immunizations and that's made it more vulnerable to outbreaks of the disease unfortunately in some part of what is happening there has to do with some social social messaging around an anti vaccine group and this is now being measured in the lives of children who who have died in the course of this outbreak attempts to reach an area in kenya that was hit by flooding in a landslide are being slowed down by damaged roads and bridges 120 people have been killed in west pocket but there are fears that number could rise when rescue workers get to the areas that are being cut off has more now from the capital nairobi. a week of the traditional floods in most parts of north western kenya many
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bridges that remain down fast flowing water is also washed away long sections of roads workers are repairing this bridge on the road between keitai and road where the government's appealing for help from anyone but a lack of city james we need of assistance we can get we have been too well wishers for the priority for nice to take food and medicine to the affected people so they can cope and get to. the village of tom collins one of the last hit by floods and landslides which followed days of torrential rains and tire families were wiped out in a torrent of water rocks and in old $21.00 kenyan started here you might assume that when such disasters happen emergency help is quick to arrive but in tom luck it's the village just left with the grim task of such and for the bodies of missing relatives government rescue workers are yet to arrive because of the damage to roads and bridges. we're really sad that we've not yet recovered the bodies about
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children it's not just my son's body but also my neighbors 7 children who died we need urgent help west book called counties damaged traders and their families are working together to clear the debris away eager to reopen their businesses but the flood threat isn't over kenyans in affected villages again being judged to move to safer ground that could run you down there the government does not issue a necessary warning it's the danger is real and perfect and by the floods and landslides must be located to understand only when we have western tune for the many flooded the whole grain but clearly not a few days could take months and months to recover from and there will undoubtedly be questions in the coming days and weeks about whether mo could or should have been done to protect lives and property how about the world as it might all be.
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50 people have died after albanians worst earthquake rescue workers are still searching through the rubble for survivors. impacted the most by the magnitude 6.4 which also damaged buildings in the capital city toronto more than 500 aftershocks were subsequently recorded thousands of people who survived a devastating cycle in zimbabwe 8 months ago are still living in tents hundreds were killed and thousands displaced when cycling each day struck parts of southern africa there are fears the rainy season will make the lives of survivors even worse . has more from she many many in eastern zimbabwe. home from able to check out our used to be a house with a small garden now she lives in the taint with her husband and children. they survived tropical cycle that struck parts of eastern zimbabwe in march but she says adjusting to this new way of living is hard her family never has enough food and
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whenever it rains it's terrifying not just to set up to do much and we dug up from it brings back bad memories i keep thinking what if that terrible storm happens again last time goodspeed my life what if this time is different in a day and always kid living. many people in this camp say they want to place to call their own again but they don't know when or if they'll be moved some used to live in this rural community before you die struck it was a worst storm to hit zimbabwe since i can ilene nearly 20 years ago people say they heard this rumbling noise the 1st the one saw what it was and then they saw these rocks and boulders tumbling down from the mountains over there being pushed by the water and raging all the homes in its path were destroyed and this is all that's left. others were lucky the violent flood and debris now really missed a few buildings and schools in other places entire communities were devastated. to
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. hear 300 households are working together to repair damage to a dam it's part of an initiative to help people rebuild you want to make sure you understand why your house failed or why that specific breach why that school. roof threw away and if needs be if you are need to put specific. systems in place so it doesn't happen again then that's that's where you want to put the effort and money in. roads and bridges are also being prioritized but it's a race against time the rainy season has just started people could again be at risk if proper infrastructure isn't in place. hundreds of people in eastern zimbabwe died during psycho need by many more are still missing presumed dead and those who survived are hoping this rainy season will be safe how do we toss al-jazeera zimbabwe a north korean government official has called the japanese prime minister an
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imbecile and want tokyo could soon witness what he says would be a real missile launch north korea's state news agency published those comments attack on shinzo up a comes after north korea fired 2 short range projectiles into the sea off its east coast on thursday japan has previously criticized pyongyang over launches it said were likely ballistic missiles that violated u.n. sanctions the police in chile have fought with protesters in the capital santiago demonstrators threw rocks at officers who responded with tear gas and water cannon several people have been arrested runners began in october when the government decided to increase metro fares that proposal has since been reversed but protesters demands of widened to a call for social equality. millions of india's indigenous people are living in fear of being evicted from their lands now that's because state governments have been slow to enforce a law that protects their rights politicians say the forests need to be conserved
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but critics say they are only promoting business interests and visited the state of my job pradesh with the native community is now fighting back. they've seeing and surely by our farmers and forages. living off the forest in the state of markets in central india. the family of 5 eat what they grow and drink from the stream. but their claim to land in the forest was rejected by the local government and india's supreme court ordered dereliction. singh is aware of the government's plans to create a violent sanctuary in the forest i'm not about there are we as a diverse these are the original inhabitants on the forest belongs to us 1st the truth is we can't live without our jungle and we just can't live in a city. more than a 1000000 indians across different states in india like multiple chat disco and child country may lose their homes and their way of life if the court order is
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carried out on the. behavior is one of the many farmers who are already being evicted. the allege that they were beaten up by government forced workers and forced from the forest years ago and. forced officials burned down our homes and meters homeless we are forced to even look for jobs is doing laborers or manu plant activists say the 2006 forest rights act guaranteed the right of these people to their land but see the government is seeking to weaken this law with indigenous people out of the way it's easy for the governments to simply sell of lands to corporates to industries and mining operations with his has been happening for the past 5 years in on allies not scale the act recognize the right of 150000000 people to inhabit and live off 40000000 hectares of forest land in india so they could preserve their customs and culture and protect the forests the people here insist
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the forest provides them with everything they need it would be nice to have a few street lamps and a few paved streets but they refuse to give up the forest and move to a city they say if there's anything they fear more than forest officials it is the continuous erosion of their culture and identity for the forest department staff now it's all about following procedure. odd that those whose claims have been rejected are being checked by village committees this is under process now. while they wait for the supreme court's order they've seeing instead by live off the natural riches of the forest. the sea along with their compatriots all over india they will fight the powers that be to protect their traditional way of life to live over is their arch of war al jazeera want to put the india. for the 1st time facebook has added a correction notice to
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a user's post saying the original message contained false information it's a move to comply with an order from the government in singapore under a new law on so-called fake news facebook embedded a correction notice at the bottom of the original post but it did not alter the text singapore's protection from online false food and manipulation act was passed in may it allows the government to publish corrections alongside claims about public institutions false statements could carry prison terms of up to 10 years and big fines to. well nearly all the digital giants and social media companies of some sort of run in with governments around the world apple says is taking another look at how it depicts border disputes on maps after ukraine criticized it for showing crimea as part of russian territory a video posted by a teenager on tech talk about china's the tension of most of them weaker has led to the suspension of her account to talk is a chinese own online platform in april australia ordered facebook and google to remove violent content after the christ church mosque shootings in new zealand and
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facebook says it's looking into nearly $18000.00 cases that may be in violation of laws in some countries. protestors in the german city of frankfurt have stormed its main shopping district trying to block access to black friday sales they demonstrated outside some of the biggest retail stores and to say the shopping frenzy is bad for the environment. peter over here and her quick reminder of your top stories this half hour iraq's cabinet has met today to discuss the prime minister's resignation at dell abdul markey announced his intent to quit on friday following weeks of antigovernment protests that often turned violent but demonstrators say they won't give up until the entire political system has been overhauled has been anger over corruption unemployment and public services for hundreds of high school students around it in
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central hong kong today they're calling for democratic reforms and standing against what they say is police brutality during the recent protests it follows the arrest of dozens of students at the polytechnic university that protesters had barricaded themselves inside for almost 2 weeks after some of the most violent scenes since the protests began. rebels in eastern democratic republic of congo have killed another 13 people it happened in cocoa tama close to the village of where 28 people died during an attack on thursday peru's opposition leader who fujimori has been released from jail after 13 months she was in prison pending trial for allegedly receiving bribes from a brazilian construction company which moreas the daughter of the former president alberto fujimori. the president of saddam has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for murder desk. was convicted of killing 15 political opponents in 1902 he is
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currently out of the country on an official visit to china the military court the phantom guilty on friday has not ordered his arrest and he can appeal against the sent its. malta's government has denied reports his prime minister plans to resign joseph muscat is under pressure over the government's alleged cover up of the murder of a journalist 2 years ago daphne was killed in a car bomb explosion investigating corruption involving politicians and businessmen a measles epidemic in samoa has killed 42 more than 3000 cases have been registered since october when the outbreak began the country's seen a drop in immunization and that's made it more vulnerable to outbreaks of the disease. those are your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story all see you bright and early from 7 g. tomorrow morning.
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the president of france says that nato is brain dead and that terrorism is now the enemy of not russia and the neo mccall wants his criticism to be a wakeup call for the military alliance so what does it mean for nato his future and organization the us president also once described as obsolete this is inside story. i welcome to the program i'm adrian finnegan after world war 2 and facing a rising threat from the soviet union a group of european of north american countries banded together and signed up to the world.


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