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tv   Diplomats For Sale  Al Jazeera  November 30, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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i'm maryam namazie in on the with a quick roundup of the headlines we're following this hour actually begin with some breaking news with pressure growing on multiple prime minister of a prominent businessman was charged over the murder of the journalist yogen fetich has been charged with complicity to murder in the $27000.00 car bomb killing of journalist daphne carr want to. finish pleaded not guilty to this it's been reported that prime minister joseph muscat will stand down in january for an criticism of his response to the crime he's expected to make a statement sued in iraq the prime minister is officially handed in his
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resignation to parliament but it's done little to calm protesters across the country i do a doormat he held an emergency meeting with his cabinet and also the lower house to debate his resignation he said he had no choice but to leave his post simona full time has more from baghdad on what might happen in the parliament on sunday. he has officially now sent his resignation letter resignation letter to the parliament we are still unclear whether that is in fact how he should be resigning the constitution does not really mandate to step in fact the bylaws of the parliament say that he should be submitting his resignation letter to the president who would then merely accept it and that there is in fact no need for the parliament to be voting on that now that the matter he has previously said that he would step down but he was basically pressured by the political establishment to stay on and it seems that following the call of grand ayatollah ali al sistani on friday to resign
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he was basically no longer able able to to sustain his government and to keep going and he also said that his government will be staying on as a caretaker government for 30 days or until another government was chosen but he also warned that he hoped that a new government would be told and quickly because the current situation in the country could not really bear care to get a caretaker government for a very long time that basically the parliament and the president would need to act fast to reach a solution now what might happen tomorrow on sunday there is a parliament session and it's still unclear whether the parliament will actually vote on the part of the prime minister's resignation it appears that what might happen is a vote of no confidence of course that is very strange because the prime minister's already submitted his resignation so there is actually no need for parliament to be launching a vote of no confidence but that is the only constitutional mechanism by which they could be voting on his resignation and that requires an absolute majority. well
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here in the u.k. the man who killed 2 people in a knife attack in central london on friday has had been released from prison halfway through a sentence for a bomb plot a smuggler khan was shot dead by police on london bridge which was the scene of another attack 2 years ago the british prime minister and london's police chief is it at the scene of the attack on saturday neil basu from the city's police force praise the actions of his offices and members of the public. the attacker of them left the building he had beat up on love the bridge he was pursued with detained by members of the public as well as a british transport police officer who was employing before armed officers for both the city and a metropolitan police arrived confronted be a tracker of. the actions of the place and the public are all the more remarkable as we now know the attack was wearing what looked like a very convincing explosive device thankfully we now know that it was
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a hoax device the congolese army is saying that it's killed a senior rebel leader in the eastern part of the democratic republic of congo a mob is also reported to have launched 2 suspected rebels in the town of benny. and thousands of protesters have surrounded a police station in the indian city of hydrabad where 4 men accused of raping and murdering a 27 year old woman are being held they demanded the police have the suspects over to them. how does their investigations is coming up next with the story of diplomats for sale looking at the corrupt trade in diplomatic passports in the caribbean that story is coming up and then we're going to have more news for you after that about 25 minutes.
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algis harris investigative unit is in the caribbean to expose a corrupt trade and how that funds elections. dominique his prime minister has just announced the date of their next election news right through this. our investigation reveals how the sale of diplomatic all sports helps keep politicians in power the definition of corruption. is used. we show a former prime minister acted as a broker in a secret deal. with. the current prime ministers of
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germany and grenada the said to have been paid by wealthy foreigners wanting to be diplomats something they strongly denied. status to our troops. really hot. over you know what $1000000.00 u.s. dollars can. we ask why so my message is to the united nations don't meet the un's own standards on who should be a diplomat. and who we reveal. now serving 20 years in jail helped pay for an election in return for a title. you're going to. july
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29 t. our investigative team is in panama. to meet all of the serafin. he's a former prime minister of germany. what's quarter of her desire is just had meetings in dominique hoping to set up a secret deal the corrupt sale of a diplomatic passport he doesn't know our undercover team is filming. the real 'd. killer for him. her. confidence for this person for the. serafin thinks our undercover reporter is a middleman for a wealthy european businessmen living in asia he's willing to pay to become
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dominique is ambassador to the philippines and intitled to just a magic passport 'd. good for the region took up close. they're clearly heard. it's their. only dominic his prime minister roosevelt skerritt could make that appointment after 15 years in power and 3 election wins he's now campaigning in a 4th election. serafin says he's already heard from a contact the prime minister's skerritt would expect to be paid. off and one from the couple for insulting. for your position. sterling is everything. written from your comments a month or so. was
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3 months clearing domenico the carnival wait for the election could be cooled any time in the next year and the floats already echo any campaigning. one band stands out there. is free booze on alpha and the only flight with a police escort thanks chris benz patron is prime minister's carrots wife thank you know who looks like seeing pro-government several belt out a clip says it's a direct attack on the prime minister. was that few it. was for us the lyrics refer to a scandal involving the prime minister
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a criminal on the run and a diplomatic passport. al-jazeera can now reveal the source story that she's never been told all the quietly joked about. few life thank. you. thank you you. gave. my dominique a trade house was adventurous started in 2014 not in domenica was cough a world away. it was set up in malaysia to promote links between the 2 countries the man behind my dominique a trade house. was neither germany can normal nation but iranian only raise
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a month for it. ali is a very flamboyant person. it's like a magnet he has a way of pulling people to him to show him this is reached us this is power this is how you can succeed. my knowledgeable r. and his wife kiran had never spoken before about what they witnessed firsthand belongs to malaysian businessmen recruited by only one fred to run my dominique a trade house in kuala lumpur he says they organized lavish promotions attended by senior dominique and politicians who expected gifts. loss of pens wallets leather where cartier watchers jewelry we had them bars of the autograph each prevailed with my dog to a tree house stepped up. somewhat ominous the value of each of those bones from $15000.00.
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after 6 months of hosting several domini can delegations one friend welcome dominique his prime minister roosevelt skerritt to malaysia he came with a present for fred. received his diplomatic passport to the hands of the prime minister and he came down the hall and he had a big leverage party. so i just got my passport promises given a passport. and iranian anyone for it was now dominique his ambassador to malaysia. he was there hi cloud like he was and he was making his excellency call him excellency i can call while you. know you're going to call me x. and see the rules of diplomatic relations laid down by the united nations in the vienna convention. ambassadors can live tax free in the country they're appointed.
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diplomatic bags can be opened. their homes in embassies combi searched. and ambassadors a new man. ringback one fred quickly exploits that at the my domain he could trade house office in kuala lumpur a rowdy party leads to a police raid 20 cops came out and they went straight to the office ali locked himself in the office. all he did was sold his diplomatic passport and so i'm a diplomat. definitely says walk around. the block say they paid for the house which became on fred's home and the domine can embassy we have a link right behind his house on the 1500 ducks back out there and. making a record when he was complaining. it is a crime prestigious estate. friend throws
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a house party and quizzes other ambassadors on the perks of his new job. ask him what immunity what protection what benefits and you carry cash with your back to be checked. we've obtained a secretly recorded conversation from the party it's between the then jordanian ambassador and. russia which. you are. force for showing us. our. common one.
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i think it is completely wrong to have a conversation about the purpose of guaranteeing is that you can conduct your business on behalf of a nation state without being interfered with mark stephens is an expert on diplomatic law. being an ambassador is somebody who represents a higher level than with the highest levels of privacy and integrity their country and their country's interests invariably that person is a citizen of a bashful with doma solve all of the country who appoints them. to our investigation as found dozens of examples of caribbean governments pointing foreign is as their diplomats around the world. we find that these small countries often of the bribes.
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will cause high people with no connection no experience but international criminal. for some dubious reason the protection the sheer of diplomatic immunity and they buy it which is us and an international scandal geoffrey robertson was involved when the abuse of different passports 1st became known. he acted for the wife of a wealthy saudi she sued her husband for a divorce settlement in. british courts but while we do farley didn't want to pay so how do you get out of a law that everyone else but very simple. sailed off to send to lucia and lo and behold. him he was made the ambassador to the international maritime organization. and it never turned out for 2
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years never. yet when his wife. application for money. claimed immunity diplomatic immunity is a shield now that was obviously on rangers a british court eventually agreed with his former wife diplomatic immunity didn't apply in a civil divorce case. criminal immunity only applies in the country an ambassador is appointed to. iranian a man for a didn't know that when he thought a diplomatic passport was the answer to all these problems. those problems began on the nation island of labile and in 201218 months before one fred set up my
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dominique trade alice. my knowledge blahs family ran a shipping business in la go on and on fred contacted him claiming to be an agent for the rainy and government wanting his help. in iran being a sanction they had problems in moving your. i specialize by remote just ticks. my knowledge banal solution to international sanctions on selling iranian oil was to disguise where it came from and. shipped with come in from iran loaded up with oil. all. would have n.p. didn't just pop outside. the mothership come alongside our thanks there were discharged all onto our storage facilities the oil be stored out in the sea for months at farms we wait sol winter to come to china to surprise goes up. the sister ship of our lost sight of our thanks as it's a direct route straight charge we will be in china within 14 days.
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after a year it became known china was buying uranium oil so they closed down the operation . didn't know it was mon fred was skimming off the profits stealing from his own iranian government. by 2014 if they were after him as an iranian citizen he was vulnerable to arrest he needed another passport morn for it would not if socks wore source their uniform call would come he would jump in and knock of the door slowly materialize wired the way he had try to citizenship. as. it's called citizenship by investment and it's a major source of income to the caribbean and european countries. it's legal the
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controversial. wealthy families from asia or the middle east and russia invest and around a quarter of a $1000000.00 in luxury resorts or a government scheme in return they get citizenship and a new passport which allows visa free travel to many countries. on fred to apply knowledge by law with him to dominique to buy a passport through citizenship by investment to help on for its case well are primed him with other. vestment ideas for the island officials was so impressed they suggested to me seeing the prime minister's skerritt. i would not for 2 days i was in a casual mode in my shorts and t. shirt i had to or should that appearance from the front this get myself prepared since i was going to be the prime minister. says he he did most of the talking and
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reasonable scary immediately made him an offer not the kind of possible given to foreign investors but an upgrade to a diplomatic passport conversation skerritt says he doesn't remember why don't you be our ambassador at large. state or if there is a formal ambassador scheffer you know is a bestseller at large i think like i said above this is bad or to show off or to not have said to me said. are you out of your mind an opportunity like this if you declined or did one friend say to you why he wanted you to audit us for that he said i get diplomatic immunity complete i don't have to be worried about it here in your hands. we're investigating whether a former da many can prime minister can broker a deal to make our candidate dominique his ambassador in the philippines and what
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it will cost. we're talking meters or football or soccer balls or muscle a stick or maybe. maybe a proxy or a little silly thing or circuit. on of the serafin can fans diplomatic passports can be bought even by criminals. were already started we didn't do any of charging fox yet. he lives on integer his office mistakes. oh and so on plus there's history in. europe a tradition of those listeners probably would be then. well they did it on the low here in st i have prayers margaret is there there are. those including up saying while a diplomat for dominique kept a bride to u.n. officials now jailed in america. entirely in francesco carollo gambling tycoon
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designated a u.n. ambassador awaiting trial for fraud after being on interpol's most wanted list. this is. like an ounce of gold coins or c.d.'s or you can get a. mayor of those were clear for me so it was all. so. much for all to see just. that a perfect world. it would be really millions to do this to for mary passports to. i have that money go to the right place here or. i hear you or i don't record all we have fortunately or.
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our investigation will say takes us to grenada. prime minister keyes mitchell as being in power for most of the last 25 years his diplomatic choices don't seem to conform to the spirit of the vienna convention that ambassadors should be nationals of the country and full time diplomats. many of grenada's ambassadors all foreigners with business links to the island. there's no suggestion these diplomats paid for their appointments. oleg fire at runs of the internet firm in miami. well grenada's ambassador to moscow ham's alcoa heads a global company while a unesco ambassador into paris. the weariest designated grenada's ambassador to france but never accepted by the french.
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su where is is one of egypt's richest men he owns the luxury silva sat on grenade is pretty cheap. he's now building phase 2 further along the bay. locals being expansion into the joining cameron park the last strip of public land leading to the sea. they all trained up to comping the south of the park abscessed me to. come on back is a part of me it's a part of my life my child that early it's one of our national assets as a levy so tap the spark. we can have a situation as happened in many countries where all the lovely sides were taken up with commercial development. residential become
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a 2nd class citizen and there is nowhere for them to really enjoy anymore. their fears were reinforced in 2017 when a draft resolution to protect cameroon for redevelopment was rewritten by the government. instead of having the park as a place for us to enjoy the fraternity they rewarded this is about all attempts have been moved up to hostility to the investors expansion of this project so this is worrying where the government would go into that. there's no evidence nikki suheir is paid prime minister mitchell for his title. by contrast an american conman says he did pay for his ambassadorship. restaurant a is a serial folds who for a spell operated in the caribbean. david marchant runs the financial crime database
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offshore and that which investigated erik rest dyna. why would he want a diplomatic pulse port when you operate like rest on it as you even know you're under investigation or you know that you will be under investigation at any given time so it provides a level of security. official and that claimed arrest promised prime minister mitchell a $1000000.00 handing over hoffa to swiss villa with a plan to ensure he wasn't double crossed his former head of security told me that he secretly recorded a video in order. restaurant to giving a briefcase with half a $1000000.00 of cash in $100.00 bills to keith mitchell. after it was secretly recorded restaurant it told the head of security that if he
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tries to with may of going by the balls and the head of security then put all of this down into some form of legal document is that rice warrant affidavit i was given a copy of that. the americans jailed arrest on a fraud in 20 is 6 and confiscated the tape without making it public a judicial inquiry accepted prime minister mitchell's explanation he did receive cash only $15000.00 for travel expenses. if mitchell just wants to enrich. at the expense of all the people who voted him into power and it's disgusting disgraceful. in part to how politicians use possible cash to win elections really upset about. going to the floor. and the new york so sure like couple friends of the trumps who held 3
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un ambassador ships on the bus the crowd at the border at work up to my 1st trip out of. a chinese casino empire is transforming cambodia. money rapid development and criminology one o one a 50 game win is a loser you can vote. on al-jazeera. kenyan journalists in pursuit of press freedom and justice i have seen this great situation where someone says seek about that hope you can afford being clean and investigating government corruption and the national health care system some of the transactions this thing i should be pulling. from i needed to unexplained africa on
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some sites and publish will see that some people will want to come even if it doesn't let me ask whose truth is it anyway on al-jazeera. how i'm going with a quick look at headlines this hour and we've had breaking news about pressure growing almost as prime minister after a prominent businessman was challenged over the mud to all of a journalist your good friend that has been charged with complicity to murder in the 27000 car bomb killing of journalist stuff. furniture pleaded not guilty to this it's been reported that prime minister joseph muscat will stand down in january following criticism of his response to the crime he's expected to make a statement soon. iraq's prime minister is officially handed in his resignation to parliament but it's done little to calm protest as across the country. held an
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emergency meeting with his cabinet and asked the lower house to debate his resignation he said he had no choice but to leave his post. as perhaps my resignation was essential to the crisis and calm the situation in the country i hope the parliament choose a quick alternative for the country because the situation in the country can't handle a caretaker government for a long while here in the u.k. the man who killed 2 people in a knife attack in central london on friday had been released from prison halfway through a sentence for a bomb plot it's emerged today khan was shot dead by police on london bridge which was the scene of a separate attack 2 years ago britain's prime minister and the city's police chief visited the scene of the attack on saturday. the congolese army is saying that it's killed a senior rebel leader in the eastern democratic republic of congo a mob is also reported to have lynched 2 suspected rebels in the town of benny
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a.f.p. journalist say the crowd attacked a couple in civilian clothing after munitions were found in their bags and thousands of protesters have surrounded a police station in the indian city of hydrabad where 4 men accused of raping and murdering a 27 year old woman are being held they demanded the police had the suspects over to them the woman was taken to a secluded area and gang raped before her body was doused in fuel and burned she was found on thursday morning under a bridge she donia called her family to say how motorbike had a flat tire. i'll bring you more on that story from india are in the news hour 2100 g.m.t. but now we have the 2nd part of al-jazeera investigations diplomats to say i'll see you a bit later on do stay with us i think. you know what $1000000.00 u.s.
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dollars can do in an election. that alone could finance or an election. publishes the new today paper in grenada he says his sources confirm the sale of diplomatic passports this helped keith mitchell stay in power. there is a gentle man who was like the middleman establish in the communication between these individuals and the government and he was telling me the kind of prices. that is the amount of passports and other official positions but when you talk about what a diplomatic passport it was going for 1000000. and if that $1000000.00 was paid what is that money again. these are money is that the politicians would then use to service their constituency so one of people say we
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want a fridge we want a store. that's what a money is coming from. a number of times i've had people approach me ask america get a diplomatic passport because they know i hang around with all the prime ministers . you know food is spend years doing business in bed grenada and dominique. from the prime ministers i would suggest the trade of diplomatic passports is the most lucrative and the. first time i heard about this was a 15 years or so ago when the prize was 25000 and i went 250000 today as i understand it is 250000 unless you're hot really hot then the price will go to well over a 1000000 and the same war criminal activities and. it happens so they would desecrate the immunity the more the price goes up exactly. 'd
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are the suicide yeah. the sign was full a project in grenada also linked to an ambassador role. he said g.s.a. was the project and then x. ray with a people bringing them i am. one of the north is here north very different. this site was meant to be an organic shrimp farm a government approved project for foreigners to invest in and gain citizenship. on our. related our it is our problem and. what our dr laura. called david was working for the man in the project neo food so we would have employed $100.00 folks in the area that had the highest unemployment rate on the island so that had to be something going on in the island with a needed
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a big rock for the electric because the election was coming up the. plans for the shrimp farm were announced by grenada's prime minister. i'm so proud of what we see in you. and look forward to it. to seen this project take off in every sense of. the pm as we were walking out of that i said but i need your help for the approval process. and that's what the prime minister said the elections coming up. we take campaign contributions talk to my ministers how do you interpret that comment. that means they want a lot of money to make everything go ahead quickly. sarin down the swedish national was upon the brain. the project funding both food and a colleague say dowdy told them he was offered an ambassador role saren was talking
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with his attorney. and his attorney who is very well connected with one of the ministers convinced him that he could become an ambassador for the u.a.e. from grenada how did he seem to feel about this he was like a little kid in a candy store without a bottom shelf a pair of 8 or $900.00 shoes and the ground opening it had rained and it was muddy a few strips and throw in these beautiful fancy shoes. keith mitchell one in his 5th term in power but neither the ambassadorship all the shrimp ever materialized. sorry denied he'd been offered an ambassadorship and cooled it a vendetta food also denied the money raised was missing that's now the subject of an investigation by the grenada government. keith mitchell said all the allegations about him will false and came from political activists wanting to
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tarnish his name and grenada. it's a 2nd meeting with all of his serafin he says he can broker a deal to buy a dominican ambassadorship he's already named the price and he's caught. my future 50 so is that 350000 or is that 45450 that is i don't forget. he says the 400000 will go to germany because prime minister roosevelt skerritt a secret slush fund to help win the next election expected within months. but you know not all theirs. by the us amounts. to the only difference in the. it's like to. fly a flag. you know. if you do that before.
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a trip to the all expenses for the. village it will be the. only level of either of. the publics from the board from there. to the 1st hours. is. no miles. off. or send. goes. one of the cities sucking off. isn't really a more vigorous with these will. scare it denies any corruption or illegality. indo many can ease building a new home. his family also had
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a base in new york across the river from the united nations but is the apartment linked to a secret deal for a diplomatic passport. the evidence for that starts with zani alison. who is nigeria's minister of petroleum resources. every nigerian will be touched by the rewards and the proceeds from the white house 4 years later her last day in office she's facing allegations she looted billions of dollars of oil revenue self and corrupt associates. the week before in london she's personally handed a dominique a diplomatic passport my prime minister's skerritt. a passport which could shield her from criminal charges we found documents showing a few days later
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a shell company forms in delaware an american state laws mean the true owners of the company a kept secret. for months later that shell company buys the new york apartment the $2200000.00 with no mortgage. property records confirm the prime minister's wife melissa was a resident of photos place the skerritt family there. and roosevelt skerritt strongly denied any link to the company the board the apartment roosevelt skerritt said the family resided there due to a kind gesture by an unnamed friend of his wife he strongly denied any wrongdoing and didn't ask or received any money from alice new. we've also tracked the money trail linking prime minister skerritt to another
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doubtful diplomat rainy and. among the documents that we've got a series of it e-mails about sending money from malaysia to domany and specifically to a petrol station in the town of portsmouth. it's owned by the non-fan family emanuel non-fan was among senior politicians who visited malaysia when manfredi opened my dominique a trade house there he was also key to the upgrade to a diplomatic passport some of. talk it over precision. was to be given. got an offer to. come. he said well i've got a little sister she said. within weeks of the trading houses opening in malaysia and the families phoning in emailing from dominique chasing money. she's saying
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that the prime minister is waiting. this inquiry that basically goes to show that. all the dirty work for paris. bank documents show $200000.00 is then paid into the account of $9000.00 service station. under any doubt that this was a bribe and it matic paul was obviously. we don't use the word bribe. this used the word a token of appreciation but definitely without that he would not have got his diplomatic passport. the my domenico trade house opens in 2014 the year of dominique his last election. documents confirm a rally by prime minister scare its ruling party with entertainers and fireworks is paid for by the malaysian trading house as is the bill for printing the party's
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manifesto. 2 months later prime minister skerritt wins a 3rd term of office 3. days after that iranian on fred sends his luminous thanks and appreciation to scare it for making him an ambassador . emanuel on sunday night receiving any gifts that he and roosevelt skerritt called the payments entirely lawful campaign contributions and denied any wrongdoing and didn't explain why they were paid to his family service station. they were just out not for the interest of the country. i said corruption but this . corruption to the point where. their interest is mine by selling their country. in
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a stiff diplomatic passport holders is secret in several caribbean states and t. and barbuda have published their list there's no suggestion of illegality or bribes but again questions about who's become a diplomat. the movie star robert de niro was given the on a for attracting investment and celebrities to the island's. sad is a nephew of the syrian president has links to antigua unknown a 3rd economic envoy is colombian alex solved. we've seen confidential police documents outlining a multi-national investigation into moran. and financial documents showing huge amounts into 2 n.t. can bank accounts. there from his companies full of food program for venezuelans food boxes many rotten and infested with beetles.
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and his prime minister gaston brown defended moran's diplomatic appointment only when the us indicted moran for money laundering unconnected to and did gaston brown revoke his friend's diplomatic passport brown didn't respond to our request for comment. the. situation today where those swords are. right now it's. in the other that's all it does a bit about this in terms of where. all those years well. after 3 months trying to iraq. change the sale of a diplomatic passport all of the serafin sends voice messages saying he's met dominique his prime minister roosevelt's skerritt. have concluded is that the.
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prime minister we have had. more meds that is very destructive. it's hurricane season and domenici care is gearing up for an election serafin says the prime minister can't risk any more diplomatic disasters. there's been some revelations of persons who were given diplomatic passports were imprisoned. ringback his former ambassador to malaysia is sentenced to 20 years in jail by tehran. the home is the bottom one federal court no doubt that he was one of the shots he bought tassie said be shot down should get the sunni. raise him and fred lost diplomatic immunity when he traveled outside malaysia and was arrested by the iranians. the prime minister has been has been that is strange. very disappointing that for instance included in the former minister of betraying
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them for nigeria. alison into a key appointee dominique is trade commissioner has $40000000.00 worth of jewelry confiscated this is government investigate the fraud. everything is in the hands of the prime minister. believe this after the elections of course or is that a negative i don't know it is about which. 'd another breaking scandal involves a current dominique an ambassador to the united nations in new york. a buffet about support at welcome to my birth the bottom. fashion e.t.v. covers paolo's them ponies policies. reflects his varied roles diplomat real estate broker. and for. good for you it's always a pleasure i don't say. cody is an ambassador of the
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dole many and grenada. his social media showcases his friends in high places very high places he once worked for president trump and supposedly introduced millennia to a future husband. sam cody escorted trump when the president addressed united nations. ambassador poti is also a link to a new resort in dominique funded through the citizenship by investment scheme. in a legal dispute he claims investors from countries covered by u.s. and u.n. sanctions of citizenship. to develop this deny that but the charges also suggest the dominique in government didn't do the required checks on who's eligible for a possible. prime minister's skerritt denies that but it's still politically
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embarrassing coming from one of the many foreign as well already his ambassador has . the climate right now. in. fear and apprehension. can be made in any department but to clear this question. we found around a dozen u.n. ambassadors who like. on not nationals of the caribbean states that appointed them . once again there's no suggestion of any illegality just more questions about who should be a diplomatic. billionaire is a former ambassador. in our. this facility vincent tycoon gary is also unesco ambassador this isn't lucia a swiss court once convicted him of money laundering. brazilian model amanda
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made a un ambassador to grenada. bird follow i love you. amanda he's also polish pony's wife. by. u.n. appeal god and i find rangers that you would accept we support. it takes to challenge the actions all member states member states don't like it but in the case of these fake diplomats i think. reputation it must. follow them pony told us he and his wife were assets and brought investment to the islands greneda told us his wife amanda is no longer a u.n. ambassador. all undercover investigation into buying an
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ambassadorship in germany takes an unexpected and dramatic turn for a. while. all of this serafin dominique is expression minister says the outcome of the forthcoming election is too close to call. he says if we offer the opposition party a donation they'd appoint all candidates now embassador if they win he tells us to cool the opposition parties loya. ok. ok can you say you're speeding on his the halls david. lennox clinton the opposition leader could become. the next prime minister within weeks. because father i tossed. all 6.
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briney stressed on a candidate from bassett i would have to be of good character and help develop dominique his economy. i just wanted to be true that you were you were aware of the conversations that o.j. had been having with my representative in panama. he was trying to say what i usually have to say you're 100 percent happy with all of that. bernie then drafted a document stating that within $28.00 days of lennox linton becoming prime minister he to point to a man ambassador at large there's no mention of campaign donations. i would suggest that the problem a dollar
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a matter. to discuss it in the 4 member believe that they have it so far as and saw serafin means the payment agreed in panama to buy a diplomatic passport ok got it all figured out we're going to hear your. whole article. both bruni and serafin appear keen to avoid the direct involvement of the opposition leader he's campaigning on a platform of anti corruption. the gentleman prefers to create a buffer because he there's not one could be indicated at that stage to play to the interests of the plane 1st of all. the requests should be at the 1st 50 percent only from agreement will be what is expected at this time. there's songs on needed 3rd country fisher chun people spears just vigorous
11:55 pm
flyers. serafin sends bank account details for his $50000.00 fee and $20000.00 for lawyer david bruni who he says will also handle money for the opposition. could be assisting the leader can control these are called the father should be declared pressured by a figure of the nation's forgotten maker. we've obtained a 2nd document signed by both opposition leader linton and his lawyer that also promises an ambassadorship to another foreign national if the opposition win the election. early november 29th and prime minister skerritt finally announces the date you it shows a deplorable dominical news for. those of you somebody to.
11:56 pm
be here in. brazil skerritt strongly denies speaking to all of us serafin about an ambassadorship calling his comments totally false skerritt says he's suing lennox linton for making similar statements. ceratin says he was speaking without authority name dropping to impress. the next linton said he knew nothing about serafin conversations with bernie and would never exchange an ambassadorship possible for money. david bernie didn't reply to up wearies. at. the end of conover is marked by a symbolic funeral they see. his winning calypso is all about corruption paying for power as our investigation shows that's not limited to any one party only one
11:57 pm
nation. a cultural. trait. but. ultimately. any regime putting up to about its status for sale is morally bankrupt ok. final. cut. it's all business to give immunity and protection to crooks and criminals. it's a business where countries keep their list of diplomats from that i mean people who claim to be a bad sort of supposed to be representing the country that's what's the secret. the secret agent ambassador except circularly kennedy. pretty cut cut cut cut cut cut. cut cut cut. cut cut. cut. cut real cold.
11:58 pm
cut. live. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast while the temperatures are well below average for this time of year across much of southern and southeastern australia and the reason being is we have a frontal boundary that's pushing through the winds are now coming out of the south to southwest bringing up a lot of that cold air so here on sunday adelaide in 1000 melbourne at 17 hope at 19 degrees as well and we do have a secondary cold front that will be pushing in and really reinforcing that cold air over the next few days but even though is going to be quite warm we could be seeing 34 degrees there and speaking of the warm air well over here towards much of the west perth at 35 degrees this is your 3 day forecast for perth it's going to be getting much hotter 33 degrees here on sunday 35 on monday by the time we get
11:59 pm
towards tuesday $39.00 degrees normally this time of year your high would generally be about $27.00 degrees there will also very stormy conditions here across much of south the southern part of new zealand we do have a storm coming in off the tasman sea look at all the clouds right there approaching christ church temperatures are going to be dropping we're going to sing christchurch come down to about 23 degrees you were quite warm here on saturday you could be seeing a lot more rain coming into play as well up towards auckland though it is going to be mostly cloudy day at 21 and by the time we get towards monday about $22.00 degrees for you. since it's inception in 1961 the kuwait fund has been supporting people's livelihoods in over 100 countries by funding projects in an array of sectors. ranging from infrastructure to health and education. these initiatives ultimately
12:00 am
help to eradicate poverty. and promote sustainable development. 0. hello i'm ari you're watching the news hour live from london coming up. 3 more dead iraqi protesters refused to back down despite the prime minister officially submitting his resignation to the parliament. one of malta wealthiest man is charged with complacency over the murder of an anti corruption journalist increasing the pressure on the country's prime minister. britain's prime minister
12:01 am
vows to toughen up sentences for serious crimes as it emerges friday's london bridge attack or had been in.


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