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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 1, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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another 3 people are killed as iraqi protesters refused to back down despite the prime minister officially submitting his resignation. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up on the program on a multis wealthiest man is charged with complicity of the murder of an anti corruption journalist in the pressure prime minister. versions either val's to toughen up sentences 1st serious crimes as it emerges friday's london bridge attack
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had been in jail for a terror plot. he says it's killed a senior rebel leader while a mob is reported to have lynched 2 people suspected of being from the same militia . our top story of iraqi prime minister he has formally submitted his resignation to the country's parliament but it's done little to calm protest as around the country demonstrators clashed with security forces after trying to block a road in baghdad medical officials say 3 protesters were shot dead and at least 58 wounded in protests in the capital and in the south of the country so mona fulton reports now from baghdad. the day prime minister of the of the mothers submitted his resignation crowds in tahrir square showed no intention of packing up and going home banners were still held high doctors remained on standby
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to treat the wounded and new street art sprung to life depicting the aspirations of the protest movement for many the prime minister's departure is just the 1st perhaps the easiest step on a long road towards change they want parliament dissolved and fresh elections to be held under a new election law the problem is not just the prime minister it's not the queen it's a whole beehive all of them have to resign if the prime minister leave someone that seemed to take him will replace him. it's a fear that risks becoming a reality in an emergency cabinet meeting of the he said he would stay on as part of a caretaker government until parliament chose his replacement. there is no doubt that the council and each parties and members will oversee the finding of an appropriate solution as fast as possible because the country in this circumstances cannot enjoy a caretaker government for
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a long time so i want the parliamentary to complete the procedures to appoint a new prime minister and government. that process could take weeks even months and requires buy in from local and foreign power brokers because. for sure the political parties are facing a difficult exam they can't go back to the balance of power that used to be in place they have to come up with an extraordinary government which has to complete the process of passing a new election law that is agreed by the protesters. but reforms won't bring the victims back nor will they appease those who mourn them as the death toll rises demands for justice grow louder and help comes to tahrir square every week to pray for the victims she doesn't just want to leave she wants his government to be held accountable and must do it and not. not just
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him those who opened fire she gave the order this is blood this is the blood of the people of the year if they kill their pride games and they go to the graves instead of celebrating their wedding their stained with blood all those responsible for that bloodshed should be punished. the government has promised to investigate the most recent violence but as the focus shifts towards appointing a new prime minister such promises risk being forgotten demonstrators have. well coming up the monkeys offered to resign but their joy is overshadowed by uncertainty over whether he will really leave and what will happen next with big changes for the rockefeller along many fear that whoever succeeds him will simply carry on with what they see as the same failed political system the one awful thing in all of this iraq. or pressure is growing on malta's prime minister after a prominent businessman was charged over the murder of
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a journalist you're going fenech has been charged with complicity to murder in the tooth 2017 car bomb killing of anti corruption journalist in a car on a. pleaded not guilty to this and all the charges related to the case has developed into a major political crisis for the prime minister joseph muscat his chief of staff resigned this week after reports he was being questioned by the police earlier i spoke to albert ghalia a journalist at the mall to independence about a possible repercussions of this case for the prime minister. now the problem is that is he's expected to be giving a televised address tomorrow morning and the indication is that he will be announcing his intention to step down and stocking up the process or the leadership race or the labor party which would his part of which will culminate cognitively in an election with will inform would take place on the 18th of january as to whether he'll step down imminently we are we're not entirely. about
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protest those are the mob enough of resignation is his immediate ever since the iraq the 1st of the gulf war you know the funny thing is now one days ago there has been a high profile and find that the crowds get larger and larger all of them are calling for on the same thing that is that is his or his immediate resignation and this is something that's struck by the path of the since the assassination had recently been the problem of papers from the america a few years ago when his 30 popstar who resigned last last tuesday and a senior minister who also resigned last year was they were where are named as having companies. police in london as saying there's no evidence a knife attack or who killed 3 people on friday was helped by anyone else as a man can stab a man and a woman before he was shot dead by officers on london bridge britain's prime minister has vowed to toughen up sentences for serious crimes after it emerged that
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friday's london bridge attack are again in jail for a terror plot catherine stansell reports. dramatic new video showing bystanders as they take down an attacker in london bridge after he went on a stabbing rampage they use a whale task and a fire extinguisher to stun him and then tackle him for armed police and then. i'll be born and bred in england in stoke on trent in co beach and all the community knows me. and they will know you if you ask them dave will no labels will deploy you know that i'm terribly nice discussion you will know. i know toby said those words spoken by osman khan just over 10 years before friday's attack. and 28 year old was attending a conference on prisoner rehabilitation when he threatens to blow up the venue he stabbed 5 people before running out to nearby london bridge. in 2012 he was convicted in connection to
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a plot to blow up the london stock exchange he was released from prison in december last year serving less than half his sentence we want to toughen up sentences fool serious and violent offenses and i've said for a long time that i think that the practice of automatic early release where would you cut a sentence in home often lit really serious violent offenders out early simply isn't working and i think you've had some very good evidence of how that is working i'm afraid with this case the pearl board said it had no involvement in his release in a statement it said given the seriousness of this attack it is understandable that there is speculation about the attackers released from prison the parole board can confirm it had no involvement with the release of the individual identified as the attacker who appears to have been released automatically on license without ever being referred to the board police are searching khan's home in staffordshire 3 hours north of london they believe he was acting alone and there's no further
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threat to the public the circumstances surrounding khan's release are now in the spotlight the former head of the national counter-terrorism security office has issued a scathing criticism of the criminal justice system saying that it's playing russian roulette with the public by allowing convicted criminals to be released from prison too early and this will be a key election issue here as well with police in prisons being subject to budget cuts of our recent years catherine stansell al-jazeera london. m. reportage of lynch 2 suspected rebels in the town of beni in the northern kiva region of the democratic republic of congo the a.f.p. news agency saying the crowd attacked a man and a woman dressed in civilian clothes off the munitions were found in the bags the allied democratic forces militia has been buying for killing more than 100 civilians in the past month the most recent attack early on saturday claimed 14 lives in cuckoo term or in the city of. meanwhile the army saying it's killed an
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a.d.f. senior commander mohammed islam late on friday catherine sawyer has more on this latest attack and could tama and she's says that families are still afraid the rebel fighters could come back residents are now feeling that it's safe to go and assess the situation we're also hearing that some of the bodies are mutilated others have their heads cut off and this is a situation that people have been talking about for the past week or so people very upset with what is going on that. are able to calm and carry out attacks yet we have thousands of soldiers in that area carrying out an offensive against a.d.f. we have un peacekeepers in that area as well yesterday evening the 28 people who were killed earlier this week. the families there are still very much in shock still afraid that these rebels might come back and we've been talking to the governor of north cuba where benny's
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a territory in north kivu province will be talking to the governor about just what is going on. and he said that this seems to be a strategy being employed by the a.d.f. they want to cause maximum panic and fear they want to show that benny is ungovernable the security situation is out of control and they know that people are angry security forces so they're playing on that and they want to anger people even more so that we can see more protests going on. yemen's hoofy rebels have really some footage they say shows the shooting down of a saudi apache helicopter group says it's behind the downing of the aircraft on friday and that 2 saudi pilots were killed this is there's been no confirmation about this from riyadh the helicopter that was hit by a surface to air missile allegedly and crashed on the saudi side of the border meanwhile inside yemen itself people have been marching through the southwest city of ties to protest against a worsening economic crisis demonstrators blame the government and the saudi led
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coalition for mismanaging the economy almost 5 years of war is destroyed roads and much needed facilities as a shortage of basic goods and many yemenis are on the verge of famine the conflict started in 2014 after who see rebels overthrew the internationally recognized government. thousands of protesters surrounded a police station earlier in the indian city of hydrabad where 4 men accused of raping and murdering a 27 year old woman were being held they demanded that police have the suspects over to them the woman was taken to a secluded area where she is thought to have been gang raped before being doused in fuel and burned her body was found on thursday morning under a bridge she'd earlier called her family to say her motorbike had a flat tire indian police say priyanka readies body was found by a possible in an underpass on the outskirts of the city. that's really a little more limited the girl had returned from place and was only way to see
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a doctor she parked to scrutiny of the told plaza and when she was returning a stranger approached to tell her it's a tie was punctured she'd been called a system in the in her mobile phone for switched off we are investigating evey's angles and now we have some evidence. a court in surinam has convicted the country's president over the murder of 15 political opponents in 1982 the court ruled that desi bow to say who's on an official visit to china over the soul of the abduction and killing of the 15 government critics back when he was head of the if south the south american nation's military government at the time and then took office again in 2010 under schip our ports. as china rolled out the red carpet for suriname president desi this week he defended beijing over the protests in hong kong. and. strongly reject any form of interference. any.
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but while he's been in china the news back home wasn't good for about a military court found him guilty of murder and sentenced him to 20 years in prison in a case that goes back decades a panel of judges ruled out as oversaw an operation in which well known journalists lawyers and university teachers were rounded up and killed for the crime of criticizing his leadership the victims' families have long doubted whether bowed to so would face justice in the trial which began in 2007 he accepted political responsibility for the killings but said he wasn't there i think it's safe to say that the country is split on this case he has supported you know it's a very well organized party. he is the president he is elected democratically. does he has dominated politics in the former dutch colony since he seized power during a coup in 1980 after being elected president in 2010 he pushed through
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a law granting himself immunity which was later overturned. in 2009 he told al jazeera he was looking forward to the end of this case another. one let's wait and see the wording of the judges it is not nice that we carry out the trial at this moment let's wait for the outcome the verdict and sentencing are being seen as a triumph for the rule of law but authorities in suriname have yet to issue a warrant for the president's arrest and her schapelle al-jazeera. you know out as they are live from london much more still ahead on the program we'll tell you about india's onions that is awful to protect themselves from angry customers as a vegetable shortage hits critical levels and people are not happy about it. and batman begins the christmas season complete with a fragment of what's still to be jesus's manger.
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welcome back to your international weather forecast while the temperatures are well below average for this time of year across much of southern and southeastern australia and the reason being is we have a frontal boundary that's pushing through the winds are now coming out of the south to southwest bringing up a lot of that cold air so here on sunday adelaide in 1000 melbourne at 17 hope are at 19 degrees as well and we do have a secondary cold front that would be pushing in and really reinforcing that cold air over the next few days but even though is going to be quite warm we could be seeing 34 degrees there and speaking of the warm air well over here towards much of the west perth at 35 degrees this is your 3 day forecast for perth it's going to be getting much hotter 33 degrees here on sunday 35 on monday by the time we get towards tuesday $39.00 degrees normally this time of year your high would generally be about $27.00 degrees there were also very stormy conditions here across much of
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south the southern part of new zealand we do have a storm coming in off the tasman sea look at all the clouds right there approaching christ church temperatures are going to be dropping we're going to be sequestered come down to about 23 degrees you were quite warm here on saturday you could be seeing a lot more rain coming into play as well up towards auckland though it is going to be mostly cloudy day at 21 and by the time we get towards monday about $22.00 degrees for you. your eyes. listen. to the mother thought i would be singing you parliament with the poor i never dreamt of that where the words fail music speaks. rooms about how music. and inspire hope for a better life a.j. selects on al-jazeera.
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a recap of the headlines now iraq's prime minister abdul mahdi has officially handed his resignation to allah meant but it's done little to calm the protesters across the country as another 3 people have been shot dead in baghdad. a prominent maltese businessman has been charged with being complicit in the murder of a journalist charges against you know going fenech put further pressure on the prime minister joseph muscat to resign. and police in london a confident a knife attack killed 2 people on friday acted as man khan was shot dead by police on london bridge off the wounding 5 people. sunday
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marks a year since mexican president under manual lopez obrador took office his approval ratings remain high but critics say he's done little to solve major problems mexico registered a record number of homicides in the 1st 6 months of the year on the vine it shows no sign of slowing down as alan fischer ports from mexico city. luis enrique hopes one day soon his daughter will stop being a statistic one of the thousands missing in mexico he stopped strangers on the street asking for help follows up every possible lead but more than a month on i'm ronnie is still missing from my home in a cat to pick about an hour's drive from mexico city. i couldn't get in touch with her by foreigner what set me says i didn't know she came to my house or went to my mother's but i wasn't worried because she did that sometimes i thought maybe her cell phone ran out of vetri the next day there was still no contact he had no
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choice but to go to the authorities to report her missing missing this but he will i felt defenseless and i felt impotent because i had to do all the investigation i had to bring all the information to the authorities i even had to force them to search for her. i'm irani is one of thousands of mexicans who disappeared each year some have been trafficked others have been murdered the greaves litter mexico or mexico elected a new president last year they did so largely on the promises made by andres manuel lopez obrador that he would end the plague of violence in the country but in the 1st 6 months of this year the 1st 6 months of his presidency the moderate has hit and historic high sentence can be undone lies and we are changing the strategy to combat insecurity and violence because it was a failed strategy that only consisted in the use of force and it didn't deliver any results it only made things worse. despite his election promising a new security policy there have been clear challenges to the rule of law in mexico
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the most blatant when the authorities were forced to release the captured son of drug lord joachim el chapo guzman when the similar work cartel took control of the area he was being held and so what we have is a government that makes promises and now says publicly that he will make a change but then does not include men promises in may. in the meantime we have thousands of people. 32 individually for their loved ones with out in this a ferry. to poor luis and ricky thinks his daughter may still be alive. we've been searching for her in some hospitals even in prisons i suspect that this is probably a case of trafficking. he says they're still praying for her return but hope we not be enough to see for. mexico city hundreds of people protested against the far alternative for germany party today as it met to elect new leaders riot police had to fence off the area to stop demonstrators reaching
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missing call. newton elected to lead germany's largest opposition party but mainstream parties have refused to work with the f.t. which has made significant electoral gains in germany's eastern regions they say the party encourages political violence or its anti immigration policies. well now to political developments in the mid be the president there is one a 2nd term in office haji dangled one just over 56 percent of the vote he was 1st elected in 2014 with a sweeping majority but his popularity has slipped after growing frustration with a lack of jobs and economic difficulties. for the 1st time facebook has added a correction notice to users post saying the original message contained false information it complies with an order from singapore's government concerning fake news facebook embedded a correction notice of the bottom of the original post but it did not alter the text itself singapore's protection from online false hoods and manipulation act was
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passed in may this allows the government to publish corrections alongside claims about public institutions false statements could carry prison terms of up to 10 years and hefty fines we spoke to kristen hanna singapore and journalist and editor in chief of new member funded multimedia platform she explained to us the fight against fake news that it might not be as clear cut as it seems. so under the protection from online false and manipulation acts the singapore government defines fake news so it in the very open you know it says that a false statement of fact is a statement that is false or misleading and that's how i believe in in the law and so the government has a lot of latitude to decide what is the news they say ultimately you can take it to the courts but the reality is that in the 1st and 2nd it's up to them and you know
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the the order for facebook is that you the 3rd one in the past week so they've issued 3 orders 2 different types of content and on the 2nd order was to the same content that they had but correct that but because the original. author of the post refused to comply then they issued it to facebook to make them do it in his stead and so i think the concern then is that there's gives a government so much power to to define the narrative and to define what it's news and to define what in the singapore government that they now use is the correct facts now to india and some on the inside as have started wearing helmets to protect themselves from angry customers throwing stones at them the price of the staple vegetable has skyrocketed leaving it out of reach for many people excessive monsoon rains damaged onion crops leading to the price rise india which is the world's largest exporter of onions banned exports in september to cut costs have
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even been cases of new thing with beef stealing onions and then selling them on don look. we have to protect ourselves if we so our news on our own people start the 1st stirrings of some of us which is why we have to wear helmets. now time experts are saying the way the world feeds itself is contributing to global warming and in danger in the food supply for millions of people but there are some farmers who are trying to stop the unsustainable use of land and the demand for resources which is putting a strain on the food chain is and the hayward reports now from west wales. for farmers looking after the land whatever the weather is a lifetime commitment none more so than at the holden probably farm in the welsh hills where they take a holistic approach to producing food no chemicals have been used on the farm purported 6 years and they've sold herbst into the pasture land to build a copper back to the soil to help offset some of the methane produced by the cows.
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that's chicory and in here as well this yarrow burnette and other herbal plants which the cows loved also they have deep roots and they help really live in the soil and build the organic carbon by which we need to have to do to address climate change. patrick is a pioneer of the movement to produce food more sustainably he wants governments to support and vironment friendly farming methods while taxing those that pollute and he's encouraging consumers to pay more attention to how the food on the table is produced a lot of farmers doubt whether the system could work and feed enough people but here is a which is demonstrating that this is the future the i.p.c.c. the un's body on climate change says global warming is already upset in food systems decreasing harvests an increasing food insecurity but it says poor land practices a contributing to 23 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions come from bombing
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agriculture and other land uses the trend towards more sustainable farming is something we can afford not to undertake and we need to act immediately because we probably have only 10 years left in making these changes if we are to avoid irreversible climate change. looking after the soil and seeing its potential for combating climate change is at the heart of what happens a few kilometers away a blind camel and contribute to baseball gannett bombs success the company being created here is made of only natural materials like ground horse manure woodchipping and. it is biologically active with millions of microorganisms working to them like the life of the foil here they aim to be carbon neutral but planned to be carbon negative and everything that's grown goes into the local markets. by managing the farmlands of the world you can bring carbon into
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a situation where it's stable within the saw oil and that will help the future not only for climate change per se but also for food production farming wherever in the world has always been talk but a changing. makes it even more challenging some farmers believe the answer lies in overhauling current industrial rites bombing techniques and embracing practices that both drew from an. and a he would. now thousands of people are in bethlehem to mark the start of the christmas season lights were turned on outside the church of nativity where christians believe jesus christ was born palestinian prime minister mohammed chants here and the mayor of bethlehem. lit up the tree early a relic said to be from jesus's manger was returned to bethlehem it had been stored in the vatican for more than a 1000 is palestinian president mahmoud abbas negotiated its return last year made
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him has more now from bethlehem where palestinians are hoping the return of the relic or boost tourism. thousands of palestinians. to the manger square which is. right. now it took us i know where to get here from jerusalem because of israeli checkpoints we were delayed but this is the way. it's a joyful occasion it's a new beginning nothing competes with the beauty. of another reason to celebrate earlier in the day. it's of jesus christ more than 2000 years ago they've been moved to the vatican's in the 7th century
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before making their way back to. give to receive. the ministry and. the 3000000 visitors. here. as a quick look at the headlines this hour before we leave you iraq's prime minister has officially handed in his resignation to the parliament but it's done little to compress his across the country either lobdell mehdi held an emergency meeting with his cabinet and asked the lower house to debate his resignation said he said he had no choice but to leave his post. i spoke with my resignation was essential to this the crisis and calm the situation in the country i hope the parliament choose a quick alternative for the country because this is jewish and the country can't handle a caretaker government for a long while now in malta
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a pressure is growing on the country's prime minister after a prominent businessman was charged over the murder of a journalist you're going fenech has been charged with complicity to murder in the 2017 car bomb killing of journalists. fenech pleaded not guilty it has been reported the prime minister the choice of muscat will stand down in january following criticism of his response to the crime he's expected to make a statement on this tomorrow. police here in london say there is no evidence a knife attack or who killed 2 people on friday was helped by anyone else on stabbed a woman and a man before he was shot dead by police officers in the london bridge area he was previously convicted of terror offenses including a plot to attack the london stock exchange in 2010. the congolese army says it's killed a senior rebel leader in the eastern democratic republic of congo a mob is also reported to have launched 2 suspected rebels in the town of benny
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a.f.p. journalist say the crowd attacked a couple in civilian clothing after munitions were found in their banks. and sauza of protesters have surrounded a police station in the indian city of hydrabad where 4 men accused of raping and murdering a 27 year old woman are being held they demanded the police hand over the suspects to them the woman was taken to a secluded area where she is thought to have been gang raped before being doused in fuel and burned she was found on thursday morning under a bridge she to earlier called her family to say a motorbike had a flat tire coming up next a.j. selects with the story of well actually 2 very different stories how music can bring people together that's it for me and now many countries aren't keeping up with their commitments to stop our planet teaching god . can be achieved anything at the un climate change conference in madrid. as
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representatives from over $200.00 countries gather for a cop $25.00 join us for special coverage on al-jazeera. we're going to you see i'm going to be going to the the. music world i'm really wondering. you know you know when will. you know. again when he. might believe that you're the. man that was it was an obligation as a leader to go on i don't.
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