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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 2, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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picture charts how a history spanning 5000 years shaped china's will in the industrialized world. but china complex part one on al-jazeera. security forces in eastern democratic republic of congo stalled by an angry crowd from watching on a u.n. base. clo this is al jazeera live from doha fully back to gore also coming out u.s. prison donald trump slaps tower of song metal imports from brazil in argentina opening new fronts in his trade war. some are shuts down its government and orders staff to help contain a measles outbreak that's killed more than 50 people and at the 3000 kilometer
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a pipeline that will deliver russian gas from siberia to cities across china. thank you very much for joining us security forces have stopped an angry crowd from marching towards a u.n. base in the east of the democratic republic of congo they were heading to the peacekeeping compound near the airport in beni one of 2 bases in that city at least 2 people have been killed demonstrators have been targeting u.n. peacekeepers there for more than a week now saying they offer to protect civilians from attacks by rebel groups there speak to al-jazeera producer. who is in beni and joins us on the lie i understand the congolese army has just held a news conference what have they said. to
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. rule them in. that. was.
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exactly what happened. i don't we're going to leave it there because we're having a hard time understanding you the phone line unfortunately is not very good with many. there are produced conny updating us on the situation in beni where protesters tried to storm a u.n. compound in that city. protesters have been protesting now for about a week again he when troops in the democratic republic of congo accusing them of not doing enough to protect civilians against rebel attacks. on to other world news
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and the white house says it will not take part in the next step of the impeachment inquiry into donald trump the u.s. president has been given had been had been given until sunday to confirm whether he'd send legal representatives to the white house hearing on wednesday from his accusers asking ukraine to investigate his political rival joe biden and biden's son in exchange for military aid and before he left for london the u.s. president announced he was restoring terrorists on steel and aluminum imports from argentina and brazil made the announcement on twitter saying that the 2 countries have been presiding over a massive devaluation of their currencies which is not good for our farmers he says therefore effective immediately he wrote i will restore the tires on old steel and aluminum that is shipping into the us from those countries well let's get the reaction from argentina and speak to otter isabeau who is in buenos aires for a series of both argentina and brazil had
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a good relationship with donald trump what sarah reaction to his announcement about tats. well this is definitely coming as a shock i'm already president said that he was going to speak directly to donald trump about the current situation saying that he needs to explain the symmetries between brazilian and the united states economy also here in argentina the government is saying that they will start negotiations when the united states i left not forget about how this is ongoing we know also that they have main steel industry in brazil is saying that they were per plextor by this announcement they're saying that this least spoke about retaliation and they said that brazil is not evaluating artificially its own currency because donald trump also accused brazil and argentina of devaluating their own currencies saying that this hurts farmers and workers in the united states mostly because argentina brazil export commodities and as you just said relations between the united states with donald
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trump. here were very very warm in fact last year when donald trump imposed terry of song's title for the european union for canada and mexico well he in a way shelved away did not implemented those policies whether brazil and argentina while the situation is changing right now it's not clear yet why this is happening some say that brazil and argentina have been getting quite close to china on one side but also because factories in the united states are struggling they have been laying off workers and some say that is this policy is meant to talk to them to his people to those who have voted for him in the past and that he was so show that he's main priority to right now it is he is america 1st and terry so what impact will these tabs on argentina which is currently struggling with an economic crisis . in brazil for example the amount of
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steel and aluminum ep. exports gold still about $2200000000.00 which is about 9 percent but in argentina is only 3 percent the main problem for argentina right now is also political argentina is going through an enormous economic crisis with over around a 50 inflate 1st sentence rate with capital controls in the country exchange controls in the country with people turning to the u.s. dollar in order to protect their savings because they do not trust in the past so when they don't trump says talks about argentina evaluating well the government is actually trying to prevent a bigger devaluation they're spending billions of dollars of its foreign reserves in order to prevent the pisot from losing more value and what adds up more tension to what's happening here is that there's going to be a change in government in about 8 days before the man this was elected president in october selections is expected to apparent as president who will likely implement
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protectionist policies well that is what's going to change that he had a very close relationship with donald trump is was donald trump that helped argentina get a loan from being turned national monetary fund there's going to be a new president in place have probably the relations between the united states and argentina will suffer because of all of this thank you for that for a scene. some office prime minister is shutting down the government and ordering south to help deal with us spiraling measles outbreak so far at least 53 people have died on the pacific islands most of them young children as many as 100 people are falling every day as well as a hagen is a medical officer at the world health organization regional office for the western pacific he says vaccines are the safest and most effective way to tackle the current measles outbreak. the truth is that vaccines are some of the safest interventions that we have access to measles vaccine alone has prevented over
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21000000 deaths since 2000. the deaths of that did occur couple years ago were extremely tragic because they were preventable errors do occur but it was not a problem with the vaccine it was a it was it was an unfortunate error and administration people who are under vaccinated are people who live in. situations where they don't have access to the vaccine they live in conflict areas they may be part of marginalized populations that don't have the same access to services. and so those and so the fact that these pockets of people who are not immune as been growing over time in some populations leads to this sort of a tinderbox situation and once that the disease introduced it's place resume rapidly and unfortunately to spreading across the world and that leads to a lot of exportations through international travel which affects small countries like somalia. syrian government. at least 14 civilians in rebel held it late
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province too busy markets were targeted and they are reports of more airstrikes in the area of victoria gates and he has the details. but the attacks are intensifying and they are indiscriminate i believe. you know a lot of the syrian army backed by russian app our targeted this market in an area controlled by fighters from hyatt. and on to greet with family to al qaeda witnesses say civilians are the majority of the casualties and. assad's warplanes carried out a right against this market civilians have been killed and injured the right also caused a lot of damage to property the civil defense teams are recovering bodies and helping the wounded we still don't know how many people have been killed. the airstrikes in the north western province undermine a russian guaranteed ceasefire that's been in place since august of 2 towns
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targeted newman and sorry kid pool along the m 5 highway that connects the provincial capitals of hamma and aleppo before the war it was a major trade route and the main access road to the north. we were working on all of a sudden your planes were in the sky and they attacked us of our people have lost their lives and others have been wounded in addition our fruits and vegetables have been destroyed. the increase in attacks is worsening the humanitarian crisis in northern syria but the government seems determined to retake this final piece of territory that still under the control of opposition fighters victoria gates and be out there reports suggest saudi arabia wants to global void exporting countries opec to reduce production as it prepares to list said state owned oil firm on the stock exchange sources tells the reuters news agency of the plan would see another 400000
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barrels per day added to existing cuts of $1200000.00 that so or oil prices would stay high enough during aramco initial shall frank but a number of countries are producing oil well above their cultists there is economics editor explains why saudi arabia would consider such a. it would be really helpful if. prices were stable over the 1st 6 months off its flotation now this is important because they have a lot of retail investors which are small investors who are putting them on into the market possibly for the 1st time taking got huge loans to take a big bet on this particular company and after 6 months if they keep their their money in saudi aramco they will get extra shares and the hope is that a non fall atar market would encourage them to keep their money in in the saudi aramco and so the saudis of very keen to make sure that this flotation is excess
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they do want to have to put their hands in their own pockets that it's used in their state funds to stop mopping up to buy excess excess shares the whole idea of trying to sell aramco was to make sure that there was additional new money coming into the economy so that they could spend that money elsewhere still ahead on al-jazeera concerns for the future of democratic reforms in mauritania after a split in the ruling elite bracing for a typhoon thousands are evacuated in southeast. hello gator welcome back to your international weather forecasts were here across turkey has been quite messy a wintry mix pushing in from the black sea now making its way over here towards the
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east better conditions though as we go towards tuesday we see them some great here across parts of tehran with a mix of rain as well as snow into the overnight hours but the break is not going to last for too long as we go towards wednesday though another system coming in from the west is going to bring quite an extensive amount of snow across parts of northern and north eastern turkey temptress coming down to a high of about 6 degrees there down towards beirut you will be seeing some sun but it is going to be only a 20 degree day for you here across the gulf not looking too bad temperatures here in doha $28.00 degrees with sun we do expect to see some morning fog as well over towards a $25.00 degrees but a lot of clouds along the coast for amman that's going to affect as well as into yemen son of though maybe a shower or 2 with the temperature of 20 degrees and then as we go towards southern africa the heat is still on across much of the area for johannesburg temperatures have been into the mid to low thirty's but we are going to be seeing a break in the temperatures down here towards the south a lot of rain pushing into durban and some winds attempted there of $27.00 degrees
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and for cape town your temperatures are coming up to 25 degrees on wednesday. kenyan journalists in the pursuit of press freedom and justice i hope of seeing very great situations rests on one secret but they are all tripping up for and being keen on investigating government corruption and the national health care system some of the transactions missing nigel because of the money that is unexplained to africa and some 60 publishable seems unbelievable want to even if it doesn't look your school truth is it anyway on al-jazeera.
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a recap of our top stories on al-jazeera this hour a congolese security forces have stomped on greek rod for marching towards a un base in the east of the democratic republic of congo at least 2 people have been demonstrated been targeting un peacekeepers for more than a week now saying they're failing to protect civilians from rebel attacks u.s. president donald trump is restoring tabs on steel and aluminum imports from argentina and brazil is accusing those countries of hurting american farmers by massively devaluing their candidates and some all as prime minister is shutting down the government to allow public servants to deal with a spiraling measles outbreak so far at least 53 people have died on the pacific islands most of them young children. now as vigil has been held in london for the 2 people killed in friday's attack by a man convicted on terrorism offensive offenses jack meriton saskia jones was
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stabbed to death. paul brennan was at the vigil and has more on how the victims are being and then that this was a brief but very dignified ceremony the v.i.p.'s over there in front of the guild hall observing a moment's silence and short speeches from the bishop of london before they went into this art gallery here a condolence book has been opened and they've been signing that away from the media away from this place though the political wrangling continues both labor and the conservatives the 2 main parties locked in battle for the upcoming election arguing over who exactly is to blame for the fact that the kill it was man can was released only half way through a prison sentence for a previous terrorist offense now into that fray the father of the victim jack marriott's has weighed it with a social media post on twitter in which he said the following don't use my son's
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death to promote your vile propaganda jack stood against everything you stand for hatred division and ignorance and it's important to say that mr merrett wasn't referring to those man can propaganda or his hatred he was referring to the politicians run playing up the rhetoric around the response to these kind of incidents and using ever more stronger and hardline type of policies in order to reference them and respond to them mr merrett clearly not happy about that bearing in mind his son and the other fatal victim saskia jones were very much in intent on rehabilitation as a response to the crimes. protesters are gathering outside malta's parliament calling for prime minister joseph muscat to immediately step down he's facing mounting pressure over the case of a murdered journalist staff nico one i got who was killed 2 years ago in
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a car bombing. remain in office until mid january after announcing his resignation on sunday the murdered reporters family says that's not good enough. you know the prime minister to leave office to leave parliament to it so that we will have a full independent investigation into his and his chief of staffs his forward chief of staff each camry's complicit possible complicity in the murder. a speech needs baka who joins us now live from the capital needs another protest underway in what's been happening on the streets having got across to me. here the distinct sense by being here that the constitutional or the political crisis here in malta is deepening we've seen several 1000 people on the streets of the maltese capital several 100 of them are just over there blocking that cordoned
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off area outside the parliament building but it's just a section of what's happening in every single street around parliament why well because the ruling labor party the party of joseph muscat the prime minister who tend of his resignation on sunday while they are holding a session inside of this quite interesting ratio of bodyguards to ministers inside some amazing scenes about a half an hour ago where ministers were trying to get into the building were actually rushed in under the wings of bodyguards what's happening now is they're trying to work out how to leave and cars are on standby over there but because as i mentioned every street around here is completely blocked off they're now trying to work out how they can possibly evacuate this area and just going back to these these people over here they've been incredibly vocal and very very angry despite the fact that the prime minister said that he would step down and that televised address on sunday he says he wants to remain in power until january the 12th until
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he could be replaced by another member of the ruling labor party but the reason why they're continuing their demonstrations is because they want him to step down immediately they believe that he's embroiled too much in senior figures within the cabinet who have been implicated not only in corruption but potentially too in the murder of daphne current or. at least 3 senior officials within the leadership of the current prime minister found themselves being investigated by the police none of them. i've been charged all of them have been released but they were implicated by a high profile businessman who earlier in november on november the 20th was arrested and charged with being linked with the murder of the journalist during the process of being charged he pointed the finger at senior officials and that's what's led to this snowballing of a vent here molten lead to a continuation of these current demonstrations no sign of this right now twinkling
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unless the prime minister decides to step down immediately which is what made a mess thank you very much for that need bottom line for hours in front of. the international court of justice in the netherlands has held public hearings on an appeal that was made in connection with the blockade of qatar that's after the u.a.e. saudi arabia egypt and bahrain closed space took out as national airline says airspace restrictions by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. violate international law doha has made a number of claims to the court after the gulf states impose a land air and sea blockade more than 2 years ago from the hague. on the arguments and defense of the rocking countries the 1st day of hearings here at the international court of justice centered on the blockade in countries egypt saudi arabia the united arab emirates rain the explaining through the courts why they believe an earlier decision by i coul that is the international civil aviation
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organization which ruled that so the arab. contravened international agreements why they believe that this should be overturned essentially the blockade in countries are asking that the i.c. jury or overturn this decision and their argument seems to be a bit strange because on the one hand they say that by taking a stand in favor of qatar is essentially politicizing the organization and it's taking a political stand but on the other hand they were complaining in the. statements made at the courthouse behind me that the reason why the blockade countries took the decision to close their airspace was because of political decisions and were complaining that i coul never took that into consideration. there are growing fears that mauritania hard earned democratic gains might be reversed say follow a sudden dispute between 2 army generals have been warning the country for years.
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from the capital. president. and his predecessor mohammed abdul aziz are long time friends who staged coups together since 2005. as he's old as president as well as army chief then minister of defense well as he's completed his terms in office he supported the candidacy of us when he was elected to join but there are miles to a stop and last week. backed by a few loyalists as he's wanted to lead the ruling party a union for the public which he founded 10 years ago as one his supporters injected the move which they describe as an attempt by the former president to sneak back to power. our position as majority in the administrative committee reinforces that this is the party of the government so it should be run by the sitting president mahmoud. not literally but in consultation with all party members
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as to former president you can pursue his him bishan within the party like any other member but he can't have a special status. has this is the 1st fragmentation within the ruling party since its inception we now have 2 sides one owns a majority of 22 members in the administrative committee the other owns the leadership of the party. fears of a serious escalation increased after the arrest of the commander of the presidential guard and his deputy to loyalists of the former president as the come through celebrated the anniversary of its independence rumors spread out about a failed coup attempt. the sudden reappearance of the former president on the political scene coincided with the launch of a foreign power by the new government people you see the former president should be brought to justice for corruption and abuse of power i know the little folk know about the fact that they've reached this point now means nothing will stand in the way of reform. despite that hope tension remains and there's uncertainty over what
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the next move of the former president might be so strong this presidential election there has been speculation as to who is really running things in this presidential compound behind me some have said that president mohammed was one it might be under the influence of his predecessor but that has turned out to be wrong. in a clear break with his predecessor's antagonistic policies president as when he made peace with all opposition leaders and invited them to work with the government for the public good but there are fears that both the reforms and the national consensus that's being built may well be disrupted if the present crisis isn't solved. dizzier. one of the highest ranking ethnic way gore officials in china has been sentenced to life in prison for accepting bribes nor bakri was the former governor john province and
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served as head of a national energy agency it was accused of receiving bribes worth over $11000000.00 a court said in a statement he confessed to his crimes while on trial and would not appear. protesters in india have held moranis for a 27 year old woman who was raped and murdered near hyderabad the victim was taken to a secluded area and gang rapes before her body was down soon fuel and burnt she was found on thursday under a bridge to his sorrow demanding a fast investigation and stricter laws to ensure the safety of women police say 4 suspects are in custody. members of the by johns parliamentary formally asks president to dissolve parliament and schedule new elections the next vote is not due until november 2020 but the president has a right to call for an election early the request comes a month after a major government shake up
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hazardous form has covered one of india's most famous beaches for a 4th consecutive day the white substance is known to cause skin problems in fishermen have been told to avoid the by waters is being blamed on untreated sewage that's been washed to see by heavy rain. meanwhile typhoon camorra is strengthening in making its way towards southeast philippines there are warnings of severe flooding in 3 provinces operations at the manila international airport will be temporarily suspended starting on tuesday jamila into going reports we are in lagos by one of the areas expected to bear the brunt of typhoon camorra an operations like this one have started as early as sunday morning and the situation is similar all across the region of the call where thousands of families have already been evacuated but those living in the islands remain more vulnerable the beagle region always very the brunt of the deer telephones in the country but over the last few
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years they have achieved even their 0 casualty targets still they're not leaving anything to chance because officials here tell us. is expected to be the strongest typhoon to hit the philippines this year. australia's prime minister scott morrison says he is concerned about reports that an australian chinese fighter detained in beijing is being interrogated daily while shackled young known for advocating pro-democracy causes has been held since january suspected of spying china's government denies ill treatment or torture or sale promise to morrison says he and his foreign minister getting worrying information. now on a much lighter note host nation qatar through to the arabian gulf cup semi finals after a $42.00 group stage win over the united arab emirates in a politically charged match here in doha the u.a.e. are one of the countries currently brocade in qatar but on their national day they found themselves to nail behind after
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a pair of goals from asia's footballer of the year a 5th after the amir artist pulled one back the 2 goal lead was restored thanks to captain has us again the u.a.e. reduced to lead before kooky finish it off with a late header after the final whistle things got heated between 2 sides with the iraqis eliminated from the competition in the other group a game in the other group game again iraq and yemen. now again i'm fully back to brawl with the headlines on al-jazeera at least 2 people including a police officer have been killed in eastern democratic republic of congo security forces have stopped an angry powerful marching towards a u.n. base in beni demonstrators have been targeting u.n. peacekeepers for more than a week saying they're failing to protect civilians from attacks by rebel groups catherine soy is in goma the largest city in eastern d
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r c and she explains who the government things is behind the violence i did speak to that the governor of north q will benny is a territory even off he was i spoke to the governor who said to me that they believe that this potus had been infiltrated by members of a militia a rebel group called my my this is a group that is more entrenched in the community is walk cept it by many people in that area so he says that there are those fears that this group has infiltrated this protest he says that the government the government forces are going to continue using force until this situation is sorted out. u.s. president donald trump is restoring tiresome steel in a new minimum imports from argentina and brazil is accusing them of what he called massive devaluation of their currency hurting american farmers both brazil and argentina say they will negotiate to stop the more protesters are gathering outside malta spawn
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a man calling for prime minister joseph muscat to immediately step down is facing mounting pressure over the case of a murdered journalist asked nick i want to go who was killed 2 years ago in a car bombing says he will remain in office until mid january after announcing his resignation on sunday. the. syrian government has tried to have killed at least 14 civilians in italy province at least 20 others including children are injured busy markets into towns were targeted and some over as prime minister is shutting down the government to allow public servants to deal with a spiraling measles outbreak so far at least 53 people have died on the pacific island most of them young children you have to sit with headlines on al-jazeera i'll be back with the al-jazeera news hour in under 30 minute sign coming up next here it's inside story do stay with us.
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prime minister. resigns over the murder of a journalist who exposed government plans to corruption is this enough to stem public and with those responsible for duff the new one i got to see is death face justice this is the inside story. hello and welcome to the program. supporters of months as prime minister called him the king praising him as a national hero but joseph moscow's critics say he allowed.


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