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entry on al-jazeera. 4 people are killed this security forces stop an angry crowd marching towards a u.n. base in the eastern d.-r. c. hello i'm barbara starr this is al jazeera live from london also coming up president trump surprises brazil and argentina by tweeting that he's bringing back tariffs on metal imports from both countries. some 0 order is a government shutdown to deal with a devastating measles outbreak that's now killed $53.00 most of them young children
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. and. and angry scenes in malta protesters demanding the prime minister's immediate resignation over the murder of a journalist stop politicians from leaving parliament. thank you for joining us police in the democratic republic of congo say 4 people were killed on monday during protests in the eastern town of benny 3 protesters and one policeman gunfire was heard as civilians marched on a un peacekeeping base in the area the congolese army has been deployed to block them from getting close the locals are protesting against what they feel is a lack of protection from the un after a recent spate of attacks by armed rebel groups at least 100 people were killed in november and the on the democratic forces militia has been blamed for much of the violence well the unite. nations has been trying to stabilize the eastern
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democratic republic of congo for the past 20 years its mission which is known as sco has more than 18000 personnel and is the 3rd largest peacekeeping operation in the world more than $100.00 armed groups are believed to operate there raiding villages and running illegal mines the ally the democratic forces or the a.d.f. is one of the best known militia formed by ugandan rebels more than 2 decades ago it's accused of widespread atrocities catherine sori has more now from goma the largest city in eastern d. or c. she reports of the security personnel will continue to use force in an effort to gain control. still very unsafe on the streets the situation quite uncited as we've had our producer in bed all day talking about you know gunshots throughout the day running battles between security forces and protesters
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who are trying to get to this u.n. base which is one of the main u.n. bases which is very close to an airport so security forces say they cannot allow protesters to get to that base because it's going to ground everything i have been talking to the governor of north here in goma. is in the province so i've been talking to the governor who is saying that it seems that this port the security forces are not anymore battling ordinary protesters the he's saying that people are armed with weapons like a machete is he saying that they're violent they're even attacking residents of many who do not want to be involved in this process they say security forces are going to continue using force to contain the situation richard is a spokesman for the d. or c. army he had this message for people in the area.
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we are calling on our populations and all other members of society in north kivu province to stop working with our enemy population should not forget about the real enemy the police is not the enemy do your see soldiers is not the enemy un is not the enemy has the real enemy. the u.s. president donald trump has announced he's reimposing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from argentina and brazil on twitter he said the 2 countries have been presiding over a massive devaluation of their currencies which is not good for our farmers therefore effective immediately i will restore the tariffs on all steel and aluminum that is shipped into the us from those countries while the announcement took both brazil and argentina by surprise there is
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a bill has the reaction from one as itis. there were warm relations between the united states argentina brazil especially with precedents. but also. apparently him and trump. other for a very very long period of time because modi so mikey used to be a businessman suit this is certainly happened because back last year argentina and brazil were even shielded when the united states implemented. the euro and union canada and mexico among others even lifted 25 percent tariff from 10 percent. minium last year so this is certainly coming as a surprise donald trump both always accusing this countries of evaluating the currency in argentina and brazil saying that this is something that hurts farmers in the united states because brazil argentina exports mostly commodities like so you have been wheat. other things so reaction there let's go live to the white
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house to speak to our correspondent kimberly halkett really he announced that by a tweet it obviously took the leaders of brazil and argentina by surprise do we know why the president did this. yeah there seems to be a little bit of an indication the exact timing today a little bit unclear but certainly it does appear the president may be responding to some comments that came from the brazilian economic minister last week where he said in an interview that he was not concerned about the exchange rate between the brazilian rail and the u.s. dollar given the fact that the u.s. dollar is very strong and the u.s. president has said that he has or is accused both brazil and argentina of devaluing their currencies perhaps that sort of strident tone potentially is what set the president off we really can only speculate but certainly this has not only come as a surprise but it was unexpected that there be this kind of punitive action given
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the fact that there had been a direct appeal by both argentina and brazil not to put these tariffs back in place after that exemption in may of 2018 or one of the just a few cations president trump gave is that the 2 countries devaluing their currencies made it harder for example for the u.s. food exports to compete i mean how true is that and if it is does it actually fall into line with his america 1st policy i mean it may not seem fair altruistic towards brazil and argentina but it is sort of what he always campaigned said he would do and now he's doing. you're absolutely right when it comes to the president is the domestic agenda that comes 1st the america 1st policies and. sort of the 2nd part of the tweet donald trump sent out when he was announcing that there would be these terrorist put back in place seem to give us a window into what he might also be angling for and that is putting pressure on the
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central bank the federal reserve here in the united states he's been very vocal that he believes that it should be cutting rates even further even to the point of negative rates as we've seen in some european countries he's argued in the past this gives european nations a competitive advantage so given the fact that he's feeling like his base of support american farmers may be getting hurt the manufacturers may be getting hurt as a result of what he sees as a devaluation potentially deliberately his mind on the part of argentina and brazil that he's now trying to push the federal reserve in the united states to lower those rates to to further carry out his policies an agenda which has always had as you point out a domestic focus can really help him with the latest from the white house can believe thank you syrian government air strikes have killed at least 14 civilians in the province a warning some of the images are disturbing. at
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least 20 others including children have been injured in the attack busy markets in my room on and set a key city were targeted and there are reports of more airstrikes in the area. iraq's rival political parties are negotiating over the makeup of a new government following the resignation of prime minister. the and his cabinet but the form of he stood down on sunday his position was made untenable by public criticism on friday from the nation's leading cleric in response to 2 months of anti-government protests but mufti's administration will stay in charge until of replacement government can be agreed on a process that is expected to take some time. while the changes at the top are not stopping anti-government protests from continuing across iraq including the 1st all female demonstration in the southern oil city of basra meanwhile human rights watch
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says it has evidence that at least 7 people including a boy of 16 have been abducted in the vicinity of protests in baghdad in the past 2 months they say 4 of them are still missing. the best toll from some. crisis has risen risen to 5348 of the victims were aged 4 years or younger since it began in october schools have been closed and travel restricted infection rates are climbing in just over 2 weeks the death toll has jumped more than 10 fold well some are has been scrambling to control its measles outbreak for weeks but with little success it had already been struggling with low immunization rates with less than a 3rd of children under 5 vaccinated last year that was partly due to the deaths of 2 children who were given a wrongly mixed vaccine now by mid november more than a 1000 cases of being confirmed forcing the government to declare
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a state of emergency as well as closing schools children are banned from public gatherings to stop the disease spreading measles mumps and rubella vaccinations are now compulsory for everyone with tens of thousands of people inoculated. james they calls it is with unicef australia he says efforts to contain the outbreak have been well coordinated so far the response has been sweet. 500000 additional vaccines of missiles for measles has been flowing into that region and 150000 doses of mabel's vaccines have a right and some are since the 1st of october and this includes syringes side of the boxes as well as supplies of vitamin i which are. responding to such an outbreak so things are definitely on the way but obviously with more deaths this is a tragedy this is really an emergency still and we're not out of it yet protesters
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in india have held more rallies for a 27 year old woman who was raped and murdered near hyderabad they were angry marches and sit ins with people demanding justice for the woman who was taken to a secluded area and gang raped her body was then doused in fuel and burned and they say that 4 suspects are in custody demonstrators are demanding a fast investigation and stricter laws to ensure the safety of women in india dr gottlieb p.r. get it going to get a doctor was rights burnt and murdered and to condemn her murder the entire country's furious they have a voice inside them asking why such incidents are happening against women if you come out of a surgical strike it but. when melissa tickle strike happen on the rapists men rape and then run away and the judicial system keeps running the way it does for 5 years past and nobody bothers me at all you think god out you don't have a bank and then when i return from college i know how unsafe it feels my parents
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keep asking me if i've reached home or not i know how tense they are when they're living far away from our homes how long will this go on the government should do anything and do whatever but please keep the girl safe. still to come in this half hour tens of thousands evacuated and businesses boarded up as a powerful typhoon barrels towards the finicky class. do we really want to be remembered as the generation that birdie that sat in the sand un chief anthony the terrorist tells the world to increase its ambition and urgency to stop climate change as a 2 week summit kicks off in spring. hell i went to doesn't want to come in accent bar
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a big push at the moment in europe whilst eastern europe had some record breaking wall the last 3 months all of a sudden we're dropping by 20 or 30 degrees you can't tell from this we see these heat clouds here that's over a frontal system it's a cold front to behind the air is colder so as it pushes in there will be snow not just on the high ground or prince be on the high ground even down to northern reaches the biz this is a position on tuesday daytime high temperatures low single figures and even if i show you what's happening in spain we're talking about 10 in madrid 6 in london the sun is out admittedly will be a cold start and a cold feeling day it doesn't for a change very much for wednesday except in the cold sinks a bit further south and there's more significant snow through turkey now of course at the same time something's happening in the west and made the cold air of a warm or the usually winds up into some to give a depressionary of low pressure that brings rain thunderstorms it happen not just in gibraltar and sudden spine but in morocco robots are going to miserable looking
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day that most of iraq or has and i 6 quite possible gets a flash flood risk as the atmosphere and as positional wednesday it's derian are suffering including the capital. the world's largest oil producer has failed to trade on a foreign stock. transparency valuation over ambition what happened there the world's largest oil producer and you don't list in the world's largest definitely says something. investigates the politics of the middle east the most potent economic with saudi aramco company and the state. on al-jazeera.
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a reminder now of the top stories on al-jazeera police in the democratic republic of congo say 4 people were killed on monday during protests in the eastern town of benny 3 protesters and the police gunfire was heard as the army tried to stop civilians marching towards a un peacekeeping base in the area european stock markets posted their biggest fall in 2 months after u.s. president donald trump announced these reimposing tariffs on steel and that would be new imports from argentina and brazil he said the 2 countries had been presiding over a massive devaluation of their currencies and the death toll from samoa's measles crisis has risen to 5348 of the victims were aged 4 years or younger schools have been closed and travel restricted to stop the outbreak which began in october.
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protesters amol to have tried to block politicians from leaving parliament his rallies continue over the investigation into the murder of a journalist 2 years ago demonstrators and the family of the victim are calling for prime minister joseph to step down immediately to allow a full investigation into that this must get announced his resignation on sunday but said he will stay on until january he's facing mounting pressure over the government's handling of. the 2017 car bombing most scots chief of staff resigned after being arrested over the case has more now from the maltese capital. some extraordinary scenes in the last hour outside the parliament building here in central we saw a very large crowd surrounding the building why well because inside members of the ruling labor party ministers from the labor party have been meeting there for some time they have been trapped inside we gather from those in the know there's some
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leading ministers possibly even the outgoing prime minister himself may have been able to slip out of the back door through a tunnel all of that as these protesters insist that they will continue to put pressure on muscat to step down immediately they say the has to do it now because he continues to be embroiled and closely associated with the leading ministers within his cabinet who now been implicated not only in corruption but in murder the murder of daphne. in 2017 while now joined by her son andrew andrew of course this is being seen by some as something of a turning point but when it comes to finding justice for your mother how are you reading what's happening here in villette or this is this is the 1st time in 2 years of a lot of any hope that this would be a real turning point for the country 2 years ago we hope my mother's assassination
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would be enough for people to realize that organized crime how taken office in this country but it wasn't on earth and that's a lesson about the power of propaganda and how it's those doubts in people's minds people who knew instinctively my mother had been murdered by someone very powerful in government in this country but who for 2 years were confused and who were led to believe that it was low level criminals these of smugglers spies started was done to destabilize the government but now we know the truth as the government itself was involved in my mother's assassination. a vigil has been held in the united kingdom for the 2 people killed in friday's london bridge attack by a man who had been jailed on terror offenses jack merritt and saskia jones were stabbed to death on london bridge by an attacker who was released halfway through his prison sentence paul brennan was at the vigil attended by both prime minister boris johnson and opposition leader jeremy corbyn. this was
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a brief but very dignified ceremony the v.i.p.'s over there in front of the gill hall observing a moment's silence and short speeches from the bishop of london before they went into this art gallery here a condolence book has been opened and they've been signing that in prophecy away from the media away from this place the political wrangling continues both labor and the conservatives the 2 main parties locked in battle for the upcoming election arguing over who exactly is to blame for the fact that the kill it was man can was released only halfway through a prison sentence for a previous terrorist offense into that fray the father of the victim jack maritz has weighed it with a social media post on twitter in which he said the following don't use my son's death to promote your vile propaganda jack stood against everything you stand for hatred division and ignorance and it's important to say that mr merrett wasn't
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referring to those man cons propaganda or his hatred he was referring to the politicians ramping up the rhetoric around the response to these kind of incidents and using ever more stronger and hardline type of policies in order to reference them and responsive and mr merrett clearly not happy about that bearing in mind his son and the other fatal victim saskia jones very much in intent on rehabilitation as a response to crimes. and crazy and have lined the streets to honor certain french soldiers killed in mali last week the soldiers died when their helicopters collided in the dock it was the biggest loss of french troops in one day in the early 4 decades france has been leading a 6 year military operation in the region fighting groups linked eyesore. saying in france 3 emergency workers have been killed when their helicopter crashed
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on its way to help with flooding in the southeast 2 other people have died in the floods france's mediterranean coast has been hit by heavy rain over the last week the french interior ministry says an inquiry is underway to find the cause of the helicopter crash. the philippines government has issued a tropical cyclone warning as the storm began making landfall tens of thousands of people have been evacuated in northeastern regions of the country operations the manila international airport will be temporarily suspended starting tuesday morning there are warnings of severe flooding in 3 provinces jimmy again is in the philippines we are here in by where the more he has made landfall it is hard to assess whether we are already bearing the brunt or the worst has yet to come for the people of the beagle region we were in the room trying to
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rest outside sounded exactly like this like a war zone and somehow inside everything was still holding up until it didn't water started to go in and we had to evacuate our rooms and stay here we are at the back part of the hotel a safer place and earlier today. we saw how the military rushed to evacuate as many people as possible to safety it's going to take a few hours according to weather experts before this situation die down but we're already seeing water flooding everywhere. government officials have been warning of landslides and storm surges. thousands have already been evacuated. at this point so we have no choice but to stay here for a few hours and try. and wait. for the situation to settle down
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before we can see and assess the devastation of bipolar and come morry syria and then reporting there from the philippines all our meteorologist rob mccallum we has been following the course of the storm has more on what we can expect there's a significant typhoon bearing cross the middle of the philippines you can see the i develop it 1st hit the island of summer here at the bottom edge of the r but it's quite a distinct shape as you can see category straight and probably lose some of its energy that goes further west woods that means gusts around about the 20240 kilometers per hour mark that is moving fairly quickly west which i don't think that's the nigga negate the damage because the winds really are quite strong as the progress over the next 24 to 36 hours eventually to go off into the south china sea and we can just buy forget about it but it's 24 hours worth of thunderstorms strong winds and briefly at least stopped quite a storm surge that would be a problem in the east further west this is eventually matter right or fall out of
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it $2.00 to $350.00 millimeters even up the eastern side off into zone but as i say 21 hours and we can just see what it's done. 20000000 people each year the equivalent of one every 2 seconds have been forced from their homes by climate fuel disasters in the past decade those figures from a new report by the british charity oxfam we've released as the annual u.n. climate conference opened in spain cup 25 began in madrid with chile and politician carolina schmidt taking over as president the conference was meant to have been held in chile but weeks of violent street protests forced the government there to cancel delegates from nearly $200.00 countries are attending the going to work to increase global commitments to fight climate change efforts which the u.n. chief has called utterly inadequate by the end of the coming decade we will be on one of 2 paths when is the path of surrender where we have sleep walk
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past the point of no return job providing the health and safety of everyone on this planet do we really want to be remembered as the generation that bertie did serve in the sand. while the planet burns the other option is the path of hope oppressive resolve of sustainable solutions a press where more fossil fuels remain where they should be in the ground and where we are on the way to carbon neutrality by 2050 very strong words there from the head of the u.n. well africa is already struggling with the effects of climate change and as nick clark reports now from kenya it's the water supply that's especially at risk. yes you join me along side the mara river in kenya and we're ready to demonstrate the kind of thing that's at stake in madrid now the rhythm our emerges from the
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foothills of the forest to go on and flow through the mass i'm our game and into the serengeti national park and then it flows into lake victoria 200 kilometers away downstream and the whole river basin is worth economically around $7000000000.00 a year from agriculture to tourism it is a vital water supply for more than a 1000000 people nearly 2000000 head of cattle and a spectacular a ray of wildlife it's home to one of nature's greatest spectacles the will the bees migration man and animal rely on the river mara flowing all the year round and yet it's like waterways around the world it's in trouble because of climate change only this year the river nearly disappeared completely in the dry season and it's not for the 1st time in recent years and in the wet season rain is falling with more intensity recent floods in northern kenya have killed 120 and displaced 18000 people through and deforestation soil degradation and pollution and you have
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a toxic mix. well earlier i spoke to kevin koe shangri from w w f he runs a program to restore the mar river basin you have to understand that there might arriba he's there but that sustains the maddest and get across the east and it's actually the only river that flows permanently that i revised to have seasonal so we might everybody stops flowing there'd be a very big problem in the midwest i get to cause he's doing some study tells us that the wildlife populations would crash to almost a year possible level so we have 2 weeks of climate change talks going on now in madrid what the regions like these need to come from those talks i think the most important thing to come from those talks is a global community meant for me to give because it's very likely we can do enough reka or mitigation but we understand it's a global problem that needs to be handled at a global level and we also need to look at optician for in the case of africa the
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communities around them i mean obviously to be able to cope with effects of climate change so i think the most important would be a multi-pronged approach ensuring that we have better commitment for me to get on and also ensuring that adept issues down to ensure that we question our communities against the effects of climate change well in recent weeks there's been almost constant flow of sunshine that we're not even close to doing what we need to do to reduce emissions and even stabilize the situation that is the urgency of the position the climate delegations face in madrid and you would think that with the growing public recognition of the dangers ahead that world leaders would do what is required madrid must build momentum because in places like this time is running out . a hazardous foam has covered one of india's most famous tourist beaches for a 4th consecutive day the white substance along chennai's marina beaches believe the cause skin problems and fisherman have been told to avoid the nearby waters it
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forms during the monsoon season but doctors say it's worse than usual this year the foam is being blamed on the untreated sewage that's being washed into the sea by heavy rain. more on that story and everything else that we've been covering here on the program on our website the address al-jazeera dot com. thank. i am. and our reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera police of the democratic republic of congo say 4 people were killed on monday during protests in the eastern town of benny 3 protesters and one policeman gunfire was heard as civilians marched towards a un peacekeeping base in the area the congolese army was deployed to stop them from getting close european stock markets posted their biggest fall in 2 months after u.s. president donald trump announced he's reimposing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from argentina and brazil he said the 2 countries had been presiding over
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a massive devaluation of their currencies the death toll from samoa's measles crisis has reason risen to 5348 of the victims were aged 4 years or younger since it began in october schools have been closed and travel restricted infection rates are climbing in just over 2 weeks the death toll has jumped more than 10 fold . just sagen is a medical officer of the world health organization regional office for the western pacific he says vaccines are the safest and most effective way to tackle the measles outbreak. you know that the truth is that vaccines are some of the safest interventions that we have access to measles vaccine alone has prevented over 21000000 deaths since 2000. the deficit that did occur couple years ago were extremely tragic because they were preventable errors do occur but it was not a problem with the vaccine it was it was it was an unfortunate error and
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administration. protest as a mall to have blocked politicians from leaving parliament those rallies continue over the murder case of a journalist 2 years ago demonstrators and the family of death and had wanted to see if a calling for prime minister just joseph muscat to step down immediately allow a full investigation into her death well scott announced his resignation on sunday but said he will stay on until january the philippines government has issued a tropical cycle and warning as a thai food makes landfall there tens of thousands of people have been evacuated in northeastern regions of the country operations of the manila international airport will be temporarily suspended those of the top stories stay with us the scream is next chatting with developers about using games to build communities will have more news and often our quiz.
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ok and joined this train today how can diving be used to promote peace i really could be glad of a chat with developers about using video games to build communities and tackle social issues tell us what you think by joining the you tube chat or tweeting us out. you know being a refugee coming it's just not easy you know what is next what are you going to leave tomorrow you know going to leave tomorrow one day i asked my mom to buy for me a computer just saved on money on 3 years it was like a gun moment that just never thinking everything is possible for me 73 percent of the pop.


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