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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 3, 2019 12:00am-1:00am +03

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it was just. hello i'm barbara sarah this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes 4 people are killed this congolese security forces stop an angry crowd marching on a u.n. base in eastern d.r. see. president bush is brazil and argentina announcing he's free imposing tariffs on metal imports from both countries however wrongly makes the vaccine helped cause a measles outbreak in samoa which has now killed more than 50 children and tens of thousands evacuated and businesses boarded up as
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a powerful typhoon slams into the philippines. and i'm leah harding and doha with all of your sports argentina and barcelona superstar lionel messi wins his 6th ballon d'or title it equals the number one by his great rival christiane arnaldo. police in the democratic republic of congo say 4 people were killed on monday during protests in the eastern town of banning 3 protesters and one policeman gunfire was heard as civilians marched on a un peacekeeping base in the area the call of these army has been deployed to block them from getting close the locals are protesting against what they feel is a lack of protection from the un after a recent spate of attacks by on dreadful groups at least $100.00 people were killed in november and beyond the democratic forces militia has been blamed for much of the violence well the army has issued an appeal for locals to avoid protesting as
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it's preventing the soldiers from carrying out security operations. it. we are calling on our populations and all other members of society in north kivu province to stop working with our enemy population should not forget about the real enemy the police is not the enemy do your c soldiers is not the enemy un is not the enemy the real enemy is the a.d.f. rebels unfortunately the a.d.f. rebels are operating throughout the population the protests are disturbing the army from its objective of military operations well the united nations has been trying to stabilize the eastern democratic republic of congo for the past 20 years its mission which is known as sco has more than 18000 personnel and is the 3rd largest peacekeeping operation in the world where that 100 armed groups are believed to
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operate there raiding villages and running gold mines the allied democratic forces or the a.d.f. is one of the best known militia formed by ugandan rebels more than 2 decades ago it's accused of widespread atrocities catherine so is ingo mother it's the largest city in eastern she says the security personnel will continue to use force in an effort to gain control. it's still very unsafe on the streets the situation quite uncited as we've had our producer in bed all day talking about you know gunshots throughout the day running battles between security forces and protesters who are trying to get to this u.n. base which is one of the main u.n. bases which is very close to an airport to security forces say they cannot allow protesters to get to that base because it's going to ground everything i have been talking to the governor of north kivu here in goma. benny is in north kivu province
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so i've been talking to the governor who is saying that it seems that this port the security forces are not anymore battling ordinary protesters that he's saying that people are armed with weapons like a machete is he saying that they're violent they're even attacking residents of many who do not want to be involved in this same security forces are going to continue using force to contain the situation. and giffen is the director of the peacekeeping program at the center for civilians and conflicts she joins us now from washington d.c. madam thank you for joining us here on al-jazeera many people speaking on behalf of the u.n. say that in many ways the peacekeepers they are being used as scapegoats what do you make of that assessment. the government of the democratic republic of congo has the primary responsibility to protect its civilians both through the
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political arm of the government as well as through its security forces police and military so in this case i would say while peacekeeping operation should do everything they can to protect civilians they are not the primary actors in that regard so are you saying that the un peacekeepers there they are doing everything they can but ultimately their hands are tied to what else do you think they could do to try to calm the situation or i suppose address some of the issues that people obviously have against them in the r.c. . well i think we should acknowledge that peacekeeping operations don't always have the capabilities thing to protect civilians from different kinds of threats right now the peacekeepers that are based in beni are really military units that have lethal force and have been trained to operate in conflicts not necessarily to deal with popular unrest like we're seeing in beni right now i think this is an
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indicator that peacekeepers need better training and there need to be other kinds of capabilities that peace keepers have such as u.n. police so that they can deal with this kind of civilian unrest having said that i think this is also a really important opportunity to recognize that military solutions are not what's going to root out the a.t.f. or other rebel groups in eastern d r c there needs to be more comprehensive approaches that use political economic and other types of tools in order to bring stability to eastern of course stability is something that the r.c. has you know that's a mood that they are see for many many years we're seeing the renewal of when a man coming up in the next few weeks i mean what do you see that going in ultimately seeing as the reaction has been so negative towards the peacekeepers rightly or wrongly do you think they should continue to be there or do you think in a sense this kind of perpetuates the problem of the people who are responsible for stability not stepping up to the plate civilians are rightfully angry
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at both the government of d. or c. and other actors for not providing protection to them. there is going to be a mandate renewal of the news go and there was just a big strategic review of the peacekeeping operation there is an expectation that new sco will be drawing down and withdrawing in 3 years but it's very important to look at this. situation eastern d.-r. see as an example that there can't be an arbitrary arbitrary timeline of 3 years set here benchmarks for withdrawal of the peacekeeping mission needs to be set on different indicators such as how is violence being perpetrated against civilians what is the level of that violence how can it be reduced both by menu sco and by the government of d r c and other actors. given the rector of the peacekeeping program at the center for civilians in conflict thank you for sharing your views with us thank you
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syrian government there strikes have targeted 2 busy markets in the rebel held province of idlib killing at least 14 civilians into a gate and b. is more on that story and the warning her report contains some disturbing images. but the attacks are intensifying and they are indiscriminate i believe that was a lot of the syrian army backed by russian add power targeted this market in an area controlled by fighters from hyatt. and group which form a link to al qaeda witnesses say civilians are the majority of the casualties. out of here assad's warplanes carried out a right against this market civilians have been killed and injured the right also caused a lot of damage to property the civil defense teams are recovering bodies and helping the wounded we still don't know how many people have been killed. in.
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the air strikes in the north western province and to minor russian guaranteed ceasefire that's been in place since august of 2 towns targeted by the man and sorry kid pulled on the m 5 highway that connects the provincial capitals of hamma and aleppo before the war it was a major trade route and the main access road to the north. we were working and all of a sudden warplanes were in the sky and they attacked us of our people have lost their lives and others have been wounded in addition our fruits and vegetables have been destroyed. the increase in attacks is worsening the humanitarian crisis in northern syria but the government seems determined to retake this final piece of territory that still under the control of opposition fighters victoria gates and the al-jazeera. iraq's rival political parties are negotiating over the makeup of
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a new government following the resignation of prime minister either the and his cabinet but before formally stood down on sunday his position was made untenable by pug public criticism on friday for the nation's leading cleric in response to 2 months of anti-government protests the masses of ministration will stay in charge until every placement government can be agreed on a process that is expected to take some time. well the changes at the top are not stopping antigovernment protests from continuing across iraq including the 1st all female demonstration in the southern oil city of basra meanwhile human rights watch says it is evidence that at least 7 people including a boy of 16 have been abducted in the vicinity of protests in baghdad in the past 2 months it says 4 of them are still missing. the best all from samoa as measles crisis says risen to 5348 of those victims aged 4 years or younger
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since it began in october schools have been closed and travel restricted infection rates are climbing in just over 2 weeks the dest toll has jumped more than 10 fold well some or has been scrambling to control its measles outbreak for weeks but with little success it had already been struggling with low immunization rates with less than a 3rd of children under 5 vaccinated last year but that was partly due to the deaths of 2 children who were given a wrongly makes vaccine by big november more than $1000.00 cases of being confirmed forcing the government to declare a state of emergency as well as closing schools children are banned from public gatherings to stop the disease spreading measles mumps and rubella vaccinations are not compulsory for everyone with tens of thousands of people in ocular aged joe sagen is a medical officer of the world health organisation regional office for the western pacific he says vaccines are the safest and most effective way to tackle the
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current measles outbreak. the truth is that vaccines are some of the safest interventions that we have access to measles vaccine alone has prevented over 21000000 deaths since 2000 people were under vaccinated are people who live in. situations where they don't have access to that they live in conflict areas they may be part of marginalized populations that don't have the same access to services . and so and so the fact that these pockets of people who are not immune as been growing over time in some populations leads to this sort of a tinderbox situation and once the disease introduced its place resume rapidly coming out on the news hour from london. angry scenes in maltese protesters demanding the prime minister's immediate resignation over the murder of a journalist stop politicians from leaving parliament plus. if we don't simply
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change our way of life we just put guy's life itself is still weeks of un climate talks kick off in spain scientists say the world's 2nd biggest ice sheet is unstable and breaking up. and host nation capital when a politically charged gold cup match against thing you wait the i would be here with the balls and so on. but 1st the dollar and global stock markets have fallen after the surprise announcement from u.s. president donald trump that he's really imposing tariffs on steel and the many in the imports from argentina and brazil. really. pushing hard. to think straight are.
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various. areas. are you sure. brazil's government says it's already in touch with washington about the tariffs with president. saying that he's cold feet and trump will listen to brazilian economic concerns in argentina's foreign ministry says it will begin to go see asians with the u.s. state department that i suppose has reaction from buenos itis that will warm relations between the united states argentina and brazil especially with precedents when i go but also modi so markie apparently him and trump knew each other for very very of her a long period of time because modi so mikey used to be a businessman salut this is certainly happened because back in last year argentina and brazil were even shielded when the united states implemented. in union canada
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and mexico among others it even lifted 25 percent tyree from teal temper sent tyreese minium last year so this is totally coming as a surprise donald trump old who is accusing this country's of evaluating the currency in argentina and brazil saying that this is something that hurts farmers in the united states because brazil argentina exports mostly commodities like so you have been wheat. other things. saying in argentina the vice president elect cristina fernandez de kia scherr has appeared in court when a former president is being investigated for alleged corruption during her time in office from 2007 to 2015 and the hearing is just days before she's due to be sworn in as vice president will better fit in and is who used to be her chief of staff when she led argentina. a vigil has been held in the united kingdom for the 2 people killed in friday's london bridge attack by
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a man who had been jailed for terror offenses jack married. to death on the london bridge by an attacker who was released halfway through his prison sentence paul brennan was at the vigil attended by both the prime minister for a strong and opposition leader jeremy corbyn. this was a brief but very dignified ceremony the v.i.p.'s over there in front of the guild hall observing a moment's silence and short speeches from the bishop of london before they went into this art gallery here a condolence book has been opened and they've been signing that away from the media away from this place the political wrangling continues both labor and the conservatives the 2 main parties locked in battle for the upcoming election arguing over who exactly is to blame for the fact that the kill it was man can was released only half way through a prison sentence for a previous terrorist offense now into that fray the father of the victim jack
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maritz has weighed it with a social media post on twitter in which he said the following don't use my son's death to promote your vile propaganda jack stood against everything you stand for hatred division and ignorance and it's important to say that mr merrett wasn't referring to those monk cons propaganda or his hatred he was referring to the politicians ramping up the rhetoric around the response to these kind of incidents and using ever more stronger and hardline type of policies in order to reference them and respond to them mr merrett clearly not happy about that bearing in mind his son and the other fatal victim saskia jones were very much in intent on rehabilitation as a response to the crimes. protesters in malta have blocked politicians from leaving parliament israelis continue over the investigation into murder journalists
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. the family of the victim are calling for prime minister joseph muscat to step down immediately to allow or full investigation into her death he announced his resignation on sunday but said that he would stay on until next month's neve barker reports now from walter's capital valetta. also this political crisis is deepening demonstrators surrounded parliament trapping government ministers from the ruling labor party inside for several hours the prime minister resigned on sunday under a surge of public pressure but joseph muska wants to stay on until a replacement leader is elected in january demonstrators say muskrat's too close to people implicated in the murder of journalist a blogger. they want him out of office now the journalist sun believes the protests are a major turning point. in the past week as something other country was never seen
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those relying on the streets and i think one of the reasons people also are angry is that. they put their trust in our government betrayed it completely never been lied to brazenly for 3 years space they called a new prime minister of state during his televised resignation on sunday muscat expressed deep regret for carolina murder and spoke of the need for a fresh page but his tone was defiant this case cannot define everything that our country is he said. was killed in 2017 when a remote controlled bomb went off. she be looking into the secret accounts of some of multiple most powerful people and had investigated corruption in politics the police and banks 3 men arrested for carrying out the attack or awaiting trial but until now little has been done to identify who ordered the killing. at the heart of
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the murder probe is this man you're going to fenech he's one of the richest businessman because times to government ministers he was arrested 2 weeks ago accused of being complicit in the murder of the journalist he denies the charges after his arrest fenech attempted to implicate the multis prime minister's closest political ally keith schembri as a coconspirator schembri resigned last week his chief of staff to the prime minister he was interrogated for 2 days by police before being released without charge 2 other ministers also stepped down and being questioned by police they deny any involvement in. the resignation of top level officials within the labor party has done very little to calm protests that still remains hugely popular amongst many here multi he's credited with bolstering the economy but he swept to power promising to stamp out all forms of corruption and now some of his closest associates are embroiled in allegations of shady dealings corruption and even
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murder most scots departure say these demonstrators was not be a substitute for a full investigation into the journalist death they want the guilty to face justice . for lesser. for reasons have lined the streets to honor certain french soldiers killed in mali last week the soldiers died when their helicopters collided in the dark was the biggest loss of french troops in one day in nearly 4 decades france has been leading a 6 year military operation in the region fighting groups linked to. and 3 emergency workers have been killed in france from the helicopter crashed on its way to help with flooding in the southeast 2 other people have died in the floods france's coast has been hit by heavy rain over the last week the french interior ministry says an inquiry is underway to find the cause of the helicopter crash. the philippines government has issued
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a tropical cyclone warning as typhoon komori begins to make landfall tens of thousands of people have been evacuated in northeastern regions of the country operations at the manila international airport will be temporarily suspended starting tuesday morning there are warnings of severe flooding in sri provinces demeaning dogan isn't in the philippines we are here in the old by. where the more he has made landfall it is hard to assess whether we are already bearing the brunt or the worst has yet to come for the people of the biko region we were in the room trying to rest outside sounded exactly like this like a war zone and somehow inside everything was still holding up until it didn't water started to go and we had to evacuate our rooms and stay here we are at the back part of the hotel a safer place and earlier today. we saw how the military rushed to evacuate as many
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people as possible to safety it's going to take a few hours according to weather experts before the situation die down but we're already seeing water flooding everywhere government officials have been warning of landslides. and storm surges thousands of already been evacuated at this point we have no choice but to stay here for a few hours and try. and wait. for the situation to settle down before we can see and assess the devastation of typhoon come already. protesters in india hold more rallies for a 27 year old woman who was raped and murdered near hyderabad there were angry marches and sit ins with people demanding justice for the woman whose gang raped her body was then doused in fuel and burned police say that 4 suspects are in
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custody demonstrators are demanding a fast investigation and stricter laws to ensure the safety of women in india it doctor got the p.r. get it going to get a doctor was rapes burnt and murdered and to condemn her murder the entire country is furious they have a voice inside them asking why such incidents are happening against women come out of a surgical strike with. windless surgical strike happen on the rapists men rape and then run away and the judicial system keeps running the way it does for 5 years past and nobody bothers when call you figured out you don't have a bike when i return from college i know how unsafe it feels my parents keep asking me if i've reached home or not i know how tense they are when they're living far away from our homes how long will go on the government should do anything and do whatever but please keep the girl safe sane india hazardous foam has covered one of
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the country's most famous tourist beaches for a 4th consecutive day the white substance along chennai's marina beach is believed to cause skin problems and fishermen have been told to avoid nearby waters it forms during the monsoon season but doctors say it's worse than usual this year the foam is being blamed on untreated sewage that's being washed into the sea by heavy rain . it's going to libya now where the death toll from an air strike on sunday in the capital tripoli has gone up to 5 a jet targeted the us while we need a hood in southern tripoli military sources say the attack was carried out by forces linked to the warlord honey for have to our correspondent well that there where he has was at the scene and said it's not the 1st time that civilians have come under. the vis is the area in southern tripoli where a number of innocent civilians including women and children were killed and
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wondered why they were strikes launched by a fighter jet loyal to the world plea for help that on sunday these are parts of the rockets that targeted this area neighbors here tell us horror stories about bloody parts of the victims that they picked from this area on sunday they say that school children were just coming back from school and they were just playing here before the airstrike killed them they say that the shrapnel killed other innocent civilians in this 2nd floor can't even dog right one of the victims was a girl sleeping on the 2nd floor when shrapnel killed her it is the children like angels were playing here even a displaced child he was the only son for his widowed mother. now the neighbors here are wondering why this area is being targeted despite the fact that it's not
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a front line and it is far from the front line neighbors here are in a state of anger and a state of panic people here at least those who we spoke to or are still in shock and we are calling on the international community to intervene and to protect civilians and also to sanction those whole carried out the attack this. not the 1st time that initial areas being targeted by have forces since he launched the military campaign to seize truly back in april and tripoli based a government of national accord. accusing have to forces of committing war crimes by targeting residential areas and killing innocent civilians. still to come on this hour including former friends and. all out plunging
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mauritania into a political crisis. and everyone in the world get to have a piece of roger federer aliya we'll explain in sport. hello winter doesn't want to come in except by a big push at the moment in europe whilst eastern europe had some record breaking warmth the last 3 months all of a sudden we're dropping by 20 or 30 degrees you can't tell from this we see these heat clouds here that's over a frontal system it's a cold front behind the air is cold so as it pushes in there will be snow not just on the high ground or prince be on the ground even down to northern greece is the biz this is a position on tuesday daytime high temperatures low single figures and even if i show you what's happening in spain we're talking about 10 in madrid 6 in london the
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sun is admittedly to be a cold start and a cold feeling day it doesn't change very much for wednesday except in the cold sinks a bit further south and there's more significant snow through turkey now of course at the same time something's happening in the western med the cold air of a warm or the usually winds up into something of a depression area of low pressure that brings rain thunderstorms it happened not just in gibraltar and southern spain but in morocco robots that got a miserable looking day that most of iraq or has and i think quite possible gets a flash flood risk as the atmosphere and as positional wednesday it's out derian are suffering including the capital. kenyan journalists in pursuit of press freedom and justice i have seen very desperate situations where someone seeking but they can open up for being clean and investigating government corruption and the national health care system some of the
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transactions espionage and the killing. of my needed to run makes me need to africa uncensored and publish will see that some people will want to publish even if it doesn't knock the oscar who's truth is it anyway on al-jazeera from the al-jazeera london broadcasts and to 2 special guests in conversation who would have still. been in a rich country we used hunger as a weapon i'm from to uninterrupted and much more difficult to be left to remember and to be right when when people feel i'm letting go really right ken loach meets edward lee ray are tough to be subversive if you don't have a level of argo about you stay at home studio b. unscripted it's on al-jazeera.
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welcome back as a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera police in the democratic republic of congo say 4 people were killed on monday during protests in the eastern town of benny 3 protesters and one police gunfire was heard as the army tried to stop civilians marching towards a un peacekeeping base in the area. some oa has ordered its government to shut down to deal with a measles crisis which has now killed 53 people 48 of them were aged 4 years old younger schools have been closed and travel over strict at the stop the outbreak which began in october. and the dollar in global stock markets have fallen after u.s. president donald trump announced that he's really imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from argentina and brazil he said the 2 countries had been presiding over
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a massive devaluation of their currencies. well let's talk about this in more detail now with out of the sun's up political analyst at the dome foundation who joins us live now from brazil the assert thank you so much for joining us here on out there are 1st of all what has been the impact as so far politically at least of this announcement by president trump. thank you so much to need to talk to you all at the edges here well i blew this receipt back in crimson political political careers here in brasilia is that x.x. chris that most ordinary so a lot of critics of marquis struck in $44.00 was i mean since the beginning of this government prism also moderate try to stablish kinds of special relationship with donald trump presidency and now peace not peace about the. tariffs over the steel and brazil now will mean your food the president over many now
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a really hard situation and probably will give her the opposition some some platform to start to blame i guess they've got some economic measure made by also marginal government. we're actually hearing though that the president also there is saying that he's confident that trump president trump will listen to brazilian economic concerns basically saying that because they have a relationship he just needs to speak the president trump what do you make of that assertion is he being a bit optimistic. yeah president bush nodded slowly don't beat up to me some of that because the baby didn't measure. i'll hold how specifically steve's ear for president he does kind of measure made by against brazil in argentina here are much more drum is much more youthful reading their election process and now seeing the process in the congress them in any kind of strange cheap way from other presidents sole president most honored son
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a lot of great kids here in brazil are meeting the i am stating the fact that president wilson iran's foreign policy and for a strategy to east tonight states are a little bit naive soul bees in sort reinforce this kind of criticism trying to brasi don't position me mention the word naive president trump of course one of the reasons that he says that he has imposed these tariffs is that he claims that argentina brazil's weaker currencies make for example u.s. food exports hard you know harder for them to compete so it damages america and in president trumps the fancy's always say it's america 1st that that was the main point of his presidency doesn't it kind of show how it's been in congress for a lot of these leaders call them populist for want of a better word who say you know we're going to put our countries 1st then try to forge alliances because president trump is kind of doing what president trump has always said he was going to do put america 1st yeah yeah i have lived to be each
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question year it's probably the last of her brazil government is on there so the fact that president trump who will come erica 1st and president wilson out of their position talk about that during all that they president will synonymous to start to put brazil 1st these kind of. them to establish a kind of friendship between the presidents are not sounding good for some sectors of brazilian business community and. this to come out of the this is a political analyst to add the foundation joining us from brazil yes sir thank you so much for speaking to us thank you thank you was a pleasure 20000000 people each year that's the equivalent of one every 2 seconds have been forced from their homes by climate fueled disasters in the past decade those figures from a new report by the british charity oxfam were released as the annual un the un
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climate conference opened in spain top 25 began in madrid with the chilean politician carolina schmidt taking over as president the conference was meant to have been held in chile but weeks of violent street protests forced the government there to counsel delegates from nearly 200 countries are attending the meeting in spain they're going to work to increase global commitments to fight climate change efforts which the u.n. chief has called utterly inadequate we need to represent people changing the way we do business or we generate power or we build cities or we move and that we feed the world if we don't urge them to be change our way of life we jump or dies life itself without the fooling gauger months of the big 8 meters all our efforts will be undermined a green economy is not one to be feared but an opportunity to be embraced and one
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that's going to advance our effort of all the sustainable development goals well africa's already struggling with the effects of climate change and as nick clark reports now from kenya it's water supply that is especially risk. yes you join me along side the mara river in kenya and we're ready to demonstrate the kind of thing that's at stake in madrid now the rhythm our images from the foothills of the mount forest to go on and flow through the mass i'm our game and into the serengeti national park and then it flows into lake victoria 200 kilometers away downstream and the whole river basin is with economically around $7000000000.00 a year from agriculture to tourism it is a vital water supply for more than a 1000000 people nearly 2000000 head of cattle and a spectacular a ray of wildlife it's home to one of nature's greatest spectacles the will the bees migration man and animal rely on the river mara flowing all the year round and
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yet it's like waterways around the world it's in trouble because of climate change only this year the ribbon nearly disappeared completely in the dry season and it's not for the 1st time in recent is in the wet season rain is falling with more intensity recent floods in northern kenya have killed 120 and displaced 18000 people through and deforestation soil degradation and pollution and you have a toxic mix well let us pray to kevin because shangri from w w f he runs a program to restore the mar river basin. you have to understand that they might arriba is they're evil that sustains the matter and get across eastern it's actually the only river that flows prominently the other revised to have seasonal so we might everybody stops flowing there be a very big problem in the night i get to cause he's doing some study tells us that the wildlife populations would crash to almost a year possible level so we have 2 weeks of climate change talks going on now in madrid what the regions like these need to come from those talks i think the most
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important thing to come from those talks is a global commitment for me to get on because it's very likely we can do enough reka on mitigation but we understand it's a global problem that needs to be handled at a global level and we also need to look at optician for in the case of africa the communities around the murray will be seen to be able to cope with effects of climate change so i think the most important would be a multi-pronged approach ensuring that we have better commitment for me to get in and also ensuring that the dept issues down to ensure that we question our communities against the effects of climate change well in recent weeks there's been almost constant flow of sunshine that we're not even close to doing what we need to do to reduce emissions and even stabilize the situation that is the urgency of the position the climate delegations face in madrid and you would think that with the growing public recognition of the dangers ahead that world leaders would do what is
12:40 am
required madrid must build momentum because in places like this time is running out . well scientists are warning of the excel aerated breakup of the world's 2nd largest ice sheet in greenland and its likely affect on rising sea levels researchers from the university of cambridge in the u.k. say lakes on top of the stored glace year are draining through holes in the ice formed by warmer weather the water under the ice then lifts the glacier causing it to move in the accelerator it's melting the greenland ice sheet is the world's single single largest contributor to rising sea levels. we can see big changes in the green an ice sheet. having no effect on sea level rise just 25 years ago and now it's a roughly a 3rd of all sea level rise on the planet it's from greenland the loom. and so there's a very significant increase and this is an increase that's on growing and we think
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it's likely to continue so it is clearly an adverse effect. well as the climate talks begin russia and china have launched a massive new gas pipeline that they hope will help them use less coal it's about 3000 kilometers long connecting 2 fields in eastern siberia to china's border the pipeline is expected to be fully operational in 2025 and will support supply certain 8000000000 cubic meters of gas every year russia describes it as the world's biggest construction project running across frigid mountainous mountainous areas of siberia and then to thomas reports from china's northern border with russia it's not just economically significant. life is tough along china's border with siberia it's minus 12 degrees celsius there's not much industry not many jobs most around here use coal to cook and their
12:42 am
homes. they burn in co it's obviously very dirty it's polluting and also a lot of physical work but 2 big infrastructure projects are bringing change 1st is this bridge opening next year it crosses the a more river frozen at the moment the river divide russia and china the bridge will link the cities of blago vesture nest and. i walking on the coast trucking of the bridge i feel proud when i tell friends one of the contributors. but it's the 2nd project that is the most significant this is one of the most remote parts of china and just a kilometer or 2 over there is one of the most remote parts of russia and now linking that so is this pipeline it's an economic projects of course but it's all about politics to the power of siberia a pipeline is about to deliver gas from russia to cities across china it's cost
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55000000000 dollars and on the russian side stretches more than 3000 kilometers the pipeline through china will eventually reach shanghai almost 3000 kilometers to the south but china it means well priced energy that's relatively clean but. other than for heating natural gas can be used to generate power is much better than oil and coal it has much less pollution and if you were emissions of c o 2 for russia the project is unlikely to make much money as the only feasible customer for gas from russia eastern fields china bargained hard. russia was keen because it is facing resistance to its plans to export more gas to europe some european countries and the united states have tried to block development of a new pipeline to germany they think it will leave europe too dependent on russian
12:44 am
gas so russia wants to shore up its strategic ally to the east but china to more russian gas means less reliance on liquefied natural gas shipments from the united states and middle eastern countries potentially employed by u.s. policy the pipeline then is a strategic link as much as one about money. al jazeera haifa in northern china hundreds of refugees and migrants will remain in the makeshift camp in bosnia for at least another 3 weeks despite increasing concerns over their welfare in the freezing weather aide workers of long warned that they will be in danger if they stay at the wojciech camp in northern balls there over the winter the camp is very few facilities and the tents are now covered in snow a new facility will not be ready for at least another 20 days that's according to the government. the international court of justice in the netherlands a started holding public hearings on an appeal by the gulf nations were blockading
12:45 am
cathode since june 2017 saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt and bahrain have closed their airspace the qatari aircraft now they want to overturn the 2017 decision from the international civil aviation organization which ruled against the closure that that has always argued the airspace restrictions violate international law they've made a number of claims to the court since the land the air and sea blockade started more than 2 years. mauritania has been plunged into a political crisis by the sudden return of a former president who wants to take back power it's the result of a dispute between 2 army generals who been governing the west african nation for the past decade from the capital not cult muhammad. president mohammed and his predecessor. are long time friends who staged coups together since 2005. as he's ruled as president as well as army chief
12:46 am
then minister of defense well as he's completed his terms in office he supported the candidacy of us when he was elected in doing what their alliance came to a stop and last week. backed by a few loyalists as he's wanted to leave the ruling party a union for the public which he founded 10 years ago as one his supporters injected the move which they describe as an attempt by the former president to sneak back to power. our position as majority in the administrative committee reinforces that this is the party of the government so it should be run by the sitting president mamma told me not literally but in consultation with all party members as to form a president you can pursue his ambitions within the party like any other member but he can't have a special status. has this is the 1st fragmentation within the ruling party since
12:47 am
its inception we now have 2 sides one owns a majority of 22 members in the administrative committee the other owns the leadership of the party. fears of a serious escalation increased after the arrest of the commander of the presidential guard and his deputy to loyalists of the former president as the country celebrated the anniversary of its independence rumors spread out about a failed coup attempt. the sudden reappearance of the former president on the political scene coincided with the launch of a foreign power painting by the new government people say the former president should be brought to justice for corruption and abuse of power i know that with the fact that they've reached this point now means nothing will stand in the way of reform. despite that hope tension remains and there's uncertainty over what the next move of the former president might be. presidential election there has been speculation as to who is really running things in this presidential compound behind
12:48 am
me some have said that president mohammed was whiny might be under the influence of his predecessor but that has turned out to be wrong. in a clear break with his predecessor's antagonistic policies president as when he made peace with all opposition leaders and invited them to work with the government for the public good. both forms of the national. business updates. going places to get.
12:49 am
business updates. going places together.
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thank you barbara argentina and barcelona superstar lionel messi has won this year's ballon d'or messi equals the record 6 ballon d'or titles won by his great rival christiana and although the bottom poster boy does a 90. 1 the. 32 year old helped his club when their 4th league title in 5 seasons earlier this year he scored 54 times for club and country and 282019. more do seem. to on i'm aware of how old i am and you enjoy these moments because the time of retirement is coming and it is difficult i want to repeat that i still have many use left but time passes boy and everything happened so quickly but it's a good while qatar have won
12:51 am
a politically charged match against the u.a.e. but qatar is came out on top for 2 and now qualify for the arabian gulf cup semifinals on home soil this was particularly tense because the u.a.e. are one of the countries currently blockading qatar a come a thief scored the 1st 2 goals for qatar in the match that happened to be on the emirates independence day their morality is then scored one only to have the 2 goal lead restored thanks to captain has on a hay those again the u.a.e. reduced the lead before he finished it off with a late header after the final whistle things got heated between the 2 sides with the immoralities eliminated from the competition along with yemen and the richardson was at the game and sent us this report i would it's hard to imagine anything trusting experiences for these 2 sets in place of the winning spirit just now it's only when they went through the start to be new and united arab emirates for the sides made in the semifinals of the asian cup most of the open season the only going what they did in the u.a.e.
12:52 am
the moment it is illegal to show any sort of public sympathy towards france also as you can imagine during that game that's off by some of the stuff i was there and what their realty i'll stick with the series because shoes during the day they want to win they were nailed to the activity didn't stop at the final whistle with the u.a.e. going on to complain that counts over fielding an eligible play as a complaint it was rejected by the aging federation was nothing like the sort of experience you know i just i did was changing the signs that it seems silly theory started the year with it's so nice couple of reasons for that firstly the fulling stakes that bit lower with the aid. you have a much higher bar so when they go i don't start the hunting on this occasion so that we simply need to go through to the semifinals of the feast celebrating the coming of age and forward me with a couple of goals now has to be said throughout the day in the feeling that some
12:53 am
sort of the only relationship causing you it seems playing each other in the asian show you seek it also in the case of the u.a.e. and saudi arabia you know that suit countries who are good servants hosting a lot of things saudi this weekend for example we have the heavyweight fight between i'm the reason unsecured coming out so those countries looking to show you the full 6 are necessarily serving their schools or follow us but they still do this in these finals because no one knows what he was letting me i never thought of me in all 370 finally they stay on full steam with a 2nd choice me sweetie 90. qatar's opponents in the semifinals will be saudi arabia one of the other nations involved in that diplomatic blockade the saudis secured their place in the semifinals by beating defending champions oman $31.00 on monday as a result you monies are eliminated. and behind and scored
12:54 am
a late goal to wrap up before 2 win over kuwait that goal was enough to put the bahamians ahead of the kuwaitis in the group the standings it means behind progress to a semi final against it off while clete go home. meanwhile one of qatar's players been named asia's footballer of the year at the a.f.c. awards a thief was part of the qatar side that won the asian cup as well as leading his club team to the a.f.c. champions league semifinals he's a 3rd qatari player to win the award following on from his teammate ability and has on who won it last year his club job it was in hong kong to pick up the award on his behalf japan's a sucky coma guy went for the women. an austrian court sentenced to time olympic judo champion peter syce and boxer to 5 years in prison for aggravated sexual abuse the victims were 2 minors whom he coached the prosecutor accused him of abusing young girls who saw him as a father figure and barker and his defense now have 3 days to accept the verdict
12:55 am
file an appeal or face an entire trial heavyweight champion and junior will defend his 3 world titles against britain's anthony joshua in saudi arabia on saturday the american shocked many people 6 months ago when he won the i.b.s. w b a n w b o belts from the previously undefeated joshua in new york who is jr stopped joshua in the 7th round but says he's expecting a tougher fight this time you know we've been working hard you know we had a longer aeration than we did for june for 0 i'm pretty sure he has a really good game plan up his sleeve but we've been doing is going to be perfect for his days and it's not to do if we're going to be working with our. after running up a 10 game winning streak the l.a. lakers have finally been brought back down to earth in the n.b.a. the dallas mavericks inflicted their 1st loss in a while taking advantage of the lakers mistakes to beat them 114-2100 dela started
12:56 am
lead with 27 points to assists and 9 rebounds. the miami heat went on a late scoring run to beat the brooklyn nets trailing with one minute and 45 seconds on the clock goren drugget scored to bring his tally to 24 points in this game justice wins those free throws been sealed the 109 to one of 6 when. and the records just keep coming in for american skier mckayla schiffer and she's moved to 2nd on the all time world cups list for women after winning the slalom at killington in vermont in the u.s. for her 62nd career victory the only other female skier to have more career wins as lindsey vonn who are tired with 82 in the marston mark still has the most overall with 86. olympic champion mathias meyer won the season opening men super g. at lake louise also in the u.s.
12:57 am
the austrian beat out reigning world cup champion dominic paris and it was a long time coming mayer hasn't won a world cup super g. since january 27th. well pretty soon everyone in switzerland will get a piece of tennis great roger federer in their pockets the swiss will be the 1st living person to be honored on a 20 franc a coin the government said the 20 time grand slam champion is a perfect ambassador for switzerland the head side of the coin will show federer playing a one handed backhand 95000 of these coins will be available for your wallet starting in january. impressive all that's all your sport for now handed back over to barbara in london thank you very much for that and that is it for this news hour do stay with us though we're going to be back in just a few minutes with more news on all of the day's stories thanks much for watching by.
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living in a war zone is a risk not worth taking for most. but for a 10 year old boy there is nowhere else to go. in the absence of his parents his grandmother dedicates herself to his upbringing. never knowing whether the next explosion. will echo one step closer to the place they call her. the distant barking of dogs a witness documentary on al-jazeera. driven by outrage and spanning generations the row hinges demonstrators gathered on the very day
12:59 am
a widely criticized repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was palpable if you don't like. so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back 10 and the day after tomorrow they'll send back 2030 or if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the range of all among the most pushy cupid minorities in the world. education is the beacon that might is the future and in any society but those who live in abandoned places. takes inspiration and determination to ensure you get to live in the remote areas don't have electricity t.v. or computers. to show how a love of learning finds a way. for
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people are killed this call the security forces stop an angry crowd marching on a u.n. base in the east are seen. below our barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up stock markets around the world take on president trump reimpose this tariffs on metal imports from brazil and argentina power wrongly makes vaccine helped cause a measles outbreak in samoa which has now killed more than 50 children.


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