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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 5, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the way. al-jazeera. says the group the house judiciary committee is told by constitutional experts that president donald trump did commit impeachable offense to. take those al-jazeera live from london also coming up nato members reaffirm their commitment to collective defense but major questions remain about the future of the alliance. summers measles outbreak as the death toll rises unvaccinated families are asked to write a red flag outside their homes. sudan's road to reform the u.s.
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announces it in the point and i'm absolutely confident the 1st time in more the 2 decades. and i'm legal experts called by us democrats have testified the president trump has committed impeachable offenses in statements to the house judiciary committee they were among 4 leading experts on constitutional law or 3 were caused by us democrats and one were somewhat trying to talk to the republican. party who are slipshod and rushed as accused of abusing his power to push ukraine into investigating his political rival joe biden why did your question has more. swear under penalty of perjury some of us constitutional scholars have weighed in if president trumps ukraine scandal is an impeachable then nothing is and professor gerhardt did president trump command. impeachable high crime and misdemeanor of abuse of power
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we 3 are unanimous yes the 3 law professors called by democrats rein in unison alarm bells that the country's democracy is under threat by the president's actions are like what has happened in the case today is something that i do not think we have ever seen before a president who has doubled down on violating his oath to faithfully execute the laws and to protect and defend the constitution this president has attacked each of the constitutions safeguards against establishing a monarchy in this country in the simplest possible terms the president put his personal game ahead of the national security interest it's better to be on t.v. than by for. the 4th scholar said if trump had tried to force ukraine to investigate a political rival in exchange for military aid but it would be impeachable but the scholar on wednesdays sol republican witness testified the case against trump has
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not been proven this would be the 1st impeachment in history where there would be considerable debate in my view not compelling evidence of the commission of a crime more than a dozen white house and state department professionals have testified that trump used the power of his office to pressure ukraine to open an investigation into joe biden a potential political rival in the upcoming us presidential election the house intelligence committee drafted a report saying there was overwhelming evidence for this including trump's own words in a phone call with the president of ukraine that's not politics as usual at least not in the united states or not in any mature democracy trump says the law professors called by democrats represents the liberal left but he declined to test it by himself and refused to send white house attorneys to represent his case for innocence what they're doing is a very bad thing for our country it's of no merik. the republican party has never
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been more unified ever trump is counting on republicans who control the senate to acquit him of wrongdoing in an eventual impeachment trial how do you know castro al-jazeera washington she ever towns is that following events for us in washington d.c. she has what happens next what we're expecting a few more open hearings at least $31.00 of which will be the vote within committee on whether to recommend articles of impeachment we're hearing we might actually see the articles of impeachment by next week already so we'll see what exactly the committee has decided to to impeach what is simply an indictment this isn't actually a conviction this is where the house of representatives says this there is something here that needs to be put under trial so we expect to see those articles of impeachment the indictment against the president but by next week and we'll expect the committee to vote upon that by the end of next week or the beginning of the
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following week then it goes to the full house of representatives where there will be further debate and vote that's expected to be complete by by christmas and it's expected that the house will vote to impeach and then it all moves to the senate early next year we're looking at the senate calendar it's notable that they seem to have cleared the month of january potentially for an impeachment trial and that's the key part then is whether them the senate will find on trumped guilty of the high crimes and misdemeanors or so on that the house or legend donald trump has committed no evidence as yet that any republicans are going to switch sides the democrats need at least 20 republicans to switch sides so in all likelihood don't trump will be acquitted and we'll all move on the question is how long that trial will take perhaps 2 weeks perhaps a few months the pros and cons for both sides for a long and a short trial and is there any sign of any of this actually damaging president politically. according to the polls the country is pretty entrenched 50 percent
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also think the president should be impeached 50 percent think he shouldn't be impeached or frankly don't even care whether he's impeached or not and the polls also show that in the scheme of things as far as the issues that we're concerned in the 2020 election campaign for example impeachment is very low down people care about inequality people care about the environ people care about health care just today donald trump's administration is not top 690000 people of food stamps the poorest most vulnerable people in the country now not getting any assistance for food unless there is some angry even amongst democrats why are you concentrating on on this when all when in the meantime don't trump is doing all these other things which are which is a real concern to americans however the democrats keep saying look this is about principle now and and precedents that we call that all trying to get away with it the republicans in the end there once donald trump is acquitted can now run and say look the whole thing was a witch hunt there was nothing to see here so it's not very clear how this will change the political calculus having said that they're in an impeachment trial
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people's views can change shiva times thank you very much. the nato summit has ended with leaders uniting behind common commitment that's despite the meeting highlighting bitter divisions on several major issues it has managed to agree on issues such as russia and china and resolved a major stumbling block when turkey dropped its objection to nato as baltic defense plan behind the public display of unity cracks where our show is gentle how reports so good morning i think there is good to start if you can find those seats this gathering of nato leaders had one objective a show of unity to mark 70 years of the world's most successful military alliance one for all and all for one instead it was a public display of differences that began the day before on tuesday u.s.
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president donald trump was on the combative form not the one politician on the front is not only well macron of nato strategy budget payments and trumps unilateral withdrawal of u.s. troops from northern syria this was where the dish itself was one of the greatest power years ago. but views are no longer those of a president seen as preeminent leader of the alliance now some allies here including the british french and canadian leaders see donald trump as disruptor in chief apparently sharing a joke at his expense during choose a nice reception at buckingham palace. trump's response on being asked about the canadian prime minister's comments. and soon afterwards he tweeted that there was no need for a final press conference. emanuel macron meanwhile continued to press his case for
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change you know to me who is our enemy how can we act together against international terrorism in particular these are all subjects that were not sufficiently settled debates should be about something or they're then budgetary and financial issues or the sort of get left out of the audience. the voices of reassurance were left sounding a bit in the always been able to overcome these differences and then unite around the record tossed to protect the founding fathers and that's exactly what to do today the question it all raises is central to what nato is and what it exists for what happens to an alliance built on collective defense when that collective commitment that spirit of unity isn't just solid as some would like it to be nato member turkey's president rigid tired earlier one had earlier demanded that the kurds abandoned by trump in northern syria be recognized as what he called terrorists or he'd veto alliance efforts to bolster eastern defenses against russia
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this was a threat that represented a fracturing of nato's central accord is what trump and macron do seem to agree on but many others don't that russia is no longer the enemy it was and while nato is focus has widened to include china cyber security hybrid warfare the alliance can't hide from the difficult truth that multiple challenges mean multiple conflicting interests undermining the unity they'd come here to celebrate going to al-jazeera at watford north london. germany has expelled 2 russian diplomats out of federal prosecutors so there was evidence russian intelligence was involved in the killing of a georgian man in berlin the victim who had fought with chechen separatists was shot in broad daylight last august a step back in reports from moscow the kremlin denies any involvement and says the expulsions are unfriendly and unfounded this is rapidly turning into
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a diplomatic rom between russia and germany after german prosecutors have announced that they have strong indications that russia is behind the murder of a former chechen rebel commander selim han hungers feeley and 2 russian diplomats have been expelled from germany now russia says it will take countermeasures and the foreign ministry here in moscow sas that these expulsions have been groundless the murder took place in berlin on broad daylight in august and a russian national has been arrested for shooting him in the hat but according to media reports his identity papers were false and they have suggested that the russian secret service was behind the murder something that the spokesman of president putin the nice to do not produce i don't think there are serious suspicions and there cannot be any what relation to the russian authorities does this this is absolutely groundless speculation dystopic has been somehow whipped up by german media but this doesn't mean that this is how things are. this murder in
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berlin has been compared to the boys an attempt on former spies cripple and his daughter in the united kingdom and 2018 also then the russian secret service was mentioned as being behind the attack and the incident had a very bad impact on the relationship between the united kingdom and russia now this role with germany comes only a few days before president putin is about to board a plane to paris where he will meet with german chancellor angela merkel to discuss peace in the eastern ukraine a visit which is meant to improve ties between russia and europe some eyes rolling out a mass vaccination program on thursday and friday in an attempt to stem its fast growing measles crisis immunization is now compulsory hambre state of emergency imposed last month families who are native believed to be around 70 percent of the population are being advised to fly a red flag or cloth outside their house to help speed up the process 60 deaths have
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now been confirmed the vast majority of them children it comes as neighboring fiji as perspire own all sporting events likely to draw large crowds over worries the outbreak could spread just to washington is with a vaccination team in the summer on capitol appear and says the public message has changed as the outbreak spread. the focus is very much on these roving medical teams they're traveling in vans like this one stocked with vaccinations and staffed by both local health workers and also international medical personnel now they have been going door to door not only to those houses which have a red flag tied out their front but also to those which don't they are checking in just to make sure which families have been vaccinated and which haven't and all the efforts today on thursday a very much centered around making that job just that little bit simpler roads are cleared and only those traveling to hospitals are allowed to drive today and
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residents have been asked to stay indoors and wait for these medical teams to arrive the key focus is very much on making sure that everyone under the age of 60 is vaccinated and it does signify a shift in focus from when this outbreak began in october at that moment it was very much about making sure that the most at risk population those under the age of an aged in order to ensure herd immunity the message now is that everyone even adults must be vaccinated and what we do know is that among the 60 people who have died since this outbreak began 3 of them were adults and that has really reinforced the message that measles is a risk to everyone here in summer still to come the body of a u.n. peacekeepers found in the democratic republic of congo as protests against continued. grave concerns european officials say they have doubts over the
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integrity of the investigation into the death of a maltese journalist. hello that heat is still on across much of australia that i wanted to show in the full cost but nothing really beyond the tasmanian sea had plenty of cloud in the last few hours elsewhere it is a clear picture so keeping things a lot cooler and hope that you say 18 celsius with those braincells but just to the north of that very woman melbourne 34 again the hay really into the southeast 33 in sydney and a warm couple of days ahead particularly in tupelo 39 degrees on thursday and likely to go up a degree as we head into friday me want across new zealand temperatures feeling pretty good made to low twenty's celsius wanted to showers all no way to the south island but not quite making it in to the north island and temperatures as if they
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stay really in the mid twenty's then we had from that to somewhere much cooler that of course is operated in all these of asia the korean peninsula mostly clear but look at this minus 6 in pyongyang on thursday just hovering around freezing in seoul and we go to a mix of rain and snow across much of central and northern home shoot cool it to the north of course a par a minus 3 minus 2 at best on friday but it does really cool down throughout home show you that snow and that rain working its way east with some cold air coming in behind so just 9 celsius in tokyo meanwhile minus one in seoul. the shocking treatment of disabled people in eastern european state run caverns in these cages you cannot have access to toilets or water and the bureaucratic indifference to their plight she has his hands and his fates tied to the beds 5
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years off to fast highlighting such abuses people in power returns with a 2 part investigation to continuing mistreatment and neglect europe's recurring shame hard won on al-jazeera. from under the top stories here now syria the 2nd round of impeachment hearings into u.s. president trump has begun with evidence from legal witnesses those called by the democrats say he has committed offenses but all professors selected by the republicans so there was no evidence of a clear criminal act. a nato summit held just outside london has ended with some agreement on threats from russia and china but it's been overshadowed by personal
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rouse between leaders including an accusation from the u.s. president that canada's prime minister is 2 faced. and a mass and you know station campaign is planned in some off to 60 deaths for measles the vast majority of children under the age of 4 authorities have asked unvaccinated families to fly a red flag outside their home as a warning. thousands of women are gathering in chile's capital to participate in a flash mob to raise awareness of violence against women last week a video of a live flash mob feminist collective in santiago went viral charging women in paris london and other cities to perform their own versions of them in chile originally took part in the dance as part of the international day of the elimination of violence against women they chanted against the failures of the criminal justice system all want an america editor lucy and human is in santiago so how big
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a problem is it in chile particularly. i have. hello lauren i just lost the audio for just a little bit but let me just tell you what's happening here we're right outside of santiago's national stadium this was a place where women and men were killed tortured and raped right after the military coup here in 1973 so it's quite emblematic which is one of the reasons why these this flash mob is taking place right here but there are just thousands and thousands of seniors this time it's been called for women over 40 and the reason is that it's a very powerful message that was sent last week that you just mentioned of like to let you to let you in on what some of the words say it's the patriarch the patriarchal state is a judge that judges us from the time we are born and that punish us for having been born with impunity with disappearances and with rape but the fault wasn't
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mine nor how i was dressed nor where i was and then it goes on to blame the state and it says at the state is a male chauvinist rapist it and it goes on and on and with the choreography that actually has to do with things that have been happening here in chile over the last few weeks including the sexual abuse of women in police stations and so these women who are older than the original but are here to say that they too have been mistreated over the years in years when women weren't so free to come out and expose what was happening to them so that is it is extraordinary just how many people are here including an 83 year old i just saw who has to squash which is the position you have to get into to explain what happens at the police stations and she says she has never participated in a feminist demonstration before and like her there are thousands more laurie anderson you mentioned there is have been a number of protests in the last few weeks what kind of efforts of is the
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government making to try to get the situation under control. well the chilean government has tried to propose all sorts of reforms for example raising government subsidies for pensioners over the age of 80 by 50 percent which would still leave their pensions will follow the minimum wage it will say that that is not enough they're also are proposing to reduce the price of public transport for anybody over $65.00 raise the minimum wage and do a hose a whole series of changes to the system but most people say that that is not going to the heart of the problem is that it doesn't go far enough so we're still seeing protests over and over including these and many people i talk to say it's not only about abuse sexual abuse which is about how the state is abusing their lives as women and as citizens. we see in human thank you very much indeed.
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colombian unions and student groups are holding a 3rd national strike in 2 weeks demonstrators angry about president even economic and social policies they want the government to abandon a proposed tax reform which would lower duties on businesses and also demanding more support for formal leftist rebels the protests have drawn in hundreds of thousands of people over the past 2 weeks and have led to 5 deaths despite being largely peaceful. a u.s. official has told the reuters news agency that an american warship seized a missile parts believed to be linked to iran in the gulf of amman the guided missile destroyer forest sherman detained a small boat last week the coast guard personnel reportedly boarded the vessel and the missile parts were found the crew on the boat had been transferred to the yemeni coast guard and the missile parts are in u.s. possession. iraqi security forces have arrested a man said to be the deputy chief of the deceased isolator of
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a backyard by daddy. was captured during an overnight raid in the city of how we are was carrying a fake id iraqi security forces say he was the military commander of 17 province north of baghdad about daddy killed himself during a raid by u.s. special forces on his compound in northwest syria in october the 1st time in more than 2 decades the u.s. of sudan plan to exchange ambassadors relations between washington and khartoum have improved since the overthrow in april of then president bashir his downfall was precipitated by months of demonstrations over price hikes for a few and bread and casualties sudan's transitional government was formed in august and is led by prime minister. who is on his 1st visit to washington daniel sheehan was the deputy chief of mission at the u.s. embassy in sudan he says the united states want to be wants to be more supportive of sudan's new government wants or
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a significant decision it's been 23 years since we have had an ambassador in khartoum we have kept the embassy open we've had a charge after our in khartoum all of those years about not having an ambassador sans a major signal to our government that we have real concerns about it this is an indication that the united states wants to be more supportive of this new combination military civilian government in sudan and this is the 1st step and what will probably be a series of steps to improve relations assuming that progress continues to be made on the sudanese side. a spokesman for the army in the democratic republic of congo says the body of a u.n. peacekeeper has been found a year after he was killed in an ambush it comes as protest by local people have continued accusing the u.n. forces of failing to protect them against rebels catherine sorries in goma and says the u.n. is keen to point out it has the rebels on the run the spokesman of the military did
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not give much detail about the body of the peacekeeper they found in an operation against rebels in the forest he said he's going to leave that to the united nations to give us details but we know last year 7. were killed in a joint operation against a.d.f. the year before 15 were killed these are some of the most deadly attacks that have happened in this in that region and in this country the spokesman also talked about the progress that troops are making in the fight against a.d.f. they say he says that they have taken several bases in the forest of a.d.f. he says that they have killed 6 commanders as well and groups fighters are very much on the run but a lot of people in beni that with talks to do not seem to be a piece by this they're saying why is it that with an on going off fence even there are about $20000.00 congolese troops with the u.n.
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carrying out this offensive so why is it that a still able to come to their villages and attack them so brutally this offensive has now been going on for a month yet more than 100 people in the villages in beni have been killed by a.d.'s so people very angry very frustrated they have been protesting all last week saying that the u.n. force is not doing enough to protect them and those troops need to leave the region . the united nations says a record number of people will need humanitarian assistance next year it says almost 168000000 people that's one in every 45 on the planet are need of basic assistance such as food and shelter and the u.n. says it requires almost $29000000000.00 to provide that help but last year when you received $16000000000.00 from donors it's focusing on $53.00 countries where climate change war and failing economies see the worst human suffering mark local because the united nations under secretary general for humanitarian affairs he says
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investing in humanitarian action is one of the most cost effective ways to save lives and prevent problems from spreading i think it would be a very good idea if all the member states of the united nations were to pay the money they promised as a responsibility of being a member but that is a separate issue to what we're doing on the humanitarian side you're right that there is a need for a lot more money than we get and i will i will continue to make the case that investing in humanitarian action is a good thing to do it's a very cheap way of saving a life and it's also a good way of preventing problems. because if we don't help people where they are when the problem arises as we've seen too often around the world people will move immigrates all sorts of other challenges which no countries won't have to deal with and a huge allegation is expressed grave concerns over the integrity of the investigation into the murder of maltese journalist and anticorruption blogger definition rwanda
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galaxia she was killed by a car bomb in 2017 those accused of involvement in her murder of implicated government minister is close to the prime minister the e.u. delegation has urged joseph muskat to leave office immediately he resigned on sunday following weeks of protests but says he will remain in power until january the parkers in motors capital letter with more on the ongoing investigation. pressure is mounting on the office of the prime minister not only have there been daily protests but now a damning assessment from a delegation from the european parliament here to investigate the crisis they believe that while the prime minister remains in office there's a risk of the investigation into the murder of daphne cow and i believe being compromised there has to be absolute confidence in the process and i think when he's in office that confidence is not there the way he. functions or doesn't function in malta has direct implications for the position of malta in the european
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union soon after corona police he has murder 3 people were arrested they are awaiting trial and on november the 20th one of the wealthiest people a multi fenech was arrested and accused of being complicit in the journalist's murder something he denies soon after his arrest he pointed the finger at a person very close to the prime minister keith schembri the prime minister's former chief of staff he stepped down from his role last tuesday spent 2 days being questioned by police before being released without charge meanwhile the person regarded as the middleman in the killing has pointed the finger both at seminary and fake as being coconspirators in planning the killing of power want to leave as the european parliament delegation said it was either out of complete naivety or complicity that the prime minister allowed this to happen on his watch. greenpeace in japan says radiation hotspots have been found where the tokyo 2020 and pick
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torch relay will begin in march the refurbished j village sports complex was used as an operational base to deal with the fukushima nuclear reactor meltdown in 2011 it reopened earlier this year and the argentinian rugby team stayed there during the world cup. contender not to the top stories on out as their legal experts called by us democrats say president trump has committed impeachable offenses they were testifying on the 1st day of evidence on the constitutional standards for impeachment but a law professor selected by the republicans on the panel said there was no evidence of a clear criminal act the president is accused of bribing ukraine's leader for an investigation into a political rival the house of representatives judiciary committee will decide whether to bring charges against trump the abuse of power occurs when the president uses
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his office for personal advantage or game that matters fundamentally to the american people because if we cannot impeach a president who would use his office for personal advantage we no longer live in a democracy we live in a monarchy or we live under a dictatorship nato leaders have concluded this summit with agreement on military posturing from russia and technological threats from china. but personal tensions also came to the fore with the us president calling canada's prime minister justin trudeau 2 faced after a clip of him appearing to mock trump emerged city journal against altenburg said the 70th anniversary meeting demonstrated a commitment between the nations to defend themselves so good morning at the very start if we go for authorities in some way or have asked unvaccinated families to fly a red flag outside their home as they try to contain a growing measles epidemic
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a mass immunization campaign is planned for thursday and friday after 60 deaths from the disease the vast majority of children under the age of 4 sporting events in fiji are being postponed until january in a bid to stop any further spread of infection there. and after more than 20 is the us and sudan plan to exchange ambassadors relations between the 2 nations a room and since the overthrow of president omar bashir earlier this year and the start of a civilian led government last month the us state department said it may remove sudan from its list of state sponsors of terrorism. there's a top stories on our desire to stay with us people in power is next investigating a disabled care scandal in eastern europe more news for you after that thanks for watching by for. the war on drugs in the philippines is pushing jane's to breaking point a record number of inmates languish behind bars for a year awaiting trial one
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o one in the philippines lucked up on al-jazeera. the 2014 people in power revealed the shameful treatment of disabled people in romania state trying some of them funded by the year even if she's promised a book reviews but now 5 years on we've heard fresh allegations about the neglect to ministry of disabled people across eastern europe in the 1st of 2 special reports sarah spent has been to invest.
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