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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 6, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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behind bars for a year awaiting trial while the philippines locked up on al-jazeera. praise for india's police as they shoot dead 4 men suspected of gang rape and murder of a woman which sparked widespread protests. this is the world news from al-jazeera the world's largest oil producers have decided to cut oil production by half a 1000000 barrels will be live at opec headquarters in vienna also months of protests and economic turmoil in lebanon are taking
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a toll on the syrian pound and teenage activist keeps a carbon neutral as she arrives in madrid for the un's global climate summit. so indian police have shot dead 4 men suspected of raping and killing a 27 year old woman in the southern state of telangana police said they were killed when i tried to escape and while many in india have welcomed the controversial killing activists have described the incident as a dangerous precedent. has a report now from new delhi. flowers and messages to congratulate them it's the kind of welcome police in india. but in hyderabad police have been praised the shooting for men accused of gang raping and murdering a 27 year old veterinarian dr. last week police commanders say the accused were
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taken to the alleged crime scene to answer questions but try to escape one of the suspects is said to have snatched a policeman's gone and opened fire on the old officers and interesting and i was going to say i'm bad but we don't use the gun to the fire and continue to attack us or on our you know everybody watching television they're going to be all doctors will want to be the family of the murdered woman says justice has been delivered now he may have different than you and i think this will be an example and when even if you think of doing it. protests were organized in several cities across the country to seek justice. some parliamentarians have been speaking out one called for the lynching of rapists another advocated castration ideas with some with him support. china was $23.00 when
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a man whose marriage proposal she had refused threw acid on her she supports the police's action and also demanded that all the culprits be hanged 2. when rapists get the death penalty then we will stop protesting rapists should be hanged. however some crime experts say capital punishment is not an effective deterrent the killing of the 4 accused has been broken by many here who continue to be frustrated at length the delays in the justice system but several lawyers and women's rights activists say that justice must be delivered only by following proper legal procedures and they say that the stigma attached to rape victims that gives offenders much leave it is the real problem so she told me activists say the government must address the wider problem of prejudice against women in a mostly male dominated society the same persons who are asking for this kind of. killings and lynch lynchings and so on are. actually the ones who are both standing
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up for perpetrating battery aki and but perpetrating but we are latitudes towards women i the gang rape of a woman on a bus who later died of her injuries provoked massive protests and international outrage 7 years ago india's government responded by passing a law with tougher penalties for rapists but experts say conviction rates haven't risen and others think improved policing a fast track justice system and attitude changes in society are all needed to reduce sexual violence against women throughout india. al-jazeera new delhi. to other news and at least 3 people have been killed in kenya's capital after a building collapse military personnel are searching under the rubble of a 6 story residential building 10 people have been rescued so far. and more heavy rain is expected in southeastern kenya where at least 130 people have died after 2 months of flooding a tropical storm off the somali coast is expected to make landfall this weekend the
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government says as many as 300000 residents have already left in the monsoon rain has affected close to 2000000 people in eastern africa from tanzania to ethiopia markham where but with the latest now he is in morgado on the town of river delta. people living in the villages around here it's been devastating just a short while ago we walked over to some of the houses over here we had to wade through this playing field which is flooded water there's about knee deep in the houses on the other side most of which are made of sticks and mud and stones the walls have been destroyed people's properties being washed away has lost all of their livestock chickens and also crops as well to people had to flee from here moved to a camp for displaced people which is on some slightly higher ground just a couple of kilometers away you can see a school there that's been flooded but it's a stronger structure so it has held up that the on that the water gets deeper it's
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about waist deep on the other side of the school down there there's a hospital which is now completely out of use and many more houses in this area alone in the last week more than 4000 people have been displaced they're now living in a camp and a very simple structures is made of sticks with sheets and scarves stretched over them just a few kilometers up the hill over there. major oil exporting nations agreed to cut their output 550-0000 barrels a day talks when late into the night at opec headquarters in vienna they continued on friday opec has been cutting its production for the past 3 years that tries to avert a price slump there were disagreements over how to split further reductions this time around more with osama bin that the opec meeting in vienna is the thing a sandwich stewing cussing because this is an admission that there just isn't the demand out there. well there is that and there's too much
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supply out there as well and as with any cartel cutting is the biggest problem and that's what we saw in the last 24 hours panning out bickering among the opec members on who picks up how much and at the end it looks like saudi arabia is bearing the brunt of these cuts it's not going to be although it says that it has been it has revised its quota but it is also going to be cutting $400000.00 additional barrels in the dish and to its quarter in the $1200000.00 barrels that was decided early on so it has been drama we heard from the angolan very much in walking out seeing that but it is unfair the venezuelan saying that they don't want anything to do with this the russians coming out and saying they're quarter remains unchanged and they also got a $750000.00 plus barrels of condensate a byproduct of oil and gas that they have taken off of their quarters so it looks
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like a lot of people have gone home happy this was that deb you conference by a prince of the levees who is now the new energy minister he is going to be steering the direction of saudi arabia and into opec as well seems to he did get some consensus but it looks like that saudi arabia is going to be again doing the heavy lifting he said. because there are so many fundamentalists changing in the oil market there's about $800000.00 additional barrels of capacity coming into the 1st quarter of 2020 so there's going to be an extraordinary meeting which is going to take place in the 1st quarter around march or april next year also there is the elephant in the room of who's going to comply with these numbers because all of the members in theory say that they agree with this but in practice it is not the case in iraq and nigeria explain their points of view saying that they have been dealing with internal problems that's why they weren't complying and saying that they will comply even further with this new opec quotas so it remains to be seen how the
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markets are going to react to this how it is going to impact the oil prices because like you said demand is going down but supply is all also increasing despite these cuts by this oil cartel. or some of been at opec headquarters in the end i thank you the french government says it is quote very determined to implement a controversial new pension scheme french unions of call for more strikes and demonstrations next week against president emanuel micron's plans the announcement was made as hundreds of thousands of public sector workers went on strike for a 2nd day which is affected transport and schools and hospitals. donald trump and his lawyers have just a few hours left to decide if they will participate in the impeachment inquiry so far they have declined to answer any allegations the u.s. president committed crimes by pressuring ukraine to investigate his rival joe biden
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trump tweeted democrats are trying to impeach him over nothing and he said quote the good thing is that republicans have never been more united we will when democrats say they are aiming for a congressional vote on impeachment before christmas john hendren is in washington he says president trump is unlikely to cooperate. the widespread belief is that the president is not going to participate in the house version of impeachment the house of course comes up with the charges that they would eventually vote on whether to impeach the president that would then go to the senate for a trial the democrats control the house the republicans control the senate so the belief is that the administration would likely not continue not to cooperate with what's going on in the house but that they would offer a vigorous defense in the senate try to prevent the president from being removed from office but formally the president has until 5 o'clock eastern time to respond we expect that to be
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a negative response the big questions remaining or will the democrats go broad in their chargers or will they do what they've done so far which is keep it limited to this one exchange in ukraine with the ukrainian president in which president trump is alleged to have traded money for military aid in order for an announcement that ukraine would be investigating what he at the time thought was his biggest rival and that is former vice president joe biden a shooting at a u.s. naval base is that 3 people dead including the gunman at least 11 people were injured at the naval air station in pensacola florida most of unclear at this stage the base remains sealed off while investigators search for evidence greece has expelled libya's ambassador in the latest escalation in a boundary dispute involving several mediterranean countries there is a territorial agreement between turkey and libya it essentially draws a line in the east mediterranean sea cutting across
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a strip which is also claimed by greece maybe as foreign minister says the expulsion of its ambassador from athens is unacceptable by his move from john psaropoulos in athens. the reason for greek displeasure at libya is that the libyan government had given the greek government assurances that it was not concluding such an agreement with turkey it was known that these talks were going on the greeks were concerned but can the the off the record discussions that the foreign ministers had had and that the ambassador had had with counterparts here was that this wasn't really a realistic prospect so this has taken the greek side by surprise and they believe that a certain amount of trickery on the libyan part. now the reason that the greeks are just pleased is that the legal reason is that the turkish and libyan areas of sovereignty in the greek you should not touch because greece lies between
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them greece says that according to the international law of the sea its southern region islands should have a continental shelf that comes between the continental shelf of turkey and that of libya so that that is why the greek side says this agreement is legal it says that we condemn it without reservation it is a role violation of the law of the sea. in the news ahead straight final friday protests in algeria just before the presidential election. had some pretty good conditions across central and eastern sections of china the cloud is on its way out of the picture leaving things a little bit cooler into shanghai as we start out the weekend just 10 degrees
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celsius but not bad in hong kong at 21 and it is a good case guys all this cloud you can see is further to the east this will be pull southwards the remnants really of the recent typhoon so sunday a similarly pleasant day still want to scottish across the northern and central areas of the philippines but certainly a lot better than we have seen of late now heading into southern india still more rain in the 4 calls today so that will just add to the flooding problems across into tamada across into sri lanka elsewhere it is relative to k. and tried 23 in new delhi on saturday the air should be feeling a little bit clearer in the wake of the recent a front that went through 23 again on sunday but still there's rain showers quite persistent 3 more eastern sections of. that how do you cross the arabian sea we're watching very closely this this is actually throughout south today what will it be the system working its way on shore into somalia the latest tropical storm it will also produce some coastal areas of amman and yemen and then you'll notice on sunday
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quite a mass of rain work its way southward so bringing showers across into apathy. this decision by the heroes of the africa middle east you don't. want to stay in. a country that's makes. stakes for the company it's best. to excite the shortest. to. this. make up your.
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top stories this hour on al-jazeera and indian police have shot dead 4 men suspected of rape and murder police say they were killed when they tried to escape a case that has reignited nationwide protests over attacks on women opec's agreed to come put by 500000 barrels a day the world's largest oil collector has been cutting production for the past 3 years actually and it plans to meet again at the beginning of march. and donald trump donald trump and his lawyers have just a few hours left to decide if they will participate in the impeachment inquiry so far they have declined to answer any allegations that the u.s. president committed crimes by pressuring ukraine to investigate his rival. qatar has delivered its closing arguments at the international court of justice as part of a case involving the shutting of airspace by several different countries since 2017
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the u.a.e. saudi arabia egypt and bahrain are appealing to the i.c.j. after the international civil aviation organization earlier ruled in cutter's favor the latest now with show has been in court in the hague today jamal. welcome hour as you mentioned the final statements in a week long central trial or hearings that have been taking place were delivered by qatar's legal team in its they urged the international court of justice dismissed the appeal made by the blockading countries who had been asking that the i.c.j. intervenes claiming that i coude the. international civil aviation organization did not have the speciality or and therefore was not the right body to issue a decree which essentially stipulated that the closing of airspace by those 4 countries was illegal and in fact contravened international treaties before and now
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the 4 blockading countries were trying to essentially build their case on true essential points on the one hand as i mentioned there they were talking about jurisprudence and whether the international civil aviation organization had the right structurally rule in such a case and that was based on the 2nd point which was their justification for closing civilian airspace or airspace and for civilian aircraft saying that this was a measure taken in response to what they claimed was qatar's interference in their domestic affairs and a legit sponsoring of terrorism something that the high has denied what qatar has said is that a the cow is the body which deals with civil aviation with civil ian aircraft and therefore it is its speciality to do that and it's referred through several cases in the past whereby each had taken sutton or similar measures as we took in recently with regards to this case obviously dismissed those accusations of
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terrorism in fact pointing to the lack of evidence provided by those 4 countries so that hearing has finished now however this case has been going on for 2 years now come on we're expecting that a decision in this appeal will. be made not before at least maybe even 3 or 4 or even up to 5 months because of the slow pace of the i.c.j. or parades but i did say in its closing statements in appealed to the courts that it acts swiftly not least because of the financial losses that have been made by the court of civil aviation organization called the airways by having to cancel more than a dozen flights to different flights to more than a dozen there's the nation but also because of the fact that many pilgrims muslim pilgrims who wanted to go to mecca inside eurabia either for the larger pilgrimage how did you or the smaller one on but i have been unable to do so now for the past 2 and a half years because of the blockade imposed by those 4 countries thank you for
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that update jamal shayla's in the hague there have been more anti-government protests in iraq a week after a violent crackdown killed dozens of people hundreds marched in the streets of baghdad the iraqi parliament has passed a bill to reform its electoral commission to tries to ease the tensions after 2 months of unrest however protesters are calling for a complete overhaul of the political system. similar situation in algeria where we've seen the final friday protests before the presidential election many demonstrators say they will refuse to vote until there is a complete change in the ruling elite honest internationals accusing security forces of attacking peaceful protesters and cracking down on freedom of expression and support from bernard smith i. i most of these protesters of our own to boycott next week's presidential election in algeria but those who turned out every friday for 42 weeks they said the poll was pointless army remains involved in
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politics and the old guard linked to the former leadership retain their jobs analysts predict of voter turnout of just 12 to 15 percent i don't think there will be an open in of for a political system what is happening in a moment is some sort of inertia it gives the impression that something is happening that so many. of the system exists to look presidential elections will take place next to the and so on and so forth but in reality not being changes. there are 5 candidates in thursday's election as a team who he is the youngest he like the other 4 either supported or served in the government a president abdelaziz bouteflika before he was forced to resign in april when confronted by mass protests i am he says thursday's election is the only way to end the standoff with the opposition. amnesty international says algeria security
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forces have escalated a crackdown on the protests the human rights group says there's been a wave of arbitrary arrests and imprisonment of dozens of peaceful activists burnitz met. syria's local currency has been under pressure for a long time now obviously because of the war and the deepening economic problems caused by the syrian pound has recently devalued sharply and the financial crisis in neighboring lebanon isn't helping the full story now would send a hoarder. there is a shortage of $1.11 on it's affected the value of the lebanese libra and is believed to be behind the collapse of the currency in neighboring syria the syrian pound reached a record low of 950 to the dollar this week more than double the official rate the depreciation in the currency which is the largest since 2011 so 8 years of war did not have the impact that the economy crisis in lebanon had it's you to the biggest
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the biggest syrian depositors having their money in lebanon with a capital control they're not able to move their money to use it which will affect the syrian economy level of the banks have been the engine for syria's sanctions hit the economy but this country has been it political and economic turmoil in recent weeks forcing banks to control access to cash and prevent transfers abroad. the crisis has also affected tens of thousands of syrian workers who transfer their salaries back home they're now being paid in the lebanese pound which has lost at least 30 percent of its value on the black market the remittances that were much needed hard currency sanctions by the west since 2011 for its clampdown on peaceful protestors syria has not been able to trade on word market and sanctions imposed on syria the business community in syria's and looters relied on them bringing neighbor not and it's been consistent to continue their activities including in trade those new skills. in smuggling activities the syrian government says the
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pounds weak this is because of sanctions which it also blamed for a severe fuel crisis earlier this year tighter u.s. sanctions on its ally iran contra the to the shortage but fuel is now believed to be smuggled from levanon or we imported $1100000.00 tons of fuel oil in the 1st 7 months of 2018 but in the 1st 7 months of 201819 we imported. 4.7000000 tons of fuel oil. and the increased demand for dollars because we had to pay the market had to pay an extra $1700000000.00 levanon is no longer syria's dollar market for the time being at least. on the 11 on syria border more than 20000 people in some or have been vaccinated for measles in 2 days as doctors try to hold
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the outbreak which has killed at least 60 people all businesses have been sharks drivers have been told to stay off the road medical teams now going door to door islanders have been asked to fly a red flag outside their home if they haven't been vaccinated fewer than one in 3 had the correct immunization before the started 2 months ago. firefighters are struggling to contain bushfires in australia's soar around australia's largest city sydney has been blinded by smoke for days reducing visibility for drivers and causing the cancellation of sports events fire chiefs in new south wales say several fires north of sydney have joined into what is being called a mega blaze. teenage activist griffith on burgers at the un climate change conference in madrid a 16 year old who's become the global face of public anger over environmental destruction was mobbed by both media and supporters then she joined other young activists add a sit in protest for the demonstrations are planned in cities worldwide and young
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people demand urgent action from world leaders at the summit we have been looking to. we are getting bigger and. our forces are. more and more. full of course that doesn't. translate into political. oh. i. know sort of place. but we can't. stop for. there are strong. schools. and. they have been doing. for one. when many people around the world are already trying to do things a little differently to reduce their impact on the planet even when others around them aren't for example maybe on a camel hamadi woman from new zealand who this year embarked on what became a very public journey towards 0 waste. it's a feeling actual thing i think for most indigenous peoples to to hear about their
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footprint in the way that we engage with defile the environment and how we respect that we did this pretty close to 0 waste values growing up but i didn't even think of it that way until the beginning of this year when i decided that i'll try the things here it was for one month and i thought she had this with others so i called it takes a month of jane. really focused on it being one month and one month old try this thing out and man i really struggled for. i mean i i think i probably failed immediately because it means that you can't really decide to go 0 waste. you have to undo so much of what you've learned i've discovered how much we believe that we need stuff that we actually don't need so i had to undergo a whole lot of beliefs and a whole lot of practices and one of those things was discovering that i didn't need
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cleaning products i don't buy cleaning products the anymore just don't need them and i was trying to baking breed and making biscuits and because i didn't i'm a total sugar freak and i didn't want to be buying chocolate like i normally would find either a source of where we can find testicle packets free produce or grow it so it's tricky focus for me i get is really is trying to keep the rubbish bin empty this is some of the paraphernalia that i've collected for 0 waste this year i don't have all of this with me all of the time i have usually 2 or 3 of these things depending on what i think i'm going to need to ring that day and i struck something that i would like to buy but don't have the ability to. to buy without having something like this and. we're not winning every day but we're trying every day and that's what i say to people who are interested in this journey is try every day do what you can and the more every single day and at the end of the month there was no
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question of whether i would keep going and a lot of it was to do with the joy that i found in practicing this lifestyle you reconnect with that. provides for us how how hard it try to sustain us and how lucky we are that we have a planet that is despite our great if it is still trying to keep us alive. just a couple more stories for you germany's chancellor has visited auschwitz for the 1st time nangle americal said remembering nazi war crimes was an inseparable part of germany's identity at least a 1000000 jews and others were killed in the gas chambers of hitler's largest death camp in occupied poland she also handed over a $66000000.00 donation to be spent on preservation work to remind future generations of the atrocities committed during world war 2 and the ride sharing app has announced that nearly 6000 sexual assaults were reported to the
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company in the u.s. over 2 years this is the 1st time it was released the figures which cover 2017 and 18 the allegations range from unwanted touching kissing up to rape and 19 fatal assaults around its competitors have been facing increasing pressure to deal with complaints of abuse. half past the hour here on al-jazeera these are the headlines indian police have shot dead 4 men suspected of rape and murder police said they were killed when they're trying to escape the case has reignited nationwide protests over attacks on women a 6 story apartment block is a collapse in kenya killing at least 3 people soldiers are now searching for others trapped under the rubble in nairobi the red cross says 22 families lived in the building and 10 people have been rescued so far out as there is tasmania is in
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nairobi and says the government has been blamed for failing to regulate building construction. but it really shouldn't be long going they say huge crowds of people . trying to help 'd him sleep is saying that you know idea when i spoke to prevent them one of the resident being a monk of ricky walk of the take you know that has been also. among the people but they have been creeping thing that day and not doing enough to. get it out most days and a lot of the blame on you know that you should. know that that. location 5. that you know that the supposed to be constable. heavy rains expected in southeastern kenya or at least 130 people have died after 2 months of flooding a tropical storm off the somali coast is expected to make landfall this weekend the
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government says as many as 300000 residents have already left behind us major oil exporting nations of agreed to cut output 550-0000 barrels a day talks went late into the night at opec headquarters in vienna and then continued on friday opec has been cutting production already for the past 3 years. a shooting at a u.s. naval base is that 3 people dead including the gunman at least 11 people were injured at the naval air station in pensacola florida and as of this stage the motive is still unclear. and donald trump and his lawyers have a few hours left to decide if they will participate in the impeachment inquiry so father declines to answer any allegations that a u.s. president committed crimes by pressuring ukraine to investigate his democratic rival joe biden. and you are up to date with the headlines on al-jazeera. is coming up next.
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a. sustainable food production is one of the greatest challenges for the future. with global demand for food set to increase by nearly 70 percent by 2050. aquaculture is one of the most polluting and ecologically damaging industries so. if we want to keep food on the table without continuing to ravage our natural environments. we need to completely
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rethink how all food industries work. i'm russell beard in finland where one restaurant is.


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