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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 9, 2019 11:00am-11:33am +03

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a volcano erupts in new zealand tourists visit the crater at least one person is dead more than 20 are missing. and sam is a that this is al jazeera live from the also coming up fear and despair among muslims in india as parliament debates a controversial bill critics say this criminal acts against them. so than the influential paramilitary force the are s.f. under pressure its rights groups say it's a threat to democracy. accusations of israeli torture we speak to a family in the occupied west bank about their ordeal.
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of volcano off the coast of new zealand has erupted as tourists groups were visiting at least one person has been killed up to 50 people including tourists from a cruise ship were on white island when the volcano sent a plume of smoke and ash thousands of meters into the air rescuers say it's currently too dangerous to go to the site new zealand's deputy police commissioner says 23 people made it off the island but many remain unaccounted for speaking at an emergency briefing new zealand's prime minister confirmed toll groups were on the island at the time of the russian. we know already that there were a number of tourists on or around the island at the time both new zealand is in visit is from our the ses i know there will be a huge amount of consume and anxiety for those who have loved ones on or around
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the island at the time and i can assure them police are doing everything they can shannon rudd stall is a reporter with news hub in oakland new zealand she says scientists are not worried about another eruption at this stage i think the biggest concern is the ash that is around and it really has overpowered vision and terms of trying to get to the on and out local. local and right service has it actually the chance of it being nava eruption is really so that's not what they're concerned about at this stage the eruption happened very suddenly and in fact it was next to no warning there had been a slight increase in the level of activity on the island in the previous weeks how invoke knowledge have said that these folk these all kind of would have loved quite close to the service a circus went on the dogs and so this can happen just very quickly it hasn't happened in a long time a significant. eruption as this one however the on tourists almost on an even breed
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die as this if they were up to 50 people be at the time many of them having come on a vacation of the same sick cruise ship which is fortunate in total and so it can be it's not to be dangerous but not just as nothing like this happened before india's parliament is debating a controversial citizenship amendment bill the proposed law is geared towards granting citizenship to those fleeing religious persecution but he thinks colludes muslims some say it's the governing hindu nationalist parties latest attempt at sidelining muslims in india. the bill is another side but for muslims of our state in the east many of them have been recently declared state close by a new census and that identifying those who have migrated from neighboring bangladesh and job or explains. monic john is relieved to be back home but remains haunted by the 4 reaction 4 months she spent in education center for us tribunals
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which has the job of identifying illegal migrants sent her there he said but monica insists she is an indian citizen and produces several documents to prove it she says she was born in india and her father and grandfather to live with him a little i distinctly remember those days in the detention camp how can i ever forget it was like i was inside a grave that's a space i had just that much her neighbor are sure that b.b. says her husband died when she was in the detention center who breaks down as she recalls not being allowed to attend his funeral. involves other people convicted of serious crimes are eligible for parole people sent to these detention centers are not i'm going to live a longer. spend 3 years in a detention center because he says his name had been respected in
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a government document i want to do is harder going to bring just a tiny gap between the beds so when we carried a bucket of water to go to the toilet and spilled even a drop of the convicts who beat us. the horrors this tribunals have declared over 100000 people as illegal foreigners and center nearly a 1000 to languish in detention centers until they are deported but activists say no country can be expected to accept them because a large majority if not all are indian citizens of. nearly 2000000 people in assam are missing from a recently released list of indian citizens there. fate will be decided by the tribunals judgments which are often criticized nearly everyone in these villages now has a well kept pile of documents to prove that they in fact are indian citizens but many here accuse the foreigners tribunals the 1st authority to determine their status of ordering wrongful detentions india's government is preparing to pass
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a citizenship amendment bill which would grant citizenship to hindu migrants but not muslims activists say the government intends to target the minority community they want to go toward india no man's land everybody can come are really going to go we are innocent and we are trying to become. transformed from these folk or for miss them to the hardness we'll have unless one of the monic john and i she they are terrified as are many other muslims they think that while bengalis who are hindu the saved by the hindu majority indian government muslims will be systematically be stateless. let's go live now time child vora she joins us from new delhi and i think if i can see correctly on cho we've got protesters behind you tell us what their message is 1st.
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sami as you are right there are several protesters who gathered here in the national capital and the essentials say that this bill discriminates against them many of the protesters are from the minority community i've been talking to them and they say since when are we deciding citizenship in a secular country insect lamia on the basis of religion they also are very well last of the constitution and say the constitution starts with we the people of india and not we the hindus not we the muslims people clearly are very upset and they think of course it's not going to be limited to assad to me once this bill is passed limited to asserting who the illegal migrant. all right we apologize there are obviously having a bit of technical issues with. let's move on though our rights group says it has evidence sedans powerful paramilitary rapid support forces may be
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a growing threat to the country's fragile peace global witness says the leader of the are s.f. is running a para military industrial complex. and dagger low also known as head he is said to be linked to 3 companies at the heart of funding one is a grenade a goal trading company in 2017 the are a safe seize control of the dollar for gold by global witness says 2 other companies are controlled by him it is family being used to funnel money to and from the r.s.s. the report also says the border $1000.00 vehicles from dealers in the united arab emirates and the rights group says the aricept has an account under its own name in a subsidiary of a numerati bank the rapid support forces supposed to be controlled by sudan's military but according to global witness its funding is almost totally independent
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as here morgan reports from khartoum the global witness report adds to existing concerns about the r.s.s. leader. for starters protesters who have been leading sudan's revolution and since last year have been saying that they are also concerned about the role that the deputy head of the sovereign council hamid to here is the head of the irish have is playing to end a transitional period there is thing that they're concerned he's trying to whitewash his image with global witness is think that they're concerned about the economy about his source of income and that he's using natural resources from the country to fund his militias which according to the head of the sovereign council for double what is the commander in chief says that the ourself and the sudanese military are one and that they have the same budget but that report says that no what is happening is that the aristide has its own source of income from gold mines in the western region of darfur as well as the southern region of south kordofan so there are concerns that with the rapid support forces forces that have fought rebel
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groups for and that have been accused of work crimes and crimes against humanity and atrocities that this transitional period would be very shaky if things don't go their way their commander him if he wanted to go the number of sudanese troops fighting in yemen has dropped by more than 10000 sudan's prime minister says 15000 soldiers were initially part of the salary a morality led coalition battling with the rebels but that number is now down to 5000 dogs says a political solution is the only way to end the through year conflict gulf leaders are meeting in saudi arabia for the 40th session of the gulf cooperation council the 6 nations regional bloc has struggled for unity since 2017 when saudi arabia the u.a.e. train and egypt severed ties with carter and imposed a blockade. reports on whether the summit might offer a new beginning. for the 1st time in years there are signs that
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a diplomatic dispute that has paralyzed the gulf region may be easing that's according to statements made by a qatari foreign minister. during a conference in rome on friday we have moved from a stalemate to some progress where there are some talks. that took place between us and. specifically and saudi and we hope these talks would need. to up progress where we can see an end. to 4 of the 4 of the crisis. this is the last time gulf leaders put on a show of unity that was in riyadh in may 2017 a few weeks later saudi arabia u.a.e. behind an egypt cut diplomatic ties with qatar accusing it of funding extremism and building closer ties with iran qatar has repeatedly denied the charges and rejected
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a list of 13 demands by the blockade in countries which include closing a turkish military base downgrading ties with iran and shutting down the aisle to 0 media network. the u.s. has called on its gulf allies to and their feud fearing the rift might undermine its 1st to contain what it sees as iran's growing influence in the region the signs are they are but at the same time despite these 2 are momentous steps that have been taken over the past weeks we know that to know why diplomatic initiatives have so far over the past 2 and a half years taken place with robust u.s. diplomatic pressure in the background there have been signs of possible deescalation in recent weeks saudi arabia the u.a.e. and bahrain took part in a golf football tournament held in doha. reversing an earlier decision to boycott
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the event many are now waiting to see if the same effort and cool ration will be in place to end the crisis that's begun in june 2017 my but i'll just iran. still ahead on al-jazeera. protesting through song thousands take aim at colombia's government. i'm robin firstly a walk in georgia where hydro power is booming but all river systems here in danger of going about. how i once again malaysia bearing the brunt of the heaviest shall is across southeast asia more heavy downpours heat to the house of course just around borneo
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easing over towards southern parts of the mill a peninsula and into northern and central areas of. just announcing a pole will see the heaviest rain calling for a little drier than it has been recently but this was never really too far away and there is some showers a little further south there just down towards temperatures 32 degrees celsius with some of those showers a rolling through that we could really there was some showers across eastern parts of australia might see something coming in here as you go into the last part of the week this is the main weather system here cold front which will introduce some cooler air as we go on through the next couple days but ahead of that temperatures continue to ramp up but we have seen temperatures down recently. which has helped with regards to the bushfire situation helping the firefighters get a chance to tamp things down flame as we go on into the next couple of days we will see one of 2 shallows creeping towards that eastern coast was a possibility of dry lightning so that's not all good news and notice the temperature picking up in sydney 36 hours he said there are 18 in melbourne system
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makes its way through that we get with a chance of want to show its top temperatures then 24. whether sponsored by cattle ringlets. what was the last thing the president said to you about impeachment when you last spoke to him for oz multicultural society it's not about you. being done with allegations it was only years ago how worried are you that the conditions are still ripe for another i think they are right join me man of the house and as i put up from questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching out just the right time to recap our headlines of volcanoes has erupted in new zealand killing at least 5 people up to 50 people including tourists were on white island time police say the number of dead will likely brines a controversial citizenship amendment bill is being discussed in india's parliament on monday the bill is geared towards granting citizenship to those fleeing religious persecution from neighboring countries but excludes muslims. as human rights group says sudan's paramilitary rapid support forces may be a threat to the country's peace global witness accuses the r.s.s. leader of running a paramilitary industrial complex. the political crisis in lebanon shows no sign of ending after a main contender for prime minister withdrew from the race somehow thieves says lebanon's top suddenly religious authority backs the reappointment of former prime
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minister sadly how really he resigned in october after weeks of anti-government protests politicians were scheduled to meet on monday to pick a new prime minister and the president has spoken that meeting to next week and a whole joins us live from beirut perspiring in a sign that perhaps the country is heading into another long period of political stalemate. yes sami it seems that there is no consensus among the political parties they're locked in a power struggle you mentioned those parliamentary consultations that should have taken place today where the different blocs in parliament meet the president name their choice of the prime minister in lebanon in a country like lebanon it is a parliamentary democracy but at the same time it has to be a consensual democracy the different sects in the country have to agree in order to preserve stability there is
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a sectarian based power sharing agreement in place the post of the prime minister is reserved for a son a muslim you mentioned some here his name emerged last week but he did not receive the support of the 12 which is the highest son the religious authority in 11 on and side oh how do you do that caretaker prime minister who heads the largest sunday block in parliament he was sending mixed messages so some people have to withdraw his candidacy now all political parties will welcome the return of the saddle heidi to office but the problem is he is attaching conditions to his return conditions the governing alliance which is led by the iranian backed hezbollah of the president michel aoun and the speaker of parliament nabih berri they want a government that is made up of technocrats as well as political figures but subtle how do you the one says what the street wants and that is an independent government free from any political affiliation so will they be able to make a deal it is unlikely it's not that easy because hezbollah and its allies feel that
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if the decision making power is no longer in their hands they could weaken them politically so hard bargaining ahead and the fear that many lebanese have is that the longer this continues the economic crisis worsens i mean the poverty rate is on the rise the unemployment rate is on the rise companies are shutting down staff members and staff are being laid off so the country is in political and economic turmoil saying that this starts to be. the street protests and now it seems the process is in the the usual hands of the representatives of the different political factions in the country how much input do protesters have at this point on the selection of a new prime minister. well protests really have in many ways fizzled out people are tired people have to return to their jobs in order to survive people have been intimidated they've been arrested they've been harassed
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they've been attacked they've been attacked by supporters of the mainly sectarian political parties so they are up against the ruling elite the political class which is refusing to relinquish power they don't have much options like you see behind me this is their protest site and martyrs square it is empty in the afternoon a few 100 people come here they gather here but the power does not rest in their hands any longer but there is no doubt the very fact that they took to the streets almost 2 months ago demanding change they have achieved a lot but even they tell you we don't want saddam how do you get back in power he is part of the political elite as well why this religious authorities have a say on who the next prime minister is this is really about changing our whole system the political sectarian system that has been in place which allows these political leaders to stay in power to exploit the state's resources in order to make sure that people support them they give jobs to their supporters one belief
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about thanks so much they know hold of the bosnian government's agreed to shut down an outdoor refugee camp deemed inhumane by the european union rights groups police have already started moving some of the 800 people living in the camps to indoor facilities. severe winter conditions and made the camp home bearable for refugees but many are refusing to resettle they say they plan to cross into neighboring croatia. the head of an f.b.i. inquiry into a shooting at the u.s. naval base says they're working on the presumption the attack was an act of terrorism saudi air force officer mohammad saeed the sham ronnie shot dead 3 students at the floor of the base on friday saudi crown prince mohammed bin called the u.s. president to express his condolences under schapelle has more more information from the f.b.i. about mohammed saeed. the junior officer in the royal saudi air force who shot 11 people on friday killing 3 sailors our main goal right now is to confirm whether he
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acted alone or was he a part of a larger network we currently assess there was one gunman who perpetrated this attack and no arrests have been made in this case. the opened fire in a classroom using a gun that he'd legally purchased around 2 hours beforehand he allegedly tweeted his disdain for u.s. troops returning to saudi arabia calling america a nation of evil our hearts break for the families who lost their precious loved ones in this atrocity another atrocity the president trump has helped the saudis with damage control conveying the kingdom's condolences others want the military training program to be paused for us to be bringing in these foreign nationals you have to take precautions to protect the country. he was one of more than 850 saudi
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nationals in the u.s. benefiting from this program which its defenders say is vital to u.s. national security thousands of students from more than 150 countries take part in it sadly i think this is one of those instances where someone slipped through the cracks but we have to be 100 percent sure but we never will be 100 percent sure get their flight school maybe go fly a jet that is pretty cool but for families of 23 year old joshua caleb watson in alabama this weekend 21 year old cameron scott walters in georgia and 19 year old mohammed sama hate them in florida it's a tragedy too hard to bear the navy says they ran towards danger and saved lives without them the incident could have been far worse and or chapell al-jazeera. colombian singers have banded together as a public supporting greece and to protests that angry at the president's plans for economic reform and ascended m.p.'s he reports. another massive demonstration in
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colombia scapular 18 days into an unprecedented run of protests known as the national strike. this time as a musical road show with 3 fixed stages 44 bands performing and the travelling concert truck but despite the 5th steve atmosphere the objective remains the same demanding changes from the in popular government of ok ok let's not yes we've been on strike he's fully for 18 days because we're not afraid anymore and will continue until the government gives us more solutions. university students and union members keep leading the strike but as the days go by larger sectors of society have been championing the protest in its demands from the middle class to artists and musicians. i have never seen in my life a movement that lasted this long and with such a huge participation of the youth i think we were apathetic because we lacked hope
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and i think this new generation is hopeful and this keeps motivating them and others. as you know other latin american countries in unrest feminists here to perform an anti rape protest song a rapist in your path that has become an international anthem. at downpour in the early afternoon didn't stop the show and chance 74 percent of colombians are supporting the strike and its demands from implementing the country's peace deal with fark rebels to halting the killing of human rights activists in the country and police repression of protest but the focus now is i'm blocking legislation which would cut duties on businesses by the pressure president. congress are pushing forward with a number of reforms starting with tax reform the protesters want to see scrapped altogether many of the people present here today when the government to make
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a 180 degree turn well that's not going to happen anytime soon this government is not going to be. overnight things that it can compromise on. the road to prison the government will viable options were to do it. in the meantime the pressure will continue unabated with more demonstrations planned for next week alison. george is planning dozens of hydro electric power stations to boost the country's energy capacity but some communities a fighting back fearing projects will damage the environment. villages in eastern stage a sit in against plans to build a new hydroelectric power station on the river and it will become nothing but we have water and they want to take it away this woman says the company building the
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project says the village will get its share of water. but local. climate change is already affecting supply. the night sure we have now want to exist anymore over the past some of the water level was low and without enough moisture trees on the left bank started to dry out this is not my opinion there are studies on the. other affected communities are also taking action in april residents from nearby pankisi. with police over another plant more than 50 people were injured. and on the other side of the country instability campaigners oppose several large projects one of which would force more than 2000 people to move. higher power has less of a carbon footprint than fossil fueled power stations but studies show that even small hydro power plants disrupt the flow of rivers and damage ecosystems reservoir
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hydro power can have an even greater impact several new ones are under construction this is the reservoir and hydroelectric power station it's one of the biggest in the country it was built in the 19 eighties and it's one of a number of soviet era plants that explain why today more than 80 percent of this country's electricity is generated by hydro power now the government wants many more new plants both big and small to meet growing energy demands. the government has been criticized for lacking a robust energy strategy to justify all that construction i asked the economy minister if 119 projects. to mail the figures that we are talking about a mainly consist of this small or fully match and hydro power plant we're almost there all environmental sure when you say that almost 0 environmentally any plant
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which is bigger than it's acquired is to be studied very carefully and environmental and social impact assessment should be green campaigners say that didn't happen for this 187 megawatt plant heavy water from 3 rivers was diverted one study found its construction destroyed $93.00 hectors of natural habitat and damaged local fish populations. the plant has been suspended tunnels which with built to divert water collapsed after it began operating in 2017 we are also experiencing other problems in other big or even small hydro power plants but despite the legislation requirements to do the proper assessments before starting constructions on one hand companies weighting them on another hand governmental decision makers are closing our eyes and just granting these permissions to the
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project the company which operates the plant was not available for comment. the government and the best to say that he is an exception and that the. rights. of communities like yours still need convincing. for a steel worker al-jazeera in the republican future. let's take you through some of the headlines here in al-jazeera now a volcano has erupted in new zealand killing at least 5 people up to 50 people including the tourists who are on white island at the time police say the number of dead will likely rise speaking as an emergency briefing new zealand's prime minister confirmed told groups were on the island at the time of the eruption we know already that there were a number of tourists on or around the island at the time both new zealanders and
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visit is from overseas i know there will be a huge amount of consume and anxiety for those who have loved ones on or around the island at the time and i can assure them police are doing it every thing they can india's parliament is debating a controversial citizenship amendment bill the proposed law is geared towards granting citizenship to those fleeing religious persecution but it excludes muslims some say it's the governing hindu nationalist parties latest attempt at sidelining muslims in india human rights group says sudan's paramilitary rapid support forces may be a threat to the country's peace global witness accuses the r.s.s. leader of running a paramilitary industrial complex. the political crisis in lebanon shows no sign of ending after a main contender for prime minister withdrew from the race samir healthy and says
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lebanon's top sunni religious authority backs the reappointment of former prime minister sadly how do you think he resigned in october after weeks of empty government protests people angry over corruption and sectarianism foreign ministers from the gulf cooperation council are arriving in riyadh ahead of a summit on tuesday they're expected to discuss relations between carter and other arab nations blockading it the 6 nation regional bloc has struggled since 2017 when saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind and egypt severed ties with cats are. the headlines the news continues after up front stay with us. they've been critical of the political deadlock since the threats that referendum on the day still to be divided will the general election or december that's called this all anything can boris johnson get the rx it done and where does the u.k. go from here follow the u.k. general election on al-jazeera. from kashmir to balochistan to religious minorities
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is pakistan willing to take responsibility for its human rights abuses i'll ask the human rights minister in iran comes government. here in missouri thank you for joining me on up front you're the human rights minister in a government that is perhaps the world's number one critic of indian government human rights abuses in kashmir abuses that we've covered on the show very recently but what about pakistan's own contribution to that human rights cry.


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