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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 10, 2019 8:00am-8:33am +03

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on al-jazeera. new zealand police launch a criminal investigation into the injuries and deaths caused by a volcanic eruption. logan i'm asking dennis your without is there a live from also coming up we've also just democrats in the u.s. house of representatives have agreed to present 2 articles of impeachment against president trump. the presidents of ukraine and russia agree on another cease fire but there's still more to be done to end the 5 year conflict. celebrations in
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argentina ahead of the official return of the peronist. breaking news from new zealand within the past hour or so we've learned that police there are launching a criminal investigation into the circumstances surrounding the deaths of several people in a volcanic eruption at least 5 people were killed 8 others still missing are presumed dead whilst on white island police have suggested it's unlikely that they'll be any more survivors 31 people are injured and some of those have got severe. we can never say 100 percent but i would strongly suggest that there is no one that has survived on the island so we'll look into. it if there's anyone criminally responsible for the deaths and injuries it's an it's
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early days yet so we've just kind of to work through the evidence talk to people and conduct the investigation. and jessica washington is our correspondent in all cleansed with more on what could amount to a criminal investigation. the information about this criminal investigation is still unclear the latest that we've heard from authorities is that there will be some sort of investigation into these 5 deaths but they have not yet at this stage determined the scope of this investigation now this comes after new zealand's prime minister just sent also commented that she too would be asking questions about whether tools should have been operating to white island in the 1st place she has indicated that she will ensure those questions will be answered in due time but for this moment the focus is very much on that recovery effort and we know that there
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are 5 confirmed deaths at this stage among those 3 of those people are believed to be australians there are still a further 8 people who are believed to still be on the island now initially when this disaster did happen of course this was announced as a rescue operation hours later it was renamed as a recovery operation it is believed that of course there are no survivors left on that island now those who did survive were taken to hospitals around new zealand we believe it was 7 hospitals that they've been transported to including this one behind me this is middle moore hospital where the burns unit is at capacity and that is the case for many hospitals around new zealand we've heard that there are of course people with severe injuries including among the patients who are at these burns injuries some who have burns to 70 percent of the surface area of their skin . a chilean military cargo plane has disappeared with 38 people on board it took
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off from the southern city open to them is heading to a base in antarctica a session rescue teams being deployed. a new report from the usa the democrats in the lower house of congress have decided to present 2 articles of impeachment in their bid to remove president trump from office this fall is what was expected to be the last public hearing before the articles are announced more from our correspondent mike hanna in washington. at an evening function the speaker of the house nancy pelosi refused to confirm that articles of impeachment against president trump had been agreed upon earlier she met with the chairman of the house committees to decide exactly what these articles were going to be a formal announcement as to these articles is expected in the course of tuesday
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however various agencies including the associated press and the washington post report that the democrats have agreed on 2 articles of impeachment one on abuse of power the other on obstruction of congress now if these are indeed the articles that will be introduced it indicates a very narrow form of impeachment focused on president trumps dealing with the ukraine and the allegation that he used his political position his position as president of the united states to get political information on an opponent for the next u.s. election then did the structure of congress charge would deal with the white house as attempts to interfere in that ongoing investigation into the ukraine situation their refusal to give witnesses their refusal to provide documents that had been subpoenaed now this could all move very quickly indeed there could be
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a vote in the judiciary committee as soon as thursday that would then see a vote being taken on the floor of the house the following week and that in turn could lead to a trial in the senate in very early january. well on monday's public hearing of the judicial committee from another of our correspondents in washington heidi. fireworks inside of monday's impeachment hearing likely the last before the house judiciary committee draft articles of impeachment came not just from protesters but also republican members committed to showing that they believe the proceedings against trump are a sham. the schedule not to consider made a ruling if you were to appeal to them and was going to try to overturn the results of an election were not elected people to the gentleman who was then the witnesses were attorneys for both parties and though the facts were the same that trump froze
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military assistance to ukraine then asked its president to launch investigations into trump's political opponents the interpretations of those facts couldn't be more different president trump used the powers of government for a domestic political area to put his political interests above that of the nation and each a president who's 63000000 people voted for over 8 lines in a call transcript is boni it's unclear who the lawyers are trying to convince members of the house judiciary committee made up their minds long ago along party lines democrats hold the majority and will draft articles of impeachment likely by next week if the president puts himself before the country he violates a president's most basic responsibility he breaks his oath to the american people. if you put some south before the country in a manner that threatens our democracy and our of our privacy the american people
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requires us to come to the defense of the nation trumps attorneys declined an invitation to attend the hearing signaling deliberately defend the president before the senate in a likely trial in january it's a disgrace to our country and south republicans hold the senate majority which means that obviously a conviction in the sun will fall well short of the 2 sorts requirement to remove president trump from office and i think you would likely expect that it would be entirely a partisan vote outside the ivory domes of the u.s. capitol polls show the american public is also strongly divided by party voters who identify as democrats strongly support the impeachment republicans are strongly opposed that about split the population evenly in halves with opinions unchanged since the beginning of this impeachment inquiry republicans say trump spate should be decided by the people in next year's elections but democrats say because trump
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is accused of soliciting foreign interference in those very elections he must be held accountable now heidi joe castro al jazeera washington. well meanwhile the f.b.i. has been cleared of political bias in its investigation of contacts between donald trump's presidential campaign and russia bought the justice department did find a number of areas in how the f.b.i. handled their inquiries al-jazeera is present culhane the polls. it's been a bit of a montra from the u.s. president trying to discredit the investigation into his campaign's potential collusion with russia there was absolutely spying into my campaign to go a step further in my opinion it was illegal spying unprecedented spying now this report from the justice department's inspector general says it wasn't that the investigation was launched with credible information and that the people behind it did not have political bias or improper motivation
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a headline heralded by democrats. i think there's spying did occur but the head of the justice department the attorney general william barr is dismissing that conclusion sending out a statement writing the inspector general's report now makes clear that the f.b.i. launched an intrusive investigation of a u.s. presidential campaign and the thinnest of suspicions that in my view were insufficient to justify the steps taken the report says the f.b.i. did make mistakes agents withheld a lot of information about carter page a trump aide when trying to get surveillance on him approved that's something the president and his allies are focusing on instead this was an attempted overthrow and a lot of people were in on it. and they got caught they got caught red handed i look forward to the durham report which is coming out in the not too distant future it's
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got his own information which is this information plus plus plus the president disregarding what the report actually says pinning his hopes on the next one a u.s. attorney has been tasked to prove what the president says is true even though this one after reading a 1000000 documents and interviewing 170 of the key people involved insist it isn't patty calling al jazeera washington. the foreign ministers from egypt and the appearance of dan say the. talks aimed at reaching an agreement on a major project will continue if you use building a huge multi-billion dollar dam on the river nile but egypt fit is it will threaten its security the announcement was made after officials from the 3 countries met u.s. authorities. on monday. to come here at al-jazeera including mia myles leader set to crunch the top u.n. court in the hague over accusations of genocide will be live from cox's
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bazaar. forced to flee their homes bushfires in eastern australia trigger evacuations. had again we have severely unsubtle weather across much of the middle east side into the north end of town china all of the satellite cold air in place as well of course further to the north. as they work in the way 1st of all on tuesday through the eastern end of the mediterranean across into syria as rain and also some snow says high elevations and then quite a bank of cloud working its way through much of iraq through q q a city quite likely on tuesday that rain system working its way further south as we go through wednesday and on through the week so does clear quite nicely wednesday
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away from q 821 celsius is the high but there's another system just really beginning to work its way through the eastern end of the med but in between not a nice warm day in beirut as well with a high of 20 wanted to greece so that rain working its way south was that will have some impacts that nicholson to bahrain and castle as we go through choose a fairly widespread this rain and it could be quite heavy at times as well but it does work its way slowly towards the south and the east we could to see wanted to scattered showers and then pushing on him. areas of the u.s. abu dhabi at 25 celsius on wednesday as an attempt to cross into doha meanwhile southern africa plans you're right in the 4 cars to keeping things very unsettled but again fairly warm and johannesburg a 25. candid testimonies from lebanese women who are staying single.
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good schools they missed cultural shifts in a religious society already immigrant the political and social tensions. the implications for the arab world as a home. by choice. these are the top stories here it out 0 this morning new zealand police are launching a criminal investigation into the deaths of a number of tourists in a volcano eruption 5 people were killed on white island 8 others are still missing
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. or polls in the usa democrats in the lower house of congress will announce 2 articles of impeachment against president trump later on tuesday abuse of power and obstruction of congress and this follows what's expected to be the last public hearing of the impeachment inquiry by the judiciary committee. and meanwhile the u.s. justice department has found no evidence of political bias by the f.b.i. when it investigated contacts between donald trump's presidential campaign and russia. 26 scene. people living in eastern australia have been forced to leave their homes as bushfires continue to spread around 85 of them are currently burning in the state of new south wales half of those are uncontained conditions are expected to worsen on tuesday because of high temperatures and strong winds in the country's biggest city sydney's once again being closed in fic smoke from the
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nearby fires andrew thomas is in the middle of it. the people behind me have chosen this spot for their wedding because ordinarily it has one of the most iconic views in sydney the harbor bridge and the opera house both completely hidden by the smoke here that horn that's a ship in the harbor and the captain he or she is going to blow their horn to warn other boats that they're coming this is becoming the new normal in sydney this dense smoke it intensely does very day and this is particularly bad but people are waking up expecting to see it and many people now in the city you see walking around in face masks some even in gas masks this smoke is all coming from these huge fires these while far the bush fires burning to the north of sydney and burning to the west they've been going now for weeks and when the windows in a certain direction it brings the smoke straight over this city that is a particularly hot day another day goes on it's expected to get particularly windy as well which could really player up those fires that could get an awful lot worse
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threatening people times threatening lives i mean while sydney is choking. russia and ukraine are going to implement a cease fire in eastern ukraine by the end of the year russia's president met the new ukrainian leader in paris for their 1st for talks fighting in eastern ukraine between moscow back separatists and ukraine's army has killed 14000 people within the last 5 years natasha a reports. ukraine's recently elected president was greeted by french president emmanuel micra at the least a palace selenski flashed a peace sign as he prepared to meet vladimir putin for the 1st time the russian leader arrived shortly afterwards for talks aimed to paving the way to peace in eastern ukraine. outside the lease a police tackled and putin protesters while inside macro and german chancellor angela merkel sat down to mediate the full selenski and putin met one on one after
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nearly 9 hours of tool. the leaders agreed to a cease fire by the end of 2019 a prisoner swap and to hold another summit in 4 months but there was little common ground on eastern ukraine future putin wants a special status for the don't pass region led by russian backed separatists. to synchronize the negotiation process with political settlement 1st of all it means amendments to the constitution that will ensure a special status to donbass on constant terms need to prolong the agreement of special status of several regions of donbass it should have constant character as agreed in the minsk accord selenski made it clear that he would not compromise ukrainian sovereignty. i want to establish the principles that i'll never violate as ukraine's president and that the ukrainian people would never accept the federal laws ation of ukraine is impossible ukraine is a sovereign state. more than 13000 people have been killed in the 5 year war in
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eastern ukraine between government forces and russian backed fighters close to the front line wary residents in the city of donetsk said they were cautious about the talks. most of the things should be decided through negotiations and not through war i see the world like this and we should be stopped because it is difficult to live here it is difficult morally and psychologically we need peace and tranquility of. this some it's been a delicate balancing act for all sides but particularly for selenski the former t.v. actor made ending the war in ukraine one of his campaign promises but he's been under pressure at home not to give in to russia's demands for months protesters have gathered in kiev to urge selenski to stand up to putin is more experienced rival. i'm not happy with president's actions on the international stage at the moment i
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do not understand why he went to the normandy summit and what he can bring back the french president called the conflict in ukraine an open wound on the european continent the summits may not have offered any major breakthroughs but the fact that putin and selenski had agreed to come together at all was seen as progress and a step to building trust the al-jazeera paris. now later on tuesday mammals government is due to appear before the un's top court to face charges of genocide against the ranger a military crackdown in 2017 falls more than 700000 granger to flee to neighboring bangladesh and many of them live in refugee camps in cox's bazaar from where 10 choudhrie now reports. 0 lives all alone in the world's largest refugee camp home to a nearly a 1000000 growing up people holding his eldest son's photo he tells me how he lost
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15 family members including his wife and 7 children all brutally killed by the me and my security forces in 2017. they took at least 20 people forced them inside a hut locked the door in a little hut on fire burning everyone inside somehow equal him and managed to escape the burning but they were instantly chopped death with machetes so much brutality many of them just during the live. the case brought forward by gambia to the international court of justice will be the 1st international legal attempt to bring me and mark to justice over allegations of crimes against the. finally after much international diplomatic pressure gambia has been successful man and bring him to face the international court we are grateful to. make them face justice to me in my government has been
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persecuting us since 942. last practically her entire family in a single day all killed by me and my security forces recounting our story is like opening an old one that just doesn't seems to heal. security forces and local but this militants came with machetes and guns from every corner in our village a few of us fled to a nearby forest others ran to its the river shore and stayed hidden 22 of my family members were shot. both my parents and all my brothers and sisters every single rowing a refugee has a story of personal tragedy there's so many individual like. family members were killed by the security forces in myanmar don't want to return to me on my without some sort of justice. myanmar authorities may deny charges are moderate arson and torture perpetrated by security forces but there are witnesses on the
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ground bearing testimony to the events that took place across the border. also as you will do i don't have any peace of mind anymore when i shut my eyes i think of all of my family members those who were killed i want justice from the world. it may take years before a ruling against me and maher is handed down by the international code but for so here nothing can bring his dear ones back for him it's an endless journey of pain and agony. cox's bazar bangladesh. well we can go live now to another of our correspondents in cox's bazar in bangladesh stephanie decker and stuff this is a landmark occasion of course this trial beginning in the siege in the hague thousands of kilometers away from me emma and indeed where you are how do they feel how to the range of people feel. ruling in their favor could possibly benefit them
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. i think they don't really know about the details of what can or can't be the consequences of whatever ruling the i.c.j. does but they do understand that there is some kind of process underway to find some point of justice justice that they seek martina and more importantly they want to go home so of course they want to see people on trial and have some form of accountability but more importantly i mean you can see where we are at the biggest refugee camp in the world we're talking almost a 1000000 people those heartbreaking stories you heard in town there's half as well these are stories that everyone here anyone you speak to has a there are very similar story having lost entire family members mass rapes babies being ripped from their hands and started to fire you stories that are almost unimaginable almost unbelievable they are so violent so what's a people want of course is justice that they want to be able to go back home in mars just in the mountains behind us at the moment certainly there is no sign of
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that happening so people here not everyone is aware of what's going on of course martin but the engineers here are educating the people there are legal groups also working to take the case to other bodies like the i.c.c. the i.c.j. of course is the court where state again state the international criminal court which is also looking into an investigation here is about bringing individuals to justice and at the moment certainly still none of that seems to be any close now the original exodus if you like a vis group of refugees i was in 2017 is now 2 years on to people really think really want to go back to me i'm a. they do that they want to do that with their safety assured and this is the big question mark we were here a couple of months ago when an official was visiting us from china and they were saying because they were trying to bring them back home not forcibly repatriate
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them r.t. but those who wanted to go could go well no one wanted to go and people were telling us that because there are no assurances of safety the ranger that remain inside myanmar there are restricted in terms of their movement they have a lot of restrictions on how they can live there are no assurances from the authorities in myanmar the united nations hasn't been allowed access to the area to see what the situation is there's been research when it comes to satellite imagery that the original villages where these people were from had been completely razed to the ground there looked great so nothing there are no guarantees that these people who are trying to save can this is the key question here marty and we're facing a serious problem you have a population of almost a 1000000 people they are stateless they have no identity papers they're around a 100 babies being born into these camps every day so this is a population that's booming they're not going anywhere bangladesh no longer wants them the government and the local population are losing patience mere mortals that want them well this is a massive question mark where are they going to go and certainly i think it's
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already here in bangladesh feel that they are being left to deal with this on their own stephanie deca live in cox's bazaar in southern bangladesh thank you very much both engles surges of delayed the closure of a migrant camp deemed unsuitable for human life by the e.u. on sunday police had begun to relocate some of the 800 people who live in the vaults chuck camp but many of them are refusing to leave because they want to be sent to croatia which is a member of the european union. in argentina supporters of the peronist party is celebrating its return to power at a rally in the capital burn aside as many supporters dress stoppers ever put on the wife of the former argentine president one played on to mark the occasion of the peronist movement as we know a major force in argentine politics since bedouins presidency in the 940 s. now president elect i'll bet of hernandez is soon to be inaugurated later on
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tuesday. today's a live at the mansion has been speaking to some of the petronas supporters. elected reps in and out of the pentagon if not to raise interest just hours away and we're told the president told him when to cut and dozens of people had gathered here to read i think about it on i'm one they don't argentina from the mine back in the 19 days came in a way to prevent. social justice and equality 54 years say that they don't keep the heart of fairness i'm not coming back to power here when i back up for not even former president cristina fernandez de kirchner i vice president look you know without a lot of what. we peronist one social justice equality and an end to poverty unemployment and sovereignty above all else. heaven and here's a question but also fear and defame that today prepend know we still might be there
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was a fair way party here with people who are afraid about what's coming next in argentina if somebody came to power with the promise of bring economic growth in this country but it wouldn't be leaving when i mean high grade inflation i bet the farm none of it coming with a very big economic challenge in the possibility of default restructuring argentina going down and everything come in play showing argentina us economy has been in recession somebody having a raise has been on the right as well inflation and that's why the meat is going to be gone up with main priorities. now the man who inspired a global ice bucket challenge the raids millions for medical research has died. you know what. people like. this is. millions of people accepted nominations to be drenched in ice water and donate to
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charity he traits he was a former college baseball and led a determined fight against lou gehrig's disease the competition took was taken up around the world and he inspired $200000000.00 worth of support he was 34 years old it's. tough as a lot of the top stories here doubtless air new zealand police are launching a criminal investigation into the circumstances surrounding the deaths of several people in a volcanic eruption at least 5 people killed 8 others a missing but presumed dead after the eruption on white island pace have suggested it sudden likely that they will find any more survivors 31 people were injured a number of those with severe burns we can never say
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a 100 percent but i would strongly suggest that there is no one that has survived on the island so we will look into. if there is anyone criminally responsible for the deaths and injuries. it's early days yet so we've just kind of to work through the evidence talk to people and conduct the investigation. a chilean military cargo planes disappeared with 38 people on board it took off from the southern city of venice and was heading to a base in antarctica a search and rescue team has been deployed near ripples from the usa democrats in the learn house of congress will announce 2 articles of impeachment against president trump later on tuesday they are the abuse of power and obstruction of congress and follows what's expected to be the last public hearing of the impeachment inquiry by the judiciary committee. meanwhile the u.s.
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justice department has found no evidence of political bias by the f.b.i. when it investigated contacts between donald trump's presidential campaigns and russia in 2 of the 16 but the justice department did find a number of errors in how the f.b.i. handled the inquiry. that people in the eastern parts of australia reinforcer leave their homes as bushfires continue to spread around 85 of them are currently burning in the state of new south wales half of them are uncontained conditions are expected to worsen on tuesday 1000 tea the supporters of the peronist party is celebrating its return to power at a rally in the capital burnous areas many supporters dressed as ever heard on the wife of the former art and time president kwan pet on some of them those are the headlines counting the crosses next. north korea up on the shores of japan. some. mysterious ships.
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hello i'm adrian finighan and this is counting the cost on al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week as campaigners demand the world does more to tackle climate change we delve into the multibillion dollar carbon trading market is it fit for purpose or are the biggest polluters being given a free pass. big data and algorithms that discriminates we find out why women and people of color continue to get a raw deal from silicon valley plus president putin shunned by the west completes his pivot to the east. side his already suggest that the planet may have crossed a series of tipping point.


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