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to the. system so they become self-sufficient businesses looking for work independently but the. leader aung san suu kyi is that the international court of justice to defend her country's treatment. and this is al jazeera live from also coming up reports say democrats in the us are preparing to announce a formal articles of impeachment against president donald trump. india's lower house of parliament passes a controversial bill that sets religion as the criteria for granting citizenship to foreigners. and police in new zealand open an investigation into the circumstances
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surrounding multiple deaths in the white island for kind of corruption. now myanmar's leader aung san suu kyi has just arrived at the un's top court in the netherlands to defend her country against genocide charges now the west african state of gambia launched a bid to bring me to international justice for military crackdown on muslims you're watching live pictures now from the hague well the suse's backed by the 757 nation organization for islamic cooperation more than 700000 rangar were forced to flee to neighboring bangladesh back in 2017100 miles largest city yangon a rallying in support. as she faces the court crowds of people carried posters and flags to show their solidarity yuki's office says her team will be defending myanmar's. national interests at the court well the united nations has accused me
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of carrying out mass rape killings in the burning of homes during its military campaign meanwhile says it was conducting a legitimate counter-terrorism response and denies the charges of genocide meanwhile the gambia is legal team is asking the court to impose protections for the remainder before the case can be had in full recent attempts to repatriate tens of thousands of refugees have failed with many still fearing for their safety well let's go live now to our correspondent wayne hay who's in the hague for us when talk us through what we'll see in court this week and when we can actually expect any kind of an outcome. well the 1st thing is this will be fairly brief over the next 3 days we will hear from the gambians of course who are alleging that these crimes have taken place in rakhine state amounting to what they say has been genocide we'll hear from the gambians on tuesday we can see that the delegations are walking into the courtroom now we've seen me and my state council
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on sun suchi who is leading the defense of me and the foreign minister of me and effectively the country's leader she has arrived in the building a short time ago as well we want to hear from her on choose day we expect her to lead the defense when me and my has it's session on wednesday the gambians as i say will open these proceedings in the next few minutes and the reason why this is going to be a relatively brief affair over the next few days is because while this is the start of a genocide trial which may take months possibly even years to complete the 1st order of business is that they gambians want the judges in the i.c.j. to order preventative provisional emergency measures basically ordering the government in the military all of me and to take measures to ensure the safety of the security to ensure the rights of the ring of people in iraq and also where i'm
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sorry things are going the court has just begun speaking and let's have a lesson call. that he will exercise his following impartiality. and will pursue one to article 31 violet got up 6 of these that seem provision applies to judges. before inviting mrs b. lyon mr kress to make their solemn collaboration i shall fairest in accordance with custom say a few words about their career and qualifications mr and mrs lover near them belie of south african nation ali he is a former judge with
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a distinguished career at the national and international level this after of the row degree not how university in south africa in 1955 she practices us and our thorny for 28 years interior providing legal defense for porn and to solve our part by unhumble in seminole cases on the right is of political prisoner well just listening there to some of the opening remarks at the beginning of this hearing we'll go back now to our correspondent wayne hale who's just outside that courtroom in the hague when walk us through the legal arguments here that we might be hearing in the coming days what kind of threshold will the prosecutors actually have to cross in order for me and as actions to be considered genocide. yes it's a good question because obviously proving a case of genocide is going to be very difficult it has proven to be very difficult
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historically the gambians are saying similar things to what has been said by many other organizations over the past couple of years that have conducted extensive investigations written very detailed reports about what has happened in rakhine state alleging crimes against humanity alleging genocide including the united nations own investigation team its fact finding mission found that they said that there was genocidal intent in some of the actions undertaken by the security forces in rakhine state and also the me and my government with the gambians on behalf of those oh i see member nations saying all of those things but they going further as well saying that not only was their intent but they were genocidal actions undertaken by those security forces when they went through those ring of villages conducting so-called clearance operations destroying entire villages murdering raping women and girls so they are backing up those claims to be
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made by many other organizations many other people and indeed going a step further when in the hague for us following that trial thank you wayne well let's go live now to stephanie deck options in on the ground for us in bangladesh steph you've been hearing stories from those hundreds of thousands of refugees who lived through this what's the feeling that today to the refugees believe what's happening right now in the hague will actually have any impact on their lives. yes it really is all about the hundreds of thousands of people here this is a city built out of human misery when you listen to the stories of what happened to them what is being discussed there in the hague is a very real situation for those here are they hopeful people have been calling for justice for over 2 years now to the half years nothing has happened even you heard way in there say the implications of whatever ruling the court does doesn't really have any signs and sort of implementation mechanism on the ground to ensure their safety and you're talking about when you're saying what is genocide all the stories
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we've been hearing over the years that we've been covering what happened to these people mass killing people chopped to pieces babies being ripped from their mother's arms inserted into the fires people burnt alive mass rapes of women and men atrocious stories that are very difficult to believe you don't think people can be capable of doing that to each other so this is the body of evidence if you will underneath these huts people will tell you that they want to go home there is no guarantees from e.m.r. to guarantee their safety so yes of course they welcome the fact that aung san suu kyi is technically facing trial but they are also realistic that they don't think that's probably going to solve anything in the short short term and that is something that needs to be addressed there are almost a 1000000 people here it is the equivalent of islam about are all slow and it doesn't have the infrastructure to cope stephanie deca that bring us the view on the ground from cox's bazaar thank you stephanie. well some breaking news now and
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at least 6 people have been killed in a shooting at a hospital in the czech republic it happened in the eastern city of ostrava people east currently sachin for the attack are all right now we can speak to total my john event use it journalist i believe it and check television he joins us now on the phone from prague to tell us what we about what we know at this stage i believe police have actually put out some kind of a cool and identification about the attack and what more do we know. hello hello from frock so look the country's in shock this is a very rare incident of this kind of shootings happen a very rarely in this country what we do know is that the gunman entered the hospital in august that of which is a city in the northeast close to the border with poland and opened fire on people in the waiting room and then after this shooting the gunman. left and
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is still on the run and so there's a huge police operation right now in the city and they're looking for a photo of a guy in a red jacket and so this is all we know we don't know about his motivation and we don't know what the what to why did this why did he do this and there's some confusion about the do number of casualties according to some police sources 4 people have died according to police sources 6 people have died to talk us through how this unfolded actually at the hospital there will say been different reports about which part of the hospital what do we know official. we know for sure that this this was not an employee this was a guy who entered the hospital with a gun and with a concealed gun apparently and then he he just entered one of the waiting rooms inside of the hold spittles and. and killed people from the very short distance he
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actually pointed the gun towards data head or neck and shouted them one after another and then he left that's what we know so far and as i told you we don't know about the motivation but the according to the police sources it might look that this was a local guy this was not like an international terrorist and things like in that sense to you don't much out of it's there a journalist check t.v. speaking to us on the phone from probably bring you more on that story as we get it . and now u.s. house democrats are preparing to appeal to articles of impeachment against president obama trump in a bid to remove him from office that could see a possible vote on his impeachment in the house of representatives as early as this week more from mike hanna in washington d.c. . at an evening function the speaker of the house nancy pelosi refused to confirm
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that articles of impeachment against president trump had been agreed upon earlier she met with the chairman of the house committees to decide exactly what these articles were going to be a formal announcement as to these articles is expected in the course of tuesday however various agencies including the associated press and the washington post report that the democrats have agreed on 2 articles of impeachment one on abuse of power the other on obstruction of congress now if these are indeed the articles that will be introduced it indicates a very narrow form of impeachment focused on president trumps dealing with the ukraine and the allegation that he used his political position his position as president of the united states to get political information on an opponent for the next u.s. election then did the structure of congress charge would deal with the white house
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as attempts to interfere in that ongoing investigation into the ukraine situation their refusal to give witnesses their refusal to provide documents that had been subpoenaed now this could all move very quickly indeed there could be a vote in the judiciary committee as soon as thursday that would then see a vote being taken on the floor of the house the following week and that in turn could lead to a trial in the senate in very early january. well oyez for both the democrats and republicans appeared before the house judiciary committee on monday and once thought to be the final public hearings before the impeachment all the calls are announced has. fireworks inside of monday's impeachment hearing likely the last before the house judiciary committee draft articles of impeachment came not just from protesters but also republican members committed to showing that they believe the proceedings against trump are
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a sham. to schedule not to consider the major ruling it would or to appeal to him and was going to try to overturn the results of an election we have not elected people to be gentlemen less than the witnesses were attorneys for both parties and though the facts were the same that trump froze military assistance to ukraine then asked its president to launch investigations into trump's political opponents the interpretations of those facts couldn't be more different president trump use the powers of government for domestic political airing to put his political interests above that of the nation and each a president who's $63000000.00 people voted for over 8 lines in a call transcript is boni it's unclear who the lawyers are trying to convince members of the house judiciary committee made up their minds long ago along party lines democrats hold the majority and will draft articles of impeachment likely by
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next week if the president puts himself before the country evaluates a president's most basic responsibility he breaks his oath to the american people. if he puts them south before the country in a manner that threatens our democracy and our growth our privacy the american people requires us to come to the defense of the nation trumps attorneys declined an invitation to attend the hearing signaling deliberately defend the president before the senate in a likely trial in january and it's a disgrace to our country it's a hoax republicans hold the senate majority which means that obviously a conviction in the sun it will fall well short of the 2 thirds requirement to remove president trump from office and i think you would likely expect that it would be entirely a partisan vote outside the ivory domes of the u.s. capitol polls show the american public is also strongly divided by party voters who identify as democrats strongly support the impeachment republicans are strongly
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opposed that about split the population evenly in halves with opinions unchanged since the beginning of this impeachment inquiry republicans say trump's bait should be decided by the people in next year's elections but democrats say because trump is accused of soliciting foreign interference in those very elections he must be held accountable now heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington. off tell ahead on out of the release a little bit later you take my phone put it in your pocket prime minister britain's prime minister has drawn into a controversy i read lack of beds in the national health sabbath plus. a mentor thomas instead be on how the heavy smoke in this city is disrupting everything including this car special day.
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head of the weather in the philippines is gone nice and quiet now partner a few showers wandering around and the main rain is for the sas which is where you might expect it to be these are thunderstorms catching north in borneo and central process sumatra singapore underneath that particular one and it's that general area she's and the likely sundries risk in the next day or so so all of sumatra singapore northern borneo to some degree with that in java but not to have to be the dark colors is where we expect the forecast is for the heaviest of the rain in australia with a cold front on its way through new south wales towards queen's and this one here the winds are going to be whipped up again which is absolutely no good news for the fires still burning there will be a few showers of rain but nothing to help the tension city would drop down to 24
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but the window coming out of the interior as i say wrong direction. tempter was her brisbane such storms are a possibility still quite hot in the western side pursed 38 goes up to 39. i was still going to near melbourne and. asked for new zealand weather wise cloudy dries the picture on wednesday and a bit more rain the fast. growing green bacteria in aboard street and. gas escaping from cannick in iceland. in the french. help counter the climate change science. on the back of my mackay i don't have.
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hello again i'm just. a reminder of our top stories this hour. leader aung san suu kyi has arrived at the un's top court in the netherlands to defend her country against genocide charges myanmar's military is accused of mass rape killings and burnings during its crackdown on muslims and 2017. at least 6 people have been killed in a shooting at a hospital in the czech republic it happened in the eastern city of ostrava police are searching for the attacked. us house democrats are preparing to reveal 2 articles of impeachment against president on a trump that could see
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a possible verdict on his impeachment as early as this week. now libya's un recognized government is warning the world cliff will have to threaten its close to entering tripoli its foreign minister says have to his forces have been boosted by an influx of russian fighter the un's envoy to libya has also warned of a possible bloodbath in the capital after us forces launched an offensive to take tripoli in april but have so far failed to enter the city while protests have broken out across northeastern india after a controversial citizenship bill passed its 1st stage in parliament demonstrators blocked streets with burning tires and student groups organized a large scale shut down across 8 different states the proposed law is geared towards granting citizenship to those fleeing religious persecution but it excludes muslims india's upper house is set to vote on the bill on wednesday our correspondent in new delhi and she says it's likely the bill will pass the upper
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house too. while there are sharp divisions the government did pass the bill in the lower house with a thumping majority of 311 people watering for it and just about 80 watering against it so it was quite a success there for the indian government ruled by a hindu nationalist party we believe it's going to be discussed and tabled in the upper house tomorrow or there the government does not have the numbers but they do have allies that if all of the allies of this party support this bill in the in the upper house there it is likely to scream through how well one of its allies interesting leave from maharastra has just formed a government in the state of maharashtra with the support of the opposition party the congress party now there is some news that this which has 3 seats in the upper house may not support the government but it remains to be seen because it illogically this ally in maharashtra and they do nationalist party see eye to eye.
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now new zealand police $88.00 people still missing after a volcanic eruption in new zealand and our likely dead at least 5 people were killed and they are optional on white island on monday police have launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding their deaths jessica washington has more for clint. the excitement of the beginning of the summer holidays brought to an abrupt end thick plumes of smoke and ash rising thousands of metres into the air as the white island folk hainault 50 kilometers off the coast of new zealand iran says it's a popular tourist destination and the national geological authority has cameras on the island these pictures show what would be for some visitors their final moments so. if there's anyone criminally responsible for the deaths and injuries. it's early days yet the tragedy has raised questions about where the tour was should have been operating in the 1st place but the island draws 10000 visitors
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every year and december is 1 of its busiest mass prime minister just into our durned has promised she will make sure those questions are answered when the time is right we know there will be bigger questions in relation to this being and these questions must be asked and they must be answered wide island also known by its indigenous maori name for connery is located in the bay of plenty and has been active for at least 150000 years its new zealand's largest and most unpredictable volcano the alert level was raised 3 weeks ago warning the volcano may experience a period of activity higher than normal it's not a particularly big eruption is is save it was kind of. almost like a throat clearing kind of eruption and that's why material probably won't of made
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it to. make it mine in new zealand on the scheme of things for volcanic eruptions it's not large but if you're close to. it's not good for those rescued from the island were taken to 7 hospitals around new zealand some transported by ambulance and others by helicopter most are in intensive care units or burns units suffering breathing issues from inhaling the volcanic ash and severe burns to most of this skin. some of those who survived have burns to more than 70 percent of their bodies and face a long period of recovery just a washington al-jazeera oakland new zealand. across the straits and a blanket of toxic haze in a strangely as the largest city has set off dozens of fire alarms and halted ferry services across its famous harbor sydney has been covered by smoke and ash for the
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past 2 weeks but conditions on tuesday were some of the worst the city has ever seen the haze has been triggered by around 85 bush fires burning across new south wales and john this tells us how people are trying their best to cope the view from bulls point does normally one of the best in sydney couples choose to marry here in front of a backdrop that includes the harbor bridge and just beyond the sydney opera house paula and then tony did not choose the best day we were expecting a beautiful harbor bridge in the background that's why we picked this like a number less snakes here and. as a matter. of the smoke from the bush fires burning all around sydney hung over the city all day on tuesday. making it hazardous for ships on the harbor. many ferries are cancelled hazardous for health to face masks even gas masks are a common sight and disappointing for grooms brides and their photographers it's
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intensity varies each day not all weddings lose their backdrop quite as dramatically as this but the smoke is becoming the new normal in sydney something people in this city are having to expect these fires across the states of new south wales and queensland have been burning for weeks and are impossible to put out firefighters hope only to contain them and steer them away from people and homes only serious rain will put them out and after years of drought there's none in the forecast until there is sydney is likely to remain cloaked in smoke and tonio and paul it is unlikely to be sydney's last white wedding under thomas al-jazeera sydney. now campaigning for votes in the u.k.'s general election has entered its final stages
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ahead of thursday's poll prime minister bars johnson and opposition labor leader jeremy corbyn have been trying to win over undecided voters johnson told a fish market while campaigning in a labor held seats in england's north east been addressed crowds in the city of bristol funding for the u.k.'s national health service dominated discussions on monday and bars johnson is facing criticism for his response to the case of a toddler who has been admitted to hospital in the city of leeds the 4 year old boy with suspected pneumonia was left to lie on the floor for hours on a pile of coats because there were no beds the photo has come to represent many issues that voters have with the national health service but a journalist confronted johnson with a photo of the child. have you seen. the b.b.c. if you need to make. you need to make snow. that's why. this is a 4 year old boy suspected of pneumonia always have you ever seen. it so you take
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my phone put it in your pocket the stuff his mother says the n.h.s. is in crisis. it's a terrible terrible. terrible experiences. as president elect alberto fernandez is due to be an ogre a says at a ceremony in the capital in the coming hours supporters of the peronist party have been celebrating its return to power at a rally on monday some even dressed as eva peron the wife of former president wants her on to mock the occasion the parents movement has been a major force in argentine politics since peron's presidency back in the 1940 s. treason but it was at the march and spoke to some of the party supporters of elected president. just hours away and we're. going to. wrap it up they don't i'm hurt they don't argentina.
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in the night he came out the way to represent. social justice and we want to keep the people here say that. it's a hard of hearing coming back the fall here when. the president cristina fernandez de kirchner advice president look you know without a lot of what. we peronist one social justice equality and an end to poverty unemployment and sovereignty above all else. heaven is in serious question but also fear in the face that's a great threat and now we feel that there was a fair way party here with people who are afraid about what's coming next in argentina. might be some ugly game tomorrow with the promise of a great economic growth in this country but with he's leaving with very high in order to grade inflation i bet the pot of money is a coming with very big economic challenge in the ability of the default
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restructuring argentina going down and the risk you play showed argentina. recession poverty every race has been on the right as well in place and that's why the other week is going to be one of your main priorities. hello again this is al jazeera and these are the headlines man was leader aung sun suu kyi has arrived at the un's top court in the netherlands to defend her country against charges of genocide the west african state of gambia launched the bid to bring to international justice over a military crackdown on rangar muslims more than 700000 rank were forced to flee to neighboring bangladesh back in 2017 has more the gambians are saying similar things to what is being said by many other organizations over the past couple of years that have conducted extensive investigations written very detailed reports about
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what has happened in rakhine state alleging crimes against humanity alleging genocide including the united nations own investigation team expect a finding mission found that they said that there was genocidal intent in some of the actions undertaken by the security forces in rakhine state and also the me and my government well in breaking news at least 6 people have been killed in a shooting at a hospital in the czech republic it happened in the waiting room of a clinic in the eastern city of ostrava police are searching for the attacker and say security is being boosted across the country. u.s. house democrats are prepared to reveal 2 articles of impeachment against president donald trump a possible vote by the full house could take place as early as this week lawyers for both the democrats and republicans appeared before the house judiciary committee on monday in what thought to be the final public hearings before the impeachment articles are announced protests have broken out across northeastern
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india after a controversial citizenship bill passed its 1st stage in parliament demonstrators blocked streets with burning tires and student groups organized a large scale shut down across 8 different states the proposed law is geared towards granting citizenship to those fleeing religious persecution but it excludes muslims some say it's the governing hindu nationalist parties latest attempt at sidelining muslims in india police in new zealand are investigating the circumstances surrounding the deaths of several people in a volcanic eruption there at least 5 people were killed and 8 others are missing now presumed dead after the white island eruption well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera with after techno stay with us. vision boats with north korea. carrying did.
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you want us to guess to gates these mysterious ghost ships on al-jazeera. this is.


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