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0. this is the news hour live from our global headquarters in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes 2 days before voters in algeria go to the polls a court sentences 3 former political leaders to long prison terms. myanmar's leader on santucci is at the international court of justice to defend her country's treatment of muslim rohingya also this hour of democrats in the u.s. are expected to announce 4 more articles of impeachment against president donald
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trump later on tuesday i'm going to get your scope at the sports the world anti-doping agency finds itself facing criticism from all sides after handing russia a 4 year ban from sports. thank you very much for joining us we begin this news hour in algeria where a court has sentenced to former prime ministers to long prison terms for corruption i made or height we yeah he was sentenced to 15 years and his predecessor abdel to 12 the charges came from sweeping investigations into fraud allegations after the former president up there as he's beautifully stepped down in april let's bring in who is covered algeria extensively for us here on al-jazeera a significant ruling that comes just 2 days before the election tell us 1st up.
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who's been convicted and why folly it is quite significant of the same time it's unprecedented you have 3 people widely considered by the alleged by the algerians as the main pillars of the political elite in algeria during the time of former president of the disease but of your car was ousted by the mass protest movement in the country receiving heavy sentences so this is unprecedented. the 1st one is why bush who was speaker of the parliament and he received 2520 i think 202020 years in in jail and also we have a comment here who was prime minister 4 times and he's widely criticized by the algerians and accused by being one of the muslim minds of the many years of embezzlement of public funds and corruption in the country. the americas was also prime minister
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twice in a period during the time or former president abdulaziz but of a certain point he was one of his top advisors close to his brother. and he was one of the key architects of the a terms in the past or try to perpetuate this with a because grip on power for many years these were the people responsible for the problems that the country. is continues to face and think this is quite a politically motivated move it wants to show the algerians that this new political establishment is adamant about the need to turn that chapter of the many years of mismanagement and embezzlement of public funds interesting and unprecedented as they say because it's coming just 2 days before a contentious presidential election which the protesters people have been asking for this establishment the spanish quest admission to leave have dismissed as an illegitimate attempt by by then to consolidate their power how they then received
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this verdict well it's to me this is quite obvious that this is a talent by the political establishment in algeria to appease those who are not going to cast their votes in 2 days from now because they say that they went to the streets in february to not only remove of that as is water but the whole political establishment the has one ulterior since 1062 they say that the political establishment or the political elite does not work for the country they need something different they need vibrant genuine democracy however they were disillusioned because with the also the president of the us is with the creating a situation of the country that consider data the part of the military is a group of power gen. is the most powerful man in algeria now the source some members of the old elite still in power for example with the prime minister will syria was the interior minister during development of this said wait a 2nd this is not what we're aiming for we were aiming for
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a new political elite in algeria. the political government of the politically to which is empowered is very concerned about a low voter turnout if the hour let's say that all of 15 percent of the algerians goes their votes in 2 days from. the next government is not going to be seen as legitimate this explains why you are seeing those sentences today they want to convince the people to go to the votes over the water tell them you know what we are clear cut above the need to tell the top 2 of us is with a glass with of your car and his legacy of those who served under his control command of those who are responsible for the mismanagement will definitely go to jail and they will spend the rest of their lives or rule or sentences so i think this is part of the whole deal they want to convince people that was happening in algeria over the presidential elections of the beginning of a new political chapter in the country however i have to say not many are serious
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are convinced all right thank you for that hashem with the latest there from algeria where again 2 former prime ministers have been convicted and imprisoned for corruption in a landmark trial as well as a former parliament speaker thank you very much hashem let's turn our attention to other world news now and myanmar's leader on sun sochi has arrived at the un's top court in the netherlands to defend her country against genocide charges the west african state of gambia launched a bid to bring myanmar to international justice over a military crackdown on muslim rohingya it's suit is backed by the 57 nation organization for islamic cooperation more than 700000 were forced to flee to neighboring bangladesh in 2017 after crackdown by myanmar's military meanwhile hundreds of myanmar largest city in myanmar's largest city of young go on have been rallying in support of on time switchy faces international court of justice crowds of people carried posters and flags to show their solidarity and sansa cheese
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office says her team will be defend. in myanmar squat national interests at the court while the u.n. has accused man maher of carrying out mass rape killings and the burning of homes during its military campaign myanmar says it was conducting a legitimate counter-terrorism response and denies the charges of genocide meanwhile gambia has legal team is asking the court to impose protections for the rohingya before the case can be heard in full recent attempts to repatriate tens of thousands of refugees have failed with many still fearing for their safety where we have 2 correspondents covering this story stephanie decker is with those hundreds of thousands of refugee refugees in cox's bazar that's in bangladesh but 1st we go to wayne hay who's at the hague so wayne just remind us how we got to this point and what we can expect from from the court this week.
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yes well the process is underway it has been underway in the building behind me for about an hour now and this is not the 1st phase of this very significant genocide trial against me and will actually be fairly brief it will last 3 days each station on those 3 days will be lasting only a few hours today is the turn of the gambia to outline its case outline why it believes that genocide has taken place inside rakhine state in western me and the gambia taking this case against me and my on behalf of the organization of islamic cooperation member nations we heard the opening statement on behalf of the gambia from the attorney general of that country outlining some of the crimes that they believe have taken place them as you mentioned rape the destruction of those villages over the past couple of years and the reason this 1st phase will be fairly
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brief is because of those emergency measures that you mentioned that the gambia wants the judges inside the i.c.j. court room to rule on it once those judges to order that the me and my government and security forces guarantee the security safety and rights of the rich population that remains in recurrent state and also those who have fled to neighboring bangladesh and who want to return if the i.c.j. judges find in favor of that request from the gambia then it could well make that request and within the next few months and it will demand possibly that me and the gambia come back to the court very soon after that providing the judges with a full report of the exact measures that have been taken inside that country to protect the population un investigators wayne have concluded that the crackdown on the ruling by myanmar's military list carried out with genocidal intent they said walk us through the legal arguments that will be made what kind of legal threshold
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while the prosecutors have to cross in main order for myanmar sanctions to be considered genocide. well i think it goes without saying it's going to be very difficult already we have heard from the gambian attorney general also the legal team that is speaking now inside the courtroom they have referenced many times already over the past hour or so that you know generations of fact finding mission that found that there was genocidal intently gambian case is going to go a lot further than that and say that there were genocidal actions and continue to be genocidal actions inside the country not just because of the attacks on the ring of religious and the people living there including murder and rape but also in some of the other actions like discriminatory laws and rules that are designed or targeted specifically at the ring of population also hate campaigns that were
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carried out by their e s groups inside me and with allegedly the support of the me and my government we know less about what the me on my side will say when we hear from them on wednesday young son suchi himself is expected to make the opening statement on behalf of myanmar but it is expected they will focus on technical technicalities legal technicalities with the main statement being that this court does not have the jurisdiction to rule in this particular case right wayne thank you for that when he for us at the hague let's cross over not to stephanie deca elysium caulks says bizarre in bangladesh that's where hundreds or thousands of rancorous fled to after the $27000.00 crackdown stephanie how do the refugees there feel about what's happening at the hague do they think it will have any actual impact on their lives . and i think they are going to think about you know how peers are now finding nothing and how much it comes to accountability or just
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a thing you heard from wayne there and i think. the country gets country the only thing that can be found in this is that me and maher prevented didn't prevent. if i had 30 speech rather than actually holding people to account the stories here are funny and hundreds of thousands of tens hundreds of thousands of individuals everyone has a tragic story about what happened what they're discussing and behave this is the evidence it's turned into the biggest refugee camp in the world that's the consequence of what happened over those couple of weeks in 2017 but the persecution of the writing has been going on for way before that so at the moment certainly the questions here are that yes of course justice but there needs to be a solution to this is even more important the bangladeshi authorities no longer want to host a what is almost a 1000000 people there is frustration amongst the local community after people here are being restricted in terms of their movement they cannot leave the camp after certain hours there is no internet it is a boiling pot if you will and i think you know if you if you don't address this in
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the long term bangladesh is saying it's been left to fend for itself to deal with these people yes there are a lot of n.g.o.s but there is no long term solution to see these people going home any time soon. thank you for that stephanie decker live for us in cox's bizarre bangladesh. u.s. house democrats are preparing to reveal 2 articles of impeachment against president donald trump in their bid to remove him from all that could see a possible vote on his impeachment in the house of representatives as early as this week more from my county in washington. at an evening function the speaker of the house nancy pelosi refused to confirm that articles of impeachment against president trump had been agreed upon earlier she met with the chairman of the house committees to decide exactly what these articles were going to be a formal announcement as to these articles is expected in the course of tuesday
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however various agencies including associated press and the washington post report that the democrats have agreed on 2 articles of impeachment one on abuse of power the other on obstruction of congress now if these are indeed the articles that will be introduced it indicates a very narrow form of impeachment focused on president trumps dealing with the ukraine and the allegation that he used his political position his position as president of the united states to get political information on an opponent for the next u.s. election then did the structure of congress charge would deal with the white house as attempts to interfere in that ongoing investigation into the ukraine situation their refusal to give witnesses their refusal to provide documents that had been subpoenaed now this could all move very quickly indeed there could be
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a vote in the judiciary committee as soon as thursday that would then see a vote being taken on the floor of the house the following week and that in turn could lead to a trial in the senate in very early january. well lawyers for both the democrats and republicans appeared before the house judiciary committee on monday in what's thought to be the final public hearings before the impeachment articles are nonce how these are castro has more on that. fireworks inside of monday's impeachment hearing likely the last before the house judiciary committee draft articles of impeachment came not just from protesters but also republican members committed to showing that they believe the proceedings against trump are a sham. schedule not to consider made a ruling if you were to appeal to them and was going to try to overturn the results of an election were not elected people to the gentlemen less than the witnesses were attorneys for both parties and though the facts were the same that trump froze
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military assistance to ukraine then asked its president to launch investigations into trump's political opponents the interpretations of those facts couldn't be more different president trump use the powers of government for domestic political area to put his political interests above that of the nation and reach a president who's 63000000 people voted for over 8 lines in a call transcript is boni it's unclear who the lawyers are trying to convince members of the house judiciary committee made up their minds long ago along party lines democrats hold the majority and will draft articles of impeachment likely by next week if the president puts himself before the country evaluates a president's most basic responsibility he breaks his oath to the american people. if you put them south before the country in a manner that threatens our democracy and our our privacy american people requires
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us to come to the defense of. trump attorneys declined an invitation to attend the hearing signaling bill vigorously defend the president before the senate in a likely trial in january it's a disgrace to our country it's a hoax republicans hold the senate majority which means that obviously conviction in the sun will fall well short of the 2 thirds requirement to remove president trump from office and i think you would likely expect that it would be entirely a partisan vote outside the ivory domes of the u.s. capitol polls show the american public is also strongly divided by party voters who identify as democrats strongly support the impeachment republicans are strongly opposed that about split the population evenly in halves with opinions unchanged since the beginning of this impeachment inquiry republicans say trump spate should
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be decided by the people in next year's elections but democrats say because trump is accused of soliciting foreign interference in those very elections he must be held accountable now heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington well let's now speak to scott notices a professor of international politics at the university of birmingham he's also the co-founder of the trump project which is a news and analysis website providing daily coverage of president donald trump is via skype from birmingham thank you so much for being with us scott locus democrats expected to draft 2 articles of impeachment against president drum on abuse of power and also the other one on obstruction of congress 2 rather than 3 articles of impeachment as many had expected why do you think that is. the reason why you have the charge of abuse of power or bribery in the sense of bribing a foreign how are you. crain so you'll get military aid if you use enough to suggest addition to my political rivals and that of struct in congress by not
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providing witnesses the reason why you just have those 2 as it keeps the focus on truth and ukraine that event that we saw it represented by his phone call to the ukrainian president the 3rd article being considered was obstruction of justice that goes back to the report on trump's lakes with russian officials were more said there was evidence that on at least 8 occasions trump tried to block the investigation by the struck the justice for the democrats decided in the end if you go back to trump russia where they were pretty successful burying the report that empowers that took play out the law and you've already heard hunks witch hunt that's been going on for years keep the focus on trump ukraine keep the focus on the 70 witnesses that testified to trump's quid pro quo to put pressure on kenya and then you have a more focused presentation of the trial but gerry not at last week's hearing in the house judiciary committee had put this in the context of the russian vesta gessen in his opening statement he said that this wasn't the 1st time that
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president trump sought foreign assistance so a bit surprising that they wouldn't bring that 3rd charge. now i think you'll hear that in the in the trial i think you will hear that this is a pattern of behavior by donald trump which is carried on for years and that it is now focused on getting intervention in the 2020 election but just because years of his background doesn't mean you translate it into a specific charge in other words it's sort of the idea of a lawyer giving you background for the 2 main charges but saying we're going to focus on those 2 main charges and we're not going to put the 3rd count to a vote what do you make scott no because of the pace of this inquiry the democrats seem like they want to get this done and dusted by the end of this year they they officially announced the impeachment inquiry over 2 months ago now they wanted to be done is it a. mistake to move quickly rather than continue with the investigation well i think
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1st of all astray here that until september the house speaker nancy pelosi will say we want we won't pursue impeachment we just think to do you know that the process as you go into an election year will step down but she found the trump ukraine allegations so serious she changed course and so have the democrats and that's why they're moving so quickly because this is not a question of whether it is right or wrong to try to impeach donald trump this is a question of accountability about claims 30 the u.s. constitution has been violated that the president violated his oath of office abuse power if you don't pursue this then that constitution and that system well they're vulnerable to any person who is in the white house not just donald trump thank you for talking to us scott lucas professor at the university of birmingham live there from birmingham thank you very much for your time. plenty more ahead on this al-jazeera news hour including india's nor house of parliament passes a controversial bill that sets religion as the criteria for granting citizenship to
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fornace class. photo you take my phone put it in your pocket on the stump. britain's prime minister is drawn into a controversy over a lack of beds in the national health service and will tell you how this boss of the c.e.o. of a deal in texas more n.b.a. action coming up with us. are some breaking news from the czech republic where police say the gunman suspected of killing 6 people in a hospital has killed himself the shooting took place in a hospital waiting room in the eastern city of ostrava police say the suspect shot himself shortly afterwards he was inside a car offices where searching for let's speak to journalists mike john of h. who is or janice at the check a t.v. . and said police are still trying to work out what happened. so we know for sure
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that this this was not an employee this was a guy who entered the hospital vid the gun and the concealed gun apparently and then he he just entered one of the waiting rooms inside of the votes because and killed people from the very short distance he actually pointed the gun towards the the head or neck and suited them one after another and then he left that's what we know so far and as i told you we don't know about the motivation but the according to the police sources it might look that this was a local guy this was not like an international terrorist or anything like in that sense. there's been protests across northeastern india after a controversial citizenship bill passed its 1st stage in parliament demonstrators broncs reese with burning tires and student groups organize a large scale shut down across 8 different states the proposed law is geared
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towards granting citizenship to those female religious persecution but it excludes muslims india's upper house is set to vote on the bill on wednesday and child is in new delhi she says it's likely the bill will pass the upper house to lie there are shop divisions the government did pass the bill in the law house with the fumbling ridge already of $311.00 people watering for it and just about 80 watering against it so it was quite a success there for the indian government ruled by a new nationalist party we believe it's going to be discussed in tabled in the upper house tomorrow there the government does not have the numbers but they do have allies that if all of the allies of this party support this bill in the in the upper house that it is likely to scrape through however one of its allies interesting lee from our russia has just formed a government in the state of maharastra with the support of the opposition party
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the congress party now there is some news that this is just 3 seats in the upper house may not support the government but it remains to be seen because it illogically this ally in maharashtra and they. see eye to eye. campaigning for votes in the u.k.'s general election has entered the final stages ahead of thursday's poll prime minister boris johnson and opposition labor leader jeremy corbin have been trying to win over undecided voters johnson toward a fish market while campaigning in a labor house seat in england's north east while corbin address crowds in the city of bristol funding for the u.k.'s national health service dominated discussions on monday and boris johnson is facing criticism for his response to the case of a toddler in the city of leeds the 4 year old boy with suspected pneumonia was left to lie on a hospital floor for hours on a pile of coats because there were no beds the photo has come to represent concerns
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many voters have about the state of the national health service while a journalist confronted for his johnson with a photo op the child's here's what happened have you seen a photo i promise you make me have you seen hundreds of people but about the b.b.c. if you need to make the best of both so is the focus that we need to be making that's what's known and that's why we put in for people to produce a full year old boy suspected of pneumonia always have everything ready to use a look at the photo you take my phone put it in your pocket when mr his mother says the n.h.s. is in crisis with your sports. and i think it's a terrible terrible fate all right college age or the siege of the family is always you who have terrible experiences in the of aging. in a few moments for have the weather with rob and still ahead on the news hour police in new zealand open an investigation of the circumstances surrounding multiple deaths in the white island volcanic eruption plus free report from kenya's myer
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river basin on how communities are responding to the difficulties of a changing climate and can european champions liverpool stretch a winning run in the champions league to make the knockout stages that's coming up in sports for the job stay with us. where we've gone from a flood pretty quickly in east africa and southern africa to south africa this is pretty toria so we're just north of johannesburg admittedly what you're seeing is flooding affecting factory shanty towns place where you maybe shouldn't bill but the rain has gone beyond that as well and there is more to come this is the streak of what is seasonal right admittedly and you may have just caught in the edge there a tropical start and that's come into madagascar or cold but in the now belanger
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has been producing some strong winds but now it's just basically producing all right now as i understand it madagascar love psychos because of the amount to run it pretty clearly there's going to be some flooding from it which you see is needy maybe sorry deep and it's a nuisance but ultimately ends up moving a good thing that isn't always the case the rate of 4 produces flooding you saw in south africa but if you look at this this is the forecast we're looking at now and if i run you from tuesday until wednesday so the next 24 hours this line is persistently wet now it goes just offshore for south africa kills back into durban jo'burg looks dry but the combination of rainfall in the same place the next 3 days will produce a little hot spots and zimbabwe is one of the where $250.00 of the beaches or more of rain could be accumulated simmons' what's coming out of that sparkling. the weather sponsored by cattle railways.
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the last time i spoke to him he told me i was thinking of going to syria the world wants to see syria's fighters up close and personal but those behind the camera pay the price filmmaker yassin an. intimate fridge on and behind the front lines hosp him his life his body was widowed with an exclusive documentary syria the last assignments on al-jazeera. in 2008 al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking school. preparing some of india's children for entry into its toughest universities. we return to see how the students and the skiing helping change the face of india. super 30.
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you're watching the news on al-jazeera with me for a reminder of our top stories a court in algeria has sentenced 2 former prime ministers to long prison terms for corruption i made or he was sentenced to 15 years and his predecessor. to 12 charges came from sweeping investigations into far out again. after former president abdulaziz would defeat a step down in april manaus leader on santucci has arrived at the un's top court in the netherlands to defend her country against genocide charges moss militaries accused of mass rape killings and burnings during its crackdown on brink of muslims
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in 2070 and us house democrats are preparing to reveal 2 articles of impeachment against president donald trump a possible vote on those spy the full house could come as early as this week. police in new zealand say the 8 people still missing after monday's all calculation are likely dead at least 6 people were killed on white island and dozens more injured police have launched an investigation jessica washington has more from print. the excitement of the beginning of the summer holidays brought to an abrupt end thick plumes of smoke and ash rising thousands of meters into the air as the white island folk hainault 50 kilometers off the coast of new zealand erupts it's a popular tourist destination and the national geological authority has cameras on the island these pictures show what would be for some visitors their final moments so we'll look and. if there's anyone criminally responsible for the deaths and
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injuries. it's early days yet the tragedy has raised questions about where the tour should have been operating in the 1st place but the island draws 10000 visitors every year and december is 1 of its busiest mass a prime minister just done has promised she will make sure those questions are answered when the time is right. we know the truth they will be bigger questions and relation to this being and these questions must be asked and they must be answered white island also known by its indigenous maori name for connery is located in the bay of plenty and has been active for at least 150000 years its new zealand's largest and most unpredictable volcano. the alert level was raised 3 weeks ago warning the volcano may experience a period of activity higher than normal it's not
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a particularly big eruption is is save it was kind of. almost like a throat clearing kind of eruption and that's why material probably won't of made it to. what mike it might only in new zealand on the scheme of things for volcanic eruptions it's not live but if you're close to it is of this not good for those rescued from the island were taken to 7 hospitals around new zealand some transported by ambulance and others by helicopter most are in intensive care units or burns units suffering breathing issues from inhaling the volcanic ash and severe burns to most of their skin. some of those who survived have burns to more than 70 percent of their bodies and face a long period of recovery just washington al-jazeera oakland new zealand.
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qatar's prime minister is you to meet gulf leaders on tuesday and made hopes of a breakthrough in the region's diplomatic crisis is leading doha's delegation to the gulf cooperation council summit in the saudi capital riyadh and speak to magid alan sorry who's a professor of political sociology at qatar university he's live here in doha thank you so much for being with us there is there is hope that they could be some sort of consolation at this 40th summit between qatar in the country's blockading it judging from the 1st pictures that have a marriage and the prime minister being welcomed by the king what would you say the mood is like i would say 1st of all that this is similar to the summit which took place during the during this year meaning that the prime minister was the head of that that he did a geisha and he was received by the king king salamon the invite came directly from king solomon through the secretary general of the g.c.c. so portico i there is nothing different between this summit and the summit it's
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different than last year's g.c.c. so it went but that was it up with the by the state minister for foreign affairs however i think it's quite some choice to think that there might be any. breakthrough doing this summit. crisis that took place during the past 3 years will not be solved this quickly in this hastily in. summit in libya but let let's show the pictures again if we can of the cattery prime minister being welcomed by the king paris smile system around which is a bit different i think from last year's the body language is different as well don't you think well i mean it might be so that that can be attributed to the person that you are both the men that are there more than the politics of the situation of course this is not to say that we haven't heard deputy prime minister mr foreign affairs of other say clearly in their home that there are good. taksin
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to qatar saudi arabia something that did not happen before so we are expecting to see some improvement this summit i don't think will be the breakthrough needed to solve the issue in the region what are the obstacles that stand need to be overcome to resolve this crisis i think there are 3 main obstacles 1st of all there is an issue of trust trust has been broken between the neighbors especially from the side of got out of that work very closely with saudi arabia between 20132017 after the crisis this trust between the leaders and between the states will need to be mended in a in a very severe way if you will the 2nd challenge i think is the need of the locating countries to find a face saving way out of the crisis and this will not happen unless qatar concedes to some kind of at least media show of weakness in front of the other countries something i don't think that at the moment is quite inclined to do or needs to do
1:37 pm
the challenge is the place of saudi arabia now with its allies a brain especially you aid seems very clear that while saudi arabia seems quite open to the idea of ending this crisis doesn't seem in such a hurry to do so so there is a ship of course between the 2 our lives is going to be also an issue to ward solving this crisis if cancellation were to happen and will it be fully constellation with all the countries or has it been too much water under the bridge for things to go back the way they were i mean i don't think there is any way to get back to the pre 2017 status of the nation should between qatar and its neighbors that said if there is a clear and. trustworthy solution to this crisis with a clear indications from the locating countries towards that i think this only that but i would be very open to resuming relations however this relations would be very cautious i would think and they. would be based on mutual assured.
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civility if you will because that has seen a lot of turbulence during this crisis and in how it deals with its neighbor there's not going to get back to exact a situation as it was especially economically and politically were used to work a lot with saudi arabia and to concede to saudi arabia and a lot of regional fire this will not happen again and economically but i will not again be dependent on saudi arabia but in the u.a.e. for their exports thank you magid ansari for sharing your views with us thank you for your time. russia and ukraine have agreed to implement a cease fire in eastern ukraine by the end of the year russia's president met the new ukrainian leader in paris for their 1st formal talks fighting in eastern ukraine between moscow backed separatists and ukraine's army has killed 14000 people in the last 5 years natasha butler reports from paris. ukraine's
1:39 pm
recently elected president was greeted by french president emmanuel micro at the lease a palace selenski flashed a peace sign as he prepared to meet vladimir putin for the 1st time the russian leader arrived shortly afterwards for talks aimed at paving the way to peace in eastern ukraine but outside the lease a police tackled anti putin protesters while inside macro and german chancellor angela merkel sat down to mediate before selenski and putin met one on one after nearly 9 hours of talks the leaders agreed to a cease fire by the end of 2019 a prisoner swap and to hold another summit in 4 months but there was little common ground on eastern ukraine future putin wants a special status for the don't pass region led by russian backed separatists. to synchronize the negotiation process with google search on the 1st of all it means amendments to the constitution that will ensure
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a special status to donbass on constant terms need to prolong the agreement of special status of several regions of donbass it should have constant character as agreed in the minsk accord selenski made it clear that he would not compromise ukrainian sovereignty. i want to establish the principles that i'll never violate as ukraine's president and that the ukrainian people would never accept the federal laws ation of ukraine is impossible ukraine is a sovereign state. more than 13000 people have been killed in the 5 year war in eastern ukraine between government forces and russian backed fighters close to the front line wary residents in the city of donetsk said they were cautious about the talks. most of the things should be decided through negotiations and not through war i see the world like this and we should be stopped because it is difficult to live here it is difficult morally and psychologically we need peace and tranquility
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of. this some it's been a delicate balancing act for all sides but particularly for selenski the former t.v. actor made ending the war in ukraine one of his campaign promises but he's been under pressure at home not to give in to russia's demands for months protesters have gathered in kiev to urge selenski to stand up to putin is more experienced rival. i'm not happy with president's actions on the international stage at the moment i do not understand why he went to the normandy summit and what he can bring back the french president called the conflict in ukraine an open wound on the european continent the summits may not have offered any major breakthroughs but the fact that putin and selenski had agreed to come together at all was seen as progress and a step to building trust natasha bottler al-jazeera paris. libya's un recognized government is warning the warlord highly for have tar is close to
1:42 pm
entering tripoli and its foreign minister says have task forces have been helped by an influx of russian fighters the un's envoy to libya has also warned of a possible bloodbath in the capital after forces launch an offensive to take tripoli in april but have so far failed to enter the city. argentina's president elect our beto fernandez is due to be in buenos aires later on tuesday supporters of the peronist party have been celebrating his return to power at a rally on monday some dress says ever pair on the wife of a former argentinean president one pair on to moxie location was at the march elected president of the fed and if you raise interest us hours away and we're here to. help him one of the people that gathered here i think they don't i'm one they don't argentina from back in the 19 days came in a way to represent. social justice and we want to keep this people here say that
1:43 pm
they don't keep the heart of terrorism that comes back to power here when i back up for nonpayment of the president cristina fernandez de kirchner advice president look you know without a lot of. preparedness one social justice equality and an end to poverty unemployment above all. heaven and here's a question but over here in the face that's a great threat families feel that there was a fair way party here with people who were afraid about what's coming next in argentina if somebody came to power with the promise to bring economic growth in this country but it wouldn't be leaving when very high rates and that inflation and that the fire coming with a very big economic challenge and the possibility of default restructuring argentina going down and the reach of hyper inflation and argentina. in recession
1:44 pm
poverty every race has been on the right as well inflation and that. the meat is going to be gone up with main priority. for says it's not hopeful about the fate of a military plane that went missing on monday the aircraft was on his way to on talk to. carrying 17 crew members and 21 passengers and lost radio contact as it flew over drake's passage an area known for severe weather conditions an air force spokesman says search and rescue teams would continue to look for possible survivors. now to kenya where parts of the country in parts of the country deaf are deforestation overgrazing and pollution a worsening the effects of changing weather patterns that local communities in the my river basin are fighting back. it's a process of nature that's as old as the hills of the mouth forest where it all begins in the trees and plants that grow within it the rain falls and down it
1:45 pm
percolates into the waterways and aquifers which form the mara river basin the original life here is spectacular in the wilderness the iconic species of africa all the b.c. . at the heart of all this is the mara river itself in full flow during the short rainy season but always dependent on the health of the mouse forest in the hills far away. he's one of the towers in the country and it does concede a very important catchment area not only for the basin weather for the entire country in general. this story has taken a new turn as i find travelling by 4 wheel drive is the only way to get any distance but in the wet season that still presents a challenge the route across the mara has been destroyed by floods. and for all by the very river that we've come to film now this sort of thing happens in times of heavy rain but it's being exacerbated by 3 things 1st of all the forestation
1:46 pm
upstream then overgrazing downstream and finally climate change we've got to find another way round. oiled again the rains causing delays chaos like this becoming more frequent as a weather patterns change. you only have to look at the recent floods across the region which have displaced thousands and have killed more than $120.00 in kenya and then and then there's drought the mar river nearly dried up totally any of this year it's never happened as far as we know but if it did it would be catastrophic for all that live here. we eventually make it up to the mouth forests where evidence of deforestation is plain to see as trees give way to farmland the forest is reduced 60 percent in recent years. so there are fields like this we have from a program to restore the mara river basin kevin conjunct shows us
1:47 pm
a recently harvested cabbage field. what we're looking at here is a fact of deforestation this would have been a close cannot be forest if it was 2001 but after years of the forest to surround it has been left and now what's happening is agriculture can actually see from the tree stumps but this is some of the tree stumps are you an indication that there are giant trees here maybe 2330 day and all. are left for use by those who have long been cleared to make way for agriculture. but now villages actually encouraged to take responsibility for their environment village ranges help patrol for illegal logging and charcoal but even dead wood that's collected from the forest floor is paid for. by those and. not the water as it should it's locals who are monitoring quite a life in checking the health of the river and they know more than anyone how important these because of the climate change you know sometimes we experiment they
1:48 pm
don't react speedy and long crises that this like i wake up call to the community based c ok now beside me to protect this morning. because what the has no i don't want to. bring down on the plains fattening up livestock has long been the most on the way now they're being encouraged to reduce their herd numbers and bring their animals to market earlier to eliminate a grazing and result they say better pasture and high yields. c and here an alternative means of income beehives looked after by the women of the village. don't you know. this is a good thing a way we can get some money by selling the honey back and it empowers us as women and helps raise schools for the children along. the mass i do would be encouraged to take down fences and open up their lands to more wildlife which in itself
1:49 pm
provides tourist dollars not everyone here is convinced by these new ways but the message is protecting and engaging in the environment reaps rewards for man and beast and the world we live in. al-jazeera.
1:50 pm
thank. you joe thank you the world anti-doping agency whata is facing criticism from all sides after handing russia
1:51 pm
a 4 year ban from may just sports events including the tokyo olympics and the football world cup in qatar many clean athletes say the punishment is too weak while russia's president vladimir putin believes is too harsh and politically motivated david stokes reports. wod it was always going to be scrutinized over its latest sanctions on russia they've been the for 4 years but for a 3rd time kept the door open for russian athletes to compete under a new flag at moses a former live picture m.p. and chair of what is own education committee this is just more of the same they've had 3 swings at the bat struck out 3 times in the duplicity deceit and deception that exhibited is. just beyond the pale water under this particular administration has not. really stood up to the athletes the way to the way that we deserve the spite the uncovering of russia's state sponsored doping program and
1:52 pm
2014 russian athletes were still able to compete at the 2016 rio olympics and winter games in pune chang last year the head of the u.s. anti-doping agency travis tygart agrees with moses that the only way to force real change is a blanket ban of all russians clean or not if you look at the example you get caught red handed pulling off the biggest fraud in olympic history and nothing's going to happen to you and you'll still be able to sin a whole delegation of athletes to the big games to continue to win medals you know that's a system that just can't simply survive. all 12 members of what is executive committee voted for this punishment and they stand by it insisting they are protecting athletes specifically those in russia who have done nothing wrong how we explain it for instance in this decision to 15 years old athletes gymnastic cleats from russia that's the only one where for these that she's she was born in russia while some
1:53 pm
say the ban is too weak russia's president vladimir putin says it goes too far speaking at the ukraine summit in paris he questioned the motives behind the decision to use leaked at least i think one has every right to say that these decisions are not based on careful clean international sport but on political interests that have nothing in common with sport and the international olympic movement russia's anti doping agency rosado is expected to appeal waters' ban at the court of arbitration for sport with the tokyo olympics less than 7 months away the conversation around russian doping and how best to deal with it is going nowhere fast david stokes al-jazeera. now it's crunch time in the way for champions league teams get a final chance about their place in the knockout stage of the next 2 days among those still waiting to confirm their spot in european champions liverpool play red bull's outspoken place in the last 16 and win would guarantee them top spot in group and the other much not really need just
1:54 pm
a draw against gang to progress liverpool is confident his team can handle the pressure. tomorrow night is the most important game in our life because there is no other one we are there we have not a typical. finalist 2 years before we are still and gracious like crazy we will go for everything we will run for our lives that's what we are. well into milan play group f. winners barcelona who already through if they beat the spaniard still progress but receive dortmund also have an outside chance as they play slavia prague then it simply spoke would join leipzig from group g. if they beat benfica could still cause an upset as they say 3rd and it might go down to head to head superiority and 3 teams can still make it from group h. 3rd place chelsea face the toughest task as they play lille as i aks and landsea are in better positions. enough to have big not supply and the ones that stick in
1:55 pm
your mind so it's opportunities now for the same. boys and it's quite nice of them to make a mark so i don't think it's good i like the pressure this can be a knockout and we're all talking about it as if we're going to do any good here we're going to have to have lots of these nice in the n.b.a. the more walking bucks extended their winning streak to 15 and remain at the top of the eastern conference but the game everyone is talking about was the sacramento kings it was all tied up between the kings and the houston rockets they came for 2 points down with only one second ago that's when the one year bill itself set up this 3 pointer and nailed it with an epic buzzer beater it was enough to win the game by a single point 19280. it was a true birthday celebration for kelly a great junior of the phoenix suns he scored 24 points on his 24th birthday with devon booker scoring 26 together they helped lead the team 212-5209 home victory
1:56 pm
over the minnesota timberwolves. for pakistan cricketer now said jumpshot has pleaded guilty to conspiring to bribe other players to fix a 2020 much jumpshot is serving a 10 year ban for his part in a spot fixing scandal in the pakistan super league 2 years ago the case is now being heard in the british courts and he will be sentenced in february. now tiger woods says the upcoming presidents cup is a dream come true of 43 year old is captaining the u.s. team and playing in the tournament for the 1st time woods and his team mates are in melbourne ahead of the tee off on thursday the 15 time major champion is just the 2nd player in the cups history to lead and play team usa will be taking on the international side and woods says he knows his country is not a faith he's not a favorite in from australian fans. just the fans have been fantastic they're the most knowledgeable and most excitable fans they love their sport come out and
1:57 pm
they're going to be bipartisan as it should be there to be room for the nationals more so than when they are us. there's nothing wrong with that but i just think they're worried about their competing and enjoyed playing on the greatest golf courses in the world. in front of some enthusiastic incredible fans and we have a good time doing it the harlem globetrotters are kicking off their latest world saw with enough impressive street performance this is an 8 story maze called the vessel in new york where 2 of the exhibition team stars showed of some incredible tricks that were taking their skills to 250 cities around the world they may not be that many more chances to this sort of trick a shot from 16 stories up the globetrotters making it all look a bit too easy. the 50000 a good bet about the life. that is useful for now i have will feel fully narry impressive thank you so much joe that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera i do stay with us plenty more world news coming up very shortly. is life next thanks so
1:58 pm
much. they've been through the whole years of political deadlock since the wretched referendum in the u.k. is still up so they divided will the general election in december that's both his old anything that can boris johnson get the rx it done and where does the u.k. go for me to follow the u.k. general election on al-jazeera. discover the world of al-jazeera. the best films from across on network of channels some 206 boys and to go to none of them have citizenship fresh perspectives and new insights to challenge and change the way we look at the world cup no. colleges here a world. on al-jazeera.
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the latest news as it breaks all the hollings in its path what destroyed and this is all that's left with details coverage when mexico elected a new president last year they did so largely with the promises that he would end the plague of violence in the country and feel as journalism from around the world this rally was praised by playing the lead off the truck in the logic of the altitude rally held in hong kong. bit of a strange day to store. the city of aleppo has fallen. to liberate the. one. astonishing stories toad in their own words how did you know who to trust or not to trust. a stranger came to town witness on al-jazeera.
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2 days before voices in algeria go to the polls a court sentences 3 former political leaders to long prison towns. hello there i'm a star and this is al jazeera live from cairo also coming up myanmar's leader aung sun suu kyi is at the international court of justice to defend her country's treatment of. democrats in the u.s. are expected to announce formal articles of impeachment against president on trying to stay. and india's lower house of parliament pos as
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a controversial bill that sets religion as the criteria for granting citizenship to foreigners.


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