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did. you want to do this to gates these mysterious goes. on out 0. leader aung sun suu chee is set to defend her country against genocide charges for its treatment of muslim or hindu. fellow that i missed on the attain this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up democratic leaders in the united states outline impeachment charges against the president donald trump says they are weak and baseless. india's controversial citizenship bill needs to parliament's upper house. and photo opportunities and frantic last minute campaigning we examine what party leaders in the u.k.
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are promising ahead of thursday's fighters. we begin our coverage in the hague where me and miles leader aung san suu kyi is set to lead her country's defense against allegations of genocide now the crimes are said to have been committed by the military and are at the center of a case at the international court of justice the allegations stem from the 27000 military crackdown which forced more than 700000 mostly muslim or hindu to flee to neighboring bangladesh well let's go live now to our correspondent ryan hey who's in the hague for us on sun. set to arrive within the next hour it's remarkable 28 years ago just this week she received the nobel peace prize and now she's set to defend the minute she who kept under house arrest against genocide what do we expect to hear from her. yes it's
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a remarkable situation isn't it it's and we sit for another fascinating few hours inside the international court of justice on tuesday it was the turn of the gambia to open this case to lay down the harrowing allegations of genocide against myanmar and as you say on wednesday in just an hour or so we expect that it will be the turn of myanmar to begin its defense and that defense will be led by aung sun suu kyi the state councilor of myanmar the minister of foreign of is effectively the country's leader what would she say well we don't know exactly but i suspect that we will not hear much different from her than we've heard in the past few years on the issue all of the attacks against the ring get in rakhine state and that hasn't been much at all she hasn't said much about this issue i suspect she will skirt around the specific allegations that were laid down by the gambian legal team on tuesday i think she will talk about things like this is a very complex situation rakhine state that she has said before
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a situation that the rest of the world doesn't really fully understand i think she will talk about the challenges that she and party have had since winning the election in 2015 forming a government very much still under the thumb of the military so i think she'll talk about things like that and then. we will hear from here from the legal team representing me and modern i think to an extent they will focus on technicalities like the fact that this court doesn't have jurisdiction to hear this case one of the main roles of the i.c.j. is to rule on state versus state disputes and i suspect that the legal team will focus on that the fact that there is no dispute between the gambia and me and the gambians are well prepared for that argument on tuesday they said that since early last year they tried repeatedly to raise the concerns directly with the government of myanmar about what was happening. in rakhine state but they got nowhere so it then became
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a state versus state dispute and in the end they had no choice but to bring this case here to the hague when speaking to us there live from the hague you'll be following this very closely for us thank you wayne well the gambia has already asked for protections for the refugees who are stuck in cox's bazaar in bangladesh our correspondent stephanie decker is there and she says the refugees are trying to follow this case closely. nobel peace prize winner defending her country against charges of genocide well that evidence is here our it's the biggest record you count in the world i can tell you that people are aware of the trial they've been trying to get news of it internet how to been caught in this count for the last couple of months is a large protest took place here marking the 2 year anniversary while today for some reason 3 g. is back on so people are being able to access at the news and of course today we're expecting some coochie to speak you will have had people meeting last night with community leaders who would listening to the radio and would pulse on the information the news to them so there's people very happy that there is this trial
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going on but they're also aware that there are going to be huge challenges ahead as people want to go home but at the moment there is no signs that that's going to happen anytime soon this county is taking a more let's say a permanent form and some of it and some of its areas there are many camps that make up the wider area and there's no guarantees for me and more that if they do say so at the moment nothing here is resolved. now u.s. president donald trump has mocked and pietschmann charges against him labeling them weak democratic party leaders announced 2 articles of impeachment on tuesday charging him with abuse of power and obstruction of congress and makes trump only the 4th president to face a formal process to remove him from office how does a castro reports from washington d.c. standing before a portrait of one of the nation's founding fathers george washington house democratic leaders made
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a historic announcement today in service to our duty to the constitution and to our country. the house committee on the judiciary is introducing 2 articles of impeachment charging the president of the united states donald j. drum with committing high crimes and misdemeanors the 1st article is abuse of power for withholding security aid and a white house visit with ukraine's leader in exchange for political investigations that would benefit trump's reelection the 2nd obstruction of congress for refusing to cooperate with impeachment investigators the evidence is every bit as strong that president trump has obstructed congress fully without precedent and without basis in law if allowed to stand it would decimate congress's ability to conduct oversight of this president or any other in the future trump is only the 4th u.s. president to have impeachment proceed this far he denies all wrongdoing tweeting
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during the democrats' announcement witch hunt democrats say the evidence against trump is damning it includes testimony from more than a dozen witnesses and a white house call summary showing trump asked ukraine to launch investigations into his political rivals republicans though say that's not enough to remove a president they're not impeaching the president because they they can the list and impeachable offense there peaching him because they're afraid he will get reelected that's not why you have the power of impeachment that's the abuse of power democrats are keeping the impeachment articles narrowly focused on trump's recent conduct with ukraine they decided not to charge the president for trying to stop the previous moeller investigation that examine whether his campaign had colluded with russia in the last presidential election in less than a year's time a deeply divided america will return to the polls that will be after trump's
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impeachment trial in the senate where he'll likely be acquitted by his fellow republicans democrats say despite the slim chance of removal doing nothing or waiting what amounts to complicity with trump's misconduct the argument why don't you just wait amounts to this. why don't you just let him cheat in one more election why not let him cheat just one more time democrats say trump remains a threat to the upcoming elections and to his own country heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington well during a rally in the battleground state of pennsylvania donald trump called the 2 articles of impeachment against him flimsy and pathetic you saw their so-called articles of impeachment that people are saying they're not even a crime what are all of these horrible things remember bribery this is where are they they send these 2 things are not even to grow this is the light is
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weak is impeachment you know our country said actually many appreciate you call judges and lots of many of preachers but it was on today everybody this is impeachment late. now all saudi military students in the united states have had their operational training suspended the decision affects around 900 military personnel and means they will not be allowed to fly aircraft or use guns as part of their training and follows an attack by a saudi officer at an air base in florida last week in which 3 people were killed while now a controversial citizenship bill is being debated in the indian parliament's upper house it was passed by the lower house of parliament on monday now the bill would grant citizenship to those fleeing religious persecution but it excludes muslims critics say the bill violates india's secular constitution by discriminating against muslims well for more on this let's bring in our who's in new delhi for us
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and how those debates are going on right now in the upper house talk us through the arguments and how likely it is to pass. well it's very likely to pass because as you believe the government along with its allies in the upper house will make sure that the bill is passed it's very likely that it is passed to date some of the debate is going on the country's home minister spoke out and he said it is india's responsibility to make sure that minorities who've been persecuted in neighboring countries are given protection in india are given shows that the opposition politicians or members of opposition parties are saying that behind this is the ruling party which is a hindu nationalist party they're all arising politics that essentially trying to divide people one of the parliamentarians from an opposition party has even equated this to nazi politics come in there perhaps but there is a certain concern among people that this may divide the induce and muslims in the
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country over the last few days we've seen massive protests in assam in best bengal and also in delhi and yesterday also in the state of with the police but it is very important to mention that these protests are happening quite different reasons in assam mainly the protests are happening because assamese want to protect their assamese identity and they don't want any migrants where there hindus or a muslim bengalis invest bring all that is a different politics at play which is between the into nationalist party which is ruling in the indian ruling india so this is the dominant party and the local party which is d.m.c. there it is about protecting the rights of the muslims in delhi again people are saying that this is a discriminatory law we've also seen last night protests in our legal system university where students have said this legislation is discriminatory and should not to be passed until they are there for us and you tell you about continuing to follow this very closely thank you. well the weather is next but still ahead. after years of planning and several false starts saudi arabia stage and oil giant aramco
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there is public. and increased all kind of activity on new zealand's wise island campus efforts to find 9 people missing after monday's eruption. hello today's thunderstorm warnings in the european theater down here in the g.n. well actually along the stretches anywhere from italy to what was western turkey it's big circulation still and it's like to be big thunderstorms with rain possibly hail so at least on the in the middle of the doctor the high pressure area it's cold foggy to some degree but everything is moving slowly from this to this from west to east is atlantic weather coming in against the cold so it will start out as wet snow all the way down into central france and set up the low countries germany
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that's a bit the picture for wednesday for today it keeps moving eastwards overnight dropping some more snow love it will live course on the higher ground and it will invade places like austria so vienna one degree presents a much colder feel of the day was snow on the terro for example the showers of movies was a son storms in turkey and probably cyprus on the next rain belts waiting to come in the far west of europe everything is on the move that as you might expect the slow circulation in central med means that today showers and thunderstorms will be in tunisia and libya you can see the circulation quite clearly this is today's forecast 16 in tripoli big thunderstorms and tomorrow having is going to a little bit further east. with a sponsor you can't own. you out on the streets protesting whether on line you feel before you. walk through each and every year through to the jail
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or if you join us on say we tend to start from day one whether again you're in detention or you're in parsippany this is a dialogue everyone has a voice before you know it's 3 54 o'clock. i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation is iraq. hello again i'm a. reminder of our top stories this hour. set to lead her country's defense against allegations of genocide on tuesday she appeared at the international court of justice and heard accounts of mass murder and rape. us president donald trump
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has his house at impeachment charges against him according the week democratic party leaders announced 2 articles of impeachment on tuesday abuse of power and obstruction of congress. to citizenship it has been tabled in the indian parliament's upper house and was passed by the lower house on monday if approved it will grant citizenship to those fleeing religious persecution bob's experience. now shares in saudi arabia state company have officially begun trading on riyadh stock exchange saudi aramco made history a week ago with the largest initial public offering raising $25600000000.00 for less than 2 percent of the company this valued around co at $1.00 trillion dollars making it the most valuable. listed company in the world the i.p.o. fell short of the 2 trillion valuation the kingdom had wanted although officials hope it'll hit that mark on the 1st day of trading well let's bring in our economics editor abbott ali to talk through all of this
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a bit i see that shares open 10 percent higher a huge success then for crown prince mohammed bin samara. well and this was always started to be a win for the saudi government one way or the they were going to been in the markets and this is exactly what they have done if they use was anywhere else in the world there will be an investigation to find out who was ramping up shares but when the government there's various all the markets can do and this is the reason why international investors did not want to invest in this particular company because they knew that the governance was a problem not only a run but within the state itself and they've been proved right nobody in their right mind as an investor would stand by and watch something like this happen now i mean everybody wants to make a profit on the on the 1st day there's no doubt about it but to actively go out your way to say to state funds and to say to. your population go in buy the stock right now this is this is your chance to basically get
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a bigger part of. your people who will be sitting on paper losses by the end of the day if if if the market was to turn but we were know exactly where the stock price is going to go we need a whole year of trading to figure out exactly where that's going to happen let me ask you who exactly is pushing up the share price and that station vestment fans were being encouraged to invest and these are the same ones who stepped in when foreign investors divested after jamal khashoggi is matter you're absolutely right and this is this is this is a huge problem because when you get you know international best is want to see a free market they want to see the markets responding to a particular company to find a way to based on the fundamentals of a company so yes you know you have a company that is making $111000000000.00 a year but you need to take into consideration all prices the amount a dividend it's paying and then you can figure out a valuation now international versus were saying before before the markets trade
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before you know they weren't interested. unless the price was below $1.00 trillion but m.b.'s that's mohamed bin someone has been keen on this price of $2.00 trillion dollars and sees been some money his half brother who is all minister meeting last week said listen we're going to hit that 2 trillion mark and international festers are going to be proved wrong and i know we have to wait to see the trends here but do you think the price will stay this high and what's really going to do with all this money so let's talk about the secondary market by itself not the problem of the market is that basically you know you don't collect the money from that you don't you're not a winner in that she did the state doesn't get the money from that money it's just propels the market forward it's the most unproductive part of the market the initial public offering of the 25600000000 that some money they get to keep that
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money will be used by the star state fun to dive 1st diversify the economy away from oil. economics had a process for us thank you robert. now britain's political leaders are gearing up for a fire a final frantic 24 hours of campaigning ahead of thursday's election the latest polls are cautiously suggesting victory for current prime minister barak but expectations for his parliamentary majority are now much for joost and as paul brennan reports there's still a chance they'll be no clear winner. boris johnson's people know the power of a good photo of the styrofoam board bore the brunt of the prime minister's breakfast metaphor on tuesday. using infrastructure education technology to bring the country together we have a vision of the united kingdom gerry corbin would divide and i can tell you this we can do all of this as one nation can service whilst not putting up your taxes but
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it is this photo that's proved most politically powerful this week 4 year old jacqueline barr laid out on the floor of a hospital emergency ward for the lack of a proper bed the prime minister's visible awkwardness when confronted with the picture has been seized upon by the labor party the story that was in yesterday's papers about. a crater on the floor. is not that an exceptional around the country the shortage of pads the shortage of nurses the shortage of doctors the shortage of radiologists and the shortage you find. is an absolute scandal. campaigning in the city of bath the liberal democrat leader reiterated her party's internationalist policies describing thursday's election as a fight for the soul of our country and what we all do for these last few hours will make that difference in terms of the type of country we will see on friday
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and beyond because liberal democrats are in the position in so many parts of the country where we can stop forest. we can win seats from a conservative with less than 48 hours until polling stations open the competing parties are from to scrapping for every available vote the opinion polls still suggest a conservative victory but nothing is being taken for granted paul brennan al-jazeera . now thousands of protesters are gathering in sydney to demand action on climate change after months of out of control bushfires across parts of australia demonstrators accuse the government of ignoring a climate of madge and see how the fires have been made worse by unseasonably hot conditions and traps. efforts to recover bodies from new zealand's wife's island have been put on hold as all kind of activity continues to increase there's mounting pressure from relatives to find the 9 people missing. say it's just not
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safe to look at all ruptured on monday killing at least 6 people and injuring 30 others jessica washington has more for a fact. this is a community in mourning and united in the most difficult circumstances the town of khatami has long been promoted as the gateway to white island from the shoreline it's possible to still see clouds of ash rising from the volcano this is. horrendous and while a large number of the people who have been. overseas visitors coming onto boats and things like that. we do have local people also who. believes her nephew who worked as a white island guide is one of them. breaking. been here. it's the
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beginning of summer here in new zealand usually one of the most popular times put tourists to visit white island instead the boat docked here at phuket time just 50 kilometers from where the disaster happened and locals here are deeply affected by the tragedy the family off another guide who lived in a tourney confirmed he's among the dead. most of the 47 people on the island at the time of the eruption had been passengers on this cruise ship it stayed docked here for 2 days to help with the investigation and finally set sail in front of an emotional crowd to find the words for it to be fair i just wanted to send a love in their compassion the effects of the disaster reach far beyond new zealand there were visitors from the u.s. germany china and malaysia and more than half of those on white island when the volcano erupted were australians we understand the international interest.
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while we are working through this process we are unable to confirm tell me anything. from each country. we will instead can individuals where for all is we confirm the identities of the authorities are under pressure to get information out to affected families the bodies of the deceased have been flown to all cleaned for post-mortems the injured many with severe burns are being treated in a number of hospitals i have declared a mess for tell us the incident which means that a number of agencies are now working together to resolve this tragedy with so many questions on answered all people can do here for now is wait and pay their respects just to washington al-jazeera attorney in new zealand. the
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21 day period for israel to form a coalition government is coming to an end but prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his main rival benny gantz still haven't managed to agree on a unity government deal and if an agreement is not reached by midnight local time israel could see its 3rd election and less than a year high for such reports from leicester a slim. a wintry gloom has settled over israel in recent days and even the prospect of a distant spring isn't bringing much comfort just about everyone expects the change in season to usher in another phase of slow motion political crisis with a 3rd election on the 2nd of march and there will be 3rd election definitely. because all the parties they don't want to give up about. you know this is tragic for the country there is no government right now everything in the country is disabled and obviously people are the ones paying the price. there is still time to stop it the deadline for a member of the israeli parliament or knesset to gain the backing for a coalition government is midnight on wednesday but the main players
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a deadlocked on the whole benjamin netanyahu now indicted in 3 separate corruption cases has taken to social media again this week blaming his opponents for the stalemate insists on staying on as prime minister for several months in any deal between his likud party and blue and white was led by benny gantz who. grants has refused to serve under an indicted prime minister and now says netanyahu must renounce any claim to parliamentary immunity from prosecution when other potential way out of a 3rd election has been closed off by netanyahu former defense minister avigdor lieberman who's refusing to bring his party into a right wing coalition at the center of the political logjam though here at the knesset is netanyahu legal plight he called the 1st election early in april aiming for a new mandate to help fight off the corruption charges he engineered the 2nd election in september but again failed to win that mandate a 3rd election would at least allow him to stay in office for the next 3 months but
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what does that buy him given a prosecution that could drag on for years it's not clear whether there is a very significant dividend from the former legal point of view but i think there is common wisdom is that he's a bargaining position reserving the prosecution is much stronger when he's in office to get to a 3rd election netanyahu would have to fight off. leadership challenge from within likud and any potential legal moves against the legitimacy of his position and as for israel's wary voters recent surveys suggest there are resigned to going back to the polls and that a 3rd election in less than a year would yield a 3rd inconclusive result little there to lift the gloom ari force it out just 0 west jerusalem canada mexico and the united states has signed a new free trade agreement to replace the 25 year old after it was sealed hours after the us congress announced it supports my new apollo reports from the mexican capital where the agreement was signed. mexican president and this one will visit
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or met with representatives from the united states and canada on tuesday for the signing of the us and seeing. a trade deal that stalled for months pending a series of changes demanded by democrats in the u.s. house of representatives u.s. trade officials touted the deal as a major accomplishment one that ends the age of the north american free trade agreement where nafta it's nothing short of a miracle that we have all come together i think that's a testament to how good the agreement is but perhaps more importantly it's a testament to how long it will last and how people will be coming to north america and how vibrant and economy this will be for all of us it is such canada's deputy prime minister chrystia freeland called the u.s. embassy a win for all 3 countries all of us together have finally accomplished what we set out to do at the very outset a win win win agreement which will provide stability for
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workers in all 3 of our countries for many years to come. that is no small thing especially in today's world. economists like dr jose rizal or cruz however when the benefits from mexico could be mostly conditional but i mean. for mexico i believe an opportunity has been created but it will depend on mexico being able to move from a low value added manufacturing economy to one that could generate through higher productivity and competitiveness the intermediate inputs north america tracks from other regions of the world. since the rise of e-commerce the u.s. mexico and canada have been looking toward overhauling existing trade relations the u.s.m.c. is the result of a renegotiation of the north american free trade agreement on like nafta u.s.m.c. broadens international regulations affecting everything from intellectual property rights to environmental law. the signing of the trilateral document means the
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agreement now moves to the legislative branches of the us mexico and canada for ratification. and mexico city. hello again this is al jazeera and these are the headlines myanmar's leader aung san suu kyi is set to lead her country's defense against allegations of genocide a day after sitting through graphic accounts of mass matter and rape they stem from a 2017 military crackdown which forced 700000 muslim rangar to flee to neighboring bangladesh u.s. president donald trump has called the impeachment charges against him weak democratic party leaders say he abused the power of his office and obstructed congress in its investigation. you saw their so-called articles of impeachment that people are saying they're not even a crime what are all of these horrible things remember bribery.
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where are they they said these 2 things are not even to grow this is the light is weak is it you know our country said actually many judges and lots of a many you preach but it was on today everybody this is impeachment lite. all saudi military students in the u.s. have had their operational training suspended the decision affects around 900 military personnel and means they will not be allowed to fly aircraft or use guns as part of their training and follows an attack by a saudi officer as an airbase in florida last week in which 3 people were killed a controversial citizenship bill is being debated in the indian parliament's upper house it was passed by the lower house on monday if passed it would grant citizenship to those fleeing religious persecution but is experience muslims critics say the bill violates india's secular constitution and. shares in saudi
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arabia state run oil company have officially begun trading on riyadh stock exchange saudi aramco shares opened wednesday morning 10 percent higher than last week's record breaking initial public offering the company made history with the largest ever i.p.o. raising $25600000000.00 it fell short of the 2 trillion valuation the kingdom had wanted thousands of protesters are gathering in sydney to demand action on climate change after months of out of control bushfires across parts of australia demonstrators accuse the government of ignoring a climber's emergency the fires have been made worse by unseasonably hot conditions and drought sydney has spent 2 weeks blanketed in a thick haze from that smoke. well those are the headlines join me for more news here on out of there after the stream stay with us. talk to al-jazeera we were told to get to that between russia has this been addressed by turkey we listen what
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is the proposal. for a couple on your we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter. for me ok i really could be here in the stream today we continue our weeklong look at the global impact of colonialism can the pain our ancestors lived through he inherited some researches say yes and common symptoms include poor health. substance abuse violence and suicide there are critics though who say the science isn't solid and that the evidence is anecdotal at best and growing study about the genetics has found that the experiences of those who went before such as trauma can leave a mark on your genes but is that enough to be passed on take a look at this primer from ted add on epigenetics and house.


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