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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 11, 2019 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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yes 2 on al-jazeera. leader aung sun suu kyi defends her country against genocide charges for its treatment of muslim. and i again i missed the attack in this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up democratic leaders in the united states outline impeachment charges against the president donald trump says they're weak and baseless. after years of planning and several false starts the shares in saudi arabia state owned oil company aramco begin public trading. a new day set sherry's greenland's ice sheets are melting 7 times faster than previously thought which.
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now myanmar's later on sun suchi is that at the international court of justice defending her country against allegations of genocide she called the accusations misleading tucci insists the military has been conducting a legitimate operation against armed groups and that action has been taken against the use of excessive force on tuesday as your g.'s sat through graphic accounts of mass murder and rape detailed against the military the allegations stem from the 2017 crackdown which forced more than 700000 mostly written jim muslims to flee to neighboring bangladesh and that the genocide intent on the part of the state that activity investigates prosecute and punish this in offices who are accused of wrongdoing. although the focus here is on members of the military i can assure you that appropriate action will also be taken against civilian offenders in line with
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due process there will be no tolerance of human rights violations in the rakhine or elsewhere in the i'm not the kind to day suffers an internal conflict between the buddhist alekhine army and me a mass defense services muslims are not a party to this conflict but may like other civilians in the conflict area be affected by security measures that are in place. we pray the court to refrain from taking any action that might give weight the ongoing conflict and armed conflict and peace and security and rakhine. well let's go live now to wayne has in the hague for us when we know that genocide is notoriously tricky to prove because it comes down to intent and as we've just had continues to insist this is a counter-insurgency campaign so no surprises there then today. no surprises in that speech it was very broad in nature certainly she did not
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address any of those harrowing allegations that were laid out by the gambian legal team on tuesday when they opened this case in the courtroom behind me allegations of rape torture and murder during those clearance operations conducted by the me and my security forces as they went through those. did not address those allegations directly she did acknowledge that there may have been some wrongdoing on behalf of some security forces during those clearance operations but they certainly according to her did not amount to genocide as the gambians are alleging and they situations they are crimes or allegations of crimes that me and will handle domestically and can handle domestically through their own criminal justice system or internally within the military's court martial system she certainly pointed out that this was not a case for any sort of international judicial system like the i.c.j.
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which is here in this case that what she didn't address was the core issues that has led to the crackdown against these community she blames it firmly on the militant group. which the security forces outpost in 201-620-0201 extension 7 clearly she is blaming the violence all net groups and that was the only time when referring to that militant group that she used the term rigging get. another terms to it being a muslim group that there. a muslim exodus but refused to use the term and again didn't address the core reasons behind some of the tensions there the fact that they were regarded as illegal immigrants and that for the most part they have no rights at all so a very broad statement certainly one that would not surprise observers of me and
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and one that will not satisfy critics of her and when we're also now hearing from me and must know is that they want her quest for protections for the regime get to be rejected and we're talking here about more than 700000 people who fled across the border to bangladesh. yes that's what this 1st phase all of this genocide trial is all about it is about the gambians asking the judges to order the government of me and to take steps to protect the rights and the security of bringing good not only those who are still in rakhine state but those who have fled to bangladesh as you mentioned hundreds of thousands who fled that violence and who don't want to return because they are afraid so they want the rights and the security of those people guaranteed by the me and my government and they want me and my government to prove that it has taken those steps to protect the rights and security and they want me and my government are demanding that me and met me and my government report back to the i.c.j.
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and prove that they have taken those steps well the judges as you sorry the lawyers representing me and matter as you have mentioned have asked the judges to reject that request again this is playing into the theme that we heard from aung san suu kyi that this is not an issue for any sort of international judicial organ to rule on this is a domestic issue and one that the government and the military are handling by themselves when heather for us and they will continue watching this very thank you rang. now u.s. president donald trump has mocked impeachment charges against him calling them weak democratic party leaders announced 2 articles of impeachment on tuesday charging him with abuse of power and obstruction of congress and makes trump only the 4th president to face a formal process to remove him from office castro reports from washington d.c.
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standing before a portrait of one of the nation's founding fathers george washington house democratic leaders made a historic announcement today in service to our duty to the constitution and to our country. the house committee on the judiciary is introducing 2 articles of impeachment charging the president of the united states donald j. drum with committing high crimes and misdemeanors the 1st article is abuse of power for withholding security aid and a white house visit with ukraine's leader in exchange for political investigations that would benefit trump's reelection the 2nd obstruction of congress for refusing to cooperate with impeachment investigators the evidence is every bit as strong that president trump has obstructed congress fully without precedent and without basis in law if allowed to stand it would decimate congress's ability to conduct oversight of this president or any other in the future trump is only the 4th u.s.
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president to have impeachment proceed this far he denies all wrongdoing tweeting during the democrats' announcement witch hunt democrats say the evidence against trump is damning it includes testimony from more than a dozen witnesses and a white house call summary showing trump asked ukraine to launch investigations into his political rivals republicans though say that's not enough to remove a president they're not impeaching the president because they they can the list and impeachable offense they're impeaching him because they're afraid he will get reelected that's not why you have the power of impeachment that's the abuse of power democrats are keeping the impeachment articles narrowly focused on trump's recent conduct with ukraine they decided not to charge the president for trying to stop the previous moller investigation that examine whether his campaign had colluded with russia in the last presidential election in less than a year's time
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a deeply divided america will return to the polls that will be after trump's impeachment trial in the senate where he'll likely be acquitted by his fellow republicans democrats say despite the slim chance of removal doing nothing or waiting what amounts to complicity with trump's misconduct the argument why don't you just wait amounts to this. why don't you just let him cheat in one more election why not let him cheat just one more time democrats say trump remains a threat to the upcoming elections and to his own country heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington while thought reacted to the charges as a campaign rally in pennsylvania. you sure there are so-called articles of impeachment that people are saying they're not even a crime what happened all of these are both things remember bribery this is
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where are they they send these 2 things are not even a drone this is the light is weak is impeachment you know our country said actually many appreciate you call judges and lots of many of preachers but it was on today everybody this is impeachment lite. shares in saudi arabia's state run oil company have officially begun trading on riyadh stock exchange opening 10 percent higher than the initial public offering saudi aramco made history a week ago with the largest ever i.p.o. raising 25 point $6000000000.00 for less than 2 percent of the company this valued around $1.00 trillion dollars that makes it the most valuable listed company in the wild still the i.p.o. fell short of the 2 trillion valuation the kingdom had wanted although officials hope it will hit that mark on the festive trading well as my colleague folly spoke to banda hari who is the c.e.o.
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of market analysis from banda insights and she says saudi arabia will be hoping to make up the shortfall in around co's expected value the expectations had been whittled down quite a bit from compared with the initial aspirations to list 5 percent of the company with the valuation of 2 trillion which would have netted the kingdom about. $100000000000.00 the i.p.o. or the scaled down i.p.o. has brought in just about $26000000000.00 it was expected to be listed simultaneously on international prominent international exchanges as well as the domestic exchange it has been listed only on the domestic and bought only by the saudis with a little bit of contribution from the u. we great. so it is a success a limited success as you were just mentioning in your introduction how to get the valuation up from the 1.7 trillion which was achieved in the i.p.o.
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to the 2 trillion and i suppose to a large extent how does saudi arabia now make up for the $75000000000.00 that it's probably expected to get but but didn't we just had the budget announced earlier this week and clearly they're looking at a bigger budget deficit looking at much lesser oil revenues already oil revenues and 2019 came in nearly 10 percent below what they had budgeted so all of those are going to be major concerns whether it's next but still ahead thousands of protesters in sydney demand action on climate change after months of out of control bus fire. and wear and one of the u.k.'s key battlegrounds ahead of thursday's election by some residents are considering a tactical voters. there's
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no doubt the winter is coming to eastern asia now there are plenty of trials of japan has what looks like plenty clans of the north east and china but much of that is the satellites seeing low temperatures on the ground that's houses cloud so that it also works minus 3 the snow is going to trust your car into the high ground of normal home shoot the tension on thursday could be 17 but it's dropping down by the time we get to friday 10 to dine it will feel like a fairly settled weather is usually the case once went to settles in the winter and the cycle in a quality suffers both in seoul and in beijing it's going down their currency is pretty poor it's not going to change very quickly i'm afraid for the rest equally the potential for settled and not being moved on very much but it's sunny if you can see the scar toll it's looking nice weather in hong kong for example 23 degrees . now given the northeast monsoon is in that means that the rain is heading
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properly sized entities we want the rainy season to really develop into days here the darker green is where the focus shows the heaviest rain cooled ching and singapore morris falling not live much of sumatra does possibly kayo but maybe better java does as well. from the al-jazeera london prove center to special guests in conversation when your government is going up to you what do you do unprompted uninterrupted we have a deep state and who's telling the truth whatever they want to whoever they want whenever they want the trees color is nice low key black people for as long as we've been fighting have been labeled as terrorist studio unscripted on al-jazeera.
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and again i'm. a reminder about top stories this hour. has been defending her country against allegations of genocide at the international court of justice in the hague. says the case brought by the gambia is misleading and that international action could harm peace and reconciliation in her country she says myanmar does not tolerate rights violations and or else where. u.s. president donald trump has his house with impeachment charges against him calling them weak democratic party leaders announced 2 articles of impeachment on tuesday abuse of power and obstruction of congress. and says in saudi arabia's state run
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oil company have officially begun trading on riyadh stock exchange the company made history with the largest ever initial public offering last week raising $25600000000.00. now with just one day. before voting begins in the british election polls are cautiously suggesting victory for prime minister johnson but there's still the chance of a hung parliament and there's another factor that could throw the result tactical voting lawrence leigh reports from walking up one of the battlegrounds. if you want to find somewhere to symbolize conservative england then this would do fine working i'm in the countryside west of london is well off and takes care of itself. but perhaps because of that voted by some distance to remain in the european union both parties said we missed all of the referendum result despite the best efforts of the
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town's longstanding conservative m.p. john redwood who is an ex its over. in this election the pro e.u. forces see an opportunity to get their revenge on him and the timing really matters places like working and represent the last chance for opponents of brecht's it's trying to stop the conservatives from getting it done but to do it in polls persuading the public to vote not for the part of the most but for the party in any constituency with the best chance of beating the conservatives and that's where things get messy. here the anti brecht's it can do that with the best chance is a former conservative who defected to the liberal democrats were the opposition parties to stand down and give him their votes he's pretty convince he would win we've got huge body of data sorry with it's neck and neck this is why for labor very even if you have told you know vote for me and if you're
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a tory remain and you think bricks are is a complete and utter disaster and you don't want to then you're also voting for me and if those 2 things together then we're not going to get out. and this is the labor candidates she broke her ankle right at the start of the campaign and is trailing in 3rd place but even though she can't win she resolutely believes she should not participate in tactical voting you might say to people you know your life oh my perfect you passionately believe in the policies but actually we're not going to stand anyone here because we want you to vote with them i just it's not fair it's not right democratic to get number 345 how the 2 main opposition parties agreed at the start of the campaign to stand on a joint platform then things might have been different but their general refusal to form a united front against bracks it could be a decisive factor on thursday it's the system that's broken and actually what we're offering is a chance for your vote actually came and for increased democratic participation but
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daily we would love for the voting system to be changed so that acts of voting isn't necessary. fortunately this election is. that it is impossible to get around the fact that this is the brics election because the conservatives have made it does the stark choice for people who don't like it is that ignoring it might allow it to happen mostly al-jazeera. and here's the full list of candidates standing in the working in constituency 5 of them in all and interesting one to watch on election night full coverage here on al-jazeera now greenland's ice sheet is melting at an alarming rate 7 times faster than in the 1990 s. new analysis of satellite data shows it's losing about $250000000000.00 tons of ice every year and the losses are continuing to accelerate since 1900 to melt water from greenland has raised global sea levels by one centimeter and that puts millions more people at risk from flooding well let's speak now to andrew shepherd
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who's a professor of earth observation at the university of leeds and was the lead one of the lead authors of that study and he joins us now on skype from leeds professor let's start with the rate of ice loss here because it's not just the fact that the ice is melting it's that it's melting much much faster than we thought it would right so now what we thought was the worst case scenario is actually the middle of the road scenario now we need a west case scenario a new one. it takes a long time to do you know measurements to be able to check that model predictions but now we have 2 or 3 decades and it's really clear that the course that agreement on thoughts grows well following is the worst case scenario that means more sea level rise than people are expecting and what's driving all of this ice last. so in greenland it's 2 things it's the air around the ice sheet is too warm and it's melting ice. in the ocean around the an excuse to warm and that's causing the glasses which carve out the eggs into the sea to more quickly. let's also talk
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about impact it has run through some numbers but by my understanding the loss of the greenland ice sheet doesn't just mean sea level rise but it could also increase global warming fairly dramatically because the release of methane from the melted earth and then less heat being reflected from the sun back into space when there's no snow so when you put all of this together our we approaching a tipping point here. it tipping points are interesting things for people to speculate about but i think the story that we're trying to tell people today is that this is predicted climate change and this will still have a serious impact on a large number of people just the regular mode to get the green lights you don't need. to turn szell situations like tipping point this is happening now we do need to do something about that oh as we were saying this is also happening much more quickly than we expected so what's the reason for the conservatism in the science the reports over the years that led to this point. so
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the science actually hasn't been gone cervix if it's always present a regular on the lower and a worse case scenario. b. i guess the politicians of chosen to favor the mid mid scenario not the worst case of the polar ice sheets. and. big consequences. we've been talking about sea level rise but could this also have consequences for weather patterns and potential more extreme weather events around the wild. so these things all relates to one another and in fact it is those extreme weather events coupled with sea level rise which are going to cause the flooding it's not it's not the steady increase in sea level around the world that will eventually inundate very low lying areas so what happens when we get storms in the winter just before winter and also. those searches. the munjal now they only pfluger coastal regions once every few years but it will be commutes more frequent in the future well you've
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been studying this now for years and this week leaders are meeting in a trid a you optimistic that we as humanity are going to be able to come together and face this crisis in time. i always think it's important to return home. to look so this morning the coast meeting where the leaders in the industry where all the leaders in the u.k. we have an election right now in our prime minister is the only person who refused to participate in the climate change to get a peace plan through the trees to build more roads but exactly the opposite when we leave. and so going forward i guess we're all going to have to try to hold on to what we have thank you for joining us and you shepherd from the university of leeds . where thousands of protesters have been rallying in sydney to demand more action on climate change after months of out of control bushfires across parts of australia demonstrators there are accusing the government of ignoring the climate
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imagine see the fires have been made worse by unseasonably hot conditions and rouse . now large protests have broken out in india's northeastern state of assam of a controversial citizenship bill currently being debated and parliament's upper house the bill would grant citizenship to those fleeing religious persecution but as it excludes muslims critics say it violates india's secular constitution by discriminating against muslims it was passed by the lower house on monday as anti-war explains from new delhi the bill is like he's a pos in the upper house too. well it's very likely to pass because it's believe the government along with its allies in the upper house will make sure that the bill is passed it's very likely that it is passed to date so the debate is going on the country's home minister spoke when he said it is india's responsibility to make sure that minorities who've been persecuted in neighboring countries are given protection in india are given shelter but the opposition politicians or members of opposition parties are saying that behind this is the ruling party which is
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a hindu nationalist party they're all arising politics they're essentially trying to divide people one of the parliamentarians from an opposition party has even equated this to nazi politics. coming there perhaps but there is a sort of concern among people that this may divide the news and muslims in the country over the last few days we've seen massive protests in assam investment all and also in delhi and yesterday also in the state of what are police but it is very important to mention that these protests are happening for different reasons in assam mainly the protests are happening because assamese want to protect their assamese identity and they don't want any migrants where they are hindus or a muslim bengalis investment all there is a different politics at play which is between the hindu nationalist party which is ruling in the indian ruling india so this is the dominant party here and the local party which is t m c there it is about protecting the rights of the muslims in delhi again people
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are saying that this is a discriminatory law we've also seen last night protests in a legal muslim university where students have said this legislation is discriminatory and should not to be passed now the pacific island of broken valley has voted overwhelmingly to become independent from papa new guinea 97.7 percent supported the move but the result as non-binding and the final say still rests with pup and you can use parliament now the vote was promised as part of a peace deal to end a decade long civil war. gunman have shot dead at least 5 people in somalia's capital mogadishu at a hotel near the red the presidential palace police killed 2 of the attackers and rescued dozens of people from the building arse about the has claimed responsibility. efforts to recover bodies from new zealand's white island have been put on hold as volcanic activity continues to increase there's mounting pressure from relatives to find the 9 people still missing but emergency workers say it's
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just not safe the volcano erupted on monday killing at least 6 people and injuring 30 others jessica washington has more from fact attorney. this is a community in mourning and united in the most difficult circumstances the town of tommy has long been promoted as the gateway to white island from the shoreline it's possible to still see clouds of ash rising from the volcano this is. hairiness and while a large number of the people who have been negatively affected overseas visitors coming onto boats and things like that. we do have local people so who. really it's happens nephew who worked as a white highland guide is one of them. breaking. it's
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the beginning of summer here in new zealand usually one of the most popular times for tourists to visit white island instead the boat a docked here at phuket tiny just 50 kilometers from where the disaster happened and locals here are deeply affected by the tragedy the family off another guide who lived in fact attorney confirmed he's among the dead most of the 47 people on the island at the time of the eruption had been passengers on this cruise ship it stayed docked here for 2 days to help with the investigation and finally set sail in front of an emotional crowd to find the words for to be frank i just wanted to send a love and compassion the effects of the disaster reach far beyond new zealand there were visitors from the u.s. germany china and malaysia and more than half of those on white island when the volcano erupted liam's we understand the international interest.
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while we can for percy's. we are unable to confirm helm. from each country. free will and state can individuals where for all as we can for the identities the authorities are under pressure to get information out to affected families the bodies of the deceased have been flown to oakland for post-mortems the injured many with severe burns are being treated in a number of hospitals i have declared a base for tallaght incident which means that a number of agencies are now working together to resolve this tragedy with so many questions on and all people can do here if an hour is wait and pay their respects just a washington. new zealand. well you can find much more on our website
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including ongoing coverage of me allows genocide trial of the i.c.j. that's al-jazeera dot com. and again this is al jazeera and these are the headlines myanmar's leader aung san suu kyi is at the international court of justice defending her country against allegations of genocide she called the accusations misleading and chooses to choose south through graphic accounts of mass matter and rape detailed against the military the allegations stem from the 2017 crackdown which forced more than 700000 mostly working the muslims to flee to neighboring bangladesh tended be genocidal intent on the part of the state that actively investigates prosecute and punish assume this in offices who are accused of wrongdoing although the focus here isn't members of the military i can assure you that appropriate action would also be
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taken against civilian offenders in line its due process there will be no tolerance of human rights violations in the rakhine or elsewhere. u.s. president donald trump has mocked impeachment charges against him labeling them weak democratic party leaders announced 2 articles of impeachment on tuesday charging him with abuse of power and obstruction of congress it makes trump only the 4th president to face a formal process to remove him from office shares in saudi arabia's state run oil company has officially begun trading on riyadh stock exchange saudi aramco shares open wednesday morning 10 percent higher than last week's record breaking initial public offering the company made history with the largest ever i.p.o. raising $25600000000.00. and greenland's ice sheet is melting at an alarming rate 7 times faster than in the 1990 s. new analysis of satellite data shows it's musing about $250000000000.00 tons of ice
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every year and the losses are continuing to accelerate since 1902 melt or from greenland has raised global sea levels by one centimeter. large protests have broken out in india's northeastern state of us on a very controversial citizenship bell being debated in parliament upper house that bill would grant citizenship to those fleeing religious persecution thus it excludes muslims critics say it violates india's secular constitution by discriminating against muslims that's already been passed by the lower house of parliament on monday. well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera with the inside story stay with us.
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after 3 years of political deadlock and stalemate the u.k. is just about to vote in the most important general election for a political generation vote conservative and. get bricks done jeremy colvin the u.k. will have a 2nd referendum vote for the liberal democrats been brix it dies at the instant alias the current whoever becomes the next british prime minister actually deliver on what people do truthful and what rooted against this is inside story.


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