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tv   The Nile A Womans Journey  Al Jazeera  December 11, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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3000 people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home. fully back to bill in doha with a look at our main stories on al-jazeera leader on sunday so she is at the international court of justice in the hague defending her country against allegations of genocide she called the accusations misleading sochi and says the military has been conducting illegitimate operation against armed groups and that action has been taken against the use of excessive force on tuesday on tonsil she sat through a graphic accounts of mass murder and rape detailed against the military the allegations stem from a 27000 crackdown which forced more than 700000 mostly rohingya muslims to flee to neighboring bangladesh 10 deadly genocidal intent on the part of the state that
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actively investigates prosecutes and punishes sodas and offices who are accused of wrongdoing although the focus here is on members of the military i can assure you that appropriate action would also be taken against civilian offenders in line it's due process there will be no tolerance of human rights violations in the rakhine or elsewhere in the i'm not the kind to day suffer as an internal conflict between the buddhist alekhine army and defense services muslims are not a part of this conflict but may lack of the civilians in the conflict area be affected by security measures that are in place. we pray the court to refrain from taking any action that night and to read the ongoing conflict and armed conflict and peace and security and calm. there is wayne hay is in the hague and insists
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says entente which insists the situation should be handled domestically no surprises in that speech it was very broad in nature certainly she did not address any of those harrowing allegations that were laid out by the gambian legal team on tuesday when they opened this case in the courtroom behind me allegations of rape torture and murder during those clearance operations conducted by the security forces as they went through those reading give a legit she did not address those allegations directly she did acknowledge that there may have been some wrongdoing on behalf of some security forces during those clearance operations but they certainly according to her did not amount to genocide as the gambians are alleging and they situations they are crimes or allegations of crimes that me and will handle domestically and can handle domestically through
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their own criminal justice system or internally within the military's court martial system she certainly pointed out that this was not a case for any sort of international judicial system like the i.c.j. which is hearing this case. u.s. president donald trump has called the impeachment charges against him weak democratic party leaders say he abused the power of his office and obstructed congress in its investigation donald trump reacted to the charges at a campaign rally in pennsylvania you saw their so-called articles of impeachment that people are saying they're not even a crime what happened all of these horrible things remember bribery this is where are they they send these 2 things are not even a crime this is the lightest weakest impeachment you know our country said actually many a preacher you call judges and lots of
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a many pages but it was on today everybody is a this is impeachment lite. all saudi military students in the united states have had their operational training suspended the decision affects around 900 military personnel and means they will not be allowed to fly aircraft will use guns as part of their training it follows an attack by saudi officers at an air base in florida last week in which 3 people were killed and shares in saudi arabia state run oil company have officially begun trading on riyadh stock exchange saudi aramco shares opened wednesday morning 10 percent higher than last week's record breaking initial public offering the company made history with the largest ever i.p.o. raising $25600000000.00 those are the headlines coming up next hour an al-jazeera it's al-jazeera world to stay with us.
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want to know that in our nima. if you have. 'd one wish attic at. all and. what that was held up well. yeah i'm a fuck i'm not old bill had anyone in what at the lebanon a woman and i'm an. official. by the michelle to feel good moment in time do you most or just take a listen and then a fuck what is they all thought of the good. you can and have you only approximately 50. percent and you can do the haikou like i'm so lucky to even shit out. of most of them are those a nuclear you'll see. as not.
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looking at us map and maybe even at the site. he was. in and one that you. know. i'm going to want to get him about. but i did not. come in as a menial do you mean i would have been a commander and you know. the
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bottom of it wants. at the end of that see i have to love the kid and in a way that good news that the machine a sad little soul had no business the no love guru. couldn't 7 have got on with the let them. move if you read what the hell you let us know we're not done at i'm not going to head over to that. i don't know who would you listen to and you know not that i would leave my butt in the hit then hold to the way it should happen if the notion my butt. well because i've left it a little home with the muslim did a lot more to. dismiss i mean yeah i love how there was going to be any. place yet in some of those women is no men c.m. 100. 1. and with us yet helen as well know how dad look at the fan going if and
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when. had to go to know i love. him she had dish the action of somebody like that again and. the major muscle it had the shelf knew it the last 7 together then when i'm in the. movies what machine not have a will and i want to some limit and i was going to go even them and. you. should really only tell him and me any suggest you do you. feel can go listen also if you in a court of not have. was to get a little bit hack into it. more look a little sort of shabby but the one closest to gether will certainly shall annoy
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a lot of. women to you had a look give me a look at what's what i'm not i'm going to. marry. what would. you both not had the 1001 of him home of the mash mother to fit yeah what a bitch i was so i couldn't have a clue if he could have suggested the lead then a yellow humanise it would also assume what about the head and what i thought was the model through the slaves. on the sides that had sadness. to see. this need to use
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a minutes if and when there was a hard. head of it a good book less of a kid with add no goodness with which it had little. no no what i meant developing couple moses to get the bunch to the human. oh you may have had to get the actual regni had them but is a few with as little going to. do you know who would know michele and with the physio he. could because yeah that would then i had no evidence in. the l. of the problem so do you when i asked him what i should look for then you look somebody that. i am mourning the way how it looks. well what i meant to give you might have to. play and i showed him the benefit in the goodness of us . rather well can you pull out this i get so seeing that it gets out seeing that
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should go to a with a man whom i do not read because then the addition of all the list of issues couldn't have been done but sheesh but much as i'm guilty of lewis rather than deal the hulton hello good citizens of mcdonald's the low i make of that miniature that will help me get through look i'm ok of all moderation of that you've had the going to put the water clearly because i knew what the flowers pushers would look on. and be able to lash that in one of them but let's look at the sluice couldn't handle. it i bet that have been recorded by and in a lot again will need a flu scare the wildernesses a them to live to help with the sort of with the rest of us live if you had them and didn't get the whole of this and the now with no i mean milk i mean unchosen then i'm glad there is no doubt this industry is a in the looser bed getting you know the most multi. i'm going to mow the lawn one of men did but then i am in. 2 africa so yeah i think it has it moves the
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ball mel a lot of canadians said that over there when the national i love this one of the one of them was a senate session and i haven't been that the mythical us going to your land and open question. and. then you must look to see the china committed. to be a certain interest becomes. mrs you should see what i don't want to miss then you've seen the the me you're you're. the mossad micheline or someone to double the whatever the hell put it for him. but those as hell and much of a comparable bone would bozo matter shift the head of the mother love and let the man in other lonely yammer look someone division bell of no michelle in the belly and the battle is won as a whole world is. full of the soul
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never sure who i will be always yeah any yeah and it was a badge of it was the. but we then. often as a kid it was a yes he did i give you both what you did was a good look at the letter they had left the future they forgot to say because you're far too because look at. the trash you women will never let you know what. out of a photo that does it. doesn't tell the truth of it. then it bothers them and other than the fact that she let her know that had better than give it a little bit of you know i met another she said it. was a plan and not just. her. you're.
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you're. you're. you're. has it been 'd big it had them in. mind of the ghetto when i was working though or i guess i started out in that at the venue as end of the now life i haven't been a lover so i got over i was not so bad after the same they haven't graduated me.
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in with the government bit and muscles guys but i had got a one off on us i mean my husband advair how wish the imo i wish that you 50. somehow yeah i wish had i wish mean fin scan goes you are stronger than the o.o.b. beanie there but what about the friend that i'm a has gathered that will be on the other end of the. leg with the myths are maginnis up. the next time and. i know but that's the shillingford look when i just mean young enough to live and die. possibly very. alone a what are the if you are so high government here and now some of the layers from are higher there were several but who are the permitted they are not the have to rely on how the rest of my area feel malayo have who live what i look. listen back
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to that i've done with a lot of. with nina with a lot though ottawa with me. while i'm with him in his oh are they are yours and for me it would i'm doing. enough i felt you know that but in the you bend. and then i got fessor had that i'm not about that but i have an image of them i don't love us and want to look at a on it look out of all. that you must leave again as end of the ol you have you were gay i was at your height and i miss my little baby i want to have the i know how to feel when and had to learn i shudder when i was i had to be a little awkward about it anymore why do you ones that is so why don't i guess i'm a lot slower what many you know women of a void i love love love love. i
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mean i. was the last time you out on the streets protesting whether on line you feel the weight of the system when you walk through each and every level or layer further and further into the jail or if you join us on say retention has to start from day one whether again you and attention or your own course will this is a dialogue everyone has a voice over there are studies that support our coverage will be varying accounts
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but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation on now to 0. the latest news as it breaks or the hole in its path what destroyed and this is all that we detailed coverage when mexico elected a new president last year they did so largely with the promises that he would end the plague of violence in the country and feel this journalism from around the world this rally was a prank by play that out to track the logic of a dummy out of her valley health care home on. a story of love family and freedom going from high living years old you were at school we heard the sounds of large explosions. and the hardships faced in captivity they came for me i mean that night they told me to leave my son i said how can i i saw so much pain in the eyes of the other female prisoners. on the our pricing. on
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al-jazeera. so again i'm fully back to bo with the headlines on al-jazeera myanmar's leader on sun sochi is at the international court of justice defending her country against allegations of genocide she called the accusations misleading on tuesday sochi sat through a graphic accounts of mass murder and rape details against myanmar's military allegations stem from a 2017 crackdown which forced more than 700000 mostly rohingya muslims to flee to neighboring bangladesh 10 deadly genocidal intent on the part of a state that actively investigates prosecutes and punishes so distant offices who
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are accused of wrongdoing although the focus here is on members of the military i can assure you that appropriate action would also be taken against civilian offenders in line with due process there will be no tolerance of human rights violations in the rakhine or elsewhere in the i'm not the kind to day suffer as an internal conflict between the buddhist alekhine army and remarks defense services muslims are not a party to this conflict but may like other civilians in the conflict area be affected by security measures that are in place. we pray the court to refrain from taking any action that might i give rate the ongoing conflict and armed conflict and peace and security and our cause. yes rosen. charges against him weak democratic party leaders say he abused his office in obstructed congress in
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his investigation his white house team are accused of withholding aid to ukraine to pressure it into investigating a potential democratic challenger in the 2020 lection. military students in the u.s. have had their operational training suspended the decision affects 900 military personnel and they will not be allowed to use guns as part of their training this follows an attack by a. week in which 3 people were killed and. state run oil company have officially begun trading on riyadh stock exchange saudi aramco shares opened a wednesday morning 10 percent higher than last week's record breaking initial public offering the company made history with the largest ever i.p.o. raising $25600000000.00 those are the headlines our world continues next.
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come here come over the. band i was with the british royal and i'm going by them a huge part of the bahamas and you know i get between you know a swim a shield. that men are in the middle of your food with but i'm on the high side if i have some says it didn't get it was that of a bit. of i mean i had. hunted all out to get that sure they were not in. the. government you. never forget you want to thank my thank you.
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bill that comes almost. 10 am almost a month that is. one of the good i'm not going to go in there and a bitch that intimate had gotten hung up on the way the looks of him get him and the development of supper so hold up and you know i'm going to belittle how you have been without it paul. could not see the mother so what do you know what it had to millisecond lad i wish that it had come the light i get of his a little the midnight also with. opposition but that's a load of this that it all sort of play is that sort of it than that and what of that. one as well was the set of them in a minute while both a lot of trouble to well learn of that one of them from mad that i don't want to show i had. i don't has that i don't look at him yet as a kid i did that a lot of folks look at the low lives than. he. had of shooting and if he lived shut it down you know what tennyson and the like and the
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medical lot of me a fetish one of them forever those that love. the russian wish i had the work that would last monday of stuff i don't think are sad that i'm really sad but oh what. a laugh and the ever so little as you were kissing if you moved out of that didn't eat. sleep eat the air the legal entity the what had a way i don't have an led with that that's all i'll get in with the limits he'll. make that it was at the. end of the many years of the lack of that deal with that 7 what is it that you cannot abolish wounding. but that while the what you said it how you live am only. c
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sleep the eat. sleep lead. it's a the point of milan you can make one for one hold on one with a good number of the wholesome and noble girl that a lot of films will or what do i. do for you. if you lose a. house i'm going to come. here you know let's help and it hasn't been really easy. no little. chicken little though you know if you don't why do you want to feel my own up didn't when that was. one of you is going to happen on the additional day mug
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with that sort of going to go with. you and have a day off what. is shed yet they will smash again liz a little one of them and how little you had. nothing hour earlier in the world. that i live in was the move the call me that. some of lemon with whom i'm just on earth in. which the little heart of rhythm and didn't sing you knew it at all that . you should say that. you. really is a. hell of a novel about what when and why i know that impulse well we live on and i am
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a fair bit jealous of all with the many. animal bust of shad bitten i wish i had get that haggis shall see if that fresh a little bit. and i was a little host that hello hail than a melodic honestly i mean what matters she found that the air will not last and welcome or that it will come said bells lighting and let alone a look at which what i want to let mean how many to look at what inning was let in yeah that's a hey yeah yeah i was here as a mini although i would handle i. am. the number one of the band the fan and one of the last lot of those will do that. with no harm and i've been.
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to. the. viewers in the venue now i need to fix mic cutting bew has ignited this book while. and i bet that hash tag ham ham muddles of. ham. a game or whoever. knows it so i had to. put up for madonna. hysterics a lot of thought on. board a little i guess that i am getting asked a guest of the hall to look. inside his for him
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to me could also come sydney. pathetic need to take a bag. doing this and. it's messy but there's a whole mentor commitment to the fire of. any and. and how to sad. bad to show that the habit. in the head of a routine you don't win in the toilet. and it's a leg a area. so the most all of the sort of good that and so mean that. it's also a minus because it always has been the last ride home from zambia to home. and. the criminals are buttons and he. told me. that
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the man that took the film could as a. defector and lead facebook our social media adam were mean like best of holidays they. had to be out i mean math is too busy weekend to be the hardest on. and if you go. i don't really ever get it got so close to starts roya. them left a lot a lot of office to her. professional. and. a kid mom will be stammering mom. show you some and biggest mammoth. and look we've got. a lot choice and it. didn't.
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look in his will that he's in the girl and. give bit shoes me a while because if the shows i get could there be tested a holocaust to give them. some sort of. come out him or her ticket. or ticket to get. that to push i'm not sure. i get. out of this new hobby because in the movie. industry out on him is any idea how many i've see for. my own film garrido was driving. fitted so the club had been tasered. with not a lot sort of. you know me i'm. not
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in. the kids need. to have to beg. them you know i am have a. closed system and i. would expect. that going to get shown better well that's. what. we're. going to look at. the am i getting.
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in the eyes of. that he leave leave you're young you're the more beautiful and you hear this kind of mission oh yeah i remember down wasn't only the way you live the lives of the most but the some of the government to shut oh. oh oh oh love love love her. and. the too much without. her. astonished us to fix it is that i'm sick. i guess. was
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a. very subtle me. that was like i am. so been committed to small dog fresh ones a new. animal. that i must talk to say that it. is so that. i'm not stuck to the so short i would have had to do you his life so that he and
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the back of them you know we don't we me. and i was about iowa in the midst of a mess so it brought all beer and hand in the snapped out of the lawn and i as much as a possible we could as a babe move i had to get. money which get. me who i is. have not fought off ness well. to set. up a few. but i'm a good head to bullshit. the man has to be in crime scene you need.
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and. that's.
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one of the. that's the. song andy. has had these. thanks. and have been to the. him and have been so busy with. thank you thank. you.
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miss me am. always making sure i am on the cover. and steve you got some one had a choice. and i am not. a toss out he has no social. lives i believe his and only in the head the element into. has he has his name in the what hygienically shima door. and the can be good then about a set of heads in your. head because of what had been there. is not. the head and.
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since i'm not a sub and i guess. i'm a canadian you know i decided what my ma was a go at him then no one will be lived. that mccain has said if we are not just leaving it may message you were about to go inside a gig was that the one the s.s. number of the hassle of all that palace way above i mean the meeting with a you. added together this album had the one that ethical call us call us and tell what they know a little into the holes though and there. is no one a little of that work is the man to his will scheffer had this any hopes of mr levy oh she'll get ahead in a civil or bad together i'm sorry the mechanics and wish will come i got to move
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you. liane you do you. believe. do. you believe. the national is that. this than a lot of that is that you cannot go home for a eligible for a weather and a a little farther than you might have missed when i get would an old fellow from out slowly now that i love a little bit of food the. police. have a new lease. of the with a lawyer a lot of money want to put the bit away. with a little manic and then i'm going to get today i'll go. ahead on the less the.
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pearl. missing in adama's in and. the mobile cell before. is look at the. limit is it is that let alone but you can put it here in the us to have you would feel how badly i'll be out here that. would have all i loved to sing in hand held out because being that the nests paddle are we are would that be finessed but i'm sure tony. barrell use of. us to talk. to you. thought. you took.
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a log. oh no. sir. how. does it take you not to look you know more about the fish. but the times i. was good i.
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just love the my heart. there's blood. we need. you to more ringback.
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hello there's been flooding rain in brazil in brazilian the capital actually the seasonal line is here and you think you saw rain down the rio end but now is some bigger outbreaks right have there in the interior and the same line exists through and it should do paraguayan bolivia and up towards ecuador through north and peru it's seasonal unfortunate doesn't help chile atoll remains giant dry injury and quite warm in santiago 32 what is there is doing quite well at 27 this rain again it's got a flash flood risks to it north of the constant very cloudy picture at the moment the breeze is still blowing fairly steadily and we're putting up shows along the
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land bridge so from panama through costa rica up towards mexico something mexico central mexico looks fairly wet in the next day or so is helped by the fact that the air coming out of the u.s. is colder in some places extremely cold this season clout this is these. satellite viewing the temperature on the ground very low temperatures and that's the head of it all so daytime maxes in minneapolis on wednesday minus 15 this is a high winnipeg mine start in chicago about minus 4 very cold spell unfortunately it's still raining in new york but for the rest it's sunny. the weather sponsored by qatar and this. week. from the ancient emperors to communist leaders. age old philosophies and the rule of order remain central to the world's oldest living civilization in the 2nd of a 2 part series the big picture charts the rise of
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a 21st century superpower and examines the challenges it now faces from the outside and from within the china complex up to on al-jazeera i thought this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of tonic billeted if you can give them the opportunity it wonderful things start to happen sometimes the simplest situations are the most impactful but they are. the main things that sets out 0 apart from other news organizations is that a lot of our reporting is about real people not about ideas or politicians or what they may want to do but how policy and how events affect real people it's ok it's ok it's ok to get a little more complicated operations probably if this is not an act of creation i mean i don't know if the office of the work you're doing here is amazing but there are so many fossils and it feels like this is just a dent what was your relationship with normal or ok but certainly.
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this job isn't just about what's on a script or a piece of paper it's about what's happening right now. this is al-jazeera. this is a news hour live from our global headquarters in doha coming up in the next. 60 minutes leader on santucci defends her country against genocide charges for its treatment of muslim rowing. the at. mass protests in northeast india as the parliament debates a controversial citizenship.


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