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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 11, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm +03

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al-jazeera. has been prominent this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. thought she is a northeastern india impose a curfew after a widespread protests against a citizenship bill making its way through parliament. young man's leader on sons or che defends the country against genocide charges at the international court of justice. also ahead the final day of campaigning in the u.k. the general election here in one of the battlegrounds where some residents are considering a tactical vote it's. about 40 international terror stricken returns to pakistan
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for the 1st time in more than a decade details of their match against sri lanka later in the program. the upper house of india's parliament is voting on a bill that will grant citizenship to minorities who face religious persecution in pakistan and bangladesh and a gonna stand bought the bill has stood controversy because it excludes muslim refugees from the 3 neighboring countries opposition politicians and rights groups say the exclusion of muslims as part of the government's hindu nationalists agenda defending the bill the home minister says india's muslim citizens have nothing to fear. it is a question of giving citizenship to people who have come because of religious persecution the minorities or any muslims need not worry i want to say this clearly
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nobody needs to worry if anyone threatens you or scares you don't get scared this isn't their interim government that is moving with the spirit of the constitution so the minorities will get full protection well a curfew has been imposed in parts of the northeastern state of mass demonstrations against the bill have turned violent the protesters there oppose the bill for a different reason they say indigenous communities will be marginalized if a large number of the migrants from bond with the issue granted citizenship and protests are also taking place a neighbor and tipper a state where large migration from bong the issue of the past few decades has already reduced the indigenous population to a minority well for more on this let's bring in on chile war as she is joining us live from the indian capital new delhi sounds like a very serious situation in the northeast with a curfew imposed in what are you hearing about the situation there on show. well they've been protests for some weeks now but today we saw massive protests the
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also took a while and there were several students groups protesting in the capital of go hearty and we believe that they tried to jump barricades and the police also used tear gas shells then and also believe that a curfew has been imposed and that army has been deployed not really deployed but it is certainly on standby in the state of assam a column of indian soldiers that's about 70 soldiers have been are on standby in a neighboring state of to put out 2 columns of soldiers that's about 140 are also on standby that gives you an indication of how serious the situation is the government of course trying to take all the preventive measures to ensure that the situation does not go out of hand as sam has a long history of opposition to bengalis especially those who are originally from bangladesh so what they're saying is we don't want any migrants to be given indian citizenship irrespective of their religion for the reasons you mentioned but there
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are other reasons as well there is some sort of deep rooted opposition to them some say it is also because of ethnic differences between these 2 people they need a government is saying that they will try and make certain exceptions for the states in the northeast there are 7 states in the north is the average skloot of 5 of these states from the citizenship amendment bill but not the 2 where we've seen protests as sam and trooper only partial exemptions have been made for these 2 states and that's the reason that there are protests there and we're hearing that the curfew is expected to continue even tomorrow and also an internet shutdown has begun it's not very severe right now but it's expected to get worse over the next few hours and while these are the biggest protests that we've seen so far against the ban on child there of course as we mentioned of the protests in other parts of the country from very different reasons by those who see the bill as being anti muslim anti 2nd in nature. that is correct
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so that's the other part of the story now the bill the government is saying look we're trying to protect and give shelter to religiously persecuted mine minorities in afghanistan pakistan and bangladesh but why only these islamic countries why not other countries why not the thomas from sri lanka why not from man a moderate that's the government's intention if it's benevolent then why not also help the others so the criticism is that the government is essentially only trying to accept mainly hindus because this is the this party's politics it's a the nationalist party ruling the country and they're trying to polarize people and looking at it. as a part of their vote bank politics the critics in this case several political observers even some of the top legal minds in this country journalists and muslim activists and politicians are saying that when you do this you're essentially making every muslim indian citizen also. a suspect and you're saying that maybe they're not indian citizens because this has to be seen in conjunction with
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a national register of citizens which does far has been applied only in assam that essentially is a list of what is and is not an indian citizen in assam but the indian government wants to. have this exercise done across the country when that happens experts say then it would be easier for you induce to prove their citizenship but it would be much harder for the muslims in they will continue to live under fear until thank you for that for now that is on child born with all the nations joining us live from new delhi we are going to stay with the story we're now joined by fires on must the fire he's won as chancellor and nelson university of north he's joining us live from hyderabad very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so as we've been seeing not all those who are against the bill are united in their reasons if we stay with the northeast where we have seen the biggest protests are those indigenous people in the northeast who are already a minority in india are they right to be worried that they'll become a minority in their own states if they haven't already.
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concern is not communal we have. national and human enough and they believe in not easter they are not bothered about their religion not that. they are seeing that their local culture and local language is under threat and those people from bangladesh should be. holding anyone who is in bundle up. initially when this movement got started to get go we had enough mic garden we had a cover of the age of 24th march in 71 so now in spite of exemption by some of the e.u. are the north east. you are putting bringing forward the start of the peoples of the 7 by pretty far in there will be
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a large influx of people from bangladesh who migrated to the the area and who will get in citizenship so it's the locals and immense but what they are seeing that it's been there's little arsal in binges on the secular goetic that of the constitution and you know some of them something jimmy only got that. it seems the indigenous people are increasingly in the mine not right do you think mr moss the father of the protests that was saying in the northeast at least could force the government to back down from this bill especially if it costs them politically or is it too late for that because it is expected to pass and the happy upper house anymore imminent. no i think it's too late to begin with and truly if you look at the political calculations of the ruling dispensation these billions going to help them invest in gold they have for the thieves while in the northeast or the
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number of seeds is much smaller we have made their political calculations they are going to reap rich dividends out of this bill not only in west bengal but in the rest of the country and if we look at the other issue of the bill the what many legal experts say is its muslim anti secular nature in fact unconstitutional do you think it's likely to be challenging the supreme court and if so could it actually pass legal muster. well it will definitely be a challenge in the supreme court absolutely there is no doubt about the legal challenge to the bill but what that really love fast i'm not very hopeful of our decision from the record on this matter because we have seen him since they went the court did not really act with. the promptness right and even the meanwhile n.r.c. also comes to him then maybe in the company. there will not be much was the
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board going to really do if the amount of judgment after we are now looking at the legality and the cost of the bill it is absolutely clear that we have not been all about me but in countries we have excluded people who follow judaism and islam and we ignore the fact that in these muslim countries women muslims are good for their political and there have been military rules that deal. they must stand right liberals that i am of the are. the number one is. just like my mother in bangladesh have been part of the and that's like the liberalist dollars out of that you should definitely acknowledge that there is the part of the illusion it was all along. but anyone who is one of the good i don't because of israeli general politic
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a little bit you know should be welcome in india mr most of all with thank you very much for your time and your expertise on this we do appreciate it for now that as far as on most of the live in hyderabad thank you. we are going to move on to other news now we are muslim to understand searching is at the international court of justice defending our country against allegations of genocide but she called the accusations misleading city insists the military has been conducting a legitimate operation against armed groups and that action has been taken against the use of excessive force on tuesday sochi sat through graphic accounts of mass murder and rape detailed against the military the allegations stem from a 27000 crackdown which forced more than 700000 muslim or a hanger to flee to neighboring bangladesh. can there be genocidal intent on the part of the state that actively investigates prosecutes and punishes so this in offices who are accused of wrongdoing although the focus here is on members of the
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military i can assure you that appropriate action would also be taken against civilian offenders in line its due process there will be no tolerance of human rights violations in the rakhine or elsewhere in the i'm not the kind to day suffers an internal conflict between the buddhist african army and defense services muslims are not a party to this conflict but may like other civilians in the conflict area be affected by security measures that are in place. we pray the court to refrain from taking any action that might aggravate the ongoing conflict and armed conflict and peace and security and rakhine let's go live now to our correspondent wayne hey he is at the hague for us and the peace plot prize laureates way in any court defending genocide charges much in the same way we've heard from her before
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allegations are incomplete and misleading she says. yes i don't think there were any surprises in this speech given by. anyone hoping for any sort of contrition from her or overt sympathy towards the plight of the reindeer would have been disappointed she did sympathize with those who have been displaced because of the violence in rakhine state she said the hundreds of thousands who were forced to flee neighboring the dish what she didn't do was respond to the specific harrowing allegations that were laid out by the gambian legal team on tuesday of rape murder and torture carried out by security forces as they went through those. in rakhine state and she didn't address the root causes of the problem and they are the fact that the rich have always been regarded as illegal immigrants in the end they are discriminated against through laws and rules
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that are targeted directly at them and they have little or no rights so those sorts of things were not addressed by her and what i have to say was a fairly general and broad speech by her i expect that. all others testifying speaking on behalf of myanmar will have to be specific at some point when i mean what else are we expecting what are we expecting from the trial. yes well this is just the beginning of what will be probably a very long genocide trial possibly lasting years but the 1st part of this this week is a very short process in fact it ends on thursday with a rebuttal from both sides and what we are seeing in the 1st instance is the gambians asking the courts to order the government of myanmar to take concrete measurable steps to ensure the safety and security of the remaining rakhine state
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and those who have fled to bangladesh and who may want to return there are asking that the judges request me and to report back to the courts here at the hague to prove that they have taken those measures well judges. lawyers representing the side have asked in response that the judges reject that application so after thursday the court will go into recess the judges will consider both 'd arguments and they will possibly make a ruling on those provisional urgent measures requested by the gambia within a few weeks and then we will know whether they have accepted that argument from the gambia or whether they're going to throw it out or when thank you for that for now that is when hey when the all the nations live and the hank thank you. and stephanie decker is and cox is bizarre and beyond that there is she says refugees they have been following the court's proceedings closely the consequences of the
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mean mars military offensive in august 2017 is turning this into the biggest refugee camp in the world one of these tents have a family a person who has the most horrendous stories of what happened to them so whether genocide intent of genocide is proven or not what is clear is that severe human rights violations atrocities were committed against these people many people here are aware of the proceedings in the hague some of them have been meeting with community leaders sitting around a radio listening having them translate what is happening here they've been calling for justice for a very long time but there is a skepticism also among some as to why unsung suchi when. she went to the court for her own benefit we won't be benefiting from it she was part of these atrocities against us she went there to lie and to gain public support for the 2020 alexion in myanmar she went to the i.c.j. for her own benefit it is hugely significant what is happening so many miles away
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at the international court of justice but whatever way the court is going to rule that it is going to take time many people will tell you that it's not going to have an impact a real direct effect on the people here people want justice they've been calling for that for over 2 years but they also want to go home now mean more hasn't given any insurances hasn't allowed the united nations or any agencies in to assure that they will be safe if they do return to bangladesh has made it very clear they don't want them here almost a 1000000 people live in these camps and their future is uncertain well let's get more on this now we're joined by chaos conflict and humanitarian policy adviser at save the children and he's joining us live from london very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so i know that your organization has worked very closely on this issue so what did you make of the address today. i mean 1st of all i think it's brilliant and the airings that's taking place for 2 years now on the ground in hours and coaxes bizarre last week the children we speak to and their and their
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communities affected constantly call for justice. as an end in itself and i think also to have their voice has been smashed on stage which so far i've been quite silent on that so i think we welcome the hearings taking place in the best instance and then secondly there is nothing really in their motion the government of yemen to say that suggests that they're taking necessarily the allegations too seriously it sounded like a very technical to say and suddenly there was a single reference over and as a words through any of the testimony i think where it was it was referring to other documents that to us is a signal that they're not necessarily meaningful about the concrete steps that they say that taking at the moment to create conditions which would allow during its return or 'd necessarily at taking seriously the accounts from the hearings yesterday that forward really really egregious human rights violations committed against their ngo so do you think that the international court of justice can force me on to better protect the right to take this issue more seriously than they have
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in a way that other international bodies haven't been able to siphon. i think we've definitely seen in the last she weeks since the international court of justice now these hearings and also the international criminal court announced they were. proceeding with an investigation that the pressure is definitely agree saying i think as you say the international community for 2 years now other than a presidential statement at the security council a long time ago has been silent on this and they will be absolutely critical if provisional measures are grounds of ritual discussed earlier. to make sure that those are enforced i think we've seen from the independent commission of inquiry taking place inside myanmar 'd 'd. there is unlikely to be a domestic agenda which will achieve justice and secure accountability and the international community absolutely has to be willing to step in and say these measures have to be implemented both genocides if you place now recurring occurred and also making sure that we preserve it never tints that required to secure
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accountability and along to recognizing that it will take probably many as. thank you very much for your time on this today we do appreciate it for now that is chaos in london thank you for that we have plenty more ahead on the news hour including after years of planning and several stops shaz in saudi arabia state owned oil giant aramco against public trading. aton is running out and as rebels politicians seek to avoid an election in the year. the local team kickoff they face the club world cup right here and cut their pay to have the details coming up. now shares in saudi arabia state run oil giant aramco have officially begun trading on riyadh stock exchange opening 10 percent higher than the initial public offering price that is now the world's most valuable listed company and the kind of gauge
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reports. all the bells and whistles one of the moist eagerly awaited. stock offerings in history after years of planning and several false starts shares in saudi arabia state owned oil giant aramco have begun trading on riyadh's to double exchange as a result of the oil producers shares rose by 10 percent it follows a crucial week for the firm obtaining the largest ever initial public offering raising $25600000000.00 for less than 2 percent of the company this puts its value at $1.00 trillion dollars but that fill short of the 2 trillion dollar valuation saudi arabia wanted and the $100000000000.00 it hope to raise how to get the valuation up from the $1.00 trillion which was achieved in the i.p.o. or to the 2 trillion and i suppose to a large extent how does saudi arabia now make up for the $75000000000.00 that it
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probably expected to get but but didn't saudi arabia derives most of its money from oil exports but a recent draw an attack on its facilities in the east took out more than half of its oil production it caused concern among international investors who will likely be watching to see what happens next they had also been concerns the government would force saudi billionaires who had been detained at the ritz carlton in riyadh as part of an anti corruption crackdown back in 2017 to buy around coast. this was always started to be a win for the saudi government one way or other they were going to bring the plate the market and this is exactly what they have done if they use was anywhere else in the world there will be an investigation to find out who was ramping up shares but when the government story there's various all the markets can do with a market value of about $1.00 trillion dollars now aramco is well on its way to
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hitting the 2 trillion dollar target set out by saudi crown prince mohammed bin some on nicola gage al-jazeera. some breaking news from n.p.r. where the upper house of parliament has approved a bill that would grant citizenship to minorities who face religious persecution in neighboring pakistan bangladesh and afghanistan barge the bill has stirred controversy because it excludes muslim refugees from the neighboring countries or the lower house has already passed it and the bill goes to the president for his signature next. now with just one day to go before voting begins in the u.k. election polls are cautiously suggesting victory for prime minister barres johnson but there's still the chance of a hung parliament and there's another factor that could further result tactical voting lansley explains from working at one of the key battlegrounds. if you wanted
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to find somewhere to symbolize conservative england then this would do fine working i'm in the countryside west of london is well off and takes care of itself. but perhaps because of that voted by some distance to remain in the european union both parties said we must honor the referendum result despite the best efforts of the town's longstanding conservative m.p. john redwood is an exit or in this election the pro e.u. forces see an opportunity to get their revenge on him and the timing really matters places like working and represent a lot of. proponents of brecht's it's trying to stop the conservatives from getting it done but to do it involves persuading the public to vote not for the part of the might want to vote for the party in any constituency with the best chance of beating the conservatives and that's where things get messy. here the end of that
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with the best chance is a former conservative who defected to the liberal democrats were the opposition parties to stand down. and give him their votes he's pretty convince he would win we've got huge. when it's neck and neck this is why labor very even if you have told you no vote for me but if you were to remain and you think bricks it was a complete and utter disaster and you don't want to then you're also voting for me and if you can coalesce those 2 things together then we're not going to get out. and this is the labor candidate she broke her ankle right at the start of the campaign and is trailing in place but even though she can't win she resolutely believes she should not participate in tactical voting you might say to people you know your life oh my perfect you passionately believe in the policies but actually we're not going to stand anyone here because we want you to vote just it's not fair it's not right democratic to get number 345 how the 2 main opposition parties
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agreed at the start of the campaign to stand on a joint platform then things might have been different but their general refusal to form a united front against brics it could be a decisive factor on thursday it's the system that's broken and actually what we're offering is the charts for your vote actually camps and for increased democratic participation but daily we would love for the voting system to be changed voting isn't necessary unfortunately this election is with me because i think this is it is impossible to get around the fact that this is the bracks election because the conservatives have made it does you know the stark choice for people who don't like it is that ignoring it might allow it to happen lansley al-jazeera. and here is the full list of candidates standing in the working in constituency 5 of them in all and interesting one to watch on election night for coverage here on
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al-jazeera. now we are taking you back to india and that breaking news out of the capitol where india's upper house of parliament has passed a controversial citizenship bill that will allow minorities who face religious persecution from neighboring pakistan and of ghana stand to be eligible for citizenship so long as they're not muslim let's go to our reporter on channel 4 a she is joining us live from new delhi for the bill has passed as expected on child. absolutely it was all is clear the bill will sail through even through the upper house it's a true law house did before comfortably and now it has been passed even in the upper house which means that's now there is a legislation in india called the citizenship amendment bill which will ensure that
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religious minorities but only from 6 religions hindus sikhs put these genes parsis and christians from of gunnison pakistan and bangladesh can claim indian citizenship provided they can prove that they were religiously persecuted in these countries but it excludes muslims and that's a big one the are why exclude muslims this bill has been described as discriminatory but many political observers by many analysts journalists and of course also the politicians from opposition parties and muslim activists and opposition leaders as well they say that why has the government not included the persecuted in a minimal why have they not included the persecuted bum is even though they're hindu from sri lanka they say that the government is trying to look for an explanation when it only includes persecuting minorities in the 3 countries which happen to be muslim majority this is that when you exclude muslims it has a long lasting impact on the social fabric of the country because it has to be seen
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in conjunction with a national register of citizens which the government has already. gone through in. a state of assam that's essentially a list of who is and is not an indian in the state of assam now when that is done across india as is the government's plan then it will be easier for hindus to claim citizenship but not for the muslim this is the fear all for many. opposition leaders and there is a powerful sense of fear in the areas where muslim indian citizens live other than that we've also seen protests in the north these safin be a massive protest today they also turned violent we witnessed scenes of protest chanting slogans around a bonfire the police reacted to a shorter tear gas shells at them we've also learned that the indian army is on standby one column that 70 soldiers on standby in the state of assam and 2 columns of indian soldiers that's 140 soldiers on standby into where also we've seen protests these people however are protesting for different reasons they're saying
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they don't want any migrants to be given indian citizenship where they induce all muslims because they want to protect their indigenous culture and their livelihood ne of india has had a long history of opposition to bengalis especially those who originally are from bangladesh i'm sure thank you for that finale that is until world with all the nations on that breaking news from india thank you. still ahead on the news hour increased volcanic activity on new zealand's white island campus efforts to find 9 people missing after monday's eruption. and supports the miami heat manacled down it has action from the n.b.a. coming up in sports.
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hello the next winter lows spilling out to the east and now you can just see it in western turkey so for the time being watch the skies turn cloudy the last one is showing itself as a lot of shattering through iran towards pakistan telling off through the u.s. all take you to service today where the head of it all is snow for afghanistan then the sunshine level in terra than the increasing cloud it looks when it's all way down the mediterranean coast by routes 21 is in the rhine aleppo's in the rain and the high ground in southern turkey on the sea the rain tends to stay a whole lot moves eastward so you're picture sort of fairly well a shower and i think in beirut as an example of friday the rains moved across iraq it looks quite wet just gone through baghdad has been to be city flooding here and it tails off than the gulf headed old is still waiting to rouse got colder and to grease the snows up to our surprise. so we'll drop down then the showers are going through the u.n. at the moment this is the satellite pictures showing them they were quite substantial when they went through yesterday and cutter stacey's and gone all
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together this is a dry looking day the breeze picks up in the interior riyadh's could well be dusty well woman $22.00 but the whole thing moves eastwards it turns cloudy was more showers will thunderstorms in doha on friday. capturing a moment in time. the snapshots of all the lives. of the stories. provided clips into someone else's work to lead one to do the or. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. to witness on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be hurt. and the story needs to be told 145000 prisoners under its care with exclusive interviews.
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and in-depth reports that i'm going out of the protect of al-jazeera has teams on the ground and that's a story the thing right here to bring you more award winning documentaries and life leaves. you watching al-jazeera with mail as a purana a reminder of our top stories this hour and a controversial citizenship bill an india has been approved by both houses of parliament it will grant citizenship to minorities who face religious persecution in the neighboring pakistan bangladesh and of palestine but muslims jews have been
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excluded. and the opposition says this is discriminatory. belmont's leader has defended her country against allegations of genocide of the international court of justice. she says the cases in this meeting and the international action could harm peace and reconciliation. and shares in saudi arabia state run oil company have officially begun trading on beyond stock exchange the company made history with the largest ever initial public offering last week weighs in $25600000000.00. to israel now where politicians have just a few hours left to form a government or face an unprecedented 3rd election in a year or promise to benjamin netanyahu and his rival benny gantz failed to form a routine coalition after september's vote they and other politicians in parliament were then given 21 days to agree on a government that deadline expires at midnight local time on wednesday if they fail
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parliament will automatically be dissolved and new elections must be held within 90 days let's bring in our correspondent terry falsities live for us in west jerusalem as everyone given up hope area of a breakthrough before the midnight deadline. well there were 6 and a half hours away from that deadline now and i think at the very best you could say people would be extraordinarily surprised if a rabbit would be pulled out of a hat at this late stage there were some reports earlier on on wednesday that netanyahu was at least considering exceeding to one of the conditions of his rival benny gantz in giving up the potential of parliamentary immunity that he could try to claim and get voted on if there were to be a functioning government in the future but his the good party came out and denied that that was under consideration once again blaming benny gantz and his blue and white party for failing to form a national unity government and giving up on the prospects that they say would then
6:36 pm
be available to them in terms of annex in parts of the occupied west bank and so on and so we're still in this position as we have been really since the september 17th election with both of these 2 key players netanyahu and dance with totally irreconcilable conditions netanyahu wants to go 1st in any unity government he's trying to fight off 3 separate corruption indictments and the belief widely accepted is that he feels he has a better chance of doing so by holding on to office gantz has said that he won't serve under an indicted prime minister and that if nothing i would just step aside then that would break the logjam and there could be a unity government between these 2 parties the only thing that has really been progress on so far today has been committee work on legislation to set a date for those elections which would have to be voted through just before the deadline and the date that we're all talking about is march the 2nd next year and
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harry what is the israeli public's appetite for for a 3rd election year award. very very minimal the idea of this situation continuing i mean there hasn't been a functioning government's been a competitive ministration since the april actions were called and that was back in december last year so it'll be over a year with this caretaker administration the polls suggest that there would be another inconclusive results given the current standings of the parties again one thing to know those that the level of blame being apportioned in those polls has been steadily accruing around benjamin netanyahu himself 41 percent in a poll this week blaming him for these very likely thought elections 20 odd percent blaming his former defense minister avigdor lieberman who holds 8 seats in the israeli parliament the knesset and is so far refused to join
6:38 pm
a mess in yahoo right wing narrow coalition and only 5 percent blaming benny gantz so that has also seen some increase in support for benny gantz is blue and white party not enough yet to see him with a real prospect of a big enough majority to form a government of his own after the next elections which do not look like they will be in early march next year harold thank you for that for now out of power for through the latest live in western north and thank you. now greenland's ice sheet is melting at an 18 alarming rate 7 times faster than the 1990 s. new analysis of satellite data shows it's losing about $250000000000.00 tons of ice every year and the losses are continuing to accelerate since 1902 amount of water from greenland has raised global sea levels by one centimeter and that puts millions more people at risk from flooding or climate activists has accused leaders
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of using the cop $25.00 climate summit as a way to avoid taking real action the swedish teenager was speaking at the event in madrid and she told delegates that politicians and c.e.o.'s are doing almost nothing to tackle the global climate emergency except creative p.r. . finding holistic solutions is what the comp should be all about. but instead it seems to have turned into some kind of opportunity for countries to negotiate loopholes and to avoid raising their ambition. countries are finding clever ways around having to take real action. now palau's president told me as a young women guesser jr is a veteran campaigner on the world stage calling for action on climate change and he's fighting to protect the island nations as well as low lying coastal cities and communities which will be swamped by rising sea levels as the planet warms reform
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or no that means every month. we have households along the coastline that literally have to abandon their places and go and. it's the the weekend or a couple of the until the full moon resides that's how seriously you can park in your own backyard in. the level rise it's it's a dramatic thing it's salt water is seeping into our records your. arm so it's affecting food security. and of course the biggest threats. the frequency of storms and natural disasters typhoons you can see it today this is supposed to be a dry month but here we are we're going through storms after storms for people living away from the pacific and away from the front line here it's very hard for them to make the connection with how serious the climate crisis is what would you
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say to them we're small but we're the window to what can eventually happen to the rest of the world. we're small but the options that we're taking here can also have a scale of value to what the world needs to do in order to ensure humankind is here for the next generation believe me this is the this is something that's going to catch like a wildfire and we are on the beginning of the wildfire but eventually it will for spread so don't trump has now started the process of pulling out of the paris agreement what do you make of that we're not going to flinch about these you know it's a lost opportunity for the united states a lot of these things could have been accomplished more faster and meaningful if the capability of the u.s. would have been there alone with china in the europa and all the you know in the even contests but it's
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a sad thing because it's again i think it's the nomics over real matters. so when you wrap up here at the office when you go home and you sit on your veranda or look out to see what goes through your mind do you have room for optimism. if i don't have some hope. it will be the worst feeling of any human being so i have to retain some sense of hope to think that. there is still time that there is there are solutions. and that everything will come together that's the hope that. now efforts to recover bodies from new zealand's wash island have been put on hold as volcanic activity continues to increase there was pressure from families to find the 9 people missing bottom urgency workers say it isn't safe the volcano erupted on monday killing at least 6 people and injuring 30 others jessica washington has more from phuket tani. this is
6:43 pm
a community in mourning and united in the most difficult circumstances the town of tommy has long been promoted as the gateway to white island from the shoreline it's possible to still see clouds of ash rising from the volcano this is. hairiness and while a large number of the people who have been affected overseas visitors coming onto boats and things like that. we do have local people so who. really it's happens nephew who worked as a white highland guide is one of them. breaking. and here. it's the beginning of summer here in new zealand usually one of the most popular times for tourists to visit white island instead the boat
6:44 pm
a docked here at phuket tiny just 50 kilometers from where the disaster happened and locals here a deeply affected by the tragedy the family off another guide who lived in fact attorney confirmed he's among the dead most of the 47 people on the island at the time of the eruption had been passengers on this cruise ship it stayed docked here for 2 days to help with the investigation and finally set sail in front of an emotional crowd to find the words for to be frank i just want to sing the love and compassion the effects of the disaster reach far beyond new zealand there were visitors from the u.s. germany china and malaysia and more than half of those on white island when the volcano erupted liam's we understand the international interest. while we can for percy's. we are unable to confirm
6:45 pm
tell me anything of the deceased from each country. we would instate can individuals where from is we can through the identities the authorities are under pressure to get information out to affected families the bodies of the deceased have been flown to all concerned for post-mortems the injured many with severe burns are being treated in a number of hospitals i have declared a mess fatality incident which means that a number of agencies are now wishing together to resolve this tragedy with so many questions unanswered all people can do here for now is wait and pay their respects just to washington al-jazeera folk attorney in new zealand. south african president so around the poses as the country's power grid will return to normal by the end of march a week of heavy rains across south africa have caused flooding and blackouts had
6:46 pm
a major impact on the economy with mining firms forced to cut production on monday because of power shortages. said the state power company is working to stabilize the supply. now the governor of nairobi has been granted bail after being arrested on suspicion of involvement in a multi $1000000.00 corruption scandal mike sako who is worthy kenya's ruling jubilee party has denied accusations of money laundering forging documents and awarding contracts to his close friends or dozens of people have been arrested as part of a promised crackdown on corruption by president hu to kenyatta but that hasn't led to any high profile convictions. now the chilean government has been accused of failing to stop human rights abuses by security forces the country has been experiencing its worst period of social unrest since its return to democracy in line 990 a latin america editor lucien newman reports from santiago through. international
6:47 pm
human rights day has a very special meaning in chile past and present in 1985. was among a group of women who denounced rights violations in this very same spot defying chile's then military dictatorship we were informed see back then the secret police committed horrors and clandestine interrogation centers today there is a different type of horror because it's happening in democracy it's not possible that women are being raped and stripped in police stations and back to human rights continue to be abused me. international human rights state also marks the 13th anniversary of the death of chile's former dictator general augusto pinochet's members of the historic generation as they're called who are joined by many of today's most outspoken rights activists like ruby. security police blew up these women's eyes with a tear gas canister and she is now blind it happened
6:48 pm
a short while ago when she was returning from work. human rights organizations say that many of those injured or killed in more than 7 weeks of social unrest have been peaceful demonstrators or even bystanders sensitive to charges of abuses presidents of us. promise to implement stronger safeguards but it. is history has shown that it's not one must always work to perfect old methods to assure that in chile human rights will always be respected. the government's promise to retrain police and assured that they respect protocols for and to riot weapons is still a work in progress this is the cartridge of the type of pellet that has left many protesters blind but it is not the only danger according to the president of the medical association human rights commission there is also asking it to being placed inside of the water cannon and we have seen many of the people here there giving
6:49 pm
1st aid also tell us that much of the protesters are suffering from severe ass and birds. adding to the criticism chile's former president we shared by chile today the u.n. high commissioner for human rights says she'll soon issue likely be a harsh report on events taking place in her home country. you see in human al-jazeera will be. still ahead on news hour walking into a record deal the yankees splash out on baseball's stock picture peter as the details.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
it is time for sports now here's peter thank you so much elizabeth international test cricket is back in pakistan for the 1st time in more than a decade the hosts are taking on sri lanka in rawalpindi in the 1st of a 2 match series lanka were the last team to 2 in 2009 when their bus came under attack in lahore killing several people since then pakistan have paid all of their home test matches at neutral venues security is tight for this game and the pakistan cricket board is hoping that a successful series will encourage other top teams to come to the country to go in diapers she said we are externally happy that the united team isn't it pakistan people are so excited that they have bought all the tickets and even i tried my best for tickets but it's hard to get on very rare now what is your issue today is a great day for pakistan and for cricket lovers that despite the attack on the show
6:52 pm
lankan team a few years back they have made it to pakistan this time again everyone here is excited. as for the match itself sri lanka won the toss and chose to back. out after a lead the way with a half century they were 2 wickets for pakistan fast bowler naseem shah is the tourists were restricted to 2 and 5 before bad light stopped play early. cutter's 1st major football test event ahead of the 2022 world cup starts later on wednesday 7 teams are taking part in the fee for club world cup our sports correspondent andy richardson joins us live from the just seem. been hammered stadium andy good to have you with us as always run us through how those 2 women who are using volved. it's a bit of a strange one in many ways the club world cup kind of emerged out of the incidents
6:53 pm
in ental cup which preceded it which was a one off match between the european and south american champions but even that wasn't played every year depending on it seems as if you felt like getting it all going to ice event at the 1st club world cup and see 1000 in brazil and that promptly then disappeared sheets of various financial issues should we say it faced when it reappeared in 2005 in this in this current format where you have 6 continental champions and also the domestic champions of the house nations so here we are at our sats stadium they are a the cats are running it's like cats are tied to winners they're actually the only cat 3 teams ever won the asian a champions league that was back in 2011 so they did play in the club world cup that year got as far as the semifinals before being beaten. in that boss a lot of the senior world cup when it shoving him out of those he's now the coach as i was sat in the opening game they're playing a real wild card again and you don't need it perhaps one surprise you to learn that
6:54 pm
the 1st scene and from that new caledonia is a play in a senior before event the here by virtue of being seen on as champions league winners they've travelled 13000 kilometers to be here they did get here about 10 days ago so they should at least be well prepared for the kickoff it's a good scene of imus's those are outside really expected to win one is if this game will go for the roots of play in monterrey of mexico in the 2nd round beyond about the chance a lot of the prospects of liverpool in the semifinals of only recently we've had the world eclipse chairmanships and the arabian gulf cup in qatar how does this even compare in terms of testing the country's capacity as the host. 1 game and should meet the arabian. which is just finished running pretty much back to back with this club world cup it means the council of pretty much hosted 4 weeks of international football which is the same generation as the world cup coming up
6:55 pm
in november and december 20 twentieth's albeit on a very different scale but it is it's a good opportunity since a test out the movement of fans around the country using the new train system we've got found zone serving alcohol for the 1st time that's another thing that's being trialled in qatar for this tournament and getting used to fans coming from different cultures in consonance are expecting a few 1000 liverpool fans to be here in cats are ahead of their semifinal on the 18th the day before that flamingo pirates specs and a few 1000 brazilian supporters to be here as well as their team won the popular tourist for just the 2nd time in their history and the richardson a pleasure as always and we'll leave it there for now thank you so much. now the new york yankees are preparing to make baseball history with a record breaking $324000000.00 deal for pitcher garrett cole the 29 year old is a free agent after leaving the euston astros call help the reach the world series
6:56 pm
in october it's reported he's a great a 9 year deal with the yankees which works out at $36000000.00 a season. it's good money if you can get it to the n.b.a. now in the miami heat were on fire in their game against the atlanta hawks. jimmy butler stole the show each securing their own triple doubles duncan roberts and then tied a franchise record with $103.00 pointers the heat winning one 135121 sealing their 11th win at home. and the charlotte hornets stung the washington wizards in a close game on tuesday miles bridges had the show stopper with the 3 pointer in the final seconds of the game securing the hornets win 114176 new zealand's rugby team has a new head coach ian foster who was assistant to former coach steve hansen has been promoted to the job on a 2 year contract the all blacks finished 3rd at the recent world cup in japan won by south africa. meanwhile tens of thousands of rugby fans of packed the streets of
6:57 pm
tokyo to celebrate the success of the japanese team as hosts they reach the quarter finals of the world cup full bore 1st time at this year's tournament sparking a suge in local enthusiasm for the school. the southeast asian games has come to a close in the philippines the black-eyed peas performed at a colorful ceremony in new cloth city of $8000.00 athletes and officials took part in the games over the last 2 weeks the hosts topped the final medals table with 387149 of those were gold vietnam finished 2nd. that's all the sport for now i'll be back again a little later with another oh interpreter thank you very much for that and that does it for this al-jazeera news hour but do stay with us for back in just a couple of minutes with all the day's news including the latest from andy and the postle of that citizenship but of.
6:58 pm
the shocking treatment of disabled people in rumanian state run care in this case you can not have access to a toilet or what institutions funded by the european union he has his hands and his fate tied to the bed 5 years after highlighting these abuses people in power returns to rumania and a 2 part series and discovers the scandal runs further afield europe's recurring shame on al-jazeera. you leave this place children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the and then. violence in central african republic among them are
6:59 pm
survivors of unspeakable violence 10 year olds his mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is home an overcrowded refugee camp of 23000 people surrounded by armed militia groups. or she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places it took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home from the al jazeera london pro-car center special guests in conversation when your government is going up what do you do on trump to its uninterrupted we have a deep state and in this teligent service whatever they want to whoever they want whenever they want the trees color is nice locate the black people for as long as we've been fighting back have been labeled as terrorist studio unscripted on
7:00 pm
al-jazeera. authorities in northeastern india impose a curfew off to widespread protests against a citizenship bill that's just being passed by parliament. and i'm in as a plot and this is al jazeera live also coming up later on defense a country against and genocide charges at the international court of justice the u.s. steps up its pressure on.


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