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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 11, 2019 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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on al-jazeera. authorities in northeastern india impose a curfew after widespread protests against a citizenship bill that's been passed by parliament. has been brought in this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up 9 miles leader aung san suu kyi defends her country against genocide charges at the international court of justice. but u.s. steps up its pressure on iran with new sanctions targeting some of the country's biggest transport companies and after years of planning and several false starts she is in saudi arabia's state owned oil giant aramco big and public trading.
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the opera house of india's parliament has approved a controversial bill that would grant citizenship to minorities who face religious persecution in pakistan bonded they should and of god the stand bought the bill has stood. because it excludes muslim refugees from the 3 neighboring countries opposition politicians and rights groups say the exclusion of muslims is part of the government's hindu nationalists agenda defending the build over the home minister says india's muslim citizens have nothing to fear. it is a question of giving citizenship to people who have come because of religious persecution the minorities or any muslims need not worry i want to say this clearly nobody needs to worry if anyone threatens you or scares you don't get scared this isn't their interim government that is moving with the spirit of the constitution
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so the minorities will get full protection now a curfew has been imposed in parts of the northeastern state of when mass demonstrations against the bill have turned violent the protesters oppose the bill for a different reason they say indigenous communities will be marginalized if a large number of hindu migrants from bonded they should granted citizenship where protests are also taking place in neighboring through a state where large migration from bangladesh over the past few decades has already reduced the indigenous population to a minority until war has more now from new delhi. was always expected to be the case because the government had the numbers it was very clear that the government is going to push this bill through it has been in the manifesto of the hindu nationalist party that is currently governing this country for a very long time and that was one of the 1st things of the whole minister of this country amish are said when the proceedings began in the upper house today he said
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that they have the people's mandate to make sure that this bill passes through that's how it started however in a democracy it's also about what the minorities think and not just what a majority is even if it is a majority view majorities view is so lots of questions as far as this legislation is concerned is going to soon this bill is soon going to be a law and now several different kinds of objections have been raised you spoke about protests that have taken place in the north east of india and that is because people there have opposed the presence of bengalis both hindus and muslims for a very long time they say they're trying to protect their culture but also livelihood that's their reason and these protests we believe are expected to continue as a preventive measure. law enforcement authorities there have imposed a curfew they have all saw they will be shutting down the internet it's still sort of working as i'm in touch with people there but over the next few hours it's going to be a complete shutdown we believe our indian army has been is on standby there one
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column is of 70 soldiers so one column is on standby in assam and 2 columns are on standby into the pull out where also we've seen protests. and fires and most fires vice chancellor at tied the university of your. then concern is not communal we had the. national us army and the men enough and they believe in north east they are not bothered about the religion of mike were they are in their local culture and local language of them and those people are from bangladesh. but you are. of all the anyone. in mongol up. initially when this movement just started to get go we had enough amik guard and we had a cut off date of 20 or march 1701 so now it is 5
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exemption for some of the e.u. other than our beloved who are putting bringing forward the cut off date from the party of the pretty far between there will be a large flock of people from bangladesh who are migrated to the and we will get the names of them ship so it's the locals and immense but what they are there is there's little i'll pull in been jailed on the secular get it out of the constitution and you know some of their jamile got them it seems the indigenous people are really nice in the minority. moving on to other news now and now miles later on sunset she has defended her country against allegations of genocide and the international court of justice on wednesday she called the accusations misleading said she insists the military has been conducting a legitimate operation against goods and that action has been taken against the use
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of excessive force on tuesday said she sat through the vatican counts of mass murder and rape detailed against the military that allegation stemmed from a 27000 crackdown which forced more than 700000 muslim or hang out to flee to neighboring bonneville. can there be genocidal intent on the part of the state that actively investigates prosecutes and punishes soldiers and officers who are accused of wrongdoing although the focus here is on members of the military i can assure you that appropriate action will also be taken against civilian offenders in line with due process there will be no tolerance of human rights violations in the rakhine or elsewhere in the i'm not the kind to day suffers an internal conflict between the buddhist alekhine army and myanmar's defense services muslims are not a party to this conflict but may like other civilians in the conflict area be
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affected by security measures that are in place. we pray the court to refrain from taking any action that might i give weight the ongoing conflict and armed conflict and peace and security and rakhine. now correspondent wayne hay has more from the hague. i don't think there were any surprises in the speech given by. anyone hoping for any sort of contrition from her or sympathy towards the plight of the rich would have been disappointed she did sympathize with those who have been displaced because of the violence in rakhine state particularly she said the hundreds of thousands who were forced to flee neighboring bangladesh what she didn't do was respond to the specific harrowing allegations that were laid out by the gambian legal team on tuesday of rape. and torture carried out by security forces as they
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went through those. in rakhine state and she didn't address the root causes of the problem and they are the fact that the rich have always been regarded as illegal immigrants and. they are discriminated against through laws and rules that are targeted directly at them and they have little or no rights those sorts of things were not addressed by her and what i have to say was a fairly general and broad speech by her. now u.s. secretary of state has announced a new sanctions on iran but says he is open to more dialogue with head on to free american president as well the latest sanctions target one of the country's largest airlines on air and an iranian shipping network the u.s. says has been used to send weapons to 40 rebels in yemen pompei as has washington want to deviate from its campaign of targeting iran's economy through sanctions as a bay has been following developments from head on. since united states pulled out
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the 2015 nuclear deal it's been imposing unilateral sanctions against iran in what washington calls it's maximum pressure campaign that today they've announced another set of sanctions the 1st is against the shipping company they stomach republic of iran shipping line sanctions and this company were lifted as part of the 2015 nuclear deal now they would be reimposed in the $180.00 days now that's to allow any companies that use a shipping line to ship medicines to iran to find an alternative method that the 2nd company is a shanghai based company and the shipping line is called the sell shipping now the united states says that this company is involved in shipping illicit materials to iran's aerospace industry which oversees iran's missile industry again these would be imposed in $180.00 days and the 3rd is against an airline mahaan if this will this will come into effect immediately and the united states claims that this company provides support to iran's revolutionary guard corps now secular state
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might pump a report was talking about these sanctions and this is what he had to say as long as it's the line behavior continues so will our campaign of maximum pressure today i'm announcing designation of 3 iranian transportation companies that helped iran import items for its weapons of mass destruction programs these programs involved siphoning of funds away from the oppressed iranian people and they are going to regimes campaign of terror and intimidation homan throughout the world. now iran's president president hassan rouhani was speaking he addressed sanctions and what he said is that iran must circumvent sanctions or force the enemies to change their behaviors he said that the government was determined to foil against it by boosting domestic production but also through negotiations that iran has taken several steps back from the 2015 nuclear deal with using its commitments and the senshi what iran is trying to do is put pressure on the remaining european countries within this
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deal to find a way to circumvent those sanctions now this is putting pressure not only on iran but on those european countries to do whatever they can to save this nuclear deal. shares in saudi arabia stage an oil giant around have officially begun trading on the stock exchange opening 10 percent higher than the initial public offering price it is now the world's most valuable listed company like a gauge report. all the bells and whistles one of the most eagerly awaited stock offerings in history after years of planning and several false starts shares in saudi arabia state owned oil giant aramco have begun trading on riyadh's to double exchange as a result of the oil producers shares rose by 10 percent it follows a crucial week for the firm obtaining the largest ever initial public offering raising $25600000000.00 for less than 2 percent of the company this puts its value
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at $1.00 trillion dollars but that fill short of the 2 trillion dollar valuation saudi arabia wanted and the $100000000000.00 it hope to raise how to get the valuation up from the $1.00 trillion which was achieved in the i.p.o. or to the 2 trillion and i suppose to a large extent how does saudi arabia now make up for the $75000000000.00 that it probably expected to get but but didn't saudi arabia derives most of its money from oil exports but a recent drone attack on its facilities in the east took out more than half of its oil production it caused concern among international investors who will likely be watching to see what happens next they had also been concerns the government would force saudi billionaires who had been detained at the ritz carlton in riyadh as part of an anti corruption crackdown back in 2017 to buy around coast stalk
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this was always start to be a win for the saudi government one way or other they were going to bring the palais the markets and this is exactly what they're. don if the list was anywhere else in the world there would be an investigation to find out he was ramping up she is but when the government story there's very little the markets can do with a market value of about $1.00 trillion dollars now is well on its way to heating the 2 trillion dollar target set out by saudi crown prince mohammed bin some on nicola gage al jazeera still ahead on the bulletin watan is running out in israel as politicians seek to avoid a 3rd election in a year and trying to milk every last followed by far the u.k. party leaders on the last day of campaigning before thursday's election.
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hello the next winter lows spilling out of the east and now you can just see it in western turkey so for the time being watch the skies turn cloudy the last one is showing itself as a lot of shattering to run towards pakistan telling off through the u.s. so i'll take you to service today where the head of it all is snow for afghanistan than the sunshine level in terra than the increasing cloud it looks wet all way down the mediterranean coast pirates 21 is in the right aleppo's in the rain and the high ground in southern turkey on the sea the rain tends to start a whole lot moves eastward so your picture sort of fairly well a showery one i think in beirut as an example of friday the rains moved across iraq it looks quite wet just gone through baghdad this by and to be city flooding here and it tails off and the gulf headed old is still waiting to round got colder to greece the snow is up to our surprise. so we'll drop down then the showers are
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going to the u.n. at the moment this is the satellite pictures showing them they were quite substantial when they went through yesterday and qatar stacey's and gone all together this is a dry looking day the breeze picks up in the interior riyadh's could well be dusty well woman $22.00 but the whole thing moves eastwards it turns cloudy was more showers will thunderstorms in doha on friday. it.
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and all those at the prom and these are the top stories this hour a controversial citizenship that has been approved in india by both houses of parliament as large protests with many saying it discriminates against muslims authorities in northeastern india have imposed an overnight curfew and parts of state after a large protest their. leader has defended her country against allegations of genocide of the international court of justice. the case is misleading and that international action could harm the peace and reconciliation and shares in saudi arabia state final company have officially begun trading on stock exchange the
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company made history with the largest ever initial public offering last week raising $25600000000.00 now israeli politicians have just a few hours left to form a government or face an unprecedented 3rd election in a year the prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his rival benny gaps failed to form a road in coalition after september's vote well they and other politicians in parliament would then given 21 days to agree on a government and that deadline expires at midnight local time on wednesday if they fail parliament would automatically be dissolved and new elections must be held with a 90 days harry for such as following the developing story for us from west jerusalem given the context of the. political territory that we're in. in this country i think there will be an absence of really proportions for anything other than. to be ushered in by midnight. tonight there had been some reporting that benjamin
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netanyahu was ready to concede one of the key demands from his rival benny gantz that he gives up any claim to parliamentary immunity with regard to the 3 separate corruption cases that he has been indicted in but his likud party then came out and said that that was not the case and once again blamed benny gantz and his blue and white party for failing to join likud in a national unity government the situation remains pretty much as it has been for nearly 3 months now since the september the 17th elections both sides have preconditions for serving together in a national unity government messenger who says that he would have to go 1st in any rotational prime minister arrangement even if it's just for a few months benny gantz has said that he would not sit under an indicted prime minister and those positions have not shifted the other key player avigdor lieberman who has a party with some 8 seats in the israeli parliament the knesset has said that he
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would only serve in a unity government trying to bring those 2 sides together ruling out serving in a right wing coalition with benjamin netanyahu. now thousands of people have marched in the algerian capital to demand thursday's presidential election be canceled or watch police blocked roads and used patterns to stop crowds gathering in algeria's protesters saying no election can be for fair of all the old guard of the leaders remain in power and the military stays involved in politics the election follows months of protests against security forces and political leaders who vote in the country for decades. now hundreds of displaced syrians are appealing for international aid after their makeshift camp in northern flooded will be living in tents without running water or electricity since their homes came under attack by government forces victoria reports. in the biting cold these boys make their way of course blooded scrubland to
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a makeshift camp which is surrounded by dirty water winter rains have made already appalling conditions at this camp it. almost unbearable for families who have nowhere else to go. and they set up this camp in somalia after fleeing bashar as oppression abominable only to be at the mercy of relief agencies or between 2 evils the camp is like an island reliving a swamp i call on international relief agencies and the un to look at us with some or we're not asking for palaces we'd have preferred to die under shelling suffered these terrible. attacks on province have intensified in the last 2 months that government backed by russian air power is determined to retake the last remaining rebel strongholds the increase in attacks is worsening the humanitarian crisis aid agencies estimate
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nearly a 1000000 syrians the huddled in camps like this one. with green without water. we have to walk a long distance or. get our hands on anything we've run out of money with no income and no relief aid is we. left with nothing not even a loaf of bread and this mob adds insult to injury. more heavy rain and cold weather is forecast families who left their homes to escape government as strikes and barrel bombs they returning is not an option but neither is staying here unless they get more help victoria gates and b. and which is their. u.k. party leaders have been staging their final rally is before thursday's general election but less than 24 hours to go with the race is getting tighter and opposition parties a fighting hard for ben reports the final day started before dawn for the party
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leaders every hour vital as the campaigning draws to a close from north to south and in the other direction a frantic last push to get their core messages across to voters. prime minister began his day to day ari the metaphor of course based on delivering in his case delivering rex's exhaustion and tension are inevitable at this stage of the campaign and the hash tag fridge gate began trending on social media after one of johnson's ates swore in exasperating as a journalist for pirates or to come on the air good morning person prime minister. prime minister appeared to retreat into a walk in the fridge to escape the media but he warmed up enough by the time he reached his next stop at a party factory indaba tomorrow for a space in the country to get things done. during the long haul time to meet. you 2 years. to the day we believe this economic policy on.
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the top 5. that you kill it's. called in is generally. corbin the labor party leader has been lagging behind in the opinion polls but is still optimistic of a late turnaround he began his day in glasgow laying out what a labor government would mean for voters thank your elected government that will eliminate child poverty across the bridge so they can elect a government that will end the cruelty of the injustice of universal credit. thank you the lexer government that will give hope to the next generation by investing properly in education for the future all across the u.k. to do in scotland the nationalist s.n.p. leader was offering a fresh choice of vegetables nicolas sturgeon a greengrocer's in edinburgh urging voters to back her party to block boris johnson's bracks it be so if people don't want to have for the cuts to public
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services if we don't want to be dragged out of you to play games so willing to have boris johnson is paid minister then a send key to make sure we take our future in total in hands and build a better future for scotland and in south west london the liberal democrats are concentrating very last drops of campaign energy on targeting conservative seats which voted to remain in the e.u. in the 2016 referendum this is been a difficult campaign for the liberal democrats but poll rating sliding steadily throughout the 5 weeks and their leader joe swenson excluded from the head to head televised debates but in certain remain leaning seats the party could yet still spring some surprises every vote matters we've got an amazing team it's in the campaign trail i still believe we can stop forest johnson stop breaks and build a brighter future the opinion polls suggest the conservatives have just enough support to secure a majority government but the margin of error in those polls is big enough to mean that a result could still go either way paul brennan al-jazeera southwest london. now
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south african presidents of rum opposes the country's struggling state i don't trust that the company will be able to stabilize the power grid only by the end of march eskom has been accused of chronic mismanagement and is relying on the heavy dead and weak of heavy rains aggravated its problems and led to major blackouts and that's had a big impact on the economy with mining firms foods to cut production because of power shortages. the governor of nairobi has been granted bail after being arrested on suspicion of involvement in a multi-million dollar corruption scandal mike song called a member of the ruling jubilee party has denied accusations of money laundering forging documents and warning contracts to his close friends tackling corruption was a major part of president who kenyatta is 2017 reelection campaign and dozens of arrests have been made by his crackdown has not led to any high profile convictions. now
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greenland's ice sheet is melting at an alarming rate 7 times faster than in the 1990 s. a new analysis of satellite data shows it's losing about $250000000000.00 tonnes of ice every year and the losses are continuing to accelerate since 1902 melt water from greenland has raised global sea levels by one centimeter and that puts millions more people at risk from flooding. thousands of protesters have been rallying in sydney to demand action on climate change after months of out of control bushfires across parts of australia demonstrators accuse the government of the norm the climate emergency the fires have been made worse by unseasonably hot conditions and drowned. time magazine has chosen a greater thought book as its person of the year the teenage swedish climate activist has emerged as a global figure over the past 12 months she made a high profile journey across the atlantic by sail boat so that she could address
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the united nations with the news was announced walsenburg was in madrid where the un is holding a major conference on climate change finding holistic solutions is what the cop should be all about. but instead it seems to have turned into some kind of opportunity for countries to negotiate loopholes and to avoid raising their ambition. countries are finding clever ways around having to take real action. well the chilean government has been accused of failing to stop she when rights abuses by security forces the country has been experiencing its worst period of social unrest since its return to democracy in 1900 a latin america editor lucien newman reports from santiago. on international human rights day has a very special meaning in chile past and present in 1985. was
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among a group of women who denounced rights violations in this very same spot defying chile's then military dictatorship we were informed back then the secret police committed horrors and clandestine interrogation centers today there's a different type of horror because it's happening in democracy it's not possible that's women are being raped and stripped in police stations and back to human rights continue to be abused me. international human rights state also marks the 13th anniversary of the death of chile's former dictator general augusto pinochet's members of the historic generation as they're called who are joined by many of today's most outspoken rights activists like ruby. security police blew out these women's eyes with a tear gas canister and she is now blind it happened a short while ago when she was returning from work. human rights organizations say
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that many of those injured or killed in more than 7 weeks of social unrest have been peaceful demonstrators or even bystanders sensitive to charges of abuses presidents of a stampede promised to implement stronger safeguards but it. is history has shown that it's not one must always work to perfect old methods to assure that in chile human rights will always be respected. the government promised to retrain police and assured that they respect protocols for and to dry it weapons is still a work in progress this is the cartridge of the type of pellet that has left many protesters blind but it is not the only danger according to the president of the medical association human rights commission there is also actually being placed inside of the water cannon and we have seen many of the people here there giving 1st aid also tell us that the watch of the protesters are suffering from severe
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acid burns. adding to the criticism chile's former president we shared by chile today the u.n. high commissioner for human rights says she will soon issue likely be a harsh report on events taking place in her home. you see in human al-jazeera santiago. hello again i'm elizabeth prada in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera a controversial citizenship bill of india has been approved by both houses of parliament that grant citizenship to minorities who face religious persecution in pakistan bangladesh and of gonna stand but muslim refugees have been excluded and the opposition says the since discriminatory. myanmar's leader aung san suu kyi has defended her country against allegations of genocide of the international court of justice on wednesday when she called the accusations misleading so she insists the
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military has been conducting a legitimate operation against armed groups and that action has been taken against the use of excessive force on tuesday's who she sat through graphic accounts of mass murder and rape detailed against the military the allegation stemmed from a 2017 crackdown which forced more than 700000 muslims to flee to neighboring bangladesh. 10 deadly genocidal intent on the part of the state that actively investigates prosecutes and punishes soldiers and offices who are accused of wrongdoing although the focus here is on members of the military i can assure you that appropriate action would also be taken against civilian offenders in line its due process there will be no tolerance of human rights violations in the rakhine or elsewhere in the i'm not. us secretary of state my pompei o has announced new sanctions on iran bot says he's open to more dialogue with ted
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on to free american prisoners well the latest sanctions target one of the country's largest airlines rania and under ronnie and shipping network the u.s. says has been used to send weapons to help the rebels in yemen pompei oses washington want to deviate from its campaign of targeting iran's economy through sanctions. shares in saudi arabia state trying all the company have officially begun trading on riyadh stock exchange aramco made history with the largest ever at mishal public offering last week raising $25600000000.00 making it the most valuable listed company in the world well those are the headlines on al-jazeera inside stories next.
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ethiopia's broad minister was awarded the nobel prize for helping to win the conflict because i'd read your thread but why is it the or try and lead to all the will of what this is does i'll be off message we've been saying this is inside still. welcome to the program obstat grant the relationship between ethiopia and eritrea could be summed up in 2 woods war and peace for the 2 year war over disputed border region 20 years.


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