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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 198  Al Jazeera  December 12, 2019 7:32am-8:00am +03

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has claimed responsibility india's hindu nationalists government to secure parliamentary approval for a controversial citizenship law the bill uses religion as a criteria to determine who could be granted citizenship protests as a discriminates against muslims u.s. democrats have warned president donald trump is on the verge of dictatorship while republicans have defended his record it was part of a fiery debate by the house judiciary committee over the 2 articles of impeachment trump has repeatedly denounced the whole thing as a witch hunt all right those are the latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next the stream. we were told to get to that russia has been addressed by turkey what is the proposal. for a couple on you know we meet with newsmakers. the stories that matter.
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china has invested hundreds of billions of dollars in infrastructure projects across the world but is its global riots good or bad for poor country i'm femi oke . it is day 3 of our special series looking at colonialism our attention was drawn to articles accusing china of economically exploiting countries around the world with some going so far as to say it's on the verge of being a colonialist power so is china's unprecedented development cause for concern or celebration look for the hash tag on twitter because colonialism and sinister thoughts. china is now approaching a decade as the world's 2nd biggest economy and it is investing in a staggering ferocity of infrastructure projects in regions as diverse as the
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caribbean south asia and africa chinese companies are building roads railways power plants and cross border internet networks around the world funded by billions of dollars of cheap credit the projects are part of china's belt and road initiative it's the most ambitious global development effort in modern history and promises to open valuable new trading routes across both land and sea more than 140 countries have some kind of link to belts and road and that's according to the state information center that the chinese think tank chinese china's president says that it is a win win for both beijing and the countries that are saying gleaming new infrastructure but there are critics of china's global influence joining us to discuss if we're seeing neo colonialism in action we have sarah shu chief executive officer at china rising capital forecasts she's in the u.s. city of knoxville over grey it is a geo political analysts he joins us from the nigerian city. as on the whole why is
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a policy and development analyst who also writes for the express tribune that's a pakistani newspaper he joins us from london however he's really good to have here i am i have to show you something on my laptop is from the south china morning post it is a new row away a new section of a railway in kenya and i have to say i was blown away have a look at this. if we could wave this is so impressive i am blown away by the technology how sleek it
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looks if we show this to anybody i'm not sure they would tell you that it was in kenya or they might say somewhere else that is probably in a western country i'm not on the african continent. can this be a bad thing or is this a great way of looking at how the developing world can develop because china has money africa has resources in other parts what have resources could this be a great partnership that takes us beyond the idea of what colonialist states to the developing world hundreds of years ago. that's my positive spin i might see positive. i think it came of. course it's. so me because almost every. is it true we know in terms of the economic returns now i will always see in in case we're looking at only qantas
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chinese money i really flown into as part of it's moving into africa but there is a concern of eve eve the course of the project that there are now is are the actual costs they that devious cause inflation of the projects you know both in pearl china and kenya of really contributed in no generally content to king us into new shiny frustrate infrastructure up we did which is rejecting the economy sorry looking at that example of how china partners with other countries around the world some people are calling this neo colonialism using that money mad economy to influence other countries do you see it in that way how does china see what he's talking. oh yes well i think that it is actually trying to promote infrastructure certainly is trying to promote its own soft power around the world but it's really challenging i think to carry off these hundreds of projects that china is
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implemented a of every year and so some of the problems like for example of one of the railways sections in kenya has been plagued by fraud so there were accusations that there was a ticket scam that some of the. chinese who were involved were siphoning money from this project and so while it's really good there are also other issues that were not completely vetted at the beginning of these types of projects and i think it's very hard for you know china development they can export import bank of china is to fully that these projects when they're coming in and going out at such a rapid pace it's hard to control the state owned enterprises that are going into these countries and it's hard to slowly understand the risks and also identify the
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cause of as was stated earlier to really know whether it's worth the amount that it's waited for so there are both some positives and negatives. so i like the give us positives and negatives because that's exactly what our community is doing as well summer's dipping into you tube here for a couple of varying comments i share just to with all of you and has done interact these to you specifically to bring you into the conversation so the 1st percentage says china is a tyrant for oppressive country who exploits their own and others one person's view on you tube but right before that comment is someone saying those who are saying this is colonialism have never lived under a colonial regime so where do you weigh in on that debate. so i am actually quite optimistic because i think comparing that and comparing to this china and. the good level isn't of hundreds of years ago i think it's a little bit unfair of course if china is investing huge sums of money and creating
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this bureau network china is creating a big large of influence and i think china is going to use that to promote economic cooperation to put more trade to promote its own investment so if you want to call it it's the colonial is a surrogate for thing for the 21st century but it isn't nor. compared to what we had seen over the centuries ago and i think this is and i think the vest needs to know it just through this reality that as you said that china is becoming the 2nd largest country for the last many years but i think china is also know in the superpower league and it is going to create their network which is so that the world is having an alternative source of financing source of alliances and i think that there's needs to kind of just about reality let me just get a sarastro to paint change because i feel that she's sharing something here where
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she saying that the west is not necessarily adjusting to the new reality interesting analysis is very pithy here sara but will. king at present trump the u.s. president here looking at tariffs on chinese imports i'm wondering if this is a direct pushback to the influence that china is now having around so much of the globe are you seeing that in terms of. countries that were formerly superpowers now being very upset about china's rise. yes i need it's a complicated issue i certainly think that the u.s. has raised its hackles over china's growing power there are concerns issues that the u.s. has initially opposed tarrasque or with force technology transfer that's a problem china's espionage is a problem and certainly anything even cooler the alyssum is an issue
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there are issues that chinese of lawyers have states in africa and elsewhere regarding their lack of employment of african nationals as well as when they do employee some of the act which is for this is that there are issues of racism or poor treatment so you know there are it's a very complex issue but certainly china is growing in power and influence and there is a concern is that if china is doing a like flying as the u.s. and other nations do that somehow that has to be protected against and there has to be some sort of way to stop china from taking the competitive shares that other nations have had such as us and the repeated use. weighing in on the are several people online so here are a few voices who say this is hypocrisy on the part of the u.s.
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and the west who they've on twitter says china is using the very same tactics used by the west to hold the african continent in its grasp i think it's the height of hypocrisy that the western nations are now sounding an alarm another person picking up on that theme you says why is there so much hype about chinese investments in the west has been doing the exact same for decades in fact sin trees and continue to as he says enslave small nations through various means even today so we hear what our community thinks about china's investments visa be what the u.s. and the west have done but i want to push on to another region we don't hear as much about and that is this apartment paga son in particular we got a video comment from june ahmed conches a research fellow at the belton road strategy initiative in beijing here's what she told a stream. to be gail and the scope of it has been enhanced from place explain to our mandate we are at a $65000000000.00 mandate we're talking about social economic dimension and
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$100000.00 jobs have been created and there are more in the pipeline of course we are also talking about the sustainability of this development and the other thing to understand is that not only have 100000 jobs been created directly in legacy back projects but it is pakistan's government pakistan's domestic institutions that are determining the path and the scope of the china pakistan economic corridor and in that sense it is not china as a developed country which is trying to impose its development plan on partner countries but it is the result of mutual cooperation and domestically determined gawds so his side you want to take that out she says this is a mutual agreement. this is indeed a mutual agreement because then you look at b r i it's quite a flexible arrangement it's an umbrella under which china has financed a range of projects and really some countries are focused on industrial cooperation and those have used chinese investment to put in power plants and others have used
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that money to build real big projects and when you actually blow money from any source it china be it amounted to a multilateral little open bank i believe that the responsibility lies on what the lender and the board were and i do agree that the injured look at some of them went directly development banks they might have more sophisticated systems in place right now because they have been doing that for these years but i think some problem and you look at the projects because people have been critiquing it is there the projects have gone into some kind of the laws or unemployment's or frauds i think there is some responsibility also goes on to the weather systems which in many cases are weak and you see these examples across them kind of that for years it's not just to be alone it's food it's for the america it's for the world it's. any development bank for that matter let's talk about this from an african perspective if i may of
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a clay what we're looking at the rates that countries get from organizations like the am at i.m.f. or the while back compared to wait to they might get from a chinese investment or chinese of arrangement a project how do they compare what's the attraction for one of attraction to another. yeah so most of the time i think what the chinese are parked up archy so that they land on this new strings are new you know politico string that we must pacific history go damn if i don't mean it to lend his immortal let me much later i don't need to lend into the african continent even unto now just 2 countries that you news to collect money from i mean i will i for instance just received a letter think $247000000.00 in no grade level from the i.m.f. so west africa has to contribute to good parties but i think the most important
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thing would i buy like there are all you know what i would china want let out the i.m.f. deduced coming from china all the packages so you tames seem to be a bit of a political resume because most wanted on to be criticised no strings attached means you can do whatever you like in your country you can look up whether you want we still got to do or do if you west perhaps say i am at my country as i would you need to clear up your human rights issues if we're going to give any money and these are the standards before we get to work with here that's what no strings attached means sacca had yeah well it depends you know yes the chinese do not come with. or not these days you can do whatever you like them i mean this is almost all you have going is this really the chinese knock on wood contest going tonight it is for africa here the consulate for instance they want an up policy stance as a good example if you recall the nest i want us is so interested you are most likely not going to get chinese i mean any kind of africa over there so that's what
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does it will it take us to. the way in comfort yes china is asking if we got to. do what they buy the house or do we mean what the politicos to do journalism that do not china's holy see or not i tell you that's a good point thank you for making it thanking. seems like you're saying there are still some red lines and i want to pick up on that see you to someone watching live says this is pro me too says why are only chinese labor and tack being used for some of these projects in other countries or is attacked transfer as a result of this process so one of the other criticisms that someone would bring up to say this isn't benefiting local economy sara what would you say to that. well yeah i think that it's true that china doesn't spoil a lot of its own workers and that has been a huge complaint among many i've i've tried a number of students from africa from different countries east africa west africa
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and you know they stated that while it's a huge benefit that china is building this infrastructure it's not fair that they're employing their labor since they go back to the to the lending issue. i just want to mention that you know it is great that china does wins with no strings attached for the countries themselves perhaps not for people who are watching human rights but there is a problem in terms of some of these potentially highly indebted for countries who have just good gotten out of being is dedicated to the the world or other multilateral rivers and state potentially could fall back into high levels of debt and you know 2 of these countries democratic republic of congo congo is vandy a house a high risk of being in the in too much debt which means that they could potentially
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not repay their loans and so that's something i wanted to mention when that happens there infrastructure has the possibility of going to the chinese government or chinese ownership that's something that we haven't mentioned that i think could be problematic as some can i share something with you i was in malawi recently this year and also a previous year when it surprised me about the china africa partnership something i had never occurred to me all know often and that is that if you're partnering with a country that is bringing tank the tech is going to be in the language of the come to your partnering with so this is the i.c. so i'm trying to what that out as a little. cheat sheet here so i can pretty much know how to use a c. but i've just thought oh i hadn't thought about these practical details this is the remote control and i pretty much was able to watch t.v. i also heard stories about people who have bought vehicles and they drove them to
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the chinese embassy in a long way because the car was speaking to them in chinese and they couldn't work out how to change it and so there's a whole sort of cultural part of this exchange. with china 0 it is very much down the ground and grass roots hassan have you seen any other examples about this just working out how do we work together we have 2 very different cultures on many different cultures. absolutely i think i have seen better examples and pakistan is going to install a system of it speaking to you in chinese but i don't think that so that to exclude chinese culture because i have never learned anything like a word in chinese by using a more controlled or commercial enormities and as long as people don't have other competitive choice is this still good for these cheaper chinese products because even if the slightly difficult issues but i think as these big chinese corporations establish large markets in developing countries i believe they are of course going
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to work around these issues they are going to have their own manuals in the language and think and you would do right that china is coming on from a very different perspective learned as is used to the west for live a long time and of course i think because of the. internet and critism the transfer to languages like english and other western languages ability then in chinese is something that most countries in order to complement it so of course it's a start of with a very long journey and i think these cultural in normally or or problems i want to crop up and it's only with find that they're going to get results as and you said something interesting i had to write it down because you mentioned if these places these local economies don't have other competitive options of course they're going to go in this way i think that is what it's riling up some of our community so i refer you all to this tweet from para she says this is real colonialism with chinese characteristics so picking up on the the idea that this is not
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a good thing i want to share a video comment for someone who studies this in the caribbean so this is a fundamental he's a kingston jamaica china lat am a scholar in jamaica and here's what he told the string. when you talk to the people or do different stakeholders such as it local contractors they will tell you that deer are being crowded out of the market because they just cannot compete with china and so if you look at what's happening in the region a study that they did $8900000000.00 that chinese banks find funded or committed to the region between 20020184 point 9000000000 dollars of that amount are actually somewhat problematic in terms of the projects of being canceled they're on hold due to issues surrounding sustainability or the projects need upgraded and so what we're seeing is that chinese banks are still there really into
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better in the region and learning where the good projects are so sara sara was nodding her head is that video comment was playing sarah what were you thinking i was thinking that you know they're going back to my earlier comment that a lot as being alone can be better that it in order to understand the real in order to really price of the true value war and you know that also goes along with that actual so if these countries are racking up there are a project is not making return and then there are the projects eleanor some of the projects are backed by collateral in the form of natural resource some of the country will be having to give up natural resource and china i think that raises another issue of potential not necessarily colonial. power pressure of power there . so it's been fascinating just really unpacking china's growing influence around the wild how would you describe the moment that we're in right now for china.
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i'm afraid that you know for china it's a moment where they will reach pressuring it's an important time for them to be able to crack external demand especially through 1000 on borrowed but it also highly risky i won't be at the projects work out and what happens to china in terms of its economic and political power over time as china characterizes this is a win win situation how do you characterize the i we winning is everybody winning i think like everything good some countries are winning and some not as much i think as china goes on and goes beyond i think china would also learn how to integrate with the world systems how to ensure greater transparency how to address some of the 'd other concerns that some of the participants mention like wall street is it does totoo have their social c.f. cards in wyoming to see if god's in their projects because if you have sustainability that's the only been extracted you've got everyone and i don't see
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any reason why china wouldn't do that i think it would be a journey and if you're a student maybe early intervention so i want to bring in a couple of personal stories just before we close up robert says and zambia the aggressive chinese takeover is visible and all aspects of our lives in my area there's a new chinese graveyard a milling plant farm and a supermarket they have literally taken over all small businesses run by the locals and other person wants us to keep our eye on central asia entire says chinese expansion is nowhere more visible in south and central asia for example china $1200000000.00 nearly half of the country's foreign that's of $2900000000.00 so i'll wrap this up from our community their perspective but this from wasit who says it is good for china bad for poor countries. sarah a vicar way and thank you so much for joining us on national today to talk about the growing influence of china around the world of us join us on thursday for the
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last show in this week's special series let me tell you what we've been doing over the last couple of days a monday and tuesday on wednesday these are all of the topics on thursday because colonialism we're going to be talking about cullen only i can i can i say before tomorrow food and colonialism is it a thing we're going to be talking about that tomorrow and is it a bad thing can't wait for that come hungry keeps it in your thoughts the hash tag is because colonialism we'll see online. the a. capturing
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a moment entire. snapshots of all the lives. of the stories. providing the clips into someone else's what. they. do. or. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. witness on al-jazeera. just off one of his main highways immediately a family collects as much water as possible from the mountain above. a nationwide blackout left millions without power over a good old water supplies. but this water is not portable the health ministry is recommending people treat it with chlorine but with none available other than i made the hopes that boiling it 1st would make it safe for her family to drink dr.
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says the increased consumption of untreated water in the last 3 weeks is making an already catastrophic situation worse than i'm going on with all right i think we don't have the precise numbers yet but we know that in the public and private hospitals there's been an acute increase of cases of severe diarrhea that require hospitalization including children under 2 years of age which can be fatal local and international public health experts describe the crisis it's a complex humanitarian emergency the shocking treatment of disabled people in rumanian state run care in cages who cannot have access to a toilet or water institutions funded by the european union he has his hands and his fates tied to the bed 5 years after highlighting these abuses people in power returns to romania in a 2 part series and discovers the scandal runs further afield europe's recurring shame on al-jazeera.
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a last minute blitz by the u.k.'s political leaders trying to win over undecided voters fed up with years of brecht's it wrangling. hello welcome to our there live from doha imo theme that is also coming up donald trump signs an order he says will crack down on anti semitism but opponents say it stifles criticism of the israeli government. north korea finds itself back in the u.n. security council spotlight after a fire.


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