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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 12, 2019 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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for the libyan president even what allen is given refugee status by argentina's newly elected sent to left government. and unwelcome to al-jazeera with me and it's a problem and also coming up the u.s. house judiciary committee prepares to vote on articles of impeachment against president donald trump. 3 people are killed in northeastern india and protests against a bill that will grant citizenship to minorities from neighboring countries and the u.k. holds its election is less than 5 years viewed by many as the most important in a generation.
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full of a live in president evo morales is in argentina and has been granted refugee status that's according to the argentine foreign minister but alice was living in mexico since last month after he was a quantity of political asylum he was forced to step down and leave bolivia following mass protests after a disputed election let's bring in our correspondent there is a bush she is joining us live from when inside is so what more do we know about the story as. well it will what is a right very early in the morning to wonder why it is an airport he was coming from cuba where he left mexico last week headed towards cuba where he was treated for some small health issues and made toward he arrived here in one outside if it doesn't come as a surprise i mean it was expected that it will what i would arrive to argentina.
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sometime after the new president i lot of thought for a man this would be sworn in for a man this played a crucial role in ever more dollars being able to live for livia after he resigned after the protests in that country and then headed to mexico and that's one of the reasons why he's coming here he arrived and requested officially political asylum but the flooring minister here for you has been explaining why he's later wrong going to be passed in what is known as a refugee status what the foreign minister yuriy saying is that they're requesting given what alice for example not to give political declarations that man the among other things that the reason why he's going to be here as a refugees because there's a normative in order to do that in spite of this argentina considers for example the interim administration a lot of jenene aeneas in bolivia illegitimate they believe that a coup took place that forced out it will morales out of office and president to albertus and and this is vice president cristina another reason that this is an
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argentine or. well that's correct i mean cristina fernandez de kirchner was president of argentina while she was in office the relationship between argentina and bolivia was a very very close one and that's why it will not i this is coming here there's also a very large bolivian community here in in argentina he has lots of support in this country and it's also in a way shed some light of what plans what alice has for the future right now the current administration interim administration in bolivia is preparing for elections in the near future probably april or may they're selecting the members of the electro tribute after the one that was in place was accused of committing fraud among many other things that it is expected that it will what else could be the campaign manager of the movement towards socialism party that's his party in bolivia so he's going to be participating actively in what happens in bolivia in
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the next months and that's why many say that from argentina he's going to be much closer to what's happening in his country to raise a thank you for that for now that is to raise a boat with all the latest live and when inside is thank you. the u.s. house judiciary committee has begun its final debate on articles of impeachment against president donald trump the democratic party is leading efforts to formally charged with abuse of power as obstruction of congress there will be an opportunity to amend the 2 articles of impeachment and then the committee of involvement in each of them individually trumps accused of withholding aid to ukraine to question it and to investigating joe biden a potential democratic challenger in the 2020 presidential race as finding our correspondent. joining us live from capitol hill any significant amendments being
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suggested heidi. well fireworks are starting off this debate this morning elizabeth with representative jim jordan a republican introducing the 1st amendment which would kill article one abuse of power the article of impeachment would kill it all together now that's what the members are now discussing this is a meeting that could go on for many many hours as republicans though they hold the minority on this panel they do have the ability to slow things down dropped dramatically by introducing amendment upon amendment of course in the end their efforts will not be successful because democrats have the numbers to push forward these articles of impeachment of their liking and that vote is it's back to before the end of the day which would then set up for next week when these articles which are abuse of power and obstruction of congress then make their way on to the full house floor and democrats who of course have the majority there as well are likely
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to vote and approve on those articles of impeachment making donald trump only the 3rd u.s. president ever to be officially impeached by congress of course overall. reality here is the once this impeachment reaches the senate which is the step that will unfold in the new year because that chambers is controlled by trump's own party the republicans all signs are they will hold a trial quickly and then move to acquit the president and what we're seeing though is that trump is getting ahead of today's hearings i just counted his tweets in the last 3 hours there are more than 80. reach waiting. media coverage that has been beneficial to him and starting off this morning with his own defense saying that there was no crime and that this impeachment is a sham that seems quite high even by his standards heidi thank you very much for
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that for now that is hydrogen car story with the latest on capitol hill thank you. now there are reports that indian police have shot and killed at least 3 protesters in the northeastern state of thousands of people there protesting against a bill that will grant citizenship to persecuted minority kids from pakistan bangladesh and except muslims protesters in the northeast fear migrants from bangladesh will be made citizens and that they will lose their ethnic and cultural identity or both houses of parliament pass the bill and it's waiting the president's approval to become the war on child vora says the protests have escalated in assem. the photos have been quite large. we have now on the national television and there was a manager check with some of our local contacts 3 people have been killed in a fire extinguisher displaced with indian security officials details are still emerging we don't know what these deaths took place so we've also learned that
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several people were rushed to a hospital and there are several injured people in hospital right now i like to give you an idea what's really going on all through the day we saw shop shop fuel stations are shocked. every traffic light was a protest people defied a few everybody. else and people were out on the streets and they were protesting they said they're protesting because they want to preserve their identity because they think that over the years over the decades they have. they've had to give shelter to many refugees from bangladesh and muslims and they think that if the cut off date according to the citizenship of accepting bangladeshi hindus in this case would be would be 2040 they would have to accept even more that's what they say they're protesting against to algeria now with thousands of people protesting outside polling stations rejecting what they say is a sham presidential election process of the choose or 5 candidates of being too
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close to the old regime a former president often is eased into ficca he resigned in april following 20 years in power and months of unrest demanding change smith has more of this polling station in algiers there weren't many voters but plenty of ballot papers should pick up later in the day here in the early morning just a few ballots have been cast in areas presidential election. algerian state t.v. found a busier place to show its viewers that this is all around what the ocean any of that hit the presenters voiceover encourages people to get out and vote tells them there can be no reform without stability and says the people casting their ballots here were people who had recently been protesting. but in the port city of the jail protesters took all the ballot papers and rip them up they wanted to make it clear they think the election is a farce. was that all 5 candidates running for president
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this is one of them as a dean he like the others has been approved by the state all of them the senior officials in the current regime. that is if you were in the all. the algerian so they are aware that they need the massive popular legitimacy that's why we're noticing since this morning thousands of algeria is going to polling stations and this is real answer did those who are doubting that this day want realize what people hopefully know how do you know protests began in algeria 10 months ago when abdelaziz bouteflika said he'd stand for a 5th term as president he eventually back down and resigned the. but tens sometimes hundreds of thousands of people continued weekly protest against what are gerry and call look prove what the group of businessmen politicians and military leaders who wield the real power behind the scene see. this guy is
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a from the similar scene there with or with. what but sure i won't vote if i vote or betray my country no lections with the gangs that's it my brother. oh if there is a widespread boycott of the election whoever wins will face questions of legitimacy before he even begins to tackle the challenges of a stagnant oil dependent economy high youth unemployment and rampant corruption. bernard smith al-jazeera out. the year case 3rd general election and 5 years is underway promised abbas johnson is hoping to secure a another term against labeling to jamey corp and it's being called britain's most important election in a generation by both voting conservative party and the main opposition labor from london he has named baka. or the dismal december day democracy is an action
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years of bricks it deadlock has brought british voters back to the ballot box for the 3rd general election in 5 years i was leaving a polling station in london conservative leader boortz. one of his closest aides. called the election to try and secure a parliamentary majority so he could press ahead with brink's it unopposed 1st. london from the opposition labor leader jeremy corbyn after he voted. out the party for this election on the future of public services including the country's steamed national health service. in scotland the nationalists s.n.p. leader nicholas sturgeon was feeling beat her party's main goal is to. be. shared by the liberal democrat leader joseph wilson the party's defining policy is to remain firmly in the e.u.
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they. held an election in december and. they're choosing $650.00 m.p.'s to represent them politicians who will decide britain's future either in or out of the european union. is expected to be a close race everyone is very confused. in a way i don't think i have seen before in elections in my life it's very tense very upset on both sides of the argument polls close at 10 pm g.m.t. exit polls we publish straight away with the 1st official results known a few hours later. london. still ahead on the ball attend the engine tell us a flying home from new zealand we have the latest on the volcanic eruption and a clerk in china's capital and small who's being blamed for
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a stop on the campaign to clear the air. hello again it's good to have you back well here across china things are looking quite nice we don't have a lot of clouds or ready to talk about we are looking at some chilly conditions though to the north we're talking about temperatures that are into the teens down towards the south though they are into the mid to low twenty's across much of the area for taipei and i stay for you with the temperature of 25 degrees maybe dropping down to about 24 as we go toward saturday over here towards india though still dealing with a lot of rain down towards the south for sri lanka as well you can receive some rain in the forecast coming back as we start to go towards the beginning of the weekend but look at the north we're talking about plenty of rain affecting parts of new delhi as well so it's going be a little chilly there during the overnight hours in during the daytime only getting
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to about 17 degrees by the time we get toward saturday though the rain should be pulling away more sun in the forecast for the temps there 18 and then here across the gulf well there is the potential of some rain for us here in doha as we go into friday notice the rain across much of the area with plenty of clouds also affecting parts of kuwait as well so 24 degrees here on friday with the possibility of some rain and as we go toward saturday more sun in the forecast 25 miska it is going to be a beautiful day for you with a temperature of 26 degrees. there's
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the problem and these are the top stories this hour for the bolivian president evo morales is in argentina where he's been granted refugee status but alice had been living in mexico off to his friends to step down and leave bolivia for a mass protests. the u.s. house judiciary committee has begun its final debate on articles of impeachment against president trump is accused of withholding aid to ukraine to pressure it
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into investigating his political rival joe biden and 3 people have been killed in protests it seems to india against a controversial citizenship it grants citizenship to certain religious minorities from pakistan bangladesh and gonna stand fast excludes muslims or protesters in the north east fear that large numbers of migrants from bonded there will be made citizens. now lawyers for the gambia have given their closing arguments in the international court of justice as they push for myanmar to be tried for genocide against the hanging of the providing testimony on allegations of mass murder and rape now months later she told the court on wednesday that the accusations are in complete and misleading picture of the situation she said soldiers conducted a legitimate operation against armed groups while more than 700000 muslims fled myanmar to neighboring buying the shot of the 27000 military crackdown stephanie deca is an cox's bazaar where the hunger refugees are following the proceedings in
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the hague closely. these are the people who endured those horrendous atrocities at the hands of me and mars military these are the people who are being referred to when it comes to the case at the international court of justice now many of them are aware of the hearing some of them have been able to get information on their mobile phones others don't know about it all some of the people we've been speaking to think that this could potentially be a 1st step into being able to go back home but many people also tell you that they don't understand the real legalities the details of what is happening there. that you will get justice since the whole world has now put them on trial i hope our situation will change as a result of that i hope the opportunity to hold peacefully people here been calling for justice for a very long time it's been almost 2 and a half years since that offensive in august of 2017 was so hundreds of thousands of
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people flee here in the space of just a couple of weeks but these people also want to go home and many people will tell you that the ruling of the international court of justice and that may take time will probably not be able to give that to them there's a lot of challenges ahead when it comes to seeing how they'll be able to go back home we've just been speaking to the head of the u.n. refugee agency here in bangladesh and he said even if repatriation started tomorrow would it would take an incredibly long time until you process this amount of people this is a city of refugees equivalent to the population of some of the world cities but each of them has a story of her own does horrors tragedy and trauma. to children our congress has begun a debate which could lead to the impeachment of the country's president opposition m.p. says about a failed to prevent human rights violations by the army and police at least 26 people have been killed thousands injured in a crackdown on protesters demonstrations began in october of
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a socialist. quality votes by hold and 2 weeks of rioting well let's bring in our latin america and attendants union she's joining us my from the capital santiago good to see you see yes i'm so the voltage expected to take place any minute now. hi there well yes it does we actually had expected it to already have happened but you know in these cases the very often the congressmen want to speak everyone wants to express the reason why they're going to or explain why they're going to vote one way or the other the political parties of the opposition that are more in the center that you could have expected to vote in favor perhaps of the president have given their congressmen free rein to vote according to their conscience so there's really no indication right now as to which way it will go and the president has been increasing unlucky in this case 1st of all yesterday his cousin the former interior minister was found guilty by the senate of having of responsibility for
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having allowed gross human rights violations to take place when a state of emergency had been declared here in chile right at the beginning of this crisis and then on human rights day which was on tuesday the president announced a whole series of measures which he said would defend human rights here ahead of what's happening right now and instead that very evening tool protesters were so badly injured by riot police that their lives are hanging in the balance at this moment so things are not looking very good for the president right now is that how likely is he to be impeachments here if you can say. well here it is the real question now is whether the congress will approve the impeachment request then just as happens in the united states the whole thing goes to the senate and there the president will be in a much better position because he his parties and some of the more conservative members of the opposition are likely to vote not to impeach the president many people argue that that's just going to make
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a very bad situation worse it's going to be the power vacuum in this country and that this president seats have to be if you like take it to the fire so that he will make the changes necessary not another president thank you does the national merit a tendency in human life in santiago thank you. now to new day with the army is searching for what it calls several 100 heavily armed terrorists who killed at least 70 soldiers well they camp near the western border with mali sustained hours of heavy gunfire late on tuesday there's been no claim of responsibility but fighters linked to al qaida are increasingly active in the remarked nor this region they detest like you really deputy the detachment in the in not has military post near the border with mali was attacked by heavily armed terrorists estimated at several 100 there followed a combat of rare violence combining artillery fire and the use of kamikaze vehicles by the enemy on our position for 3 hours a search in pursuit has been launched in the footsteps of terrorists fleeing from
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our borders. what address is following the story from mali and he says frequent cross border fighting with groups is an issue for both countries. and i just has always been in the crosshairs of the extremist groups operating along the border but by far this is the biggest in terms of casualty numbers according to sources the attackers numbering in the hundreds at the army post with suicide bombers as well as mortars and by the way you notice has been largely vacated since the last major attacks last year in the area and we've also seen across the region in this hell the uptick of violence carried out by al qaida into sliming state in the west african province and all the fighters in the region and the targets mainly all well military bases that were overrun and equipment being seized now i look to
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people are warning especially security analysts are warning that we probably will see more violence in the coming months or weeks as the groups there want to establish a full court meanwhile across the region there is anger and concerns about the rule of multinational forces in the region especially the french presence here in mali that is particularly the feeling that the french are not doing enough to cut the violence and a meeting with the g. 5 leaders of 5 civilian countries with their french president which was supposed to start next week has now been shifted until early 2020 but a lot of people in the region i really concerned about why are all these is leading to. special protective gear will try to recover the bodies of those killed in a volcanic eruption using it and despite warnings that another one is imminent police say
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a mission to watch island will begin at 1st light on friday the official death toll is 8 with another 8 missing jessica washington reports. it's not how this is trailing interest would have expected to be going home leaving new zealand on a stretcher suffering from severe burns the israeli defense force is flying out some patients who suffered horrific injuries when the white island volcano erupted to relieve the pressure on new zealand hospitals burns units have been operating at full capacity with surgeons working nonstop since monday's tragedy trying to save the lives of dozens of people the nature of the sport for the kids isn't in the rough so. this is this is going to happen sewage treatment obviously and it's the usual kinds but. it's all of the survivors have burns through at least one 3rd of their bodies surgeons here at the national burn center and hospitals
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around new zealand have called in for skin donations from the us and australia they're calling it an unprecedented medical emergency for new zealand days after the eruption a recovery mission to retrieve the bodies still on the island is set to begin they will go on to the island and i will make every effort to recover all of the bodies from the island and return them to the washington. and from there we will move those bodies back to the mainland. i have to emphasize that the risk has not gone. the risk remains prison authorities had been cautious due to the dangerous cocktail of gases on the island and a warning from seismologists of the likelihood of another eruption this is the most like to get for a car you walk tall and has been since 2016 and probably going back to quite a few years as well so it is really a high level of interest in this market men lost his brother in the disaster he's
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been calling for recovery crews to get to the island and is unhappy at the delays is not frustration i can get on this more frustration that they haven't gone to the on there's been too often is get out there. and make them go on. red tape ruckus the leadership has filed. he's just one of many waiting for the bodies of their loved ones to be returned home. just to washington al-jazeera oakland new zealand. now the desire to have a brand new home is being partly blamed for an increase an evolution in china the state and cement factories producing small as they meet demand for new infrastructure and housing of madison reports from beijing. china produces about 20 percent of the world's carbon emissions coal makes up around 59 percent of china's energy consumption and thick smog can still hang over beijing in winter as people
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light relatively cheaper coal fires to ward off the bitter chill. but in recent years coal mines have been closed and the building of new power plants has been restricted near heavily polluted areas. in the last couple of years you see smog almost every day in winter the pollution was very serious but since last year it's getting much better the number of electric vehicles in china has been booming the amount of investment that trying has been making over the last 7 years in renewable energy has been significant and the pollution levels from its power stations has leveled off but despite that china's emissions the hole for the 1st 6 months of 2019 rose by 4 percent china as well as the middle class is being blamed the surge in demand for new housing and infrastructure has meant more work for china's steel and cement factories and a rise in pollution there result of that is overcapacity industry
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a lot of questionable. infrastructure projects in other areas so that's the part where there is space to build what you actually need but. stop building just because you want to create demand for more steel and cement and the. construction work china has argued for years that it shouldn't be criticised for using coal to power it's remarkable transformation into the world's 2nd largest economy i think china and. at that time some other developing countries believe that this is our right to develop because they recognize that yes it's our rights to develop but on the other hand it's also about our rights for you know people's right to brave healthy air the skies above beijing may be clear more often but why china's new middle class demands new homes chinese
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factories are likely to continue pumping out pollution rob matheson al-jazeera beijing. hello again i'm as a problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera for the bolivian president evo morales is in argentina where he's applied where he's been given refugee status but out as had been living in mexico after he was forced to step down and leave bolivia following a disputed election and mass protests. the u.s. house judiciary committee has begun its final debate on articles of impeachment against president trump is accused of holding to ukraine to pressure it into investigating a political rival joe biden. voting is underway in virtue of its 3rd election in 5 years promise to boss johnson is hoping to secure another term against labor
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leader jeremy quill pen. now thousands of algerians have been tearing up their ballot papers in protest against the country's presidential election demonstrators have been calling for a total boycott and turnout has been low so far only around 20 percent or protesters accuse all 5 candidates of being too close to the over the former president of the disease with a flea collar 3 people have been killed in protests in northeastern india against a controversial citizenship bill that grant citizenship to certain religious minorities from pakistan bangladesh and of guns fun part excludes muslims and digitals protesters in the northeast fear that large numbers of migrants from buying there will be made citizens. lawyers for the gambia have given their closing arguments of the international court of justice as they push for myanmar to be tried for genocide against the hanger they provided testimony on allegations of mass murder and rape me on mars leader aung san suu kyi told the court on wednesday that soldiers conducted
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a legitimate operation against armed groups in chile as congress has begun a debate which could lead to the impeachment of the country's president opposition m.p.'s say sebastian pinera failed to prevent human rights violations are the army and police army in these areas searching for what it calls several 100 heavily armed terrorists who killed at least 70 soldiers with a camp near the western border with mani sustained hours of heavy gunfire late on tuesday but there's been no claim of responsibility well those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us techno is coming up next thank you very much for watching.
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