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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 13, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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bodies. wonder when east investigates these mysterious go ships on al jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter toby you're watching the answers here and you live from london coming up. the u.s. house judiciary committee prepares to vote on whether to impeach president donald trump. indian security forces shoot dead 3 protesters as they're deployed to stop and rest in assem state over a controversial citizenship bill. voting wraps up in algeria after
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a day of mass protests against an election where all 5 candidates have links to the ousted president. and britain's brave cold wet weather to vote in a deeply divisive election billed as a way out of the brics an impasse. and i'm p. to say that with all your support says tiger woods captains the usa today worst start at a presidents cup in 14 years it's. ok let's get going the u.s. house of representatives is moving closer to impeaching the u.s. president donald trump as the judiciary committee holds its final debate house democrats are leading efforts to formally charge the president with abuse of power and obstruction of congress mr trump's accused of withholding aid to ukraine to pressurize it into investigating his potential white house rival joe biden and his son hunter by republicans on the u.s.
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house judiciary committee repeatedly complained about the procedures followed by the democrats. what will be known by this committee from here on out is that this committee has now sounded the death of minority rights in this committee this committee has become nothing but a rubber stamp this committee is amazingly now on such a clock in calendar process that they don't care facts be damned i don't care a country who's fighting russian aggression because when crime fights question aggression they're helping us fight russian aggression and he did it for personal gain the biden situation. it could only be an abuse of power and i think this amendment really reflects how the president was using as a power power perfectly entirely appropriately and it also shows how scared they are of the fact let's get more now from my colleague mike hanna joining us here on the news out of our bureau in washington so mike just take us through what we think
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is going to happen next. well peter as you saw there something of a knife fight going on in the house judiciary committee as the contemplates these 2 articles of impeachment each member of the committee given 5 minutes to talk on each of the articles it's a lengthy process which is still ongoing but what will happen eventually is that the committee itself will vote on these articles of impeachment they will then in all likelihood go to the rules committee of the house which will decide on how much time will be allocated to debate on the impeachment and that will take place in the coming weeks of the process moving very quickly over all however this particular phase in the house judiciary committee very much a partisan fight going on after each and every word in the articles of impeachment republicans in particular attempting to block at every point democrats trying to move these articles through as quickly as possible but certainly this is
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a pro longed and angry fight going on in the house judiciary committee peter and i understand they're trying to insert hunter biden's name into the articles of impeachment it's not that big a document what 91011 pages why have they left this until now to do that in itself is that unusual. well this is the stage at which that type of amendment could be proposed is called the markup stage and what that means is that the articles of impeachment which have been drawn up are now considered by the judiciary committee they literally market up as they go along now an interesting point here peter is that the chairman of the committee jerry nadler right at the beginning made an amendment to the articles he actually change the name of donald j. trump which was in the initial article to donald john trump now what this did was a device to allow him to essentially control what amendments followed so it was
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a step machine complete control over the process why the republicans brought up an amendment to replacing donald trump's name with that of the biden this is once again a 8 obstructive process attempting to prolonging the debate knowing full well that the committee controlled by democrats was never going to pass such an amendment so although the republicans continuing to press amendments each of them is getting voted down on party lines the process that would seem only hindered by something that applies to all the participants of this committee and that's a congressional ball which happens in 3 hours time begins at 7 o'clock u.s. time at the white house certainly members want to go to that congregational ball let's see how that adds a sense of urgency to the ongoing discussions become having a dance mike thanks very much. u.s. stocks of risen following reports the u.s. and china have reached an imprint support trade deal president trump tweeted
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earlier that a quote big deal was near and there were reports an interim quote phase one agreement had been reached according to the reports washington has offered to cancel a fresh round of tariffs on chinese goods. the u.s. senate has unanimously passed a resolution recognizing that the most killings of armenians a century ago was genocide resolution states it's. a u.s. policy to commemorate as genocide the killing of 1500000 armenians by the ottoman empire which was centered in modern day turkey from 115-2923 ankara has condemned the senate boof turkey contests the figures and denies the killings were systematically orchestrated and constitute a genocide. at least 3 people have been killed during major protests in goa r.t. the capital of the state of india the unrest follows the passing of a controversial citizenship amendment bill in the parliament the assamese people
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say they don't want to bring garley hindus to be granted indian citizenship al-jazeera. is there which in that area which has come to a standstill because of the protests. another day of violent protests in assam and more tear gas fired to contain the crowd but not enough to drown the voice of thousands of protesters determined to defy a curfew and make themselves heard. the crackdown adding impetus to the protesters slogans rejecting the newly passed citizenship amendment bill. as sam has become the epicenter of the opposition to legislation that many here think these they're an unfair hand. or. charges will get citizenship real real real live where is the space we will lose our farms our
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land then what will we eat. the sun's moons back decades the state shares india's border with bangladesh formally called east pakistan until 1981 people here say between 19511971 a large number of bengali refugees took shelter in s.f. but the new legislation says anyone who came to india before 2014 as long as they are not muslim will be accepted as an indian citizen a lot of us have to see if he becomes a law and millions of bengali hindus were part for jobs we don't have jobs and we're already a minority we can't let c.a.p happen. 350 soldiers were sent to patrol and most of them in go hearty as tensions rose and life came to a standstill shops schools and petrol stations are shocked the indian army is
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patrolling go harty the capital of intellect and to maintain calm many of the streets here are littered with burnt tires with entangled metal railings signs of anger among people here most of the protesters say that they are fighting to preserve their culture and to keep their jobs. the protesters seem determined to fight for what they see is a battle for their identity but they are under increasing government pressure to stop that's a lie. because a legal challenge in the supreme court has already been launched critics of the citizenship say it while it's india's secular constitution specifically excluding muslims. al-jazeera hati assam. india's supreme court has rejected all appeals to a decision allowing a hindu temple to be built on
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a disputed sites muslim litigants say the original decision was unfair not the case revolves around a site in the town of a yoga claimed by both muslims and hindus a centuries old mosque there was demolished by hindu activists in 1902 that led to riots which killed more than 2000 people the original court ruling gave muslims an alternative piece of land on which to build a new mosque. the 16 year old boy who shot dead 6 people in iraq has been killed by a mob of protestors video has been shared on social media of people beating and hanging the teenager from a traffic pole in the capital baghdad iraqi officials said the boy had killed several anti-government demonstrators at least 8 others were injured it is the latest in a series of attacks on protesters who've been holding mass rallies since october against the country's political elite. still to come here on this news coming to you from london sun tzu cheese final plea she pushes for genocide claims against a country to be dismissed. and bolivia's former president abel morales moved to
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argentina but the newly elected center left government has now given him asylum. also ahead could formula one's lewis hamilton end up in a ferrari peter has more in the sports news in about 30 minutes. the polls have closed in algeria after an election that's been described as a sham by protesters for 10 months the country has been in political turmoil with large demonstrations leading to the resignation of the long term president abdelaziz bouteflika however protesters say the election is still not free and fair because all 5 presidential candidates are too close to the old regime bernard smith has more. at this polling station in algiers there weren't many voters but plenty of ballot papers should turnout pick up later in the day here in the early morning
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just a few ballots have been cast in algeria presidential election at michelle jeering state t.v. found a busy place to show its of us this is all around what the ocean any at the hip the presenters voiceover encourages people to get out and vote tells them there can be no reform without stability and says the people casting their ballots here were people who had recently been protesting the. but in the port city of b.j. are protesters to all the ballot papers and rip them up they wanted to make it clear they think the election is a farce. susan if you think that all 5 candidates running for president this is one of them as a dean he like the others has been approved by the state all of them the senior officials in the current regime that is if you win that you won't get the algerian so they are aware that they need the massive popular legitimacy and that's why
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we're noticing since this morning thousands of algeria is going to polling stations and this is a real answer did bills who are doubting that this day want realize what people hopefully and then you know protests began in algeria in february when abdelaziz bouteflika said he'd stand for a 5th term as president he eventually backed down and resigned. but it's not stopped tens sometimes hundreds of thousands of people taking to the streets in the last 10 months on election day there wasn't much tolerance from the police for protesters calling for a boycott but it was a good many algerians say this election won't get rid of. the group of businessmen politicians and military leaders who wield the real power behind the scenes and i mean this guy is a free. they went on with. what i won't vote
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if i vote or betray my country no lections with the gangs that's it my brother. with a low turnout whoever wins will face questions of legitimacy before he even begins to tackle the challenges of a stagnant oil dependent economy high youth unemployment and rampant corruption. burnet smith al-jazeera. ok let's take a closer look at the 5 candidates running for president deal by g.-d. to help the position for less than 3 months and 2017 before he was sacked by the then president abdelaziz bouteflika halliburton fleece was prime minister between $22003.00 since then he's run twice against pitifully to become president as it is a former culture minister who was also director of the state radio station also in the running of abdulaziz belayed a former member of the governing party who now heads the most taco bell front party and the former tourism minister abdul cutter then clean up from the albino islamic
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party let's talk now to naseem machete an algerian journalist at leisure independent he's been covering the protests against the election seem maturity turnout at 3 pm your time was running just 20 percent or why is that figure so low i believe they are loud very loud and 20 percent and they are not men in parts and where the people are ridiculous election in the actual condition they want for a change in the city. because. the courtroom election. these protests have been going on for so long now if the protesters and the demonstrators are not happy with the lineup of potential candidates why don't they put forward their own candidates. i want to.
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say more in june. only live in the lecture. on that authority of the elections in a former military. review oh they are afraid they will be. equivalents so clearly what we've seen today is not what the people want might they be able to get by that if they see it as the beginning of the next stage of the process yeah sure there are unhappy and next free men. from the. problems we've got some more and they will be. the new president whoever becomes the new president or whoever ends up in the government surely has to disentangle the military in your country from that government that's
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a big ask story. how do you disentangle the military from the government. much we literary pressure but how do you do it. the army to lean forward what amount. ok we'll leave it there naseem machete thank you very much thank you thank you so much. and less than an hour the polls are due to close in the u.k.'s general election where much of the debate has been dominated of course by bracks it cold wet and windy weather failed to voters turning out for what's been described as the most
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important election in a generation parker reports from london. on a dismal december day democracy is in action years of breaks it deadlock has brought british voters back to the ballot box for the 3rd general election in 5 years. leaving a polling station in london conservative leader boris johnson and one of his closest aides. called the election to try and secure a parliamentary majority so he could press ahead with bracks it unopposed 1st. in north london a thumbs up from the opposition labor leader jeremy corbyn after he voted. the party for this election on the future of public services including the country's steamed national health service. in scotland the nationalists s.n.p. leader nicholas sturgeon was feeling upbeat her party's main goal is to block boris johnson's. and i'm bishan shared by the liberal democrat leader joseph wilson the
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party's defining policy is to remain firmly in the e.u. . last held an election in december and. they're choosing $650.00 m.p.'s to represent them politicians who will decide britain's future either in or out of the european union is expected to be a close race but several london constituencies large queues were seen outside polling stations this is partly in south london where a line of voters snaked down the street. everyone is very confused everyone is deeply divided. families and friends of people are riven in a way i don't think i have seen before in elections in my life i think it's very tense very upset on both sides of the argument polls close at 10 pm g.m.t.
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exit polls we publish straight away with the 1st official results known a few hours later the park al-jazeera london. ok let's bring in my colleague. from westminster andra good evening how big the turnout been do we think. well no official figures yet but it looks from what we're hearing that there's been a large turnout certainly in the south east of england in london in particular accused large queues forming in the morning and indeed later in the day also elsewhere in the country despite this extraordinary awful midwinter weather and the dark hours with such little daylight at this time of year despite that people have been turning out people complaining of delays in london up to half an hour that's absolutely nothing compared with some countries in their elections but that is the situation in the capital and it has to be said also with the mood of the
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electorate something that you saw in neves report those remarks made this a real sense of the enormity of this election it isn't just about party politics the loyalty to different parties it's about decisions on bricks it in scotland is not just bricks it is also if the result goes one way then it could mean scotland becoming independent eventually in other another referendum then the only issues in northern ireland as well so that it is not possible to get into the nitty detail because of the law in the u.k. in this last. day in the polling day but so it has to be said that all the policy leaders right now have sent out twitter messages to 2 people to get out there and there's a feeling that this is really much tighter than some people expected so less than an hour now before the polling in fact way less than an hour 40 minutes should i
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say before those polling stations 10 pm 22 hours g.m.t. and what's the timeline of events when those polls finally close. well straight away you will get and we will be reporting on straightaway the exit polls they're known to be reliable in the u.k. certainly over previous elections however there have been occasions when things have gone wrong at 2015 back in 1902 on those occasions the exit polls predicted a hung parliament which is a possibility in this case those predictions of apollo were wrong on both occasions those $22.00 dates the conservative party actually got a majority in those those years 9092 and 2015 in this case after that exit poll we will see about an hour later the traditional race to get the 1st
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results in that will be up in the north east of england and then on from there it will be until about 1 am when you get a feel for which way things are going to swing the vote whether it's going in johnson's favor or going against him and also around that time $1130.00 the target seats and that the conservative party is pushing for trying to take away seats from labor you'll get a feel for it really midway through the night and by dawn you probably will know the winner for whether or not the u.k. is facing on. parliament whether or not it's the whole plan for brics it does not go through so that is probably going to be the sign of a very tense is the very tense. and so that is where we stand right now and we're waiting for the minutes ago but we're waiting we've got
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what 27 minutes of waiting to go andrew in the meantime many things and as andrew was saying at 22 hours g.m.t. when the voting ends here in the u.k. will bring in the exit polls results as they drop and all the results as they come in overnight will be live up and down the length and breadth of the u.k. from 5 g.m.t. tomorrow morning will have special programming at 78 g.m.t. plus we'll also a special inside story as well here on al-jazeera for you join the chorus of tomorrow friday. now the libyan all orderly for half the as called on his forces to advance towards the center of tripoli and what he's calling the final battle for the capital city in a televised speech after said his forces would soon be victorious in taking control of this fiercely contested city the commander launched an offensive in april to take tripoli but has been largely held back to the city's outskirts and no i'm not in an america that has the amount we announced the decisive battle on the advancement towards the heart of the capital to set it free. will break its chains
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are freed hostages spread happiness in the hearts of its people tripoli will return to the historical light it once was. becoming a capital for coachella. we will raise the flag of victory throughout squares closing the pages of injustice misery and defeat. with victory we announce the birth of a new era so advanced now advance and now advance our heroes. ok let's talk to al jazeera head who's live for us in tripoli why does he feel he can do this right now. and i think we've lost that line to tripoli we will try and go back to that reporter if we can before the end of the news hour lots more ground still to cover for you on the news hour including chile's congress takes a crucial vote on whether to impeach its president over human rights violations.
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and the recovery team begins the dangerous task of removing bodies from zealand by talking about. by the time the test cricket to pakistan is proving frustrating peter as the details in about 20 minutes. had some very stormy weather conditions across much of western europe and really a blanket of cloud elsewhere just look at this is streaming across the mediterranean through the eastern med and as i say still very very unsettled much of the west now we're looking at the possibility of yet more gale force winds as we go through friday likely to really be impacting northern as a spain across into the south of the west of france and also coming in with these strong winds some very heavy amounts of rain it could be flooding rains for some areas snow of course to these high elevations but even in some lower elevations
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where we have got these colder place and then the central med you can see very unsettled here and again more showers pushing through the east and really that is the pattern as we continue on into saturday so that rain in the central med work its way across towards the balkans very heavy amounts of rain pushing across into greece again this could be flooding rain and of course again we have some cold air and certainly some snow is expected very very cloudy across much of eastern europe and yet more rain on the way to the northwest on saturday and again hey we could have some snow in this kind not just of this high elevations so a very wintry and subtle picture meanwhile across northern africa we've got more cloud in the full cost as a go through friday and saturday and there's rain showers also pushing into tripoli . our planet is warming as never before with profound consequences for all life on
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earth but the world's leading scientists say there is still time to act planet s.o.s. sets out the facts on the science behind the issues affecting our planet. and brings you what people across the globe are doing to turn the crisis around planet or s.o.'s on al-jazeera. al jazeera is there when a story breaks but also a day to see what happened. where mother barricaded all 7 that may be here. now is changed people have gone near the area missing so far 16. and i'm just your stories about people's perspective what they think is happening in their culture.
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here in the news the u.s. house judiciary committee is holding its final debate on articles of impeachment against the u.s. president donald trump the democratic party is leading efforts to formally charge mr trump with abuse of power and obstruction of justice. indian security forces have shot and killed at least 2 protests in the northeastern state of thousands of people there are protesting against a bill that will allow citizenship to persecuted minority is from pakistan bangladesh and afghanistan but not to muslims. in mass protests. in an election described as a sham by protesters for 10 months the country has been in political turmoil with large demonstrations leading to the resignation of the long term president
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abdelaziz bouteflika. ok let's go back to one of us what's going on in libya and the warlords calling on his forces to advance towards the center of tripoli let's talk now to mahmoud who's live for us there why does the warlord feel he can do this and achieve it right now. well he has been announcing this several times before and this is almost the 1st time he's announcing the disease or the. eventual incursion into the capital tripoli but this comes after the libyan understanding or agreement in regard to military cooperation and it seems that have to is now challenging their possible turkish libyan corporation in terms of
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military and security operation a corporation sorry but in all cases their commanders with the military commanders with the government of national accord which is based in tripoli they are underestimating the importance of have to the speech they say that this has been announced it several times before and have to is using this speech only to raise his forces moraz and also to try to destabilize the forces of the government of national accord and they also say it could be a message to the sleeper cells that are opponent of the government of national guard in the west of libya in all cases government forces are now are now on high alert in southern turkey to try to prevent any possible attempt by have to his forces to enter tripoli peter it doesn't seem that there's a particular moment of clarity therefore around what he will or will not actually
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do. well as you know peter that have to his forces have been relying on foreign fighters messines from russia from sudan chad and also military experts from egypt and advanced weapons from the united arab emirates and russian weapons to and he has been using get all these capabilities to. launch the military offensive on the capital tripoli as you know that this military offensive has been condemned by local and international institutions including the united nations and the european union and the united nations support mission in libya has been warning against what it calls a blood bath if have to his forces manage to get into the capital tripoli
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theater. in tripoli thank you so much and we sing of african national leaders has been postponed because of tuesday's deadly attack on new jersey's military an armed group killed at least 71 soldiers in an attack on a military base in western these are several 100 fighters launched a 3 hour attack on the boost in a matter close to the border with mali an intelligence group says eisel claimed responsibility for the attack. is in mopti in mali and says attacks in the region are expected to increase over the coming months as different groups compete to gain a foothold. and i just has always been in the crosshairs of the extremist groups operating along be molly border but by far this is the biggest in terms of casualty numbers according to sources the attackers numbering in the hundreds attack the army post with suicide bombers as well as mortars and by the way you know just has
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been largely vacated since the last major attacks last year in the area and we've also seen across the region in this hell the uptick of violence carried out by al qaida into sliming state in the west african province and all the fighters in the region and the targets mainly all well military bases that were overrun and equipment being seized now i looked up people are warning especially security analysts are warning that we probably will see more of such violence in the coming months or weeks as the groups there want to establish a foothold meanwhile across the region there is anger and concerns about the role of multinational forces in the region especially the french presence here in mali there is particularly that feeling that the french are not doing enough to cut the violence and a meeting with the g.
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5 leaders of 5 civilian countries with their french president which was supposed to start next week has now been shifted until early 2020 but a lot of people in the region i really concerned about why are all these is leading to the international court of justice says it will deliver a verdict as soon as possible after a 3 day hearing looking into what the me in march should be tried for genocide against ringle muslims lawyers from the gambia have been providing testimony on allegations of mass murder deportation and rape following the 27000 crackdown on the minority group when he reports now from the hague. the sun shining on the international court of justice on a cold winter's morning in the hague belied the dark nature of the allegations being made inside at the world's top caught me on my ass stands accused of genocide in the closing arguments the gambia as lawyers said the suggestion by a man that any wrongdoing by its military should be investigated internally was
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inconceivable when 6 of its top generals including the commander in chief senior general men are all flying have all been accused of genocide by the u.n. fact finding mission and recommended for criminal prosecution. this was just the opening phase of a case that's likely to last for years it's alleged that me and my soldiers raped murdered and tortured reading good muslims as part of attempts to wipe out the ethnic group claims backed up by united nations investigators in her closing statement myanmar's leader aung san suu kyi again didn't address the specific allegations but called on the case to be thrown out there my requests a court to remove the case from it's in the alternative to reject the requests for the indication of position and measures submitted and again if
12:37 am
approved those measures would involve the court ordering me and miles government to ensure the security of the rigging so certainly if the court would order provisional measures it's that on 1st glance with not intense of fact finding on 1st glance that there is probably acts of genocide a decision on that could be made within weeks. with aung san suu kyi here leading me in my defense the 1st phase of this case became as much about her as the government or military would this former campaign of human rights used the opportunity to finally show some sort of contrition or sympathy towards the ring she didn't and she leaves with her international reputation lower than when she arrived seeing her in court having to listen to the evidence would have provided some satisfaction for the rich once believed she would be the one to fight for their rights now it's become an international fight for justice when hey al jazeera
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the hague. well more than 700000 muslim or fled 1000000 montenegrin bangladesh after the military crackdown stephanie decker is in cox's bazar refugees are closely following the proceedings in the hague. these are the people who endured those horrendous atrocities at the hands of me and morris military these are the people who are being referred to when it comes to the case at the international court of justice now many of them are aware of the hearing some of them have been able to get information on their mobile phones others don't know about it all some of the people we've been speaking to think that this could potentially be a 1st step into being able to go back home but many people also tell you that they don't understand the real legalities the details of what is happening there. that you will get justice since the whole world has now put them on trial i hope our situation will change as a result of that. the opportunity to return home peacefully people here been
12:39 am
calling for justice for a very long time it's been almost 2 and a half years since that offensive in august of 2017 was so hundreds of thousands of people flee here in the space of just a couple of weeks but these people also want to go home and many people will tell you that the ruling of the international court of justice and that may take time will probably not be able to give that to them there's a lot of challenges ahead when it comes to seeing how they'll be able to go back home we've just been speaking to the head of the u.n. refugee agency here in bangladesh and he said even if repatriation started tomorrow it would create it would take an incredibly long time until you process this amount of people this is a city of refugees equivalent to the population of some of the world cities but each of them has a story of her endless horrors tragedy and trauma. the human rights group amnesty international says the philippines government is literally getting away with murder
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latest government figures show an estimated 5 and a half 1000 people have been killed since 116 in president roderigo to tertius so-called war on drugs however activists say the number could actually be as high as 27000 and no one has been held accountable for the deaths. chile's congress has rejected a move to impeach the president opposition m.p.'s say sebastian pinera failed to prevent human rights violations by the army and the police at least 26 people have been killed and thousands injured in a crackdown on protesters politicians through the motion out saying it didn't meet the constitutional threshold for hosting a president c. and human joins us live now from santiago to see what's your reading of this decision. peter you know this is certainly good news for the president the embattled president whose popularity has plummeted to around 13 percent according to the last poll and this is a 24 hours ago his cousin his closest advisor to the now former interior minister
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was impeached or was sanctioned by the senate where finally these things rest just like in the united states had the congress decided to to accept the impeachment request this would have gone through the senate what many people are wondering is what was the point simply because the numbers they don't hold up but had this gone to the senate the opposition does not have the 2 thirds majority needed to impeach the president some say that this was basically dissent a signal on the part of the opposition that a president must be held accountable the nagging complaints and charges of children rights abuses during this ongoing crisis here peter will continue this won't put an end to it but at least it will give a little bit of breathing room to the president do you think it will lead to more trouble in the. streets. it could it could it may cause
12:42 am
frustration others though say that it was a bit of a waste of time and that the opposition should really be concentrating more on resolving the problems that this country is facing right now given the social upheaval the need for subsidised social reforms and that this is just kind of a way to try to whitewash the fact that many of the left wing opposition which presented this request hasn't been doing its own homework over this time and most of the political parties on the left to the right have been discredited peter the human rights abuses meanwhile continue the president has taken very little of any concrete action to stop it so clearly the protest will continue ok and so you're good to talk to you thank you very much. part of the world the former bolivian president evo morales has now arrived in argentina where he's been granted refugee status by the newly elected center left government has been in mexico since last month when he resigned after the view because of unrest caused by disputed election
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results argentina's new president told both of and as previously described mr morales as being the victim of a coon to win as i wrote on our correspondent to resupply the reason why is mr morale is ended up in argentina than. what i was left in mexico last week he then went to cuba to be tweeted for some small health issues and he arrived here very early on thursday morning it was a surprise mostly because of the timing but it was expected that it will not alice could be coming here soon once he left to mexico and mostly because of the change in power here in argentina without a better for a man this as a new president center left president about to go fight a man this who played a crucial role and helped able model if you leave of bolivia once he resigned. helped him clear in a way and negotiate with a government in the region so that he could pass through different countries in
12:44 am
order to make it towards mexico city what it is a rival here with members of his family some members of his cabinet his vice president will be arriving here also on friday and as you just said he arrived here on requesting political asylum but once he landed he requested to have a refugee status that's what the foreign minister said here in argentina and he said that the refugee status would be implemented because it has certain normative that should be implemented here one of the things the argentinean government is asking him what alice is not to make any political statements or make any declinations in fact of the foreign minister said that argentina's situation is delicate and we don't want to add trouble obviously he come move politically and have these meetings but not to do it publicly so this is definitely what the foreign minister is talking about is argentina's economic situation a $50000000000.00 debt with the i.m.f. they obviously do not want to anger the united states especially. that he's
12:45 am
a rival here has been completely different from what happened in mexico city where he gave a press conference among other things he arrived here in argentina and nobody has seen him since he landed what are we expecting from him next. well what we're going to be seeing in the next 2 months is religious getting ready to help presidential elections the electrode tribunal is being set up and we would have a date in the next few days that's what we are being told and they will no doubt this will play a crucial role in this elections especially in his a m a yes party of movement towards socialism party he's likely to help select who the candidate is going to be in those elections and he also is going to be the campaign manager so it's not clear yet how he's going to handle his refugee status here in our. tina without being able to give any type of fabric decorations but at the same time he was playing
12:46 am
a crucial role in those elections he has said in the past that by the time that the elections happens they would like to be back in bolivia but there are several investigations that involve him among them him calling for people to take to the streets to demonstrate against the interim government are there several people were killed in clashes of the interim administration if they mean ever want alice because of this killings and most definitely going to have to see but it's not likely that he would be allowed to return to bolivia any time soon through as a thank you so much. poor drainage is being blamed for a dam collapse in brazil that killed at least 270 people a report by a panel of experts found drainage problems lead to persistently high water levels weakening the walls german prosecutors have opened an investigation into the company that would certify that a safe just days before the collapse in january. new zealand's recovery team has arrived on a quiet island to begin retrieving the bodies of 8 people killed in a volcanic eruption scientists have warned that gases on the island are so toxic
12:47 am
that one single inhalation could be fatal the elite rescue team will wear protective clothing and gas masks the risks of another eruption to remain high and experts warn it could erupt again within days the authorities are faced growing pressure from families of victims to recover the bodies as soon as possible rescue mission is expected to take a few hours. when the rescue team took over from tiny airports the town's mayor says there is a desperate need for the mission to be finished. i need to make it clear that while we fully appreciate the need for the safety of any recovery team going on to carry white island to retrieve their loved ones we are now living with a growing sense of desperation to bring home those that we know the year and those we love. transport unions in france say they'll continue their national strike through the christmas holidays if the government doesn't back down on its pension
12:48 am
reform plan the mass action is now into its 2nd week 10 of the 16 metro lines in paris are completely shut and only one in 4 train lines around the country is running on weapons day the french prime minister at war felipe proposed a universal points based system for pensions but people would need to work 2 years longer to avoid reduced pay outs unions are calling for a 3rd day of nationwide protests against the reform next tuesday a fire on russia's only aircraft carrier could snit's off is now under control 10 people were injured in the blaze which is being blamed on welding work the aging flagship of the russian navy is docked in the northern port of my manz and had $400.00 people in total on board at the time. still to come here. in the.
12:49 am
business updates. going places together.
12:50 am
business updates. going places together. thank you very much for the 1st time in 14 years the international team leads goltz president. tiger woods provided the only relief for his u.s. team who will melbourne in australia. playing captain this year teamed up with justin thomas to win the only point of the day as they beat marc leishman and $4.00 and $3.00 otherwise it was the internationals who outclassed the americans to take a 41 me i'd. probably to go on air in the cup and when i've done what i've
12:51 am
done you're not out of it yet and with this long week. major league baseball is introducing next changes next season by adding opioids and cocaine to withstand the drug testing program but marijuana has been removed from its list of drugs of abuse it follows the death of angels pitcher tyler scared in july where it was concluded addiction to painkillers played a significant part of the players' union have agreed to the changes and those not cooperating with treatment plans will face disciplinary action the historic return of test cricket to pakistan after 10 years looks like being dampened by the weather in rawalpindi just 18 overs of play were possible on day 2 of the 1st test against sri lanka there was enough time for the silver to make a half century for the tourists he was unbeaten on 72 when bad light stopped play
12:52 am
and the only wicket to fall into shahid afridi removing their for 33 the sri lankans were 263 for 6 at the close much better conditions in perth australia bettered 1st in the opening test against new zealand monosyllabic shane with the same tree he was 110 not out at the close of play the australians were 248 for. ferrari's chief executive louis come alarie has admitted the team of spoken to world champion lewis hamilton about joining them in the future but come a larry added that a meeting between chairman john alcan and hamilton at a social event has been blown out of proportion hamilton who's been with mercedes since 2030 and won a 6th world title this season as one year left on his existing contract and has said he'll carefully consider he's next move. the organizers of the
12:53 am
paris 2024 olympics were always going to stage their surfing events away from the city but nobody was expecting it to be on the other side of the world they proposed events at the games will be staged in a hoop or on the coast of the heat in french polynesia it's nearly 60000 kilometers and 11 time zones away from paris but it is a regular stop for events in the world's surf league the decision still needs to be agreed by the international olympic committee though. organizers of the tokyo 2020 paralympics are expecting record attendance and with over 3000000 requests made for tickets so far now unlikely lympics a few weeks earlier the paralympic marathons will not be moved north to support her due to the hot conditions at leith were consulted and said they wanted these races staged in tokyo with many marathon laughter it's also competing in track events
12:54 am
during the games a move will be logistically difficult for them to accommodate the marathon is also the last event of the whole of talk you're 2020 and after it's believed competing on the streets of the city in a free van that anyone can attend is a way of saying thank you for the tremendous support talker residents have shown the paralympic movement over the last 7 years. the u.s. ice hockey hall of fame is set to induct its 1st african-american 82 year old neil henderson started the fort dupont ice hockey club more than 40 years ago encouraging minority players and fans to get involved in the sport anderson was on the ice for the ceremonial puck drop ahead of wednesday's game between the washington capitals and boston bruins. koala it is back in toronto for the 1st time since winning the n.b.a.
12:55 am
championship with his former teen he was honored before the game receiving his championship ring when it left the raptors after leading into their 1st n.b.a. title he didn't join the l.a. clippers in july on a $103000000.00 contract he had a mixed response from fans or these new team beat toronto $11292.00 scoring $23.00 of those points. football fans in sweden have been showing their anger towards latin neighbor him of it's a game the statue of the striker outside malmo stadium has seen a number of attacks by vandals this time they tried to saw through his feet either which caused controversy last month by investing in a big rivals hammer b. he's home in stockholm has also been vandalized. and that's where we'll leave the sport for now more again later peter peter thanks very much we'll talk to you later on i'm sure of course we are just about to get the exit polls as all the voting
12:56 am
booths up and in the u.k. a closing their doors they're applying the bolts they're putting the shutters down we are about 4 minutes away from getting those crucial crucial exit polls as we're waiting for those polls let's talk to one of our correspondents following this general election here in the u.k. andrew simmons so andrew just walk us through what the process should be in the next what literally 5 minutes or so. well yes you'll get that exit poll that will project a result now normally in the u.k. these exit polls typically quite reliable in the sense that they will predict the result to have been 2 occasions when there was a mistake once in 1902 and then more recently in 2015 where there's a prediction of a hung parliament but the conservative party got a working majority in this case there has been a lot of speculation about
12:57 am
a lead for the conservatives but that can't be really. the lies right now because we're still under the restrictions of the election law which might influence votes is a very late stage but needless to say this is something you described as the brics election well it's not about party loyalty is only party loyalty is it's about this big issue of the bracks election and beyond that beyond coming out of europe in scotland for example it's even bigger more perplexed issue it's not just about bret's it is about a possible scottish independence with the main s.n.p. party that saying that it wants a referendum on independence it's have enough of its present position situation needed to say i can go further on that but also you have another aspect that's northern ireland which is deeply affected by a position that i would buy the d.v.d.
12:58 am
is feeling very anxious about the situation with the border proposed from the e.u. and the u.k. being written in the irish sea so a lot of tension surrounding these elections signs that the turnout is good not officially do we hear this yet but definitely queues in the southeast particularly in london people waiting up to half an hour to get their vote but also. the sort of things people are saying in the queues isn't just about their views on politics it's about tension it's about a real worry for the future something quite charged about the atmosphere it isn't an electric if you see as to vote and exercise democratic rights it's upsets a purpose a sense of duty really to stand up for one's beliefs but is the question about it all is how many people are making their minds up at
12:59 am
a very late stage confused about the situation perhaps also a lot of commentary about the presidential nature of this campaign in the sense that it's 2 figures 2 or 3 depending on your thoughts on that also another factor tactical voting so tense is that we're into. and reduced stay where you are as we wait for the next what 585756 seconds just to recap on what andrew was saying there the exit poll is jew at 10 pm this is a pretty broad poll of polls is based on 144 constituencies in england scotland and wales is used to predict as andrew is saying voter turnout crucially it is also used to predict the swing based on broadly a 2 party system a tribal 2 party system but because of the nature of this particularly unique
1:00 am
general election it's a bricks it general election those tribal loyalties have been smashed asunder up and down the country across the whole nations and as well in northern ireland because exit polls historically have been taken at the same places the how we find out about the vote going one way or the other will be very interesting. this is al jazeera you're watching a special broadcast coming to you live from the european broadcasting hub here in london we now have the exit polls the conservative majority for boris johnson is 86 according to that exit poll projection that gives him $368.00 seats in theory if this projection is accurate labor on $191.00 the liberal democrats on 3rd.


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