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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 13, 2019 7:00am-7:33am +03

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we need documentaries and life needs. it does look as though this one conservative government has been given a powerful new mandate. to get rich the. predictions are for an emphatic victory for boris johnson's conservative party giving him the mandate to push through bracks and. this is obviously a very disappointing night for the labor party. a crushing defeat for jeremy corbin who says he won't fight another election as labor's leader. washing out his ears extended coverage of the u.k.
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election results are not in dennis and our global headquarters in doha are also coming out of parting plea for me a man's leader for the world's top court to throw out a case of genocide against range of minorities. and chile's president survives a bid to force him from office after weeks of violent protests. that the british prime minister boris johnson says it looks like his conservative government has a powerful new mandate to deliver bracks it official results from thursday's votes is still coming in but the predictions are called into the exit polls indicating that his party is on calls to win its biggest majority in decades and that would give him crucial control of parliament to push through britain's divorce from the european union. i don't want to tempt fate because clearly lots of results are still coming in and we're still only dealing with projections but at this stage it
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does look as though this one nation conservative government has been given a powerful new mandate. to get rich done. not just to get pretty done but to unite this country and to take it forward and to focus on the priorities of the british people when the main opposition labor party is expected to end up with fewer than 200 seats in the 650 seat parliament and they've lost many in that traditional heartland its leader admits it's been a very disappointing night on also make it clear that i will not lead the party in any future general election campaign i will discuss with our party to ensure there is a process now of reflection on this result and on the policies that the party will take going forward and i will lead the party during that period to ensure that
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discussion takes place and we move on into the future. so the latest prediction then this is according to an exit poll has been conducted by british broadcaster suggest that the conservative party will get an $86.00 seat majority the total of $368.00 sees labor's projected to get $191.00 which would be their worst result since the $930.00 s. and in scotland the s.n.p. is predicted to win $55.00 c. says nearly all of the scottish seats while the liberal democrats traditionally britain's 3rd largest party is projected to in just 13 seats and to top it all its leader jane since and she's lost her seat. for millions of people in our country. these results will bring dread and dismay and people are looking for hope. i still believe that we as
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a country can be warm and generous inclusive and open and that by working together with our nearest neighbors we can achieve so much more. liberal democrats will continue to stand up for these values that are liberal movement openness fairness inclusive and see we will stand up for hope. around a scale large agenda hollies in london new center in general i mean a complete sort of routing of the opposition parties and it seems very much as though no matter what they try to do in terms of introducing other issues this is about bret's it and the british public bought in pretty much to the get down the simplicity of boris johnson's message. yes it is it is and they did and it says much about the sort of uncertainty the indecision the wrangling in parliament the difficulties of the last 3 years that so many
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people in this electorate seem to have been captivated by this one simple message get brakes it done even remain as to some extent those who voted to stay in the european union appear to have put their votes in with the conservatives simply to get things moving again in this country and hence the big majority it's not a final result yet but the exit poll is looking pretty accurate an $86.00 seat majority predicted for conservatives for boris johnson it's a blank check it allows him to enact the brakes it that he wanted to all along he'll get his withdrawal agreement through pretty swiftly i would have thought and then start negotiating a trade and final future relationship with the european union i've got some guests with me chris hopkins is here commers polling group he represents most hussein is here former advisor to david cameron in number 10 downing street and former home secretary the rudd but 1st we're going to go to
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a reporter and the haywood who is in the constituency the london constituency of oxbridge and south rise that that's boris johnson's constituency where a short while ago he won his seat there had been some concerns about that but emma i imagine the conservative party activists there are celebrating now not just his win in their constituency but the national result. absolutely delighted they are i think the scale of the defeat by labor is extraordinary scale of success for the conservative party tonight is extraordinary to nobody reverts back to this result of this predicted result it will be the polls really put it much closer than that but johnson got 25351 votes his nearest rival 18141 votes he actually put on boats from 2017 when his majority had been halt so that came as a surprise to some because many people have believed that he could impact lewis's
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sea but this has been as you have been talking about a bracks it election and people who have been campaigning for him on the doorstep have really am at that home that boris johnson is the man to get that done and in his speech he said this gives the government the biggest had the most powerful mandate to get brakes it done and now they can unleash the entire potential of the country so you know how it's been about bricks that all the parties get the message of boris johnson so you should have the most resonance. party activists where you are of course but you must be seeing some pretty sad faces in the opposition you can't begin to speak to do any of them. haven't yet we don't take on much on the no local council to do tainted for the children politics. and he said he didn't want people more space than labor's program but you also
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mentioned of the secret state and we have seen labor losses in the heartlands places where we just simply wouldn't expect labor to lose places like workington which has been later since 1900 places like the blind alley which has always been labor and it is the bricks getting bricks it done message which has resonated with people simply with the impasses about what they really didn't know who to choose they wanted to get something over the line so. that. must be said. that this idea the price it's going to be done it's not going down any time not quick it's going to take weeks months even years for. thank you for that with their own. constituency back in the london studio chris hopkins and most own chris let me ask you 1st of all i. will mend it boris johnson described it for a one nation government anything but for the opposition parties we know about labor's
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was but joe swinson the leader of the liberal democrats lost her own seat and he's done back in charlotte a while ago. an appalling election for the liberal democrats who if any party wanted an election to be about breaks it they did but their message completely failed yeah i mean i think i think labor's bad night will mean the liberal democrats but not might fall under the radar slightly but they are staring at another leadership election best area not hardly making any gains i think they might have made there is potential them to have made gains on on their performance in 2017 possibly by want to. see they had so many defections in the last parliament that in fact they will lose seats for one palm was dissolved. it's just been a mess is that hasn't resonated and they were polling at 202122 percent only a few months ago i'm not just completely fall away and it's very dissimilar to what happened in 2010 when the more people saw nick clegg the more people like him still
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of the electoral system disadvantages the liberal democrats though their vote share is spread to more evenly across the country it's not concentrated enough for them to win that many seats but still you know their strategy for the last few parliaments has been to fight everything 8 or the seats that they think i can win as a byelection and clearly even that here aren't really cutting through i'm not must be to do with them. the message it must maybe to be to do with a leader who i think the most recent kind of leadership ratings almost as unpopular as dharma coping is so yeah i mean it's been a really really bad night for the liberal democrats and they're going to have to do some soul searching to interesting to look more closely at the conservative victory as a template one simple clear message not very much explanation about quite how it's going to get done not very much but very much deeping gauge went with other issues . mr johnson refusing interviews refusing to join panels hiding at one point in
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a fridge is this is sort of template do you think because it's clearly worked for future election campaigns i think it's a template for future campaigns where your the prime minister where you'll be on where you are the incumbent i don't think it is viable for an opposition party 1st the challenge is to say to refuse interviews to have an election manifesto relatively sparse and to center around one issue i think if that is a unique election in the sense that this is inferior and has definitely played out my of the break the election but you know as we've discussed earlier in the program i think that you know the best part if you isn't going away and it could still be something that we're talking about come come the next election or that is like he's been in about 5 years time you can't underestimate can you the the simple power of that slogan get breaks it down in the end for the conservatives of course it was a bricks election and in the end it showed just how many people in this country are so utterly fed up with bret's it after 3 is on both sides of the argument and we're willing to simply go for the party they believed. could get something done for
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exactly that i think is can be right and the power of this slogan and you have to remember the people who are now around the prime minister number 10 are very much the vote leave team came back came up with the take control which also resonated with people around the country so i think you know people also one. that has been frustration at the inability of m.p.'s to resolve issues remain half years later so i think people were quite taken by the immediacy of this offer but actually this can be sorted out or resolved in a few minutes in a few weeks even if only in a few minutes but in a few weeks but i think even the people who look at this slightly more discerning the will think actually yes we will then enter a transition period and we will have to do the trade negotiations but they would rather the process moves forward as opposed to the other offers from the other
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opposition parties which were another referendum a renegotiation and having this conversation over again over the next 6 months to a year and i just don't think that is as compelling an offer as a movement in the next 4 weeks group or a final answer germy corben has acknowledged the scale of his defeat he says he will step down just not quite yet he won't lead the party into the next election is that enough do you think for a party that now surely will start looking for someone to blame they will start looking at some of them and i don't think that is enough i don't think we can have a situation where german corben is marking his own homework this was his campaign his ideas are run by the people around him and i don't think the moderates within the party should or will accept him being at the helm and trying to analyze what went wrong over science fairs hopkins funny thanks to both. i'm back. as the count goes on but this exit poll results look more time indeed thank you
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very much indeed for now we're going to have a look at the rest of the day's news news now including. mass protests in algeria against an election where all 5 candidates have linked to the ousted president. the libyan warlord to leave or have to order to advance into central tripoli saying this is the final battle. hello there we have more rain pushing into more of the mediterranean and this will also spread the rain and some snow across more central and southern areas of turkey and also of course pushing more rains across into syria friday not the way this is
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what we've got the shot is really through the eastern end of the med so very unsettled into beirut and cooler with a high of just 17 celsius the snow further to the east and quite a cloudy day generate through much of iraq and also on down into q 8 that cloud just about pushing into western areas of iran so mostly dry south today across iran you can see where the cloud is but that rain system actually in the med is the one pushing its way further eastward so the rain becoming much more widespread and at times fairly heavy just 13 celsius in aleppo now to the south of there across you have been put in a good time which is some nice warm sunshine by day friday not such a good day we could just have one or 2 showers with this system as it works its way for the south would say 24 degrees in doha with the chance of those showers that should clear by suffer day. a bank of cloud to the north into northern areas aside in keeping these little bit cooler heads riyad just 20 celsius but very nice in most scots with a high of 20. 6 the rain is meanwhile continuing 3 more eastern sections of south
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africa so it's a bit of a wait and the weekend with a high of 25. sponsor. you out on the. weather on line you feel the weight of the system going to walk through each and every layer for the further into the jail or if you join us on say we tend to start from day one whether again you're in detention or your own car this is a dialogue everyone has a voice so far there are studies that support coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation.
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all right that's remind you then of the main stories here it is there the british prime minister boris johnson says it looks like his conservative government has a powerful new mandate to deliver bracks it exit polls indicate johnson's party is on course when its biggest majority for decades the main opposition labor party has its weighted to end up with fewer than 200 seats losing many in its traditional top leader jeremy cohen has acknowledged heavy losses and says he won't lead the policy into a future election. the liberal democrats traditionally britain's 3rd largest party is projected to win just 13 seats but its leader gerry swinson she's lost her own seat. that all the news and algerians are waiting to hear official results from an election on thursday that many say was merely a sham and the government protesters denounced all 5 candidates as being far too close to the former regime of president abdelaziz bouteflika bennett smith reports
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. at this polling station in algiers there weren't many voters but plenty of ballot papers should turnout pick up later in the day here in the early morning just a few ballots have been cast in algeria is presidential election that algerian state t.v. found a busy place to show its of us this is all around what the ocean any at the hip the presenters voiceover encourages people to get out and vote tells them there can be no reform without stability and says the people casting their ballots here were people who had recently been protesting the. but in the port city of b.j. are protesters to all the ballot papers and rip them up they wanted to make it clear they think the election is a fast. moving if you think that all 5 candidates running for president this is one of them as a dean he like the others has been approved by the state all of them the senior
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officials in the current regime that is if you win the all. the algerian say they are aware that they need the massive popular legitimacy and that's why we're noticing since this morning thousands of algeria is going to polling stations and this is a real answer did knows who are doubting at this day who want realize what people hopefully and how did you know protest began in algeria in february when abdelaziz bouteflika said he'd stand for a 5th term as president he eventually backed down and resigned. if but it's not stopped tens sometimes hundreds of thousands of people taking to the streets in the last 10 months on election day there wasn't much tolerance from the police for protesters calling for a boycott but it was many algerians say this election won't get rid of. the group of businessmen politicians and military leaders who wield the real power
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behind the scenes this was i mean this guy is a for. a similar gene they were born with. what they share i won't vote if i vote or betray my country no lections with the gangs that's it my brother so. with a low turnout whoever wins will face questions of legitimacy before he even begins to tackle the challenges of a stagnant oil dependent economy high youth unemployment and rampant corruption. burnet smith al-jazeera. the libyan more literally for have to has ordered his forces to advance towards the center of tripoli for what he's calling the final battle for the capital in a televised speech he said his fighters would soon be victorious hafter his base in eastern libya began the tripoli offensive in april but has been largely kept back to this is his outskirts i don't know i'm not in an america that has him out we
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announce the decisive battle in the advancement towards the heart of the capital to set it free will break its chains for its hostages and spread happiness in the hearts of its people tripoli will return to the historical light it once was becoming a capital for coachella we will raise the flag of victory throughout squares closing the pages of injustice misery and defeat with victory we announce the birth of a new era so advanced now advanced and now advance our heroes. miramar leader unfancied cheers urged the world's top court to dismiss a genocide case against her country lawyers have outlined allegations of mass murder deportation and rate following a 27 crackdown on muslims wayne hale reports from the hague. the sun shining on the international court of justice on a cold winter's morning in the hague belied the dark nature of the allegations being made inside at the world's top court me and my stands accused of genocide in
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the closing arguments the gambia as lawyers said the suggestion by me and mine that any wrongdoing by its military should be investigated internally was inconceivable when 6 of its top generals including the commander in chief senior general men are on the firing have all been accused of genocide by the u.n. fact finding mission and recommended for criminal prosecution. this was just the opening phase of a case that's likely to last for years it's alleged that me and my soldiers raped murdered and tortured reading good muslims as part of attempts to wipe out the ethnic group claims backed up by united nations investigators in her closing statement me and my son suchi again didn't address the specific allegations but called on the case to be thrown out there my requests a cost to remove the case from it's just in the alternative to reject the
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correct press for the indication of position on measures submitted. if approved those measures would involve the court ordering me and my government to ensure the security of the rigging so certainly if the court would order provisional measures it's that on 1st glance with not of intense of fact finding on 1st glance that there is probably acts of genocide a decision on that could be made within weeks. with aung san suu kyi here leading me in my defense the 1st phase of this case became as much about her as the government or military would this former campaign of human rights used the opportunity to finally show some sort of contrition or sympathy towards the ring she didn't and she leaves with her international reputation lower than when she arrived. seeing her in court having to listen to the evidence would have provided
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some satisfaction for the rich who once believed she would be the one to fight for their rights now it's become an international fight for justice when hey al jazeera the hague. now u.s. politicians are getting close to a vote to impeach president trump members of the house judiciary committee have been debating the formal charges against him a piece of power and of struction of congress trumps accused of withholding aid to pressure ukraine into investigating potential white house rival joe biden he denies wrongdoing like ham is in washington with the latest. we are hearing from people connected to the committee that it appears the republicans are intent on continuing to introduce amendments to the floor the amendments are voted on but it's going along party lines all the time but republicans intent on playing this out and
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making the procedure last as long as possible if necessary for supporting the democratic chairman of the committee to actually postpone the process and pick it up again tomorrow so far in the course of the day 12 hours as i say there's been 5 amendments introduced by republicans each of these have been voted on now the reason for this marathon session is that each of the 40 representatives allude to dish 3 committee able to speak for 5 minutes on each amendment so therefore it is basically inexhaustible the amount that people can speak once a new amendment is introduced then the 5 minute clause comes in again so this is a marathon process as i said and a very highly charged one too with both democrats and republicans sticking to points of argument that have been outlined for a long period of time bottom line the this is the penultimate stage in the end a peach would process once it's voted on in the judiciary committee it goes to the
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house rules committee to decide on a date and the procedure for a house vote. chile's congress is now really rejected a move to impeach the president after hours of foreign debates opposition m.p.'s have accused of. failing to prevent human rights violations during weeks of deadly protests as a latin america editor lucien human. a political lifesaver for chile's embattled president. by 79 votes in favor and 73 against the motion to dismiss impeachment is passed. outside of congress demonstrators performed the now the viral chilean feminist anthem which specifically accuses the government and police of abusing women but inside the president supporters argued he wasn't responsible for human rights
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violations committed by security forces. the impeachment request in support of the president for acts are a missions that he did not commit and could not prevents the suggestion is that he had previous knowledge of what would be considered human rights violations. in the last 7 weeks of social upheaval at least 26 people have been killed and thousands injured many even blinded for life by what human rights organizations call repetitive and excessive use of force women and girls have also reported sexual abuses during detention. some. media elections and a new constitution are this movement's roadmap that will allow us to overcome our married liberal cycle the root of all evil in chile 0 7 ok he lists is one of the left wing deputies who presented the impeachment request. echoing demands on the streets for the president to resign but even if the lower house had approved the
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request just like in the united states it's the senate that must approve an impeachment and just like in the united states that requires a 2 thirds majority which the opposition here doesn't have and that's why many are questioning the point of the whole exercise but 8 years is nothing else for them the idea is to send a political signal so that it goes down in history that a group of deputies tried to hold the president politically responsible for abuses in. the protests on the streets and the calls for the president's head will almost certainly continue but some believe that the impeachment move may actually backfire and be seen as a waste of valuable time better spent resolving chillies ongoing social crisis. you see in human al-jazeera sent out. the bodies of 64 killed in a volcanic eruption in new zealand on monday have been recovered from white island families waited on shore during the military operation it went ahead despite the
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high risk of another eruption and warnings of toxic gas almost 30 people are being treated for severe burns at hospitals across new zealand and australia another recovery mission will be launched for the 2 bodies remaining on the island unfortunately there are mines 2 more people. there we need to find so we can also i return them. so this operation will continue we will and we are the softer known returning aerial search of a car to see if we're going to identify anyone else on the island and we are also right now are deploying had dive team to search the surrounding waters. now the european union has agreed measures which would make the block carbon
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neutral by 2050 but not every member is on board poland's been left out of the commitment for now it's separate say the country will achieve the goal and it same time the agreement reached at the some a summit in brussels was the 1st test of whether the proposed european green deal may turn into real action on climate change. but it's been a busy night in the united kingdom because the election results have been coming in and the prime minister boris johnson says it looks like his party the conservative party has a new mandate on breck said exit polls indicate that the conservatives are on course to win their biggest majority in decades. and it will tempt fate because clearly lots of results are still coming in and we're still only dealing with projections that at this stage it does look as though this one nation conservative
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government has been given a powerful new mandate. to get rich done. and not just to get pretty dumb but to unite this country and to take it forward and to focus on the priorities of the british people and the main opposition labor party is ready to end up with less than $200.00 seats losing many in its traditional heartland jeremy corbyn the leader at knowledge heavy losses and says he will not lead the party into any more elections on also make it clear that i will not lead the party in any future general election campaign i will discuss with our party. to ensure there is a process now of reflection on this result and on the policies that the party will take going forward and i will lead the party during that period to ensure that
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discussion takes place and we move on into the future. now the u.s. house judiciary committee has adjourned its debate on the articles of impeachment against president trum without deciding on whether to send them for a full vote they will reconvene on friday morning to talk even more about these formal charges against the president they are abuse of power and obstruction of congress the libyan war literally for have to resort of his forces to advance towards the center of tripoli for what he's calling the final battle for the capital right those are the headlines the stream is next a dramatic year for donald trump ends with impeachment threatening his presidency no one not even the president is above what next for the man hoping to win a 2nd term in power and 2020 the impeachment inquiry is
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a scam join us for the latest developments on al jazeera. trial for me ok and here in the stream today is cold larry. king and the last of us there is a show's on the legacy of colonialism. jess this cuisine concept and who owns the rights. and since everybody eats anyone can join the conversation tweet us at a stream or leave a comment on our live chat and you too can be in the stream ringback. i am sure of course and dress and you are in the street. have you ever looked at the food on your plate and wondered where it all came from not just the shops of the farms but the very origin of it and the.


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