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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 13, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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join me many often as i put the upfront questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here on al-jazeera. mr chairman there are 23 eyes and 17 others your articles agreed to raise lucian is amended is ordered deported favorably to the house. a step closer to the impeachment of donald trump 2 charges are officially sent to the house to vote on a senate trial. until mcdonald this is a live from doha also coming up the u.s. and china agreed to hold off on new tariffs and avoid escalating their trade war for not. algerians reject thursday's presidential
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election and there are signs that this former prime minister abdul majid tbone is similar to when. i say thank you for the trust you placed in office. and britain's prime minister bars johnson says it's time for the nation to heal after a bitter race ends with a resigned to victory for the conservative party. u.s. president donald trump is on the brink of being impeached the house judiciary committee has voted to approve 2 articles of abuse of power and of struction of congress against trump. mr chairman there are $23.00 ice and 17 hours your articles agreed to receive lucian is amended is ordered reported favorably to the house members all the democratic controlled house of representatives will vote next week on whether to formally challenge the president and send them for
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a senate trial accused of breaking the law by withholding aid to question craig into investigating political rival joe biden. today is a solemn and said day for the 3rd time in a little over a century and a half. he has judiciary committee has voted articles of impeachment against the president for abuse of power and obstruction of congress the house will act. expeditiously thank you. we'll go to our white house correspondent kimberly how could in just a 2nd but 1st let's talk. is live on capitol hill hi there heidi it's been called a somber day doesn't it talks to you how we've moved that one step closer to trump being impeached. that's right julie and it is a historic day which is why democrats on the house judiciary committee have wanted to make these votes in the light of day they had
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a chance to get this done late last night if you'll recall there were 14 hours of contentious debates that included personal insults and the rest same arguments for and against us and pietschmann made over and over again that pressed right up to midnight yesterday but that's when chairman adler the house judiciary chair and the proceeding suddenly and decided instead to hold those votes this morning but thought being to do so in the light of day before television cameras to really get the attention required of such a historic moment also to try to take away the republican talking point accusing democrats of proceeding with this impeachment under the veil of secrecy and doing these midnight votes etc to take away that argument but in fact this is a historic moment now the sets up for next week when the full house which of course is controlled by the democratic party is it likely to vote on these same articles
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and they're really likely to pass that which would formally impeach the president what that means that is that in january when congress comes back from their recess we will have we will dive headfirst into the trial of president trump in which members of his own party in the senate republicans who hold the majority there will be tasked with determining his fate the u.s. constitution says a 2 thirds majority of the senate must convict. president in order to remove him from office if you look at the numbers that would require at least 20 republicans to defect from their president at this point not one has indicated a willingness to do so how did you cast for them live from capitol hill well let's go to our white house correspondent kimberly kimberly a historic decision and trump himself has been extremely vocal and says he wants swift opportunity to clear his name. absolutely this white house
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wasted no time minutes after that vote in the house judiciary committee the white house press secretary stephanie grisham issuing this statement this desperate charade of an impeachment inquiry in the house judiciary committee has reached its shameful end the president looks forward to receiving in the senate the fair treatment and due process which continues to be described as fully denied to him by the house again that coming from the white house press secretary stephanie grisham and just the last few moments we're told according to poor porter here at the white house that the president has also been speaking about this watching carefully to see what he may have said in the oval office as he greeted the president of paraguayan what we're hearing is that he once again has called this a sham a hoax and also that the people are disgusted there's no question this is a president that is taking this very personally this is a stage on his refutation of blemish on the agenda that he's believes he was elected in 2016 to put in place for the american public he's already made the case
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that this is something that has helped him in the polls in some key swing states but he still needs to get past the fact that it appears that the house of representatives now poised to impeach him next week and then that senate trial and that is what this white house is focusing on we know that the president's top ally rudolph giuliani a lawyer also one of the main advocates for the president who's also been accused in this impeachment inquiry of conducting shadow diplomacy outside the regular channels of the state department is here on the campus of the white house we do not know what is being discussed the white house won't say but it appears there is a gaming that is going on a war if you will the president is hoping to take to capitol hill in that senate trial we know he wants to call witnesses he has a desire to clear his name which is in conflict with some of the republicans namely the top republican in the senate mitch mcconnell who says that he. leaves this
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should be a trial that takes place with only the white house defense counsel defending the president but we can tell from all of that has been discussed in the president's tone and demeanor that he is effort in for much more so there is a bit of a conflict between the republicans here and across capitol hill still this is very much a tense mood an atmosphere at the white house a fighting mood by this president looking to clear his name. there live from washington d.c. . the u.s. and china have reached a limited trade agreement that could see existing tariffs on chinese imports scaled back from convergys canceling new tariffs on china they were jews to kick in at the end of this week he says the existing tax of 25 percent of $250000000000.00 of chinese imports will however remain in place for china's commerce ministry says the deal paves the way for the next phase of negotiations could be used following developments from the business hub city of evil in china. well the top line here in
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china is that the u.s. is going to begin to gradually roll back some of the tariffs that have been imposed since the beginning of the trade war now we know that this agreement includes 9 different chapters covering things like the exchange rate and agreement on intellectual property rights and they've also come to some sort of agreement on agriculture but we don't have any details yet except to know that china has agreed to buy more poor beans and chicken things that it needs now what does it mean while we're here standing in china's south eastern manufacturing belt and certainly factories and suppliers here are going to be pleased this is this is good news that the tariffs that were threatened to be imposed this weekend i'm not going to happen but what does it mean for the trade war well. to put it mildly not much the trade war is still on and this is a pretty weak a pretty skinny deal we spoke just a analysts just this week and they told us that they expected this deal and they expected that
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a lot of things that would be mentioned in it are not going to be anything new but in fact china has already been moving on these things intellectual property the exchange rate these are all things that china ready said that it was going to do and we've got to remember the bottom line bottom line is president trump started this trade for even the playing field for u.s. companies in china and this phase one deal does not address any of those things. and algeria former prime minister abdullah ji tbone has been declared the winner of thursday's presidential it's as a people are already protesting across syria were texting those results nicholas cage reports. it was an election the majority of algerians didn't want an outcome it seems rejected by many. tens of thousands rallied across the country as the results of the presidential election were announced i've measured the birth of the much ado born received just over 4900000 votes achieving
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a total of 58.15 percent of the vote this. abdel majid tbone is a former prime minister of algeria both men who held that position before and after him were found guilty of corruption he served during the 20 year rule of president abdelaziz bouteflika who resigned in the face of mass demonstrations in. america you know you are born with a nose he does not represent us neither do the other 4 candidates we said no to elections with all those who are part of the former regime we do not agree with what is happening. to the boy if he wants to to win the challenge he has to sit there with the protesters who have ahead and he has to respond to the demands. with less than 40 percent of the $24000000.00 eligible voters turning out and millions describing the election as a sham the new leader will likely have
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a difficult job ahead of him one thing remains sure to one that is not going to have any true any religious legitimacy and this week with him and there are a lot of fresh air you mr robert the people who have been is killing in their demands and asking for more and more and pressure and are the military brought him to. oh what the military backed interim government was hoping the outcome would end months of protests demonstrators demanded widespread political will fool with none in sight so far there are unlikely to accept the election results nicolas cage al jazeera. britain's conservative party has won by a landslide in an election that's been called the u.k.'s most important vote in a generation or stones his party won its biggest victory in 30 years on a promise to get bricks it done they believe to jeremy corbyn plans to step down
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after his party's worst defeat in more than 8 decades or reports. after his election triumph boris johnson performs the formalities of power in this country cleared streets expensive cars and a police escort to buckingham palace and back queen elizabeth the 2nd has asked him to form the u.k.'s next government. the conservatives have secured their biggest majority since 1987 johnson and his supporters are jubilant. he was back out of number 10 front door pledging to govern for leavers and remain as a like i frankly urge everyone on either side of water after 3 years through no if years through an increasingly average argument. i urge everyone to find closure and to let the healing begin where that this victory
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wouldn't have happened without many labor voters swapping sides i say thank you for the trust you have placed in us and in me. and we will work round the clock to repay your trust and to deliver on your priorities with a parliament that works for you from the moment the exit poll predicted an unexpectedly large swing to the conservatives the tide flowed in johnson's favor valley in northern england became the 1st labor seat to fold the conservatives won there for the 1st time since 1950 was the critical became experience of working class industrial heartland seats turning conservative blue. thank you very much labor figures look stunned at the catastrophe engulfing them needed jeremy corbyn is bowing to the inevitable he will not be in charge for much longer i was elected to lead the party and i think the responsible thing to do is
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not to walk away from the whole thing and i won't do that i will stay here until there is somebody elected to succeed me and then i will step down at that point it's been a bad night for the pro remain liberal democrats to their leader joe squints and unseated by the scottish national party and her constituency for millions of people in our country. these results will bring dread and dismay and people are looking for hope. but some commentators worry about the tactics employed by the conservatives in this campaign. all the tricks in the book and i guess it's what every future political party will say that's the way to do it if you want to win and that actually over time will undermine our democracy and our ability to actually discuss big issues labor must now go through a period of deep and painful self-analysis corporatism has been tested twice and
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it's failed twice johnson's victory means the u.k. will almost certainly leave the e.u. by january 31st he can get brakes but what kind of brakes in reality has barely begun. johnson's withdrawal agreement has a clear path through parliament but unless the threat of a no deal breaks it is to return he has to secure an e.u. trade deal before the brics a transition period finishes in a year trade deals that big usually take many times as long as how does era london . simmons is live at downing street for us hi there and so very much a change of tone from boris when we heard him speak earlier what lies ahead in immediate times. well downing street a very different place now it was effectively a crisis management headquarters before this election now with all this power on top boris johnson is setting out his agenda and approaching
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the public with effectively an olive branch trying to suggest that there could be full unity that he will try to do this that he will deliver what is going to be a people's government he refers to the european union as sovereign equals he wants to have more friendship but of course he will deliver briggs's as he says that should be by january the 31st more on that later but he keeps returning to words such as let the healing begin he talks about a whole range of promises he's made and furthermore he is trying to convince the public that this historic win is going to mean a whole new different britain. under is the reality perhaps though with constitutional challenges particularly a side that is maybe painting something of a rosy picture. yes sir you could
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be absolutely right there if you look at the detail the devil maty toe is always the issue with the conservative party in this election let's look at one thing his promises of that the national health service getting rejuvenation he promised 50000 new nurses now he's already admitted that was a misguided figure the actual figure is 31000 new nurses recruits of the rest of glean from other means he claims then if you look at the claim of 40 hospitals in this speech again when you put that under scrutiny it applies in a very different way 6 new hospitals by 2025 some funding for them 34 others just get the possibility of being sanctioned with 100000000 pounds only of what's called seed funding so this is the sort of thing that's going on join the
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campaign and we've even heard it here on the street on the steps of downing street furthermore get bricks it done well will it get done because generally the 31st maybe putting the u.k. into sorry out of the european union but the trade deal is key and there is no one really in power in the european union in brussels and germany and saying there's no way this can happen by december 2020 and boris johnson is promising another deadline that he wants met that there will be a full deal by then now if that fails then there could be the possibility of pulling out without any deal at all where back to where we went so there is some misleading aspects to all of this but nevertheless there is clarity now on what britain wants and the road it's on. live from dense to understand. still ahead on al jazeera reports the saudi oil giant around cause record breaking stock
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market debut may not be all that it seems. an awful killings torture and sexual violence in chile accused of serious abuses against the anti-government protesters . hello winter is churning through now fairly regularly from west to east the last the trough line is producing a bit of snow afghanistan the one that's falling is fishing rain or snow in eastern iraq and iran the next one is gathering the rain has been particularly heavy in lebanon. in syria and it still is on saturday the line is rather more concentrated in northern syria and in turkey and then to the east looking fine little cloudy maybe in kuwait the whole thing churns through doesn't do much further south of the clouds that extends through azerbaijan and into the caspian we leave sunday as
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a quiet day with the next low churning itself up giving showers to egypt and maybe something israel south of all this on the cloud does produce rain all funds told every now and again this is no exception and you see the moving west to east in the last 24 hours in the next 24 hours the cloud itself is just gathering temperatures are reasonably ok 26 in die hard in the clouds enough to bring you a thunderstorm quite possibly sunday in the strip but the most active weather has gone science with the sun in southern africa and been some pretty big rains recently in south africa in the next 24 hours or so that's relatively quiet.
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counting the cost of i.m.f. lower tax cuts for big businesses at the stairs each of the boys just the perfect cocktail the street protests speak to the vice president of ecuador plus candy as cash crunch the competition winding up take netflix across counting the cost on al-jazeera. i want to announce here. mind of our top stories this hour donald trump is one step closer to impeachment u.s. house did issue a committee has voted to finalize charges against him talks accused of withholding aid to ukraine to pressure it best to getting his political rivals joe biden.
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thousands of people protesting across algeria after abdul majeed to boneless declared the winner of thursday's presidential election had been was a former minister in the government abdelaziz bouteflika protest as a demanding a complete overhaul of the political system. his prime minister secure the historic election victory crushing the left wing opposition and promising to end 3 years of political paralysis bars johnson says he's formed a one nation government truthful kosong breaks it and that chess. european union leaders have been getting a very close eye on the u.k. election it dominated discussions on day 2 of the e.u. summit in brussels and that has more from the belgian at all. there was a huge sense of relief in brussels as you leaders arrive for the last day of this summit but finally there was clarity over what the u.k. wants after months of uncertainty all agreed that what was needed now was to get on with briggs it next steps is stratified that would draw agreement which guarantees no hard border between north and south guarantees to protection the common travel
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area and also the fact that british and irish citizens rights will be protected around the election by talking to everybody that he wants to deliver to now it's time for delivery or they are going to meet leaders discuss the u.k. election results in a special session if the u.k. parliament ratifies a withdrawal agreement britain could leave the e.u. on january 31st paving the way for a new round of negotiations between the e.u. and u.k. to reach a free trade agreement the use briggs negotiated michaud banja would direct the talks boris johnson says that he wants a u.k. trade deal with the e.u. boy the end of 2020 was some e.u. officials say that timetable is simply unrealistic and such an agreement could take years the timeframe ahead of us is very challenging. we will get to have to work as soon as possible we will be ready to get the most out of a short period of
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a level but for me it is important at this moment to say that the united kingdom yes will become a 3rd country but at the very end we will have an unprecedented partnership. it's been a while since leaders have been upbeat about the blocks relationship with the u.k. but the positive mood could be short lived if johnson asks for an extension to the trade negotiation talks could drag on for years taking up more time if johnson refuses an extension and fails to reach a trade deal by the end of 2020 it could lead to a no deal bragg's it an outcome that would be a failure for the e.u. after years of diplomatic effort natasha butler al-jazeera brussels. the united nations says it's concerned that india's new citizenship law is fundamentally discriminating university students protesting in the capital new delhi were confronted by police new law grant citizenship to persecuted minorities from
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neighboring countries but excludes miss them. the indian and japanese leaders cancel their summit following violent protests against the new law in northeast india these 2 people were killed in assam state on thursday indigenous people from other ethnic and cultural identity is threatened by migrants with bangladeshi wootz on shelves or prize more from some state capital guwahati. yesterday this entire area was full of war logs and burnt tires were litter on everywhere but today because back on the streets some shops and also opened pharmacies open and people are queuing outside fuel stations hoping that fuel spaces will open up soon too and they will be able to pull up there we go to the authorities have eased the curfew in go on to the capital of assam for a few hours in the morning but the border situation in the state of our sound he didn't used to be dems from the executive did nobody really knows how things are
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actually going to pan out security officials are still present on the streets in the city in large numbers and a student union is also called for a protest a day long hunger strike of the people who say their movement against the citizenship amendment act now law will go on they say they will just not accept any more refugees because the assamese already in a minority in the state of us out of saudi arabia is reported to have held secret talks with iran and the attempt to ease tensions the wall street journal called unnamed saudis as saying the kingdom is trying to avoid additional wist to its oil dependent economy iran denies saudi and u.s. accusations of being behind drone and rocket attacks in september it temporarily halted half of saudi aramco oil. and the financial times reports that crown prince mohammed bin solomon pressured wealthy saudi families to buy shares in iran causeway could break in public offering the newspaper says the kingdom tried to set
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the share price at every turn and leaving it up to market forces in kabul and is head of policy analysis at the arab center for research and policy studies says we at his realize u.s. pressure alone won't stop the threat of the iranian attacks i think the september attack was a turning point in my opinion in terms of saudi arabia thinking about revising its its foreign policy especially concerning iran and other many issues of course in the region i think the saudis they came to realize that it's very difficult but it helps to rely on the united states because they expected the administration to take a tougher position on iran especially after the attack on iran. on september saw that the saudis actually did realize that the americans are not willing to engage in any sort of military activities against the iranians unless they are of their national interest are directly affected by the. iranians so from
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that time i believe they started this sort of. trying to approach. and in fact to him at these they did also exactly the same after that after that attack saw. perhaps the saudis right now are trying to ease the tension with the iranians because that would have served their interest much more than increasing the tension with them. un investigators are accusing police in chile of serious human rights abuses during empty government demonstrations u.n. blames unlawful killing for 4 of the $26.00 deaths during recent unrest investigators documented dozens of cases of torture and sexual violence by security forces and criticized the firing of guns the left nearly 350 chileans with severe i injuries are latin america editor lucy newman has more from a santiago. there is a long long list of accusations and of evidence that's presented by the united
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nations that indicates that the consistent and persistent human rights violations have been taking place over the last 7 weeks mainly. in the hands of the riot police and the police in general detention illegal detentions as you mentioned torture women have been taken to police stations and girls even forced to strip and to and to get down on the ground all kinds of rather gruesome. but we're all abuses our humiliations as well as excessive use consistently of force by the riot police not just against protesters and the u.n. report says that they can that the police is not to distinguishing between the violent and the peaceful protesters but also just against bypasses anybody was just on the street can be shot by pellets or by tear gas and also by the water cannon which happens to have acid in it and so it over the last few weeks there have been
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nagging reports of people getting burns very serious burns from this so all of this is is just coming on top of 2 other international human rights reports from amnesty international and human rights watch that paint a very very bad picture indeed of chile under democracy. this is al jazeera and these are our current top stories the u.s. has judiciary committee has voted to approve 2 articles of impeachment against president donald trump. mr chairman there are $23.00 eyes and 17 hours if you want it was agreed to loosen is amended is ordered reported favorably to the house members will have to do democratic controlled hypes of representatives will vote next week on whether to formally charge the president and send him for a senate trial trumps accused of breaking the law by withholding aid to pressure you craven into investigating political rival joe biden today is
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a solemn and sad day for the 3rd time in a little over a century and a half the house judiciary committee has voted articles of impeachment against the president for abuse of power and obstruction of congress the house will act expeditiously thank you. the u.s. and china reached a limited trade agreement to scale back existing tariffs on chinese imports the old song confirmed that he's cancelling new tariffs on china were due to kick in at the end of this week he says the existing tariffs of 25 percent on $250000000000.00 of chinese imports will however remain in place. thousands of people are protesting across algeria after abdul majeed to boone was declared the winner of thursday's presidential election to bill is a former minister of government of abbeville
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a cease to flee just as a demanding a complete overhaul of the political system. you case prime minister secured a historic election victory crushing the left wing opposition promising to and 3 years of political paralysis farce johnson says is following the one nation government which will focus on bricks at the national health service members of a new one nation government a people's government will set out from constituencies that have never returned a conservative m.p. for 100 years and yes they will have been able i mean mandate from this election to get it done and we will honor that mandate by john reid the 31st. the headlines the news continues here after inside so i will say a bit later. paris
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johnson has won the u.k.'s bricks and general election having roundly defeated the opposition labor party you have to go back to the 1980 s. to get a conservative majority this big the labor party leader jeremy colvin has now said he will step down so what does all that mean for the brics it and can boris johnson prime minister deliver on his promise to get rex's done this is inside story. hello and welcome to the special inside story coming to you today from westminster here in central london boris johnson knew he had to win and win big and win big he did the labor party led by jeremy corbyn only had to get enough seats to form some
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sort of loose coalition with the scottish nationalist party up in edinburgh they didn't even get close to managing that so jeremy called in has now said he will.


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