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as we've been fighting back have been labeled as terrorist studio b. unscripted on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. all of them joining with all this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes mr chairman there are 23 eyes and 70 is your articles agreed to solution is a mental disorder reported favorably to the house a step closer to the impeachment of donald trump 2 charges are officially sent to a vote on a trial in the senate. u.s. and china agrees to hold off on new tariffs and avoid escalating their trade war
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from now. on project thursday's presidential election in their thousands former prime minister abdul majeed tbone is declared the winner. i'm sure and taylor nandan with a top story from europe yes they will have a world we mandate from this election to get it done and we will honor that mandate by general the 31st after historic general election victory u.k. prime minister boris johnson says it's time to bring closure to the brics a debate. about peta similar dollars for tiger woods and these u.s. team fights back at gold's presidents cup but the internationals still hold a healthy lead. we begin this news hour in washington d.c. where u.s. president donald trump is on the brink of being impeached has judiciary committees
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voted to approve 2 articles of abuse of power and obstruction of congress against him mr chairman there are 23 eyes and 17 years you know it was agreed to lucian is a mental disorder reported favorably to the house today says the democratic controlled house of representatives will vote next week on whether to formally charge the president and send him for a senate trial accused of breaking the law by withholding aid to pressuring ukraine into investigating political rival so by well house judiciary committee chairman gerry not done made a short statement to the media shortly after the vote took place today is a solemn and said day the 3rd time in a little over a century and a half he has you dish ery committee has voted articles of impeachment against the president for abuse of power and obstruction of congress
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the house will act expeditiously thank you well we'll go to our white house correspondent kimberly how hits in just a 2nd but 1st let's talk to heidi jocasta who is live on capitol hill hi there heidi this is been called very much a so member day at talk us through how we've moved one step closer to trump being impeached. well this is a historic vote to 2 votes that we saw earlier this morning with those articles of impeachment getting the house judiciary committee's approval and those articles are abuse of power and obstruction of congress both stemming from allegations that trump abuse the power of office to get investigations from ukraine into his domestic political rivals and that he would hold militant withheld military aid and a white house visit to the ukrainian president as leverage on those 2 claims we saw contentious arguments unfold over the last few weeks really culminating in
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yesterday's marathon debate session within this very committee that dragged on for more than 14 hours without concluding in a vote until this morning republicans on the committee had said that this was outrageous that democrats held this vote 1st thing in the morning that they did so specifically to get it on t.v. screens and you know democrats are not arguing against that they said that this was a historic moment that should be witnessed in full daylight before the american public both parties though approaching this in a very somber attitude with republicans saying that this entire proceeding is a sham will democrats while acknowledging that their chances of actually removing the president are very slim in the republican held senate they say all the same that they have to press forward with these proceedings in order to fulfill the constitutional duty of congress to oversee the president so heidi all of this
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setting the stage for that potential senate trial in january but i want to wear to the american public stand on this. well the polling has been pretty steady in that it's about a 5050 split among the american public since the beginning of this inquiry now that just this week though there were 2 national polls that seem to into. it's a slim majority who are now opposing impeaching president trump surely a point that the president and his defenders are seizing upon but if you look at the bigger picture the numbers are quite even and it's very reflective of the deep divisions that we see not only here in the halls of congress but out in the streets of the american public with people's feelings about this impeachment strongly linked to which party they identify with joe castro their line for the latest from capitol hill funky let's go to white house correspondent kimberly how can there kimberly so a historic decision and trump as we know has been extremely vocal and he wants is
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swift opportunity to exonerate himself you know the u.s. president reacting in just the last couple of hours a nother visit by a foreign leader this time the leader of paraguayan being overshadowed by the domestic politics the impeachment inquiry very uncomfortable moments likely for the leader of paraguay as he sat in the oval office alongside u.s. president donald trump who railed at his democratic adversaries on capitol hill criticizing them for weaponize in the process of impeachment for political purposes well maintaining he has committed no wrongdoing it's a witch hunt it's a sham it's a hoax nothing was done wrong 0 was done wrong i think it's a horrible thing to be using the tool of impeachment which is supposed to be used in an emergency and it would seem many many many years apart to be using this
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for a perfect phone call where the president of that country said there was no pressure whatsoever didn't even know what we were talking about it was perfect the relationship is perfect it's a scam it's something that shouldn't be allowed and it's a very bad thing for a country and you're trivializing impeachment. no next steps of course of the vote in the house of representatives expected to impeach president donald trump and then of course the senate trial in january a body controlled by republicans now there are differing opinions about how that trial should go the latest indication a visit here to the white house campus by the president's personal attorney rudolph giuliani who himself has been embroiled in this ukraine controversy accused of conducting shadow diplomacy it is one indication that this is a president very much wants to try and set a different tone on capitol hill than we've seen thus far calling potential
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witnesses that would not only clear his name but potentially get out some of the information against his political rival joe biden the former vice president whose son hunter biden the president has repeatedly flagged as someone who needs to testify about why he was on the board of ukraine energy company excepting money for that well his father was the vice president so it appears that there is this push by the white house namely headed by president donald trump to be aggressive in that senate trial the president very much seems to have taken this as a personal stain on his presidency fighting back at the same time pushback from republicans in the senate including the top republican in that body mitch mcconnell who are pushing to have a very swift trial with only the white house counsel defending the president in order to move past this put it behind the president make sure he is not removed from office and get on to conducting the business of the american public can how
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can there live from washington d.c. can. the u.s. and china have reached a limited trade agreement that could see existing tariffs on chinese imports scaled back from confirmed counselling new tariffs on china that were due to kick in at the end of this week he says the existing tax of 25 percent on $250000000000.00 of chinese imports will however remain in place for china's commerce minister says the deal paves the way for the next phase of negotiations katrina news been following developments from the city of new in china. well the top line here in china is that the u.s. is going to begin to gradually roll back some of the tariffs that have been imposed since the beginning of the trade war now we know that this agreement includes 9 different chapters covering things like the exchange rate and agreement on intellectual property rights and they've also come to some sort of agreement on agriculture but we don't have any details yet except to know that china has agreed to buy more poor beans and chicken things that it needs now what does it mean well
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we're here standing in china southeastern manufacturing belt and certainly factories and suppliers here are going to be pleased this is this is good news that the tariffs that were threatened to be imposed this weekend are not going to happen but what does it mean for the trade when will to put it mildly not much the trade war is still on and this is a pretty weak a pretty skinny deal we spoke just a analyst just this week and they told us that they expected this deal and they expected that a lot of things that would be mentioned in it are not going to be anything new but in fact china has already been moving on these things intellectual property the exchange rate these are all things that china ready said that it was going to do and we've got to remember the bottom line bottom line is president trump started this trade for even the playing field for u.s. companies in china and this phase one deal does not address any of those things.
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well sun boy there is a resident scholar at the american enterprise institute joins us live from washington d.c. mr boyd give a warm welcome to the program what does this latest step that these 2 superpowers have taken tell us well i think what it tells us more than anything else is that president trump and his administration are backing down a little bit from the way in which they have conducted this trade war so far it doesn't look like china is making any major concessions really. as your your correspondent just explained some of the items that are being mentioned currency manipulation are really issues of the of the past that china is no longer manipulating its currency whereas the agricultural purchases are really just a move back to this data sco and and in it in a sense of course that their role backs are as well so what we're doing is we're going to partially going back to where we were before trying to coffers now i think
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that's a move in the right direction but that's certainly not the kind of fundamental. reshaping of the trade relationship that that the president argues that he could so stunned that being the case why have things rolled back to that earlier position as it were what what's what's in it for the u.s. . well i think i think president trump likes to think of themselves and likes to portray himself as some sort of genius deal maker and so he. now that he has this agreement limited as it may be he'll be able to say well look i opposed arabs and it led to a deal just like he's done with the nafta renegotiation where we now have a new treaty that's a little updated substantively the same as the old nafta and yet he goes around the said oh i have his brilliant new trade agreement that i that i go that i managed to negotiate and so i think that's really the impetus there perhaps coupled with a fear of economic damage that the tears that were announced for next week would do
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had the u.s. actually gone ahead and implement that misapply go i know that beijing has always made that any agreement must be in their words mutually beneficial so i'm wondering can these 2 get to the next phase to hammer out a deal that would then be capable of kind of withstanding any political blowback i mean my sense is that the reason why we're using this stage one deal terminology is simply that the administration does not want to admit that its efforts have to a large extent failed and that it's simply a limited deal that they're that they're reaching and they're not accomplishing what they set out to accomplish i don't think i would necessarily read into that language that there will indeed be a stage to deal and the time soon stan voice a resident scholar at the american enterprise institute joining me there from washington d.c. i'm so glad to find. thank you very much. more news ahead on this news hour including renewed fighting in libya as warlock police a half sob begins a new assault on tripoli. reports the saudi's oil giants around cause record
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breaking stock market debut may not be all that it seems. and wayne rooney gets down to work in his new role at darby peter has more on that story in sports. in algeria former prime minister abdul majeed to born has been declared the winner of thursday's presidential vote thousands of people are already protesting across south korea rejecting those results nicolas cage. it was an election the majority of algerians didn't want an outcome it seems rejected by many . tens of thousands rallied across the country as the results of the presidential election were announced i believe measured to bit of the mud to boehner said just over $4900000.00 thought achieving
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a total of 58.15 percent of the vote this. abdel majid tbone is a former prime minister of algeria both men who held that position before and after him were found guilty of corruption he served during the 20 year rule of president abdelaziz bouteflika who resigned in the face of mass demonstrations in i am a crush you know at the corner of the national he does not represent us neither do the other 4 candidates we said no to elections with all those who are part of the former regime we do not agree with what is happening. to void if he wants to to win the challenge he has to sit there with the protesters who have. and he has to respond to the demands. we. less than 40 percent of the 24000000 eligible voters turning out and millions describing the election as a sham the new leader will likely have
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a difficult job ahead of him one thing remains sure that is not going to have any true really any real let's real legitimacy and this will put him and there are a lot of fresh air yesterday rob the people who had been. in their demands and asking for more and more and pressure and there the military brought him to power. the military backed interim government was hoping the outcome would end months of protests demonstrators demanded widespread political will fool with none in sight so far there are unlikely to accept the election result mykola gauge al-jazeera but as prime minister boris johnson's conservative party has secured a landslide victory in the general election johnson claims the decisive result gives him a powerful new mandate to take britain out of the e.u. on january 31st more let's cross to london to lauren and the team in our european
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broadcast sense and lauren. thanks judy yes boris johnson's pitch to get it done has paid off spectacularly with the conservatives snatching seats from the heartland and the opposition labor party johnson has promised to be a unifying force but in scotland there are growing calls for independence after a scottish national party swept through most seats charlie angela begins our coverage from here in london. boris johnson is welcomed back to downing street. after the conservatives radically reconfigured britain's political map that biggest majority since 1000 into 70 i'm proud to say that members of our new one nation government a people's government will set out from constituencies that have never returned a conservative m.p. for a 100 years and yes they will have an overwhelming mandate from this election to get
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it done and we will honor that mandate by general the 31st striking a more grateful note johnson thank labor voters for swapping sides his promise now to embrace all and deliver grex it i say thank you for the trust you have placed in us and in me and we will work round the clock to repay your trust and to deliver on your priorities with a parliament that works for you the conservative party took dozens of labor seats in the country's industrial north and midlands did it thank you very much for the labor leader jeremy corbyn it's a rejection of his vision for the party he says he will not stand in another general election i did everything i possibly could in order to bridge the divide between those that voted to leave and those that voted remained because at the end of the day. they're going to live in a country where we're going to need that investment for the future we're going to
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have if this government stays in office more homelessness more divisions and more a bigger gap between the richest and the poorest it was a bad result today for the pro remain liberal democrats their leader joe swinson unseated in her constituency so she will step down immediately i'm proud that liberal democrats have been the unapologetic voice of remain in this election giving people the chance to choose to stop breaks that obviously it hasn't worked for boris johnson his brief time in office has been marred by repeated defeats and parliament legal interventions and desertions from his own party this result is better than he could have hoped for but his simplistic election promise to get breakfast done will now be put to the test with your post and lead the country through the most momentous transition since the 2nd world war charlie and to al jazeera. writer simmons is outside number 10 downing street joins us from there now
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and that has quite a lot of latitude from the large majority what 1st steps can we expect. well you heard the tone of oras johnson and charles report the very different to the warm that took the prime minister's job only 2 months ago he sets out to say this is a one nation party he said that he would repay the labor members party supporters who switch sides to back his move to destroy took to actually move on and get done he talked of sovereign equals in the shape of the european union reaching out to the people who want to support remain he said that he would build a new partnership and he then said let the healing begin. and all the way through
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this using parts of his assurances during the campaign that there would be a rebuilding of the n.h.s. there would be a cash boost in several areas more on that later but the point of this the speech was to try to reassure a very very divided britain that he could do well with this thumping majority and he would move forward what will happen in effect is he will like to reshuffle the cabinet on monday the queen will give her a thin down speech to parliament on thursday and then effectively there will be a break and amongst them the picture that johnson's been painting plenty of challenges ahead. certainly there are in many areas one in brics it he says that brics it is getting done but you've got
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you're talking about and another year of talks over a free trade deal and it's highly unlikely that that will be completed by the deadline of december 2020 the european union already making it clear that the really needs to be a renegotiation of this however that that really is a colazal thing ahead and in the words of many remain as this is really warm seen warm of bricks and not getting bricks it done furthermore let's look at some of the aspects of the speech made on the doorsteps here he mentioned the n.h.s. 50000 more nurses well that is untrue he effectively lied in the the campaign admitted so saying that really the figure was 31000 being recruited others could be brought in from elsewhere furthermore he talked to 14 new hospitals not serve only 6 hospitals actually commissioned several 1000000000 on that with the rest 36 just
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an idea just see funding and so therefore it's messaging that counts the devil is in the detail is this really a rosy future not necessarily the british public is more divided now than for a very very long time anderson thank you very much. european union leaders have been keeping a very close eye on the u.k. election it dominated discussions on day 2 of the e.u. leaders summit in brussels that about the as more about in capital. there was a huge sense of relief in brussels as you leaders arrive for the last day of this summit that finally there was clarity over what the u.k. wants after months of uncertainty all agreed that what was needed now was to get on with briggs it next steps is stratified that would draw agreement which guarantees no hard border between north and south guarantees the protection of the common travel area and also the fact that british and irish citizens rights will be protected from the election by talking to everybody that he wants to deliver so now
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it's time for delivery. leaders discuss the u.k. election results in a special session if the u.k. parliament ratifies a withdrawal agreement britain could leave the e.u. on january 31st paving the way for a new round of negotiations between the e.u. and u.k. to reach a free trade agreement they used drugs in the goetia to michel barnier would direct the talks boris johnson says that he wants a u.k. trade deal with the e.u. by the end of 2020 but some e.u. fishel say that timetable is simply unrealistic and such an agreement could take years the timeframe ahead of us is very challenging we will get to have to work as soon as possible. we will be ready to get the most out of a short period of a level but for me it is important at this moment to say that the united kingdom
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yes will become a 3rd country but at the very end we will have an unprecedented partnership. it's been a while since you leaders have been upbeat about the blocs relationship with the u.k. but the positive mood could be short lived if johnson asks for an extension to the trade negotiation talks could drag on for years taking up more e.u. time if johnson refuses an extension and fails to reach a trade deal by the end of 2020 it could lead to a no deal brigs it an outcome that would be a failure for the e.u. of 2 years of diplomatic effort natasha butler al-jazeera brussels or have more from london in the britain for now though back to julia doha lauren thank you the united nations says it's concerned india's new citizenship law is fundamentally discriminate university students protesting in the capital new delhi were confronted by police and you know grant citizenship to persecuted minorities from neighboring countries but excludes muslims and the indian and japanese leaders
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council there for a summit following violent protests against the new law in the northeast of india at least 2 people were killed in assam state on thursday digitas people fear their ethnic and cultural identity is threatened by migrants with bangladeshi woods has more now from some state capital go otty. yesterday this entire area was full of war dogs and burnt tires were litter on everywhere but today tropic is back on the streets some shops are also open pharmacies of open and people are queuing outside fuel stations hoping that fuel stations would open up to do and they would be able to pull up their week of the authorities have eased the curfew in gone to the capital of assam for a few i was in the morning but the border situation in the state of hinting used to be tense for up to today nobody really knows how things are actually going to pan out security officials are still present on the streets here in the city in large
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numbers and a student union has also called for a protest a day long hunger strike of the people who say their movement against the citizenship amendment act. will go on they will just not accept any more refugees because the assamese are already in a minority in the state of us. still ahead on the. unlawful killings torture and sex or violence peace until they accused of serious abuses against anti-government protesters i want pakistan's 1st contest in a decade isn't going to plan peter perhaps 48. hello winter is churning through the night fairly regularly from west to east the
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last line is producing a bit of snow. the one that's falling is just rain or snow in iraq iran the next one is gathering the rain has been particularly heavy in the lebanon. in syria and it still is on saturday the line is rather more concentrated in northern syria and in turkey and then to the east looking fine a little cloudy maybe in kuwait the whole thing churns through doesn't do much further the clouds that extends through azerbaijan and into the caspian we leave sunday as a quiet day with the next low churning itself up giving showers to egypt and maybe something israel south of all this on the cloud does produce rain all funds told every now and again this is no exception you see the move from west to east in the last 24 hours in the next 24 hours the cloud itself is just gathering temperatures are reasonably ok 26 in their harbor the clouds enough to bring you a thunderstorm quite possibly on sunday in the strip but the most active weather
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has gone sour with the sun in southern africa and been some pretty big rains recently in south africa in the next 24 hours or so that's relatively quiet. week stories generate thousands of headlines here but 1st i think down with the system and down with all of the parties with different angles from different perspectives just because we came to prison doesn't mean rights stopped at the gate separate the spin from the facts the western media jumps on stories we don't taking down the misinformation from the journalism it's about telling the stories of those human beings on the ground with the listening post on al-jazeera. the story of. family and freedom by living here so you were at school we heard the sounds of large explosions. and the hardships faced in captivity they came for me at
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midnight they told me to leave my son i said how can i. i saw so much pain in the eyes of the other female prisoners. on the our pricing. on al jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera quick reminder of our top stories this hour donald trump is one step closer to impeachment u.s. house judiciary committee has voted to finalize charges against at times accused of withholding aid to ukraine to pressure it into investigating his political rival joe biden. thousands of people are protesting across on syria after abdul majid to
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bomb was declared the winner of thursday's presidential election to bloom's a former minister in the government but abdullah sees politically protesters are demanding a complete overhaul of the political system. u.k.'s prime minister has secured a historic election victory crushing the left wing opposition and promising to end 3 years of political paralysis or it's johnson says he's formed a one nation government which will focus on the brics it and the national health service. the relative calm and the haass of the libyan capital of tripoli despite or not wholly for half star and then seeing what he calls a final offensive on the city the threat was made on thursday 8 months after the campaign 1st began. as more. looks normal in the city center of the libyan capital of tripoli despite the consequences of the war and all threats made by the warlord khalifa haftar calling on his forces to enter the
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capital city center and to launch the last incursion to seize tripoli but this too ation is different only 25 kilometers away from this spot what i'm standing now on the southern outskirts of tripoli that have been heavy fighting between have to his forces and others loyal to the u.n. or acknowledged government of national accord have sort of speech calling on his forces to enter tripoli announcing the 0 hour has been underestimated by many people here in the worst of libya including military commanders with the government and also there and backed prime minister faisal rush who said that after the speech is only lies and delusions many commanders with the government here say that have to speech is only meant to boast his forces moraz and also could be a message to the sleeper cells who are opponent of the government here in tripoli to rise against the government they haven't been major advancement on the ground.
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until at least until the hour of reporting this or recording this report but. that has been fear among civilians because we know that the war has taken a toll on civilians over the past 9 months since the beginning of the fighting since have those forces launched at this military offensive to seize tripoli back in april hundreds of civilians have been killed and wanted over 130000 people have been forced out of their homes but. generally in the city center here people try to live normally despite all the odds and all the consequences of the war. alas fired as a retired militia general and he joins us live from they would mystified fair one welcome to the program in terms of timing why now to attempt to take back control
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of the city ok last time general have miscalculated the balance of power between his forces and the tripoli forces and launched a full scale of france if the occupied tripoli but he stopped and the outskirts of tripoli now has a new english back and announced what he called their 0 hour for a decisive offensive to go to the heart of the city of tripoli the capital. why because the i think. recently mr sunrise and the president of the guns signed in merit him agreement does it does it may think the exclusive economic zone of each country and that that to each other which means that they are penetrating get the exclusive
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economic zone of greece cyprus egypt and israel which means that any passage of a pipe full of gas or oil for me is that mediterranean southern europe should have the concept of the turkish government now that is that i think to occupy it very poorly thus. wiping out one part the of of this agreement and keeping turkey isolated along with its own exclusive economic zone which is not sufficient dog imports such sanctions on a passage of. gas and oil to southern europe. mr farhat there has been a lot of talk in terms of libya and the solution being a political one but given what you've just said does that mean that both sides have
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hardened their positions significantly and before a political solution could even be attempted that they're going to keep fighting for i think this offensive is good for the government of tripoli which is the quote right by the united nations for the national security of turkey because the the have to. achieve this target and the reported that means it was that they really have the situation of the mediterranean i think you will not allow after to enter the problem tripoli without using all the means now i have heard that there are from drones and tripoli and the coast. operated by turkish. military i think if the situation goes more dangerous to the government of the bully
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turkey will intervene military in order to do. to. do to defend. against the forces of half the stuff i have joining me there thank you very much for joining us on the program well going back now to the results of the u.k. general election while prime minister boris johnson's conservative party's landslide win this being hailed as a victim for his strategy of focusing on brics it is when is also raising fears about the future of the united kingdom itself the scottish national party made huge gains across scotland strengthening calls for another independence referendum for more let's return to london to lauren and the team in our european broadcast center lauren. thanks judy yes s.n.p. leader nicholas sturgeon says boris johnson has no right to stand in the way of another independence vote in the most dramatic result of the night the s.n.p.
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unseated liberal democrat leader jo swinson constituency in central scotland not in baba reports from edinburgh. 'd but i think she's almost certainly the most popular politician north of the border now scottish nationalist party leader nicolas sturgeon is calling on boris johnson to grant scotland a referendum next year on breaking away from the u.k. so to the prime minister let me be very clear this is not simply a demand that i or the s.n.p. are making it is the rate of the people of scotland and you as the leader of a defeated party in scotland have no right to stand in the wee. stages reaction is the s.n.p. took the seat of joseph wilson the liberal democrat leader with 48 of scotland's 59 seats in the westminster parliament they say the message to london could have been clearer. but in the scottish capital already home to the devolved parliament not everyone agrees that another independence vote is now more likely. all of are under
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after none so no. i think you're i think you quite honestly start punishing scotland s m p referendum hopefully happens this time. when scotland held a public vote on independence 5 years ago the result was a clear no but in 20 sixteen's breaks it referendum 62 percent of scottish votes will remain with a no deal breaks it at the end of next year is still a possibility the s.n.p. says it's fighting to protect scotland's economic interests she says she's got a clear mandate for a fresh independence referendum and nicolas sturgeon's determined to make the most of her moment but just how much leverage will she have over boris johnson this expert says while in the short term little will change the direction of travel is clear this certainty would come up to the scottish parliament elections in 2021 with the really difficult for u.k. government to continue insists a new referendum well i think it does show is a stark difference in stopping in england so boris johnson's conservative party
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lost m.p.'s in scotland but gained them in england and i think it just highlights that stark difference between the political directions the 2 countries are going in . these troubled times for the united kingdom we still don't know how close a relationship it will have with the european union scottish nationalists are hoping that uncertainty will play into their hands the al-jazeera edinburgh. barbara starr joins us live from outside the u.k. parliament bob or does this election result really take us closer to a possible breakup of the union. while i suppose as we heard in that report and you listen to the leader of the yes in the end her insistence that the scotland doesn't the need another referendum then obviously yes but we have to remember that boris johnson now has one of the biggest mandates we've seen well in 10 years or more since tony blair and certainly when it comes to conservative governments since margaret thatcher decades ago so ultimately he doesn't really have to give her
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a referendum and could try and get away with it that way but it also depends on what kind of breaks it we are going to see when it does happen in over a year or a little bit over that let's speak to stephen barber now who's political economist from regents university thank you so much for being with us so they both have a strong mandate. nicholas sturgeon in scotland then of course boris johnson in the u.k. who is mandate is more important when it comes to a potential a 2nd refrain that i think what we have on the horizon now is an almighty constitutional clash because as you were saying the s.n.p. in scotland have won the overwhelming number of seats and they will take that as a mandate for a 2nd referendum on the other one has gone through this campaign saying vote for me and there won't be another referendum either on on breaks it or on scottish independence so you've got these 2 mighty forces about to clash over the coming years it was interesting when he was speaking in downing street a little bit earlier it very much made a point about unity in the u.k.
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for remain areas for historic labor voters and also you mentioned northern ireland and scotland focusing on what he's going to do for the united kingdom how do you think he will deliver on his promise of unity i think that's very difficult to see you see that this morning is already started she got almost 3 brand the conservative party is the one nation conservative party ironic from a figure who's done as much as it was any other british political figure to divide the nation. but when it comes to the results from from last night's of course what's johnson's been able to do is to be seeing a very very risky electoral strategy has picked up huge numbers of seats in the middle of the north which were the preserve of the labor party these are not the usual conservative seats they're for mining towns and they voted conservative so he needs to keep those voters on side he needs to be a prime minister not just for the the usual conservative voters but actually for a much wider electorate so i think you can see that coming out in in the sort of
9:43 pm
things that he's saying so you think we might see new faces in cabinet for example i think one thing that this election does it releases him if you like from the grip of the hard right of his part of the european research group the. at the same time you've got these new members of parliament elected in the middle of the north who don't really represent don't look like those you know the bottom toughens of the of the shires the knights of the shire is so i'd be very surprised if he didn't start to bring some of those into into government and start to reshape the government and looking more like the one nation that he's talking about and presumably of course a lot of these new members of parliament we very loyal to him because that's how they got their seats looking ahead to the 31st of january of course in the transition period is that meant to begin how do you see the next few weeks playing out what you think he's going to do before christmas. i think when it comes to the policy that he really has which is supposed to get brakes done vegas it is i think the 2 things we can probably say now about breaks it. the 1st is that he will now
9:44 pm
have no real trouble getting. through the house of commons he has a majority of 80 as you said they're very loyal members of palm they've all pledged to do that so he'll get that through we very little difficulty so that kind of lost hope that britain could remain in the european union had think has has gone and we will certainly get that piece of legislation through the house coming to see that going through the house of commons probably by the end of of of this calendar year . beyond that just goes if there is a debrief because he is now released from the grip of the. means he does have his own. almost personal mandate if you like to pursue the kind of bricks that he wants in that might mean a softer bricks it might mean being more conciliatory. to to other parties it might be more considerate suit to other viewpoints in the country steven barber a political economist from regents university thank you so much for sharing your
9:45 pm
views with us here so there you go we've certainly heard a speech from boris johnson that did seem to be more inclusive and speak more about unity would be interesting to see over the next few weeks and months whether we do indeed see perhaps a new side to him and the conservative party bob or sara thank you very much indeed and that's it for me the team here nandan for the sound not back to julie into lauren pranky u.n. investigators are accusing police until may of serious human rights abuses during anti government demonstrations you have planes unlawful killing for 4 of the 26 deaths during recent unrest investigators documented dozens of cases of torture and sexual violence by security forces on criticize the firing of anti riot guns that left nearly 350 chileans with severe injuries a latin america editor lucien newman has more from santiago. there is a long long list of accusations and of evidence that's presented by the united
9:46 pm
nations that indicates that that consistent and persistent human rights violations have been taking place over the last 7 weeks mainly. in the hands of the riot police and the police in general. illegal detentions as you mentioned torture women have been taken to police stations and girls even forced to strip and to get down on the ground all kinds of rather gruesome. we're all abuses our humiliations as well as excessive use consistently of force by the riot police not just against protesters and the u.n. report says that they can't that the police is not distinguishing between the violent and the peaceful protesters but also just against bypasses anybody who's just on the street can be shot by pellets or by tear gas and also by the water cannon which happens to have acid in it and so it over the last few weeks there
9:47 pm
have been nagging reports of people getting burns very serious burns from this so all of this is just coming on top of 2 other international human rights reports from amnesty international and human rights watch that paint a very very bad picture indeed of chile under democracy. nigerian police a fired live rounds into the air to disperse protesters from a band shia group in the capital of peace clashed with more than 100 waffling demonstrates this from the islamic movement of nigeria demanding the release of their detained leader in britain else except he is facing terror charges. saudi arabia is reported to have held secret talks with iran in an attempt to ease tensions wall street journal quotes unnamed saudis as saying the kingdom's trying to avoid additional risks to its oil dependent economy iran denied saudi and u.s. accusations of being behind drone a rocket attacks in september that temporarily halted half of saudi aramco oil for
9:48 pm
. the financial times reports the crime prince mohammed bin solomon pressured wealthy saudi families to buy shares in iran calls record breaking public offering newspaper says the kingdom tried to set the share price at every turn of the needing it to the markets or one couple on his head of policy analysis at the absence of a research and policy studies he says riyadh has realized u.s. pressure alone won't stop the threat bahraini in a tux. i think the september attack was a turning point in my opinion in terms of saudi arabia thinking about revising its its foreign policy especially concerning iran and other many issues of course in the region i think the saudis they came to realize that it's very difficult better haps to rely on the united states because they expected the. nation to take a tougher position on iran especially after the attack on iran. on september saw the saudis actually did realize that the americans are not willing to engage in any
9:49 pm
sort of military activities against the iranians unless they have a national interest are directly affected by the. iranians so from that time i believe they started to sort of. fly into approach. and in fact to him a lot these did also exactly the same after that after that attack saw. the saudis right now are trying to ease the tension with the iranians because that would have served their interest much more than increasing the tension with them. still ahead here on al-jazeera some of the most epic wipeout stole the show at this competition and why has all that and more coming up in sports.
9:50 pm
9:51 pm
time to get all the day's sports news now with peter judy thank you very much tiger woods and he's using his team for back to keep themselves in contention at gold's presidents cup but it's still the internationals who are in prime position as they look to win the tournament of the 1st time since 998 david stokes reports. the players in this mad germs in the lead to national team luis hazen and adam scott. cheered on by an australian crowd the internationals were well placed heading into day 2 chasing only the 2nd win in 25 years of the presidents cup they had a full one lead over the u.s.
9:52 pm
and that gap looks set to grow. the men in green hold after putt and at one stage ernie els his team were headed over 5 of the full sums matches. they did manage to win the 1st to make up a 61 lead but the americans fought back. playing captain tiger woods once again leading from the front with a justin thomas they were the only path to score a point for the u.s. on day one and despite training twice against a decade and be on when they got the match back to square with 5 to play thank you further ahead of the 18th hole it was patrick come play who secured the 1st american point of the day of the of the 14 foot putt to get the overall score to 16 then on the same hole almost a carbon copy from thomas this time from 17 feet and another point for team tiger vibe and look at all pretty bleak but you guys turned it around and played
9:53 pm
phenomenal come in and you know it was it was important for us that in the way we did and totally change the last hour look at the record we've had in the foursomes the last 25 years in a for us to come out to an off to an awful decision like the one for us. so we would have taken there at the start of the international still have a healthy lead of 3 points but the momentum is with the americans with 20 points still up for grabs on saturday and sunday david stokes al-jazeera. coach cherry is confident of causing another upset at the fever club world cup when they take on monterrey in saturday's quarterfinals. national champions were invited to join the tournament with the being staged in doha beat oceania champions union
9:54 pm
sports in the opening match they now face the top side of the central north america and the caribbean region and chevy is already looking further ahead i dressed all of my players and i'm here to win i'm here to win it's totally different everybody say that. fable but i'm here to. bring it was moving the match. many visual made it over because they had confidence that we qualified to go to the final and also we are now. imagine my confidence favorites a little pull into the tournament on wednesday at the semifinal stage they've rewarded manager you're going to clap for his champions league victory he has been given a contract extension through to the 2024 season wayne rooney is preparing for the next chapter of his career and is training with darby county of the joining them as a player coach england's record goalscorer left d.c.
9:55 pm
united at the end of the m.l.s. season but can't play for the rb earned so he's near it destruction begins in january of places with a top level which may be low the moment. i think once the. got to know me and to see me as part of the team in. every in which he might have thought about me before and goes out the window and see me for. a normal guy in just one of the team it cricket now and after 3 days pay pakistan are yet to bat in their 1st home test in a decade to rein in bad light mains only $32.00 balls were possible on friday in rawalpindi lanka didn't lose a wicket and moved 122-8246 in their 1st innings with the match now almost certainly heading for a draw. australia are firmly on top of the day 2 of the opening test against new zealand in perth monosyllabic shane top scored with $143.00 in australia's total of
9:56 pm
$416.00 mitchell starc then took 4 wickets to leave new zealand in trouble 109 for 5 they trailed by 307 the lawyer who helped get russia thrown out of major sporting events defended the punishment jonathan taylor is the chair of the committee that recommended the world anti-doping agency and russia a 4 year ban while still allowing russian athletes to compete and renew traill flag the punishment has been criticized as being too weak with many calling for a blanket ban of all russians. i'm happy for people to say we disagree we think it should have been stronger that's not a problem well i don't accept these people saying we disagree and therefore you must be in the pay of the i.o.c. you must be in the part of the russians that's a joke that's ridiculous you know the russian saying that they're not in russian colors no flag and no one and not representing russia people can say that that is
9:57 pm
meaningless is not meaningless national pride is reflected in the coolness of your savior and you cannot take that pride because you know a message is being sent you will conduct means you don't belong at the top table i mean i'd be very surprised if president putin was saying how the hell did this happen this cannot happen because i don't think he's happy about not being at the top type of sports so i can't guarantee this will have an effect but what i do think he's from the russian point of view this is a very heavy blow. the jaws big wave championships in a y. were spectacular when it came to wipe outs surfers competing on the north shore of why were tossed up by the 9 to 50 meter waves one off to the other they kept getting knocked down not surprisingly both the 2 winners but he came from page on it's all locals who are used to those monsters it's. that's all the sport more
9:58 pm
lately peter thank you so much that's it from us from our office in london late. from the ounces here in london prove how sentara t.v. special guests in conversation when your government is going up to you what do you do on trump to its uninterrupted we have a deep state and in this teligent service to whatever they want to whoever they want whenever they want the trees color is nice locate the black people for as long as we've been fighting back have been labeled us terrorist studio to be unscripted
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on al-jazeera. i remember the 1st time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. it's just that we all come to different places but it's one that gives us that gives us the ability to identify the people in the other side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al jazeera. counter because supply of affluent tax cuts for big businesses at the stairs the for the poor is just a perfect call the street protests speak to the vice president of ecuador plus can be as cash crunch the competition lining up to take netflix is. counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. with every. day is a solemn and said day the house for past historic impeachment vote on donald trump next week off to backing to charges against the us president. it's a scam it's something that shouldn't be allowed. i know i'm maryam namazie and london you know with al jazeera coming up on the program the u.s. and china agree to hold off on new tariffs and avoid escalating that trade war for now.


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