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that shouldn't be the end of the discussion. there should be there any ok let's see what went wrong in this case why the is no evidence or why the evidence isn't good enough and make sure that doesn't happen again. today. and said. the u.s. house of representatives were on his story and pietschmann vote on donald trump next week after backing 2 charges against the u.s. president it's a scam it's something that shouldn't be allowed. no i'm i am the laws in london with al-jazeera also coming up united states and china agree to hold off on guitars and avoid escalating the trade war and now. they would
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have been able will be mandate from this election to get out and we will mandate. the $34.00 just after an historic general election victory u.k. prime minister boris johnson says it's time to bring closure to the threats that debate. and thousands of algerians protest against the victory of former prime minister abdul majeed and their presidential election. our top story the u.s. house of the u.s. house judiciary committee has voted to approve 2 articles of impeachment against president donald trump is charged with abusing his powers and obstruction of congress committee members have 2 days to make submissions against those charges and some republicans say they intend to do just that can really help get reports now from the white house. another foreign visit to the white house overshadowed by
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domestic politics as the president apparent why i sat and comfortably in the oval office u.s. president donald trump railed against the democrats push to impeach him in congress for his dealings with ukraine's president it's a witch hunt it's a sham it's a hoax nothing was done wrong 0 was done wrong it's a scam it's something that shouldn't be allowed and it's a very bad thing for a country and you're trivializing impeachment and i tell you what someday there will be a democrat president and there will be a republican house and i suspect they're going to remember that objection the committee is a journey. but democrats argue trumpet used his presidential powers for political gain the house judiciary committee voted to approve 2 articles of impeachment against president trump the vote along party lines allege trump withheld military
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aid in order to pressure ukraine to dig up dirt on a political rival former vice president joe biden trumps also accused of obstructing congressional oversight into the matter for the 3rd time in a little over a century and a half. the house judiciary committee has voted articles of impeachment against the president for abuse of power. and obstruction of congress a vote to officially of ph trump is expected next week in the house of representatives he'll become just the 3rd president in u.s. history to be impeached tromped was visibly angry following approval of the charges against him lashing out at those he believes have done him wrong like the woman overseeing the impeachment house speaker nancy pelosi she's a liar and others a dishonest fake media tolerable f.b.i. people crooked hillary a fighting mood morphing into strategy spotted on the white house campus on friday
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trucks personal attorney and ally rudolph giuliani it's a signal trump is pushing to call witnesses and expand the impeachment process he says has been politically biased against him even as the republican leader mitch mcconnell is pushing for a swift trial in the senate i think they're giving the signal that this is really just a show trial that senator mcconnell knows where the votes are and knows how this is going to come out and he wants to have a very short proceeding so that they can move past this quickly but for in a tory asli thinskinned president the personal humiliation of a looming impeachment in the house of representatives appears to have only intensified donald trump's desire to fight back in the u.s. senate in an attempt to clear his name can really help get al jazeera the white house when mike hanna joins us now with more from washington and so mike it was obvious
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a historic move today moves the process on and terms of impeachment charges against the president tell us more about reaction from the white house. well the absolute fury in the white house says he saw in kimberly's package the president to see the ng with anger clearly deeply upset by the decision expected as it was and certainly you heard as well from his personal attorney rudy giuliani who was tweeting at from the white house this morning criticizing those who decided on impeachment and decided on the articles of impeachment so generally from all corners of the white house absolute outrage at the fact that these articles of impeachment have been approved what about within the house of representatives itself obviously it was always expected that the house controlled by the democrats would reach this conclusion but it has been a very contentious partisan debate. well
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a very partisan debate indeed and the voting of course in the judiciary committee went strictly along party lines which is the way possibly that the vote in the house is going to go once again democrats have a majority in the house so it is exceedingly likely that the articles of impeachment will be passed but then it all comes to a grinding halt in effect because the republicans are in majority in the senate and if it does remain within party lines then certainly the trial in the senate is not going to find president trump guilty in any way so this whole situation the whole impeachment process has gone along party lines from the very beginning it's not clear at any stage where that there will be any break in the parties either on the democrat side or the republican side to go against their fellows however it must be pointed out too that the house speaker nancy pelosi has made very clear that she will not give any direction to democrats in the house to vote whereas the
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republican money minority leader insists that republicans must vote against these articles of impeachment so democrats getting a free hand no whip in effect republicans insisting that the delegates must follow the party line thank you very much mike hanna in washington. in other developments the supreme court has agreed to hear president all trumps appeals in 3 separate cases to prevent his financial records including his tax returns from being made public the hearings will commence in march with a decision expected by the end of june in the midst of the 2020 presidential election various democratic led house of representative committees have submitted subpoenas for transfer manchu records as part of corruption investigations is the 1st president in more than 4 decades not to voluntarily make his tax records public well of course the other big story from washington is the trade war between the u.s. and china easing slightly with a new agreement just before another set of targets was due to kick and it's off the
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chinese trade is little hope that they might be able to make the most of the busy christmas season between e.u. reports now from. a christmas want to land in southeast china bias from all over the world come to this market to city the festive season decorations. but this year it's not to marry bright they didn't hear you say the trade with the united states is bad for business and letting us know. business is not as good as it used to be there are more and more sellers and fewer and fewer buyers i can barely make a living no. but christmas has arrived early for decent playas with chinese and u.s. negotiators announcing they will sign what's called a phase one deal soon delayed extra tariffs on $156000000000.00 worth of chinese products including christmas trees tinsel and a range of other goods however adolescents want any agreement is only
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a temporary truce not an end to the trade war they might be able to reach a mild is small trade deal but in terms of the stuff both sides really want the us really want china to get rid of this drug policy are to create a leveling playground for foreign companies this is not going to. any time soon so many chinese manufacturers expected agreement is likely to be too little too light extra duties imposed earlier this year some as high as 25 percent have already forced many factories to scale down production and fire stuff these workers have been on had since the trade war began and with good reason the bicycle industry is one of the worst affected by an increase in tyrants and distracted the lies on the never going to buy it so by. late supplied bicycles to major u.s. retailers including wal-mart and says a rise in target has caused sales to drop by about 20 percent we lost soul. our
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shares told this person we're still what we want to see how the person was one of. those here because this is a 1st year for christmas was that for the. party. in order to keep going during difficult times this bicycle make it is relocating some production to cambodia and then asia it's back in many suppliers have already started moving their focus away from the u.s. towards new markets in the middle east and africa. lasts a few months but chinese exporters expect the children between beijing and washington to remain for many christmases to come. katrina al-jazeera even china. british prime minister barak's johnson's conservative party has secured a landslide victory in the general election johnson claims the decisive result
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gives him a powerful new mandate to take person out on january 31st charlie angela has our report. boris johnson is welcomed back to downing street. after the conservatives radically reconfigured britain's political map with their biggest majority since 1000 into the 2nd i'm proud to say that members of our new one nation government a people's government will set out from constituencies that have never returned a conservative m.p. for 100 years and yes they will have been able we mandate from this election to get done and we will honor that mandate by general the 31st striking a more grateful note johnson thank labor voters for swapping sides of his promise now to embrace all and deliver grex it i say thank you for the trust you have placed in us and in me. and we will work round the clock to repay
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your trust and to deliver on your priorities with a parliament that works for you i but a group of young protesters gathered near downing street projecting its vision and briefly clashing but the pay was hanging by the outcome in which the conservative party took dozens of labor seats from the country's industrial north and midlands to the top thank you very much for the labor leader jeremy corbyn it's a rejection of his vision for the party and he says he will not stand in another general election i did everything i possibly could in order to bridge the divide between those that voted to leave and those that voted remain because at the end of the day they're going to live in a country where we're going to need that investment for the future we're going to have if this government stays in office more homelessness more divisions and more a bigger gap between the richest and the poorest it was
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a bad result thing for the pro remain liberal democrats their leader joe swinson unseated her constituency says she will step down immediately i'm proud that liberal democrats have been the unapologetic voice of remain in this election giving people the chance to choose to stop breaks that. obviously it hasn't worked for boris johnson his brief time in office has been marked by repeated defeats of parliament legal interventions and desertion from his own party this result is better than he could have hoped for but his simplistic election promise to get bricks it done will now be put to the test if you post and lead the country through the most momentous transition since the 2nd world war charlie and to al-jazeera and . now in our stories are following international aid agency action against hunger saying that an armed group that kidnapped humanitarian workers in nigeria's north east claims that it killed 4 hostages the group was abducted in july near the town
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of groups including boko haram operate action against hunger has called for the release of the remaining hostages. now to algeria the former prime minister abdul majeed has been declared the winner of thursday's presidential election the new sparked protest by tens of thousands of people across the country say the result just means the old regime remains in charge they can gauge reports. it was an election the majority of algerians didn't want them to now come it seems rejected by many. tens of thousands rallied across the country is the results of the presidential election were announced. abdul majid received just over $4900000.00 votes achieving a total of 58.15 percent of the vote this. abdel majid tbone is a former prime minister of algeria both men who held that position before and after
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him were found guilty of corruption he served during the 20 year rule of president adel is beautifully clear who resigned in the face of mass demonstrations in. america you know at the corner of the national he does not represent us neither do the other 4 candidates we said no to elections with all those who are part of the former regime we do not agree with what is happening there we. stretch my hand to the protesters to begin a serious dialogue for algeria i thank the protesters as they have helped to bring democracy to the country. with less than 40 percent of the $24000000.00 eligible voters turning out and millions describing the election as a sham the new leader will likely have a difficult job ahead of him one thing we manged sure. that is not going to have any concrete any real let's real legitimacy and this we would him and there are
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a lot of fresh air mr robert the people who have been is collating get in their demands and asking for more and more and pressure and their community to read brought him to. the military backed interim government was pumping the outcome would end months of protests demonstrators demanded widespread political were fooled with none in sight so far they're unlikely to accept the election results nicolas cage al jazeera much was still ahead for you on the program including the latest on the protests which have spread against india's controversial citizenship law the u.n. is calling discriminatory.
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well following the severe storms the watch list those that we saw around southeastern parts of queensland or recently the cloud and the rain the 3 downpours are in the process of pulling out of the way we will see temperatures picking up once again as the sun comes back out $31.00 celsius there in price but it's around $10.00 degrees colder than that in melbourne you notice but a good deal hotter over towards see a western side of the country as we go through the coming days somewhere in w.a. could well see those temperatures getting into the mid to high forty's and something to watch out for the interior way and continuing to see some very high temperatures they at least for times going into monday but this because through the week as temperatures could rise somewhere across central and eastern parts of australia there we go with a high of $33.00 for 1st but as we go through sunday some showers along the spells of rain making their way across tasmania heading towards new zealand already a fair bit of cloud in there will have something of a dry spell some rest bite as we go on. sas day but come sunday the south island
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will see some very heavy rain started to push its way in the north hot and not quite as bad or comes around 21 degrees celsius chastain last he brought out a dry weather so the positive part of the moment when it's and windy weather is now in the process of pushing. out planet is warming as never before with profound consequences for life on. the world's leading scientists say that if still time to climate s.o.f. set out the facts and the science behind the issues affecting our planet. and brings you what people across the globe doing to time the crisis around on attacks on al-jazeera.
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i'll come back to look at the headlines now to impeachment charges of abuse of power and obstruction of congress against us president donald trump has been approved by the house judiciary committee in the united states the us president has responded to the whole thing as a sham. or as johnson says it's time for a person to start healing the cracks it divide after he was returned as prime minister the opposition leader jeremy coleman says he'll stand down to the labor party lost seats. and algeria's former prime minister abdul majeed to blow and has been declared the winner of thursday's presidential election. protests by tens of thousands of people across the country. on now to iraq where police have
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issued arrest warrants after a teenager was killed in his body hung from traffic lights in the center of baghdad more than 400 people have been killed in anti-government protests since october so a lot of fault in reports from baghdad. it was a gruesome development in iraq's mostly peaceful anti-government protests a mob killed 17 year old nathan then hung his body from a traffic light as hundreds of people as well as security forces stood by the circumstances of thursday's killing remain unclear demonstrators accuse the teenager of shooting at them but a military spokesman said he didn't harm anyone neighbors say he simply wanted to protect his house from encroaching crowds. he is the son of neighborhood i've known him since childhood when i heard his name i was surprised he's just a child how can they accuse him. of some protesters blame the killing on infiltrators refusing to accept the possibility that other demonstrators could be
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capable of such violence you know if that idea either got upset at the. it has affected us it has brought about reputation upon us we went to protest peacefully we would never kill and slaughter anyone like that is the parties who sent infiltrators. on friday crowds in baghdad to hear square which has been the epicenter of months of anti-government demonstrations or noticeably except for members of the sudras movement. the followers of shiite cleric mark that assad or have discreetly manage security throughout the demonstrations but in an unusually public show of force they marched on tahrir square to make their position known that they are not who we are human shield to protect peaceful demonstrators and refused to describe what we expect those criminals who committed these awful crime to be punished and we are waiting for those orders. a ministry of interior
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spokesman told al jazeera that an investigation is ongoing to arrest warrants have been issued so far no one's been detained thursday's brutal killing here in the 1st square is unprecedented and it's signal something broader observers say it's a dangerous sign of growing acceptance of violence and the breakdown of the state's seem awful to al-jazeera but about. jerry and police are fired live rounds into the air to disperse protesters from a band. armed officers clashed with more than 100 demonstrators from the movement of nigeria who were throwing rocks they were protesting in the capital a budget to mark the 4th anniversary of the massacre in which at least 300 killed by the nigerian military also demanding the release of their imprisoned leader who's facing a number of charges including murder. the united nations is accuse chile of committing a number of serious human rights violations in its attempts to quash recent
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anti-government protests on lawful killings and torture was cited among examples of excessive force which investigators said should be prosecuted earth court said more than 300 people had suffered i injuries after being hit by lead pellets along with 26 deaths and 28000 people have been detained since mid october with 1600 still in pretrial detention on thursday the lower house of parliament rejected a move to impeach president sebastian pinera. the united nations is one the engineer citizenship war is fundamentally discriminatory by excluding muslims and has called for it to be revues at least 2 people have been killed in protests against the law or in the northeast of the country legislation offers a way to citizenship the 6 minority religious groups from neighboring countries but excludes muslims and reports. demonstrations and confrontations with police for a 3rd day in india the students are protesting against the new law which allows
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refugees 6 minority religions from neighboring bangladesh pakistan and afghanistan the to become indian citizens but excludes muslims. c in the state of us a popular resistance movement is growing. 2 people died in a violent protests on thursday and there's no sign of a let up people here say the law is against their interests. then baseboard heater says the assamese people fought to preserve their identity in 1971 when bangladesh was formed and a flood of refugees made assam home. the new law extends the cutoff for refugees to 2014. the central government in there b. has been between us put too long there using assam as a dustbin by shoving whoever they want have. a movement against
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immigrants from bangladesh has raised in a sample decades with claims it further strains the state's resources they have been bribing the ally they have been struggling yes there have been driving jobs and that surely the local people the indigenous people have been feeling a kind of insecurity some assamese fear they could become a minority in their own land these are some easily been singing songs expressing their love for their language and their culture this is a all the. there are cars on the roads and the shops may reopen things won't return to normal anytime soon not until the whole state of assam is exempted from the new law. the protests here in go harty on friday were relatively calm compared with the previous 2 days but those taking part see the stock market more humble not. we don't have rice lentils anything but our movement is not over nothing.
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the japanese prime minister shinzo abi was supposed to be in go hearty for a summit but that's been deferred. some worry the movement may lose its momentum but others insist the fight for us. are to al-jazeera. india the head of u.s. intelligence will be given a month to formally declare whether it believes the saudi crown prince was responsible for the murder of journalist. the us house of representatives has passed a bill requiring the director of national intelligence to officially declare who has been deemed responsible he was killed at a saudi consulate in istanbul in october last year the head of the cia told senators in a closed door meeting that the agency is convinced it was ordered by the crown prince the bill is expected to be approved by the senate next week. now the wall street journal is reporting that saudi arabia has been holding secret talks with iran in an attempt to quietly ease tensions between the 2 countries unnamed saudi
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officials told the paper that the kingdom is trying to avoid additional risks to its oil dependent economy drone attacks on saudi aramco facilities in september temporarily knocked out half the country's crude output saudi arabia the u.s. and european allies all said iran was behind the attacks that move comes as the financial times reports that saudi crown prince mohammed bin someone pressured wealthy saudi families to buy shares in the state oil funds record breaking flotation earlier this month reports state the kingdom was actively trying to set the price for a return rather than leave it all to the market. or now to the climate change talks the un's cop 25 conference was due to end in madrid but delegates are still a long way from agreement talks now expected to continue for a couple of more days scientists and government representatives has spent 2 weeks working on how they'll achieve greenhouse gas targets agreed at the paris summit 4 years ago our environment editor nick clock is in madrid. it should be the final
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day but it's almost certainly not going to be the final days like to spread into the week and i just read in the press conference with the africa saying there are too many red lines is too much concern here this is going to go on and on let's get straight to the press remove these conferences jennifer morgan from greenpeace and work through our system to the stage where i think we still have a situation where the governments here are not listening actually to what the scientists are telling them what their people are telling them there's a text on the table that just does not show the urgency that people are facing and the situation of the world right so we got some of the big of the big developed nations we've kind of stepped back from the paris agreement of it right well everybody is still in but what you're seeing is countries like saudi arabia countries like brazil well and certainly developed countries like the u.s. and australia are here trying to pull things back so the small island nations the
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africans who is very existence depends on this are angry they are getting a bit they are desperate and away so in the final hours we just have to get the european union and them to work together to push back these fossil fuel interests ok we've seen some progress on that we just mentioned in the program just know how hopeful are you that that's going to inspire and wishing him well i i am hopeful that the european union will come in and drive things i'm less hopeful that this process is yet able to really respond to what people are calling for it's too captured by fossil fuel interests there's not enough access and discussion here so it needs to throw that lifeline out to the youth of the world that says we're hearing you and thus far they seem pretty deaf and finally this is all about ambition for 2020 for next year when this conference goes to absolutely countries here need to commit that they are going to come back go to glasgow increased action that's consistent with the science with one point. 5 degrees and that they're going
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to transform things that we need a systems change that people can trust not a carbon pollution cop in get more behind the scenes action from the cop 25 climate change talks in madrid right here out there dot com. or not top story now the trump impeachment charges u.s. house judiciary committee has voted to approve 2 articles of impeachment against president trump he is charged with abusing his power and obstruction of congress going to members of 2 days to make submissions against the charges and some republicans say they intend to do that trump has dismissed the whole thing as a sham. it's a witch hunt it's a share it's a hoax nothing was done in rome 0 was done wrong i think it's a horrible thing to be using that tool of impeachment which is supposed to be used
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in an emergency and it would seem many many many years apart to be using this for a perfect phone call where the president of that country said there was no pressure whatsoever didn't even know what we were talking about it was perfect the relationship is perfect i've done much more for them than obama did for them it's a scam it's something that shouldn't be allowed all over here boris johnson says person needs to start the process of healing the breaks that divide after winning the country's general election with a resounding victory it's conservative party won a majority of 80 seats giving him a clear mandate for the country to leave the e.u. the opposition labor party lost seats and a state of jeremy coleman says he will resign but only once a successor has been chosen meanwhile the leader of the liberal democrats joe swenson has already stepped down after losing her seat as an m.p. to an advance by the probably dependents scottish national party.
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and in algeria the former prime minister abdul majeed been has been declared the winner of thursday's presidential election the new spot protest by tens of thousands of people across the country say the result just means the old regime stays in charge. and then one other story to bring you from nigeria where the international aid agency action against hunger says that an armed group has kidnapped humanitarian workers in nigeria's northeast and it claims that they've killed 4 hostages the group was abducted back in july near the town of dhamma sat on groups including back around operate action against hunger is called for the release of the remaining hostages well counting the cost is coming up next on al-jazeera looking at how economic decisions led to violent protests in ecuador more news after that from. a dramatic year for donald trump ends with impeachment threatening his presidency no one not even the president is
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involved what next for the man hoping to win a 2nd term in power and 2020 the impeachment inquiry is a scam join us for the latest developments on al jazeera. hello i'm adrian figure this is counting the cost of al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business of the little things this week but i.m.f. load tax cuts for big business and a sterile city for the poorest the perfect cocktail the street protests we speak to the vice president a resource rich. cash crunch in kenya east africa's largest economy can't pay its bills will it need to ask the i.m.f. for help. the kick of streaming is about to face a multi-billion dollar onslaught from the likes of apple does the we'll find out if netflix can hold on to its number one spot.


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