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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 14, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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today. and said hey. us democrats pushed donald trump's impeachment towards a full vote by the house of representatives. i'm about the same this is all just a live from doha also coming up a chance of more economic cheer for china that would signed a tentative deal to ease the trade war with the u.s. . anger grows in an indian state over
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a controversial citizenship blog that excludes muslims. and the u.k. elections when scotland's nationalist leader says the results strengthens calls for another independence vote. or u.s. congressional panel has recommended the impeachment of president donald trump it's another big step in the process that's divided congress and the nation the full house of representatives is expected to vote in favor of impeachment next week white house correspondent kimberly hawke it reports from washington d.c. . another ford visit to the white house overshadowed by domestic politics as the president of paraquat i sat comfortably in the oval office u.s. president donald trump railed against the democrats push to impeach him in congress . for his dealings with ukraine's president it's a witch hunt it's a sham it's
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a hoax nothing was done wrong 0 was done wrong it's a scam it's something that shouldn't be allowed and it's a very bad thing for a country and you are trivializing impeachment and i tell you what someday there will be a democrat president and it will be a republican house and i suspect they're going to remember that objection the committee is a journey. but democrats argue trumpet be used as presidential powers for political gain the house judiciary committee voted to approve 2 articles of impeachment against president trump the vote along party lines allege trump withheld military aid in order to pressure ukraine to dig up dirt on a political rival former vice president joe biden trumps also accused of obstructing congressional oversight into the matter for the 3rd time in
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a little over a century and a half the house judiciary committee has voted articles of impeachment against the president for abuse of power. and obstruction of congress a vote to officially of ph trump is expected next week in the house of representatives he'll become just the 3rd president in u.s. history to be impeached trump was visibly angry following approval of the charges against him lashing out at those he believes have done him wrong like the woman overseeing the impeachment house speaker nancy pelosi she's a liar and others a dishonest fake media tolerable f.b.i. people crooked hillary a fighting mood morphing into strategy spotted on the white house campus on friday trucks personal attorney and ally rudolph giuliani it's a signal trump is pushing to call witnesses and expand the impeachment process he says has been politically biased against him even as the republican leader mitch
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mcconnell is pushing for a swift trial in the senate i think they're giving the signal that this is really just a show trial that senator mcconnell knows where the votes are knows how this is going to come out and he wants to have a very short proceeding so that they can move past this quickly but for in a tory asli thinskinned president the personal humiliation of a looming impeachment in the house of representatives appears to have only intensified donald trump's desire to fight back in the u.s. senate in an attempt to clear his name can really help get al-jazeera the white house. just days before the u.s. china trade war was a buy was to intensify good too you can only giants have struck and interbrand do the time governments called off new targets they were due to start on sunday the reduce existing levies in return china's going to buy more american farm products and will use rules for u.s. companies accessing its markets or consuming use joining us now from eastern china
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katrina is if i understand it correctly the area where you are is one of the hearts of chinese manufacturing is china regarding this deal as positively as the trumpet ministrations do you think. that's right you were city is known for this wholesale market and this is where people come from all over the world to buy basically every manufactured product under the sun and they buy it and they sell their home countries where standing now is where all the christmas decorations us all see is a lot of people here it's pretty busy today and actually this market sells 'd more than half of the world's christmas decorations and as you alluded to earlier there is definitely some christmas cheer here today this phase one deal is good news that it's very much needed good news a lot of the exporters in china have been suffering from a lack of common confidence from consumers and it's not low orders because of the
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tire of placed on some of these goods that are exported to the u.s. and china is very much sold this as a big win to china china made sure i got in the fall of the u.s. to announce this deal late on friday night saying that our china has gone into bat for the people of china and the one we're going to get some blowback from these tariffs in return for things that we're very happy to give and that is good for china to give and this really is a positive note and it's given a lot of hope to the people who are selling here today and many other people who have factories in this region but as you'll see in the following story this hope very much like this agreement is somewhat limited. a christmas wonderland in southeast china bias from all over the world come to this market city the festive season decorations. but this year it's not married bright vendors here say the trade with the united states is bad for business. business is noise good as
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it used to be there are more and more sellers and fewer and fewer buyers i can barely make a living. but christmas has arrived early for these suppliers with chinese and u.s. negotiators announcing they will sign what's called a phase one deal soon delaying extra tariffs on $156000000000.00 worth of chinese products including christmas trees tinsel and a range of other goods however swan any agreement is only a temporary truce not an end to the trade war they might be able to reach is small trade deal but in terms of the stuff really want the u.s. really want china to get rid of the policy are to create a leveling playground for foreign companies this is not going to happen any time soon for many chinese manufacturers expected agreement is likely to be too little too late extra duties imposed earlier this year some as high as 25 percent have
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already forced many factories to scale down production and fire stuff these workers have been on edge since the trade war began and with good reason the bicycle industry is one of the worst affected by an increase in tariffs and this back to the lies on the american bias survive les good supplies bicycles to major u.s. retailers including wal-mart and says a rise in tires has caused sales to drop by about 20 percent we are sold. this person must still see what we want to see how the. person was going to do. here because this is a 1st year for christmas or is that for the purpose a part of. in order to keep going during difficult times this bicycle make it is relocating some production to cambodia and then asia. back in many suppliers have already started moving their focus away from the u.s.
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towards new markets in the middle east and africa. when to last a few months the chinese exporters expect the children nations between beijing and washington to remain for many christmases to come. so a lot of relief here among the exporters in iran in this manufacturing region but we expect shortly that this relief will soon give way to confusion and uncertainty we've been speaking to some of the stallholders here and many of them have heard the news but they're not quite sure what it actually means for them we don't have any details as to which products are going to be positively affected if at all so many people including the factory owner we spoke to said that their plans to focus on other markets their plans to relocate outside of china to avoid any types at all those plans are still very much going ahead we had a post from the editor of the global times which is a state media owned newspaper and he posted today are you saying that this deal is
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good news this shows that china is strong strong enough for the u.s. to really respect it never continuing this negotiation but also it was a very sobering message it was kind of preparing its we decided look there's still a long way to go and we've got to really stick together so certainly over the next few days as time goes by and as people realize that what has many of these types of the wall back has perhaps the chinese government hyped it up to be there will be some criticism and there will be some probably returning to the situation we had before that people are preparing really for this trade war to go on and making plans for the business to survive in light of that. well analysts say the deal falls well short of what donald trump wanted when he 1st fired the shots of the trade war last year from washington d.c. alan fischer explains why the president's administration still sees this as a victory the white house says that this is
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a significant and important agreement donald trump himself says it's a phenomenal deal they've been talking about this for a very long time you remember it was back at the beginning of last year that donald trump said that trade wars are good and easy too when there have been discussions which came almost came to a deal but then fell away now the united states says it has a 9 chapter 1st stage agreement with the chinese that covers important issues such as tech transfer intellectual property theft opening up china's financial incomes the markets to outsiders namely the united states and also the seal of agricultural projects donald trump sees that as very important farmers have struggled a lot because of the talents that were imports but he sees the farming community of the center of the united states as very much his base his heartland and so as we approach an election year he is very keen to address their concerns the most
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important thing this deal deals with is the targets that were due to be imposed on sunday they know essentially go away but there are still tabs on chinese goods coming into the united states about 25 percent on $250000000000.00 worth of goods and 7.5 percent or $120000000000.00 worth of goods those type of small start to come off as china starts to meets the requirements that they have agreed to. nearly $10000.00 protesters have held a day long hunger strike in northeast india the state of us has seen much violence during protests since the passing of a controversial citizenship law it offers a path to citizenship for 6 minority religious groups from neighboring countries but it excludes muslims. and reports. demonstrations and confrontations with police for a 3rd day in india the students are protesting against the new law which allows
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refugees of 6 minority religions from neighboring bangladesh pakistan and afghanistan to become indian citizens but excludes muslims. 'd in the state of assam a popular resistance movement is growing. 2 people died in a violent protests on thursday and there's no sign of a let up people here say the law is against their interests. then baseboard heater says the assamese people fought to preserve their identity in 1971 when bangladesh was formed and a flood of refugees made assam home. the new law extends the cutoff for refugees to 2014. the central government in there he has been between us put to long here using assam as a dustbin by shoving whoever they want him. a movement against
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immigrants from bangladesh has raised in a sample decades with claims it further strains the state's resources they have been bribing the. they have been struggling yeah they're been robbing jobs and that surely the local people the indigenous people are been feeling a kind of insecurity some assamese fear they could become a minority in their own land these are some means have been singing songs expressing their love for their language and their culture this is old. there are cars on the roads and the shops may reopen things won't return to normal anytime soon not until the whole state of assam is exempted from the new law. the protests here in go hearty on friday were relatively calm compared with the previous 2 days but those taking part see the stock market more humble not be look for years. we don't have rice lentils anything but our movement is not over nothing is new.
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the japanese prime minister shinzo abi was supposed to be in goa harty for a summit but that's been deferred. some worry the movement may lose its momentum but others insist the fight for us. are to al-jazeera. india. still ahead on al-jazeera people in algeria are out in force to denounce the result of an election they say was a farce. the u.n. accuses chile heard using excessive force with some 90 government protesters killed and others left with severe eye injury. how it we've got some unsettled weather coming in across the middle east once again i think it should be quite as wet as it has been recently as the good news the fed
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but a cloud just spinning out of the mediterranean as it's just pushing over towards iraq all of iran as well some of the wet weather in place as we go through saturday that could lead to some flooding some snow there on the northern flank assembly for western parts of syria maybe pushing down into lebanon could see some very heavy downpours at least for a time cloud thick enough to produce a few spots of rain to into work you wait that will sink further south which as we go through sunday for the race i think it should be generally dry 24 celsius a high of just 6 degrees there in couple but plenty of sunshine plenty of sunshine it's a southern parts of the regulation but i think it speak of across northern parts of saudi arabia northern areas of the gulf will just make its way further south where it's and it will be taking off at times to produce some cloud and some rain that rain could be heavy enough to cause some localized flooding east and parts of saudi arabia for example maybe to write some heavy downpours here in qatar with the top
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temperature of only 23 degrees will see that a dry weather may monitor southern parts of south africa but further north the seasonal chalice. a bit of a strange day to start the center fuse we just heard today to city of aleppo has fallen. or should we say liberate that. one for astonishing stories tode and their own why it's how did you know who to trust and not to trust. a stranger came to town witness on al-jazeera.
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you're watching all of us here a reminder of our top stories this hour a congressional committee has approved 2 impeachment charges against donald trump next week the house of representatives is expected to vote in favor of a trial in the senate. the u.s. and china have reached unlimited trade agreement donald trump has confirmed he's cancelling new tariffs that were due to kick in on sunday in return china's going to buy more american farm products. that have been more violent protests in northeast india after parliament approved a controversial citizenship law it offers a path to citizenship for 6 minority religious groups from neighboring countries but it excludes muslims. u.k. prime minister barak johnston says it's time to let the healing begin after his stunning
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victory in a divisive general election dominated by brags that johnson's conservatives won a majority of 80 seats the party's biggest for 30 years and a clear mandate to take the u.k. out of the european union challenge that reports from london. boris johnson is welcomed to downing street. after the conservatives radically reconfigured britain's political map with that biggest majority since the 1987 i'm proud to say that members of a new one nation government a people's government will set out from constituencies that have never returned. the. 100 years and yes they will have been able will be mad. from this election to get done and we will honor that mandate by general the 31st striking a more grateful note johnson thank labor voters for swapping sides his promise now
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to embrace all delivered i say thank you for the trust you have placed in us and in me. and we will work round the clock to repay your trust and to deliver on your priorities with a parliament that works for you. but a group of young protesters gathered near downing street projecting his vision and briefly clashing but the pain was. angered by the outcome in which the conservative party took dozens of labor seats in the country's industrial north and midlands. thank you very much for the labor leader jeremy corbin it's a rejection of his vision for the party and he says he will not stand in another general election i did everything i possibly could in order to bridge the divide between those that voted to leave and those that voted remained because at the end of the day they're going to live in
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a country where we're going to need that investment for the future we're going to have if this government stays in office more homelessness more divisions and more a bigger gap between the richest and the poorest. it was a bad result thing for the program a liberal democrats their leader joe swinson unseated her constituency says she will step down immediately i'm proud that liberal democrats have been the unapologetic voice of remain in this election giving people the chance to choose to stop breaks that. obviously it hasn't worked for boris johnson his brief time in office has been marred by repeated defeats of parliament legal interventions and desertions from his own party this result is better than he could have hoped for but his simplistic election promise to get bracks it done will now be put to the test if you post and lead the country through the most momentous transition since the 2nd world war charlie and to al-jazeera in london. when it wasn't just the
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conservatives who had a good election night the scottish national party made huge gains strength and calls for another vote on independence but in baba reports from edinburgh i think particularly that she's almost certainly the most popular politician north of the border now scottish nationalist party leader nicolas sturgeon is calling on boris johnson to grant scotland a referendum next year on breaking away from the u.k. . so to the prime minister let me be very clear this is not simply a demand that i or the s.n.p. are making it is the rate of the people of scotland and you as the leader of a defeated party in scotland have no rate to stand in the we. this was stooges reaction as the s.n.p. took the seat of joe swinson the liberal democrat leader with 48 of scotland's 59 seats in the westminster parliament they say the message to london couldn't be clearer. but in the scottish capital already home to the devolved parliament not
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everyone agrees that another independence vote is now more likely. under left. so. i think you're i think you are quite on a still start punishing scotland s.n.p. referendum hopefully happens this time and. when scotland held a public vote on independence 5 years ago the result was a clear no but in 20 sixteen's breaks it referendum 62 percent of scottish votes were to remain with a no deal breaks it at the end of next year is still a possibility the s.n.p. says it's fighting to protect scotland's economic interests she says she's got a clear mandate for a fresh independence referendum and nicolas sturgeon's determined to make the most of her moments but just how much leverage will she have over boris johnson this expert says while in the short term little will change the direction of travel is clear the certainty would come after the scottish parliament elections in 2021 would be really difficult for a u.k. government to continue insists a new referendum but i think it does show is
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a stark difference between scotland and england so boris johnson's conservative party lost m.p.'s in scotland that gained them in england and i think it just highlights that stark difference between the political directions of 2 countries are going in. these are troubled times for the united kingdom we still don't know how close a relationship it will have with the european union scottish nationalists are hoping that some certainty will play into their hands dean bob al jazeera edinburgh . protesters have rejected the result of all jarius presidential election that's been won by a former prime minister many see. as part of a long ruling corrupt establishment but he's offering talks with demonstrators as nick in a gauge reports. it was an election the majority of algerians didn't want and an outcome it seems rejected by many. tens of thousands rallied across the country
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is the results of the presidential election were announced i didn't measure it but abdul majid tbone received just over $4900000.00 votes achieving a total of 58.15 percent of the vote this. abdel majid tbone is a former prime minister of algeria both men who held that position before and after him were found guilty of corruption he served during the 20 year rule of president abdelaziz bouteflika who resigned in the face of mass demonstrations in. america you know you are born with a nose he does not represent us neither do the other 4 candidates we said no to elections with all those who are part of the former regime i do not agree with what is happening there was an attendant i stretch my hand to the protesters to begin a serious dialogue for algeria i thank the protesters as they have helped to bring democracy back to the country. with less than 40 percent of the 24000000
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eligible voters turning out and millions describing the election as a sham the new leader who likely have a difficult job ahead of him one thing remains sure. that is not going to have any true righ any religious legitimacy and these we would him and there are a lot of christian us or rather the people who had been escaping get in their demands and asking for more and more and mr and their community. who brought him to crowd. the military backed interim government was hoping the outcome would end months of protests demonstrators demanded widespread political were fooled with none in sight so far there are unlikely to accept the election results nicolas cage al-jazeera. for humanitarian workers have been executed after being kidnapped by an armed group in northeastern nigeria according to a french aid agency they were in
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a group of 6 people abducted in july near the town of dumb a psych where fighters including book a hard operate. this as president mamadou a so for what has posthumously awarded 71 soldiers killed in an army base attack with a cross of courage assault on tuesday was the deadliest on its military in living memory and i saw a linked group claimed responsibility for the attack on the remote base in an isis near the mahdi border there have been celebrations on the small pacific island chain of book vo now 3 voted overwhelmingly for independence from poplar new guinea almost 98 percent opted for breaking away new guinea's prime minister says they'll be hard work ahead to ensure that happens. french president emanuel says he's determined to push ahead with pension reforms despite more than a week of nationwide strikes commuters in france are facing long delays with many
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metro stations closed and buses running a reduced service in paris more than 300 kilometers of roads into the capital have been jammed by traffic. the u.n. has accused chile of seriously violating the human rights of antigovernment protesters investigators a detail of what they say were unlawful killings as well as torture sexual abuse and excessive force there urging the government to end the indiscriminate use of lead pellets and tear gas which have left about 350 people with severe eye injuries are life in america and its embassy in yemen has more from a rally in santiago. this demonstration in front of the presidential palace yes to protest against the shocking number of chileans who have been shot in the eyes in many cases blinded by riot police hit either by rubber pellets or by tear gas canisters and that is just running charges that you don't include it in the latest
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legal rights report issued by the united nations the charges include rape sexual abuse illegal detention structure. especially of excessive use of force by the riot police. to mark their report they are putting on a presentation that is that their eyes will be the eyes of those who can no longer see. brought policemen shot at me but pellicano directly to face it short range burst open my left eye that i am struggling for a cup of my life my mother my take care what he's blind and now we only have one good eye between the 2 of us. this is the 3rd human rights report against chile in less than one month this time the government was prepared just before the un report was released the director of the police announced that 4 police generals including the head of special forces and could a public order cop as it's called here were being they go into early retirement
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they've announced a total restructuring of special forces new training water cannons and tear gas trucks and now even a new name for the special forces. team believes that the problem here is that leadership and even active members of the police force had retired generals would say the time is well overdue to replace general. however the president is refusing to do it. this is all these are the top stories of a congressional committee has approved 2 impeachment charges against donald trump next week the house of representatives is expected to vote in favor of a trial in the senate today is a solemn and said day for the 3rd time in a little over a century and a half. the house judiciary committee has voted articles of impeachment against the
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president for abuse of power and obstruction of congress the house will act expeditiously thank you the u.s. and china have reached a limited trade agreement donald trump confirmed he's counseling new tariffs that were due to kick in and sunday in return china will buy more american farm products . violent protests in the northeast india after parliament approved a controversial citizenship law it offers a path to citizenship for 6 minority religious groups from neighboring countries but it excludes muslims. u.k. prime minister boris johnson says it's time for britain to start healing the divide over bragg's it after his conservative party's election victory the opposition labor party's heavy defeat has mostly been blamed on leader jeremy cauldron who says he'll step down. protesters have rejected the result of algeria as
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presidential election which was won by a former prime minister many. to whom as part of a long ruling corrupt establishment. for humanitarian workers have been exacts acute a day after being kidnapped by an armed group in northeastern nigeria according to a french aid agency they were in a group of 6 people abducted in july near the town of dumb aside where armed fighters including book ahau operate. the un has accused chile of seriously violating the human rights of i'm told government protesters investigators have detailed what they say are unlawful killings as well as torture sexual abuse and excessive force they're urging the government to end the indiscriminate use of lead pellets and tear gas and those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera thrice life enough to. counter the cost of i.m.f. low tax cuts for big businesses at a stereotype for the poor it's just
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a perfect cocktail for street protests speak to the vice president of ecuador plus kenya's cash crunch the competition lining up to take netflix is crack counting the cost on al-jazeera. the explosion of plastic waste across the world threatens the very survival of the night on our planet. every year up to $12000000.00 metric tons of plastic and. from poisoning marine life littering landscapes and cloaking waterways plastic waste and the environment is set to trickle in the next decades the problem is so vast it can seem overwhelming by reimagining this waste as
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a result we can begin to redress the balance i'm tony can you lay in cameroon where young on.


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