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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 14, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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the e. z era. hello there i'm dealing with all this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes a 2 year sentence following a corruption trial for former strongman nader omar al bashir causes control prosy in sudan. anger spreads across india against a contentious citizenship law that discriminates against muslims. a minority owner
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in london with the top stories from europe including a gathering storm of u.n. talks in madrid as the u.s. brazil india and china are accused of storing progress on tackling the climate crisis. and in sport asian champions al hell out of 3 to the semifinals of the club world cup here in doha they meet african counterparts at spare and one nil and will face south american sides the mango. in very warm welcome to this hour of news we begin in sudan where the country's former ruler omar al bashir has been found guilty in a corruption trial the 75 year old's been sentenced to 2 years which he'll spend in a reform sense or rather than jail because of his age now the case centers around suitcases found in his home filled with notes of different currencies worth more than 130000000. dollars well the courtroom or opted in chaos as the verdict was
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read out the sheer supporters started chanting that the trial was political and were ordered to leave but despite that they continued their protests outside the share was overthrown in april after months of demonstrations and it's the 1st of several trials he'll face for actions during his near 30 year rule. well al jazeera have a morgan is in khartoum and she says the judge sean the case went out of his way to make a particular point. well the judge 1st of all outlined the charges against the president and the actions that will be taken once those verdicts are issued if he's found guilty that he did indeed issue a guilty verdict against the former president i'm going to push here but before issuing that verdict he mentioned. that that is the name of a young man who was charged for illegal possession of foreign currency in 1989 by bush or his government when he came to power now upon mentioning his name to his
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defense team accuse the judge of being biased and of basically meaning towards the forces of freedom and change coalition that is the coalition that has been leading anti-government protests that eventually led to the ousting of former president i'm going to shoes but they were not people only ones angry on both sides probing here and to bashir that there is anger to be felt on the streets progress here are supporters came out demonstrating saying that the judge has been biased that the trial is a sham and that they also condemned the transitional government for dismantling the former ruling party 2 weeks ago meanwhile and came out after bashir protesters came out saying that this is not enough they're saying that he should be charged for other crimes and even in this corruption trial he should be charged with should be sentenced with a harsher verdict. so while saturday's trial was about corruption and illegal possession of foreign funds bashir also faces additional charges in 2009 the international criminal court charged him with 2 counts of war crimes and 5 counts
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of crimes against humanity and that was for his role in the war in darfur which started in 2003 at least 300000 people were killed and another $3000000.00 displaced a year later the same court in the hague brought 3 counts of genocide also relating to darfur then in may this year after he was to pull sudan's public prosecutor charged him with inciting and participating in the killing of protesters activists say at least 100 people were killed and in november he and several of his aides were charged for planning and carrying out the 1909 coupe that brought him to power he will abdel moneim ability for is a lawyer and activists he joins us here in dosser a very warm welcome to the program let's start with that verdict is it basically a political verdict that's designed to appease both sides mona this is not a political verdict it is a verdict because if it is a political verdict the it's
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a bit harder because this is not the time of war not of busy at all not a bishop now who is behind the duck. also this sentence is too lenient for almost a year for this is. very small crime this crimes are the crimes that are wanted to be a trial by the people of sudan people of sudan looking for more for bigger crimes for a very very big crimes this is very small very minor crime also his proven as if for his supporters to know that is a thief is a big thief but this is mr abbott is is there a sense them based on what you're saying that there is a feeling that justice has really even started to be done yet yeah i sing this is a very small step toward or in the past of justice the
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gist is that people of sudan want is coming on the way this is just the beginning and this is very small the smallest step small is that from what we saw today mr abbott if he still does nonetheless have his supporters doesn't he yeah because he he was 30 years in por 30 years important he should have support us because their support for those who are gaining wealth and that afraid about the world of the sudan its people which is theft by them they grow up all the sudan is. under saddam is pork so now we just they are crying for the world and the us it's that should be taken back from them as are so that is. saddam is well how how does
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mr abbott what we're seeing now affected the transition process in sudan could could it cause more division. i don't think mo view support thoughts of formal bushehr of the m.c.p. the motion of congress part of the no they have become something of the past very we'll move out of the port again because the pseudo newspeople served there would i was the fully they would not come again but they are thrown through murk some obvious thoughts on the with of the transitional government until morning ability for their lawyer and activist thank you very much sir for joining us. now anger over a controversial citizenship laws brought thousands of people onto the streets
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across india the by the bill allows tens of thousands of people from nearby countries to apply for citizenship but it doesn't include muslims well that's triggered anger in west bengal where protesters set fire to railways demonstrators there say the law will mean an influx of immigrants from bangladesh will take jobs and discriminate against muslims that sentiments been shared in mumbai protest is from the eastern us some regions say the law will heighten linguistic differences between the native assamese people and bengali set close meanwhile in the country's capital of delhi exams have been council at a university where students clashed with the police during a demonstration on friday. well also in india's capital a rally has been organized by the main opposition congress party against the sisson ship law so he'll raman is there. they gathered across the capital and from other states in india their message loud and clear the citizen
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amendment act. as it's known has to go the president of india gave his assent to the cia on thursday the controversial law allows citizenship to be granted to minorities from 3 neighboring countries but the opposition says it discriminates on religious grounds and goes against india's secular constitution this bill is undermining our language and culture and i didn't feel the people in the northeast . come here to save the constitution one of india's opposition leaders described the bill as dangerous. prime minister narendra modi and home minister don't care this citizenship amendment bill de brought in recently was shots of the soul of india what is happening in assam and the northeast states of the country. in the days leading to the being approved protests erupted across the country the most violent in the state of assad in the north east several people killed. and
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government buildings attacked. political leaders in the states of carola punjab and west bank said publicly they will implement the law leading to a potential conflict with new delhi it is the beginning of something very potent you know your 1st star then you put people. then you finally point out this unfortunate could be the beginning of what could result in. disenfranchisement of a very significant. numbers here may present the indian prime minister narendra modi with his biggest challenge since august the 5th when he stripped. the administered kashmir the only state in india to have a population of its autonomy that it has government what a historic court battle between hindus and muslims ownership of a disputed religious site i tell you it with a potential and now this the see a muslims are the only ones the law also provides inducement tumbles valium are
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actually from gaining citizenship critics say secular protections and grains in the indian constitution are now under threat and it seems that a long political social and cultural fight is on the cards for prime minister the interim o.t. and the indian government so robin al jazeera new delhi. all artists this year is an author and journalist who contributes to the new york times his overseas indian citizenship application was recently were folks by india he joins us by skype from new york a survey one welcome to the program and i wonder what does this do to india's stature as a secular democracy coming as it does after this series of decisions. i mean it absolutely does go to a death blow to the the idea of india as a secular country well time in the history of india that the religious have been applied the more is on the face of it pretty unconstitutional and what we're seeing
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is the kind of undoing of this rather grand project that marian gandhi had sort of because it turned asian that they had laid for a secular country that is being systematically undone by the modi in charge of. the law is causing anger in some as well and as many natives feel they would be numbered due to fresh influx of people from bangladesh and it's an issue of course has led to a lot of violence in the 1980 s. and many fear are repeats of that in the months to come. well you see the basis for india as opposed to a place like pakistan was always a linguistic identity it was almost held together the way europe was held together it was never a religion and so the people of us have a complaints about an influx of people but what the b j p has done is they've made a path for the hindus to gain citizenship and for them to stay on but to exclude
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the muslims and to render them stay and so the people of asylum or objecting in a more legitimate way because their identity is a linguistic i don't see it as an identity just based in region not religion i wonder just to see how. difficult is it right now to hold a conversation i notice them when i'm talking about this particular very difficult subject with friends of mine who come from different parts of india is very difficult for them to hold chordal conversations about access and in fact i was talking the other day to friends who said i think it's really inspiring division at all levels would you agree with that absolutely you know india is a very complex country it's in some ways it has an identity can be fragile for years we would talk about this the fairest tendencies the potential but india to break up it's a very complex sort of configuration and what could be gypsy has done is really
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kind of go right into the heart of like indian history and create a parable division a division that could that you know iraq the violence that we saw around $947.00 and the sort of hindu violence in the muslim violence that we see in them and their true commitment through the decades is suddenly being those wounds are being reignited and so the potential for catastrophe is huge will it potentially test india's you know cordie a relationship with bangladesh. i think that what it will do isn't blame the entire ground tonight because you know there was this is true of partition and india was not all work against the idea of the 2 nation theory there was also barbarism with founded on that idea in that was the bulwark against india said we don't we reject the idea of the 2 nation theory we were we we sort of a country where you live muslims in different religions all have equal standing and
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now suddenly even there is going to remake it in the image of a hindu nation where ringback we have potentially not just with bangladesh but with pakistan in all truth of a really catastrophic situation awaiting our journalist and author joining me there thank you very much sir for joining us thank you for having me there's plenty more ahead on the news hour including some reasons packed into rome city center can the sardine movement push back against italy's far right leader. dire conditions as we meet the syrians struggling after barely escaping the last rebel held companies. and in sport it's been another dramatic day in the gulf president's cup all the action coming up a little bit later with. there
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are growing fears that international efforts to fight climate change are slipping into reverse as the annual u.n. climate conference drags on without an agreement for more let's cross to london to lauren and to the team at our european broadcast center laura. yes thanks judy the top 25 talks in madrid was supposed to wrap up on friday but negotiators have failed to agree on major points there's been deadlock over emissions reduction targets and how much money poorer countries should receive to cope with the impact of climate change service so the latest draft statement lacks the kind of commitment needed to inject fresh mentum into the faltering paris agreement and that too much attention is being paid to the concerns of bigger countries. i think what's happening is this. that the presidency is listening more to large countries that don't want to do anything rather than to the most vulnerable and they're in dallas saying i don't know why they're afraid to stand up to the ball some of the
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world's who are destroying the amazon in the donald trumps of the world that are pulling out of paris but it seems right now that the interests that are behind that are the ones that have the chilean ears and they still have a chance to come. and put something on the table and be the heroes here but right now what they've done is they've just clearly given the platform to the police force or aren't at 10 o'clock joins us live from the talks in madrid nic are we any closer to a resolution. well the big problem here lauren is the your warning divide between nations that jennifer morgan from greenpeace was just alluding to that that is being had been dead not for the past 2 weeks we've had 2 it's are ations of the draft text both of being bolted down and deemed unacceptable they've gone back to the drawing board renegotiating and there was
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supposed to be a 3rd draft texan's face come out for a quote was still waiting for it now it's now approaching what 7 local time so we still get away let's bring in old men from getting a consensus insists old it's always like this in these conferences but it's particularly marked as times this has been a really gridlocked conference on a number of issues the market mechanism so-called article 6 issue raising ambition of the paris commitments which of course is essential as a science tells us if we're going to avoid truly catastrophic impacts of climate change finance money is always an issue in these negotiations and it's proving to be a deadlock because really as we get to a ground 0 here so we've really seen a number of issues that pop up and of prevent of the land presidency from getting consensus on the final texts and it will say that that whole issue of the cavalry how you put something into the tax that certain countries would object to tell us a little bit about that and take me consenting and wish well for example the
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science tells us that if we're going to meet the temperature goals that leaders agreed to 4 years ago in paris we need to triple or quadruple the impact of our emissions reduction commitments the ambition of our mission reduction commitments but you're not hearing any of that language in here you're hearing convoluted action language around recalling paragraph 23 and 24 the paris agreement and noting this and welcoming that it would be very nice if they could just put in plain language and say we need to transform our economies and dramatically scale up what we're doing if we're going to save the planet but of course they can't do that because this is all up. about trying to create a springboard into globes again next year which more crucial climate tilts because that's when that person really kicks in but it's not doing that as well it's not going to provide the kind of clarion call action that we had hoped to get out of here but in the real world it's going to be leadership by countries and blocks of countries it's actually important what the european union is doing now with its
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green deal with its 20150 emissions reduction commitment but the important missing piece is europe's willingness to increase its 2030 terrorist target it needs to commit to do that early in 2020 so it can engage with countries like china and india and try to bring them on board to do the same thing what do you think the best is that we're going to get out of this conference here in madrid and is it enough it's well the best will be an agreement that builds on elements of the paris agreement like loss and damage infrastructure and the adaptation commitment a little bit of finance here and there it's not going to be anywhere near adequate on raising finance support for developing country action of course it's going to totally miss the boat and sending a call for action on ambition increasing emission reduction commitments that's just not going to happen and even the best outcome that we get here is not going to deliver that message and it's going to be totally out of saying not only with what the science says but with youth and others marching around the world and demanding
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action are calling for it would you say madrid is going to be a failure it's not going to be a total failure but it's certainly a bit of failure to meet the need that we have this process of delivery but again you've got to know that this is not the fault of the united nations or the process the paris agreement it's the fault of the countries particularly the big countries my own country of course the united states under president trump but also japan brazil china india and others that are refusing the kind of collaboration that we need to get the job done all right allan thanks very much indeed for that it's going to be a long night ahead and that's looking about on one of these boards that there is a plane or at 10 o'clock that is not going to happen will tonight ok thanks very much nic thank you. tens of thousands of protesters have gathered in rome to denounce italian far rightly demetrio said really the rally has been organized by the saudi movement and is their biggest demonstration yet group was formed in opposition to growing support in the north of italy as
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a reason right wing coalition would have done to me does x. protest and to this report. to given the founders of this movement have been taken by surprise about how quickly their message really spread across italy and how much it resonated amongst so many talents additionally people from the left who have been voting for leftist parties and who maybe now do feel that they are not very much for presented at this particular time specially that they feel that the. parties are not very strong when it comes to countering the laws of the fire right and targeting specifically one person less still so the new is the leader of the. likud party of but he was also deputy minister of interior minister in this country just a few months ago. by the looks of it but what we witnessed the whole afternoon surge and the a lot of people are here a lot of people hoping that you know there is some sort of political renewal here
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in italy and specially that this landscape that has been dominated by the right over the past few years will now have an overture to the left out the issue is where does the movement go from here will they be turning to a political party what is the next step what is this strategy that is something that is not clear to anyone you speak to but the message in itself is something that many in braced for me in the team here in london nation britain for now back to julian. lauren thank you north korea's armed forces are warning the u.s. to refrain from any provocations if it wants to see a peaceful new year he came jomon has seen the 2nd weapons test within a week at a rocket test site by state media says the aim is to boost defenses against u.s. nuclear threats north korea has given donald trump a u.n. deadline to drop demands for the unilateral denuclearize ation of the korean peninsula violence in the air and other countries in the sun hail region has forced
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mali to launch a national debate aimed at finding a solution mollies lost control over large parts of its borders while its military suffers repeated ambushes by armed groups hundreds of soldiers have been killed in the region in recent weeks despite a french led operation with regional military to counter those attacks well in one incident 71 soldiers were killed in an attack on an army base in the shower on tuesday the president muhammadu is a food awarded them the cross of courage the government also declared 3 days of mourning to commemorate the deadliest assault on the shares military in living memory and i select group claimed responsibility for the attack on the remote base in in a test that's close to the mali border. this is a move that is i have come here to express my feeling of revulsion on behalf of all my compatriots in the face of the war imposed on us by an enemy who has addressed us with nothing but aggression and a violent and treacherous manner descending we took $71.00 of the nation's valorous
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children. alysa hell refers to the vast area covering the west and central africa the military is of 5 countries in that region mauritania mali became a fossil michele and chad make up the sahara g 5 joint force it aims to maintain regional control against the fight this block with addresses in mali's capital bamako he says armed groups are not represented at the summit. or basically officially the talks are underway after the been declared open by president to bring because kate the puppets of peace was to bring maybe all factions in mali together to talk about peace rather than fighting the charter and that organizers of this summit believe will pave the way for a united front to tycho what some of the shows described as external aggression remember the north of the country is still volatile and that has violence in the
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center of the country due to ethnic violence now the tories and out of it the rebellion in the northeast still simmering as we speak now some of the armed groups that have been causing trouble in mali actually not represented at the opening ceremony but the organizers hope that the message or the resolutions of the conference will reach them so that they can lay down their arms and pieces to cheat in mali but looking at the white a context the whole region is chile burning they just an uptick of violence in most of the countries of the south in all west african countries affected by boko haram so experts are warning that in the next few months we may still see rising violence in this region whether or not the summit here in mali is able to deal with the problem in the north of the country in other parts of the country it's a matter of time. a french aid group says 4 workers have been killed in nigeria action against hunger says they were among 6 staff kidnapped in july near the town
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of bomb. that's in northeast nigeria where boko haram fighters and other groups are in operation one humanitarian worker was killed in september and appeals are being made for the release of the remaining hostage. the months have been barred by the syrian army artillery and russian air strikes and if the province have displaced syrians who fled the last remaining rebel held province say homes and hospitals are being indiscriminately targeted many of the displaced are living in desperate conditions in the camps near the turkish border mohamad addo has their story. on his family fled aleppo which was serious largest city and commercial capital 6 years ago now they've been false place keep again this time from the province syria's last remaining stronghold has been bombarded but is a deliberate fire and russian asterix. we thought we were safe this time and we didn't have to flee again and then suddenly the bombs started falling we just
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escaped to save our souls the latest sort of freak is the house on a makeshift company of the tucker border now there and relative safety his wife would need a ton tension to the rest of us from. all our assets our family is not together some are in lebanon while some escaped by boat to germany and norway those in lebanon are suffering they have to renew their papers and the government keeps on turning them down their electively will run comes near the turkish border so the new display such as the will how we end family false will settle in unofficial comes with a deliveries for you and far between the rain and cold weather is making life was for the displaced in the nearby killing comrade the situation at the camp is miserable it's beyond description it rains throughout the night and floods the teen's water is also getting into the teens from the roof which means beating and blankets are all soaked and the winter is setting in temperatures dropping to below
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0 and prolonged periods of snow i expect it last winter at least $29.00 children a newborn babies died in subzero temperatures of the fleeing from villages in isn't syria controlled by i still fight is many here are dreading a repeat of the extremely cold war with mohammad at the wall just stumble. the taliban in afghanistan is claiming responsibility for friday's attack which killed 9 soldiers several other attacks were also carried out in gaza in the province one of them killed 10 civilians still ahead here on out is iraq too far to the left should u.s. democrats be close attention to labor's crushing defeat in the u.k. and that should why indigenous communities in mexico could do well plans for a multi-billion dollar train project. and its border bron james shows he's still strong at 34 years old as the laid there lakers take on miami heat that story
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coming up a little later in the program. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast or here across much of the levant it is going to be a messy scenario now not looking too bad as we begin but a lot of the clouds are going to be coming out of the north and moving quite rapidly coming down towards the south baghdad it is going to be a partly cloudy day 20 here on sunday but notice as we go towards monday we do have a developing system across much of southern iraq that is going to draw in the moisture bring a lot of rain showers as well across much of the area quite city expect to see some thunderstorms by the time we get towards monday with the temps if you of $21.00 degrees now that same system will be affecting us here in doha clouds are going to be the prominent feature here as we go towards sunday expect to see thunderstorms in the afternoon but by the time we do get towards monday and into tuesday things
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will be improving so here's a 3 day forecast watching those storms coming into place sunday night and into monday and tuesday temps was about $24.00 that's average for this time of year but we do expect to see more sun in the forecast and then very quickly across parts of southern africa now look too bad for cape town over towards durban though in johannesburg we have seen some clouds pushing through we do expect to see more clouds there in durban at about 24 degrees before cape town expect to see some windy conditions will attempt a few about 20 degrees. think stories generate thousands of headlines these protests are saying down with the system and down with all of the parts with different angles from different perspectives just because we came to prison there's a me right stopped at the gate separate the spin from the facts the western media jumps on stories we don't get into the misinformation from the journalism it's
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about telling the stories of those human beings on the ground with the listening post on al-jazeera. counter because the i.m.f. loan tax cuts for big businesses are the stairs see for the force just a perfect cocktail for street protests speak to the vice president of ecuador plus kenya's cash crunch the competition lining up to take netflix is. counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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you're watching out as they were a quick reminder our top stories this hour sudan's former president omar al bashir has been found guilty of corruption and sentenced to 2 years in a reform center child centered around suitcases found in his home filled with notes of different currencies worth more than a $130000000.00. students in the northeastern indian state about samar on hunger strike in protest against the new citizen ship blow it allows 6 minority religious groups from neighboring countries to apply for citizenship. but it excludes muslims anger over the law has led to protests in the. un climate talks brain dead lots of the cop $25.00 summit in madrid leaders from maine at loggerheads on emissions reduction targets and how much money poorer countries should receive to cope with the impact of climate change prime minister british prime minister says boris johnson's thang voters in constituencies in the north of england are backing his
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conservative party some for the 1st time in generations johnson now has a commanding majority of 80 seats completely changing the country's political landscape for more let's cross once again to lauren and our team of the european broadcast center hi there lauren. thanks julie yes thursday's elections or johnson's party got us way through the so-called red wall constituencies in working class parts of the country that traditionally voted labor but this new political reality sets in with a dilemma what to do with all the people who voted conservative for the 1st time or a challenge report. to the victor the spoils for 2 days after the landslide election boris johnson surveyed his new demands this is sedgefield tony blair's former seat labor since 1935 now conservative blue and i know that people they have been breaking the voting habits of generations to vote for us and i want the people of that all the to know that we the conservative
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party i will repay your trust. of all the stories in the 2019 election this is perhaps the biggest the working class communities in england's midlands north and in wales who deserted labor in droves it's a seismic realignment of british politics for sure. the u.k. is a small country but it can still feel a long way from big multicultural urban centers in london to the kinds of places that have just given boris johnson his majority labor still does well in liberal minded metropolitan areas but say it's paid the price for alienating more socially conservative bricks that voters outside of the big cities labor activists canvassing in such places before the election fed back grim reports the party's model position on bricks it was one complaint but perhaps a bigger one was a leader jeremy corbyn they didn't think he shared their values wasn't patry or
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sick enough was too city focused in those states that we've lost it's about listening to people what was it and i think it wasn't just bricks are things a long history or maybe 40 years of neglect and them saying to politicians you never listen to us i mean if allowed our communities to be run down in this way the conservatives now have to figure out what to do with their new voters because it's not a natural alliance the conservatives have traditionally been the party of the landed the rich giving purpose back to towns devastated by the industrial collapse presided over by conservative governments of the 1980 s. maybe beyond the conservatives have no constructed. policy offer at scale could meet their needs dreams all their new alex or constituent states so it's a very exciting. opportunity and i think they'll be quite a learning. jeremy corbyn will go soon and by january 31st britain will have
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breakfasted. then boris johnson will have to make good on his optimistic promises of the new voters could easily disappear for the next election will reach alan's obvious iraq under. boris johnson's election victory could have huge implications for the future of the united kingdom so we are going to go reports from belfast on how the brakes deal when some checks on goods moving between the rest of the u.k. and northern ireland are expected to take place to keep the irish land border with the e.u. frictionless and warning swan his report contains some flash photography. the u.k.'s election results have marked a historic change for irish nationalists never before have their representatives been elected to parliament in westminster in such numbers overtaking the unionists in an unprecedented outcome for an election borne of breck's it most believe northern ireland was always going to vote against prime minister boris johnson's
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mantra of get breck's it done this is largely remain country even for the brics it supported minority johnson's withdrawal deal that would place an economic border in the irish sea has angered many pro british unionists here fearful of irish nationalism many now believe northern ireland's identity is being sacrificed for an english cause they are concerned very very concerned because the democracy to fit in or not it is already seeing a shift towards more people who identify as nationalist compared to us i think they're also very very upset very very annoyed with them because it for them he did people say throw them under the bus at the last in order to get his deal he sacrificed the peace concerns on the altar of getting a deal so that he can to this election with a deal in the bag and sapir to deliver bricks or bricks that isn't a potential collision course with the delicate fabric of northern irish society and
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maintaining a borderless crossing between the north and the south crucial to keeping stability here according to the good friday agreement. for decades since the 1960 s. protestant unionists and the mostly catholic nationalists were at war with each other but the good friday agreement in 1999 bushmen to that underpinning that was the removal of border infrastructure allowing people and goods from the north and south to travel freely between the 2 for unionists brix it has ushered in fears that the province could be permanently bound with the irish republic further removing it from britain adding to this the northern irish assembly hasn't sat for almost 3 years following a political crisis but with brics it now a clear u.k. policy talks between its parties are jus to be held on monday to try to restore the power sharing government and with more power now in the hands of the nationalists
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they could also lead to even huge push for a united ireland so nearby ago al-jazeera belfast the french president says he's pushing ahead with pension reforms despite a 10 day nationwide strike by transport workers in paris residents and tourists expressed frustration with serious delays on the city's transport lines the strikes led by front to the unions turn a have no end date robin launched on the stray sion is set to take place on tuesday opponents of the pension reforms say employees will have to work longer yet receive smaller pensions the government says the current system is on affordable. and that's it to contain her london to the south but to jenny and lauren. some senior democrats in the u.s. have been paying close attention to the u.k. labor party's worst general election defeat since 1935 by president donald trump prime minister boris johnson is a populist to put delivering brakes at the center of his campaign as well as
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immigration carbons crushing defeat waves his questions as to whether left leaning presidential candidates in the us such as bernie sanders and elizabeth warren will be able to defeat trump in 2020 they're pushing radical policies such as universal health care for all but the front runner of the democratic nomination joe biden says labor's defeat should serve as a warning not to move too far to the left and another hopeful michael bloomberg says candidates need to appeal to all americans well lincoln mitchell is a political analyst and professor of political science at columbia university he says the only democrat likely to be successful is a moderate one there's no question that the kind of big picture lesson that everyone seems to be taking away is that the democrats need to nominate somebody from the center but 1st of all that's a kind of there are no the democrats are just a bunch of people who think of themselves as democrats so there's no strong party
9:42 pm
that can act on that and secondly whatever was going to happen in this election in the united kingdom there was going to be a strain of moderate democrats that were saying this proves we can't move too far to the left if corporate and labor party have won by being his supporters what he said but the united states is different so this is kind of where we always are in american politics and these electorates and these elections are different i mean the democratic party's base is much less white the u.s. electorate is much less white in an election both in the u.k. in the united states where white supremacy ism is kind of at the core that's a real key difference between these 2 countries that can't be ignored. well asia's prime minister says u.s. sanctions on iran violate international law speaking of the doha forum here in qatar marketeer mohamed says they've led to malaysia losing access to the iranian market washington we imposed the measures on terror after withdrawing from the 2050 nuclear deal malaysia and many others lost a big market when the us asian is a ploy
9:43 pm
a gives iran malaysia does not support that the imposition of the e.u. new level satan by the us again is iran says. clearly violate the united nations charter and international laws libya's foreign minister is also attending the doha forum earlier he told al-jazeera the un backed government will never allow a warlord probably for hundreds are to take the capital after announced a new offensive to capture tripoli on thursday has been renewed cashless with his forces near tripoli airport in recent days after supports a rival government based in eastern libya and has been attempting to seize the capital since april after the power. is still trying to accelerate its steps to invade tripoli our troops supporting the government of national accord will never enable him to do so we are firm on the ground and the main objective is to protect the civilians tripoli with its 3000000 citizens is the capital city for all
9:44 pm
libyans and this is the reason behind our main goal which is to protect the civilians and prevent how tough from entering tripoli. have been celebrations on the small pacific island chain of book the movie after it voted overwhelmingly for independence from papa new guinea almost 98 percent of those who took part in the referendum chals to breakaway up a new guinea's prime minister says there will be hard work ahead to ensure it happens. the un has accused chile of seriously violating the human rights of anti-government protesters investigators have detail what they describe as on lawful killings torture sexual abuse and excessive force urging the government to end the indiscriminate use of lead pellets and tear gas which are left about $350.00 people with severe i n.-g.'s chile says it's still investigating and the report is premature. well thousands of chileans are continuing their protest against the government despite the crackdown
9:45 pm
a latin america disillusioned human has more from a rally and some to go this demonstration from the presidential palace to protest against a shocking number of chileans who have been shot in the eyes of many cases reminded by riot police hit either by rubber pellets or by tear gas canisters and that is just run of the charges that didn't include it in the latest human rights report issued by the united nations the charges include rape sexual abuse illegal detention structure the whole list especially of excessive use of force by the riot police. the matter of course they are put under present danger that their eyes will be the eyes of those who can no longer see we've got i really . don't see that right policeman shot at me but pellicano directly to face it short range and burst open my left eye today i'm struggling for
9:46 pm
a couple my life my mother my take care what he's blind and now we only have one good eye between the 2 of us. this is the 3rd human rights report against chile in less than one month this time the government was prepared just before the un report was released the director of the police announced that 4 police generals including the head of special forces and control a public order or cop as it's called here we're being led to go into early retirement they've announced a total restructuring of special forces through training no water cannons and tear gas trucks and now even a new name for the special forces back there was trying to fix the problem the arms of the leadership and even active members of the police force had retired general said saying that the time is well overdue to replace general mind your own eyes however the president is refusing to do it. the mexican government's moving closer toward the launch of a multi-billion dollar rail system critics however one the project could harm
9:47 pm
indigenous communities and vast tropical forests as manuel republic has the details . southern mexico is world famous for ancient archaeological sites like by link it and. once the cradle of the mayan empire today southern mexico is considered one of the most poverty stricken regions in the country now mexican president under this month his older daughter has proposed lifting indigenous communities here out of extreme poverty it involves the construction of a railway called but in miami or mayan train intended to increase investment and create thousands of tourism related jobs but in a town in the state of competitive indigenous farmers like him no myleene lopez are skeptical but this is that to me this land is invaluable for one it's my father's inheritance if this poorly named mayan train arrives i would feel invaded i would feel my space has been occupied because of the time that other people come they will want to displace us. much of this region remains
9:48 pm
a vast wilderness were ancient mayan ruins can be found scattered across the landscape and many here worry what it might mean for a railway to cut through more than 1500 kilometers of tropical jungle and the moment everyone talks about global warming and how we have to take care of trees and plant more trees will this mine train project would destroy many trees and bring me my tourists more tourists means more garbage and more consumption of water that we don't even have today the president has consistently defended his proposal saying that any potential negative impacts resulting from the project will be minimal if the bridge get this point but then this project is important and will not affect them. on the contrary what we want is for the people to learn about the great artistic to think of to interrupt of the city and to create jobs through to the. mexican president under this one is over though it says that a final decision on construction of the mine train will ultimately depend on
9:49 pm
a regional referendum insisting that it will be the poorest communities who stand to benefit the most from the 7400000000 dollar railway project indigenous representatives from the 6 mexican states where the rail line will traverse say they haven't been given enough information from the government to make an educated decision. we have to be shown specific and clear studies of where the archaeological zones are we cannot say this project is good or bad we have to analyze the mexican government says construction of the mine train will take 4 years and help bring hundreds of thousands of jobs to one of the country's most overlooked regions. zita mexico city. still ahead here on al-jazeera. some ahmed salah magic made it a good day from the problem of all those details coming up in sports.
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from the al-jazeera london pro-con center to special guests in conversation when your government is going after you what do you do unprompted uninterrupted we have a deep state and in this teligent service to whatever they want to whoever they want whenever they want the trees color is nice locate the black people for as long as we've been fighting back have been labeled as terrorist studio to be unscripted on al-jazeera one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much and put in contribution to a story a feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know it's very challenging given the particulars because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues. the people believe to tell the real story so i'll just men be used to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe.
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let's catch up on all the day's sports news with far thanks to asian champions al hell out have booked their spot in the semifinals of the club world cup in doha south african champions esperance of tin is yet to get their french forward that baffled him big only getting winner to seal the one will win the whole hour looking to become the 1st inaugural paean and non south american winners of the tournament if he's brazil's flamengo next. the summation of this difficult game again so difficult opponent. we have time for you we.
9:52 pm
must start toward. the north of course she's a great great player she quit cause she used to be a good club. our correspondent andy richardson was at the game and oh. well i'll have a hour of saudi arabia have some happy recent memories of this stadium the home ground of our site here in qatar earlier on this year they be forwarned in the 1st leg of their asian champions league semifinal and here again tonight some history for that club beating esperance itchiness one nil to progress into the semifinals of the club world cup and what is their debut appearance in the tournament waiting for the next is for mango brazil they're having probably the best season in their history they've won the cup or liberty tourists they also want the brazilian league title making the 1st brazilian team to do that double since pele some sources say they did in the early 1960 s. now when they want last one the couple of years there was tough in 1901 they progressed into something called the intercontinental cup final that was the
9:53 pm
precursor of the club world cup and gets to be played in that final it was liverpool who they beat 3 no in that $981.00 final and liverpool of course also at this tournament as the champions of europe so that is a potential final of course in their way before that is that semifinal against on tuesday from aiming to become the 1st brazilian seems to win this title since corinthians did it back in. liverpool's domination of the english premier league continued on saturday they beat what for a while and solid got the goals for the table topping read as was their 16th win from 17 league games liverpool now have a 10 point lead over 2nd place last year who do won one nori each. we had. chances to score goals but they had chances robots if they didn't score from we had to fight and that's what we did and that's why we won it's been
9:54 pm
a mixed day for tiger woods and his u.s. team at the presidents cup they staged a great comeback against the internationals but patrick reid's caddie has been thrown out of the tournament for fighting with a spectator stokes reports he was on beaten on days one and 2 but tiger woods still chose to bench himself on day 3 putting his trust in his u.s. players including the under-fire patrick reed. have to being accused of cheating in his last tournament breeds been taunted by the australian crowd all week the former masters champion lost his 3rd straight match and then things went from bad to worse his caddie and brother in law cast the corinne took exception to a comment from the galleries and shoved a spectator this video was taken just afterwards and corinne was subsequently thrown out of the tournament meaning reid now needs a new caddy for the final day the us were trailing by 4 points but pulled it back in the afternoon foursomes gary would lose to dustin johnson took the suppose in the 1st match then patrick can play in zambia shuffle
9:55 pm
a racked up another win and suddenly the gap was down to just 2 points was i. and it looked like closing even further rickie fowler and justin thomas were $50.00 up in their match. but they let it slip abraham answer and mark leishman fighting back brilliantly winning 5 of the last 9 holes to tie. the internationals all set to fight back in the final match of the day walking nieman holding this leaping putts at the last hole to make sure of the half point i a day of twists and turns and no doubt more to follow in the 12 singles matches the internationals lead by 2 but the americans have only lost this tournament wanted 25 years and they'll have togo back in action on sunday he's picked himself to lead the comeback charge and much won david stokes out 0. test cricket's return to pakistan has been rather anticlimactic after more than a 10 year hiatus play was abandoned because of bad weather on day 4 in rawalpindi
9:56 pm
between pakistan and sri lanka follows just a few overs being bowled on thursday and friday the match hasn't progressed from the 1st innings with the visitors on 218 for 6 this is the 1st test in pakistan since the attack on sri lanka's team bus in 2009 and a lot more. former south africa wicketkeeper mark boucher has been appointed as their new national head coach his 1st test series in charge will be against england which begins on boxing day and century and boucher played 147 tests in 2951 day internationals before retiring in 2012 due to an eye injury. well bron james led the l.a. lakers to their 6 straight win this time against his former team the miami heat oberon had 28 points and 12 assists including this one for anthony davis who scored a game high 33 points james was just one rebound short of a triple double it's the 13th street road when for the lakers and it's the 1st home
9:57 pm
defeat for the season for the heat james said he enjoyed the physical nature of the kid. who got him we both. like the old days the over. you know. form of knowledge time i've had through time or the. type of physicality routines that. point will right now in this boy's season 2 teams that play physical play together play hard. that's what they were they are right now a season that's what we are. and how about this buzzer beater in the european leagues and in st petersburg alex renfro silence a bar in munich crowded with this spectacular shots all the way out from the halfway line. something i should really be worth 4 points. for the shots that is all your sport for now julie back to you thank you so much fara
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a 21st century superpower salman's the challenges it now faces from the outside and from within the china complex up to on al-jazeera. i chaos in the courtroom the sudan's former president bashir is sentenced to 2 years in a reform center for corruption. i don't know until you're watching al jazeera live from london also coming up. protests rage on against india's new citizenship door with more buses torched and railway stations vandalized sauce. this is set up pull ups u.n. climate talks in trouble.


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