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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 20, 2019 5:00am-6:00am +03

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cycling answers like this one play a clear role in argentina's waste management. this is al jazeera. and is a problem in this is the news out live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes turkey pledges military help in the un recognized libyan government's battle against a wall of forces. lebanon's president names former education minister the out of the next prime minister following weeks of political uncertainty. tens of thousands of people marched through the streets and india in coordinated protests against a controversial citizenship law and will be live in macau is it marks 20 years of
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return to chinese rule by beijing is promoting it as a model for its one country 2 systems policy. letter is internationally recognized government has approved a military dude with turkey paving the way for ancora to play a bigger role in the of the war the agreement could save turkish troops deployed to defend tripoli from warlord khalifa haftar egypt which backs half the rejects the deal saying it violates un security council resolutions including an arms embargo were chalons his war. libya's warring forces are on the move here soldiers have to libyan national army advanced west there are breaking now and hoping to open a new front for months i've been fighting on the outskirts of tripoli against the army of the government of national accord on thursday the un backed g.
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and i announced it's agreed to receive greater military help from turkey but that. after half an hour as an office side is receiving support from home this is known to all by so raj with his lawful and legitimate government and not receiving any support currently based on us why decide and provide them with the assistance we can afford. this is a proxy conflict that splits the middle east and north africa and beyond the u.a.e. saudi arabia egypt and russia have all given greater or lesser assistance to have to but if we have to or might topple the government of national accord has spurred turkey into overt action for turkey their interest is not libya itself anybody who looks at a map of the mediterranean will see that egypt to turkey south south cyprus greece and potentially libya if it falls on the half that and therefore goes into the u.a.e. or bit is forming a sort of maritime choke hold on to turkey for turkey libya is the final chance to prevent this chokehold from taking place although libya's g.n.a.t.
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has ratified the security and military cooperation deal it struck with turkey last month is not immediately clear what kind of military support turkey might offer libya or when but it reinforces turkey's role in influencing libya's future like with syria russia and turkey have taken different sides increasing their diplomatic leverage and corporation. we russia by the way are in permanent contact with mr seraphina's government with marshall have to we continuously communicate with our partners including those in turkey in europe and in other countries in our opinion the best solution would be to find a compromise between the 2 sides of the conflict. at the u.n. al-jazeera asked the secretary general spokesman for his take on turkey's military assistance i think the secretary general a couple times yesterday was very clear in his expression and frankly of his i would say is frustration at the situation in libya of the constant flouting by
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various member states of the arms embargo and of the continued fighting that we're seeing in and around tripoli and other places in the country but that fighting certainly isn't over yet will reach out and al-jazeera now any turkish deployment were made approval from palmettos mohamad though explain thomas farm bill. well turkish president. is very clear the turkey is ready willing to all for the government of national accord in tripoli watch help needs and boots on the ground if they come up with a formal request to. what sending arms is one thing and troops is a different matter altogether it takes on a whole process and right now that military corp agreement signed between turkey
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and libya is going through the formalities of getting. approved by parliament it's supposed to come up for a vote on wednesday to go to the north of the foreign affairs committee of parliament just this week and even after a lot happens and that agreement is ratified by a parliament then the government of national accord i was once again go to send a formal request for the deployment of turkish troops on the haass to go back to parliament so that the troops can get not only the approval but also among the. 4 for what they will be doing exactly in libya once they're deployed well libya is divided between 2 competing governments the un recognizes the government of national accord based in tripoli it's supported by turkey and many western powers including italy but in the east there is data broke based government that the
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center of power for warlords khalifa haftar and his libyan national army has backed by saudi arabia egypt and the united arab emirates france is also accused of providing military support and russian snipers a fighting alongside half the troops when he launches a professor at george washington university's school of international affairs and he explains why turkey has offered its support. turkey sees itself as the champion of the arab spring and what is left from the arab spring it has this geo political struggle going on with you a in egypt and others and it would like also to support the muslim brotherhood where it's under attack now the muslim brotherhood is much weaker in libya than in some of the neighboring states but it's a part of the coalition of the west and of course we have solid fists on both sides of the struggle but but turkey definitely wants the western government to hang on.
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we're remains to be seen whether turkish troops will be sent but the troops are less important right now what the western government needs is technology and arms they're not lacking from in power as much as they're lacking for arms it needs more help in the air war would have to really has an advantage and it needs to make symbolic gains spoil the whole the western libyan alliance together and to demonstrate to the international community that the west is going to give up any time soon turkey is really the only country that standing up against the eastern government which is backed by a number of countries the latest u.n. expert panel report that came out in early december as i think officially being released this week cites particularly u.a.e. jordan turkey as the biggest violators of the arms embargo but there are number of their countries russia sudan chad and others who are supporting have to are in turkey is really the only country that's been systematically supporting the west
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obviously the italians are helping in small ways and the americans are working with the west on counterterrorism but the west needs both symbolically and in terms of arms all the help it can get. the turkish president has denounced other muslim nations for not supporting his plans to resettle refugees in northern syria but it further advances his country's under increasing pressure with 50000 people migrating from syria's province into turkey the latest round of russian attacks against rebels and southeastern has killed at least 3 civilians and left many more injured shelling airstrikes in the province have escalated in recent weeks. now yemen's warring sides have agreed to create a humanitarian corridor was in the key city of whole day there the port city is the country's main point of entry for food and aid handling 70 percent of all imports the agreement follows 2 days of u.n. mediated talks between what the rebels on the southern led coalition conflict has
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pushed millions to the brink of starvation and created the world's worst humanitarian disaster. lebanon's president has asked an academic to form the new government is backed by hezbollah and its allies the album urged as a candidate without a goal in prime minister saad hariri withdrew on wednesday but there are already protests against his nomination as tony berkeley reports from beirut. 24 hours ago he wasn't even in the running but on thursday last sunday ab was appointed lebanon's new prime minister and given the difficult task of leading the country out of its worst political crisis in decades you will have no new deal of unease if it should focus on preventing the collapse of restoring confidence and safeguarding national unity by consolidating bridges of understanding between all of a nice people political and security stability is a priority today and it is a cornerstone for the protection of their country 5 years ago mr de service
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education minister in a cat's government now he's promised to be a unifying force and has asked the country to bury its divisions and give him a chance not everyone is prepared to do that many see him as part of the old political order they want overhauled they want someone that resent as you know and as. the guys say is not related to anyone from all the parties and all the politicians in this country and doesn't belong to the cause of the regime. and the idea is that we've been 60 days on the streets and our demands are very clear. lebanon has suffered from nearly 2 months of often violent and disruptive street protests over government corruption spiraling inflation and a dire economic situation but there are those who believe mr can succeed look now and lebanon is suffering serious military and economic pressures and risks a social explosion the current social revolution may lead to insecurity and
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instability and we all have to help the app is a technocrat and specialist and everyone should understand that the former university professor was not elected unanimously the large influential sunny bloc led by the former prime minister saad hariri did not support mr diablo or nominate its own candidate he was backed by the predominately shiite hezbollah alliance the media in israel has already described mr diablo as hezbollah's man. and this shows that as well as dealing with lebanon's pressing domestic issues he was also juggle the interests of outside powers such as a run syria the u.s. and israel which have all played a part in the country's political instability. i was after mr diablo accepted the nomination people were still out protesting although in fewer numbers but in sunny areas of beirut and lebanon the 2nd largest city tripoli there were reports of roads being blocked and tires being burned mr diablo begin talking to all parties
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this weekend but it's clear that not everyone wants to listen. there's still a lot of talking to be done before her son is able to head a new government and that process can still take months for the question is how will his nomination translate for the lebanese people and will it be enough to stop the violence and the demonstrations tony 3 al jazeera beirut. are plenty more ahead of the news hour including a gunman opens fire outside the headquarters of the vashon security services who will have a report from moscow. at the ceremonial opening of the u.k. parliament the government's post for exit agendas revealed and a limpid golders and roger federer aside for 2020 people will have more later in sport. donald trump is demanding an immediate trial in the u.s. senate a day after being impeached but house speaker nancy pelosi says she won't send the
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case to the senate until she knows how proceedings will be managed and that certain witnesses can be called but in a post on twitter trump accuse the democrats of telling the senate how to run the trial shihab rattansi reports. here is that. the democrats were unanimous in a petri donald trump 3 voted against it and one jeff drew of new jersey is now going to join the republican party. president expressed his defiance after meeting about drew at the white house it doesn't feel like impeachment and you know what it's a phony deal and a cheap in the word impeach it's an ugly word but they cheapen the word impeachment . that should never again happen to another president we think that. what they did is wrong we think that what they did is unconstitutional earlier the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell attacked wednesday's vote in the house of representatives to impeach the president as the fulfillment of
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a long held democratic party plan to overturn the results of the 2016 election. houses vote yesterday was not some neutral judgment that democrats came to with great reluctance it was the pre-determined. of a partisan crusade that began before president trouble is even nominated let alone for now mcconnell has already said that he will take his cues from the white house as he oversees a senate trial for the president the democrats happy leader mcconnell claimed the impeachment was motivated by partisan rage this from the man who said proudly i am not impartial i have no intention to be impartial at all in the trial of president trump. what hypocrisy immediately after wednesday's vote nancy pelosi refused to commit to sending the articles of impeachment to the senate for consideration some
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democrats of argued no trial should take place unless there are guarantees of fairness. however on thursday pelosi seems to be speaking in terms of where a trial would occur and if a trial would take place and next thing for. me the process that is set point and. then the number. that we may have to go forward last night. but we'd like to see a fair process but we'll see what they have and we'll be ready for whatever it is the democrats want to be able to call witnesses as they make their case in the senate mcconnell has said he wants a swift proceeding as possible and the house democrats making their case and the white house making its defense only then will witnesses be considered congress begins its christmas recess this week the entire month of january has been set aside in the senate for impeachment proceedings but as of now it's unclear when the trial will occur. the al-jazeera washington. and a 6th democratic presidential debate as underway in los angeles all 7 candidates
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are trying to convince voters that they are best suited their best suited to take on trump and next chance in that action and spreading our correspondent rob reynolds now he's joining us from outside the debate venue so impeachment not surprisingly featuring in the debate but i did hear one candidate saying that america needs to stop obsessing with impeachment trough. well you know the impeachment issue was certainly a very important phrase allude to this debate a debate actually started literally 24 hours after the house impeached president trump and not surprisingly it was the 1st question that the moderators asked of the various candidates of vice president joe biden former vice president who is the front runner in the democratic race said that in reference to impeachment my job is to make the case as to why trump should not be reelected as president senator bernie sanders said we cannot have
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a president of trump's temperament dishonoring his office elizabeth warren the senator from massachusetts saying the key question for democrats is how to defeat the most corrupt president in living memory suggesting that she was the person for that job and in the end a mayor people who to judge said that no matter what happens in the senate this is an opportunity for the ordinary people of america to reject cynicism now there was surprisingly cordial tone in this debate no really heavy or sharp verbal jousting or or jabs between the candidates at least not so far the debate is due to go on for another couple of hours climate change was a major issues that took up quite a bit of time the candidate the billionaire businessman tom styer saying he would make climate change the number one priority of his entire presidency. i lived for policy also was that discussed with warren saying that we need to treat our allies
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better the dictators biden calling israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. calling his behavior outrageous and calling for a 2 state solution as the only possible remedy in the middle east for 2 the palestinian and israeli situation and a meek low but you are saying it is time to return foreign policy to sanity people to judge again that mayor from indiana who has done surprisingly well in the 1st state to vote a little over a month from now saying how we embarrassed he was listen to other world leaders laughing at president from at the recent nato summit. rob thank you for that for now there's the rub reynolds for the latest from that democratic debate. now china's president is in the semi autonomous city of macau a territory the chinese government has recently hailed as
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a model of its one country 2 systems policy unlike hong kong macao has seen few protests at his introduce security laws that proved controversial in the neighboring region she jinping is expected to reward the city with policies that will help diversify its gambling dependent economy friday marks the 20th anniversary off mcalister return to chinese rule but these are live pictures from macau now journalists activists and even the heads of the american chamber of commerce in hong kong were bought from entering the city in the run up to she's visit. to india now where at least 3 protesters were shot and killed in confrontations with police and nationwide rallies against a new sizzling schip bill went ahead despite a government that hundreds of people were detained in all makes it easier for non muslims from 3 neighboring countries to get indian citizenship protesters say goes against india a secular constitution so hold raman reports from new delhi. they marched in the
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thousands across india in the capital with placards in hand they denounce the government and its new citizenship law i it was peaceful here a civil society leaders politicians academics and people congregated at the historic red fort near the muslim quarter of the city was the confrontation with the police it was inevitable that it was was going for control of the situation has been a daily battle for police and civil society says the law was passed nearly a week ago was. 6 that there was a heavy security presence backed up by riot control personnel this demonstrator is clear about why he's here. the government shouldn't be doing this it's unfair he had all the same be live here in india because we are equal in free be able to
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right to protest was more protesters arrived ready to be taken away by police so that you know. that lady is being saying i'll go i'll go peacefully with the police and that's exactly what's happened with the protests that have been coming into the red fort complex here they've been slowly that the hundreds of them that been slowly protesting quietly and peacefully arriving at the barriers they've been arrested individually and loaded onto those coaches that you can see behind me the processing was one by one they were loaded onto buses and driven away each denouncing the police the other people. civil society leader you can regard over many communist party leaders were some of the high profile arrests those taken from here were released later while others were detained. there have been protests in over a dozen indian cities for new delhi to look for a book by to judge to go kolkata saw some of the largest demonstrations ordered national day of as it was being called against the new immigration law. even in
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hyderabad police had their hands full taking demonstrators away to be processed or charged. more than one politician from the west bengal has a warning for the b j p led government the politicians will only be the catalyst and if in our people of people the 1st part they will not accept this law and the 2nd part is the at the 4th level opportunity when it comes to at the bottom they will want the. the authorities are not taking any chances while the demonstrations grade strength a number. that the government has imposed restrictions by the gatherings of all the 4 people and cutting it today at a local services in some areas the protesters here say they want the government to scrap the new law and go will likely go on until lot happens but it'll be up to those in power to determine how they deal with that and reserve board in the days ahead. to hell robin al jazeera you delhi. well as those protests continue one of
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the tactics the government's using to try to stop demonstrations the shutdown the internet and that's not unusual in india last year there were a total of $134.00 shut downs and online trackers reported 95 suspensions this year the longest in the disputed region of kashmir has lasted 136 days so far mobile internet is still unavailable there last year india was the global number one for internet shutdowns cutting services 8 times as often as 2nd placed pakistan but early in my colleague lauren taylor spoke to on the point of men is a visiting lecturer in politics at the university of westminster and she says protesters have found ways to challenge internet shutdowns. we have had internet shutdowns not just in faraway places like wish me to or as some but it's actually come to the very heartland of india delhi it said it has seen a complete come down off communication including 4 networks until 1 pm after which
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there were 3 stored so on the one hand the government has given the justification that this internet clampdown is only to maintain peace and to stop humor mongering but at the same time what we see from the people is an understanding that this is not just for those reasons and then actively challenging age and they're coming out adopting originated strategies of resistance so to take inspiration from the homegrown movement right now they're using apps that don't require internet. connectivity and they're switching to or to native means of mobilizing and disseminating messages and information to come together and protest and so i mean aside from that the use of it in this context in the past as we saw in that graphic india is one of the kind of highest uses of this tactic of shutting down the internet why why is the government so keen on this what are the other issues that it's trying to deal with in this way so the way we see it right now it seems like oh poor strategy to go of any kind of dissent and silence aid because it is not
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surprising that india has a major problem of fake news that is disseminated primarily through the use of what india is what's absolutely just market and india also sees the largest number of forwards happening on the on the application without any fact made a fixation or without any source credibility so the problem here is multi-pronged because we're having information being disseminated at crazy rates without any fact waiting for geisha in and it is really impacting on people in the sense it's creating an environment of fear and paranoia among the protesters because they're like why are fundamental rights being caught up here. the pakistani government has denounced the ruling of judges who sentenced former president pervez musharraf to death a special court found the former president was in a hospital and by guilty of high treason for suspending the constitution in 2007 the court ordered his arrest and said that if he dies before hand his body should be dragged through the streets and hanged for 3 days the government is calling for
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the leader of the judges panel to be disbarred and i'm a shadow of his the verdict is politically motivated. i call this verdict suspicious because during the hearing of this case the supremacy of the law was ignored from beginning to end this case was taken up and heard by certain people solely on the basis of personal identity towards me. welcome our high there is an islamic bar then he explains how pakistan's military is planning to appeal the ruling. earlier on a special called st james. tire generated by rates more shot of dead in a high treason tries dad tried love it went on for 6 years and the military then reacting very strongly against dad saying how a soldier who served his country for over 40 years be outraged the government then coming on board supporting the military for an interview but there was another
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bombshell 40 years after dad ruling by the courts. particularly. off dad war days it was mentioned daughter dish or direct them and even if it. should be brought to its head bodies would be dragged and the idea should be then hang for 3 days outside father meant that of course has prompted a very strong reaction from the military and government law minister for the. government announced that they will now be filing for an application in the supreme court for the formation of like supreme judicial council the main stage of heading off from prison 7 all for drugs issue with such a word day. still ahead on the news hour 2 firefighters the killed in a straining as they battle out of control bushfires in very cold temperatures as
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they said john uprising one year vom but what's changed since the removal of machine and i'm lucky to some 17 buckets for the opening day of the 2nd test in karachi peter has the action. we'll. be a. recurring. hello it started raining in central china once again you may not have expected it was there it is maybe it's because the cold is trying to reggie's way and has come against that the moisture on the walls and for the other way is a massive right it spreads itself towards shanghai on the high ground of course it's cold enough for a bit of snow not a lot rain is the main thing and it's more or less stationary so if you're in hong kong you're fine if you're in shanghai you're probably wet if you're in chengdu look to your east you'll see the edge of the crowd there the thicker crowd south of
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that and we'd expect to see the rain mostly in indonesia and indeed it is but there are big showers right up into the southern philippines and just to the east in the philippines see a potential for development once again by developing i mean trouble go psycho type seeing the time being is just a depression enhanced the rain the next day or so but no more than that one to watch will respect take some of the energy out of the atmosphere so the showers in borneo particularly in sumatra are not as heavy as they were but singapore still in the mix before conscious jakarta rather lesser that's true of all of java in northwestern india and despite the cloud that streams across it will bring some snow to the very north the high ground it's slow moving again so in delhi in particular for the south stuck didn't poor out across is the story. the weather sponsored by countdown and what.
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overgrazing the damage caused to the pressure. is being reversed with one of the world's biggest. project. they're pretty emblematic of the. plentiful and they're. going back and they feel no threat. for. patagonia on al-jazeera.
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hello again i'm a little problem and with the top stories this hour libya's u.n. recognized government has approved a military dude with turkey which could turkish troops deployed to defend tripoli from. egypt which backs half there has rejected the agreement lebanon's president has asked a former education minister to be the new prime minister. backed by hezbollah but protesters are rejecting his nomination and divisions between democrats and republicans have a day off to donald trump and peach mint the republican leader in the senate called the impeachment toxic house speaker nancy pelosi is refusing to send the case to the senate until she's. been managed. a government has opened
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fire outside the headquarters of russia's top security agency the f.s.b. in moscow one officer was killed and 5 others wounded the f.s.b. says the attacker has now been code step for us and reports from moscow. the sound of gunfire echoes through the streets of the russian capital. sending people running to safety and initiating a major security operation by heavily armed special forces. according to russian media reports a man attacked this building on lubyanka square in the center of moscow. it's the home of russia's federal security service the apis b. and its communist era criticise the k.g.b. for. the attack and then we courted me flat to a neighboring building barricading himself inside security services then shot him
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that ambulances were on the scene to help several casualties started where you're going to stop there were gunshots so of course i didn't get any closer because i wanted to live my head around the corner and watch from there the emergency services came a bit later. before the police officers ran up to number and loaded somebody onto it quickly i don't know for sure but apparently he was already dead you know and he was as though the russian president was informed about the shootings that happened on the same day vladimir putin was holding his annual showcase press conference screened life on russian television put in was formerly an f. is b. chief before entering politics it's unclear what the attackers motives might have been or whether he was acting alone your soldiers are now trying to establish his identity a. real threat to place here at the heart of russia's secret service one of the most important institutions in the country the institution where president palin
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with whom throughout her thinking you have an intelligence officer going over the most of this incident will be taken as we move seriously especially because of the place during the annual celebration for apple employees at the kremlin attended by the president in the past how to clear a small town. now tens of thousands of people have marched in cities across the dawn to celebrate one year since the start of the uprising that saw president omar al bashir removed from power the protests were 1st triggered by an increase in the price of bread but they quickly turned into broader anti-government demonstrations calling for political change as have a moment reports from khartoum protesters still fail sudan has a long way to go. with chancellor to those back rang out during the start of anti-government protests last year this train takes off from the sudanese capital how to move to a place nicknamed the city of steel and fire where the revolution started
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a year ago. while those in power to mark its 1st anniversary the same way they started every demonstration last year with the singing of the national anthem. repute how resilient they can be and how strong they are and how can they stand up to anything using their crazy. power and the creative energy and their determination and resilience through tough times it's all began over the high price of bread in the northeastern city of god but within hours it spread to other cities and soon turned nationwide people demanded their resignation of president obama and bashir who had to govern for nearly 30 years they also called on his entire government and ruling party to go. the military deposed bashir in april and following months of political turmoil filled with determination and persistence to see change by demonstrators the military hunta and protest leaders reached a power sharing deal in august and then from the transitional government. sudan's
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revolution has been costly in terms of lives these pictures show just some of those killed during protests over the past 12 months and even though bashir and his government are gone and a new transitional one is then demonstrators who demanded change say their revolution is far from over activists say more than $250.00 protesters were killed since the start of the protests have of that during an attack on a pro-democracy sitting on june 3rd and 12 months on in a revolution where people called for freedom peace and justice the demand for justice has taken a front seat. so result that we want retribution for those killed they've given their lives for change to happen because of them were able to celebrate today. the transitional government has set up a committee to look into those allegations the government also disbanded the former ruling party in line with some of the demands made by the people the sudanese professional association which led the calls for protests as much work remains
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after all of this all this progress still out there still. sounding for freedom still out there for just the senate this is right. and demanding peace and we think that will come a long way and you still have a long way to go if it's just a matter of time so for now people here examine and reflect on what they've achieved so far while making it clear that they still want to see more being done to complete their revolution here morgan al jazeera. and dressed in that goldman sachs is reportedly in talks with the u.s. government to admit go to and pay a fine of $2000000000.00 for its part in the malaysian corrupt. scandal the malaysian state owned development fund known as one m d b was set up in 2009 to attract foreign investment but the u.s. justice department says most of the money was misappropriated by fund officials goldman sachs accused of ignoring warning signs in pursuit of its $600000000.00 fee
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according to the wall street journal an asian subsidiary of the bank could plead guilty to violating u.s. bribery laws in statement goldman sachs said resolution discussions are ongoing adding it would be irresponsible to speculate on an outcome well let's get more on this now we're joined by william black he's a former federal regulator and an associate professor of economics and law at the university of missouri kansas city and he's joining us live from minneapolis very good to have you with us on al jazeera so it looks like an agent subsidiary of goldman sachs might have to pay the 2 $1000000000.00 fine but is the still damaging for goldman sachs mr black yes enormously but far more damaging for the people of malaysia. this is the 2nd story in a row of course. about the change of government in this one it was because of a massive fraud so discredited the prior government that it was defeated militarily
5:39 am
and the new malaysian government does seem determined to hold the former prime minister najib razak and those behind this corruption scandal to account. the settlement that we're talking about those between the u.s. department of justice and goldman sachs but it doesn't effect affect the investigation by malaysian authorities does it who are seeking billions of dollars from goldman so they could be could there be more bad news for the bank. well one hopes that there will be and it does potentially affected a great deal. it's true that malaysia has its own independent investigation and the us settlement would not prevent that from going forward but malaysia of course is a huge beneficiary when there is a u.s. vigorous investigation and indeed it's conceivable that
5:40 am
a significant portion of the potential to do $1000000000.00 fine that some of that might even go to malaysia so the 2 cases are interrelated and what you don't want is a pretty premature give up by the united states in which they announce the settlement the stock price mediately rises because people know it should have been much worse and how committed would you say that the u.s. department of justice as to pursuing this and making sure that justice is done again this is the corruption scandal that is. about malaysia. it is but it's also about an institution that people outside the united states may not understand the full scope so we call in the united states goldman sachs government sachs because it is so powerful in terms of us institutions. it was
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a major issue in our last presidential election was hillary clinton taking lots of money for giving speeches to goldman sachs' president not president trump denouncing her for that but then he promptly hired 5 very senior officials and to including 2 cabinet level officials from goldman sachs tried to do hire a 6th and the head of our securities and exchange commission was a fancy wall street lawyer whose primary client was goldman sachs so in u.s. terms. prosecutions and fines of elite white collar criminal targets what goldman sachs have reached a 34 year low under the trump administration and it's going to be a real test do they actually get a criminal conviction and if they do insist on a guilty plea will it actually have any consequences in other words under u.s.
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law normally when a company pleads guilty to a felony there are huge implications for example they're not allowed to function working with the government but goldman sachs business in large part is working with government so none of us expect there to be the kind of usual provisions that would have major implications for goldman sachs' business mr black thank you very much for putting all of that into perspective for us we do appreciate your time that is happening in black live in kansas city thank you. now the u.k.'s prime minister bars johnson has put bricks that have the heart of his new government's agenda as his custom britain's queen elizabeth read out a list of proposed new laws and a ceremonial opening of parliament the speech also outline plans to guarantee funding for the national health service and introduce a new immigration system for bread and reports from london.
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black rod banging on the door of the commons boris johnson knocking on the door of his destiny the prime minister looked visibly excited next to a stony faced opposition leader jeremy corbyn as the 2 men made their way through to the upper house to hear the queen read out johnson's program of reforms among a raft of new legislation there is a singular priority my government's priority is to deliver the united kingdom's departure from the european union on the 31st of january of the 25 new bills listed in the speech 7 are related to delivering breck says but the government intends to make the most of its 80 seat majority there will be the deepest review of britain's security defense and foreign policy since the end of the cold war the official secrets act and the laws on treason will be reviewed and the government will establish a constitution democracy and human rights commission to look at the very nature of
5:44 am
how british democracy operates it is a radical program. the queen's role is over the ceremonial here and parliament has finished and responsibility for enacting this ambitious lists of legislation now falls to the m.p.'s back in the commons the prime minister was cheered by his backbenches i know call the prime minister. i say to the people of this country we owe you we know it and we will deliver and we have now the energy we have the ideas we have the mandate we have the people and we will spare no effort to fulfil that mandate from scotland though a warning to the prime minister scottish national party leader nicholas sturgeon publishing her own draft legislation to start the process of calling another scottish independence referendum sturgeon knows that the prime minister will refuse
5:45 am
to allow it a refusal she intends to use in her favor. for the time being though boris johnson is on a high fresh from a resoundingly lecture when equipped with a big stable parliamentary majority there is little to stand in his way for since the last queen's speech back in october was also quite ambitious but there was no chance of ever being able to deliver a new policy that was more of a kind of shop window for the forthcoming election campaign as it was that whereas now there is a sense that at least at least in terms of the palm tree arithmetic she can actually deliver these policies right the pace of lawmaking will be hectic there is a lot of legislation to pass and less than a year to do in e.u. trade deal and introduce a whole new points based immigration system seems an ambitious timetable it may be that actually enacting the new laws would be a bigger challenge than actually passing them paul brennan al-jazeera westminster. and e.u. court has ruled that in jail the catalan separatist leader was entitled to any
5:46 am
unity that comes with being a member of the european parliament or cared as was jailed for 30. in years in that job or for his role in the 2017 independence referendum that was deemed illegal by spanish courts the european court of justice has ruled that as an elected m.e.p. he should not be subject to detention or legal proceedings the decision could put brussels on a collision course with spanish authorities and in a separate ruling on thursday the leader of catalonia is regional government has been found guilty of disobedience and sentenced to an 18 month ban from holding public office kim daughter has vowed to appeal his conviction which is over his refusal to remove process session and flags from public buildings during campaigning for national and local elections now 2 former executives as south africa's stake drawn electricity company eskom have been arrested over accusations of fraud this is speculative pocket and millions of dollars from the budget for 2
5:47 am
new power plants eskom provides 90 percent of the country's electricity. brazilian president jabal tamara's is a controversial bill allowing a mining project on indigenous land is ready for congressional approval the planned mines have been near the top of yours river where nearly 14000 indigenous people live in one $112.00 villages also now or has promised to quote assimilate and degenerates people into brazilian society and raise their standard of living but rights groups say he's putting them at risk. to volunteer firefighters have been killed in australia while battling out of control bushfires near sydney it comes a strain as the strain experienced as hottest day ever breaking a record set just 24 hours earlier the average temperature across the country on thursday reached 41.9 degrees celsius promised scott morrison has cut short a vacation to address the emergency jessica washington reports from sydney.
5:48 am
a crisis that has been raging for months millions of acres of land destroyed as hundreds of fires burned around the country bushfires are a normal part of the summer but not like this the ferocity of this is prompting authorities to take extreme measures in a stray most populous states new south wales will be in a state of emergency from today for the next 7 days as you are away this is the 2nd state of emergency we've declared since the far as commenced in july was to die is going to be very bad. here in new south wales the forecast says that sort of i will be even worse so we're talking about some very serious and dangerous conditions over the coming days the state of emergency means the fire service will have authority to shut down utilities like water and electricity close roads demolish
5:49 am
buildings and evacuate residents sydney's famous harbor views have been completely transformed by the disaster was. and frustrations are growing the combination of the crisis drought heatwaves criticism of the government's climate policies a group of protesters most of them high school students gathered outside the prime minister's house braving the smoky and uncomfortable heat to stage a sit in i'm just really sick of what's been happening. by the government for weeks and weeks. there's almost a festival atmosphere at the stadium just outside the prime minister's residence. but the protesters here say that they're serious about their message that the government isn't doing enough to stop what they're calling a climate emergency. across the country across the country and they're not doing anything about it we've seen
5:50 am
a 25 percent increase in risk presentation. because of this. pollution that's resulting from that. because of government change and its. prime minister. he's on holiday. to face the heat. even more dangerous in the coming days.
5:51 am
5:52 am
time for sports here's peter thank you very much russia is through appeal its 4 year ban from sporting events by the world anti-doping agency president vladimir putin describing the sanctions as unfair and politically motivated putin was speaking after the russian and leader appears to be over to file their case with the court of arbitration for sport within the next $10.00 to $15.00 days what is punishing russia for manipulating the bottom 3 data and covering up past doping offenses the country would be disqualified from next year's olympics on the 2022 world cup if the ban is up held renier would. i think the decision is not only unfair but also against common sense and the law nothing like this is ever happened
5:53 am
in the history of mankind in any legal system of the world and hopefully it will never happen with any punishment should be individual if someone is caught for some wrong doing then this is natural and fair but if the vast majority of sportsmen are clean how can there be sanctions applied to them for the actions of others ukrainian weightlifter or lexy a top recti has been stripped of the gold medal he won of the 2012 olympics and banned for 2 years the i.o.c. has retested samples from the london games and found a positive test for banned steroids talk to no longer compete but he's banned prevents him working as an official within any sport. also the weather ruined the historic return of home test matches to pakistan the 2nd test of the series against sri lanka has begun in frantic fashion half centuries from. them if pakistan a good platform to build from but they lost their last 5 wickets for just 24 runs
5:54 am
all after 191 and really matthews here taking a terrific catch on the run to remove shaheen afridi. then lost 3 weeks before the close of play including that of captain de mint. it was $64.00 for 3. so they went out the history. if you want to lies the history of this ground it's always a batting 1st wicket the teams batting 1st have scored big runs but we were not expecting it would take turn the ball would seem like that if you look at the whole day's play our bowlers also bowled well i still say that if we bowl well we could dismiss them within the total we've put on the board liverpool and flamingo are preparing for saturday's final of the fever club world cup in doha back in 1901 the brazilian side beat liverpool 3 nil in the final of an earlier version of this tournament the intercontinental cup the club world cup has been dominated by the european champions and only once in the last 12 finals has there been a south american winner roger federer says he is heading into his 22nd year on the
5:55 am
a.t.p. tour with win new belief and vigor he didn't there to ease 20 grand slam titles in 29000 but a great hearts that he was still able to compete for the top prizes at the age of 381 title federer has never won is the olympic games singles gold medal in the years making it one of his big targets in 2020. after the year that i've had played really good and felt good physically many issues a little something at the u.s. open and little things here and there but not really worth mentioning. and you know it really playing some good tennis you know all around but you know maybe just missing out on the big one i think that that what i would like to change i have to go back to the drawing board with my dream i need to train really hard and i think that will be obvious to a goal of mine trying to win you know one of the 5 big ones. plus the olympic 6 you know one of those 6 chances i would like to take by contrast maria sharapova says
5:56 am
she's not sure what's expected 2020 after another season troubled by injury it's 5 and a half years since she last won a grand slam title tara povey still hopes to get back to the top of the game this season has been a very limited season for me in terms of the amount of tournaments that i've played so tough to make any decisions looking forward right now i want to take it a step at a time and see where i am a few months into the season while i love waking up and getting better at my craft so although it's been challenging and challenging just not to be out playing competitively and giving myself the best chance to compete i think that's been the toughest part mentally as well but i certainly strive to be the best again. well the former world number one is at least off to the right start in terms of getting back to the top of a game on thursday she faced australia's top gun of h.
5:57 am
at the world tennis championship in abu dhabi sharp over getting a good workout to go free love down in the open set and training for one in the 2nd eventually the 32 year old would win this 164 and 75. 3 months after the rugby world cup in japan was hit by a typhoon organizers of the tokyo to a t 20 olympics are taking no chances when it comes to natural disasters or thora tees have been carrying out earthquake rescue drills at the new iraqi gymnastics center where stars like simone biles are set to compete next year this one simulated a 7.3 magnitude quake organizers also preparing for the effect of summer heat with american already having been moved from tokyo to the cooler climate of support. and that's all the sports news for now we'll see you again later thank you very much paige and that does it for this news hour with me as the prana thank you very much for watching.
5:58 am
day one of a new era in television news we badly need at this moment leadership and felt this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist 3 weeks ago now there's at least 20000 or hinder refugees who live here. i got to come in you're almost all i'm hearing is good journalism presenters the public has resides after all the lies the attempts of cover ups jamal khashoggi is love long as some form of closure people are suffering put on dying entire school systems books elapsing we're going to beginning of a mass extinction we saw the syrian army's flag voice that high in the city just a plea for the. goods to massage the minds of the 100 meters away from the front line but such
5:59 am
a happy happy about that leap. a city defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here with the capital of jerusalem everyone is welcome but the. main thing is because only a project that's what we diffuse it was one of the soundness of the settlement and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is in the 21st century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera from the al-jazeera in london through a cost center to special guests in conversation this is the chance to start the revolution unprompted uninterrupted we need to do away with the evil because it stops a conversation where should i land to proton meets i.e. should i can be this is the beginning of friendship this is the beginning of love
6:00 am
you know we're getting somewhere we can really break through the barrier studio unscripted on al-jazeera. joining the fight turkey pledges military help from the un recognized libyan government's battle against the warlords forces. this is al jazeera live from also coming up lebanon's president names a former education minister as that acts prime minister following weeks of political uncertainty. tens of thousands of people marched.


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