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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 20, 2019 6:00am-6:33am +03

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unscripted on al-jazeera. joining the fight turkey pledges murfree help relieve u.n. recognized libyan government's battle against the warlords forcing. i'm sam is a this is al jazeera live from also coming up lebanon's president names a former education minister is the next prime minister following weeks of political uncertainty. tens of thousands of people marched through the streets in india coordinated protests against a controversial citizenship law homes destroyed and lives lost now as
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the threat bushfires raging in australia will get even worse. libya's internationally recognized government has approved a metric deal with turkey paving the way for ankara to play a bigger role in the civil war they agreement could see turkish troops deployed to defend tripoli from walter khalifa haftar egypt backs hafter and rejects the deal saying it violates un security council resolutions including an arms embargo rory chalons has more. libya's warring forces are on the move here soldiers have to libyan national army advanced west there are breaking now and hoping to open a new front for months they've been fighting on the outskirts of tripoli against the army of the government of national accord on thursday the un backed g. and i announced it's agreed to receive greater military help from turkey but that.
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after after an as an office side is receiving support from home this is known to all by so raj with his lawful and legitimate government i'm not receiving any support currently best anyway so i decide and provide them with the assistance we can afford. this is a proxy conflict that splits the middle east and north africa and beyond the u.a.e. saudi arabia egypt and russia have all given greater or lesser assistance to have to but if we have to or might topple the government of national accord has spurred turkey into overt action for turkey their interest is not libya itself anybody who looks at a map of the mediterranean will see that egypt to turkey south south cyprus greece and potentially libya if it falls on the half that and therefore goes into the u.a.e. or bit is forming a sort of maritime choke hold on to turkey for turkey libya is the final chance to prevent this joe cole from taking place although libya's g.n.a.t.
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has ratified the security and military cooperation deal it struck with turkey last month is not immediately clear what kind of military support turkey might offer libya or when but it reinforces turkey's role in influencing libya's future like with syria russia and turkey have taken different sides increasing their diplomatic leverage and corporation. we russia by the way are in permanent contact with mr seraphina's government with marshall have to we continuously communicate with our partners including those in turkey in europe in other countries in our opinion the best solution would be to find a compromise between the 2 sides of the conflict. at the u.n. al-jazeera asked the secretary general spokesman for his take on turkey's military assistance i think the secretary general a couple times yesterday was very clear in his expression and frankly of his i would say is frustration at the situation in libya of the constant flouting by
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various member states of the arms embargo and of the continued fighting that we're seeing in and around tripoli and other places in the country but that fighting certainly isn't over yet will reach allan's al-jazeera. now any turkish troop deployment would need approval from polman how maddow explains from istanbul. well turkish president. is very clear the turkey is ready and willing to all for the government of national accord in tripoli as much help us it needs and even boots on the ground if they come up with a formal request to on current but sending arms is one thing and troops is a different march altogether it takes a whole process and right now the military corp agreement signed between turkey and libya is going through the formalities of getting.
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approved by parliament it's supposed to come up for a vote on wednesday to go to the north of the foreign affairs committee of parliament just this week and even after a lot happens and that agreement is ratified by a parliament then the government of national accord has once again go to send a formal request for the deployment of turkish troops and haas to go back to parliament so that the troops can get not only the approval but also among the. 4 for what they will be doing exactly in libya at once they're deployed. now turkey's president has denounced other muslim nations for not supporting his plans to resettle refugees in northern syria or egypt type out of the one says his country is under increasing pressure with 50000 people escaping from syria's
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province into turkey the latest round of russian attacks against rebels in southeast elim has killed at least 3 civilians and left many more injured shelling and their strikes in the province has escalated in recent weeks. lebanon's president has asked an academic to form the new government has backed by hezbollah and its allies the emerged as a candidate when outgoing prime minister sadly how do you agree with drew on what stay but already there are protests against his nomination as tony burke the reports from beirut. 24 hours ago he wasn't even in the running but on thursday has sunday was appointed lebanon's new prime minister and given the difficult task of leading the country out of its worst political crisis in decades you will have no new deal of unease if it should focus on preventing the collapse of restoring confidence and safeguarding national unity by consolidating bridges of understanding between all of a nice people political and security stability is
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a priority today and it is a cornerstone for the protection of their country 5 years ago mr d. is education minister in a jeep me cats government now he's promised to be a unifying force and has asked the country to bury its divisions and give him a chance not everyone is prepared to do that many see him as part of the old political order they want overhauled they want someone that resent as you know and as. how can i say is not related to anyone from all the parties and all the politicians in this country and doesn't belong to all sectarian. and ideas that have been 60 days on the streets and our demands are very clear. lebanon has suffered from nearly 2 months of often violent and disruptive street protests over government corruption spiraling inflation and a dire economic situation but there are those who believe mr can succeed look now
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and lebanon is suffering serious military and economic pressures and risks a social explosion the current social revolution may lead to insecurity and instability and we all have to help the abbot is a technocrat and specialist and everyone should understand that the former university professor was not elected unanimously the large influential sunny bloc led by the former prime minister saad hariri did not support mr d. or nominate its own candidate he was backed by the predominately shiite hezbollah alliance the media in israel has already described mr d. as hezbollah's man and this shows that as well as dealing with lebanon's pressing domestic issues he must also juggle the interests of outside powers such as iran syria the us and israel which have all played a part in the country's political instability. hours after mr diablo accepted the nomination people will still out protesting although in fewer numbers but in sunny areas of beirut and lebanon the 2nd largest city tripoli there were reports of
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roads being blocked and tires being burned mr diablo begin talking to all parties this weekend but it's clear that not everyone wants to listen. there's still a lot of talking to be done before has and the ad is able to head a new government and that process can still take months but the question is how will his nomination translate for the lebanese people and will it be enough to stop the violence and the demonstrations tony burke 3 al-jazeera beirut. now china's president is in the semi autonomous city of macau a territory beijing is held as a model of its one country 2 systems policy unlike hong kong macao is seen few protests despite introducing security laws that have proven unpopular in the neighboring region she jingping is expected to reward the city with policies that will help diversify its gambling depend column e. friday marks the 20th anniversary of my cows returned to chinese rule journalists
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activists and even the heads of the american chamber of commerce in hong kong were barred from entering the city in the run up to she's a visit. at least 3 protesters have been shot and killed in india during confrontations with police nationwide rallies against a new citizenship law went ahead despite a government ban hundreds of people were detained the law makes it easier for non muslims from 3 neighboring countries to get indian citizenship protesters say goes against india's secular constitution so how raman has more from new delhi. they marched in the thousands across india in the capital with placards in hand they denounce the government and its new citizenship law i it was peaceful here a civil society leaders politicians academics and people congregated at the historic red fort near the muslim quarter of the city i was
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confrontation with the police it was inevitable that it was was just going for control of the situation has been a daily battle for police and civil society says the law was passed nearly a week ago that it was. 6 that if there was a heavy security presence backed up by riot control personnel this demonstrator is clear about why he's here. the government shouldn't be doing this it's unfair he had all the same be live here in india because we are equal in free be able to right to protest was more protesters arrived ready to be taken away by police so that you know. that lady has been saying i'll go i'll go peacefully with the police and that's exactly what's happened with the protests that have been coming into the red fort complex here they've been slowly that the hundreds of slowly protesting
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quietly and peacefully arriving at the barriers they've been arrested individually and loaded onto those coaches that you can see behind me for processing was one by one they were loaded onto buses a draw. put away each denouncing the police. civil society leader you can 3 yadav and many communist party leaders were some of the high profile arrests those taken from here were released later while others were detained. there have been protests in over a dozen indian cities from new delhi to look around for a book by to judge the girl saw some of the largest demonstrations on a national day of anger as it was being called against the new immigration law. even in hyderabad police had their hands full taking demonstrators away to be processed or charged. one politician from west bengal has a warning for the b j p led government the politicians will only be the catalyst and if in our people of people the 1st part they will not accept this law and the 2nd part is that at
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the 1st opportunity when it comes with the button they will be out. the authorities are not taking any chances while the demonstrations great strength of. the government has imposed restrictions banning gatherings of more than 4 people and cutting into their mobile services in some areas the protesters here say they want the government to scrap the new law and i go will likely go on until land happens but it will be up to those in power to determine how they deal with that anger and resentment in the days ahead. to hell robin al-jazeera you delhi. still had an al-jazeera a day after voting to impinge democratic presidential contenders face off in another device. the faces of contrasting political fortunes boris johnson delivers his brains their plans. to minister.
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hello surprisingly the weather service us encountered a little bit quieter than you might expect to december all the funds been have for the east coast i mean despite the fact the satellite shows your great therefore low temperatures the east coast is looking cold but fine is a massive cloud up through the central plains new midwest but the action i think next to show itself is that it's coming in from the pacific the snow for the higher ground averse canada and the western states and then that rain comes down the pacific coast down towards san francisco sometime later in the weekend there is a development taking place here you may just notice this potential circulation in the gulf of mexico just west of florida that is one to watch because they'll be heavy rain if nothing else from that now throughout the gulf of mexico there is that streaming breeze which fits will bring some potentially heavy showers into
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cuba and into may believe then the stray when typically bring plenty of showers into costa rica and panama are used to that doesn't change very much nor indeed does the rain in billy's a couple of days a fairly standard pattern weather asked for south america again fall of the season and you expect to see rain in this part of brazil and possibly in paraguayan beyond and that's exactly what you've got for both friday and saturday i suspect some of those big downpours will bring a bit of flash flooding. over a year protesters across france have demanded economic justice police have responded with mass arrests m h 2 great weapons to constrained as you lose your movement do you think he could have been mistaken between aiming at your head or you access all those people in power has been impounds to investigate the escalation of violence in darfur what
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this means for free speech and the democratic rights of its citizens police on trial on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera time to recap headlines now libya's un recognized government has approved the military deal with turkey which could see turkish troops deployed to defend tripoli for more board really for how start egypt back softer it's rejected the dream and. lebanon's president michel aoun has asked a former education minister to be the new prime minister. backed by hezbollah and protestors are rejecting his nomination. china's presences in the semi autonomous
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city of my cow authoritarian beijing is high old it is a model of its one country 2 systems policy unlike hong kong macao seen few protests xi jinping is expected to reward the city with policies that will help diversify its global dependence is gambling to undertake on me rather. well president donald trump is demanding an immediate trial in the u.s. senate today after being impeached but house speaker nancy pelosi says she won't send the case the trial until she knows how the proceedings will be managed in the republican controlled chamber senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is determined to correct what he called a toxic pietschmann the opposition to impeachment was bipartisan
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only one part of one faction wanted this outcome the house's conduct risks deeply damaging the institutions of american government this particular house of representatives has learned its partisan rage at this particular president create a toxic new precedent that will echo well into the future. and the 6 democrats 8 presidential debates on the way and the signs these old 7 candidates trying to convince folks is that best suited to take on trump next year's election from brown's joins us now from outside the debate venue so how much of a cloud is the whole pietschmann process costing of the debates that. well it's certainly a big big issue and it was the 1st topic touched upon when the moderators opened the debate and asked all the candidates how they would deal with this issue you
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know if there's there's a conventional wisdom that says that the impeachment will be bad for democrats because when president trump is exonerated as you almost surely will be in the republican dominated senate that will simply serve to fire up his base or other pundits however say that trump's behavior during this impeachment crisis has been self destructive so what did the candidates have to say while biden joe biden the former vice president who is leading in the nationwide poll says my job is to make the case as to why trump should not be reelected as president if bernie sanders the senator from vermont who is running 2nd in nationwide polls as we cannot have a president of trump's temperament dishonoring his office elizabeth warren the senator from massachusetts who is running roughly 3rd in the pack said this is the key question for democrats in 2020 who is best positioned to defeat the most what
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she called the most corrupt president in living memory of course implying that she was the person for the job and the youngest candidate indiana mayor pete booted judge said that no matter what happens in the senate. the american people have a chance now to turn away from cynicism and large this debate has been without any fears of verbal jousting but there was just now well we're way. in the coming year of a very prolonged exchange between bernie sanders and joe biden over at universal health care its affordability and its political viability going back and forth the 2 candidates standing side by side with great political theater the debate is still going on for roughly one hour level report when it's over. all right thanks so much rob runnels there the battle against bushfires on australia's ayscough stis said to get even harder with more extreme heat and strong winds forecast at least 50 bush
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fires burning out of control in new south wales has declared a state of emergency to volunteer firefighters were killed on thursday when the truck crashed near sydney the bush fires have destroyed more than 700 homes for the latest on that with jessica from washington joins us by skype from sydney so jessica the full cost saves about to get even worse officials really ready for that. and certainly we do know that conditions will get worse tomorrow which will be saturday here in australia it's this dangerous combination are the heat wave and those gusty winds now we have been in a heat wave this whole week but it is expected to get much worse this week and we have recently heard from the new south wales premier gladys berejiklian who is among those paying tribute to the 2 men who didn't lose their minds who were on the
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front lines of fighting these blazes they were killed when their truck overturned after a tree fell on to the road now it's worth bearing in mind that all of the people who are on the front lines are fighting these blazes in volunteers and not just these debts even more tragic here's what the premier had to say just a short while ago. for those 2 private outstanding young men flags will be at half mast today throughout the state and we can express enough our deepest deepest sympathy and condolences to the loved ones obviously still in shock as to what's occurred and they stoop brave young men who lost their lives represent for us the thousands and thousands of volunteers on the ground today and tomorrow and in the days coming who put their own life their own safety on the line to protect others. and sammy when as you mentioned there are 50 fires burning out of control but more
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than 100 fires burning in new south wales alone that history has most populous state but this is a nationwide crisis we've just heard from authorities in the state of south australia where they've had to actually shut up how much is some parts of the 2nd stage just to keep community safe now while all this crisis is unfolding and escalating this week there has been a bit of a political storm as well as daley's prime minister scott morrison hasn't been in the country this week he's been in hawaii with his family on holiday and many people here are questioning the appropriateness of a profit minister going on holiday while such a crisis is unfolding well so much of the country is on fire i have just heard a few hours ago from prime minister morris and whom it said in a statement that he deeply regrets if his holiday caused any offense to the many
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australians who have been affected by these bush violence or things are. the pakistani government has denounced the ruling of judges who sentenced former president pervez musharraf to death a special court found the former president who's in hospital in dubai guilty of high treason for suspending the constitution in 2007 the court ordered his arrest and so if he dies beforehand his body should be dragged through the streets and hunger for 3 days the government is calling for the leader of the judges panel to be disbarred short of says he is the verb the verdict is politically motivated. don't i call this verdict suspicious because during the hearing of this case the supremacy of the law was ignored from beginning to end this case was taken up and heard by certain people solely on the basis of personal enmity towards me. come on high there is in islamabad he explains how our stance military is planning to
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appeal the ruling. earlier on a special court. tired generated by rates more shot of dead hide feed their. dad tried love. and. then reacting very strongly against a dad saying how. it's going to be for over 40 years to be outraged the government then coming on board ordering the military point of view but there were not a bombshell 40 years after the ruling by the court. particular. paragraph . it was mentioned. that even if he. should be brought to it. and that he should be then hanged for 3 days outside parliament that of course has prompted a very strong reaction from the military and the government the law minister
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for the. government announced that they will now be filing for an application in the court for the formation of a. state of. slavery. issue with a word day italy and police have arrested more than 300 people in the biggest operation against the mafia in decades thousands of police and army paratroopers took part in the raids a former m.p. from silvio berlusconi's pond who was among those detained as well as a man and a senior police official suspects face several charges including murder extortion and money laundering the u.k. prime minister in this poll brags that at the heart of his government's agenda as is the custom britain's queen elizabeth read out a list of proposed new laws in the ceremonial opening of parliament speech also outlined plans to guarantee funding for the national health service. and introduce
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a new immigration system called for in reports from london. black rod banging on the door of the commons boris johnson knocking on the door of his grex it destiny the prime minister looked visibly excited next to a stony faced opposition leader jeremy corbyn as the 2 men made their way through to the upper house to hear the queen read out johnson's program of reforms among a raft of new legislation there is a singular priority my government's priority is to deliver the united kingdom's departure from the european union on the 31st of january of the 25 new bills listed in the speech 7 are related to delivering bracks it but the government intends to make the most of its 80 seat majority there will be the deepest review of britain security defense and foreign policy since the end of the cold war the official
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secrets act and the laws on treason will be reviewed and the government will establish a constitution democracy and human rights commission to look at the very nature of how british democracy operates it is a radical program. the queen's role is over the ceremonial here and parliament has finished and responsibility for enacting this ambitious list of legislation now falls to the m.p.'s back in the commons the prime minister was cheered by his backbenches i know call the prime minister. i say to the people of this country we owe you we know it and we will deliver and we have now the energy we have the ideas we have the mandate we have the people and we will spare no effort to fulfil that mandate from scotland though a warning to the prime minister saying scottish national party leader nicolas sturgeon publishing her own draft legislation to start the process of calling
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another scottish independence referendum sturgeon knows that the prime minister will refuse to allow it a refusal she intends to use in her favor. for the time being though boris johnson is on a high fresh from a resoundingly lecture when equipped with a big stable parliamentary majority there is little to stand in his way for since the last queen's speech back in october was also quite ambitious but there was no chance of ever being able to deliver a new policy that was more of a kind of shop window for the forthcoming election campaign as it was that whereas now there is a sense that at least at least in terms of the palm tree arithmetic she can actually deliver these policies right the pace of lawmaking will be hectic there is a lot of legislation to pass in less than a year to do it e.u. trade deal and introduce a whole new points based immigration system seems an ambitious timetable it may be that actually enacting the new laws would be a bigger challenge than actually passing them paul brennan al-jazeera westminster.
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and you can get much more on that story as well as all the others have over to our web site al jazeera dot com. and let's take you through some of those stories now libya's u.n. recognized government has approved a military deal with turkey which could see turkish troops deployed to defend tripoli from wald. egypt backs huffed are rejecting the agreement lebanon's president michel aoun has asked a former education minister to be the new prime minister has backed by hezbollah and protesters are rejecting his nomination. i extend my deep gratitude to the president and members of the parliament and please trust in me i also extend gratitude to all members of parliament hoping that i'll be able
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to live up to the confidence they have placed in me when i form the government in consultation with the president and on the basis of the constitution so that the government will live up to the aspirations of the people a government that will live up and realize their concerns and meet their demands and provide a secure future a government that will take the country from a destabilized situation to stability under realistic reform plan that does not remain ink on paper. dollars says he wants an immediate trial in the senate a day after his impeachment in the house senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has asked fellow republicans to correct what he called a toxic impeachment house speaker nancy pelosi says she will not send the case to the senate until she is convinced of a fair trial. china's president is in the semi autonomous city of macau territory beijing is held as a model of its one country 2 systems policy unlike hong kong macao as seen few
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protests xi jinping is expected to reward the city with policies that will help diversify its gambling dependent economy. at least 3 protesters have been shot and killed in india during confrontations with police but nationwide rallies against the new citizenship law went ahead despite a government ban the law makes it easier for non muslims from 3 neighboring countries to get indian citizenship to volunteer 5 were killed in australia while battling bus bushfires near sydney. those are your headlines we're back at the top of the hour its people in power. the report is really the creation of the world's. wonder when east goes back to school to find out the secret to their.
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well over a year from his university activists have been making full use of their constitution in trying right to protest against the economic policies president. but the often uncompromising response of youth ortiz has raised disturbing questions about the appropriate use of force to police those demonstrations today on the roof has been to investigate claims that france's democratic principles are being on the moment.


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