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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 20, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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al jazeera. and you. joining the fight turkey pledges military help in the u.n. recognize the libyan government's battle against a warlord. and this is live from doha also coming up lebanon's president names a former education minister as the next prime minister following weeks of uncertainty. my cow mocks 20 years of return to chinese rule why beijing is promoting it as a model for its one country 2 systems policy. and growing protests against india's
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controversial citizenship law we've made women who say they're rallying for their children's future. libya's internationally recognized government has approved a military deal with turkey paving the way for ankara to play a bigger role in the war the agreement could see turkish troops deployed to defend tripoli from wall old khalifa haftar egypt backs huffed cairo rejects the deal saying it violates un security council resolutions including an arms embargo florrie chalons has more. libya's warring forces are on the move here soldiers of highly for have to libyan national army advanced west there are breaking now and hoping to open a new front for months they've been fighting on the outskirts of tripoli against
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the army of the government of national accord on thursday the un backed announced it's agreed to receive greater military help from turkey but that. after after an as an office site is receiving support from home this is known to all whites or raj with his lawful and legitimate government and not receiving any support currently based on u.s. regicide and provide them with the assistance we can afford. this is a proxy conflict that splits the middle east and north africa and beyond the u.a.e. saudi arabia egypt and russia have all given greater or lesser assistance to have to but if we have to or might topple the government of national accord has spurred turkey into overt action for turkey their interest is not libya itself anybody who looks at a map of the mediterranean will see that egypt to turkey south south cyprus greece and potentially libya if it falls on the half that and therefore goes into the u.a.e. or bit is forming a sort of maritime choke hold on to turkey for taking libya is the final chance to
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prevent this chokehold from taking place although libya's g.n.a.t. has ratified the security and military cooperation deal it struck with turkey last month it's not immediately clear what kind of military support turkey might offer libya or when but it reinforces turkey's role in influencing libya's future like with syria russia and turkey have taken different sides increasing their diplomatic leverage and corporation. we russia by the way are in permanent contact with mr seraphina's government with marshall have to we continuously communicate with our partners including those in turkey in europe in other countries in our opinion the best solution would be to find compromise between the 2 sides of the conflict. at the u.n. al-jazeera asked the secretary general spokesman for his take on turkey's military assistance i think the secretary general a couple times yesterday was very clear in his expression and frankly of his i
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would say is frustration at the situation in libya of the constant flouting by various member states of the arms embargo and of the continued fighting that we're seeing in and around tripoli and other places in the country but that fighting certainly isn't over yet rory chalons al-jazeera any turkish troops deployment would need approval from parliament as mohammed out though explains from istanbul. well turkish president. is very clear that turkey is ready and willing to all for the government of national accord in tripoli as much help it needs and even boots on the ground if they come up with a formal request to on current but sending arms is one thing troops it's a different march altogether it takes a whole ringback process and right now that military corp agreement signed between
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turkey and. it is going through the formalities of getting. approved by parliament it's supposed to come up for a vote on wednesday the north of the foreign affairs committee of parliament just this week and even after a lot happens and that agreement is ratified by a parliament then the government of national courthouse once again go to send a formal request for the deployment of turkish troops and then haas to go back to parliament so that the troops can get not only the approval but also. for for what they would be doing exactly in libya once they're deployed turkey's president has denounced other muslim nations for not supporting his plans to resettle refugees in northern syria tyrell it's one says these countries under
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increasing pressure with 50000 people escaping from syrian province into turkey the latest round of russian attacks against rebels in south who still has killed at least 3 civilians and left many more injured shelling and strengths in the province has escalated in recent weeks. lebanon's president has asked an academic to form the new government hasn't backed by hezbollah and its allies yap emerged as a candidate when outgoing prime minister saad hariri withdrew on wednesday but already there are protests against his nomination as tony burke explains from beirut. 24 hours ago he wasn't even in the running but on thursday last sunday ab was appointed lebanon's new prime minister and given the difficult task of leading the country out of its worst political crisis in decades you will have no new deal of unease and if it should focus on preventing the collapse of restoring confidence
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and safeguarding national unity by consolidating bridges of understanding between all of unease people political and security stability is a priority today and it is a cornerstone for the protection of their country 5 years ago mr de service education minister in a cat's government now he's promised to be a unifying force and has asked the country to bury its divisions and give him a chance not everyone is prepared to do that many see him as part of the old political order they want overhauled they want someone that resent us you know and as. our guys say is not related to anyone from all the parties and all the politicians this country and doesn't belong to the. regime. and the idea is that we've been 60 days on the streets and our demands are very clear. lebanon has suffered from nearly 2 months of often violent and disruptive street protests over government corruption spiraling inflation and
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a dire economic situation but there are those who believe mr can succeed look now and lebanon is suffering serious military and economic pressures and risks a social explosion the current social revolution may lead to insecurity and instability and we all have to help the app is a technocrat and specialist and everyone should understand that the former university professor was not elected unanimously the large influential sunny bloc led by the former prime minister saad hariri did not support mr diablo or nominate its own candidate he was backed by the predominately shiite hezbollah alliance the media in israel has already described mr diablo as hezbollah's man. and this shows that as well as dealing with lebanon's pressing domestic issues he was also juggle the interests of outside powers such as iran syria the us and israel which have all played a part in the country's political instability. hours after mr diablo accepted the
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nomination people who are still out protesting although in fewer numbers but in sunny areas of beirut and lebanon the 2nd largest city tripoli there were reports of roads being blocked and tires being burned mr diablo begin talking to all parties this weekend but it's clear that not everyone wants to listen. but there's still a lot of talking to be done before hasn't he is able to head a new government and that process can still take months but the question is how will his nomination translate for the lebanese people and will it be enough to stop the violence and the demonstrations tony burke 3 al-jazeera beirut. china's france didn't is in the semi autonomous city of macau a territory beijing is hailed as a model of its one country 2 systems policy unlike hong kong like ours seen few protests despite introducing security laws that have proven unpopular in the neighboring region she jingping is expected to reward the city with policies that will help diversify its gambling dependent economy friday marks the 20th
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anniversary of my cals return to chinese rule difficult pollen joins us now from my cal so the speech by she very much a message of compliance. indeed chinese president is very flattering of macau praise the city and its operations praised its government also and also said macau was a model of harmony where people express their opinions in the proper way that could be seen as a rebuke to hong kong now macau is as you said part of the one country 2 systems framework there are only 2 cities in china that can. under that model and macau has shares the same kind of freedoms that are not seen across the rest of china but as you said we don't see the same kind of protests or the same kind of dissent here in macau and to talk more about this i'm joined by albert albert wang is
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a columnist here in macau and from macau thank you very much for your fees beaking tillage is there anybody 1st thing i want to ask you about president heating things . could you explain or describe it so on of it and do you think he offered not incentives to make now for the city to remain as he said loyal and patriotic well at the very beginning i must stress that. the president's speech did not cover as something we would have expected that is the financial center and some of the section of land to macau as expected but i will say you that he has been stressing throughout this visits not only just the speech but during his fists and meetings with different sections of the society that he stressed the stability he stress. curity add to the for the for ring following interference.
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but it's very different from hong kong that's right so in a way our stressing all these things that you mentioned particularly how much cowboy is being seen as a model of the one country 2 systems framework do you think there is a point to the message to hong kong particularly with hong kong having 6 months of protests that we've seen oh well certainly you can see from president she's 1st to local schools. textbooks were shown to him and of course these textbooks were edited with the peepholes education press which is a national government press in the mainland that means it is politically. politically approved by the chinese government so. and you can see from from this compare this with how difficult national security national education in hong kong has been. promulgated from from 2012 and nothing much happened
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indeed our hong kong tried to implement this kind of national education as he said but there were massive protests so they shelved that hong kong also try to implement the national security security act which macau has passed with no problems. 10 years ago indeed but we don't see protests like against that here in macau why do you think macau is so different from hong kong despite the fact that it has a very similar colonial history oh well the colonial history is difference. that the pack sure from home a cow in hong kong starts $966.00 and which during the cultural revolution the probation power in macau revolted against the portuguese colonus government's colonial proppant and the result was how one comparing to the last in hong kong so the 2 cities departed from each other
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culturally and. thank you very much albert on what a pleasure to speak to you thank you for your time and thank you for coming on jazeera so she's jumping will be leaving out macau in the next few hours this is the end of his 3 days official visit the longest official visit state visit he has had in this former portuguese colony definitely sending a message out to macau that they definitely at the moment are the favorite child particularly when it comes to the one country 2 systems framework that china is trying to promote and not only for trying to impress on hong kong giving more beijing where hong kong would have more rules towards beijing but also it's a model that china want to send out to the rest of the world and taiwan to show that china is still a can operate despite giving other cities their own autonomy. and i will leave
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that thanks so much to vegas. well still ahead on al-jazeera democratic candidates make their case for party nomination to take on donald trump in next year's elections. destroyed the lives lost valuables the threats bush fires raging in australia will get even worse. well i was reading the launch from the levant to afghanistan or snowed in the last 3 or 4 days it's not quite this is the back edge of it but isto still to come through for the afghan mountains otherwise look back to the east and that's nothing in the sky and the forecast reflects that it's dark to call not particularly warm does get chilly at night admittedly but it's sunny by day so what i was on the ground is slowly drying up in syria and iraq so nothing much changes here but if
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you follow things science was the show has started to blow now and once that blows it stays fairly cold on east and saudi particularly bahrain qatar and the u.a.e. doesn't tend to do much more than just make you feel particularly warm in the moment that's the case next 2 days no showers seem very likely and not very much in the way of clouds and it drives up an interesting occasional showers trying to build in saudi and that's still the case but on the whole think of it as dry and not very warm this is where the rain should be and is an arc still from angola that comes out somewhere in tanzania we have seen action to the south as well as you can see on friday beyond the fact the temperatures are quite reasonable there's nothing much happening in the sky the sun develop the potential showers in east and south africa and the suturing south today and in western botswana.
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football tournament like no other and at the beginning we used to play football in the street using a soccer ball al-jazeera well meets a group of sudanese boys determined to win against a backdrop of conflict and uncertainty and. when i walk in the street people stop me oh my god it's because of that. door for football the piece on al-jazeera. huckaback you're watching out just 0 time to recap lines now libya's un recognized
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government has approved a military deal with turkey which could see turkish troops deployed to defend tripoli from all mostly for hafter egypt backs huffed up its rejecting the agreement. lebanon's president michel aoun has asked a former education minister to be the new prime minister. is backed by has a long protestors are rejecting his nomination. china's president is in the semi autonomous city of macau a territory beijing has hailed as a model of its one country 2 systems policy unlike hong kong like cal has seen few protests xi jinping is expected to reward the city with policies that will help diversified gambling dependent economy. donald trump is demanding an immediate trial in the u.s. senate a day after being impeached but house speaker nancy pelosi says she won't send the
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case to the senate until she knows how the proceedings will be managed public controlled senate senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has already asked fellow republicans to correct what he called a toxic impeachment. the opposition to impeachment was bipartisan only one part of one faction one of this outcome. the house's conduct wrists deeply damaging the institutions of american government this particular house of representatives has let its partners on rage at this particular president create a toxic new precedent that will echo well into the future. democratic presidential candidates have been facing off in los angeles in the 6th primary
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debate all 7 candidates have been trying to convince votes is their best suited to take home donald trump in next year's election while brown says at that debate in los angeles for us how's it been going. well you know the main talking points in the debate 1st of all the impeachment did come up it was the 1st issue discussed the moderators presenting each candidate with a chance to talk about the issue but the mostly they treated it pretty gingerly the candidates used a lot of the same talking points they have before bashing president trump and criticizing him for any number of things from foreign policy to you know his use to portman conduct in office so i think that reflects the fact that no one is quite sure what the political impact of impeachment will be there's reason to think that it will sort of fire off and make more passionate president trump's base
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his his his parents there's also a countervailing theory that the way the president has been reacting to pietschmann has been somewhat self destructive with you know the kind of over the top rhetoric he's been using other issues i think. climate change was was a major focus in this debate. and the main area where the candidates clashed i think was over this vexed issue of universal health care with the left wing of the party unclipping bernie sanders and elizabeth warren want medicare that's the us health government provided health care scheme for all others like joe biden and in the end american people who judge say it's going to be too expensive and it won't be acceptable to the american people politically so there was some fierce clashes on that but. overall it was not
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a terribly contentious debate. do we have a when the roll. maybe by default. joe biden as we know has been on top of the polls nationwide and here in california as a matter of fact which votes in february. for many months now and a lot of democrats appear to believe that joe biden is the best suited candidate to unseat donald trump and for democratic voters the priority above all other issues in the race is heating trump so biden had a good night tonight he appeared steady didn't make it gaffes making mistakes. in past debates he's been wandering a bit verbal. but he had a more commanding performance tonight all the the debaters really did well they were well prepared they spoke forcefully but i don't really think that this moves
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the meter very much in terms of shaking up the dynamics of the race itself. around rob rounds that thanks so much. now at least 3 protesters have been shot and killed in india during confrontations with police nationwide rallies against a new citizenship law went ahead despite some government ban hundreds of people were detained the law makes it easy a phenomenal sims 3 may bring countries to get indian citizenship protesters say it goes against india's secular constitution women are now leading berowne rallies against a controversial new citizenship lol at least for muslims from. the lore allows minorities and easy a way to get citizenship in india but it excludes muslims swinish ruster reports from aligarh lots of pradesh. on any other day these markets and in india as with
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the british would have been heaving with people now all the shutters are down and police can be seen standing in every corner. many of the residents here have instead been doing this. mothers and sisters of students of other good muslim university where police crackdown on protesting students have now taken the movement outside the campus they too are now protesting against the new citizenship amendment act a law that allows religious minorities from neighboring countries to apply for indian citizenship the legislation specifically excludes muslims i might a man protested where approach has started because of the police brutality against students of m u n jamia. i know how we are housewives we're now on the streets for the future of our children the residents here say they have never felt this anger before you know
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it so there's anger not just against the citizenship amendment act which which of course is there but also against the police brutality the crackdown on the internet and on allowing people to assemble and protest peacefully so i think that has that has increased the scope and the width of the issues that are being protested regardless of your views on the citizenship amendment act you should be there protesting against this kind of crackdown on the right to protest and the right to criticize and the right to freedom of speech and expression. security forces are here in large numbers. gas and rubber bullets the security forces of here are saying that these women don't have the right permission to protest over here about the women are saying that they have gone to all the required authorities to get that permission but that has not been forthcoming and now it's
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a standoff. in many parts of the country including the capital new delhi the government has imposed restrictions on public gatherings of more than 4 people across the country civilians have come out to protest nevertheless and have been detained while the government is willing to review provisions within the law they are not willing to retract it this will likely lead to a larger standoff. joins us now from new delhi and how the protests shaping up for today's. also today also the section 4144 is still on so no gathering of more than 4 people are allowed but across the country. internet is shut down and across different parts of the country and in assam has just got restored after more than a week and into smear it's still off like it's been more than 5 months so today in
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. our army which is a political group of dollars they're joining the protest they're starting the protests in and they're going down to jump the month where most of the protests generally happen here and they are now going to demand a withdrawal of. the new citizenship and the resignation of the home minister but the probability is that the will be arrested before they can go very far and. friday prayers are about to start which means a large gathering of people today at but it's quite unsure how it might end up and how the government will react and from the people that we've talked to people are saying that this is going to this has gone beyond the universities and the protests will continue and it's more than just just about the citizenship lies about a constitutional and existential crisis and a crisis on the very fundamental values on which this country was stablished. doesn't look like this is going to fizzle out. any sign the government is willing
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to. compromise it's not back down on this. so the government is not backing down on it but neither are the protesters by the sounds of it and it does look like a big standoff it is it is very unsure like how the government will react this morning there have been like these buses that are that were brought to the center of the city to bus in the police and bus out the protesters so the protesters are. i continue as well as the government is not willing to back down as of yet. been the stressed over from new delhi thanks for. so little against bushfires australia's east coast is said to get even harder with more extreme heat and strong winds forecast at least 50 bush fires are burning out of control in new south wales which has declared a state of emergency to volunteer firefighters were killed on thursday when their
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truck crashed near sydney the bush fires have destroyed more than 700 homes for those 2 private outstanding young men flags will be at half mast today throughout the state and we can't express enough our deepest deepest sympathy and condolences to the loved ones obviously still in shock as to what's occurred and these 2 brave young men who lost their lives represent for us the thousands and thousands of volunteers on the ground today and tomorrow and in the days coming who put their own life their own safety on the line to protect others. brazilian president joe wilson otto says a controversial bill allowing a mining project on indigenous land is ready for congressional approval but planned mines would be near the top of house river where nearly 14000 indigenous people live in $112.00 villages also narrow has promised to quote assimilate indigenous
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people into brazilian society and raise their standard of living but rights groups say he's putting them at risk. and let's take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera livia's the un recognized government has approved a military deal with turkey which could see turkish troops deployed to defend tripoli from war only for half the egypt backs hafter it's rejecting the agreement . lebanon's president michel aoun has asked a former education minister to be the new prime minister as india is backed by hezbollah are protesters are rejecting his nomination. donald trump says he wants an immediate trial in the senate today after his impeachment in the house senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is asked fellow republicans to correct what he
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called a toxic impeachment house speaker nancy pelosi says she will not send the case to the senate till she is convinced of a fair trial. china's president is in the semi autonomous city of make our territory beijing is hailed as a model of its one country 2 systems policy unlike hong kong mccalla seen few protests xi jinping is expected to reward the city with policies that will help diversify its gambling independent dependent economy. at least 3 protesters have been shot and killed in india during confrontations with police a nationwide race against a new citizenship law went ahead despite a government ban the law makes it easier for non muslims from 3 they bring countries to get indian citizenship. august stans government says it wants to remove the judge to sentence former president pervez musharaff to death
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a special court found shot of who's in hospital in dubai guilty of high treason for suspending the constitution in 2007 a gunman has opened fire outside the headquarters of russia's top security agency the f.s.b. in the capital moscow one officer was killed and 5 others were wounded the f.s.b. says the attacker was killed the battle against bushfires on australia's east coast is set to get even harder or extreme heat and strong winds are forecast at least 50 bush fires are burning out of control in new south wales which is declared a state of emergency to volunteer firefighters were killed on thursday it's techno now stay with us. on counting the cost especially on investing in emerging markets from the doha forum right here in castle how foreign direct
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investment is reshaping the global economy and what that means for the future of anti-globalization a populist sense of. counting the cost on al-jazeera. this is the fact this morning poor place on the planet money could soon be lost forever . but an international team of scientists is determined not to let that happen. this is a.


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