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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 21, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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it's. where every. bombing intensifies and serious last repl health problems as a u.n. bid to get aid in is blocked by russia and china. the problem and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up violence in chile as capital as protesters reject what they say are down before the constitution. protests against a citizenship law straight across and 6 people are killed on friday as crowds defy
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a police baton. to. lift off. new problems for boeing a setback minutes after nor short of venture into space. protest and building in china's capital in the past few hours over delays and negotiating a new constitution police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse demonstrators in santiago it is the latest in the months long demonstrations have the social inequality on thursday today's congress approved a referendum on changing the constitution which dates back to the country's military dictatorship let's bring in our latin america editor lucien newman she is joining us live from the capital santiago a lot of riot police there behind you to see what's happening there. yes
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yes hello about $4050.00 riot police on motorcycles plus some on foot have just made their way up this avenue this is one of the main thoroughfares of santiago they've been playing cat and mouse with protesters now for hours and hours there are about 300 protesters just about 80 meters from where we are right now and this is just been going on as i say for a long time very very violent we've seen people injured with pellets even a 1st aid center that's just a few meters from here but on a side street was attacked with tear gas so it's been quite chaotic here people are very very angry because the new strategy of the riot police now is not to allow them to reach the italia plaza which is about 300 meters in front of me with this is been the the main gathering ground now for the most emblematic demonstrations for the last 2 months and 2 days since they began here in chile but they have not been just started dispersed over and over again to police themselves have been met
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with a lot of violence to rocks molotov cocktails this goes on and on now one of the reasons why people are so angry today is because there had been negotiations in the political parties to reach an agreement about how to have a constitutional assembly there will be a referendum on the 26th of april but the conditions for what will happen next have not been agreed on and one of the things people have been demanding is that women have parity that there be a quota for indigenous troops as well as independent political parties that has not been agreed on and that is making people even more angry while the president has offered some reforms but people say that it's like throwing crumbs at them that they're just simply not enough it's a president who is under a lot of pressure to see and who has survived impeachment proceedings against him in the last week. yes he has he has survived so far it's
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a question though as to how long this during the country's economy has been seriously damaged by these protests maybe over the holiday season things will die down somewhat but by march the most of the analysts and the economists are expecting. every turn to the bigger demonstrations perhaps for more violence which will certainly not make things any easier and there's still no clear road map as to how this will end there's a lot of discontent in the country and people say they're just not going to stop until they get the structural reforms that they're demanding is here thank you for that for now that's the last america editor lucy human live in santiago thank you. let's move on to other news now and thousands of civilians are fleeing syria's edna province to the turkish border after a dramatic increase in bombings by their government and by russia u.n. observers say 18000 people have been displaced in just 24 hours 7 people were
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killed on friday morning at least 19 civilians were killed on thursday mohamad though has more. russian bucked the government forces of intensified the bombing campaign which eclipse al strikes drop the bottle bombs and shelling the town of moderate the man who sold them the syrians living there say the toxic dispute with hospitals market some homes targeted here askew workers are struggling to save a young girl stuck under the rubble of all and not at the norm. the tal in northwest syria is seeing some of the heaviest of talks in the almost 9 . public and gaga is the offensive spilled onto the streets on friday hundreds in protest at what they call the neglect of their plight by the international community they also called for swift hole to the bomb but. we are the
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people of south of the countryside where out in a protest an ellipse city condemning the compartment and the targeting of the evacuees as they try to flee their homes. and the protesters won't the march of the friday prayers in the small town of soma just a few kilometers from the border with turkey the town is a hub for aid going into city fighters from the opposition hired to his shop said the body is to stop the protesters from walking towards the border but they failed turkish security forces say they were forced to send reinforcements to ensure the protesters didn't cross the border with a intensified bombing campaign forcing thousands to flee their homes in the many face a cold and hungry winter official comes on the syria turkey board of food forcing many of the displaced to live in flooded makeshift camps where a delivery is a few and far between an animal or woman abusing these pieces of cloth this family consists of 16 people nobody helped us we use all kinds of materials including
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shoes in the stove to warm up at children fuel prices have more than doubled in the past 2 months and charities and hospitals say they're struggling to respond to the crisis mohamed atta well just stumble. well meanwhile russia and china have vetoed a u.n. resolution that would allow cross border agent varies from turkey and iraq to millions of syrian civilians for another here mike hanna has more from the u.n. . the establishment of the 4 crossing points has been renewed each year the 1st time that russia backed by china has cast a veto the drafters of the resolution had initially wanted 5 crossing points to be established but then they reduce this to 3 in the bill to avoid the russian and chinese veto but even this watered down resolution failed to pass raising once again the question of the credibility of the security council just as i was sitting
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. in the seat in a state of shock i am continuing to stand here in a state of shock and as many of you know when i started the presidency in the month of december i talked about credibility in the council and today we took a huge step backwards in credibility where it really matters russia in turn introduced its own resolutions suggesting to crossing points be open for a period of 6 months both on the turkish border this was rejected by 6 members of the council who labeled it as a cynical political move the united kingdom voted against aggression text because we will not negotiate with a gun held to our heads over a cynical offer that would say fewer lives than we know is needed and that the u.n. very clearly set out was necessary the one year term for the 4 crossing points expires on the 10th of january and unless the security council can come up with
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a compromise resolution by that date there will be millions of syrians with no humanitarian aid when joshua landis is the director of the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma and he says that the international community is unlikely to intervene. this is a humanitarian disaster waiting to happen there are many militants in this region syria is using that as a pretext or as an excuse to destroy them and we know that the united states just you know a little while ago bombed it lived province itself in order to kill kayla baghdadi who had taken refuge there with some of his men many isis people had fled into the region so. we're all opinion maybe less. maybe divided over this region and this you know the world is really not looking turkey has closed the border and even though it is waving its arms at this and asking to
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international community to do something about it it's very unlikely that there will be anything done. the chief prosecutor of the international criminal court says she wants to open an investigation into alleged war crimes in palestinian territory nonsense jurisdiction of the step of the best now both israelis and palestinians face the possibility of having charges filed against them palestinians have welcomed the decision but israel's prime minister says the i.c.c. has no jurisdiction to investigate now that perhaps reports from ramallah. it's one of the alleged war crimes the international criminal court to me investigate the targeted killing of unarmed protesters along gaza's border fence with israel chief prosecutor fatah been sued the says she's satisfied war crimes have been or are being committed in the gaza strip and the west bank including occupied east jerusalem she says because of the complexity of the situation she will ask the
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i.c.c. to rule on the territories on which it has jurisdiction palestinians welcome what they call a long overdue investigation. will hoping that the i.c.c. will hold those who are committing crimes against our people against our land. and the crimes that are climbing. countable crimes and no more crimes being committed on the palestinian land which will basically said the stage or ending occupation and thus opening the oracle of the scope but israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the court has no jurisdiction to investigate in the palestinian territories this is a dark day for truth and justice the i.c.c. prosecutor has apparently decided not to dismiss outright the palestinian claim against the state of israel this is a baseless and a religious decision the court has no jurisdiction in this case the i.c.c.
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only has jurisdiction over petitions submitted by sovereign states but there's never been a pounds to. the court based in the netherlands will only investigate alleged crimes committed after june 2014 when palestine became part of the i.c.c. has jurisdiction in the past 5 years thousands of new illegal settlement units were developed along with the confiscation of palestinian lands and demolition of their homes israel's response is an unexpected. it says the i.c.c. lacks validity over the israeli palestinian conflict since israel is not a member of the courts and palestine is not a state even though the united nation granted palestine the status of nonmember state 7 years ago palestinian leaders say any crimes committed in palestinian territory must fall under the court's jurisdiction and. still ahead on the bulletin. so the iranians have it we are examining. a down day
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everybody from parliament points i will be well moving to possible hours johnson's breaks that bill. and igniting more anger at the nomination of lebanon's next prime minister fails to cool down protests. heller's reigning in central china the winters to the north and the finest weather as well as to the south hong-kong should be enjoying these the good weather not necessarily blue skies is pretty. yes now the rain tends to fade out by then the weekend so in shanghai you have a drying situation the sun should be out in chengdu the snows start falling in the high ground of you know the heavy rain is further south as it should be is
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developing in the form of a tropical depression just coming into the southern philippines the biggest showers more recently on the forecasts of down through borneo singapore central sumatra that still the case in the forecast southern thailand there's flooding on the grass or now it looks dry in the forecast at least that small is as it should be as is the case in india the finals of in your northern pakistan might see clouds scudding across the sky actually driving level generals but he is cold and though with a courtly getting worse the rain is further south in sri lanka and to some degree in tamil nadu but more as for lanka the next couple days i think nothing much changes in new delhi the hostages in the area is certainly cold at night and the blowing down the gulf is easing off of the next day or so so temperatures will slowly rise a little. sponsored. a
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city defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state with the capital of jerusalem everyone is welcome but. one of the sound of a settlement with. the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people. occupation discrimination this is 21st century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera. hello again alan is a brahmin die hard these are the top stories this hour thousands of civilians are fleeing syria's edler province to the turkish border after
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a dramatic increase in bombings by the government and russia u.n. observers say 18000 people have been displaced in just 24 hours. anger is building in chile as capital because of delays in negotiating a new constitution riot police have begun a stand off a protest as the several hours using tear gas and water cannon to try to disperse crowds and the international criminal court wants to open an investigation into alleged war crimes in palestinian territory palestinians welcomed the decision but israel's prime minister says the i.c.c. has no jurisdiction to investigate. now large crowds and india have again defied a bat on public gatherings to continue protests against a new citizenship law there have been rallies in new delhi and elsewhere with protesters saying the law is anti muslim sabena stressed out reports from new delhi . from friday prayers to street protests indians in the capital
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new delhi were in no rush to obey the government's ban on large gatherings. demonstrators chanted or freedom they wanted the scrapping of the citizenship law passed earlier this month it paved the way for migrants from 3 neighboring countries afghanistan bangladesh and pakistan to become indian citizens but not if they are muslim tens of thousands of protesters in various parts of the capital joined the outcry against what they say is divisive and discriminator a legislation by the ruling b j p hindu nationalist party. in delhi is gemma gender shaker. a leader from the delhi party a so-called untouchable cost waved a copy of the indian constitution later he even read sections from it security forces arrived as barricades were build government leaders haven't officially responded to friday's protests protesters call for a peace harmony and nonviolence
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a mom in the i pay my gratitude to hindu christian sikh and dalat brothers who are fighting this battle alongside us i also want to tell it to the people here who make this rally x success by protesting peacefully and being united. in the northern city of luck now the capital of what that would be please for protestors 24 hours after one person was killed. 2 others were killed in karnataka state a ban on large gatherings has been imposed in both states. the port city of mangalore in karnataka remains under curfew till sunday more protesters waited until late evening to join in demonstrations turn violent in delhi as police use water cannons against the protesters people we talked to earlier today said that they had come to the streets to protest not only against the citizenship law but also to stand up for in the secular constitution more protests are planned in the
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coming days. al-jazeera new delhi. thousands of people have been rallying in lebanon's capital against the nomination all the next prime minister. for troops fired tear gas at demonstrators who retaliated by from fireworks and rocks protestors and blocked the main highway linking beirut with southern lebanon promise to designate half and promising to form a technocratic government of experts within 6 weeks to solve the country's economic crisis tony berkley has more from beirut. less than 24 hours after lebanon's do prime minister designate was announced this was the reaction from people in one beirut suburbs. they launched angry street protests a confronted lebanese soldiers and riot police rocks were thrown with casualties on both sides. say. this
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is a sunny harry of beirut and these people are supporters of saud hariri the outgoing prime minister he's calling for people to remain calm he wants them through reduce the tension and he wants them to work with a new prime minister to help solve the problems but obviously that message is not being heard by these people. i even though the prime minister designate has sunday add is a sunni muslim he was nominated by the predominately shia alliance of hizbollah and the mouth and its christian allies many in the sunny community expected hariri to be nominated said i felt burned there is anger on the street because sunnis feel like we are being excluded no one will accept this people are hungry they don't have jobs and now they want to silence others. by this your measurements of them as michael we need a person like her a very i can save the country from sectarian strife and a man who knows about the country and who can save the economy and the days that how do you get the latest protests following weeks of anger demanding political
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reforms were confined to largely sunny populated areas in beirut and she. lebanon's 2nd largest city. d.m. says he understands the problems but has asked the people to give him a chance he says he will begin talking to all political groups on saturday and says he hopes to form a government within 6 weeks. as an independent technocrat i'm looking for a technocrat government that consists of independent ministers in order to serve our country in sort out our problems that we all know about diablo's a university professor and former education minister but many especially within the civil protest groups associate him with the corruption and nepotism that is played lebanese politics for decades and convincing all sides of the sectarian divide that he can solve the country's deepening crisis is not going to be easy. this is the charge of the mountain of trouble. and the but the real problems about all of this
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is that you have to go all against the interests of the established parties. horning creasing number of lebanese the time for protest is over shops and businesses are closing the economy is on the verge of collapse youth unemployment is at an all time high inflation is soaring and many people are desperate for a solution. to them and we are tired of this situation even the politicians are tired and we need a solution otherwise we will have to emigrate and leave the country to the politicians. has a limited time to overcome political divisions and form a government to solve the crisis and quell the anger if he fails further chaos and instability seem certain to only berkeley al-jazeera beirut. iraq's top share leader has called for early elections to be held as soon as possible grand ayatollah sistani says forming a new government is the only way out of the country's crisis or protests have
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resumed as iraq's political leaders failed to reach their deadline for nominating a new prime minister anti-government demonstrations began in october of a corruption unemployment and poor public services now poland's parliament has defied a warning from the european union and passed a law that would see judges punished of their critical of court reforms the judicial changes has sparked protests in poland with allegations they're aimed at shutting down criticism of the government the european commission has written to polish leaders reminding them to stay with then the e.u. laws were early and my colleague now i am the man they spoke with the law and pet issues a professor of european law at middlesex university and he says poland is moving further away from laws and the block itself. this is not the 1st time the warnings from brussels have been ignored by pushed or it is and in fact. british authorities have been under supervision or under monitoring from the us since generate doesn't
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16 so this is just the latest escalation of the role of the crisis is by far the most violation of the principles of judicial independence we have seen since the crisis began 4 years ago some people including myself are now speaking of a defacto politics it within the next few weeks so if you have enjoyed talking about drugs it in fact. i think 2020 we're going to talk more and more about the politics it defacto because essentially poland is going to remain a full member of the u.s not going to trigger the in famous article 50 per century as far as the judicial branch of poland what we're looking at is the dismantlement of judicial independence in poland and this is simply not compatible with membership of the e.u. so what does brussels too so the brussels has sued poland already twice has won twice so there is a 3rd case pending and there are plenty of new cases also originating from pushcarts we have a total i think of the 15 pending cases before the european court of justice so it's going to get worse i'm afraid. the u.k.
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parliament has voted overwhelmingly in favor of prime minister bars johnson's bret's that deal paving the way to leave the e.u. by the end of next month a section on protecting workers' rights has been removed and parliament's ability to scrutinise the next stage of talks has also been undermined paul brennan reports from london minister to move 2nd leading prime minister to move 2nd reading. there is a new mood in the u.k. house of commons the knife edge bracks it votes of the autumn ancient history the tension replaced by political inevitability and in front of the newly expanded ranks of conservative m.p.'s boris johnson was enjoying the moment history will record that the 1st to this new parliament in its earliest days was to break the ice floes. and trying a new way through a new passage through the unsuspected oceans of opportunity his parliamentary majority means that prime minister boris johnson can now press ahead with his
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vision of brics it the new law will prohibit any trade talks extension beyond december of 2020 and it weakens parliamentary scrutiny of the executive a clause on protecting workers' rights has been removed and a previous commitment to receive unaccompanied child refugees has also been watered down. critics and opponents say the changes showed the prime minister can't be trusted for only promises over the past few weeks that they are the party to protect rights at work at the very 1st opportunity they removed the basic provisions they said would be part of this bill that does not bode well for freshman emphatic election victory the prime minister has little need to contemplate the critics or placate his opponents but he will have to consider the voters especially those who switched from labor and in his words lent the conservatives their support in the election the simple fact though is that johnson
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has the numbers with him the eyes of the right 358 the notice of the land at $234.00. built his bill will become law in january paul brennan al-jazeera westminster. the us president has held at a christian magazine which called for has removal from office and christianity today opinion piece called donald trump very lost and confused and said he isn't morally fit to be president transponder did a series of tweets accusing the magazine of being very far left exit poll found 80 percent of event jellicoe questions voted for trump and $26.00 team. there has been another setback for boeing this time and space it stahl on a capsule is designed to carry astronauts to the international space station but a problem with the internal timing system meant it failed to reach the required altitude needed to dock or a gate and b.
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has warm you one and lift off the rise of starlight the atlas rocket carrying the on man star line a capsule survived one of its biggest challenges only to run into problems minutes after liftoff it appears as. though the mission elapsed timing system had an error in it and that anomaly resulted in the vehicle believing that the time was different than it actually was nasa would it contracts to both boeing and space x. the company owned by billionaire mosque to develop cheaper reusable methods of going to space nasa astronauts have been riding russian soyuz rockets since retiring the space shuttle fleet 80 years ago space x. successfully launched its on man dragon capsule into space for the 1st time 3 months ago and boeing is hoping to send astronauts into orbit next year for bettering it slightly as a result of this to slip at least
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a month or 2 i don't think it will be. a huge huge delay these things happen in space flight you get delays all the time but it does it raises the probability that america will have to go to the russians cut in hand and buy some more seats on the russians so yes this latest hitch is more bad news for boeing it's already paid a high price this year for 2737 max crashes within 5 months killing $346.00 passengers and crew in indonesia and ethiopia. that caused the grounding of the max fleet worldwide to the removal of bank's chief executive and multibillion dollar losses to boeing share price and income and production of the latest version of the world's best selling alanah was stopped earlier this week. the difficulties of the american aerospace industry giant are a reminder that there's plenty of training and learning ahead for the ng before
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nasa succeeds in the new space race getting private companies to launch astronauts into orbit in any type of space taxi victoria gate in the al-jazeera. hello again alan is of the problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera thousands of civilians are fleeing syria's province to the turkish border after a dramatic increase in bombings by their government and russia u.n. observers say 18000 people have been displaced in just 24 hours 7 people were killed on friday morning after at least 19 civilians were killed on thursday meanwhile russia and china have vetoed a u.n. resolution that would allow cross border deliveries from turkey and iraq to millions of syrian civilians for another year another news protests have returned
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to the streets of chile as captain angry about delays in the goetia using a new constitution riot police have been in a standoff with the demonstrators for several hours using tear gas and water cannon to try and disperse the crowds of the latest a month long demonstrations of the social inequality a latin america editor lucy newman has moved from santiago riot police on motorcycles plus some on foot have just made their way up this avenue just one of the main thoroughfares of santiago they've been playing cat and mouse with protesters now for hours and hours there are about 300 protesters just about 80 meters from where we are right now and this is just been going on as i say for a long time very very violent we've seen people injured with pellets even a 1st aid center that's just a few meters from here but outside street was attacked with tear gas so it's been quite chaotic here. the international criminal court wants to open an investigation
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into alleged war crimes in palestinian territory palestinians and welcomed the decision but israel's prime minister says the i.c.c. has no jurisdiction to investigate both israelis and palestinians face the possibility of having charges filed against them. large crowds in india have again defied a ban on public gatherings to continue their protests against a new citizenship law there will be rallies in new delhi and elsewhere with demonstrators saying the law is anti muslim thousands of people have been rallying in lebanon's capital beirut against the nomination of the next prime minister us and the others promising to form a technocratic government of experts within 6 weeks to solve the country's economic crisis. well i'll have more headlines for you in just under 30 minutes coming up next inside story thank you for watching.
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catastrophic bushfires in australia reignited the debate over climate change with the government accused of not doing enough why was 29001 of the worst years on record globally for wives phys ed is there the political will to find a solution this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program back to people bushfire is a common during the summer in australia but firefighters are calling this year's conditions catastrophic.


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