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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 22, 2019 11:00am-11:33am +03

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police in india are accused of using excessive force against protesters angry over a controversial new citizenship law. play watching al-jazeera live from doha with me for the bat t. ball also coming up cooler weather may help firefighters battling bushfires the cost of australia. and the nicholas hong victoria falls despite the rainbow the world's largest waterfall is in some parts a slow trickle when out next how the worst drought in a century is affecting 45000000 people across 14 nations in southern africa. and getting more of a tasteful politics as banks head to the polls for
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a upon him entry election with a wider choice of candidates. narendra modi has just arrived at an election rally in new delhi as he faces one of his biggest domestic challenges since becoming india's prime minister at least 25 people have died so far in violence fueled by anger against a citizenship law which opponents say discriminates against muslims sabina shuster reports from new delhi. police in the northern state are not taking chances. did vans while firing tear gas at protesters who are defying a government ban to congregate in large crowds. every tactic is being used to quash nationwide protests against a new citizenship law the police are being accused of using excessive force
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was what started as a student demonstration has grown into a larger movement to denounce what governments often and say is divisive and discriminatory legislation. the law excludes muslims from neighboring countries from receiving indian citizenship which goes against india secular constitution and rest in india has been discussed at a conference of muslim leaders in malaysia prime minister mahathir mohamad said the indian law is unfair to x. group streams from becoming citizens even by due process i think is unfair so we have ways. of. disagreement with this kind of treatment india rejected his comments saying the law
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doesn't impact the status of any indian citizen or deprive any indian of any faith of her or his citizenship the malaysian prime minister's remark is factually inaccurate we call apartment asia to refrain from commenting on internal developments in india with. the right in the standing of facts. on saturday protesters packed the streets of new delhi despite the government's ban on large crowds. 'd lawyers from india supreme court and high costs joined the outcry we are running open that discriminate among hindus sikhs jenny jones and muslims if overcautious on the load was a load everyone went outside the jam in years time your university where the protests 1st yes the university 'd is now closed but still still cademy joined by people from all walks of life but them who is one of the.
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art students depicted the constitution and the government's attitude to it by painting this street it's amazing that john has united the nation in that sense but . it's also dislike the idea behind it which is so vicious the idea behind the act it's all vicious and everything king human being everyone in this country will be affected and therefore standing up indians here are vowing to continue their define for vote against the law and say they won't allow the government to destroy the very fabric on which their nation is built on. on us now speak to sabina who is in new delhi for sabina tell us 1st about way you are and what's been happening there. so i'm right i would say the german media islamic university where the protests began right where we were yesterday and despite the fact that it's something that we can students are still gathering day
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on for all the constitution of india and our people over here have are doing certain they are talking about the constitution people are distributing pamphlets talking about which explains why. the constitutional law citizenship law is new so there's a lot of a lot of people from all walks of life that have been gathering around here yes and prime minister narendra modi this hour is speaking at a rally in new demi an iranian launching the b.j. peace campaign for the next 2020 most of the violence we've seen in these last few days sabina have been in areas that are governed by the like will to pradesh do we expect the prime minister to talk about this to address the violence and what do we think the message is going to be if he does. so most of the people who are here are hoping that he's going to talk address this issue and
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deescalate the situation but there are also a exile today because over the past few days we've seen distressing news coming out of the british internets been shut down over here it's been impossible to figure out how people are experiencing this here except for the few. videos that have been leaking out and there is a lot of hope the bounce people that prime minister modi would address this but there's also a side to it that he might not that he might say something inflammatory and that might escalate the situation. thank you very much for that to be no stretch the line for us in. in afghanistan preliminary results from the presidential election show incumbent ghani has secured a slim majority the result had been expected in october but has only been released
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by the independent election commission this sunday gunny secured just over 50 percent of the vote supporters of his main rival say they don't accept the results the electoral commission says the final result could change in other world news cooler weather across australia is expected to help firefighters battling more than 100 blazes bushfires have been burning out of control in conditions described as catastrophic at least 8 people have died and hundreds of homes have been destroyed firefighters are trying to contain the blazes before hot or whether it's due to return at the end of the week prime minister scott morrison meanwhile has apologised for taking a family holiday during the disaster has been criticised in the past for not connecting the bush five's to climate change but now he can seize there's a link. there is no argument about the links between in my view in the government's view and in any government in this country about the links between broader issues of global climate change and and weather events around the world but i'm sure
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people equally would signal age that the direct connection to any single farmer event it's not a credible suggestion to make that link. so we must take action on climate change we are taking action on climate change brenton eden is the assistant chief officer of the soft australia fire service he spoke to us earlier from adelaide and he says the fires started across the country much earlier in the season this year. there's a direct link between these 4 as drought draw of vegetation high fuel lloyd's and high temperatures but if you look across the sort of 100 year history of fall as in a strong we have had these events before each state has had these events before i think what is very challenging for australia is these are events are appearing much earlier in essays and well before christmas they're occurring right across the
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landscape from western australia to new south whiles and they're also appearing at a time when the northern hemisphere is still experiencing fall and that makes it difficult for bugs him is these to manage what's known as the aerial for affording flaked we rely heavily on large attract is in city of crimes to come from the northern hemisphere which traditionally by finished their fire season and they're available for us now we're seeing i think it's fees overlapping very. conflicting and demanding times for for services across the world and it's not just australia suffering from a lack of rain the worst drought in decades is impacting 45000000 people in 14 countries across southern africa some bad ways one of the worst affected and a warning some of the footage of reports from the tibet inland may be distressing to delist. deep in zimbabwe's multibillion and people are dying of hunger
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margaret magon then her 5 grandchildren are picking what will be their 1st and last meal of the day for the pumpkin leaves weekend play months of this diet but gunday worries the worst is yet to come with decorum and i know would be. when he and your wife there is no food anymore we are so hungry that i am losing the strength to go on sometimes i wish the ground underneath could open up and swallow us old. the united nations says southern africa is experiencing the worst drought in a century 45000000 people across 14 countries are in need of urgent assistance while food distribution is taking place in some areas my gunday has not received any help. a 3 hour drive away there is food at the market but at a price again day and most cannot afford the $10.00 a kilo from 8 or the $5.00 pack of rice cashing in from the desperation are traders looking to make a profit will this is true. prices are going up for everyone and so i want to get
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the peace process possible we are all suffering here we are all trying to make ends meet. zimbabwe needs more rainfall for food to grow in november traditional healers invoked the spirits of the mighty is an easy river to release the rains but they have yet to come and so the world's largest waterfall that separates zimbabwe from zambia doesn't quite look the same with tourists asking where has the water gone. this isn't just a tourist attraction it's a lifeline for millions of people beyond zimbabwe's border because the water is used both for food and power but look at it now. gone is the thunderous sound of falling water left below are hungry animals dying of thirst after travelling for hundreds of kilometers in search of water a rhinoceros experiences the slow painful death from hunger $200.00 elephants have
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died since the summer there could be more with endangered species especially vulnerable those alive both animals and humans are left to graze on whatever they can and so dull that by hunger are great but on then her grandchildren share their meal today a treat a portion of maize tomorrow though is uncertain nicholas hawke al-jazeera my belly landed zimbabwe. still ahead on al-jazeera i'm going to see a human in santiago chile and i'll be telling you why record numbers of elderly people are committing suicide here. we've got some very lively weather pushing in across europe at the moment very unsettled as well bands of cloud and right and some snow pushing in from
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a west to east in the center we're looking at a storm elsa pushing out of the way just clearing away from the british style still saying very windy very wet as well a flood warning for suppose parts of southern england and wales at present of a system making its way into that western side of the mediterranean and here we have seen a storm fabby and causing problems winds gusting to about 160170 kilometers per hour at times is the same in corsica to some very violent story whether it's made its way across that western side of the mediterranean it stays on settled as we go on through the next couple of days at titan rain making its way across italy and the boltons some very heavy rain possibility of flooding coming in here as well again warnings in false and stays disturbed across a good parts of france well there was a spine and portugal and again across southern areas often with a small day temperatures getting up to around 10 celsius there in london and paris
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some attempt as we go on into monday by monday that what's the weather will make its way across greece into turkey heavy downpours here in the risk of flooding. the weather sponsored by countdown anyways. with one of the highest rates and while that was the main john it was one of central america some countries is gang related violence you are a country that is not technically a war but you have no. which. country. the president of el salvador. talks to al jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera from doha with me for a reminder of our top story this hour prime minister narendra modi's addressing supporters of the party at a rally in new delhi as protests continue against a controversial citizenship law and a 25 people have died so far in violence fueled by opposition to the law which some say discriminates against muslims authorities in australia say at least 8 people have died and hundreds of homes have been destroyed as bushfires ravaged new south wales fires have been burning out of control with conditions described as catastrophic but a cool change in the weather may bring some relief and the worst drought in a century is affecting 45000000 people across southern africa food supplies have dried up from the lack of rain at least $200.00 elephants have died over the summer and more endangered species could be at risk. in syria
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a new round of ass strikes by government forces and their russian allies have killed at least 3 people in italy province syrian troops are advancing on the country's last rebel held areas intense shelling and as strikes are forced hundreds of displaced people to feed the region more than 200000 people have fled to refugee count's near the border with turkey in recent months to buy. voting is underway in parliamentary elections and they've been key human rights of elements last elections in 2016 that includes people with criminal convictions being allowed to vote and a minimum number of female candidates but the 5 register parties still have to operate within strict rules made out by the government. reports from the capital tosh that. it's a show that at 1st and then galvanized the country allows political debate unscripted and edited
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a 1st news because. there have been 29 others over the past 3 months where a wide range of topics were discussed often putting the candidates on the spot to the point that this party leader admitted his big politicians lacked courage. and some we didn't anticipate this level of success it was difficult at 1st because politicians went ready for this but then they prepared and were able to answer questions they didn't expect people to become more interested in the parties and their programs. then he'll come back of is a proud cook of the national dish cloth and despite steering hundreds of kilos of rice a day he followed the debates your passion was there was a lot of truth and real issues with these debates we can understand what needs to be done in the correct way and what is wrong there is a lot of change and these elections are very different from previous ones who specs
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will have to choose between 5 parties ranging from left to right on the political spectrum but all are government funded with similar platforms. there are no opposition or independent candidates running in this election. is only 28 years old it was formed after the fall of the soviet union and $99.00 to $1.00 so regardless of this tour coming people are excited to go to the ballot boxes. for the 1st time the parties are somehow competing against each other to win over voters since president shafqat me to say your you have took power in 2016 he is gradually taking the country out of isolation reforms. in almost all spheres of life social life political life a canonical. in some spheres we see great success in some spheres we see some controversial changes in sam's fears we see the real
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problems of reforming he has permitted greater freedom of expression which allows come only dean he said cool of to speak to us without fear of repercussion at 31 he's a 1st time voter he supports the liberal democratic party because it promised to back small businesses like his on the. us military is elections were just nominal now we say freely what we think before we are scared we can see the reality even if it's still not completely transparent i hope this will continue and it will become more liberal. president museo you have promised that parliament will become a true school of democracy millions of hope that day comes sooner rather than later . and todd joins us now live from a polling station in tashkent tell us about you know into the enthusiasm for this election are people rushing to the polling stations to vote. well certainly there
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is a lot of enthusiasm not only today but in the days leading up to this election where i am standing i have been witnessing throughout the day a steady stream of people coming in and saying that it was very important for them to take part in this election we have some pig figures that have been just released by the electoral commission as of 1 o'clock local time 8 g.m.t. about 25 percent a little less than 25 percent of the registered voters have costed their ballot that's about 4 and a half 1000000 people but the polling stations are still open until 8 pm local sound so we have about 7 war hours and probably we will see much more that number increased much more usually to turnout in whose back election is as high as 70 percent will just have to wait for the rest of the day right and as we saw in your
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report there peace to be more openness in the country is that likely to continue. well that certainly is the hope of long anyone you speak to not only they're hoping hoping that openness will continue that there will be much more space for bosses of this sense but they also opening hoping that reforms will continue because at the end of the day that's what the effects people in their everyday life there are saying here into scanned at least that there has been great improvement that they feel it is just 6 the beginning and really they are pinning their hopes in the president he has promised reforms but they don't know yet how far do those reforms will go how reaching they will be specially when it comes to human rights when it comes to politics certainly the economic reforms are on track and are very ambitious and are very real reform in the sectors of the government are also very
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real i was speaking yesterday to a professor at the university here he said the serious conversation about overhauling the entire education system the same goes for the health sector so yes it's happening the promises are there people feel that they're tangible and i think the big question is how far and how quickly all of that will come about thank you for that hoda abdel-hamid reporting live from tashkent voters in croatia are also heading to the polls for a presidential election 11 candidates are running including incumbent anita grabber . opinion polls show that it could be a tight race between her and her main rivals the vote comes at an important time escalation is set to take over the rotating presidency of the european union next month. a turkish ship has been seized off the coast of northern libya by forces loyal to warlord holly for have time it happened just hours after turkey's parliament voted to approve a military agreement with libya's internationally recognized government
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a spokesman for have tosses their naval forces approached the border near the city of burna so they could search and verify its cargo its crew are being questioned and drone strikes by have tossed forces have killed 3 people in the northwest libyan town of. internationally recognized government says the drones are being used by the ninety's emirates which supports tough time. now the u.s. president's border wall has secured $1300000000.00 in funding under a government spending package signed last week the barrier between the u.s. and mexico is well behind schedule but it's breaking ground in arizona and one of the most biologically diverse parts of the country and as rob reynolds reports the environmental costs may be irreversible. president donald trump's border barrier is under construction in southern arizona. crews with heavy equipment are carving a path through the desert the wall will go along the southern edge of the organ
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pipe cactus national monument an area of exceptional beauty the u.s. national park service says the 1340 square kilometer monument preserves one of the earth's major ecosystems in nearly unspoiled condition. the united nations designated organ pipe national monument as an international biosphere reserve environmentalists say a wall construction threat these this pristine environment we've got endangered. pup fish also known as this annoyed pup fish right here in the stream you can see him swim around over there are they an endangered species they are one of 4 endangered species here workers will pump water from underground to mix concrete for the barriers base possibly drying out this desert always this which is just a few 100 meters from the border. the barrier will block the normal migration
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routes of rare animal species like puma and antelope the human experience will also change a 50 kilometer and 9 meter tall wall equipped with floodlights that are on all night long that's what's being proposed here and it's it's insane are nice guys are going to be destroyed we're not going to see the stars anymore from the campground and it's going to be an eyesore this is a place that's designated wilderness it's supposed to look pristine and now it's going to look like a 50 kilometer prison wall in order to build the wall president trump declared a state of national emergency here on the border now that together with other legal loopholes has allowed the government to completely disregard numerous laws designed to protect environmentally sensitive areas like this environmentalists have taken the administration to court in an effort to slow or halt construction but for now
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the wall marches relentlessly forward. rob reynolds al-jazeera near solenoid mexico. in chile a police officer has been charged with causing grievous bodily harm after a protest so was rammed by an armored vehicle the policeman has been released on bail but there are costs for him and his superiors to be fired the 20 year old man who was run down is in hospital with a suspected fractured pelvis police were trying to disperse crowds who have been protesting against pension system for the past 2 months now the congress in chile has passed a bill to increase pension subsidies for the war by as much as 50 percent but people are still unhappy they want a complete overhaul of one of the world's most controversial private pension systems a lot america at its embassy in yemen reports some santiago. it's the holiday season and bill them want to see nurses making a christmas cake but not for her family selling these cakes is just one of the many
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ways the 62 year old pensioner tries to make ends meet. she also fixes clothes like other pensioners who are low income neighborhood but at the has to keep working because after 35 years of factory work her monthly retirement check is $133.00 well below chile's poverty line of us talking about him on the same street there are 4 grandparents in their eighty's and 3 still work the other is too ill and she lay retirements nothing to look forward to. who lives in an upper middle class area agrees she retired at the beginning of last year after working 37 years 1st as a nurse and then as a university professor with a master's degree she used to make nearly $2000.00 a month. fearful of them but when i went to do my retirement papers i discovered that i had a poppers pension i said is this
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a joke and i was told no madam it's like this for everyone the 300 dollars i am getting isn't even enough to pay for my health insurer. ns. nothing infuriates chileans of all walks of life more than their compulsory private retirement system or a.f.p. it was created under chile's military dictatorship and was supposed to guarantee pensions equivalent to 70 percent of one's last paycheck. instead 10 to 20 percent is the average with good reason the a.f.p.'s are the number one target of millions of protesters from. chilis pension funds make massive profits which are not redistributed to the contributors even as pensions drop would get them or one of the 4 yes and no this model was designed with the objective to transfer the workers' savings to capital markets like banks the big retailers etc that's hope create large economic groups that have concentrated wealth in
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a few hands as never before and worst of all it's forced millions of chileans to live in misery. in chile the suicide rate for elderly people how soared and one of the prime reasons is because they no longer have enough money with which to survive amid all the protests the government has actually raised the state pension subsidy but even after doubling that subsidy for people over the age of 80 it is still nowhere near a minimum wage at a time in life when people have greater expenses for medicine and for doctors. the government's offer to partially compensate for the a.f.p.'s shortcomings with tax payers money has only added more fuel to the fire and it's unlikely to be put out without a major overhaul of the pension system that only seems to be benefiting those who don't pay for it you see in human santiago.
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much more on our website as always al jazeera dot com the very latest on all of our top stories on the al jazeera dot com. i. am fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera prime minister narendra modi's addressing supporters of the ruling b j p at a rally in new delhi this hour as protests continue against a controversial as citizenship law at least 25 people have died so far in violent protests against the law which some say discriminates against muslims sabina should say is in new delhi and says most of the violence against protesters has happened in states governed by moody's b j p there have been huge rallies justin had. along with. the thousands of people came to me but nothing but very very peaceful and even here in delhi it's really actually peaceful even the police are here are
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controlled by the central government it's a controlled it was retaliation in the old early so it does appear. in states the police have been given. the authority to retaliate against. in afghanistan preliminary results from september's presidential election show the incumbent afghani has secured a slim majority the result was expected in october but has finally been released by the independent election commission this sunday the office of gunnies main rival of do not deny says he does not accept these early results cooler weather conditions across australia are expected to help firefighters contain more than 100 blazes fires have been burning out of control in conditions described as catastrophic at least 8 people have been killed. the worst drought in a century is affecting 45000000 people across southern africa at least 200 elephants have died over the summer and more endangered species could be at risk
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crops have dried up and food surprise are limited in syria a new round of s. strikes by government forces and their russian allies have can at least 3 people in adelaide province syrian troops are advancing on the country's last rebel held areas intense shelling and strikes are forced hundreds of displaced people to leave the region the polls are open. on way they have been major human rights reform since the last elections in 2016 but despite this the 5 register party still have to operate within strict government role. those are the headlines coming up next here it's talk to al-jazeera. the poll is really creating some of the world's. 101 east goes back to school to find out the sacred today. on how did the royal.
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he's the youngest leader in latin america at 38 years old the president of el salvador naive to caylee comfortably won the general election in february with caylee enjoys a nearly 90 percent approval rating but there are challenges ahead with one of the highest murder rates in the world perhaps the main challenge for central america's smallest country is gang related violence and slow growth this can tell salvatore's social and economic development stagnant corruption cost the government millions of dollars and ever since a 12 year civil war ended in 1992 hundreds of thousands of salvadorians have been fleeing the country every year.


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