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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 22, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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philharmonic witness documentary on. india's prime minister defends a new citizenship you know that has sparked protests and denies accusations that it discriminates against muslims. hello again i'm mr and mrs al jazeera live from daraa also coming up an exclusive report from mexico where al jazeera reveals just how easy it is for cartels to smuggle in guns from the united states. under fire a strain his prime minister returns home from vacation to contrive a sea as the country enjoys unprecedented. and.
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victoria falls despite the rainbow the world's largest waterfall is in some parts a slow trickle of the next the worst drought in a centuries affecting 45000000 people across 40 nations in southern africa. now india's prime minister is refusing to back down on a controversial citizenship in a war that opponents say discriminates against muslims they argue the legislation is an attack on the country's secular constitution but he insists there's no trace of discrimination in his policies or his walk to has the latest from new delhi 7 7. it's the greatest challenge india's prime minister noda morty has faced since he came to power 5 years ago dozens of people have been killed during. protest against
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a citizenship law which many say discriminates against muslims addressing thousands of his supporters at an election rally in new delhi blamed the opposition for stoking the protests began by our. brothers since this law has been passed some political parties have been spreading rumors these people are misleading the public they are inciting the public. you know our part of our i want to ask pelting stones and sticks people to and to police trying to do us what are you hoping to achieve the police is no one's enemy. the citizenship amendment act makes it easier for migrants from afghanistan bangladesh and pakistan who aren't muslim to become indian citizens critics say the law could lead to many muslims losing their citizenship. or just go on my back. staging protests is a right they should not be violent so i oppose that whatever the police are doing i
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request them not to do it they should also listen also indians like you we are also humans. i. as protests continued on sunday in the capital and other parts of the country the government insisted that law will not be repealed i protest has been ongoing since parliament passed the law earlier in december i was but a student protests and. university in the capital a week ago turned into a movement of hundreds of thousands of students and anti-government protesters nationwide people were angered after government forces fought with students and stormed the campus firing tear gas into the library and classrooms. i. the worst violence has been the british for more than 5000 people have been
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detained at least 1500 have been arrested in other parts of india. some muslims can get so than shipped under the citizenship amendment act but it is feared millions who are unable to provide proof could be rendered stateless even if their families have lived in india but generations to be out of the new delhi well as a professor and a dane at the general school eventually ashleigh he says prime minister modi is trying to dispel misinformation. assured muslims especially and mentioned a number of these policies which have actually benefited them and you also heard more gospel unity in diversity or accepting the pluralism of india and of particular reason the barrier not the whole idea of equality of all religious states and he continued a lot of issuance and so i think that matters and those are some of the you know
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fears that have been are planted in the minds of innocence and the last couple of weeks as far as the congress and their sympathizers go i don't think they're going to change because for them it's a matter of political survival they've been marginalized they've been losing elections and they're now trying to use the citizenship act as a basis on which to cry out and galvanize of the community and shifted in their favor for electronic gains it's become a political football and you know look let's look at the district mr modi made a clear distinction between refugees who are facing persecution a neighboring country and that i would lose hope and then but at the same date he was clear that you know immigrants coming in for economic opportunities cannot be allowed in such massive numbers you have to relive it i think it is like an educational speech or many ways in the society to get the masses you know who are assembled there are lots of hearing it at this early hour here in the ship to understand the real answers now the 3 month wait for the results of the
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presidential election in afghanistan has ended with a provisional win for president ashraf ghani the electoral commission says he secured a slim majority of just over 50 percent but supporters of his main rival abdullah abdullah say they don't accept the results and what they call questionable votes need investigating the lentil commission also says the final count from the election in september could change. takis president says if necessary he'll increase military support to the internationally recognized government and libya russia talk about iran says he'll evaluate ground and marine options has already raised the possibility of sending troops if libya requests them also back to the maritime boundaries deal signed with libya that's angered greece which is exploring the mediterranean sea for oil and gas and the turkish government is now disputing reports that forces loyal to war cliff i have to have seized and searched a cargo ship off the libyan coast the turks say the cargo was checked off to the
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ship's captain requested help from libya's coast guard because of mechanical problems at least 25000 civilians have reportedly fled syria to a province for the turkish border as the syrian and russian forces intensify the airstrikes russian backed syrian troops are advancing on the country's last rebel held area and the biggest push in more than 3 months and has resulted in a major civilian exodus while mexico is dealing with its highest murder rate on record and the majority of firearms involved are being smuggled in from the united states rollin's across the border has been under increasing scrutiny after a number of u.s. citizens were murdered last month in the 1st of a 2 part investigation into arms trafficking between the u.s. and mexico john holeman talks to those smuggling the guns across the border and the hit men that end up using them. to make the 17th of october
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2019 the day the silly little cult turned out like you know me with a devastating grade 5 pound they subjugate to the miss camilla treat self took over the streets of coolie account. this man says he was there fighting with the cartel we're talking about their weapons would most of the people there in the side of the car with america go oh yes of course because all the arms that we use here are from the other side of the border. what they got to go he's a hit man a soldier through organized crime one of the many across mexico responsible for record murder right how difficult would it be to do your job. if there wasn't this free flow coming from the united states. it would be hard because the u.s. is the chief supplier that's where we get the new explosive guns we need going to support all of the guns that have been seized in mexico and traced 70 percent come
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from the united states there's a reason it's hard to get a gun legally in mexico but the regulations are extremely strict not so in the u.s. and cartels you struggle by as gun shop scene shows to get glocks a k 47 off if things and even machine guns it's this man's job to smuggle them across the border about the truth is that it's very easy to get them across we do hide them in the upholstery or where we can but the customs agents here don't really focus on that and searching it they never searched the car. we saw that for us selves when we made the journey from the u.s. into mexico on a busy thursday night there were no possible controls we saw no border offices and just to customs officials check to see of cars that were already were into mexico. a lack of vigilance which is hard to reconcile with mexico's concerns. the most worrying issue in mexico are the guns the guns that we saw on coolly a-kon were
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impressive i want to propose again but using the latest technology from both countries we can stop the arms trafficking at the border. we asked for an interview with mexico's foreign ministry and its customs agency to discuss those border security plans we didn't hear back. meanwhile quantities of weapons continue to be brought across this stashed in a multitude of safe houses on arrival the gun run is in charge of this one in a suburb of the border town the cali. when we come back with guns they can stay here a day or 2 and then our people come to get them when everything is ready to take them away they distributed throughout the country with one should mean jail time but if the gun runners get stopped by local police there's a simple solution. as they say here with money the dog dances sort it all out with cash and then we each coraline way i don't know you and you don't know me with the guns make their way to the cartel soldiers the same ones the battle the big it's
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going to thirty's and the 17th of october this confrontation between because helen the government. that would have if this in a lower cost. this is where. yes it would happen but obviously as you say it would have been hard for us without the number of weapons i mean we probably would have beaten them if it wasn't so easy to get hold of the guns. the mexican forces humiliation then and in direct consequence of leaving us gun regulations and this country's insufficient border security but there were other consequences to more intimate ones for the thousands of victims of mexico's shootings in part to tell their stories john homan al jazeera mccully a roman catholic religious order in mexico has now admitted that it's found
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a sexually abused dozens of boys including some that he fathered secretly while living a double life father. denied he was a pedophile until his death 11 years ago the nation as of christ says other priests also abused 175 mexican boys for decades and it's now attempting to confront its past pipe john paul dismissed the accusations but his successor pope benedict ordered muscle to retire to a life of prayer and penitence. homestead ahead on al-jazeera getting a taste for greater democracy polls have now closed and is back to stand fast parliamentary elections on the end nearly to promising reform. i'm rob reynolds on the us mexico border where president trumps border wall is under construction in one of the most biologically diverse areas in north america.
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how the weather's lousy dry across much of china although we have got some bits and pieces of right jen we just to the south of shanghai that will be the case as we go on through the next couple of days shanghai itself at around 13 celsius south of that we getting up to 22 in hong kong with a similar conditions as we go on the 3 achieved if anything recent past china generally drying up you might just catch the just close northern parts of taiwan but that aside it is generally settled and sunny settled across a good path solve in the light winds across northern most parts well the fault in small problems returning to new delhi as you can say very murky conditions here and not read any sign of any great improvement as we go on through the next couple of days as i said the winds are light so it's not stirring up the air is not really going to help things any over the next couple of days 18 celsius then in new delhi
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a similar temperatures we go on into cheese day the king the winds are down towards the south so northeast the wind that's driving motionless back into sri lanka some of those heavy with a nice day dial to could also see one of 2 showers a chill also want to see some light rain just around the southern end of the reagan peninsula but for many it's 5 and try hard here in a pleasant $23.00. article . is it donald trump is now the 1st president in history of the united states to be . the last one just as major event of the future of the rest joining us with coverage and analysis of the trump impeachment on al-jazeera. the creation. when he goes. to find out the secret to this. on how does the.
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how again i'm just. a reminder about top stories this hour. india's prime minister is accusing his political opponents of fueling on the rest over a controversial citizenship in a way that critics say discriminates against muslims there under modi has also defended india's security forces in a speech at a rally in new delhi. preliminary results from afghanistan's presidential election show incumbent ashraf ghani has secured a slim majority officials for his main rival abdullah abdullah say they don't accept the results. and turkey's president says if necessary he'll increase military support to the internationally recognized government in libya russia talk
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about 0 and says he'll evaluate ground and marine options he has already raised the possibility of sending troops if libya requests them. well polls have closed in use by histones parliamentary election the fastest since president chavez out of took power 3 years ago the vote is being held following reforms to the voting system that includes a new electoral coders and requires a minimum number of female candidates 5 parties are competing for the $150.00 seats news back to stone's parliament but analysts say the balance of power is unlikely to change as all of them have backed president maziar you have heard abdul hamid is in the capital tashkent and she says the election has brought more than just changes to the voting process. well certainly there is a different atmosphere and you could really feel it each time you spoke to any one of the voters there they were coming in with a lot of hope as did the people for example told me that that they can party in
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many previous parliamentary elections in the past but this one was completely different that to some extent because of these television dr bates that unfolded live over the past 3 months they got to know some of the candidates better they got to her to hear what each party represented better even though across the board there is not much difference in all these parties till they did feel those i spoke to said they did they feel that this stance could mark the beginning of a change now certainly with form has been unfolding over the past 3 years in this country where do we talk about for example a discussion about reforming the education system child labor and forced labor has been abolished in the cotton fields the exchange market has been regularized so there's been a lot of reforms and the most important of them all is what people told me across
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the board is that they feel they can talk freely now without any fear of repercussion but more than one told me you know your foreign journalist 3 years ago i would have never stood in the street and had a conversation read you let alone being filmed so there is a change whether this will bring a full fledged democracy it is really too early to say. now prime minister scott morrison has returned to australia after taking a family vacation as wildfires and a heat wave swept across the country his facing public outrage for being in hawaii as more than $100.00. and. he's long been criticized for failing to directly link climate change to the bush fires in australia but as prime minister scott morrison visited areas affected by fires on sunday that changed our government is a wise and i have always acknowledged the connection between these weather events in these broader far events and the impacts globally of climate change but his
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critics say he's let australia fall behind and then there's his decision to take a family vacation in hawaii as a stray burnt morrison cut short the trip after 2 volunteer firefighters died in new south wales the worst hit state. or weather over the weekend has given firefighters some relief but the situation is still out of control more than a 5th of the blue mountains world heritage site has been burnt by fire while some towns including balmoral have been ravaged twice in 3 days the fires have burned an area the size of belgium and destroyed more than $800.00 homes is devastating not knowing whether your property is standing or not unfortunately we have to save bad news is not much left. some survivors say the sound of the fire terrified them the most as winds blew flames over mountains like a. river of oil right right in the tank car you can hear the trees exploding.
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thousands of firefighters many of them volunteers are also tiring as they try to contain about 60 fires that are out of control we've got fawaz spreading from north face new south wales a queensland border down to the south coast of new south wales logistical challenges transport and an accommodation china. just spreading and moving people right across such a broad geographic area all add to the challenges of for to increase rotation lower temperatures have helped the fight but there's no rain forecast for the days ahead and temperatures will soon rise again enter chapelle al-jazeera well let's give you an idea of just how widespread this fire is bust 5 as a now raging in every state in australia this government fire truck a map shows the extent of that threat and mocks the severity of the bases right across the country of the past $72.00 alice brenton event is the assistant chief
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officer at the south australia and he spoke to us earlier from adelaide as he explains why the fires have been just so catastrophic. is a direct link between these fall as drought drop vegetation high fuel lloyd's and high temperatures but if you look across the sort of 100 year history of fall as in a straw year we have had these events before each state has had these events before i think what is very challenging for australia is these are events are appearing much earlier in essays and well before christmas they're occurring right across the landscape from western australia and new south whiles and they're also appearing at a time when the northern hemisphere is still experiencing fall and that makes it difficult for by him his fees to manage what's known as the aerial firefighting flaked we rely heavily on large attract is in city of crimes to come from the northern hemisphere traditionally by finished their fire season and they're
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available for us now is saying i think it's fees overlapping very. you know it can be conflicting and demanding times for a faucet this is just the way. well it's not just australia suffering from a lack of rain the worst drought for decades in southern africa is affecting 45000000 people in 14 countries and wildlife suffering like us how has the story from zimbabwe one of the worst affected countries and a warning some viewers may be distressed by some of the pictures and this report from. deep in zimbabwe is meant to belittle and people are dying of hunger margaret but gandhi and her 5 grandchildren are picking what will be their 1st and last meal of the day for the pumpkin leaves weekend play months of this diet but they worries the worst is yet to come. they small food in you. tend to go on sometimes
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i think long. haul the united nations says certain africa is experiencing the worst drought in a century 45000000 people across 14 countries are in need of urgent assistance while food distribution is taking place in some areas but gunday has not received any help. a 3 hour drive away there is food at the market but at a price my gunday in most cannot afford the $10.00 a kilo from 8 or the $5.00 pack of rice cashing in from the desperation are traders looking to make a profit will this issue die present going up for everyone and so i want to get the best but i was possible we are all suffering here we are all trying to make ends meet. zimbabwe needs more rainfall for food to grow in november traditional healers invoked the neon meet me on the spirits of the mighty is an easy river to release
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the rains but they have yet to come and so the world's largest waterfall that separates involve way from zambia doesn't quite look the same with tourists asking where has the water gone this isn't just a tourist attraction it's a lifeline for millions of people beyond zimbabwe's border because the water is used both for food and power but look at it now. gone is the thunderous sound of falling water left below are hungry animals dying of thirst after travelling for hundreds of kilometers in search of water a hippopotamus experiences the slow painful death from hunger $200.00 elephants have died since the summer there could be more with endangered species especially vulnerable to those alive both animals and humans are left to graze on whatever they can and so dulled by hunger margaret the 10 day in her grandchildren share their meal today treat
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a portion of maize tomorrow is uncertain nicholas hawk al-jazeera a land zimbabwe. when north korea says leader kim jong un has held a meeting of the ruling party about strengthening the military state news has released these images of oh it's unclear when or where the meeting actually took place north korea is threatening to take new measures if the u.s. doesn't submit a proposal on denuclearization by the end of this year. a political party in pakistan has organized a protest in the capital against india's decision to strip of its autonomy and didn't minister to kashmir was divided into 2 new federal territories last month jamaat islami has mobilized support over the past 2 weeks to highlight what it says is a forgotten issue the poor state of the kashmir economy is also a major concern for the party our correspondent has pakistanis nationwide have shown us holiday origin with kashmir. if drawn short of the border by the right
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wing. reject her before. the board the people of. and out again here trotted being meted out 1 by the indians are going to force their will and their directors to read. the purpose of the rally is to highlight the atrocities being committed by india against the kashmiris and to draw the world's attention to their plight under islam not over yet if modi is not stopped it will become a problem for the minorities in india and will also have dangerous consequences for the world. of our day while good never come from all across the country. everywhere make sure our women and children 7 0 you did indeed have a voucher that. i know of god why did maybe 300 good come of the government oh and appropriate of the threatening your dead liberal of logic on their.
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own living on the other side of the line of no why. cuba now has its fast prime minister since fidel castro 43 years ago my new owner is the 1st appointment as part of the implementation of cuba's new constitution the post was abolished when fidel became president back in 1976. now don thompson election promise to build a border wall with mexico is taking shape construction crews are busy in arizona boss and by mentalists irreversible damage is being done to one of the most biologically divest regions of the united states has the story. president donald trump's border barrier is under construction in southern arizona. crews with heavy equipment are carving a path through the desert the wall will go along the southern edge of the organ pipe cactus national monument an area of exceptional beauty the u.s. national park service says the 1340 square kilometer monument preserves one of the
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earth's major ecosystems in nearly unspoiled condition. the united nations designated organ pipe national monument as an international biosphere reserve environmentalists say a wall construction threat these this pristine environment we've got endangered killer what he doped up fish also known as this annoying pup fish right here in this stream you can see him swimming around over there are they an endangered species they are a lot of 4 endangered species here workers will pump water from underground to mix concrete for the barriers base possibly drying out this desert always this which is just a few 100 meters from the border the barrier will block the normal migration routes of rare animal species like puma and the antelope the human experience will also change a 50 kilometer 9 meter tall wall equipped with floodlights that are on all night
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long that's what's being proposed here and it's insane our night skies are going to be destroyed we're not going to see the stars anymore from the campground and it's going to be an eyesore this is a place that's designated wilderness it's supposed to look pristine and now it's going to look like. 50 kilometer prison wall in order to build the wall president trump declared a state of michigan emergency here on the border now that together with other legal loopholes has allowed the government to completely disregard numerous laws designed to protect environmentally sensitive areas like this environmentalist have taken the administration to court in an effort to slow or halt construction but for now the wall marches relentlessly forward. robert oulds al-jazeera near solenoid mexico. now a new space taxi has made
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a successful return to earth the starliner landed in new mexico a few days earlier than planned by boeing engineers they cut short the capsules test flight after it failed to reach the international space station nasa is hoping the setback to the unmanned mission one to lay the capsules fast astronauts blasting off next year. hello this is al jazeera and these are the headlines india's prime minister is accusing his political opponents of fueling unrest over a controversial citizenship poll that critics say discriminates against muslims and render modi has also defended india's security force says in a speech at a b j p rally in new delhi you can find your brothers since the civil war has been passed some political parties have been spreading rumors these people misleading the public and citing the public. has more from the capital.
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right outside the job is slimy you were street where some of the 1st protests if you didn't feel like it is 2 different countries that one. could rally that mr moody is in versus the rallies that are like that here and in some of the cars over here there are a lot of students who are in the constitution of india they're talking about the constitution of india they're talking about secularism many within the constitution and how it is imperative. to save they had to try to ensure that the integrity on which this nation was built is inched it. has kept intact the 3 month wait for the results of the presidential election in afghanistan has ended with a provisional win for president ashraf ghani the electoral commission says he secured a slim majority of just over 50 percent but supporters of his main rival abdullah
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abdullah say they don't accept the results and what they call questionable votes need investigating the electoral commission also says the final count could change turkey's president says if necessary he'll increase military support to the internationally recognized government in libya but up to about one says he'll evaluate ground and marine options and he's already raised the possibility of sending troops if libya requests them and the turkish government is also disputing reports that noises that forces new oil toward khalifa haftar have seized and searched a congress ship off the libyan coast the tax a the cargo was checked off to the ship's captain requested help from libya's coast guard because of mechanical problems. well those are the headlines join me for more news here on al-jazeera after one o one east. singapore
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has some of the smartest students in the world how many you know it's fun to read 14 acts a lot how do they do is finish. this secret life need to be easy teach but is there a human cost to excellence i was diagnosed with depression and i saw on school. their struggle with a lot to and i have to do english and math how long will that tech you are on our us if you had a wish where you could do one thing more each day what would that make last. one i want to use goes back to school to find out why singapore students a top of the clop.


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