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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 22, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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crisis. india's prime minister defends a new citizenship at all that has sparked protests and denies accusations that it discriminates against muslims. hello again i missed the attain this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up an exclusive report from mexico where al jazeera reveals just how easy it is for cartels to smuggle in from the u.s. . afghanistan's incumbent president looks on track to a 2nd but his main rival plans to appeal preliminary election results. and why
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it was back on my votes are being counted in the fast parliamentary election and a new leader promising reform. now india's prime minister is refusing to back down on a controversial citizenship you know that opponents say discriminates against muslims they argue the legislation is an attack on the country's secular constitution but he insists there's no trace of discrimination in his policies or in his walk to be mistress to has the latest from you daddy. if the creators challenge india's prime minister narendra modi has faced since he came to power 5 years ago dozens of people have been killed during protest against a citizenship law which many say discriminates against muslims addressing thousands of his supporters at an election rally in new delhi modi blamed the opposition for
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stoking the protests little by little is will be brothers since the slow has been passed some political parties have been spreading rumors these people are misleading the public they are inciting the public. you know our part of our i want to ask stein's and stick getting people to enjoy police trying to do the us what are you hoping to achieve the police is no one's enemy. the citizenship amendment act makes it easier for migrants from afghanistan bangladesh and pakistan who aren't muslim to become indian citizens critics say the law could lead to many muslims losing their citizenship. broader. staging protests is all right they should not be violent so i oppose that whatever the police are doing i request them not to do it they should also listen also indians like you we are also
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humans. i guess. as protests continued on sunday in the capital and other parts of the country the government insisted that law will not be repealed i protest had been ongoing since parliament passed the law earlier in december i was but a student protests and. university in the capital a week ago turned into a movement of hundreds of thousands of students and anti-government protesters nationwide people were angered after government forces fought with students and stormed the campus by tear gas into the library and classrooms. i. the worst violence has been the british for more than 5000 people have been detained at least 1500 have been arrested in other parts of india. some muslims can get so than shipped under the citizenship amendment act but it is
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feared millions who are unable to provide proof could be rendered stateless even if their families have lived in india but generations to be out of the raw new delhi. now the 3 month wait for the rest. out of the presidential election in afghanistan has ended with a provisional win for president. the electoral commission says he secured a slim majority of just over 50 percent but supporters of his main rival abdullah abdullah say they don't accept the results and what they call questionable votes need investigating the electoral commission also says the final count from the election in september could change well earlier i spoke to borrow the chapala swami who's a distinguished senior fellow at the observer resets foundation an american based think tank he was also part of the advisory group for the u.s. special envoy for afghanistan he says the results were delayed so the electoral commission could make sure all concerns were had. there's ongoing in the backdrop of the security situation and the ongoing peace dialogue that the coniston you know
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that was a suspension of the dialogue for a brief while and then ambassador zalmay colors up was leading his negotiations on quietly to begin with and then you know this came out so stop the put together all of these things i think of the process coming to its logical conclusion and that the security side of the political side discussions have happened hand by hand and i think that's where you see the results of these elections coming in where that as they're trying to forge some kind of a consensus amongst all parties you know the of the camp is not you know as unhappy and right and i am i'm sure they have their own reasons to be unhappy about it but at the end of the day i think what the american process laid out and what the americans laid out here is a process what we laid out with the blood and sweat as a process through which we can come to some coming kind of a conclusion in the last 18 years and of the love the left can has the right and
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justifiably so can largest protest and then and i'm sure the process will pick at scores and then we'll come up with the group result of who's actually won the elections on the security side we are. i'm still optimistic i'm positive that that we will be able to forge a deal that lays out the security situation for a balanced plan by 2020 we should have some pain though. i hope to see some kind of an agreement with the u.s. and afghanistan to bring this war to a conclusion. well right now votes are being counted in uzbekistan's parliamentary elections the 1st since president. took power 3 years ago the poll is being held following reforms to the voting system that includes a new electoral code and also requires a minimum number of female candidates 5 parties are competing for the 150 seats in the respective stone's parliament but analysts say the balance of power is unlikely to change as all of them have backed president materia of how to abdul hamid is in
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the capital touched can't and she says the election has brought more than just changes to the vote process. well certainly there is a different atmosphere and you could really feel it each time you spoke to any one of the voters there they were coming in with a lot of hope elderly people for example told me that that they can party in many previous parliamentary elections in the past but this one was completely different that to some extent because of these television dave bates that unfolded live over the past 3 months they got to know some of the candidates better they got to her to hear what each party represented better even though across the board there is not much difference in all these parties killed they did feel those i spoke to said they did they feel that this stance could mark the beginning of a change now certainly with form has been unfolding over the past 3 years in this country where do we talk about for example
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a discussion about reforming the education system child labor and forced labor has been abolished in the cotton fields the exchange market has been regularized so there's been a lot of reform and the most important of them all is what people told me across the board is that they feel they can talk freely now without any fear of repercussion but more than one told me you know your foreign journalist 3 years ago i would have never stood in the street and had a conversation read you let alone being filmed so there is a change whether this will bring a full fledged democracy it is really too early to say. turkey's president says if necessary he'll increase military support to the internationally recognized government in libya russia up to about one says he'll evaluate ground and marine options and he's already raised the possibility of sending troops if libya requests them one also back to the maritime boundaries deal signed with libya and that's
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angered greece which is exploring the mediterranean sea for oil and gas and the tuckers government is disputing reports that forces loyal to war for have to have seized and such to cargo ship off the libyan coast attacks say the cargo was checked off to the ship's captain requested help from libya's coast guard because of mechanical problems now at least 25000 civilians have reportedly fled syria province for the border as syrian and russian forces intensify the airstrikes there russian backed syrian troops are advancing on the country's last rebel held area it's the biggest push in more than 3 months that's resulted in a major civilian exodus the u.n. has called for an immediate deescalation and is warning of mass displacements if the violence continues. mexico is dealing with its highest murder rate on record and the majority of firearms involved being smuggled in from the united states
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violence across the border has been under increasing scrutiny after a number of u.s. citizens were mad at last month now in the fast of a 2 part investigation into arms trafficking between the u.s. and mexico john heilemann talks to those smuggling guns across the border and the hit men that end up using. it shop to mexico the 17th of october 2019 the day the sinhala cult tell turned out like an army with a devastating array of firepower they subjugated the miss camilla treat self and took over the streets of coolie a kind of evil because this man says he was there fighting with the cartel we're talking about their weapons we're most of the people they're in on the side of the car with american guns. yes of course because all the arms that we use here are from the other side of the border. that want to go to go he's a hit man a soldier through guys crime one of the many across mexico responsible for a record murder rate how difficult would it be to do you job. if there wasn't this
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flow coming from the united states. it would be hard because the u.s. is the chief supplier that's where we get the new exclusive guns we need. people of the guns that have been seized in mexico and traced 70 percent come from the united states there's a reason it's hard to get a gun legally in mexico but the regulations are extremely strict not so in the u.s. and cartels you struggle by as gun shop scene shows to get glocks a k 47 off fifteen's and even machine guns it's this man's job to smuggle them across the border. the truth is that it's very easy to get them across we do hide them in the post tree or where we can but the customs agents here don't really focus on that on searching you. they never search the car. we saw that for us selves when we made the journey from the u.s. into mexico on
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a busy thursday night there were no possible controls we saw no border offices and just 2 customs officials checked to see of cars that were already free where internets could. a lack of vigilance which is hard to reconcile with mexico's concerns to let myself up over the last year the most worrying issue in mexico are the guns the guns that we saw on coolly a-kon were impressive i want to propose again but using the latest technology from both countries we can stop the arms trafficking at the border. we asked for an interview with mexico's foreign ministry and its customs agency to discuss those border security plans we didn't hear back. meanwhile quantities of weapons continue to be brought across the stashed in a multitude of safe houses on arrival the gun run is in charge of this one in a suburb of the border town mccully was quote more and more when we come back with guns they can stay here a day or 2 and then our people come to get them when everything is ready to take them away they're distributed throughout the country being caught with one should
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mean jail time but if the government is get stopped by local police there's a simple solution will be another way as they say here with money the dog dances sort it all out with cash and then we each coraline way but i don't know you and you don't know me with the guns make their way to the cartel soldiers the same ones that battle to beat me it's going to thirty's on the 17th of october this confrontation between the cartel and the government. and that wouldn't have happened if the sin of hadn't have this easy access to weapons. through a process so yes it would happen but obviously as you say it would have been hard for us without that number of weapons i mean we probably wouldn't have beaten them if it wasn't so easy to get hold of the guns. the mix can fool see humiliation then and in direct consequence of leaving us gun regulations and this country's
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insufficient border security but there are other consequences to more intimate ones for the thousands of victims of mexico's shootings in part 2 will tell their stories john homan al jazeera mccully. still ahead on our air and under fire strain is prime minister returns home from vacation to control the state as the country enjoys unprecedented bus fives. and despite the rain by a parts of the wilds around just water for help accounting trick out a report from zimbabwe on the browser affecting millions in southern africa. the weather's fine and dry across much of the middle east and pieces of cloud and rain rolling out of the black sea the caspian sea pushing further east with as we go on through the next couple of days things are going to change is not seep out as
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we go on through monday largely fought in 5 sets a round to 21 cells but you can see the next area of disturbed weather that wet weather moving across to the snow over the high ground havey rain there in society for us and the levant 20 celsius in beirut as the cloud starts to thicken we are looking at some really wet weather so you go on through this week by the time we come to christmas leaving base them a rain pushing into bethlehem some wet and windy weather for christmas day throughout the night as well so the southeast generally dry and find 23 celsius in doha in the next couple days and a lot winds is going to feel absolutely fantastic actually for the south we have got a little bit of cloud the just around the most parts of my just please add a special sort of right into salada well just a small sort of right into the south africa was seeing some lively showers here recently going to stay in the full cost a few showers there over the high ground the wet weather will be a little further north than 2 so big and staying very wet right up the rift valley
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hello again you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour india's prime minister is accusing his political opponents of fueling unrest over a controversial citizenship will that critics say discriminates against muslims around the modi has also defended india's security forces in a speech to the b j p a rally in new delhi. preliminary results from afghanistan's presidential election show incumbent ashraf ghani has secured a slim majority officials but his main rival abdullah abdullah say they don't accept the results. until he's president says if necessary increased military support to the internationally recognized government in libya about owen says about the way ground and marine options he's already raised the possibility of sending troops if libya requests. now prime minister scott morrison has returned to australia after taking a family vacation as wildfires and
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a heat wave swept across the country he's facing public outrage for being in hawaii as more than $100.00 days as well and. he's long been criticized for failing to directly link climate change to the bush fires in australia but his prime minister scott morrison visited areas affected by fires on sunday that changed our government is a wise and i have always acknowledged the connection between these weather events in these broader far events and the impacts globally of climate change but his critics say he's let australia fall behind and then there's his decision to take a family vacation in hawaii as a stray burnt morrison cut short the trip after 2 volunteer firefighters died in new south wales the worst hit state. or weather over the weekend has given firefighters some relief but the situation is still out of control more than a 5th of the blue mountains world heritage site has been burnt by fire while some
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towns including balmoral have been ravaged twice in 3 days the fires have burned an area the size of belgium and destroyed more than $800.00 homes is still a stating not knowing whether your property is standing on unfortunately we have to save bad news is not much left. some survivors say the sound of the fire terrified them the most as winds blew flames over mountains like a. river of oil i would cry try to think current you could hear the trees exploding . thousands of firefighters many of them volunteers are also tiring as they try to contain about 60 fires that are out of control we've got fawaz spreading from north face new south wales a queensland border down to the south coast of new south wales those logistical challenges as transport and an accommodation challenge is spreading in. people right across such a broad geographic area all add to the challenges of for to increase rotation lower
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temperatures have helped the fight but there's no rain forecast for the days ahead and temperatures will soon rise again and are chapelle al-jazeera well let's give you an idea of just how widespread those fires are bushfires an hour raging in every state in australia this government fire track a map shows the extent of the threat and mocks the severity of the bases right across the country over the past 72 hours as well brenton eaton is the assistant chief officer at the south australian fire and he says the 5 have started much earlier in the season than normal present huge strain on imagine sea crews is a direct link between these 4 as drought draw of vegetation high fuel lloyd's and high temperatures but if you look across the sort of 100 year history of fall as in a straw year we have had these events before each state has had these events before i think what is very challenging for australia is these are events are appearing
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much earlier in essays and well before christmas they're occurring right across the landscape from western australia due south wiles' and they're also appearing at a time when the northern hemisphere is still experiencing fall and that might sit difficult for bite him as these to manage what's known as the aerial firefighting flaked we rely heavily on large attract is in severe crimes to come from the northern hemisphere traditionally by finished their fire season and they're available for us now is saying i think it's fees overlapping very. you know it can be conflicting and demanding times for far services across the world. now it's not just australia that suffering from a lack of rain the worst drought for decades in southern africa is affecting 45000000 people in 14 countries and wildlife is suffering to make us hot has the story from zimbabwe one of the worst affected countries and a warning some viewers may be distressed by the pictures and this report from. deep
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in zimbabwe is meant to belittle and people are dying of hunger margaret but gandhi and her 5 grandchildren are picking what will be their 1st and last meal of the day for the pumpkin leaves weekend play months of this diet but they worries the worst is yet to come. what do you and your what they smell food in you. tend to go on sometimes the cloned underneath called cleanup in. the united nations says southern africa is experiencing the worst drought in a century 45000000 people across 14 countries are in need of urgent assistance while food distribution is taking place in some areas but gunday has not received any help. a 3 hour drive away there is food at the market but at a price my gunday in most cannot afford the $10.00
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a kilo from 8 or the $5.00 pack of rice cashing in from the desperation are traders looking to make a profit will this issue die present going up for everyone and so i want to get the best but i was possible we are all suffering here we're all trying to make ends meet. zimbabwe needs more rainfall for food to grow in november traditional healers invoked the spirits of the mighty is an easy river to release the rains but they have yet to come and so the world's largest waterfall that separates zimbabwe from zambia doesn't quite look the same with tourists asking where has the water gone this isn't just a tourist attraction it's a lifeline for millions of people beyond zimbabwe's border because the water is used both for food and power but look at it now. gone is the thunderous sound of falling water left the lower hungry animals dying
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of thirst after travelling for hundreds of kilometers in search of water a hippopotamus experiences the slow painful death from hunger $200.00 elephants have died since the summer there could be more with endangered species especially vulnerable to those alive both animals and humans are left to graze on whatever they can and so dulled by hunger margaret and a 10 day in her grandchildren share their meal today treat a portion of maize tomorrow is uncertain nicholas hawke al-jazeera matabele land zimbabwe. political party in pakistan has organized a protest in the capital against india's decision to strip kashmir of its what and in administered kashmir was divided into 2 new federal terror traced last month to month a semi has mobilized support over the past 2 weeks to highlight what it says is a forgotten issue the poor state of the kashmiri economy is also a major concern for the party our correspondent says pakistanis nationwide have
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shown their solidarity with kashmir if drawn show of the border by the right wing. judges before. the border people locally and out i gave here drugs that is being meted out by the indian figurative for their own energy or their visitors to read. the purpose of the rally is to highlight the atrocities being committed by india against the kashmiris and to draw the world's attention to their plight under the slow learner of the young if modi is not stopped it will become a problem for the minorities in india and will also have dangerous consequences for the world. of our day while good never come from all across the country. make sure our women and children 7 0 you did the deed of a voucher did. i not god why did maybe 300 good come of the government.
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did threatening 2 to florida good liberal of their. own living on the other side of the line of do i. in chile a policeman's been charged with causing grievous bodily harm after television pictures appear to show police trucks running over anti-government protesters a 20 year old is in hospital with a suspected broken pelvis following friday's battle in santiago at least $26.00 chileans have been killed during 2 months of protests against poverty inequality and social injustice thousands of others have been injured or. arrested congress has approved raising pension subsidies for the poor but many want a complete overhaul of one of the world's most controversial private pension systems our last in america telling reporters from the capital. it's the holiday season and bill want to see nurses making the christmas cake but not for her family selling these cakes is just one of the many ways the 62 year old
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pensioner tries to make ends meet. she also fixes clothes like other pensioners who are low income neighborhood but at the has to keep working because after 35 years of factory work her monthly retirement check is $133.00 well below chile's poverty line. you put him on the same street there are 4 grandparents in their eighty's and 3 still work the other is too ill and she lay retirement's nothing to look forward to. who lives in an upper middle class area agrees she retired at the beginning of last year after working 37 years 1st as a nurse and then as a university professor with a master's degree she used to make nearly $2000.00 a month. if we're to look for anything but when i want to do my retirement papers i discovered that i had a popper's pension i said is this a joke and i was told no madam it's like this for everyone the $300.00 i am getting
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isn't even enough to pay for my health insurance. nothing infuriates chileans of all walks of life more than their compulsory private retirement system or a.f.p. it was created under chile's military dictatorship and was supposed to guarantee pensions equivalent to 70 percent of one's last paycheck. instead of 10 to 20 percent is the average with good reason the a.f.p.'s are the number one target of millions of protesters from. chillies pension funds make massive profits which are not redistributed to the contributors even as pensions drop would get them all over the floors and you know this model was designed with the objective to transfer the workers savings to capital markets like banks the big retailers etc that's hope create large economic groups that have concentrated wealth in a few hands as never before and worst of all it's forced millions of chileans to
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live in misery. in chile the suicide rate for elderly people has soared and one of the prime reasons is because they no longer have enough money with which to survive amid all the protests the government has actually raised the state pension subsidy but even after doubling that subsidy for people over the age of 80 it is still nowhere near a minimum wage at a time in life when people have greater expenses for medicine and for doctors. the government's offer to partially compensate for the a.f.p. shortcomings with tax payers money has only added more fuel to the fire and it's unlikely to be put out without a major overhaul of the pension system that only seems to be benefiting those who don't pay for it you see in human santiago now a new space taxi has returned to earth after it failed to reach the international
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space station the star line a test flight landed in new mexico a few days earlier than planned by a boeing engine is now hoping the setback to the unmanned mission went away the capsules fast astronauts blasting off next year. hello this is al jazeera and these are the headlines india's prime minister is accusing his political opponents of fueling unrest over a controversial citizenship floor that critics say discriminates against muslims around remote he is also defended india's security forces in a speech at a b j p rally in new delhi we can finally brothers since the civil war has been passed some political parties have been spreading rumors these people misleading the public and saucing the public. has more from the capital and right outside the job is slimy you get worse to where some of the 1st true test started i
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didn't feel like it is 2 different countries that one. could rally that mr moody is in versus the rallies that are like that here and in some of the other parts of the country over here there are a lot of students different story of the constitution of india they're talking about the constitution of india they're talking about secularism and within the constitution and how it is imperative to save they had to try to ensure that the integrity on which this nation was built is interest is. it's kept intact now the 3 month wait for the results of the presidential election in afghanistan has ended with a provisional win for president ashraf ghani the electoral commission says he secured a slim majority of just over 50 percent but supporters of his main rival abdullah abdullah say they don't accept the results and what they call questionable votes
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need investigating the electoral commission also says the final count from the election back in september could change. and vote counting is underway and it was back us to parliamentary election the fastest since president. took power 3 as ago the poll is being held the following reforms to the voting system that includes a new electoral code and also requires a minimum number of female candidates attack his president says if necessary he'll increase military support to the internationally recognized government in libya. says he'll evaluate ground and marine options and he's also raised the possibility of sending troops if libya requests them now those are the headlines join me for more news here on al-jazeera the inside story stay with us.
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defiant the indian prime minister the defense he's called reversal citizenship bill gates says to sweeping the country. botticelli he's gone now follows the secure the brazilian immediate this is inside story. hello welcome to the program stan grant a secular state where all religions are welcome and equal before the law a bad idea is at the core of india's constitution but many believe it's on this ridge hindu the asked.


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