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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 23, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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you. know. tens of thousands of indians say it discriminates but promising to run for modi is defending a new citizenship law that excludes muslims. but on down jordan this is al jazeera dive from tel also coming up 10 years after international calls for a genocide trial saddam's new government says it will investigate what happened in the. russian backed syrian forces push deeper into it labor a weakness old that's forced a mass exodus. out gunned smuggled from the u.s.
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mexico's drug cartels al-jazeera investigates the flow of weapons leading to a record. the anger against india's controversial new citizenship no shows no signs of easing but prime minister narendra modi has come to his defense he's blaming the opposition for stoking tensions huge rallies were held again in the capital new delhi and several other states on sunday as an island to their 2nd week rights groups are accusing police of using this portion of force against the protesters so we distrust it was an irony in the capital. 7 7 it greatest challenge india's prime minister narendra modi has faced since he came to power 5 years ago dozens of people have been killed during protest against a citizenship law which many think. discriminates against muslims addressing
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thousands of his supporters at an election rally in new delhi modi blamed the opposition for stoking the protests began by your. brother's sense this law has been passed some political parties have been spreading rumors these people are misleading the public they are inciting the public you look corporate america i want to ask those who are pelting stones and sticks getting people to enjoy police trying to do the us what are you hoping to achieve the police is no one's enemy. the citizenship amendment act makes it easier for migrants from afghanistan bangladesh and pakistan who aren't muslim to become indian citizens critics say the law could lead to many muslims losing their citizenship. staging protests is all right they should not be violent so i oppose that whatever the police are doing i request them not to do it they should also listen also
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indians like you we are also humans i. as protests continued on sunday in the capital and other parts of the country the government insisted that law will not be repealed i protest has been ongoing since parliament passed the law earlier in december i was but a student protests and. university in the capital a week ago turned into a movement of hundreds of thousands of students and anti-government protesters nationwide people were angered after government forces fought with students and stormed the campus firing tear gas into the library and classrooms. the worst violence has been in the british where more than 5000 people have been detained at least 1500 have been arrested in other parts of india.
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some muslims can get so than ship under the citizenship amendment act but it is feared millions who are unable to provide proof could be rendered stateless even if their families have lived in india but generations to be out of there are new delhi . duma is a resident fellow at the american enterprise institute and has written on modi's government he says international reaction towards the crackdown on protests has not been favorable. i would argue that this is the single most divisive thing there there in ramadi has done since he 1st came to power in 2014 it has polarized the country not merely in terms of hindus and muslims or that's of course as the of course is part of it but i think more importantly between those indians of all faiths including many hindus who see this as shallow and to india secular foundations and b.g.p.
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supporters who see this as a great humanitarian gesture to religious minorities in those 3 countries pakistan afghanistan and bangladesh the un has spoken up the 'd members of the house of representatives in the us have spoken up there has been extensive international media coverage i wrote a column in the wall street journal several others are written about this so i think the international community is certainly concerned it's true that government reactions have been muted but that's not the same as saying that the international community in general has given india a free pass on the contrary i think this has been the worst 2 weeks for them or the government in terms of international media coverage since they took office pakistan says mortars fired by indian troops have killed at least 3 people in pakistani administered kashmir india's military has blamed islamabad for provoking the attack the border fighting happened as thousands of supporters of pakistan's conservative jamaat islami party rallied in islamabad they criticize the international community
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for not taking action against new delhi the alleged human rights violations in india administered kashmir. so dan has opened an investigation into crimes committed in the darfur region by a former government members who served under ousted president omar al bashir the conflict between pro-government forces and ethnic minority rebels began in 2003 the u.n. says at least 300000 people were killed by the fighting as well as famine and disease is already wanted by the international criminal court for crimes against humanity and genocide. val those are policy advisor on sudan for the enough project that's a genocide prevention organization he says reforms to sudan security forces is challenged by the disarming of certain groups. the army say that our forces are running out out today one highlight was telling everyone. in a public event that the opposite of loss is a part of the sudanese army and by law you know the nominee and those are then his
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army but clearly that apparel army i don't expect there would be a moon why the civilian government do this on they don't get it however there are provisions in the constitution a job of the government to transition to form the security sector in that case when the clam ok as it's expected that there will only one sudanese national army rather than to put our hands of the situation is currently i would really tension it to this detriment of the year particularly in the realm of the international criminal court before the security guards the last big issues seem to still acknowledge that there have been generally changes to than that of the prosecutor office of the i.c.c. link to give sudan some time but we'll be watching very carefully when the house was done hondurans the. crimes against humanity what crimes and
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genocide thought was i.c.c. has done this year and for which she is wanted by the i.c.c. i believe that the ice is you release seeing if this persecution that's just a mancini that would be serious and indicative of an independent investigation to harm a shit under us of the officials of his or you're responsible for the human psyche that. syrian and russian air strikes have killed at least 17 people in the province government forces are advancing on the last rebel held areas they say they have gained more than 20 villages in recent weeks at least 25000 civilians have fled the bombardment in the past 2 days the u.s. called for an immediate deescalation and warned of the mass displacement many people are making their way to the turkish border. we were here selling and buying and then we got hit by missiles we have nothing to do with this we are also billions my son was wounded and so were some of my workers one had his leg
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broken under the rubble some property was damaged we call upon the guard against them and god willing the syrian government will not be victorious. turkey's president says his nation cannot handle a new wave of migration from. 80 found ways from running from the bombs they have started migrating to which. if the violence to the people of it does not stop this number will increase even more in that case turkey will not carry such a marketing burden on the pressure we will be subjected to would be something that all european nations especially greece. and the turkish president says if necessary he'll increase military support to the internationally recognized government in libya battling the warlords the have to for control of the capital tripoli but have towns forces of retaliation. i take this
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opportunity to people warning to aerospace companies working to transport military equipment using civilian airport was abusing its civilian uses in thinking that it is under the protection of rules of international law who have confirmed to monitor the movement of her flights from istanbul to libya the libyan national army forces gives a clear and honest warning to companies our air forces will not hesitate to down or strike in a civilian airplanes transporting military equipment to leave this. presidential election is headed for a runoff as the country prepares to get its 1st that leading the european union format left wing prime ministers or a 1000000 of its got just under 30 percent of sunday's vote out of the current president come in that grab arc at the rich has been in the job nearly 5 years the 2nd round to be held in 2 weeks the results will close the nationals focusing only 2 points behind i want to provide any eyes in zagreb and she says or morale of each
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will struggle against a united right wing vote in next month's runoff. zatanna. is a frontrunner only in this for us and so on him a lot of which is not only former left leaning prime minister he's also former president of the main opposition party in this country social democratic party he is open and some would say he is also former leftist a former hole because he flirted with nationalism trying to appeal to ride with voters and losing the more realistic one on the left he was prime minister from 2000 the 11 to 2015 he realize heavily on his rhetorical skills and yes this today's vote was he is a chance for a great comeback after he made a few years pause in his political career but the difference between him and
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incumbent calling the gravity tara which is very slim less than 3 percent that mean is that he's chances in a presidential run of are also very slim simply because he can not count of on a right wing water and here we have or are seeking to be on the church plays with 24 percent of the vaults he is a right wing populist and are melana which cannot come out on these boards in a presidential run of. time for a short break here najera when we come back beyond the violence or for a turn arizona becky voters are hoping to change human rights groups are raising concerns. fear of storms disrupt life across western europe ahead of the christmas holidays more on that stay with us.
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hello again or welcome back to your international weather forecast well here across china the clouds are pushing off the sea eastern seaboard and things are going to be looking better for shanghai for one day at least we're going to be seeing some better skies for you with a temper there of about 13 degrees unfortunately the time we do get towards tuesday do expect to see some rain starting to pop up as well as more clouds but down towards the south hong kong not a bad day for you with partly cloudy conditions a temperature of $23.00 degrees now we are watching tropical storm fay and farm it is a new storm here in the pacific you can see the clouds right there this storm as a tropical storm making its way towards the philippines by the time we get towards monday increasing intensity by the time we do get to tuesday though the system is going to be bring some very heavy rain across the eastern and central portions of the philippines localized flooding on wednesday could be a big potential there holtzman city though a nice and sunny day for you with
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a temperature of $32.00 degrees and then here across india we're finally going to be seeing a change of weather pattern that means by the time we get towards mid week we are going to be seeing more in terms of clouds and rain pushing up towards the north that is going to help with the air quality particular up here towards new delhi but until then it is going to be a a small he day for you with the tempter there of 18 and over towards kolkata some sun in your forecast at $25.00. the weather sponsored by countdown. football tournament like no other than. at the beginning we used to play football in the street using a soft al-jazeera world meets a group of sudanese boyd's determined to win against a backdrop of conflict and uncertainty and. when i walk in the street people stop me. it's because of the. door for football for peace on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a program out of the top stories here on the al-jazeera tens of thousands across india once again to find a government to protest against a citizenship law for space it discriminates against muslims prime minister narendra modi has banned the opposition for fuel and words. saddam has opened an investigation into crimes committed in darfur since 2003 the prosecutor general says former president of naral bashir and 51 members of his regime will be investigated. and serbian and russian air strikes killed at least 17 people in italy at least 25000 civilians have fled in the last 2 days.
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staying with syrian state media is reporting government forces have intercepted missiles from israel says 4 cruise missiles were launched towards targets in and around damascus israel has not commented on reports a former military chief in egypt to intended to run for president has been released from detention some and then was imprisoned after announcing his candidacy 2 years ago the military said he didn't have permission to run and breached military law and is now on why he was released but he's been moved he's not moved to a hospital in july after reportedly suffering from a stroke. a sunday deadline for iraq's president and name a new interim prime minister has now passed with no announcement on who's been chosen earlier thousands of protesters block roads in baghdad and basra the modern the appointment of an independent prime minister they say one of the nominees is close to link to iran protesters say they're fed up with corruption for services and a lack of jobs hundreds of them killed since anti-government rallies began in october
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there are the very things that. we want to topple the political regime we want to change the constitution these people have been destroying us 15 years we don't want them we want to root out. there been more protests in lebanon's capital beirut but the numbers are smaller than previous weeks it's a sign many seem prepared to give the new prime minister designate a chance to form a government from beirut is tony. for the 67th day lebanese gathered in beirut smarter square to make a stand against the economic and political crisis on sunday was more like a carnival than a protest. the lebanese capital have witnessed some of the worst violence seen for years the security forces clash with supporters on either side of the political divide numbers will go down and in marked contrast the anger and violence of previous gatherings is perhaps an indication that some at least are prepared to give the designated prime minister. a chance. if.
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the big problem. for the sharon might be. why are we being pessimistic we should be optimistic the new prime minister is decent in is not corrupted he seems to be the man for the job and if it doesn't work we'll find another solution. was nominated by a week majority parliament comprising of iran backed hezbollah and its allies the shia. i'm president michelle allen's christian free pass movement has promised to appoint a new government filled with technocrats and experts within 6 weeks tension may have reduced but for some within the sunni community there is still anger that their leader sayd hariri has not been chosen as prime minister and there are fears that some are seeking to cause a rift between the sunni and shia communities. as they feel. it seems like some are
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seek really trying to incite secretary in strength and in reality we are far away from that we took to the streets because of the economy and not religion. that is the priority the need for a government to solve the economic crisis lebanon is running out of short term choices the country has one of the world's biggest debt burdens and in march is due to repay a one and a half $1000000000.00 euro bonds loan which is likely to default and that can only worsen the guy economic situation here david hale the u.s. undersecretary of state for political affairs is in beirut meeting with various political leaders he is key to delivering $11000000000.00 in international aid which is being locked until economic and political reforms are implemented. lebanon is an area in deep trouble financially and i think at a certain stage within the next week or so will there will be even more constraints on the banking sector and people will take to the streets.
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some are still singing about revolution but many are praying for a solution for now the people of lebanon can only wait and hope. tony girty al jazeera beirut. the bit more violent scenes in hong kong as police used tear gas to disperse crowds at a rally in support of china's we got minority well than a 1000 people gathered for the demonstration police arrested 2 protesters who attempted to burn a chinese flag large groups at least a 1000000 a week as members of other largely muslim minority groups have been detained in chinese camps. stans parliamentary election but observers say there are no genuine opposition choices all 5 parties running are seen as loyal to the president . or abdul hamid as. it was the 1st parliamentary election since president. took power in $2161.00
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that is supposed to mark the beginning of the end of tarion rule imposed by his predecessor for almost 3 decades and it's in that spirit that many headed to the polls among them. my candidate seemed confident he appeared like someone who will hold his promise if he promised to help ordinary people. a steady stream of people kept on casting their ballots by mid-afternoon turnout was at 58 percent. hasn't missed an election since the age of 18 but this time she had to adapt to new rooms now we each have to vote before we didn't even come one person would fill in the ballots for all of us . was next in line agreed he said the vote was more transparent the government is betting on these elections to showcase that
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it's serious about old habits to bring the country forward this is the 1st time does a digitised database of illegible voters and then unprecedented number of international observers were granted access nationwide. still this remains an election that doesn't pose any threat to the rule of the president or 5 parties as seen as pro-government renewal of parliament is quite likely because 2 thirds of the people running today are new entries so that is the intention of all the actors and expectations in that sense are high it remains of course symbolically in terms of political substance because of the absence of any party that considers itself in opposition to voters taking place in an environment where freedom of speech has blossomed in ways that were
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unthinkable just 3 years ago if it's not a real you couldn't see me here. is a blogger who's often critical of the government she chose not to vote this is unconstitutional it's my right i can bought or i don't if i don't want i cannot 1st of all 2nd 2nd i didn't see. any of the quote. candidates final results are still not known but no one expects them to take the country on a different course if anything they could give president. illegitimate mandate to press ahead with reforms without the. bolivia's government is announced as entering the lima group that's the regional bloc seeking a resolution to the crisis in venezuela a group of 12 countries supported opposition leader one guy bill but libya's entry
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is a policy change in the time of former president even madonnas iran has resigned in the event and protests and pressure in the military. but mexico is dealing with its highest murder rate on record with the majority of firearms involved being smuggled in from the us violence across the border has come under increasing scrutiny after a number of american citizens were murdered last month in the 1st of a 2 part investigation into arms trafficking which in the u.s. and mexico gentleman talks to those smuggling guns across the border and the hit men that end up using them. in shock to mexico the 17th of october 2019 the day the sylow a cult turned out like an army with a devastating great fire power they subjugated to miss camilla treat self and took over the streets of coolie account that we would be good this man says he was there fighting with the cartel we're talking about their weapons we're most of the people they're in on the side of the car with american guns the yes of course because all
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of the arms that we use here are from the other side of the border. what they got to go he's a hit man a soldier through organized crime one of the many across mexico responsible for record murder right how difficult would it be to do your job. if there wasn't this free flow coming from the united states. it would be hard because the u.s. is the chief supplier that's where we get the new explosive guns we need going to support all of the guns that have been seized in mexico and traced 70 percent come from the united states there's a reason it's hard to get a gun legally in mexico but the regulations are extremely strict not so in the u.s. and cartels you straw buyers and gun shop scene shows to get glocks a k 47 off if things and even machine guns it's this man's job to smuggle them across the border about the truth is that it's very easy to get them across we do
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hide them in the upholstery or where we can but the customs agents here don't really focus on that and searching it they never searched the car. we saw that for us selves when we made the journey from the u.s. into mexico on a busy thursday night there were no possible controls we saw no border offices and just to customs officials checked to see of cars that were already were into mexico . a lack of vigilance which is hard to reconcile with mexico's concerns i let myself up over the last year the most worrying issue in mexico are the guns the guns that we saw on coolly a-kon were impressive i want to propose again but using the latest technology from both countries we can stop the arms trafficking at the border. we asked for an interview with mexico's foreign ministry in its customs agency to to discuss those border security plans we didn't hear back. meanwhile quantities of weapons continued to be brought across this stashed in a multitude of safe houses on arrival the gun run is in charge of this one in
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a suburb of the border town the callee. more and more when we come back with guns they can stay here a day or 2 and then our people come to get them when everything is ready take them away they're distributed throughout the country being caught with one should mean jail time but if the gun runners get stopped by local police there's a simple solution. as they say here with money the dog dances sort it all out with cash and then we each coraline way i don't know you and you don't know me with the guns make their way to the cartel soldiers the same ones that battle to beat me it's going authorities in the 17th of october this confrontation between the cartel and the government. that wouldn't have happened if the sin of hadn't have this easy access to weapons. through a process so yes it would have happened but obviously as you say it would have been
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hard for us without that number of weapons i mean we probably wouldn't have beaten them if it wasn't so easy to get hold of the guns. the mexican forces humiliation then and in direct consequence of leaving us gun regulations and this country's insufficient border security but there were other consequences to more intimate ones for the thousands of victims of mexico's shootings in part 2 will tell their stories john homan al jazeera make ali. at least 9 people have been killed in spain and portugal while the 2 storms struck in quick succession following storm midweek storm fabian arrived late on saturday and is blowing its way across france and into the mediterranean italy has been hit early challenge reports. to rescue the crew the helicopter had to come down low so it was being sprayed by huge waves crashing on the vessel but italian coast guards managed to lift 12
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people to safety after their cargo ship was blown on to sardinia as rocky coastline across spain portugal and france more than 118000 households are without electricity in portugal storm surge flooding has forced the evacuation of 250 people many houses have been left underwater here except for those homes build hire up. islanders on corsica are being warned to stay away from the seaside. this concerned we're seeing the end of the crisis with regards to the wind we're still in a crisis that could last a dozen or so hours 15 or so more and. it is very important to advise the population not to go to the beaches in the coastline because it can be potentially dangerous. on western spain's atlantic tip is no stranger to storms but sites like this the still remarkable coastal prominence washed with sea foam topped by the pounding of countless waves and blown assured by storm fabian's full force. and
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nature's power always fascinates people and some get as close as they. it's unpredictable and it's dangerous but it's impressive refutable to reach alan's al-jazeera. start a quick check of the headlines here and al-jazeera tens of thousands across india once again defied a government ban to protest against a citizenship law which they say discriminates against muslims prime minister narendra modi has blamed the opposition for a few young west michigan florida brothers since this law has been passed some political parties have been spreading rumors these people are misleading the public and citing the public. pakistan says mortars fired by indian troops have killed at least 3 people in pakistani administered kashmir india's military has blamed
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islamabad for provoking the attack the border fighting happened as thousands of supporters of pakistan's conservative jamaat islami party rallied in islamabad they condemned alleged human rights violations in indian administered kashmir sudan has opened an inquiry into crimes committed in darfur since 2003 the prosecutor general says former president omar al bashir and 51 members of his regime will be investigated bashir is already wanted by the international criminal court for crimes against humanity and genocide. syrian and russian air strikes have killed at least 17 people in adlib at least 25000 civilians a fled the violence in the last 2 days but turkish president reject tyburn iran is warning that his country cannot take in any more refugees. $80000.00 of our brothers from running from the bombs have started migrate into which it is if the violence towards the people of it does not stop this number will
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increase even in not case turkey will not carry such a marketing burden on the pressure we will be subjected to would be something that all european nations especially greece feel when he's a former military chief in egypt to intended to run against president abdel fattah el-sisi has been a restrained detention some and then was imprisoned author announcing his candidacy 2 years ago the military said he didn't opposition to run and breached military rule and they've been more violent scenes in the hong kong police used tear gas to disperse crowds in a rally in support of china's we're minority rights groups say at least a 1000000 illegals have been detained in chinese camps but those were the headlines the news continues on jazeera after inside story station thanks so much and i have enough.
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defiant indian prime minister defends his controversial citizenship the deaths of angry protesters sweeping the country the bullet by modi challenges on how far is the undermine secularism in india this is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm stan grant a secular state where all religions are welcome and equal before the law now that idea is at the core of india's constitution but many believe it's under threat hindu nationalism has been emboldened by prime minister narendra modi since he was
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elected in 2014 his government has taken measures that have raised fears among muslim.


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