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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 23, 2019 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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saudi arabia hands down the death sentence for 5 people for the murder of journalist. clears a senior royal advisor implicated in the killing. this is a live from doha also coming out boeing's c.e.o. is out he's stepping down after months of controversy including 2 deadly crashes involving the 737 max plane. algeria's military chief he played a major role in president but a fleet is ousting has died we take a look at what this means for the country's political future. and we'll have the 2nd part of our exclusive report about how illegal guns from the u.s.
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a fueling gang violence in mexico. saudi arabia's public prosecutor says 5 people have been sentenced to death for the murder of saudi journalist about his saudi 3 others were sentenced to 24 years in prison now their identities were concealed during the closed door trial in the capital riyadh but the court ruled there was no proven involvement of the most senior saudi suspected of being a ringleader saad he was sacked as roll the visor soon after the killing crown prince mohammed bin salmond denied having prior knowledge of the operation to murder his critique in the saudi consulate in istanbul 14 months ago a spokesman for saudi arabia's public prosecutor said the murder was not premeditated you have an amah and the whole like you would get the investigations care. by the public prosecution revealed that there was no predator taisha not
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murder at the beginning of this assignment it was a spur of the moment action when the leading negotiator inspected the consulate premises and it was established to him that it was impossible to have the victim may he rest in peace transported to a safe place to continue with negotiations consultations were made with a leading negotiator and it was agreed with the perpetrators to kill the victim inside the consulate it's been over a year since a saudi was killed it happened on october 2nd 2018 inside the saudi consulate where he was planning to pick up documents for his upcoming wedding turkish officials said a hit team of 15 saudis were sent to istanbul to murder him at least 3 key players were removed from their high level posts in connection with this case and they include the once a top aide to crown prince mohammed bin salmond he's believed to have overseen the murder while giving orders via skype the prosecutor says he was investigated but
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not charged and was released the saudi prosecutors had blamed deputy intelligence chief series for coordinating the killing but the prosecutor says he was released for insufficient evidence the residence of the saudi consul general at the time mohammed our table is where turkish investigators say his soldiers body parts were disposed of he too has been released by the prosecutor after the bench is the is the spokesman for human rights watch he describes the trial as being less than satisfactory. if the saudi prosecutors attempted to did not even attempt to investigate the upper levels of this crime and whether they played a role in other including crown prince mohammed bin someone who sucks so as i recall the cod had a report saying that the grand prince was in want to rectify it in order now of course is not justice but still would have liked to know more about this
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investigation lead in wrong ground when so that he accepted responsibility but markedly well was the difference i mean the response if you accept responsibility for and then then then give us all the details make this case transparent so we know exactly who he was and we can understand this very curious lease of life people deciding to kill another person without receiving any order in any condition from outside the consulate this seems not credible at all what international crimes as torture of their commanders must be investigated up to the highest level and must be held liable for crimes committed by a subordinate not just were committed to kill or boeing is getting a boardroom shake up as it suffers major losses chief executive dennis mullen bug is being replaced next month following criticism of his handling of the 737 max controversy the new aircraft remains grounded by airlines worldwide following 2 crashes within 5 months it just regulators need to approve new software before
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takeoff clearance is given whereas the jordan jordan joins us now live from washington d.c. and the pressure really has been mounting on baba bergen in the end was the resignation it was a firing was that. well special if you take a look at the press release which boeing put out earlier on monday it does appear that dennis mullen berg was fired even though the press really says and i'm quoting here that dennis wallenberg has resigned from his positions as chief executive officer and board director effective immediately the statement goes on to say and again on quoting the board of directors decided a change in leadership was necessary to restore confidence in the company moving forward as it works to repair relationships with regulators customers and all other stakeholders that's a pretty damning statement coming from one of the world's biggest multinational corporations one that has an integrity part in many countries airline traffic and
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certainly one that has not just cost the lives of $346.00 people since october 2018 but also has cost the company more than $8000000000.00 since these 2 fatal plane crashes. might be gone but we're going to try to get boeing back on track and get those 737 max craft back in the skies. well as the quote from the board of directors indicated 1st the $737.00 maxes software is going to have to pass muster not just with us airline regulators but probably with european airline regulators as well that's a critical problem the training of pilots on the 737 max is going to have to be of the highest quality and again it's going to have to have to satisfy regulators in a number of countries before this plane is allowed to return to service it's also
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going to be a question of getting the confidence back of major carriers that rely on the $737.00 for so-called short haul flights flights between one and 5 hours or 6 hours long that includes the major u.s. airline companies which it really built their business model or around putting the $737.00 max into their fleets because this plane has been grounded it really has disrupted their economic plans and it has affected their ability to offer more flights to their customers so the domino effect as it were is really having a financial impact but it also is making people very nervous about whether they should be trusting themselves and their families to boeing products right now rosen thank you rosa jordan live there from washington d.c. . india's mine opposition congress party has held a rally in new delhi against a controversial new citizenship boy it's one of many protests across india against
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the bill opponents. and undermines india's secular constitution prime minister narendra modi has defended the just like which is led to violence that's killed at least 25 people now the government is trying to stem the wife of protests by banning gatherings in certain areas and this book parada reports from new delhi. johnny emollient has got me a university in the capital new delhi. again. i met men. like just yet have been driving the protests around the country. together here and in a different. system was gathered had there for the house no other reason for this is somewhat pessimistic but there are states that are. not just the. men not the nation that.
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was never a. people. we know that sometimes 70. was when he was. the most i was. going to take you mentioned one school very close family and there was someone. else. is going to. get it and was. not the. one to. get the. 3 days of national mourning have been to create in algeria following the death of the army's chief of staff and deputy
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minister of defense attorney general amr guide sala was seen as the most powerful man in the country following the resignation of longtime president abdelaziz bouteflika in april bora but manley has been. for years he was the chief of staff of the algerian national army but a man to guide salah would mostly be remembered for being behind the resignation of president abdelaziz bouteflika after 2 decades in office. on march 26th the cme not normal after hundreds of thousands about jerry and marched in the streets demanding an end to the regime. it was guide selous televised speech urging beautifully could quit the made that a reality the armed but the rest of many opposed to fake his allies a month later supported the newly appointed interim leader after.
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i would. be had a so that i would like to confirm in truth that the transitional period to prepare for the presidential elections to take place with the oversight of the national people's army which will keep watch over the course of this transition in light of the mutual trust between the people and their army. just last week got some attend the inauguration of the new president at the table. but many protests of the boycotted the election that brought him to power saying those little choice of candidates the only established elite. got seller has spent his adult life in the armed forces. a former officer of the national liberation army and then the algerian peoples national armed forces he spent years working his way to the top of the army. he forged algeria's war of independence between 19 154-2962 against the french and was considered
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a hero in his country in 1903 he was promoted to the role of lieutenant general as a close ally to then president putin flicka in 2004 he became chief of staff for the jury in people's national army on september 15th 2013 vice minister of defense but he had rivals they included the powerful head of algeria secret services mohamed mehdi n known as general taufiq but he was removed in september 2015 making the head of the armed forces. in february this year in a sudden wave of protests algerians demanded the entire regime step down. in a major u. turn. and it is loyalty to beautifully ken and joined the calls from protest says the president to resign. however many of cheery and
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tan don't get it and called for his resignation i mean and to the minute can state . still ahead on al-jazeera the entire towns of scorched earth is in a strike to work around the clock to bring bush was under control. plans for a christmas truce riled up the french crowd with his clashed with riot police in powers. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast what here across the central part of china notice the clouds right here pushing through we have had some snow and these golden monkeys and he gave province are enjoying the snow pack right now for the winter months but over the next few days the snow is going to be ending we're going to be seeing some clear skies across much of that area tempter wise it
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is going to be moderate for this time of year about average across much of that area into the teens down towards the south though hong kong do expect to see a temper there of about $23.00 degrees down towards the philippines though you will notice some rain showers coming on the edge of the map that is a developing system a tropical system we do expect it to make landfall in the central part of the philippines on tuesday and going into wednesday there where here cross much of india notice the clouds that we have across much of the central areas of india we're funny seeing a change of air mass across much of this area that eventually over the next few days is going to help to clear some of that smog we have seen across much of the region up to the north though it is going to be 18 degrees in new delhi down towards the south though it is going to be plenty of rain across much of the areas such as a sri lanka as well as up towards chennai attempt of there $27.00 degrees and as we go towards wednesday we do expect to see more rain across next her attempt of 27 in kolkata a cloudy day at 25. on
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counting the cost especially on investing in emerging markets from the doha for a bright kid if council house foreign direct investment is reshaping the global economy and what that means for the future and to globalization a populist sense of. counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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this is al jazeera and these are out top stories this hour saudi arabia's public prosecutor says 5 people have been sentenced to death and 3 were given 24 years in prison for the murder of saudi journalist about astrology. for my high profile saudi role the pfizer was investigated but released without charge reporters without borders says justice was trampled in the trial. american airline manufacturer boeing has announced its replacing its chief executive dennis mullen but chairman david calhoun will talk of it next month as the company deals with a fallout after 2 crashes involving the 737 max it crossed. india's mind opposition congress party is hold a rally in new delhi against the controversy would you citizenship lol it's one of many protests against across india against the war opponents say it's acting and undermines india's secular constitution. in syria at least i people have been
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killed in a car bombing in the city of silk that's north of rockets a woman and a child are among the dead several others have been wounded. or turkey's president richard pryor burdwan says his country can't handle another wife of syrian refugees as id 1000 people head towards the border the exodus follows hippy bombardment by russian and syrian forces in the last rebel held province of idlib charlotte bellus reports. and so the nude lip is pounded from above its people rushed towards the turkish border scrambling to escape the aerial onslaught from russian and syrian friends it's. not a. flip from the bombardment russian warplanes are striking helicopters missiles and rockets we cannot remain there. syrian president bashar al assad boasted his mission to retake the province from former al qaeda affiliates hiatt to here a week ago sunni provinces out of his control the russian backed syrian army celebrated
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retaking more than 20 villages on it lives fringe inspired by the price dozens of civilians killed tens of thousands displaced of them actually i'm a mother on the job you have fled from and to moderate a long line more than 20 times for what reason tell us where is our next destination we don't know. but this is what they're running from. filmed on sunday on the damascus lipper highway and it lewd volunteers from a syrian in geo rushed to the aftermath of the suspected russian. it's tragic there is heavy bombardment the warplanes are always flying there come along as a gun at times yesterday more than $400.00 rockets hit us that are read in a new mine our children couldn't sleep through the night they were crying every hour and now we are heading towards the i don't know. turkish president richard
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type only one is bracing for the exhibits from it live turkey currently holds 3700000 syrian refugees this. they cannot support more but most of them are not judge and 6 more than $80000.00 of our brothers from running from the bombs there have started migrating towards our borders if the violence towards the people of haiti that does not stop this number will increase even more turkey will not carry such a migrant burden on its own the negative impact of that pressure will be something that all european nations especially greece but also feel. syrian rebels in the russian backed syrian forces had agreed to a ceasefire in august. we are putting up every effort with russia for the attacks to stop and we will continue to do so in fact we are sending a delegation to moscow on monday until the bombardment stops the exodus will continue resistance homes abandoned empty targets in the way of president assad's
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mission to retake the last rebel besting in shalah ballasts al-jazeera mexico is dealing with its highest murder right on record in the majority of firearms involved being smuggled in from the united states ballance across the border has been under increasing scrutiny after a number of u.s. citizens were murdered last month john holeman has more in part 2 of our series on arms trafficking from the u.s. to mexico this burns up became a wakeup call for the united states and says for the record. need and for my grandchildren are for. shot up 3 women and 6 children american citizens killed in neighboring mexico. president trump said in response the cartels would be considered terrorist organizations but it was america may bullets found at the scene and likely america make guns smuggled across the border that we used to kill not just this family but tens of thousands more in mexico quantised suffered
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more the most this year there's been an average of 6 murders a day residents say the city swimming with us far arms. anyone can carry a gun now and i've known cases where they exchange a couple of words with someone in a taco stand and a petrol station and they kill them. yvonne's husband himself was shot dead leaving her to bring up 4 year old michelle and 10 year old danny alone it's affected us in every way economically as well i'm not with my daughters where distance because i have to work every day and leave them here alone he was the breadwinner in mexico it's extremely hard to buy a gun legally but criminals have found an easier way about 70 percent of the firearms seized here in traced have come from the u.s. the state's attorney responsible for 2 quanah told how does here in the mix can cartels which of long relied on straw buyers and now using different tactics to buy
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more weapons states saw if they didn't this in different parts of the united states illegally by parts of the us then across them into mexico and put the gun together here anyone can go to a gun store in the u.s. and buy a gun part there's no control of that in the registry then we find those arms at a crime scene in mexico and we have no way to trace them why because they have no serial number once the guns or parts of guns abort it's easy to get them across a poorest border where there are few checks on the passing cards what impact would it have on the homicide rate here in tijuana if suddenly it became a lot more difficult to get guns over the border from the u.s. to mexico they had only i believe that it would. i have an important impact at the moment that the criminals don't have a way to get firearms it will be hard to commit murder so of course the restriction would have an impact. in the end though the blame lies not with the weapons but those we would ing them says a man who would know. this is
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a profession i think it's one's own responsibility because if they gave you an order you have to a bag if you're carrying or not they tell me you're going to kill those people i have to do it and that's my own responsibility for the ones i kill depending on what they did wrong there are tens of thousands though who have done nothing but have had their families ripped apart now live on wants is a safer future. there's so much killing so many dead too many cases and people disappeared if all of this really stopped the traffic that arms the drugs we'd have a bit of peace. stopping the flow of guns into mexico wouldn't rectify that alone but from politicians to experts to ordinary make skins few doubt that it would have gone home and. preliminary results. ruling party has won the most parliamentary seats so far in sunday's election however the liberal democratic party has yet to secure an outright majority the election's been
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criticised for not having any genuine opposition choices how about is in areas of the strategy a scorched by bush fires a returning to see what's left around $205.00 as a burning many of them in the states of new south wales and south australia weeks of bushfires have killed 9 people and destroyed at least a 1000 properties one particularly hard hit small communities balmoral south of sydney jessica washington is there. for dozens of families here in balmoral this is all they have left most of the town was engulfed in a blaze sophia's it created a firestorm this family stayed to try and protect their home while the inferno swept through their property we had no chance we got smashed. the heat was intense for want of a better word. estimating that it probably hit 100-2004 degrees back here
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without a house just days before christmas members of this family are being helped by their neighbors but there are unsure of what lies ahead the generosity of the community as these small communities. that are just been amazingly generous people. have offered us homes in everything. this time. really we don't have any plans at this stage this community is a small one home to just 400 but it's been devastated by this bushfire crisis dozens of homes were lost this weekend alone and more than a 1000 houses have been destroyed since the start of the bush. this couple's property is scorched but they still have their house we were lucky to keep the house very lucky and i had it was thanks to this man that we create.
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we know if he wasn't here we would have lost our house emergency warnings are still in place and a heat wave is expected to return in just a few days but fire crews are making the most of the cooler weather and that's allowed some of those who evacuated to return and assess the damage they said we are very lucky and extremely grateful. but we all can help together that's what we're here for of a close knit community. and we'll get through. her house has escaped the fires along with her christmas lights. just to washington al-jazeera a straining. commuters and right over there is us usually celebrate the opening of a new tried law but this one is not without controversy russia's president vladimir putin is on board to inaugurate the journeys between russia and crimea the 1st passenger trip is running from some petersburg to me is largest city sebastopol
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russia annexed crimea from ukraine in 2014 the us and e.u. imposed sanctions on top and he's involved in the construction of the bridge which was built without ukraine's consent. a group of friends rail workers of 4 with riot police in paris during a demonstration of a planned pension reforms strikes have been going on for more than 3 weeks crippling france's transport system and forcing schools to close and they're now having an impact on businesses during what's supposed to be their most profitable period of the year bernard smith has more from. france's business owners are not feeling the spirit of christmas just before the holiday it looks busy in paris but the almost total shutdown of the metro is having a significant impact on the numbers of people coming out to shop and eat takings at this cafe have fallen 30 percent manager isabel sol says it's worse than last
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year's yellow vest protest. we have had an enormous loss of turnover we've had no terrorists in the style find it very difficult to come to work some cannot even make it and but it's not the fault of those looking for work will find it harder next month france's main employers association says 3 quarters of paris area businesses are planning to freeze hirings because of the loss of economic activity 80 percent of france's small and medium sized businesses have suffered losses because of the strike that's according to their confederation and in the major cities of paris marsay in strasbourg sales of something by as much as 60 percent turnover at this hotel is down 50 percent for the seldom add to that the taxi bill the owner is facing to get his staff into work and back home every day i hope that this strike won't. continue for 3 months because it could be really difficult to be honest
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a case like this we have consolations just 2 days before 48 hours maybe before and it's for us we cannot recover it paris's botanical gardens is hoping for $400000.00 visitors this year to its winter exhibition. but says midweek numbers are down we don't know. what will happen during the 15 days and the 5th day for vacation are very important because we expect the. poor day spending on pensions health care and other social services swallows 32 percent of france's g.d.p. the highest in the developed world benefits the french are reluctant to sacrifice the unions are promising another round of nationwide demonstrations in january france faces another gloomy winter bernard smith al-jazeera paris. al jazeera journalist mahmud assigned has now been detained without any formal charges in egypt for 3 years the same was arrested on arrival in egypt in december 26th on
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a personal visit to see his family is accused of defaming the state and spreading false news allegations he and al-jazeera denies. this is al-jazeera and these are the top stories saudi arabia's public prosecutor says 5 people have been sentenced to death and 3 sentenced to 24 years in prison for the murder of saudi journalist jamal hassan. for behi profile saudi role the visor was investigated but released without charge reporters without borders says justice was trampled in the trial a spokesman for saudi arabia's public prosecutor said the murder was not premeditated. and. the investigation is carried out by the public prosecution revealed that there was no predication not murder at the beginning of this assignment it was
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a spur of the moment action when the leading negotiator inspected the consulate premises and it was established to him that it was impossible to have the victim may he rest in peace transported to a safe place to continue with negotiations consultations were made with a leading negotiator and it was agreed with the perpetrators to kill the victim inside the consulate. boeing is getting a boardroom shakeup as it suffers by age or losses because of the 737 max disasters chief executive dennis mullen is being replaced next month boeing says the changes necessary to restore confidence in the company the jets remain grounded by airlines worldwide following 2 crashes within 5 months india's main opposition congress party is holding a rally in new delhi against the controversy over new citizenship law it's one of many protests across india against the war opponents sadie's anti muslim and undermines india's secular constitution 3 days of national mourning have been
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declared in algeria following the death of the army's chief of staff the teller general of may guide sala suffered a heart attack the 80 year old was regarded as the most powerful man in the country following the mass protests and resignation of president abilities beautifully in april cell is being temporarily replaced by an army general in syria at least 8 people have been killed in a car bombing in the city of salute that's north of rocca a woman and a child are among the dead several others have been wounded well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after counting the cost.
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i know i'm adrian finnegan this is counting the cost on al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week a special program for you from the doha forum here in council will discuss the future of investments in emerging markets since the 1990 s. globalization has given the impression that emerging markets work and could couldn't with developed nations the brics and next 11 became the latest investment craze hundreds of millions were lifted out of poverty and millions more climb the social escalator into the middle class pocket something has gone wrong the end of the commodity supercycle and easy money came.


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