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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 25, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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we don't leave. at least 8 people are killed a syrian government jet strike a school sheltering displaced people turkey is down pressing russia to mediate a truce. slowing down in jordan this is out as a red line from doha also coming up as violence escalates in libya turkey considers providing military support for the un backed government in tripoli. protests spread against a new citizenship law in india that excludes muslims and now a new guidelines for a population register but critics fear can discriminate. be is all below war but it means. that would be able to cause television is a computer. and with homelessness on the rise in england we visit the center
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providing a lifeline for rough sleepers at christmas. we begin in syria where at least 8 people including 5 children have been killed in a government there strike targeting a school it happened in the town of joe bass an adlib province that's the last rebel held on clay that hundreds of displaced syrians have been sheltering in the school when it was hit with syrian government forces but by their russian allies have made steady gains since launching a ground offensive to retake it last week more than 40 villages are now under their control well the surge in fighting prompted a turkish delegation to travel to moscow to push for a ceasefire that says a wave of syrian refugees are fleeing the fighting moving towards the turkish border but the un says $80000.00 people have been displaced since the offensive intensified earlier this month well while the former advisor to the state
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department on syrian issue is he says without outside intervention it will fall to government forces and civilians will pay the price but mama doe 1st reports. well the humanitarian crisis is huge and it's keeping on growing because more and more people are being uprooted from their homes. started with the city of martin man which was the target all for the initial strikes bottle bombs underground shelling but now we're seeing other places also reporting people fleeing from them after being targeted by syrian forces sworn a mission to take every last bit of territory that is in the homs all through our position we are right now one of the hobs for the turkish charity to which is helping the refugees on the other side of the border
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and speaking to a senior all fishel who told us that they have been trying us much as possible to help the people who are fleeing 100 under 25000 was the count of this tendency of rising and he says there must be up to 150000 of the moment and he says they cannot provide each family with its own individual talent they've been forced to build this must have tents on heal it to avoid flooding of calls and they are communicating of 200 people in every tent have separate the men and the women but he says there is a lot of suspicion between the people because it has been home to people who. fled places like aleppo and other places that the regime had targeted before and he says there are so many other people who have set up tents on the sides of the road i'm going not want to mingle with the rest of the refugees that he fears for their
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health because they don't have sanitation they don't have clean water and they do not have food as well another moment they say is that if you just cannot cook for themselves he says they are forced to to to to to provide them with warm mails where while the middle east analyst here's what he had to say. the latest escalation is around moderates now i know man is really just 15 to 20 miles south of it live city and this campaign which began in april and which has displaced about half a 1000000 people already is well on its way to probably capturing the rest of the the province a foreign intervention by an outside power anyone who was worried in 2016 when l a po is falling and was aghast at images of people seeking refuge in europe and drowning in the mediterranean should be extremely worried because you have 3000000 people civilians there are now
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a triscuit and will do whatever they can to escape certain death and which means pushing toward turkey pushing toward europe pushing toward lebanon pushing toward anywhere else but. the hell that the russians have created for them this is the same scenario that has been playing out in syria since 2011 homes rest and who thought aleppo now it's at lip we know how this is going to go and really the world has only watched it. at least 4 people have been killed in libya and the latest airstrikes by forces loyal to the warlord early for have top 7 others were injured when a vegetable market was struck in the town of the jura that's east of tripoli last week have to announce what he called a final offensive to take the capital where libya's internationally recognized government is believed to have asked turkey to send ground troops and ankara is reportedly preparing to respond to that request in the past few years libya's been
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divided between 2 rival governments the u.n. recognize the ministration led by the prime minister. is based in tripoli it's supported by turkey and most western nations including italy which is worried the fighting will force more people to cross the mediterranean in the east as the to book based government the center of power for the warlord any for have to are he's backed by egypt saudi arabia russia and the united arab emirates france is also accused of providing military help for his forces but up to why does more now from tripoli on the government's request for turkish help. government sources say that the type of turkish military. individuals requested by the g.n.a.t. the government of national court is military commanders and the government officials say that the troops on the ground did the government forces are in need of military commanders to range this battle and to run the
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battle on the ground to prevent have to his forces from entering get their capital why now the government is demanding military commanders because have to his forces have been recently advancing with the help of russian measure according to the government military source of. russian mysteries are fighting for how to and have to this force have been receiving advanced weapons from the united arab emirates and also from russia now. says that in order for the government to send troops to libya it needs to submit a mandate to the turkish parliament so that it could be endorse it and then in this case it can send troops to libya well ourselves marti's the general director of the sonic institute he says have to push for tripoli is being almost entirely led by
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foreign forces. it's interesting to look at these 2 parties on the one hand the libyan national army in the east of libya and the djinn a government of national accord in the west in libya when we qualify what there's 2 sides really look like on the libyan national army is hard after slide there's not really much that is libyan we think it's ethel's it's predominantly and almost wholeheartedly been run by excel elected by the u.a.e. from that in eastern libya using chinese but you would. call that drones at the used in libya for the last 5 years documented in the u.n. and the explorer points its ground forces have been ineffective since they launched this campaign and it before and were not able to make it possible and the reason that making it now process suburbs of tripoli is that it is no longer a libyan led operation it's entirely run by the going to be the russian messengers that were well known to be operating in syria and then now operating in the area as of the last couple of months not of the days of libyan national armies or libyan recognizability and faces even on social media the pictures being they're using
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kind of a propaganda shattering kind of war crimes for like as has been the case the last 5 years it's kind of gone silence all we know now is that there is a russian led operation in western libya so the idea that somehow turkey has grabbed the headlines is really going to wrenching it from its context this is being an international conflict 'd 2 years a couple of 100 most of these that are on the front lines of tripoli i not enough to take control of the capital there were enough to erupt and really potentially cause a very nasty the military crisis on the border or even on the shores of the mediterranean only kilometers away from europe so it's a very nasty specter. at least 35 civilians mostly women have been killed in and of tuck in november. fighters known similar tenney as raid an army base and civilians near the town of our been the 7 members of the local security forces were killed but he now fast as president says the attack was eventually repelled 80 rebel fighters were killed but. we have to think about solidarity and national
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cohesion people women for the most part were getting water and got murdered in cold blood by the terrorists while they were retreating we must show compassion with the populations that is why all flags will fly at half mast for 2 days and all christmas celebrations are cancelled. india's cabinet has announced new guidelines and approved funds for an updated national population register or n.p.r. but critics fear could be used to further discriminate against muslims the survey was introduced in 2010 but for the 1st time people be asked to share information about the date and place of birth of their parents. and also be asked to give details of identity documents like voter cards driving licenses and passports the government's approved more than $500000000.00 in funding for the exercise but critics say discriminates meanwhile the protests continue across the country against the new citizenship nor is widely seen as a muslim since it was passed at least 25 people have been killed in the violence
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and this has more on the latest on the wrist. marching to the beat of their own drum thousands of people that defied a bat on public gatherings in the indian capital. they oppose a recently passed bill that grant citizenship to religious minorities from ghana's fon pakistan and beyond that there but excludes muslims i think this lawyer exists threat to the idea of a secular india as it is defined in the constitution. on the back of the many other . things that causes all resentment against the government it's not one thing it's an accumulated resentment against his government a government critics say is using ideological issues like religion to distract people from the problems facing the country their real issue is the economy's on the slowdown that it is. in the last 4 years that.
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distress and in order to divert attention from those. in the street people here say they won't let the government do that was the people here chanting slogans against the government. and thought police would told earlier to detain demonstrations there just watching from the sidelines. there were even bigger protests elsewhere from asked some of the northeast to sound in the south but the governing be j.p. insists these a small sporadic protests being prompted by political parties look at the protests today it is the protest you were just you just you just came from a gentleman. you know in a city of one god or 30 lakh people if you have 200 people 300 people and you say that this protest you think that's relevant please give me a break. the government has launched a campaign on social media to calm the anger in the muslim community really want to
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assure them that there is really no real grounds for wanting what is going on this act does not discriminate against them because india supreme court is expected to hear the case next month. but for the government of the day and modi. this protest pose the biggest challenge since he came to power 5 years ago elizabeth pradhan al jazeera new delhi. time for a short break here in al-jazeera when i come back. where it all began will be in bethlehem as thousands of christian pilgrims around the world gather to celebrate christmas on an old spinless for one of the world's most fragile and pristine ecosystems we'll have the latest from the galapagos islands born that stay with us .
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hello again welcome back to international weather forecast well here across china things are looking too bad but we do expect to see over the next few days more rain and more clouds developing particular across the central areas so here on wednesday shanghai you can be on the edge of that rain but watch as we go from wednesday thursday we're going to see more rain pushing down here towards the south we listen temptress dropping significantly down from 17 to about 7 degrees by the time we do get towards thursday but a very nice day in hong kong with the temperature there of 26 degrees well for the philippines we did see landfall of our typhoon that is fan phone that is making its way towards the west bring some very heavy flooding rain across much of central philippines mudslides landslides and flooding will continue over the next 24 to 48 hours as we go from wednesday as well as into thursday the system will enter into the south china sea it will start to strengthen again and we're going to be watching this very carefully because by the time we get towards the end of the week
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that system will be traveling more towards the west and it could be vietnam by the weekend that could be impacted by the storm well here across india we are going to see an increase of moisture as well over the next few days more clouds developing across much of the central regions that could bring some rain as well over the next few days and for kolkata do expect to see a temperature of 25 degrees. the weather sponsored by town and. a city defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here at the capital of jerusalem ever. one is welcome but this depôt structure that maintains the can only project that's what we defuse it was one of the sound of a settlement with this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is in the 21st century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera. welcome
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back to come out of our top stories here this hour an airstrike at a school in northern syria has killed 8 people government forces backed by russian airstrikes are intensifying their assault in the last rebel held province of tens of thousands have been displaced in recent weeks. forces loyal to libyan will of anything have to our nearing an offensive on the capital tripoli and asked right at a busy market has killed at least 4 people. and his cabinet has announced new guidelines and approved funds for outdated sensors that critics fear could be used to further discriminate against muslims protest against india's new citizenship nor have been going on now for 2 weeks. the us president donald trump has joked about
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north korea's warning of a christmas surprise if washington does not make concessions in nuclear talks only this month gave the u.s. until the end of the year to come up with a new proposal. well let's see if maybe it's a nice president maybe it's a president where he sent me a beautiful was. supposed to listen to. make it up and make it a nice present you don't know you never are. russia's president says his country will continue strengthening its nuclear forces and developing hypersonic missiles until a new arms control agreements are reached at an annual meeting of russia's defense ministry that amir putin said washington's withdrawal from a cold war era nuclear treaty and the expansion of nato were key concerns for moscow he says 82 percent of the country's nuclear arsenal has been modernized. bigger we are ready to work on new arms control agreements but until this process is launched we will strengthen our own nuclear forces i mean equipping ourselves
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with to t.j. hart with sonic missile forces with modern complexes and strategic missiles as well as you can use submarines are our navy and we will continue to work on the creation of other missile systems capable of defending russia and its allies violent protests have broken out at a number of shopping malls in hong kong during a busy christmas eve with riot police firing tear gas in a bid to disperse demonstrators protesters threw umbrellas and other objects at the police and charge them with battens families have been gathering in a busy tourist district to view the christmas lights the protests are now in their 7th month and demonstrators say they want to stage another march on new year's day now the u.k.'s biggest homeless charity says the number of rough sleepers this christmas as reached record levels numbers are up by 15 percent on the previous year but the problem is much worse when people in temporary accommodation are accounted for and has more from london been in a civil stalls have been breakfast. and for the 1st 20 years
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russell was one of the 1st arrivals when the doors opened at this center the street is no place to be at christmas or any other time to build. and raise stages roll. roll. it over drugs worry it gets a bit. in the. for him this christmas center alleviates the loneliness and boredom of being homeless it means i will be able to slip which means albeit what war it means. be able to watch television use a computer case. we'll have a load of arts and crafts activities in the 7 days that these centers are open they can be a lifeline for homeless guests can get medical checkups advice and counseling as one of the chance to wash and get a haircut and importantly to relax what you see on the last day is
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a group of transformed people leaving those that come in very suspicious of people from mainstream society and suspicious of the world in which they operate leave you know looking much better haven't showered haven't had haircuts have their feet looked at they they just leave kind of transformed the most visible form of homelessness is of course rough sleeping in doorways for example but new research from crisis this christmas shows that nearly 6 times as many people are caught in a precarious existence no less so for surfing. crisis found 39 percent of sofa surface it stayed at 5 or more different places in the past year including friends and relatives 28 percent had not had a stable home for 4 years or more and 77 percent said their physical health had suffered as a result we're talking about people with whom i don't even have access to washing facilities or to read people who might have to go out during the day when the high status is there so a very very unstable situation back at the north london christmas sent to the board
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games had begun the escapism in company of the centers are only a temporary respite they says figures show the numbers rough sleeping in england had increased 15 percent on the previous year when this sent to shots next week many of the homeless guests here will be back outside again paul brennan on his iraq north london. christian pilgrims and tourists from around the world are marking the holiday of christmas in the city of bethlehem where many believe jesus christ was born 29 has been one of the holy city's busiest years with an estimated $1900000.00 tourists making the trip. reports. music and prayer joy and reflection from the church of the nativities built over the grotto were christians believe jesus christ was born this was the last midnight mass of the decade. 6 months of planning
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brought the ospina family from columbia to manger square in bethlehem. provocations especially hard to be in the place where we believe jesus was a boy was i doubt it really does sound joy to hide any make it fairer they can not turn out real christmas. these tourists join a declining population of christians in the holy land experts say in the last century the christian population has decreased more than 15. percent with 1900000 visitors bethlehem is having its best year in 2 decades according to the ministry of tourism and antiquities that may be in part due to the relative calm in the area yet small business owners such as newbuild jochum and say this is not a merry money making christmas i spent a whole week to correcting preparing for this day and lou really i'm a little bit sad after spending all of this money like that for the files of dollar
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for creating and i still i think the cover pop effect the biggest attractions seem to be the 16 metre christmas tree with hand carved nativities tailor made for the selfie age many of those posing for photos were muslim it's a very magical place especially with all the different religions coming together here i really really love it really gives me a wrong feeling inside this kind of a message for the world like we are here like this time to each other like me that we have no conflict when you talk about the christmas of the 21st century has evolved into something no one could envision centuries ago but christian leaders hope the holy day spirit of good will and peace will always prevail at tashi going to name. bethlehem. venezuelan president nicolas maduro brazil in peru to arrest and deport those involved in an attack on a remote military camp in the south of the country madeira pilled the brazilian
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president jabil tomorrow to act saying the suspects are in brazil with stolen rifles and grenade launchers local media reports 12 men took part in the raid in the state of bolivar brazil colombia peru am the venezuelan opposition leader. had been accused of assisting the attackers. feel venezuelan weapons have been stolen in a terrorist attack mr j. are both in our o. and these weapons are headed for and are in brazilian territory we demand that the brazilian authorities capture the assailants and that the weapons of the national bolivarian armed forces be returned meanwhile both an arrow has been released from hospital after receiving treatment for a fall his office said he slipped and hit his head one in the bathroom of his official residence on monday a c.t. scan didn't detect any damage but he was kept in hospital overnight as a caution. now from ecuador to chill a the final months of 2019 so various latin american countries and gulf in daily
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street protests and while many of them were fighting for their own causes there was one issue most of them had in common inequality are latin america and it's in the c.n.n. reports now the chilean capital santiago. 78 year old widow. is the matriarch of her large family she lives in a low income santiago neighborhood with her daughter and her 2 grandchildren she had little formal education and worked hard all her life 1st in the fields and then as a maid to help the family get ahead. i worked in homes where people with money didn't let the stuff use the same cutlery as the masters they did not eat the same food or use the same crockery either. over t. her 48 year old daughter so langauge concedes that their economic situation has improved but not chile's acute class divisions a 23 year old son is steven studied law the 1st in the family to graduate from
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university but there's still an invisible barrier percentage point in miami and. the students from the upper class have countless advantages from not having to study and work at the same time to access to internal ships and jobs their parents belong to the class with clout and they're not discriminated against because of where they come from. although chile does have the highest per capita income in latin america it also has the highest inequality index the biggest gap between rich and poor in tina for example if you're in the bottom of income you will need up to 6 generations to get to it and to the mean income that's not all a recent study revealed an astonishing statistic women living in the wealthiest suburbs of santiago have a life expectancy 18 years longer than their counterparts in the poorest municipalities in men the difference is 9 years says dr alexander v.
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this would explain the fact that there is an equality is within the city has to do with the segregation social canonic segregation across the city. this persistent class divide helps explain the recent social outbursts in chile. more than 2 months of on going protests that have brought hundreds of thousands on to the streets demanding structural reforms to level the playing field. and once you're gone we were born with different aspirations than our parents and we feel the segregation in the upper class areas when our parents go to work but are treated like inferiors in our neighborhoods that aren't any parks any restaurants cinemas or hospitals we have to leave our communities to access a better life that generates resentment and discontent. the inequalities and class privileges in this highly stratified society have been
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passed on from generation to generation putting an end to that system as would millions of chileans are now fighting for. to see in human al-jazeera santiago. they could lure in coast guard says it's containing an oil spill in the galapagos islands one of the most pristine and fragile ecosystems in the world an emergency cleanup operation began on sunday on the island of some. a 1000 kilometers off the mainland under chapelle as much. these are the dramatic moments when a crane collapsed while loading a generator onto a ship the crew diving into the water as it begins to founder. after taking quick action to save themselves work began to save the delicate marine life around them the moment this is approximately 2000 liters of diesel was in the. it's being handled in a way to prevent a significant environmental impact ecuador's government declared an emergency after
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the incident on sunday and by monday it said it was under control we shouldn't be relaxed about this it's not a minor issue if we hadn't reacted as we did it could have been a lot more serious. the galapagos islands are home to dozens of vulnerable species found nowhere else in the world the region's diversity helped inspire charles darwin's theory of evolution after a visit to the islands more than 200 years ago half of the reptile species here are threatened or endangered marina guana species were decimated during a 2001 oil spill that dumped hundreds of thousands of liters of fuel into the ocean scientists later discovered it killed 60 percent of marina guam as a nearby santa fe island. early tests on animals nearby showed no visible signs of damage from sunday's spill but the government says it's too early to see the impact on the ecosystem. this is one of the world's most fragile ecosystems with threats like climate change already an issue more will have to be done to prevent spills
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like this after chappelle al-jazeera. time for a quick check of the headlines on al-jazeera and asked dr at a school in an old in syria has killed 8 people. government forces backed by russian airstrikes are intensifying their assault in the last rebel held province of idlib the u.n. is calling for an immediate truce meanwhile tens of thousands have been displaced in recent weeks. really bad maybe already but i want to kill people before they escape here while we're packing the jet came in targeted us and killed a large number and get others and a whole family is missing. at least 4 people have been killed in libya and the latest as strikes by forces loyal to the warlord and if i have. several others were
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injured when a vegetable market was struck in the town of tel shura that's east of tripoli last week have to announce what he called a final offensive to take the capital at least 35 civilians mostly women have been killed in an attack in northern. fighters known simle 10 years raids on the army base and civilians near the town of. 7 members of the local security forces were also killed became a fast as president says the attack was eventually repelled and 80 rebel fighters were killed rights groups say as many as 2000 people have died in attacks this year . and. we have to think about solidarity and national cohesion people women for the most part were getting water and got murdered in cold blood by the terrorists while they were retreating we must show compassion with the populations that is why all flags will fly at half mast for 2 days and all christmas celebrations are canceled india's cabinet has announced new guidelines
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and approved funds for an updated census critics fear it could be used to further discriminate against muslims protest against india's new citizenship nor have been going on for 2 weeks 25 people have died in violence across the country. violent protests have broken out at shopping malls in hong kong during a busy christmas eve protest is through umbrellas and other objects of the police charging them with buttons the protests are now in their 7th month and demonstrators say they want to stage i'm not a march on new year's day but those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera the bottom lines thank you thanks for watching.
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steve clemons and i have some questions as we say goodbye to 2019 what were the big stories that affected us this past year and what are the big issues that may hit us in 2020 let's get to the bottom line. what are your 2900 out to be people took to the streets across asia latin america and the arab world hoping for change the images from beirut in hong kong and caracas have been moving just really riveting the united states and china probably the world's 2 anchor economies today settled in for what looks like a phantom a relationship for the long term and identity politics took hold around the world with more and more people looking inward and turning against others in their own societies in washington the mother investigation into donald trump came and went are you queen american scandal erupted and the american president has been impeached so what do we have to look forward to as the world turns to 2020 fortunately we have 3 people in the room who have.


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