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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 25, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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it's possible to good for you that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well. he receives of a ghost town in northern syria at least 12 people were killed as government fighter jets bombed the last rebel stronghold forcing thousands to flee. fully back to boyer watching al-jazeera live mont global headquarters in doha also coming up despite weeks of protests india's government pushes through a half a 1000000000 dollar budget for a contentious population survey that critics fear could be used to further discriminate against its 2 days of national mourning and all christmas celebrations
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canceled in booking a fossil after $35.00 civilians are killed by fighters in the worst attack in the us. i'm solomon job in kazakhstan and i'll tell you how the country is trying to move away from its hydrocarbon with the colony and finding investment in renewable sources. thank you for joining us at least 12 people including 6 children have been killed the syrian government forces push sharing creasing leave violent offensive deeper into province the latest attack was on a school in the town of joe boss where hundreds of displaced syrians had been sheltering government forces have made steady gains since launching an assault to retake the last rebel held province last week tens of thousands of syrian refugees are fleeing the fighting towards the border with turkey. and syrian regime forces
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are closing in on the rebel held city of mahratta. province also residents have fled the area dozens of people have been killed and hundreds injured in government attacks on the northwestern city over the last month. you know the next top model may god take revenge on eve those who caused this what if we don't deserve this what have we done i plead to god for mercy god to punish them for displacing us because using all of this to humiliating us for god's sake we are being paid to live let's speak to engineers mohammed idle in antakya forest not far from techies border with syria mohammed civilians bearing the brunt of this bombing campaign on bring us up to date for us with the latest you're hearing about the situation as far as they're concerned. well the government forces. really moving to
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a city of moderate to say to be just on. its own the farms as people have been telling us of. but the nominee is one of the just. the last stronghold for the rebels in syria and there's also the 5 highway which links the mosque is the couple told to aleppo and that is what the government forces of course at a loss of of there's been a lot of displacement not only from land but also from the city that is near to colds. people have been moving out heading towards the turkish border setting up tents on the side of the roads others have been given tents by the turkish charity i a church which is the largest charity that's helping the syrian refugees on that side of the country what we spoke to one of the officer. who
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told us that there is a lot of mistrust between the people themselves because it was not only just home to its original inhabitants but also people who want fled from different parts of the country throughout the last 9 years and now he says people don't want to mingle and they are so many people who just want to stay on they are all along the roads and he says he fears for their health because they don't have access to proper sanitation drinking water and even food what is the significance of. mohammed of course we're talking about it late province which is the last rebel held area in syria if the government have made considerable gains i understand in recent weeks if they were to retake mara town amman and other areas in italy what would it mean for the conflict in syria.
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well taking what's in amman will be a huge boon for. bashar al assad's forces because it's not only one of the biggest albums although we can say right now many of its residents have fled. in this place but again the city sits on 5 highway which means. we do would be able to contact some of the the the largest quadrilles as it used to be aleppo to the cup to the which means it could boost trade between the towns that it's now holding so a lot of the money is to dick and some place that the government really wants to get hold of thank you very much for that mohamed own reporting live on the crisis in syria from antakya in techie and syrian customs officials have seize the assets of the country's wealthiest businessmen it's the 1st time an order has been issued
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for rami mom loaf who's the cousin of syrian president bashar assad has been accused of importing products without paying charges and fees the e.u. and united states have already imposed sanctions on mom low food reportedly controls 60 percent of syria's economy. to india now where the government has announced new guidelines and approved funds for an updated national population register that critics fear could be used to further discriminate against muslims the survey was introduced in 2010 but for the 1st time people will be asked to share information about the date and place of birth of their parents they will also be asked to give details of identity documents like voter card striving licenses and passports the government has approved more than $500000000.00 in funding for the exercise a prime minister narendra modi is pushing ahead with that despite also facing backlash over a new citizenship law that's also seen as discriminating against muslims on tuesday
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tested across india in new delhi in kolkata. and more ollie's are expected today $25.00 people have died in the violence since the law was passed earlier this month that's ringing in elizabeth branham in new delhi for is what are we expecting today after this government approval of funding for this population register is likely to make more people angry isnt it. yeah absolutely folly whereas for the last 2 weeks the protests started with the citizenship amendment act that new citizenship in all but soon created was saying they don't want that they don't want citizenship to be given on the basis of religion they also don't want the national register of citizens and now they don't want what the government has approved funding for the national copulation register which although the government says is just part of the census will the critics the opponents the protesters say that it is it will form the basis for this national register of citizens which could be used to discriminate against against muslims others too i
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mean this is already being carried out in the northeastern state of us some 2000000 people were left off the citizenship list hindus and most of them so the people are against this around the country for different reasons and that's why we're expecting more protests today were outside delhi university where some of india's most prominent intellectuals and offices holding a rally and we're expecting protests across delhi and around the country to continue today folly do people feel that these protests are making a difference because the government doesn't seem to be backing down so you know what are protesters other options here. can you him in is. ok we seem to have can lost a connection with elizabeth brown in new delhi well hopefully bring her back next
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hour to update us on the protests there in india and protests in algeria too who are defying protesters are defying calls there for 3 days of mourning for the deceased military chief of staff saying he was part of the corrupt ruling elite the body of lieutenant general ahmed guide sana has been transferred to the people ahead of his funeral he died on monday from a heart attack sana was regarded as the most powerful man in the country following the resignation of longtime leader abdul aziz bouteflika in a poll. in other world news in booking a fossil at least 35 civilians have been shot dead in an attack in according to the government 85 have also been killed a warning some of the viewers might find the images in this following report disturbing the fighters launched an assault on an army base in our bend and a nearby town of violence has increased in booking
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a fossil after the military launched an offensive against armed groups in november there's been no claim of responsibility for this attack the government has declared 2 days of national mourning. so he didn't do ok so your know we have to think about solidarity and national cohesion people women for the most part were getting water and got murdered in cold blood by the terrorists while they were retreating we must show compassion with the populations that is why all flags will fly at half mast for 2 days and all christmas celebrations are cancelled. work in a fossil was once a pocket of calm in the region but security has deteriorated considerably over the past 5 years the ousting of longtime president best kampala rain october 24th created a security vacuum which has been exploited by several groups as well as homegrown fighters groups from mali affiliated with eisel and al qaeda have crossed the border and added to the unrest the united nations says more than 700 people have
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been killed since 2015 and almost half a 1000000 have been displaced earlier with spoke to william lawrence about the attack he's a professor of international affairs at george washington university where a lot of his teachings focus on work in a fossil. well there's been hundreds of attacks this year one group said it was a 7000 percent increase in the year before but they usually have very low lethality if you look at the list of attacks it's one or 2 victims this is the worst attack ever as far as i know in brooklyn a fossil which had its 1st terrorism attacks only in 2015 and both the frequency and lethality of attacks have been creasing but this is much much worse this is a a group led by someone from. recruiting fighters from kenya faso even though they launch attacks from mali and while they are trying to sow chaos and they are under pressure from the french their main goal is to liberate this area and establish an
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islamic state not unlike what we saw in the north of mali in in 2012 and so they're going to keep going you know whatever the french are doing and whatever. the other secure the security forces in the region are doing they're going to keep attacking and continue to recruit people because the security forces in burkean have themselves been committing some atrocities as have defense forces and so populations are kind of on the run now and they don't know who to trust. still ahead on al-jazeera a holiday travel chaos in the philippines as a typhoon lashes that house class. where it all began will be in bethlehem as thousands of christian bale's winds from around the weld gathered to celebrate christmas.
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hello again to welcome back to international weather forecast well if you are looking for a white christmas it is going to be very hard to find here across parts of europe actually tomorrow is going to be quite nice on christmas day for many locations such as the u.k. down across parts of france as well as probably into the iberian peninsula we are looking at sunny conditions for london with a temperature of 8 now for snow you really have to go to the higher elevations in the alps maybe down towards some of the higher elevations of the balkan peninsula the big problem tomorrow is going to be down here across eastern mediterranean we're looking at a storm system bringing very gusty winds heavy rain turkey cyprus syria lebanon as well as down towards israel you are will see rain for the next several days and we are expecting to see the likelihood of flooding across much of that area actually across the higher elevations of turkey we will have plenty of snow there for athens
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it is going to be a better day here on thursday with a temperature of 14 degrees well for the northeastern part of africa you will also be affected by the same storm very windy conditions along the coastal areas we don't expect to see too much in terms of rain you could see off and on showers but it is going to be those winds pushing across parts of egypt as well that will continue from wednesday as well as into thursday well 5 start to see a break by the time we get towards friday.
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you're watching al jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories at least 12 people have been killed as syrian government forces push area increasingly violent offensive deeper into edmé province the last rebel held stronghold syrian forces are not closing in on the city of maharat sound nor mine. india's government has approved funding for an updated national population register which opponents say is on time listening this follows a new citizenship law that's led to huge protests across the country. and 2 days of
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national mourning have been declared in book enough after at least $35.00 civilians were shot dead in an attack according to the government 80 fighters were also killed the fighters launched an assault on an army base in not been death and there's been no claim of responsibility so far. now thousands of people in the philippines have been left stranded on the christmas break us typhoon fall and made landfall many need predominantly catholic nation where stuck in airports and bus terminals authorities have evacuated coastal areas hearing floods and landslides the typhoon is expected to move across the central philippines and into the south china sea by face. a presidential candidate for ivory coast says general election has flown to spain after authorities issued an arrest warrant for him former prime minister and rebel leader sorrell was charged with what prosecutors called an attempt against a sayso 40 so rule has the loyalty of many senior army figures who previously
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served as rebel commanders. and people in ivory coast's have mixed views about the arrest warrants taken a small sum and it hurts me to learn that there's a warrant for sars arrest seeing as he worked the evolution of the ivory coast he previously served as the prime minister he was also the president of the national assembly it hurts my heart that someone of his authority can be prosecuted like this budget brother this is what happens when you take up arms against your country when you take up arms against them up the land it is nature itself to have. this is what must happen to him in a country governed by law things must be done according to law we must let him in the way for him to come in and should learn a lot of things that we were approaching for. to iraq now where a defining feature of the months long anti-government demonstrations there has been the complete rejection of all political parties but one movement has managed to stay on side the side led by shia cleric. simona fault and reports that.
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every afternoon and his friends load his pickup truck full of supplies for demonstrators in baghdad starrer square is from such a city the stronghold of influential shiite cleric mark that assad that this is the capital's most populated and marginalized neighborhood it is also a lifeline for the protest. so who says he can be considered a large storage of humans the majority of the protesters are from sort of city and in addition most of the supplies are from sort of city the sudras dominant role in the protest as controversial protesters have rejected the entire political establishment which technically includes own party if you dare to speak out against the cleric in public sutter also appears wary of a backlash and has ordered his followers not to openly discuss their allegiance sutter himself has retreated to iran for religious studies and i shall call
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a we were internet to the process as iraqi people. if the leader came out with us he would be exposed to danger shia cleric commander of insurgencies populist leader of iraq street protest looked at us sort of has taken many roles over the years and he has become the kingmaker in iraqi politics now he faces a particularly delicate balancing act his followers form the backbone of protest against the government he helped form and the parliament in which his party holds the biggest share of seats sutter's party saw it all in won 54 of iraq's 329 parliamentary seats in the 2800 but following prime minister his resignation the party announced it would nominate a replacement. former m.p. he was part of sutter start your own alliance but resigned when protests began there is a feeling among the people. who are by the probably. not
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on the because of the president so because it emerged your report by a political group made your point and the person who will be more honest work is the. critics say refusal to nominate a new prime minister is a populist move and an effort to ensure political survival supporters like her son call it a genuine step towards meeting protesters demands and although sudras party won't officially name a candidate that doesn't mean the sudras haven't made a choice a list of candidates considered acceptable isp into towns across the area including hasan. we selected those 5 candidates based on the consensus of the people in the square use their old independent they don't belong to any side or particular policy we select a v.m. for a transitional period until there are elections in 6 to 12 months rival iranian backed parties have put forward their own candidates whether or not the sudras will
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get their way will be a test of sudras political influence but no matter who gets their man at the helm of government satirise command over iraq streets appears on contested simona faulting al-jazeera. at least 4 people have been killed in libya in the latest says strikes by forces loyal to warlord holly for have tar several others were injured when a vegetable market was struck in the town of east of tripoli last week have to announce what he called a final offensive to take the capital and libya's government has reportedly made a request for military assistance from turkey. has more from tripoli. government sources say that the type of military. individuals requested by the g.n.a.t. the government of national court is military commanders and the government officials say that the troops on the ground did the government forces are in need
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of military commanders to range this battle and to run the battle on the ground to prevent have to us forces from entering get their capital why now the government is demanding military commanders because have to his forces have been recently advancing with the help of russian missionaries according to the government military source of. russian mercenaries are fighting for have to and have to this force have been receiving advanced weapons from the united arab emirates and also from russia now. says that in order for the government to send troops to libya it needs to submit a mandate to the parliament so that it could be endorse it and then in this case it can send troops to libya. christian pilgrims and tourists from around the
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world on mocking the holiday of christmas in the city of bethlehem where many believe jesus christ was born at 29000 has been one of the holy city's busiest years were an estimated $1900000.00 tourists making the trip at the name reports. music and prayer joy and reflection from the church of the nativities built over the grotto were christians believe jesus christ was born this was the last midnight mass of the decade. over the 6 months of planning brought the ospina family from columbia to manger square in bethlehem of the provocations especially of the sunni in the place where we believe jesus was a boy an odd i don't know how to bring disowns only to hide any make it fairer they can not turn out a real christmas. these tourists join
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a declining population of christians in the holy land experts say in the last century the christian population has decreased more than 15 percent with 1900000 visitors bethlehem is having its best year in 2 decades according to the ministry of tourism and antiquities that may be in part due to the relative calm in the area yet small business owners such as newbuild jochum and say this is not a merry money making christmas i spent a whole week to correcting preparing for this day and lou i really i'm a little bit sad dr spending all of this money like this for the $1000.00 for a great day and i still i didn't cover pocket for it the biggest attraction seemed to be the 16 meter christmas tree with hand carved nativities tailor made for the selfie age many of those posing for photos were muslim it's
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a very magical where's. especially with all the different religions coming together here i really really love it really gives me a long feeling inside this kind of a message for the world like we are here like this time to each other like with that we have no conflict with each other the christmas of the 21st century has evolved into something no one could envision centuries ago but christian leaders hope the holy day spirit of good will and peace will always prevail if washington aim. bethleham us president donald trump has joked about north korea's warning of a christmas surprise if washington does not make concessions in nuclear negotiations this month young young gave the u.s. until the end of the year to come up with a new proposal see what happens. let's see if maybe it's a nice president maybe it's a president where he said to be a beautiful boss. as opposed to a missile crisis. you can make it
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a policy and make it a nice president you don't know you never know. russia's president says his country will continue strengthening its nuclear forces and developing hypersonic missiles until new arms control agreements are reached at an annual meeting of russia's defense ministry valmy putin said washington's withdrawal from a cold war era nuclear treaty and the expansion of nato were key concerns for moscow he says 82 percent of russia's nuclear arsenal has been modernized venezuela's president nicolas maduro is urging brazil and peru to arrest and deport those involved in an attack on a remote military outposts in the south of the country my dear appealed to brazilian president. saying the suspects are in brazil with solon rifles and grenades launchers local media reports 12 men took part in the raid in the state of believe are brazil colombia peru and the venezuelan opposition leader one quite ill
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have been accused of assisting the attack is. brazil's president has been released from hospital after receiving treatment for a fall his office says he slipped and hit his head while in the bathroom of his residence on monday a c.t. scan didn't detect any damage but was he was kept in hospital overnight as a precaution. now faced with rising pollution and falling oil prices kazakhstan is looking to diversify its economy a major focus is being placed on investing in environmentally friendly energy projects osama bin job and went to visit one of those projects in caspar guy in southeastern kazakhstan. in this where the heating is needed to survive in causing to stand largest city smoke can be seen billowing from chimneys all around the much needed heating plants are also major contributors to air pollution because exxon has one of the highest rates of lung disease in the region according to the world
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health organization that in this cause is 13 percent of all the deaths here and it's one of the reasons why kazakhstan's authorities are looking for healthier alternatives. like this it's one of the largest solar power plants in central asia and is expected to reduce carbon emissions by a $150000.00 tons a year in the early hours solar panel a covered by snow this engineer has worked in conventional power plants for years and says this is the future. there are no rotating elements here all panels are static they do not require constant attention we generate electricity with the sun even without the sun we produce but not as good in comparison with traditional energy the costs of creating green energy are great for now but technology is developing and the efficiency of solar panels is growing the plan became operational a few weeks ago as the day progresses the sun melts the blanket of snow on the
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panels within hours electricity production jumps. even in the extreme conditions blanketed and this nor the new will sources of energy sure that they can be relied upon but economies which are dependent on fossil fuels find it cheaper and more convenient to continue to rely on hydro carbon oil in hydrocarbon exports make up nearly 3 quarters of this country's income and it powerful oil reliant neighbors such as russia and china trying to change that has political implications as well. so the government has set up a department do it right foreign investors we had 75. projects which were already implemented by saying do you bill interest sources 1st of all talking about solar power plant when paul planned hydro power plant and bio gas as alliance which has 92000000000 of investments in kazakstan
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and then we have u.s. which has around $50000000000.00 of investment and afterwards we have u.k. and we also have russia and we have. switzerland which is in the top of investors here in cassocks step for this last central asian state with a small population renewable energy is seen as the future the challenge is finding the fastest way to free itself from its centuries old reliance on call an oil some of injury down the fear of god. now again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera at least 12 people have been killed as syrian government forces push their increasingly violent offensive deeper into adelaide province the last rebel held area syrian forces are closing in on the city of my gnomon mohammed abdul is in anti care on turkey's
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border with syria with more the government forces ted williams moving towards the city of moderate and among the saved to be just on. its own the farms as people have been telling us off. but at the moment is one of the largest of those some to the last stronghold for the rebels in syria and these also the m 5 highway which links to moscow's the cup little to poor and that is what the government forces of course at a loss of. india's government has approved funding for an updated national population by just syria which opponents say is anti muslim it follows a new citizenship law that's led to huge protests across the country in booking a fast so 2 days of national mourning have been declared after at least $35.00 civilians and 80 fighters were shot and killed in an attack in the fighters
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launched an assault on an army base in our bindiya and a nearby town there's been no claim of responsibility so far. protesters in ontario are defying calls for 3 days of mourning for the deceased military chief of staff saying he was part of the corrupt ruling elite the body of lieutenant general ahmed guide salah has been transferred to the people spotless ahead of his funeral he died on monday from a heart attack. thousands of people in the philippines have been left stranded on the christmas break as typhoon found phone made landfall authorities have evacuated coastal areas fearing floods and landslides the typhoon is expected to move across the central philippines and into the south china sea by ferry say you're upset with headlines here on al-jazeera inside stories next. the good dreams chocolate really look ahead to major stories of 2020 from around the world.
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are a series of in-depth special report. joining us is a real sense the global impact of what is to come next. turkish involvement in libya deepens as ankara moves to support the internationally recognized government militarily but will that intensify the conflict these it's and this is inside story. hello welcome to the show i'm sorry toki is considering all collins of military backing for libya that includes ground marine and air support if necessary president rajib top of the one also said he's ready.


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