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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 26, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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pressure executions torture or censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london man in cairo on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm still robin you're watching the al-jazeera news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes turkey's president says that he'll send troops to libya as requested i will present deployment legislation to parliament in january. also a 2nd attack in the kenya fan so just a day after dozens of civilians were killed in the north. and independent report accuses police in india of using authorized and excessive force against opponents
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of a new citizenship law. and hit by corruption cases and to repeat election failures israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu faces a primary challenger from his own party. and i'm we're harding with sports it was a basketball battle in l.a. with le bron's lakers falling short against the clippers we have that and more christmas in the action coming up this hour. it'll be with us here on the news hour we begin with breaking news in turkey's president recipe the one says that he will be sending troops to libya after a request from the internationally recognized government turkey says it wants to support the tripoli based administration which has been under a months long defensive by forces loyal to the warlord khalifa haftar president and
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also says that he'll present a bill on the deployment to parliament when it reconvenes in january. from the beginning we have objected to the coup perpetrated by the retired general against the lawful government we provided and are still providing assistance to libya's legitimate government against the coup plotter who is receiving support from certain european states libya is a neighboring country as we share maritime border lines in the mediterranean sea once the parliament comes into session we will present the proposal for dispatching turkish troops to libya based on the security cooperation agreement once indorsed by the parliament we will be able to effectively back the legitimate government some states who support the coup general with their jet fighters tanks and militia object to this move and criticize turkey because of it. the mood of the wire this standing by for us in the libyan capital tripoli but 1st let's speak to mohamed atta in an taqiyya in turkey what president wants president who are normally
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gets but he does need to go through the procedure and he needs his decision ratified by parliament just talk us through the process before those troops can be sent. he seems to have set his mind on deploying troops to levy and is already made some progress in that sense getting approval last week in parliament for the military cooperation agreement between libya and turkey and now it has to go back to parliament of course this will happen only when they get a formal request from the government in tripoli for the deployment of troops and then parliament will have to take a vote and not just take a bold but also mop out the monday of the troops exactly what they would be doing in libya and what the. parameters for russian would be so.
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it's said to be more or less a formal military it's going to be presented in parliament and it's expected to sail through so it looks as if turkey will after all of that out to vote deploy troops to libya and that is and getting a lot of countries particularly it is specially at a time of rising tensions over energy deposits in the it's the mediterranean sea and it will of course follow events from an attack in of course the capital ankara as we're metadata let's cross over the mediterranean to mahmoud abbas what he did actually in tripoli and of course this news will be encouraging for prime minister . mahmud he obviously is finding it difficult to hold on to territory but how will sort of turkish troops help when they do come because obviously as i made it out said the parameters around their operation and their deployment will be very
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important. well definitely it's very important because it will mossop probably make a change on the ground in terms of defending the capital tripoli against the military offensive by a half to us forces remember so hey in that we spoke to many military commanders with the g.n.a.t. the government of national accord they say that have to his forces have been recently advancing on the ground taken control of a strategic locations in southern tripoli including the military camps and yesterday they took control of the there the police academy in southern tripoli and they have have received towards that gratian authority compound and that's near some one had a neighborhood which is very strategic because of the take control of somebody neighborhood then they can very easily proceed to address the capital city center
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there there are concerns with the military commanders on the ground are very much concerned about their russian assistance to have their force as you know that russian missile arrays belonging to the vagal company have been leading there have to as forces battles to take control of these strategic locations in southern tripoli but as you know that. turkey wants an official request from the government of national called which is the legitimate body in libya as you know that the military and security cooperation agreement or the memorandum of understanding that was signed between turkey and libya at the last month does not entail sending troops that is why president is asking for an official request from the d.n.a. the government of national court before he can proceed and set this on top of. parliament to be. endorsed by the parliament in turkey but in all cases we know
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that. they have been told to advanced weapons on the front lines here n n n libya by virtue of that military agreement that was signed the last month but concerning sending troops. an official request from the government of national guard is a must and. turkish troops on the ground in libya can definitely make a change on the ground so it will indeed which will continue to monitor events both in tripoli and from ankara for the moment to move thank you let's stay on the african continent because people in bikini fastow are mourning after 2 attacks in just 48 hours at least 12 soldiers were killed when they were ambushed on wednesday night in in some province near the border it's the same region where an army base and a nearby town were taught don't choose day 35 civilians and 80 gunman or killed 2
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days of national mourning have been declared and we do warn you that some viewers may find the images and if this is report disturbing officials in brooklyn a fossil say these are the bodies of some of the men who were tracked positions and civilians in the north the military says it killed at least 80 of the attackers. it's one of the worst attacks by armed groups since 2014 this attack on a restaurant and we're going to go in 2017 killed dozens of people. the government of booking a fossil has declared 2 days of national mourning for victims of tuesday's attack well certainly. we have to think about solidarity and national cohesion people women for the most part were getting water and got murdered in cold blood by the terrorists while they were retreating we must show compassion with the populations that is why all flags will fly at half mast for 2 days and all christmas
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celebrations are cancelled. all of that out thousands of international forces in west africa sail region the violence has increased in the past form and there are fears of more attacks in november the army launched a new offensive against local groups operating in the country. many believe the recent attack in more than brigitte uprising was a response to this new offensive brooke you know fossil has seen many attacks in the past 5 years they've killed more than 700 people with half a 1000000 frost from their homes the crisis in northern mali has. security problems with fighters kenya did with al qaida and i still regularly cross the border to launch attacks. brooke you know fossil is due to hold it to presidential elections in 2020 and president marco bori ones to restore peace before the vote but it's not clear if his army is up to the task how to grease al-jazeera
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a project. this is only the latest in a series of recent attacks on military personnel in the region mali and bore the brunt of those attacks earlier this month 71 soldiers were killed on a military base in the jazz west it's the deadliest attack in several years over in mali at least $53.00 soldiers were killed on a military post in november and it happened just weeks after 2 other raids on military bases which left dozens of soldiers dead also that month at least $37.00 people were killed in bikini when gunmen ambushed a military convoy transporting minors to work well joining me now is michael and he's the senior fellow at the for as gigi center in africa for africa at the london school of economics joins me now via skype from kent in the u.k. good to have you with us on the program mr a several stakeholders whether we call the militant groups or terror groups who do you think might be responsible in this particular case. well plans to have i mean
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this particular case none of them have actually claimed responsibility so we it's quite difficult to say who exactly they are of though this recent attack is actually looks like a stage chile of the previous one or follow up on the previous one taken advantage of to christmas day last of course so one wonders whether the president and his military officials have been very careful to choose their words well apportioning blame because as you say they haven't singled anyone or to any particular group but more often than not the assumption is that it sort of i saw related because al qaeda also operates in the area yes both isis an arcade that operate in the area but we also have. known jihadists messner east's are operating in the area and unless one claims once
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ability is really difficult to pinpoint who exactly that is our let them each actually identify us who stand by we know that there are a lot of them i'm sorry. dear i am g. s. i am and all of that isis or correction in the area i mean the whole region heard seen this upsurge in violence since 2012 across the areas of chad because if not so by retaining a mali and french and u.n. forces have been there 700 dead since what 2050 over half a 1000000 displaced i mean what's going role why haven't the military forces in those respective countries along with the un and the french not been able to control the area. there are a number of factors i mean the end the security vacuum in libya since the overthrow of khadafi is not just a matter of whether conflict in from the down south of the sahara but also on that
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and out of the mess that reese who is going to operate in syria and iraq are migrating by unison heavy on the 2nd some region and they're passing through a nigger as well and as a result of that it's quite difficult to be able to control your movements. and of course there are also existence netware acts which are supporting some of the saints say in a sense really there has to be some really very tight crew ordination of all of the military forces in the area to be able to actually. pin down whatever is happening so what is the people watching this program watching our interview in our conversation here who will be wondering what the fight is over is it over religion is over territory is over mineral resources is it trying to get rid of a democratically elected government because when it's so cross border sometimes
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that the lines get blurred as to what people are fighting for. yeah it's actually about territory i mean these these jihadist forces and not have this mess in the reese have found a safe haven within that particular southern region decide any end to the west african sound region and is a matter of finding that territory that the kind of protein are set up a caliphate and then exist and do whatever they want to do so say to say show me a factory treat bass along religious lines in the course of that. where there are media also like gold in northern blocking off or so or perhaps in mali look at advantage of fact but it's essentially about the fight for potentially you know that she actually meant a religious jihadist i didn't ask well for your insight michael thanks so much for joining us from kent really appreciate your time thank you thank you. well here on
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the al-jazeera news hour including christian leaders in iraq. in solidarity with the victims of the protests. and the hectic holiday kicks off in the english premier league as one manager calls the fixture list. story later. over to south asia now where police in india are being accused of using authorized excessive force against protesters and new delhi is jummy a university her own 2 weeks ago an independent investigations the office is indiscriminately demonstrators destroying public property and arrested people unlawfully also being accused of intimidation and firing on protesters in pradesh where 18 people were killed the demonstrations are against a new citizenship law that's been labelled as anti muslim let's cross over to
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elizabeth purana who's joins us now from the indian capital with the very latest on that investigation elizabeth. hi soledad we are here. to me a university which was which has been the center of protests for the last 2 weeks and it's actually protests that took place or rather the police response to the protests which took place just 13000 december 15th soon on the citizenship norm but that led to protests at universities around the country not just against them but the police response to the protests and we're joined now by capetown she was part of the team the fact finding team that looked into the police response at universities i never got thank you very much for being with us and tell us i know your investigation says that the. your report found
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a picture of what you call police tara at john mia who did you speak to and what did you find we spoke to several students on campus who i witnesses to various accounts that had started happening from the quote in the december on what we wrote visited hospitals we spoke to stop at hospitals injured students and their families that and we also spoke to several local residents in the area and when it comes to off findings i think 3 or 4 things to emphasize possible the on off days and she offered these and the campus didn't just happen on sunday the 15th but in fact also on the put the end of december because on the 13th of december the police had again disallowed the students to come conducting a protest much again use indiscriminate not teach us to go gosh i think all the way about the campus and even on friday had entered campus without permission boss di mr lots of vehicles docked inside that are completely unrelated to the protests and law teach out students that when it comes to the events of saturday it says the
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police budget is that they needed to use a certain amount of violence to quell the violence more however when you look at the nature of injuries that would inflicted on the students we found with suffered believe injuries to their head i'm looking at the names that are going to be it will be even that the violence used by the police was not simply buy ins that can be justified when it comes to and i enjoyed the show 2nd when it comes to the entry of police on to campus when we visited the following day we found blood on the steps of the mosque we found built in locks and then she's got rid of that have been broken up pounds that the police was trying to create an atmosphere out of get out and ban it on the capitol i'm sorry we found that this atmosphere if at all catty don even off the compost when it came to hospitals and jails because students would be damned i denied medical help i was i know that you're calling for the police to investigate for a commission of inquiry but how likely. do you think that is given the sorts of
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things we're hearing from the government which is completely defending police actions the high court and the supreme court both had the chance to intervene and could have taken up these actions for more power as well given the news media reports that came out unfortunately neither lot has done so. that for happening is anyone's guess but it's a demand that a commission of inquiry has to be set up and i filed against the police but it's actually as well as the police force in the station need to be sensitive. while the violence that happened to students on campus amidst a bunch of communal abuses and it's also located in a long history of police action in this area and these believe all this all need to face this will be shifted how do these states. need to be sensitized to make sure this doesn't happen again and again thank you very much so that was a. part of the fact finding team and we've also had these teams investigate not
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what happened not just what happened at universities but as you mentioned so violence in the state of the for the fortune so again the police are very much on the government under pressure now over what's been happening in these protests and it will continue to follow events as you through the day i was proud of our reporting. so it's the middle east syrian government troops have captured dozens of villages in the last rebel held problems of eclipse the territorial gains over several days following weeks of all to repub strikes supported by russia 130000 civilians have been falls from the homes already this month with the temperatures full to the freezing the world health organization is warning that around 12000000 syrians medical assistance. how can they do this to us even israel wouldn't do this this is so wrong 20 houses. locked into the ground
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all at once how can this be possible there are no frontlines here just civilians i ask god to punish all of them all of these muslim states even turkey turkey is supposed to be the guarantor to stop this madness but the key protecting russia iran and even assad may god gerson moan. about is capsized in eastern turkey drowning at least 7 migrants 64 other afghans pakistanis and bangladeshis were saved from a lake a van by emergency workers links near the border between turkey and iran and is well used crossing point for migrants heading towards europe. other rocks largest parliamentary group person operated its choice for prime minister. is the governor of the oil rich basra province but many protesters are calling for an independent candidate and a complete overhaul of the sectarian leadership system prime minister will do a lot with the resigned last month after weeks of anti-government anger corruption
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and a lack of jobs and public services. is heard of policy analysis of the arabs are different search and policy studies joins me now here in doha good to have you with us mr carville it's an uphill struggle for any dog body in position as the objections continue regardless saluted because the the protesters the from the very beginning they have been actually calling for that. at this ignition of a new york prime minister who is independent from all of the parties which have actually somehow was the country since the u.s. invasion in 2003 and suddenly danny and the government of is actually. belong to one of these parties i've been up block where which is backed by iran the government of is known actually for his mismanagement of basra and also of the brightest last year and he's also known to be involved in corruption saw the blood test those believe that his and i'm
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a nation for prime minister doesn't change anything and all sorts we have to keep in mind that the protesters have so far succeeded in achieving 2 major objective the 1st one is forcing primeness that are that i've been madly through to resign and also forcing the parliament to pass a new electoral law i don't think that they will accept now the nomination of a sudden a danny or any other nominee. that is not independent so this is what they believe this is that the ultimate objective of their of their brought this before having nearly election in order to shake up the horde. system in iraq an independent is that very objective word because to run government or institutions you need people who know how the system works and i'm talking about the mechanics of government work you mean anyone that anyone will be rejected by the public at large being connected to the machinery that is government so i think it's a regional or central level so one wonders when the public say they want somebody
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independent who they really want because any independent individual has to have an understanding of how government runs you can't just stick and an academic in there can you well i think iraq is actually i mean full of those people like technocrat who knows very well how to run their institutions the only thing that they are calling the protesters for actually is not to be affiliated with either iran or with the united states did though they want people from outside the political parties who have miserably failed in willing the country as you said for the past for the past for the past 8 years since the u.s. invasion of iraq so i think that should not be something difficult but now at the political parties are very reluctant to give the give up power this is the issue right now is not because we don't have people who are independent in iraq you have at the end of the day i mean iraq has a very very old state system there are so many technocrats are and
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what we need actually is somebody who has not been tried before this is what the producers are calling for with us the case that how long can such a vacuum if we can call it that remain in iraq where you don't have anybody making decisions at the top that allow the country to function well i think the protesters right now they cannot back off i mean they have reach a very important stage of their struggle for changing that the government into more a bit and that of one rather than a one that is serving other countries or external powers so i think they can stop here right now they have to continue by trying actually to him was the candidate to hone the see fit for this was ition an order to take the country into a new a new stage a new fears and a new future where moncada has always got good to get your insight thanks so much for joining us from doha thank you. well staying in the country christian leaders kozel later christmas celebrations
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a wednesday in solidarity with anti-government protesters but the number of christians is struggling across the country but the demonstrations people of all faiths samina fulton has this report. christmas day in better that a rare occasion to celebrate for a beleaguered minority that has yet to recover from years of violence at the hands of iceland al qaeda many here remember the days when christians in iraq numbered in millions and formed an integral part of society. in the thirty's or eighty's the people were in the streets celebrating until late at night you couldn't walk from here to there because of the crowds the christians the muslims and all the players were celebrating both great day. this year's christmas is once again overshadowed by suffering but this time it's the suffering of others church leaders have canceled celebrations outside these prayers in solidarity with the victims of a violent crackdown on anti-government protests and now you know what do we have
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a celebrations before people would gather together how everyone stays in their own homes there's no christmas this year you don't have christmas because people are dying. during the sermon the congregation prays for the hundreds of victims and tens of thousands of injured in the protests the vast majority of whom are from the south iraq's christian community has faced a steady decline over the years with those left behind feeling increasingly pushed to the margins of society and politics but the latest protests unique in that they cut across the religion have brought christians and muslims closer in their demands for justice good governance and the better life. is a christian and has taken part in demonstrations since they began alongside her muslim compatriots. for the church and islam there is one god and iraq is just one their cause is al cause demands of the same which is to. change the entire government and to dissolve the parliament. symbols of christianity put up by both
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christians and muslims alike can be found across tahrir square muslim protesters have erected christmas trees but instead of lights and ornaments they bear pictures of those killed at the hands of security forces are they should. history represent those who died in the $25.00 of aleutian and research it's up to commemorate the souls who struggled in the demonstrations and who gave their lives for the sake of the country we would not forget. it's the 1st time since 2003 that christians and muslims stand united for a nation free of sectarianism and the governments that will serve and protect all regardless of their faith only then could iraq's minorities they say once again thrive and perhaps even regain their former strength simona faulting al-jazeera. internet and phone lines are still down in some parts of the philippines after typhoon fans and at least 16 people were killed in the storm which tall roofs of
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houses and toppled trees plains and very services have been suspended stranding thousands of people. more in the philippines shortly in the weather with everton but still ahead here on al-jazeera i want last week through the city of about what he saw in the story hundreds of homes plus. it is a city of refugees stretching as far as the eye can see what is the future hold for these are they any closer to going home i'm stephanie decker in southeastern bangladesh will be looking at those questions coming up. one of the world's toughest yacht race is underway as good as make their way from sydney to hobart we'll have that story in sports if you stay with us.
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how well the typhoon remains very well organized despite having clipped no fewer than 7 islands on its passage across the philippines still make out the same for the storm there the all of the storm still looking at winds of around 150 kilometers per hour significantly higher gusts as gusts close to 190 kilometers brasso the damaging winds still in the frame as we go on for the next couple of days it will gradually head its way towards central parts of vietnam still some uncertainty as to the other finer points of where the storm is going to were and that he might push a little further north what's up towards a high now i'm still going to see some very heavy rain for friday across much of the philippines certainly across lose on in particular but has become one friday on saturday the day become fewer and further between still quite a rash i was coming in behind some parts. still could see another 202300 millimeters of rain through the flooding is likely the south of the equator we have
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another system to keep an eye on this cycling is making its way towards fiji and warnings are in force across the face the particular across the western side of the country the west the weather the windy a weather amazing as we go on through friday flooding and wind damage is certainly likely it will gradually make its way further south winds and this was through the weekend. weather sponsored by town and. a city defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here at the capital of jerusalem everyone is welcome but this depôt structure that maintains because only project does what we defuse it was one of the founders of the settlement with this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is apartheid in the 21st century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera al-jazeera was there when i was doing breaks but also
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a day to see what happens next iteration on. fired by that barrier for a model barricaded all 73 that we need to hear the middle east now is being all about change people have gone to fear barrier the mission of the national army is to fix the entire point complex and i'm just your stories about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their culture. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera with me to hold the reminder of our top stories at least 10 soldiers have been killed in a 2nd attack. province but. it came just
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a day after dozens of civilians were killed in a coordinated attack there by now 2 days of mourning of the decline of. police in india are being accused of using also lies and excessive force against protesters and investigation by civil rights groups and offices it discriminately beating demonstrators destroyed public property and arrested people on the floor. and turkey's president says that he will send troops to libya after a request from the internationally recognized government the tripoli administration has been under a months long offensive by forces loyal to warlord khalifa haftar let's get more on this let's speak to the. editor of the daily star power turkish based anguish language newspaper joins me now via skype from istanbul good to have you with us will the president get the support that he needs in parliament for this bill to send those troops to libya i think he will at the domestic level will get the
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support because the parliament in the parliament. the ruling justice and development party as well as the opposition nationalist movement party have the majority and they will i believe give our donder support that. he needs for their military troops so that they are able to send military troops in case there is a demand from the. un backed government in libya. but i think. if that's the case then why now why is turkey deciding why is the president deciding to set the now when he could have done it years ago. well he could have necessarily done it years ago because there was no demand from the from the government at the time there is now. as per what our president our boss that there is demand from the g.n.a.t. which is the internationally recognized government in libya against. our forces. which are backed by some of the. powers in the region i mean tokyo also has secured
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2 maritime geo 2 deals with levy which for their sustainability the survival of the recent government is important so you know turkey and libya are securing these maritime deals which are which is one of them is the economic deal and the other one is a military deal which are what's important for the sovereignty of turkey and libya . in the region and but these are not just simple. indeed i mean the it isn't a simple scenario it's a very complicated jigsaw puzzle because obviously these troops have to be deployed to the parameters of that deployment have yet not been confirmed or even perhaps made public until i suppose the bill is passed through texas parliament and the ministry of defense in one career can decide how that's going to work that is going to play a great deal in the in the debate surely amongst opposition figures and also in the
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public discourse about how turkish troops. perform and where they will be deployed on foreign soil. definitely but i think there's a few matters to consider if you're whether or not turkey is logistically able to deploy troops is a mather that needs to government well assess of course however in the eyes of the public and yes a new position there is there is of course different opinions now those who say that they had to government should not deploy they say what is are. you know soldiers doing in libya. you know and this is not like somewhere in a close proximate and business compared to syria for example but don't you supported say that turkey's interests are not just simply within its borders anymore turkey is not a country anymore that only deals and is all is only able to deal with matters within its territorial borders now turkish interests lie beyond its borders and
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these needs to be secured and if it has to be if it has to be done through deploying troops to leave i think that needs to be done in a say so when it comes to protecting took issue interest in foreign policy the tendency has been that there is a rally around the flag issue here with regards to public support that was the case with syria and i believe this will be the case despite the criticism despite your position this will be the case when it comes to sending troops to libya because now there is attempts predator president out on his government argue that there is attempts to minimize or diminish turkish influence in the region particularly in the mediterranean waters with this lee with this agreement with the libyan government and a stablish ng a security understanding between the 2 countries that those efforts will be will be limited we will be blocked and turkish influence in the region particularly in the
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mediterranean waters will continue because what i had on what president carter. says that if they if they're regional if it isn't the end of the regional powers or some of the western allies they want to even allow us to fish in the mediterranean waters now such discourse such rhetoric and such reasoning of course will have. a very good support in the public eye because turkish influence in the mediterranean waters historically has been. strategically has been very important and to maintain that it remained such as the ones that didn't resign lee done with libya are crucially important and i think the government is doing a good job to explain that to public opinion yes indeed and that's one side of the public opinion yet they are on the head on collision with russia or if because of russia supports the ward cleaver have to to the east of the countries that is the
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government in ankara also preparing the public for the potential for turkish bodybags carrying dead service personnel back to turkey because libya has been a dreadful conflict. since gadhafi was ousted it is certainly not a peacekeeping mission that turkey is turkish troops are heading into. that is true it is very complex and you know the risk of confront during direct confrontation between let's say took his fortune in the russian forces is very much it risk for it for the government however we should understand that 1st of all turkey will be sending troops to support the legitimately back u.n. i mean a government that's as received legitimation from the u.n. secondly there has been you know disagreements in syria for example between turkey and russia by through a good channel that president on president putin have created a diplomatic channel they have been able to minimize that risk and thirdly there's
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also present are don's visit to tunisia yesterday for example something that we need to i think put into the equation now and whether or not someone. you know a negotiation could possibly take place to to to put an end to the civil war in libya that's maybe for now an option that is not very close in distance but did. diplomatic channels that have been open between the president are going to president putin and their pragmatism i think is crucially important to minimize their risk of clash between turkish forces and the russian forces however it is a very complex ground it is all you know more complex than then syria at this moment i believe to my opinion turkish government has to recalculate those risks and s. make an assessment so that one day when like you said if there is in the case of
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bodies returning back the and you're able to actually provide a good reasoning and to say that this was actually worth it for the long jeopardy of turkish interests and the church your sovereignty in the mediterranean waters well we shall see what does happen certainly in the new year when the bill does go through parliament and what transpires after it to metallic pensa joining us from istanbul thank you think those really will planes of a time thomas targets in gaza no injuries were reported israeli forces say that they were responding to rockets fired from gaza towards a school that is that's where an election campaign rally was being held by the caretaker prime minister benjamin netanyahu. well israelis are going back to the polls for a 3rd time. to form a government but before that national vote he's contending with a leadership challenge from his own poll team that's also going to the west jerusalem. in april there were fireworks and a jubilant crowd as prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his wife took the stage
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to celebrate winning the largest number of seats in the israeli election. tonight is a night of an immense victory 5 months later in front of a sparse crowd a somber netanyahu addressed supporters once again after winning the most seats but failing for a 2nd time to form a government. there can't be and won't be a government that leans on the arab and he zionist parties since then netanyahu has become the 1st sitting prime minister to be indicted for bribery fraud and popular breach of trust charges he says are politically motivated now he's fighting to retain control of his likud party. on thursday more than 100000 likud party members will decide if they'll put their support behind the man who's become the longest serving prime minister in israeli history. or if
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it's time for new leadership former interior and education minister gideon sar is vying to replace him i think that it's a very good thing that. he could have had the primaries i think that. had to call ridge to confront. and i think it's a good indicator that the days are. his last days in power but netanyahu has popularity has remained consistent among his base the economy has been good and the security situation is stable during netanyahu is more than 3. 13 years in power he's transformed israeli politics and shifted the country to the right some say he's divided the population and it is a battle against corruption charges he's attempted to deal with generalize law enforcement the judiciary and the media at work all over the world this populism.
1:44 pm
using. claiming that the courts and the media and other elites are after me and i remember a present that is of the people and also you have to remember that at least from the point of view of the right wing that the neo it was very successful by day's end is really thought find out if he can pull off another victory even if he does he faces another challenge on tuesday the supreme court will rule on whether an indicted prime minister is even allowed to form a government natasha going to aim al-jazeera west jerusalem now the un is condemning an artillery attack on a market in northern yemen 4 from across the border in saudi arabia these are these aren't commenting on the cross border shelling which killed at least 17 people including 12 ethiopian migrants he say the 3rd attack within a month on the same market in southern province won't go unpunished. protesters in
1:45 pm
hong kong are gathering for a 3rd day in shopping malls across the city over the christmas holiday police stormed this smelly as protesters chanted anti-government slogans to disrupt shops and restaurants several people were arrested mass demonstrations in hong kong began more than 6 months ago over an extradition bill but they've since grown into a wider movement demanding more democracy. wildfires have ruined christmas for many in chile's largest city dozens of families are homeless so the fire started and a full stand quickly spread to 2 suburbs nearby mall. a neighborhood wiped out by a wildfire that tore down from the hills a valid part of me so christmassy. i live over there and my house was burnt my cousins and uncles were all relatives in this street this is my mother's house that
1:46 pm
house was built by my father i was born here. the port town is renowned for its colorful wooden houses its lift is charcoal hundreds of residents spent christmas day sifting through the debris i sense that escaped the place. we were preparing dinner with the family with everything that had already happened in valparaiso with protest we were very sad because we could not work and now we have finally lost what we need to live and stay here. i managed to get the pets and the t.v. out but i couldn't take more because the police took me away there was nothing more that could be done. the fire began on tuesday then by strong winds and a hot dry start to summer firefighters began a ground an aerial if it to limit the destruction to move swiftly into the dance neighborhood. at least 60 homes have already been damaged and this number is likely
1:47 pm
to increase because many are in bad shape so it's difficult to count in these minutes. that number soon. residents did what they could before they were evacuated some using buckets of water to douse the fire annoyed i feel powerless because all the house of bringing another fire is coming here and there's my mom's house down this government official survey where the blaze began speculating it had been started deliberately. as if anybody i'm going to feed there is evidence being investigated by the prosecution post investigators carrying out all the due diligence to find possible responsibility and it prevented him and the highest penalty. for now though it's residents who are paying the penalty harmless they're sleeping in school buildings clearing out what's left to start again charlotte dallas al-jazeera with $29.00 team coming to a close we're looking ahead to the story short to make the headlines in the new year good news is something 3 quarters of a 1000000 in bangladesh need in the 1st of our series stephanie decker reports from
1:48 pm
cox's bazar wiring of refugees remains stuck or mere miles leaders deny the genocidal campaign which drove them there 2 years ago. the forest is slowly growing back. even starting to outgrow the huts it now shares these hills with this tree used to be the only reminder of the thick canopy cut down to make way for the hundreds of thousands of ringer who fled what you see here was a forest preserve 3 years ago it's taken a multinational effort by different agencies together with the bangladeshi government to host almost 900000 people on this challenging terrain but what happens now this is the 3rd year of the rowing go crisis the 1st year was all about saving lives and the 2nd year was about stabilizing the situation in the camp that you see and i would say about the 3rd year really has to be about preserving people's hold and their dignity for the year for the future and when we look at the
1:49 pm
hills of myanmar just over there that's where people want to go that's what they tell us they want to repatriate the multiple attempts to start a voluntary repatriation program this failed no one here trust the me and my government will ensure their safety it hasn't allowed any observers to visit the red areas and bangladesh has made it clear it can't host them forever for the refugees there is a lot of time to think. it is the father of 3 young children the whole lot i mean he was that i was attacking we're living here now for almost 2 and a half years somehow we are managing and for that you're really grateful to all those while helping us but we are deeply concerned about our children's future and their education although we are getting by but if we end up staying here longer than it is very likely our freedom of movement will be more restricted. there are already restrictions here conti of the camps nor access the main roads after dark and recently the military has started to build
1:50 pm
a fence around the camp's perimeter the local bangladeshi population is also becoming frustrated with the refugees the situation is not sustainable in the long term but there seems to be little international pressure on me and more to change it it's almost 2 and a half years on and still no one has been held to account for what happened to the rangar this comes of the thumb eyes of some of the world's capital cities but we're everyone has a story of tragedy and trauma it seems the world is simply accepted that this is just the way it is this fall slansky of refugees hidden away in far south eastern bangladesh is simply a new reality it's a reality no one here wants to accept with their lives on hold everyone wants to go home mean mars mountains can be seen from all across these camps but as things stand for now it may as well be a world away stephanie decker in the running a refugee camps of southeastern bangladesh. well sky watchers across the gulf south
1:51 pm
asia have been treated to a rare solar eclipse it's known as the ring of fire and happens when the moon isn't close enough to the earth to completely obscure the sun so you can still see a thin bright ring outside the phenomenal glass for about 3 hours. well still ahead in sports a 4 year record comes to an end for the reigning n.b.a. champions league that story straight after the break. this is a boon for point people right now and technology there is so much going to help people it's from thanks for calling i read this is there and what are you looking like today we get to that client with their day to day tasks and give them more independence and freedom as far as our customers get that sure is a tomato that exploration process is amazing in we have that technology available
1:52 pm
to us techno on our jersey.
1:53 pm
well clock time sport now i'm just talking with a sport by day it's one. way basketball. and it was a busy christmas on the court in the n.b.a. and the 2 l.a. teams battling it out with le bron james pushing for the 1st lakers title in 10 years but the arrival of a reigning champion at the clippers is giving le bron a problem right on his doorstep reports. with co i learned in the team it's been generally smooth sailing for the l.a. clippers clippers but it was point guard patrick beverley who would end up having to headline moments in this game this defensive rebound on 100 baskets in the 2nd just a taste of what was to come from him. le bron james has led the lakers to the top of the standings in the west games i just the 3 time champion helped build up an almost commanding lead in the 4th quarter. but the clip is too big summer signings swung the pendulum back 1st poll georgia a 6 time and be
1:54 pm
a all star now helping the clippers step out from the lakers shadow and i would say i'm done leonard and be a champion on finals m.v.p. with the raptors last year and wrapping the lakers defense with $35.00 points on christmas day it's no wonder the lakers were 3 points behind with 6 seconds to play when le bron shape to tie it i think i but beverly showed it tended in the crowd not in the basket clippers when 11121062 go 3rd in the west and put down a marker in this growing rivalry the whole race. quite leonard's former team the trying to raptors had gone a record 34 games without losing to division foes on home court shouldn't and it looks like they were 10 a bad against the celtics on christmas day kyle lowry putting them 10 ahead but boston send them back kemba walker and celtic. setting up jaylen brown here brown it was the star for boston has 30 points underlining why the celtics are 2nd in the
1:55 pm
east they went 118-2102 raptors lose at home to an atlanta team for the 1st time in 6 years. while the rest of europe puts its feet up over the holidays the english premier league's festive fixture list swings into action on boxing day there are 9 matches on thursday including leaders liverpool against 2nd place leicester city another 10 games at the weekend means that managers are less than happy about the physical strain on the players not all of us managers has a problem with boxing being one of us but playing to 26 or 28 is a crime it's up to you not ok and we still have it and there's no reason for giving teams less than 48 hours to play another premier league game the body needs a specific amount of time to go again if you that that's that's how it is depends so long you have to do something it but it's easy to science so but he ignored it completely well to a story we've been covering
1:56 pm
a lot lately here there were more racists incidents on the last match day in the premier league racists chance led to the game between tottenham and chelsea being temporarily halted chelsea's german defender antonio red red digger said he was targeted by the crowd but tweeted afterwards at the problem of racism would soon be forgotten again by b. authorities he has told his manager that he will not hide from abuse and is set to play against southampton teammate tammy abraham also abused online after a game in august sold chinese social media post the well it was from the hall and the summit was he feels very strongly about we had a similar situation with tommy i think i was pretty sad about that i would like to think the point is not with them on anything like this. the iconic sydney to hobart yacht race has started down under on boxing day the french designed super max made for a tardy start made up for a tardy start by taking an early lead through sydney heads of the shots their
1:57 pm
organizers have banned satellite phones actually for race checkpoints amid concerns that smoke from nearby bushfires could affect marine radio signals the race is more than a 1000 kilometers long takes more than a day to finish and is considered one of the most difficult races in the world and finally many politicians find themselves on thin ice throughout the year but that was not the case for this up and coming hockey star you wouldn't know it but number 11 there with all those skills that is russian president vladimir putin he was playing alongside his defense minister and other well known athletes playing in red square in moscow has turned into a bit of a presidential new year tradition last year putin actually managed to score 5 goals to lead his team to a $1410.00 victory. another thing for his resume that's it for me with sports back over to so thanks very much. for the folies up next of
1:58 pm
a full half hour from me on the news on tape thanks for time to complete. a university degree to be a doctor or a teacher but without any study or exams one i went to east investigates the pakistani company at legibly selling fake degrees to the thousands of police around the world on al-jazeera. driven by outrage and spanning generations the rohinton demonstrators gathered on the very day a widely criticised repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh
1:59 pm
and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was powerful if you don't like we're so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back 10 and the day after tomorrow they'll send back 20 idea if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the rancho among the most persecuted minorities in the world. they wanted to 3000000000 pounds worth of weaponry that was 6000000000 in commission. there is no hope of any more because there is always a small. really good mists. in essence we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function more. shadow on al-jazeera.
2:00 pm
al-jazeera. every. turkey's president says he'll send troops to libya as requested and will present deployments legislation to parliament in january. well you're watching al-jazeera live from doha with me for the bad people also coming up a 2nd attack in book enough aso just a day after dozens of civilians were killed in the north. an independent report accuses police in india of using an authorized and excessive force against opponents of a new citizenship law hates spy corruption cases and to repeat election failure is
2:01 pm
israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu faces a primary challenger from his body.


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