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and the similarities of cultures across the world. and al-jazeera. in. iraq's president submit his resignation saying it rather quickly than appoint a prime minister who's been rejected by protest is. a very warm welcome to the program i am maryam namazie and london also coming up. reports that libya is requesting military support from turkey against attacks from on tripoli. results suggest israel's embattled prime minister has survived a leadership challenge to his party to the ship. this cotton field was once part of
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the amazon tropical forest undersea in ulan in my little school where members of an indigenous group believe they also have the right to get into the lucrative agri business. iraq's president has submitted his resignation after refusing to back the man who's been nominated to take charge as the country's new prime minister assad a dunny the governor of the oil rich provinces supported by a parliamentary block that's closely linked with iran but president barham saleh says dani will not satisfy the demands of protest is for an independent prime minister saleh now says he'll step down to avoid bloodshed and protect peace since october more than 450 people have been killed in demonstrations led by people who say iraq's political system is profoundly corrupt dosage of bari reports now from baghdad. a political maneuver with potentially far reaching consequences
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iraq's president has sent his resignation letter to parliament saying he would rather step down than approve a new prime minister and a 3 page statement by him solace said out of my kenya so avoid bloodshed and protect civil peace i will not name a satellite downy as a candidate for the next prime minister i dani is the governor of vassar province he was nominated for the role by the largest bloc in parliament. that coalition is made up of mainly rain in fact political groups which is why their candidate is being furiously rejected by their opponents i don't he was picked to replace other lobdell mettie who resigned in november after months of anti-government protests but the governor has been accused of neglecting his own province busser is home to more than 70 percent of iraq's oil reserves but locals don't have the basic necessities like clean water and reliable electricity i don't think they will
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accept his resignation i think they will try to convince them is that you must accept our candidate in a way or another but i don't think he will accept that he will try hard also to push over in just as i said someone who is independent prosecutor and didn't inside the political process and look for the future of. protesters have strongly rejected i can he's nomination and that's the president saleh gave up having a choice it now means since matty's resignation no party has proposed a candidate who has been acceptable to all sides the protests which began here in early october have been about demanding political change in iraq a new electoral law was finally passed on tuesday which seemed to please their archy's and now it is the latest move by president saleh to reject i done his candidacy is likely to strengthen the demonstrators position for such
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a pari al-jazeera baghdad. now egypt later abdel fatah c.c.s. discussed the libyan crisis with u.s. president donald trump defending warlord after israel in the conflict in a phone call sisi reportedly said operations by half the us forces against armed groups help maintain stability in the region meanwhile libya's internationally recognized government has formally requested at ground and sea support from turkey as it battles have to fight is for control of the capital tripoli as according to the reuters news agency mangled up to why it has more. this is southern outskirts of the libyan capital tripoli where there's been heavy fighting for the past 8 months. forces loyal to warlord liefer have to allow using artillery fire to advance with the help of russians who are reportedly leading forces as they take control of civil important locations including military camps
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near the salon the neighborhood. turkey says it's a planning to send troops to help you and your kidneys the government it wants to prevent have to those forces from seizing the libyan capital turkish president erdogan says parliament will vote in january on a mandate to send troops to libya in charlotte cities in the god willing on the 8th or the 9th of january we will pass this in our parliament we will be responding to the invitation. we have given i will give all forms of support to the tripoli government which is fighting against just general backed by arab countries and europeans. during a news conference in tunis libya's interior minister the war need that libya's neighboring countries will be affected if true police falls he says have to risk being backed by civil regional countries. we know very well there
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are a mirage he forces an air base in the east of the country where. also forces from sudan and chad they have all been brought by have target has given them bases in airports in libya without any agreements or we hope that the situation is worsening as have those warplanes target civilian locations in and around tripoli more school has voiced concerns over a possible turkish military deployment to libya while president of the insert last week turkey will not stay silent over what he called russian backed mercenaries supporting have to have those forces are supported by advance with weapons and through several countries including russia france the united arab emirates and egypt turkey appears to be one of very few friends of the tripoli based government who are prepared to offer more than mere words to supporters mom would have a desire to produce. so go to syria now where activists say near freezing
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temperatures a slowing the government's offensive on the last rebel held province of adelaide fightings forced 130000 civilians from their homes this month many into makeshift camps the region suffered weeks of bombardment and airstrikes by the syrian government and its russian ally well thousands of syrians have been moving north towards the border with turkey but the president has warned that his country can't cope with another influx of refugees from russian backed syrian government forces are now focusing on capturing the rebel held city of mark l. no man it's strategically important because it sits on a motorway which links the capital damascus to aleppo once syria's largest city and u.s. president all trump has tweeted about the situation in ad libbed saying russia syria and iran are killing or on their way to killing thousands of innocent civilians en province don't do it turkey is working hard to stop this carnage that is the tweet from the u.s. president and white house correspondent can we help it has more. this tweet from
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the u.s. president comes on the heels of statements by the u.n. secretary general where there has been a very strongly worded statement regarding the military escalation the concern about the impact on civilians and also the call for sort of a sation in the violence in terms of the hostilities given the fact that those impacted have been the children so there is a concern sort of the world is watching at the u.n. level you add to that that the u.s. congress has been also watching very closely the escalating violence in fact so much so it pushed through a pentagon budget that included very tough sanctions against syria russia and also iran for alleged war crimes the president signed that into law on friday sort appears that this is on his mind and you have to remember in the context of this is the fact that the united states has already launched air strikes in syria on 2 occasions once in 2017 once and 2800 so there's no other way to read this except
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that the u.s. president has essentially alerted the world and the countries involved putting them essentially on notice that if you were questioning the relationship of the united states president invited the turkish president to washington last month there was also a bilateral offsite unplanned unscheduled meeting that took place in london at those nato meetings so there is real questioning about the relationship the loyalties of turkey and many people putting that into the microscope here in the united states looking at the president wondering with this tweet what are you doing. on out israel exit polls are indicating that the embattled prime minister benjamin netanyahu has survived a challenge to his party leadership is really could party was asked to decide who will lead them into an unprecedented 3rd is reigning election in less than a year israel's longest serving leader but he's been weakened by corruption charges
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as well as back to back failures to form a government this year. we cannot let the rain and the wind beat us our spirit is stronger than the wind the outside. i ask you i ask you we walk together and we brought about great things to the country and in order for us to continue bringing about great things to the country we need to go vote for me for you. because you're going to aim joins us live now from west recently he might have been facing unprecedented legal and political pressure but it looks like benjamin netanyahu supporters of stuck by him. precisely and there is a reason that benjamin netanyahu the longest serving prime minister in israeli history has been nicknamed the magician it's for his ability to pull off victory
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after victory he did not according to a preliminary preliminary exit poll get the resoundingly victory he was hoping for the numbers that we are seeing far he received about 71 percent of the vote and his challenger gideon sar 28 percent of the vote he was really looking to crush sar to send a message to make her could members to quell any kind of dissent and doubt within the likud party remember this is a man who after 2 elections this year failed to form a government but he campaigned aggressively he appealed to voters saying look at all that i have accomplished and we can continue to accomplish if you stick with me that appeal to voters many said that he was the only person to lead likud they looked at the favorable economic conditions in the country and the relative
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stability sorry for his part had a respectable showing he was hoping apparently for about 30 percent of the vote but the results are showing that he has certainly emerged as a formidable presence in the likud party and a legitimate contender as a successor to netanyahu before the day was over and it's now who said that he wants. sart to be by his side tomorrow he wants to unite the likud party as he quote has the far right wing camp and that he hopes in doing so that in march when there will be national elections he can lead the likud party to a quote decisive victory even before maryam i should point out election day the sarcasm was expressing concerns about election meddling. those allegations continued today with supporters saying that at many polling sites there there were ballot cards or there weren't any ballot cards with sars name on it and if there
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were some of them were defaced they also claim that netanyahu supporters were intimidating. netanyahu might have been reelected as the leader of the live could and he might be the candidate for prime minister but he still has to face protracted legal battles doesn't he what can we expect in the coming weeks well from difficult times for netanyahu there won't be much time for celebration remember israel is in the midst of an unprecedented political crisis all of it intertwined with netanyahu is legal woes in new november he became the 1st sitting prime minister to be indicted so again we're in uncharted legal territory he has been charged with bribery fraud and abuse of trust he claims that these charges are politically motivated witchhunt this is what's he's going to be dealing with in the less than a week actually on january 1st 3 has until january 1st to ask the knesset to grant
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him immunity he has previously said that's not something that he would do but in recent days when asked the very same question he has been cagey about the response he needs a majority 61 votes it's interesting to note that he needed those 61 seats to form a coalition government and failed to get that number then on tuesday the supreme court is expected to make a ruling to determined to determine if a sitting and indicted sitting prime minister can even form a government so again a lot of legal issues facing that and yahoo just days after him cementing himself as the man who will lead look who'd into national elections in march thank you very much from western. still ahead for you on the program allegations of spike jonze and the police each will tell you about the diplomatic battle brewing between
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bolivia and mexico and thousands gather in southern asia to mark 15 years since one of the worst natural disasters in modern history. hello there the heat is back on across much of australia the south in particular want to see bits and pieces of cloud not much in the way of rain but so want to thunderstorms certainly into northern queensland is that how much is the have a look at this adelaide on friday 40 degrees celsius that's about 13 degrees above the average time which is not too bad meanwhile friday across victoria new south wales and also pretty good out across western australia 28 celsius your high in perth about the same on saturday time it is beginning to come down in adelaide but that's because the heat is shifting across the southeast so 3431 in hobart in both
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cases about 10 degrees above the average on sunday no sign of any rain we have also shot was pushing in across into both the south and the north island of new zealand fairly warm there 24 in christ church is really on saturday that will see the showers into christ church and or a little bit about 19 degrees celsius apiece certainly feeling a bit cooler than that across into the northeast of asia mind is tim pyongyang the same across into and a very mixed day friday across much of japan we've got a mix of rain and also some snow it clears that quite a feeling cooler and fresher some nice sunshine and a hive 11 in tokyo. to .
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a university degree to be a doctor or a teacher but without any study or exam one o one east investigates the pakistani company at lead chilling selling fake degrades to the thousands of people around the world on al-jazeera. quick reminder of the headlines this hour iraq's president has submitted his resignation after refusing to back the man who's been nominated to be prime minister says assad to lay down his nomination will not satisfy the demands of protesters for an independently. the president of egypt idle for abdel fatah sisi
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is discuss the libyan crisis with u.s. president donald trump defending the role of khalifa haftar in the conflict in the file reports of the said operations by half those forces against armed groups help maintain stability. and the preliminary exit poll is suggesting that israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has held on to power winning 71 percent of a policy leadership vote ahead of another national election in march the 3rd in the country in less than a year. now the mexican government is appealing to the international court of justice after a series of disputes with bolivia. mexico's accused the police of spying on its diplomatic personnel in the past they self to mexico granted asylum to 9 people loyal to bolivia's former president evo morales relations have been strained since morale has resigned and claimed asylum in mexico following a disputed presidential election where alice is now in argentina follows following
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the story and joins us live from mexico city and it would appear that the relationship between mexico and bolivia is going from bad to worse. that's absolutely right merriam it is a war of words it is a riff that's growing between the 2 nations we did hear from president of this material is what other who says that he hopes sense common sense will prevail as this deputy dispute continues to grow but after all it was mexico as you mentioned that was the 1st country to offer political asylum to former bolivian president evo morales following his resignation following the pressure from bolivia's armed forces now mexico as you mentioned has granted political asylum to 9 individuals this happened sometime in november since that mexico alleges that there's been increased harassment that there's been an increased police presence at one point there were as many as 90 police officers outside of the mexican embassy in the bolivian capital even early on thursday the mexican authorities reported that there were 50 police units with at least 10 police vehicles parked outside of the mexican
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embassy at this point what we're hearing from mexican authorities is a call in appeal to the international court of justice the i.c.j. as well as the united nations to help mediate this ongoing dispute as we mentioned we heard from the president of mexico during a morning press conference saying that he hopes that sense will prevail despite the heating of words that's taking place now what about the response from bolivian officials to these very serious charges from mexico that they have been violating diplomatic protocol want to say. we should note mariyam it's very important to know that right now diplomatic ties remain in place we don't know what's going to happen in the future as the dispute continues to drag on but it is as i mentioned turning into a war of words we heard most recently from the horrific you know he's the former president of bolivia and he has been recently appointed as the special delegate to represent bolivia before the international community he's called the president and
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that is going to look is what other word of mexico a coward he's called him a quote bully shameless and the quote apologist for drug traffickers so again things are things are starting to heat up and on one hand we have bolivia accusing mexico par bring criminals harboring terrorists and in the other hand we have mexican officials saying that what mexico is doing with the mexican embassy is doing is granted political asylum to individuals who are feel fleeing political persecution 2 of which are former ministers who served under former bolivian president ever what is mary thank you very much from mexico city man iraq paula the u.s. government is saying that at least 14 troops have been killed in the village of saddam in the western region after the barry the interior ministry says the group was quote ambushed by heavily armed terrorists on wednesday says a fierce battle took place in several of the attackers were killed the security forces have been a scorching a team registering people to vote no one has claimed responsibility for this well
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people and became a fast so a morning off to 2 attacks there in the space of just 48 hours 12 soldiers were killed when they were ambushed on wednesday night and soon province this was near the border with mali this is the same area where an army base in the nearby town were attacked on cheese day 35 civilians were killed in that and then 80 gunmen also died in clashes with soldiers algis there is i'm going to address is in a budget force explains why it's so challenging for a bikini and its neighbors to prevent such attacks. these forces don't have enough resources to deal with the problem look at mali for example and look at how vast that area is the north in particular much of it is desert and you have a lot of groups even before the arrival of al-qaeda and eisel there were rebellions in the north of mali there were also issues of rebellion in the. problems in brooklyn a fossil and many other countries in this hell and west africa so in nigeria you
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have boko haram that is spread not only in nigeria it is going to across the border into cameroon chad republic and some ministry here that some of them are also moving into picking up for us or so without enough resources to deal with these problems to tackle these train fighters from the middle east from libya north africa and the rest it will be difficult for these forces to to to to to take care of the problem and there are also fear that because of these countries many of these countries don't have any strategic value to probably some members of the influential members of the international community they may not see a response like we saw in syria in other countries while international forces are involved and action is being taken. and while services are being held across asia to mark the 15th anniversary of the devastating indian ocean tsunami 230000 people were killed when massive wave swept into 12 countries. reports. it's
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business as usual for these fishermen in the thai province of punk but on this day 15 years ago a tsunami triggered by a magnitude 9 point one earthquake devastated the coastline here. waves as high as 17 and a half meters came crashing in from the ocean killing nearly 5000 people in this village alone. with half the population wiped out nearly everyone who has lost a relative or even a friend. near one chance or a long nose to well the no matter how many years of paulse the pain of losing your children never goes away commits you know when i don't think they died on the day the tsunami hit we couldn't find them until the 28th and their bodies hadn't decomposed at all i often imagine how much they would have thought about me before they took their last breaths but we couldn't find them we couldn't help them this is stuck with me and every time i think about it it hurts. these
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images shocked the world the day after christmas shortly before 8 am in 2004 the earthquake struck under the sea in northern india. it rippled across the indian ocean triggering a tsunami that hit dozens of countries in asia and along africa's east coast getting close to $230000.00 people and it happened during peak services and the majority of those who died were in indonesia entire villages were flattened. and the carnage of that day is still fresh on the minds of those living in such a province the worst hit area where 170000 people were killed. when you know a half of the government and people have actually today we. really want to thank more than 150 countries that have been involved in helping rehabilitation and reconstruction. rubble because by no one knew the tsunami was coming on that day there was no early warning systems in place bartz it was a global lesson learned. since then more than $400000000.00
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has been spent $28.00 countries on detect says. survivors say the technology is not enough though and that public awareness and education are necessary to save people's lives so al-jazeera. internet and phone lines are still down in some parts of the philippines after typhoon pan fine at least 20 people were killed in the storm which tore roofs off houses and toppled trees planes and ferry services have been suspended stranding thousands of people storm has now moved off into the south china sea. now to brazil 13 percent of the amazon rainforest is made up of indigenous reserves off limits to farmers who contribute to deforestation but present diable scenario is determined to unlock some of that land for economic growth now some of brazil's indigenous groups say they want a slice of that lucrative ackley business as well latin america editor lucy newman
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reports from nova camp. mato grosso which means thick forest is a state in central brazil twice the size of california and better known today for its endless fields of crops and cows. but there's still a lot of tropical forests left including income that s.c.'s the 15000 square kilometer indigenous reserve. it's here that we meet or. leader of the national indigenous farmers association and like most tribes the used to live from subsistence farming but now they're growing and selling soya and other grains for export it is just the homes are pregnant women were losing their babies from lack of food children were malnourished but after 15 years of producing greens our lives have changed now we have lots of food the project is giving us sustainability that was. good and his tribe who earlier this year received
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a visit from the agriculture and environmental ministers of the role model for president jade also not his vision for integrating brazil's indigenous communities into mainstream society the project has been vilified by other indigenous groups and many environmentalists who argue that they will lose their culture and further destroy the amazon canal disagrees that you're lost on the circle route you know we're in the 21st century of course our culture traditions and identity are important but we can't remain frozen in time indeed these days this traditional palm leaf house is used mostly for meetings guests and religious ceremonies i got side of the reserves the president is also giving the green light to expand brazil's agricultural from tear this for example is cotton in fact almost everything that's profitable grows here brazil is already the world leader in so.
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boy in sugar cane in beef and among the top 3 corn producers but in order for the average business to continue to expand it needs more and more land which explains why the brazilian amazon is so coveted streams of paradoxically brazil's king of soybean is concerned about a global backlash set them into. the president has taken a mistaken approach but i think our mistakes in the agribusiness sector is concerns of a possible boycott against our products may make them realize well while the amazon is sovereign brazilian territory it's also needed by the entire world. that the reserves are landlocked uses many foreign governments of expecting indigenous tribes to remain naked eating ants in the forest he explains they using only 1.7 percent of their territory to grow soya another grains for export he
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insists they don't need more at least for now to see and human al-jazeera cumple know that better cease brazil so there's more of everything we're covering right here don't forget you can watch it on life streaming very as well al jazeera dot com. not take on the headlines before we go iraq's president has submitted his resignation after a few zing to back a man who's been nominated to be prime minister barham salih says assad dani's nomination will not satisfy the demands of protest as for an independent leader danny is backed by iraq's largest parliamentary bloc which is allied with iran protesters have been on the streets for months now demanding an end to corruption poverty and unemployment. egypt's leader abdel fatah sisi has discussed the libyan crisis with the u.s. president donald trump they've both called for urgent steps before libya is lost to
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quote for an act meanwhile libya's internationally recognized government has requested military support from turkey as it battles the forces of 25 to who have been trying to take control of the capital tripoli that is according to reports from the reuters news agency now turkey's president is saying that parliament will vote on a motion in january to deploy troops to tripoli from the beginning we have objected to the coup perpetrated by the retired general against the lawful government we provided and are still providing assistance to libya's legitimate government against the coup plotter who is receiving support from certain european states libya is a neighboring country as we share a maritime border lines in the mediterranean sea once the parliament comes into session we will present the proposal for dispatching turkish troops to libya based on the security cooperation agreement once indorsed by the parliament we will be able to effectively back the legitimate government meanwhile activists in syria saying that freezing temperatures asserting the government's offensive on the last
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rebel held province of idlib fighting there is forced 130000 people to flee from their homes this month many have ended up in makeshift camps the region has suffered weeks of bombardment and airstrikes by the syrian government backed by russia. and in israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu has declared victory in his primary election battle for the leadership of the likud party his challenger former education minister a good young stars insisted he would have been better placed to form a government after national elections which are set to take place in march netanyahu has been weakened by corruption charges and back to back failures to form a government. so coming up next the hundreds of thousands of fake university degrees being sold in pakistan that stories coming up on want to warn east. article 2 is it out to donald trump is now the fan president in history of the united states to be impeached that's the $16.00 of
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a repeat everyone going to says major event read in the future of the rest join us for details coverage and analysis of the trump impeachment on al jazeera. getting a university degree with ask any study or exams sound too good to be true can be a part of future university destroyed this guy and actually like it on hundreds of thousands of people of fallen for pledges like this from fighting in online universities or you pay these people are ready by these people if at all and i want to want to investigates the pakistani company allegedly pulling the strings behind the scam and the lengths they will go to to keep the money flowing success this the best event.


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