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tv   Our Man In Cairo  Al Jazeera  December 27, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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the eyes of its own people segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is up but in the 21st century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera. oh i maryam namazie in on them with a quick roundup of the headlines now in a quarter of a 1000000 people have fled their homes in syria's last rebel stronghold in the past 2 weeks escaping the relentless berridge of palms and asked trikes syrian government forces and their russian allies have sworn to retake and lead and the united nations is warning of devastating consequences to civilians parts of the province have been on a daily aerial bombardment and thousands of families are reportedly too frightened to move authorities in turkey of close the border to syrians fleeing the violence mohammed it is in the turkish city of and says many refugees are heavily dependent on charities to survive. most of those people. fled their
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homes heading to cities such as said our cuban cup which all of the province others have gone to government held areas of aleppo province but the vast majority of them i'm from the areas where the syrian armed forces have been. putting most of the hogs. around. and the strategic city that sits on the m 5 which assad's forces are really keen to take from the rebels they have most of them come to the turkish border and the photos of the motor allowing any of the syrian refugees to holes all over the comps are also fool so they are mostly in the open setting up makeshift calms you know depending on charities giving them warm food but they do not have proposed that issue or water or any other amenities
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wherever they have set up but come. 12 people have been killed after a plane crash shortly after takeoff and kazakhstan most of the nearly 100 people on board survived when the jet powered through a concrete fence and into a 2 story building 49 people are now in hospital in the city of some in a serious condition the government says it suspended all flights by the airline involved back erin is investigating a possible breach of safety rules as our near of was one of the survivors and describes how he escaped the wreckage. of the car trying to get through really it was a nightmare inside. pocket and thought my safety built the plane leaned forward it was clear that we would crash into the ground. the band was strong and the lights went off some were alive some were not so much screamed that we should exit through
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the right hand side we began to exit through it and on to be airplanes wing local officials have told out as there are that libyan warlord $35.00 to us forces carried out in as strike on an oil refinery near the border with tunisia this is the 4th such incident in just 24 hours well it comes as people protested against another strike by her life after us forces which killed 2 people who planes targeted a busy shopping center in the nearby city of zawiya just west of tripoli the capital has been the target of an offensive by the most of the past year. a military base in iraq where american forces stationed has been attacked by rockets it's the k one base it lies some 15 kilometers northwest of the oil rich province of care cook one member of the iraqi police force and a u.s. contractor have reportedly been injured. a fights broke out in the montenegrin parliament off to tensions over a noor boiled over more than a dozen m.p.'s were arrested after police were forced to intervene the law which
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went through in the early hours of friday could enable the state to claim ownership of hundreds of religious buildings opponents say it will unfairly target the sabean orthodox church. and the e.u. was warned that it might not be possible to negotiate a trade deal in the timeframe set out by prime minister forrest johnson a european commission president said of long delay and told a french newspaper that both sides needed to think seriously about how long it will take last friday or as johnson's brights it bill was passed by a thumping majority it leaves just 11 months to negotiate an agreement with the e.u. which in caps makes trade fisheries transport and all the arians. man in cairo is the program coming up next looking at how western powers turn a blind eye to egypt's situation with human rights stay with us.
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and i missed any of the i mean so i may. have even what i did 30. mr dialysis. president abdel fattah el-sisi presents himself as egypt savior as the only man able to impose order in his country. there is this thing the smell of tear gas blood and bullets. start to talk to it out all over and then tank health donovan johnny. man fashion with with us now a little step from that that will be more. despite his human rights record western
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leaders have embraced l.c.c. as a strategic and commercial partner so they printed clearly little question so that i may think i ma. c.c. was able to say there's the threat from isis you want to defeat it give us the tools and we'll take care of this for you. we have a fantastic relationship with egypt and we appreciate what you're doing but israel's sisi really such a good bargain for the west. in april 2800 egyptian president of the fatah el-sisi secured a 2nd time in office after winning 97 percent of the vote yet the results were
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hardly surprising. there were technically 2 candidates but the other candidate was the most optimistic. in fact the supporter who had stepped into the contest at the 11th hour to prevent the embarrassment of a one horse race. 3 men from within the military establishment had initially challenge how seizing for the presidency in a very short space of time all 3 candidates were dispensed with by at the c.c. regime salmiya not a retired general was charged with breaching military regulations. consul was a little known army colonel was court martialed and ahmed shafik a former air force commander withdrew from the race after being held in a luxury hotel for a month. both recently president and sisi expressed regrets that no one
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was willing to run against him but the situation became increasingly embarrassing for kairos partners in the west. parts of the us government were communicating to sisi into those around him that we were concerned about his efforts to drive out every credible pawn and to his reelection i think it may even have been addressed by vice president and spun he went to cairo earlier and 28 team so that message was being conveyed. with no real contest the main focus for sisi became obtaining legitimacy to a high voter turnout and. people were promised that they would get to mecca or they would get an approved electricity supply in their town or they would get and use water system.
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to live in for the little let up then. i did but this is what it. thank you. and 2011 the revolution in tahrir square put an end to hosni mubarak's 30 year regime and raised hopes that egypt will become the middle east's largest democracy . but this so-called arab spring was short lived. since taking power in 2030 l.c.c. has ruled the country amid allegations of human rights violations as well as an escalation in armed attacks in the sinai peninsula that have killed more than 3000 people. egypt is a key u.s. ally and a major european business partner western countries are often accused of overlooking
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egypt's human rights record and its disregard of the rule of law because of the country's geo political economic and strategic importance. a case in point is that of an italian ph d. student from the university of cambridge julio regime who disappeared in cairo on the 25th of january 26th. the young italian was found dead 9 days later in a ditch on the city's outskirts his half naked body bore the signs of heavy torture . in old foster care the toilet or toward the. northeast i mean to the to where ed of am
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a one of em but all come out of this one of. their own that office in state that case they are. the day regina went missing a major security operation was underway in cairo to control protests marking the 5th anniversary of the revolution. the italian authorities suspected that regime he had been arrested that night but the egyptian government denied any responsibility . there was a whole range of lurid details of a fright that rejoined he was the victim of a car crash and later a consummate in the press that julia a jenny was gay even though he wasn't and that he'd been killed by a gay lover and there were suggestions that he had been taking drugs and this was perhaps a drug deal that had gone wrong. and i
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may get there and take him out on the shuttle italia my singing island on every battle not every battle that kate gets any on a sort of them and they. counted the colaba out of their time in danger and i think that. interior minister maggie abdullah gul father dismissed western suspicions. as i don't know why but you can be a good and done service as he has and i know most of the laws in the in this hour shift well let me answer here already has. 6 weeks into the investigation the egyptians said they had found reaching these killers claiming that they were part of a gang they kidnapped foreigners. a group of 4 men were traveling in a small minivan according to their wives to do a construction job on an apartment. this vehicle approached
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a police checkpoint the police opened fire and killed everybody inside. later that afternoon the police officers went. to the homes of these people and lo and behold what they find but thought giulio jenny's personal effect. but just 24 hours later the interior ministry was forced to admit that those men had nothing to do with regime is murder. kathy alive or are they nost investigate they have kaido all due to some of the concept that suck it up a son i think i think we're. at the other foot or so what i asked the command enjoy it when the other man that that kicked the sauna came off a child then as has a critic i documented it with young.
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but the genie had been in egypt researching trade unions including the use of the local street vendors. a year after his death suspicions emerged that one of the leaders of the street vendors union was a police informant he had become convinced that regina was a spy. and surely you know that so you would rather live in such a money. down upon time into all. that it but in the right mentor corner only gonna start imagining what on the union leader wanted regime here to incriminate himself and pushed for compromising topics like foreign funded political activism. same usually that alan starting with the news commission my son to get the guy well and send them up to michelle yellowy up with you personally i go see a c.s.i. man to relax to call it an age real can. just stick around
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a bit about all in on bass then all that over thought i came out of here that. i can now be the muscle to. sit and. i know it is highly. doubt that it was any k. . that he knew about the government that also going to mount any k. with any of that but if. someone imagined the main. battle tank. the union leader reported regime new to the security services just days before his disappearance. the egyptian authorities continued to deny any responsibility for his death.
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so there are a janney case came at a particularly sensitive moment for aleisha as between egypt and italy because at that very moment the italian energy company annie was in the process of developing the largest gas field in the eastern mediterranean called zohar in conjunction with egypt. went on its own is something game changer very neat thing when she took the diminutive than your business school bag. point geology given that if i started out with one of the plays an important energy i want to play is if you know many people should this friday it probably was only domestically dinner just one provision of zoar gas field is also a major source of profit for any worth an estimated $6400000000.00 to the gas giant it was in any use interest as well as in theses interests to achieve a rapid resolution of this case and for those of a project could go ahead. the political
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stalemate caused by regime his murder came to an end 20 italy sent a new ambassador to cairo. she had shot the. sea of the moon shot a zara she caught a love for a. diplomat i said she died. feeling full of. pain so they say she finally passed around to the meticulous podium and i'm going to look at the middle of their body that was to leave his rank and file to do anything with phantom interbank to make an idea out of what i'm going on he thought. basically did resume diplomatic relations with egypt about 3 or 4 months before the software project came online and since then you know the project has been a great success by all accounts. part of the goal normally go. out
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and d.-day only g. doing ality and in the l a it of it all was she on $1.00 a cheney vader in feet domain that you both dane de de la motte of humans i talked to in the yard. years have passed since julio regime is murder in 2016 in italy and elsewhere many people are still waiting for the truth. for many egyptians what happened to the regime he did not come as a surprise human rights organizations estimate that in egypt at least 323 people have died in custody since 2013. $60000.00 have been arrested on
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political charges and over $15000.00 civilians have faced military trials including $150.00 children. what has come to be called enforced disappearance is an every day occurrence. it doesn't want to be there for the yam as i'd be out by then his heart of any of it i'm in the lower myself and the law and the how and. why adam had the pluck cunt and i think you're an outward in and my fish affect. everyone all the fullness and sebag i should know that ever so mad mad about all of europe and so on and if an insect with as it were the demanded a family adding a city hall or a couple 7 in the p.c.'s and said if you let me have a quarter. 1000000 with me let me know if it is but it's to me so moment. went out there with them i didn't do it at the club through the door of. argument
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so you did lives in berlin in 2050 he was working in germany as a surgeon when he returned to egypt for a visit. and a commander as mcgettigan then from then about almost what you know at miss out on a.s.s. in them when i had it was shipped to fox a model car next for one to what the press and i was on a higher. bar commode and his friends organized a flash mob in cairo with banners calling for the release of political prisoners fear my mom was about what fiend she fully shockley sharply in. any list are you typing that i should have said it was so or a 3rd is a bit a little off but even when i shot at him i had. another child who will do what. i can to 24 whole prokofiev whole helena husband that what you all on the other yo
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wyler in with fables french oir. but a half live in that people are born karabo yanni and are to know that when they leave yet and i would how their out how are they lead is when i go work i thank them and . akhmed was found guilty of protesting without a permit and was sent to the infamous a lock up of prison a maximum security penitentiary reserved for so-called terrorists arguments for and to her mokhtar is a physician active in the egyptian medical syndicate and i are from the law of the 5th. and i would not allow that either and i'll be machine and i if i'm not mad. or to a trust or for short of if they are the only elected but what did the head of
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a big tell him to do. i go in she. led bad time ali hochman a. senate in. her is an outspoken critic of the medical neglect of detainees in egypt missing him. in time of going fainting then methyl been clear who have had a thought man lament that. he can feel a man for thinking into thier 3 an income why did they would have had no one at the head of make up that may not have it or we. have been if billy 13 man fashion with . the mood. just 2 months after arguments arrest was also arrested. the halti that this will all go up that anatomical image of good fortune for lesser i'm a little heavier that no bog that all of them would have.
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a negative in there no more it out of them again but the how the mechanism going to be i can see how a little attention off norm the management. of them are all more deliberate telemark that even one. trialling of say and what would. the problem with it i mean shit i haven't shot him but somehow it blew up to be stolen when all my share my been out of hospital bargain hole. in the what are. they. mittens of heart how did you get that they also i have got out of. hiking again we were going to saw about his in north and the sharks are walking normal kentucky because i wasn't like hiking there with.
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what it looked. filthy one of them if that's. what did you mean of the letter feel what the election on must get done be. madam be the high leave with the ball on my ear we all would we get different begins here we gotta. thanks to an international campaign highlighting his case. was released after one year in prison he now lives in germany. and it's in that regard most close to one of the mothers showed again handed out the mother ship. on the on the floor on the money on the bus for some way to last will we all meals ready for the infamous. was freed after 7 months and now lives in france. and i bethink them off
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a great leave make any action thinking i'm a fish myself magnet i'm a thing even in a 1000000 the time and money man fucked up much of that back and from the out in left a new thing in the monk another adamant. that if it's thought i knew a little we became a national. white. magazine there and only. with internet what in santa. are going to be the one i have to look. for going. on a. michelle awkwardly western again into a passionate. documenting human rights violations has become very dangerous in egypt. since 2030 over 500 online news outlets have been shut down 8 journalists have been
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killed while covering demonstrations adelies 32 journalists and bloggers are currently detained some facing a possible death penalty case the hype said the show short. little b.c. local in mostly who had of a child they thought. that was her little. girl is a. the to say we do it you can is military and also. to say we have and then i was. going to be able to take this individual that he would have it in good evil bad luck if you need it there are any stones or many struggle i must want to use a digital shotgun that kate does so vocally nice that he did many things you have to do other than want to do with one opposed to do all 3 are for the good father that of us you and you have about but they lived with us into the odd one and meant us but yeah them in point as well he. said it if you need it they don't
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east. when up with when i gave up they thought i have the laddie will soon have it they could live with one of them that will win it. perhaps the most famous case was the arrest of 3 i'll just 0 journalists in 2013 former b.b.c. correspondent peter greste x. c.n.n. reporter mohamed fahmy and local produce obama mohammad was sentenced to 77 and 10 years respectively on charges of aiding terrorists harming national security and tarnishing egypt's image abroad and. the international outcry caused by the heavily publicized trial eventually achieved its goal. after more than 13 months behind bars you straightly and peter greste was deported
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and his 2 colleagues received pardons from president abdel fattah el-sisi. after $411.00 days. after too much time alone in the reserves it's like a dream come true. i'm very proud of every single moment i spent in prison for the sake of freedom of expression i'm really really proud of. i'm goes back. i would use an experience. legally prescribe for the pain relief of the sick but taken in life threatening doses by millions in search of a fix. huge illegal shipments of the opioid tramadol or flooding was not forgotten by people in power goes to nigeria to investigate the devastating addiction epidemic that is even fueling the boko haram insurgency. west africa's
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opioid crisis on and. they wanted 43000000000 pounds with a weapon that was 6000000000 pounds in commission. there is no hope of any more because there is always a small cobble of people from really really good mistress. in assonance we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function more shadow on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks boeing is the longest manufacturing exports in the us. with details coverage critics say secular protections are great in the canadian constitution and now the french. and fearless generalism from around the world recycling center that this
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one play a crucial role in argentina's waste management system. hello i'm maryam namazie in london with a quick look at the headlines now nearly a quarter of a 1000000 people have fled their homes in syria's last rebel stronghold in the past 2 weeks escaping a relentless berridge of bombs and as strikes syrian government forces in that russian allies have sworn to retake and the u.n. is warning of devastating consequences for civilians of the province have been on the daily aerial bombardment and thousands of families are reportedly too frightened to move authorities in turkey have closed the border to syrians who are fleeing the violence. 12 people have been killed after
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a plane crash shortly after takeoff in kazakhstan most of the 98 people on board survived when the back at jet plowed through a concrete fence into a 2 story building 49 people are now in hospital in the city of all mati some in a serious condition the government says it suspended all flights by and is investigating a possible breach of safety rules and as i live it is one of the survivors on board the plane and describe to us how he escaped the wreckage. are going to go through really it was a nightmare inside. pocket and taught my safety built to plainly and who would it was clear that we would crash into the ground. the band was strong and the lights went off somewhere a lot of some would not so much screamed that we should exit through the right hand side we began to exit through it and on to be airplanes wing local officials have told al-jazeera that libyan war $25.00 to us forces carried out in as strike on an oil refinery near the tunisian border the 4th day in just 24 hours it comes as
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people protested against another strike by half the us forces which killed 2 people or planes targeted a busy shopping center in the nearby city of zawiya just west of tripoli the capital has been the target of an offensive by have to us forces since april is about to take over the city by the end of the year. more than a dozen m.p.'s have been arrested in montenegro after they violate me protested a law on religious freedom controversial legislation went through in the early hours of friday and requires religious institutions to prove they hold the rights to their property before 1918 when our last independence but opponents say it will unfairly target a serbian orthodox church. i was the headlines our man in cairo continues and then the news hour after that $2100.00 g.m.t. .
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in 2011 nobody could anticipate that in just 2 years egypt would once again be under military dictatorship. an american egyptian citizen mohammad saltire got on a plane to cairo and quickly found himself at the front lines of the revolt. thousands of people gathered outside the presidential palace. i was crying my eyes out i thought for sure they were going to fire the 3 were going to die say my last prayers letter and in the famed moment. the army
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turns on the speakers of the announcement. a former air force commander hosni mubarak had been the face of egypt's military dictatorship since 1981. he was gone but his military regime remains largely intact. when the muslim brotherhood's candidate mohamed morsi became egypt's 1st democratically elected president the military worked to undermine him from day one. by concentrating power in his own hands and with the economy in freefall morsi lost the support of many egyptians. many egyptians who had supported the idea of the ouster of president mubarak
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suddenly turned around and said hold on this is also not what we want and suddenly you had a brand new type of conflict inside egyptian society. when hundreds of thousands of protesters poured into the streets on the 1st anniversary of morsy selection the egyptian military exploited the situation to remove. l.c.c. who morsi had put in charge of the army gave him 48 hours to come up with a political solution. both morsi himself and his senior advisers did not see this coming they knew there was opposition they knew that there was this can and but they didn't think the egyptian military would actually move against them in the final analysis on the 3rd of july 2030 l.c.c. had morsi arrested the new military leadership suspended the constitution and also
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arrested 300 muslim brotherhood party members and officials the initial attack on morsy supporters soon expanded to include all political opposition to l.c.c. . egypt occupies a position of strategic importance for the west in the middle east it is israel's next door neighbor and controls access to the suez canal. if in a very simple bargain the united states has provided egypt with a large amount of military aid every year and in return egypt has you know kept the peace with israel has provided access to the 3 ask for american warships and have provided america with really a very strong pillar in the middle of a very volatile region. when l.c.c. to power in 20. 13 relations began to crack there was
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a general willingness to try to work with the new regime out of the interest in preserving the bilateral relationship so they were willing to give the new military regime an opportunity to prove themselves l.c.c. soon showed the obama administration was he was capable of and the weeks after the military takeover morsi supporters had occupied 2 major thoroughfares in cairo they are not a square and the road in front of iraq or do we have mosque. in august the military cleared these camps with an unprecedented show of force. mohammed salt was there his father a deputy minister in the short lived muslim brotherhood government was amongst those addressing the protesters from the stage. here i was taking pictures come back put my phone on wait for think not
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a con and then tweeting taking phone calls from c.n.n. al-jazeera this and that. i mean i have time to think and i think what though and i get hit. there is this thing. here again. you can almost taste it and. that of the bodies falling anywhere you look bodies upon baden's. human rights watch documented 817 victims but the number may be as high as a 1000. united states strongly condemns. the steps that have been taken by egypt's interim government and security forces we
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deplore violence against civilians president obama canceled a joint military exercise and froze part of the $1300000000.00 in military aid to egypt receives from the u.s. every year. but l.c.c. continued his crackdown undeterred. prison get this much space. i have been a fist you've got to sleep you've got you've got to think shifts keeping with people has one bathroom for 50 plus men of course you're so you're forced to strip naked except john where you're being in your head shaved is totally you really. have to go on a hunger strike because it was the only means of resistance. no hard food for 489 days. they would bring my dad to the next ward have let me hear his screens and. come tell me listen this is what's happening to
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your dad you know we can and there's just break your strike. there's no more with. no law. in may 2050 with salt on still in prison the obama administration formally reported to the us congress that arbitrary and unlawful killings were taking place in egypt yet at the same time the u.s. officially resumed military aid to egypt. l.c.c. remain there man to be reckoned with in cairo. your hearing concerns from the saudis from the iraqis from the israelis that the freeze in assistance to egypt was counterproductive that they were pleased with that there was a desire to i think address some of their concerns. the united arab emirates and saudi arabia invested in l.c.c.
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from early on. in the weeks after his military takeover the u.a.e. alone transferred $3000000000.00 to egypt while the saudis gave a $2000000000.00 central bank deposit $2000000000.00 in energy products and $1000000000.00 in cash without the very extensive economic support that the egyptian military got from the gulf states for example in 2013 i don't know whether they they would have carried out the coup or they would have been able to make a go of it. saudi arabia support came with a political price. in 2017 l.c.c. agreed to give the disputed islands of tehran and sun a few which sits between saudi arabia and egypt sinai peninsula to the saudis. the decision was hugely unpopular in egypt and sparks the biggest protests since 25
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. but l.c.c. rode the storm and kept the aid flowing. egypt has at times or saved much larger sums of money with new allies particularly in the gulf but the aid from the united states is symbolically very important diplomatically very important and it's not something they want to see she was able to say that there's a threat from isis you want to defeat it we're your partner give us the tools and we'll take care of this for you and he would make the argument that egypt is too big to fail if egypt does collapse if the islamists run amok or the economy goes down this is going to have to sastre its consequences for the region and for europe . the european union has trying to strike a balance between legitimate security concerns and respect for human rights. but
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many member states have adopted a business as usual policy. but unfortunately we still have a very weak common ground in europe when it comes to how to deal with egypt. a dutch member of the european parliament met each a shocker initiated a resolution that condemned human rights violations in egypt however she does that leaders of the influential member states will form and lead. we very much pointed out that human rights repression violations. executions torture censorship closing of n.g.o.s is not acceptable and you want to hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london very much for 3 years shock a push to get the resolution through the european parliament besides denouncing the
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high number of death penalty executions and the lack of fair trials in egypt there was another point she stressed. i think we've learned some very important lessons in 20112012 when we found that e.u. made systems were actually used to track down activists in egypt and so ever since we've been pushing in the european parliament and i've been leading the efforts on the export controls of surveillance systems to make sure that human rights are criteria to measure before an export license is granted and despite this statement of principle we see that in practice such export controls are not really lived up to in fact there are serious questions whether it may be the case that julio regina who was brutally murdered may have been tracked and traced with italian maid systems and software. after the robber massacre and 2013 e.u.
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member states agreed to suspend the exports to egypt of any equipment that might be used for internal repression. yet 12 out of 28 e.u. member states ignored the suspension. since 2040 italy has a exported weapons to egypt worth some 40000000 euros. germany has made deals for over 1600000000 euros including light arms and onward vehicles and france has topped all the rest with over 6000000000 euros in sales including combat vehicles like those reportedly used in that up. massacre. the faceted in a possible down leadership to the effect little folly put me off when this involved people what is it on religion. since she was old enough to see oh these are good
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multiphase don't know what i should be let out of. a false sense song called good luck republic to see don't. show to concede only if you take it especially as for cost of the despair centers on the temple a kind of democracy a disease that mr centers and plate but. post the problem with the mccourty book mattie. inexistent it at fetlar only per. se you only have even been into. the family's affair because of a disadvantage is it. you don't then i'm in for some question except the cook and not the usual modern day listen so many of the given him a piece in london those are simply not clearly. there were questions so that i may think i mock their competition of you must implement so you have got this was the nail of democracy yet i guess you feel on. your manolo me see
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if you will additional. dancing or that's all bullet i'll celeste headlee delusion always deadly violence has been on the rise in egypt especially in the sinai peninsula the northeast corner of this remote region has become for european leaders one of the middle east's hottest front lines against all groups the c.c. government appears to be struggling to contain this threat of islamic state militants who are based in the sinai and of course now with the effect of collapse of slotnick state power in iraq and syria there are indications that at least some of those fighters are now coming from those areas into the sinai but it's hard to know what's really happening in northeast side as the independent media have not been allowed into the area for years. imagine the feel for. whether agencies. going back it up. to me that it will get it
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and then that's another leg on this thing that's in the cia very baumberger our policy here fredricka i mean if you need any and you know to do any good and. i'm confirmed leagues from the area reveal horrific pictures of the egyptian army's brutal crackdown amid increasing concerns for the civilian population. for all the force to point to the egyptian army has yet to regain control of the area while armed attacks appear to be spreading through. to egypt in nov 27th president announced the final offensive of the school. for the school. for. 'd last year but lesser. or to start a little or less ship good news for the nation his method is that he is the only
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thing that is standing between egypt becoming another province of an islamic caliphate and stability and security and safety. in 2016 an attacker deliberately drove his truck into a crowded christmas market in berlin with lethal consequences after paris and london this was yet another deadly assault inside a european capital. german chancellor angela merkel turned to reject as a party to improve security and counterterrorism signing a cooperation deal in 2017. i know guns wish to be a fact lots of man he had a contest to doesn't legging him out on. on day and he hides in ny keep in psych the cyber criminality for good as a till this morse you are internet based on people mostly given fester to dust in it get. torn heart than in
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a get get minutes to will list them and i know because it's an elemental that. germany also looks to l.c.c. to stem the tide of migrants and refugees leaving the middle east and africa for your. chancellor merkel offered l.c.c. a $500000000.00 aid package to essentially close off the egyptian to your. to get us filing down to take notes also pubescence avoid the lung cancer. underlying office disease i think that's the underlying well 1st of all starts arguing after 2nd language. in the end he sent. critics warn that egypt may use the migration issue to exert pressure on your peers i inhibit after i decided to warn. lawson about this here i can modest mr fire
11:52 pm
on a good night and in person or corporates who are often i look there's a good chance of you and buzz off it i was always under speech to try to give a fork so no child was in service of the teachers when done i'm getting the i know i'm working lifetime to bring all of your p.r. to have done it blow or give science missions or clout 400 today germany and egypt have a good business relationship initial misgivings about l c c's military regime faded away in the light of a mega project that egypt granted to the german companies seem a gigantic investment to build the largest gas fired power plant in the world i've seen cities now become hard to diana demons on for mark milley garden. is only for nicky demons on buffy's humans that was the an example just sort of the type. of
11:53 pm
marker you would important to have had to collide last and found him to get what's asking the u.s. to give you a president morsi start so again inside political added some 2 to 4 were tied at 1st must be endorsement and you need to feel what are your democracy of italy and to become a little of that not enough that in a little bit was a terrible idea well. look it was a lot just to use an inside pool the president. puts up the shaft hot. i'm going to demons you one vastly. east dozens even steven corson off the comp. and sitting on. the berlin press conference with the 2 leaders to can i want to turn. a protest by an egyptian medical student was drowned out by as he sees all too
11:54 pm
chanting. it's a great honor to have with us today presidential c.c.v. with donald trump's presidency l.c.c. look forward to friendly relations in washington tunes everything. and. it's no secret that trump has an affinity for dictatorial figures he's explicitly embraced sisi in public he's called him a strong leader as someone who's really getting stuff done. at the same time russia and egypt have grown closer bloodier putin and l.c.c. have visited each other several times with financial deals and military cooperation on the agenda. what we're likely to see is that egypt is going to simultaneously pursue relations with both moscow and washington in
11:55 pm
order to ensure that they are not in a position of some serviettes to our global power while the egyptian government is looking for partners who don't uncomfortable questions it remains to be seen how washington's long term priorities evolve i think for president trump he's perfectly comfortable returning to the way things used to be where the u.s. was perfectly happy to trade off the mark received for security and. that working with a dictator is completely consistent with his worldview. foreign policy is by definition the pursuit of a country's interests. as l.c.c. continues his stranglehold on power the question becomes is it really in the west's interest to continue supporting him unconditionally. on the security aspect i
11:56 pm
think it's it's fairly clear he hasn't delivered he hasn't defeated the isis which are the isis affiliate within the sinai most estimates place that group up between 81200 people that's not a very large entity yet over the course of 5 years he's been incapable of fully finishing off this group according to those who've seen egyptian prisons from the inside and repression torture prison conditions and the conflation of all dissent with terrorism may prove to be counterproductive in the long run. a missile to the brain if enough assume is a nest of how in the next minute bill said then with that he to sell me in the nest no more chafing in the highway than the moon can but i guess those same prison. in the sixties seventies and eighties. produced islamic jihad movements that gave birth to that then grandfather and i said i don't even want to begin to
11:57 pm
imagine what we're going to have. in 51015 years. some in europe have become complacent they have accepted that this is the egypt will have to deal with i think it's a mistake i think it will come back as a boomerang. there's an enormous amount of young people in egypt they don't have enough perspectives they don't have enough perspectives. for prosperous life a life they can shape the way they would like they are the future and they should be at the heart and at the core of what the e.u. does.
11:58 pm
how i once again we've got signs of some running pushing into northern parts of australia not really where we need it having said that just the round that south penned around the cape york peninsula and we'll also see some wetter weather just pushing down towards port hedland over the next day oh let's say and land it's all about the hate yet again alice gets up to around 40 celsius western parts of queensland new south wales could see similar values in the north they fade on the way and we're 38 there for adelaide 34 that the melbourne on saturday as we go on into sunday he just not is a little further east was all legist around the coastal fringes in melbourne at around $29.00 degrees a similar temperature there for brisbane and also for sydney but look at little
11:59 pm
china shasta we have a cost more than most even townsville could see a little bit of wet weather i don't see much what on the full cost for new zealand over the next day outside but just cost you a little further north here we have a tropical cycle and this is cycling assyria that's making its way just to that western side of the an island some very heavy rain damaging winds as well we are likely to see widespread flooding as this system just makes its way down towards southern parts of tonga meanwhile across japan it's looking like the fun to drive in the next couple of days with snow clearing away.
12:00 am
0. 00000 i'm. watching the news hour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes hundreds of thousands of people from the syria's lost rebel stronghold as pro-government forces pound the region with bombs and trying. a passenger plane crashes into a house in kazakhstan killing at least 12 people. libyans
12:01 am
protest against all of 25 to while his forces target an oil refinery on the border with tunisia.


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