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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 29, 2019 12:00am-1:00am +03

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this is al jazeera. and though i'm barbara starr and this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes a truck bomb explodes during rush hour in the somali capital killing 79 people many of them students. conferees use pepper spray on protesters who stormed a shopping mall near mainland china mothers in turkey call for the return of their children who they say were forcibly recruited to find for the p.k. k. and why america's growing appetite for avocados has made its growers
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a target for mexico's criminal that it's. about to be descended into with all the support u.s. lawmaker is aiming to make american football safer for kids but not all parents are in favor. a massive truck bomb has exploded in a busy area of mogadishu killing at least 79 people it's somalia's that liest attacking to use the information ministry says 149 others were injured and the death toll is expected to rise how to metastasize more now from nairobi in neighboring kenya. the attack was carried out joining morning rush hour as many people going to work and university students heading to campus the bombs exploded at a security checkpoint by many coming into mogadishu. a truck loaded
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with explosives was detonated at a busy checkpoint the explosion led to many deaths and injuries most of those died here students who were going to the schools and universities. that the this explosion is like the one in the zombie junction back in 2007 and just a few steps away from where. officials believe the target was a building next to the checkpoint being used by government troops the group was pushed out of mogadishu several years ago but is still targets high profile areas such as checkpoints and hotels. also carried out attacks in neighboring kenya and uganda so it's trying to stop attacks like this from happening but for those caught up in the blast and those who lost family members and loved ones that's a little comfort now. or joined in the studio by the somali journalist and filmmaker jamal jamal thank you so much for being here with us attack 2 years
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very much targeting civilians among others what do you make of it and frankly i guess who do you think is behind it. although they haven't claimed but the suspects . a lot of people are saying all shabaab are behind it the government is saying i'm behind it so unlock all sources are saying this was a big junction one of the busiest junctions in mogadishu very busy especially in the morning rush hours but people are saying they were targeting turkish engineers who are building roads but the mayor says they were heading some important locations though he didn't mention those locations. and just stay with us a 2nd because i do think that we do our have we have a clip of an interview of the president of somalia let's listen to what he had to say a little earlier. what we saw the people of somalia and the government cannot be disappointed
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and cannot be stopped from developing and rebuilding their country these terrorists will king in the interests of international terrorism they are here to message and legalize the blood and the property of the somalis and cause havoc and destruction . back to jamal's men smuggling journalist who's here with us to analyze developments we heard there strong words predictably i guess from the president blaming al shabaab accusing them of you know not wanting any kind of infrastructure creation in somalia where are we in the fight against al shabaab in somalia. the in pushed out of major cities in southern and central somalia but they still control large parts of. southern and central somalia villages towns and they do have supporters within somalia people don't like to admit that but they do have supporters there there are always people who help them who work out who work with
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them so yeah they do have supporters there is still very strong the people local businesses so they are very active very strong though they have been pushed out of major cities and we see this attack today i mean on a scale certainly comes to that's one of the biggest ones in recent years but not certainly anything unique in the sense that we are seeing smaller attacks quite frequently so what is the power over al shabaab right now what do you make of whatever tactic is being used by both the international community and the somali government in trying to defeat the group the somali government with the help of international forces from african union some trainers from the world from western countries have been battling against al-shabaab for the best parts of 10 years and yes they have been pushed out of major cities but i'll show up are still very strong very powerful they have loyal supporters so i think it has a long way to go in in terms of the fight against al shabaab in the where which
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direction do you think it should take seeing as attacks like today remind us that of course the group is still present the group is still present and i have always argued the best way forward is to talk to them. at this moment we don't have somali politicians who are publicly say let's talk for a while we can talk to them and they are our fellow somalis and i think the best way forward is to negotiate with them and bring them to the table and solve this issue once for all otherwise we will certainly see more thugs when the resistance has there been to that so far and why there hasn't been any resistance i think publicly but when i talk to somali politicians and say look you grew up with these guys you went to the same schools why can. you talk to them they they say if we publicly say we will talk about we might be labeled sympathizers though they see it international the international community but i think there is a way and if you look at like afghanistan which is similar people are willing to
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talk to 31 so why not are so our development somali journalist and filmmaker sank you. protesters in hong kong have clashed with police at a shopping mall in shang shereen year the city's boundary with china officers fired pepper spray after more than $100.00 protesters chanted go back to china reference to traders from the mainland by duty free goods in hong kong and then resell them back home they blame them for overcrowding the city as well as driving up inflation and rent saturday's demonstration was an offshoot of the main pro-democracy protests which abrupt hong kong for almost 7 months silence louis is in hong kong and she says the demonstrators hope to disrupt economic activity to force the government to meet their demands. this protest here is hardly an offshoot of the main protest movement that's gone on for 6 months in hong kong but it's also partly to protest against the practice of our now trading pownall trading is
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a practice where shoppers traders come and buy goods in hong kong in bali and then resell them for profit in mainland china a majority of these traders are mainland chinese it's a practice that locals used to strap the social and economic life its course shortage of goods it's driven the prices of goods up and hong kong people are unhappy about this practice so this is what this protest is about now we've seen the shutters in the shopping malls shut as soon as protest is moving its feet and protesters and he's at mainland chinese now in these protests that have gone on for the past 6 months the anger against the hong kong and chinese government and now they'll go into anger at women and try nice people as well and we've also seen why these move into the shopping mall and a rest stop and now the whole idea of this protest is to cause economic disruption in a bid to force the government to take notice of this protest movement and to meet the
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protesters demands now it's also aimed at causing disruption to an economic activity that protesters see. lamely beneficial to mainland chinese and not people of color. iraq's human rights commission says that at least $490.00 protesters have now been killed in anti-government protests across the country since the start of october an official says the dead include $33.00 activists targeted in deliberate killings on saturday demonstrators broke into the necessary oil field in the south of the country and forced them to stop production protesters are demanding the appointment of a new prime minister with no party affiliation but this the deadlock after the president refused a suggestion from politicians. and hundreds of protesters have gathered outside the home of lebanon's prime minister designate has sunday demanding that he doesn't take office protesters said they would continue the demonstrations until the
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confirms that he will not become prime minister the previous leader assad had he was forced from office in october following anti-government protests but he remains at the helm of government in a caretaker capacity says the country faces a mountain home of the crisis. of ensign and we have suffered for 40 years under the syrian regime. we need. hundreds of people have been out in istanbul protesting against russia and its escalated bombing of syria's province the demonstrators were mostly syrians living in turkey they waved their national flag and chanted slogans in our united nations is warning of devastating consequences for only remaining rebel controlled province in syria tens of thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes but with the border to turkey close they have nowhere to go because i gauge reports.
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tents go up in the syrian town of town are now a temporary harm for families with nowhere else to go if they fled martel newmont in the south of italy province as syrian government forces advance many leaving most of their belongings behind. we fled from the bombardment and came here it's a small camp that doesn't really fit a lot of people and the people just keep coming the situation is not that. bad since the start of december nearly 250000 people have been displaced from the last rebel held area of syria most women and children many have fled by road for others fuel shortages have stopped them from getting a why some are trying to seek shelter in turkey but they're not being allowed to cross the border this comes on top of the displaced and figures that we had from
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the end of april to the end of august where more than 400000 people have been displaced so what we have is a displacement crisis on top of another displacement crisis. president bashar al assad has vowed to recapture rebel held areas. shelling in airstrikes backed by russia have intensified forcing aid agencies to suspend operations in the area unless the fighting ends there are fears that the supply of humanitarian aid will stop as soon as next month in my mind it's neither the russians nor the turks that are the key to the solution the key to the solution is the international community getting involved in this and putting pressure both on the syrian regime and russia and turkey for a resolution that doesn't cause massive human loss of life or a humanitarian catastrophe. a lot. the violence goes against
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an organist ceasefire deal and international calls for deescalation but the syrian government says recapturing the province is just a matter of time because the gauge al jazeera for months now protestors in turkey have been calling for the return of their children and relatives from the kurdistan workers party or the p.k. k. they claim that the group which is there's a greater the terrorist organization by anchor of the us and the e.u. has been forcibly recruiting them to fight for india but care mohammed though reports security is tight outside the pro kurdish people still cutting capacity or hasty peace headquarters in southern turkey these policemen are getting a peaceful protest by men and women demanding that a time of their children who they say have been kidnapped or recruited by the kurdish workers party p k k. holding the pictures of their
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missing children they call for their quick return because this is their lives they took my daughter away and we haven't heard from her for the past 5 years we don't know if she is still alive this protest was taught that is september by 1 mother but now others amelle family members of those they say are now in the arms of the p.k. k. have joined a common claim among the protestors is the children one last seen me here at the offices of the heads of the people. and they say that's why they've continued the sit in outside the 2 offices but you'll visuals however deny any links to the p.k. k. and say they've also never actively recruited for the an assertion. some form of p.k. k. fighters of the time to their families since the protests began and that is giving hope to people here who sneer mickie dissent livid time from iraq where she fought under the p.k. k. she is telling custody awaiting trial for being
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a member of the group that's outlawed in tikki but some of us say stick god less of the shoes that live to xbox live on door to us and others my daughter was 14 when she was kidnapped and i thank god that after 5 long years she surrendered 3 days ago i'm so happy my daughter is out of the hands of those tyrants 2 weeks ago jaffer to jail and also to tom to his family he says it is out that the b.k. cain company's syria up to seeing his model of the protests in media reports on in won't kill them to have them life is difficult you will constantly fighting and have little time to miss home or family life finally throw you get disgusted by all the death and destruction and you start missing your loved one is. the p.k. k. has been designated a terrorist organization by a techie the e.u. and the united states it too long to separate it is insurgencies south is ticky in 1008 to 4 says that more than full to 1000 people mostly kids have been killed in
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fighting with turkish forces cads account for roughly 20 percent of techies population of about 80000000 people of the decade so much english and by the turkish state have been demanding create a rights and more autonomy but for many here they had d.p. and p. k. k. have drugs that are litigious into fighting that's more to do with the group's interests that it is with the plight of the kurdish. mohamed atta the southern turkey. libya's state oil firm says it may shut down some operations after several attacks and no sea says the portal zawiya will be closed and the refinery evacuated after it was hit by airstrikes multiple times in the past few days it's also considering shutting a nearby oil field the latest air strike targets of an engineering institute in a residential district of the city the attack by warlord heavy for have to use
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force says is the force in zawiya is as many days elsewhere libya's internationally recognized government says military vehicles were destroyed as its forces repelled have to us forces at the main airport in tripoli coming up here on al-jazeera was striking workers in france say that they'll stand defiant into the new year is they're joined by yellow vests protesters are marching in paris why seizes a record $1000000000.00 worth of cocaine given in flower and the star of giant slalom has her 1st title of the world cup season peter has the action in sport. thousands of continue to protest around india against the new citizenship law which fast track citizenship for religious minorities in neighboring countries but
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excludes muslims among the protesters are a group of muslim women in new delhi who have been staging a sit in for 14 days they're refusing to move until the government concedes to their demands and have block blocked the highway connecting the capital to the suburb where they've congregated on shelves or reports now from new delhi. the 16 days into the nationwide protests against the contentious citizenship law and the women of new delhi are undeterred by the 26 dead arrests of a 1000 and the biting cold. the police say they are only maintaining law and order and denying trying to quell the protests. some of them violent. these women say they feel threatened by the police and accuse some officers of committing what they call atrocities. shahin corser is leading the female
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protesters have been is not ethically the women are protesting for their safety and to protect their children fear has taken hold of them since the clashes so they want the government to come here and assuage their concerns. but no one from the government has gone these women are braving the cold with their infants. protests against the controversial citizenship they say the violence abuse by the police to suppress the protests including beating up students in a nearby university let them go and since they're out on safe was shot in course so vividly remembers the events of 13th december the day she says policeman 1st trashed the students of john the amelia slung a university with stakes was a 1st for the children of many of the women protesters study there. she says she's never seen them so angry and scared as they rushed to help side the hamid is a women's rights activists who has long experience of working with muslim women she
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says the police brutality and the unjust citizenship law have forced women even from relatively conservative backgrounds to step out and protest never never have i seen this kind of spontaneous outpouring of the education and protest 'd by muslim women they were afraid. for the next generation for their children they're afraid that they may become either a few jews in their own land or they may be torn out the mother of 6 says police have pressured her husband to stop her protesting she is equally concerned by divisions within the protest movement and says the lack of leadership may be just the win for india's government is looking for. the leader of the congress party support the protests along with other parties opposed to the ruling hindu nationalists b.g.p. on saturday rabble gandhi visited the north-east 8 of us where the protests 1st began over 2 weeks ago and. back in the capital the female
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protesters say they're not against one political party in favor of another they just want the basic right to be able to live safely and with dignity in their homeland. al-jazeera. the investigation has been launched into a hospital in northwest india after 10 infants including newborns died in the space of 48 hours it happened at the government run j. lo hospital in the city of culture in rajasthan state according to local media reports $77.00 children died at the hospital this once and a total of $940.00 have died this year and initial investigation revealed a lack of infrastructural immunities in the hospital doctors have denied the negligence and said the infants were admitted in a critical condition. officials in kazakhstan are considering technical failure
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pilot error and weather conditions as possible causes of a plane crash which killed 12 people on friday more than 50 people were injured when the back air jet with 98 people on board crashed minutes after departing from a lot here port the airplane's flight recorders will be passed on to the interstate aviation committee in moscow for analysis. striking workers have been joined by yellow vests protesters at demonstrations in paris which led to clashes with police who used tear gas the strikers are angry about president plans to reform public sector pensions in nationwide walkout is now in its $24.00 state train services have been crippled with the national rail operator losing more than $400000000.00 in ticket revenue a yellow vests activists have protested on the streets of the french capital every weekend for more than a year against a number of president micron's promises for bernard smith was at the protest and
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said the demonstrators aren't showing any sign of giving up. there are a few more trains running now than the were at the start of the strike on december the 5th but still public transportation across france remains severely disrupted the strikers the protesters maintaining their demands of the government rejects shows plans to reform france's complex and in some cases generous pension system particularly the railway workers benefit from early retirement they want to keep those benefits the government says it has to reform the pensions very still public support for the protests despite the major disruption many people particular here in paris having to walk a lot further you scooters or use bikes instead of the metro public transportation there is another major protest planned for january the 9th at the same time that's
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when the government and the unions will meet again to try and come to some sort of resolution. criminal gangs in mexico notorious for cocaine trafficking are switching their attention to something with a much healthier reputation have a cut of farmers say that their $1000000000.00 business is being wrecked by kidnapping and extortion and there's americans' appetite for mexican avocados grows so do the gangs profits john homan reports from mexico city. the western world and in particular the united states is go mad for avocados within the last 20 years the average consumption there has more than tripled but if you are an american 80 minutes can have a car those on toast or in your guacamole dip it's possible not all of the profits are heading to the right hands. michu it can make the heartland gangs a hijacking the industry extorting and kidnapping produces stealing trucks with their crop. it's widespread in lucrative there's
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a reason they can this green gold. but most grows it too scared to speak out it took weeks for us to persuade this man before they started by asking me for more money perfect hair they came to the farm and said who's the boss we want you to contribute that was 8 months ago he stories coleman eventually different groups were all asking him for protection money and paying them couldn't keep him safe with cuomo rules some guys grabbed me and kidnapped me in their truck they beat me and broke my head open i told them to stop hitting me that i would get more money together the state anti kidnapping unit rescued him but off the more than 40 years of growing avocadoes now everything has changed real roots through a lot of. my workers my children my family we don't have any protection now i can't go to the orchard because there are many more people that beat me. to
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a kind has increasingly become the battleground of a collection of criminal groups as in other parts of the country they branched out from complicated transnational drug trafficking to something. simply preying on the local economy. it's affected mining lines local businesses i mean talk comes pacifically is a mutation of what was once trucks trafficking i'm def mutated into a model where they control territory within the territory and you get to. squeeze out any type of commodity that's locally available so it still includes drugs but it's also about extortion kidnapping it's useless it seems for the victims to turn to authorities you cannot be sure if you talk to confession or if you talk to the mexican state that you doing so will not be leaked to the criminal forces because the many times the criminals are in court with. state forces. it's a bleak outlook for an avocado industry that should be enjoying the current boot.
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don't hold out is it a scarcity. you're a wise navy has described the seizure of a record $1000000000.00 worth of cocaine at montevideo sports as the biggest blow to drug trafficking in the country's history forrest sawyer flour containers were found packed with 4.4 tons of cocaine a stand for the west african nation of togo your why is increasingly being used as a transit point move drugs from south of the america to africa and europe. but lots more still to come on the news hour including with 2 very different visions from the leading candidates taiwan's relationship with china looks set to play a key role in next month's presidential election and fears thousands of koalas have died after wildfires the stored up to sochi percent of their habitat plus sport from football star to hollywood star who scanner now though looks to the future.
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hello again welcome back to international weather forecasts were here across the eastern part of the mediterranean we are still looking at the very windy wet scenario that has been going on for days now and unfortunate as we go through the rest of the weekend engine monday more of the same if not even heavier for some locations so and you were from greece all the way over toward syria including cyprus turkey you can be seeing some more heavy rain so the ground is already saturated that means any more rain will probably likely lead to some flooding scenarios across much of the area we're also going to be bringing some very windy conditions by the time we get towards monday and for athens it's going to be a chilly wet day for you with temperatures there of about 6 degrees to the west though things are looking quite nice mostly dry mostly sunny across much of the
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area you may see some morning fog but that will start to dissipate as the heating of the day begins but up towards paris it is going to be a nice day on monday at 7 and london at about 11 degrees there well for the northeastern part of africa we are dealing with that same weather system i just mentioned we're going to be seeing some very windy conditions all across the coast of libya over here towards egypt as well and we are going to see even more rain as we go towards monday extending all the way up towards tunis so expect to see some localized flooding across the region but gazi a wet windy day at 13. egypt's strongman is ruling within faced and the silence from his allies is deafening the u.s. was perfectly happy to trade off the mark received for security. as turning a blind eye when even the citizens have fallen victim to his repression executions torture or censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from
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let's say berlin or paris or london in cairo on al-jazeera. counter the cost $20.00 a year a world sport to put aside short of a game to save the planet for glass of america the middle east people took to the street. spread of wealth at a trade war reshapes globalization counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera a truck bomb has exploded in somalia's capital mogadishu killing at least 79 people and injuring around a 150 in the attack happened during the early morning rush hour in a busy area near us through to checkpoint hundreds of syrians have been out in istanbul protesting against the russian and syrian government's escalating bombing of the pulpits the united nations is warned of a humanitarian crisis on turkey's border as thousands in the fighting and protesters in hong kong have clashed with police at a shopping mall an inch inch we near the city's border with china around 15 people were arrested during a demonstration against mainland tourists and shop. in a left for 2 to woo taiwan ahead of its presidential elections in 2 weeks china has revised the law simply following investment procedures for companies on the island
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the upcoming vote is being billed as a referendum on taiwan's relationship with china the current independence leaning president is expected to win another term but she's in a tight race with her beijing friendly competitor between new you reports now from china's capital. taiwan born carefully picks his battles ph d. student by day martial arts instructor by night the 36 year old cherishes taiwan's democracy but. in mainland china where he's lived for 4 years. economically and in all other ways i think the mainland and taiwan we only become closer the question is form. that question will be answered when taiwanese voters go to the polls on general the 11th independent when is running for reelection and expected to win another term for the democratic progressive party. had main competition beijing friendly kuomintang candidate and kill you
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who was leading opinion polls until protests in hong kong reignited fears over influence and the one country 2 systems policy taiwan was always the big prize and it was look how are we going to deal with. a new your going to want to come back to the fold i think. pieces. communist party says reunification is inevitable achieved peacefully or otherwise. we do not promise to renounce the use of force reserve to use all necessary measures. president xi jinping recently unveiled one of those measures china's 1st locally built aircraft carrier the 2nd in its fleet beijing has continued to ramp up its military presence in the south china sea and is closing in on taipei's dwindling diplomatic allies xi jinping has fashioned himself as a great leader of china and how such is determined to leave behind
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a great legacy analysts say securing china's role as a leader in the asia pacific and bringing taiwan firmly back on the mainland control a central to that legacy and a disastrous outcome according to the united states washington has agreed to sell taiwan fighter jets tanks and weapons infuriating the communist party but china is not taking any action just now do you want to provoke the us to. such as you want to take what way why don't we if you. when you your military is going to be strong be the us which is likely to be a week or 2 will be watching taiwan's election from beijing waiting to see whether the island moves closer to the mainland all further away. beijing. a u.s. navy seal who was tried for war crimes and then helped by president trump was the scribe by members of his own unit as freaking evil the new york times has published
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video of confidential military interviews with witnesses who served in iraq with retired special operations chief edward gallagher in the interviews 3 navy seals described how he stabbed to death a teenage eisel fighter and held a so-called trophy kill ceremony over the body also said that he was toxic and perfectly ok with killing anybody in a statement gallagher said the interviews were rife with in consistencies and false leads gallagher was charged with killing the wounded eisel captive in iraq posing with the body for a photo and shooting civilians earlier this year a jury of combat veterans acquitted him of the most serious charges after a key witness suddenly reversed his testimony gallagher was found guilty of the lesser offense of posing with a human casualty and was the motive from chief petty officer the case angered president donald trump who reinstated gallagher's rank and fired at the navy chief
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over his handling of the case from recently host said gallagher and his wife at his resort in palm beach in florida in the scribe the soldier at a rally as one of the country's great fighters well david b. the road is an associate professor at the near east south asia center for strategic studies and previously worked in special operations he joins us live now from washington d.c. sir thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera 1st of all looking at the latest development how do you think that these of videos published by the new york times change the dynamic in the story in any way and i guess certainly the way that edward gallagher is chief gallagher is perceived by many of his supporters. well i think that within the military they they will probably undermine some of the support for gallagher but you know in an adversarial system of justice it's not at
12:37 am
all uncommon to have a situation like this where some of the evidence produced seems to be damning and then is discounted so. you know this this was solved a while ago or resolved a while ago i don't think it's going to move the needle very much but i do think that particularly within the special warfare community there might be some people who are leaning towards the gallagher side who are now going to say well this is serious stuff and just remind us of someone who knows that world well how strange is it for you for example to see these testimonies and how i guess you know and usual is it for navy seals to give this kind of testimony against one of their own and especially in this case someone senior to them. right well i'm not a seal so but it is very unusual to have an incident of this sort with a senior noncommissioned officer accused of these things and it's important to know that when you look at these. all of the people in the videos are extremely highly
12:38 am
trained extremely valuable to the united states as a military assets they are putting themselves at extreme risk by going forth with these allegations you know gallagher was a senior leader in their seal team have the ability to issue administrative punishments which could have included expulsion from the team so this is these this is unusual this is very unusual the allegations are unusual and the fact that people came forward voluntarily to do this at some risk to themselves is also unusual on the plus side it shows that there is a commitment to the value of the institution of special warfare and the navy that i think is encouraging. just to remind people so the jury of combat veterans acquitted gallagher and then of course not of all could just one charge and they did the most him and then of course president trump cleared him of all punishment
12:39 am
we are expecting i guess to see chief gallagher on the campaign trail for president trump already seeing him on some t.v. shows in the united states what do you think this does to the public's perception all of the navy seals. well the navy seals have a have a very good public reputation it's deserved. they are extremely well trained they're extremely fit. but this damages it and there have been a few other incidents of indiscipline a seal team was ordered home from iraq over in discipline and the commander of naval special warfare has ordered an internal review and he's tightening up standards so i don't think this is any organization doesn't want this kind of attention this kind of incident but the leadership of the naval special warfare community in the past has really shown a commitment to do the right thing and i think there's going to be some tight you know the shot group and i think that. moving past us i think america will be proud
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of this specific proponent of its armed forces and other components of its armed forces and just briefly if you can where do you see the story developing developing next well i think that it's not good for gallagher it's not good for people who are supporters of gallagher and you know if you're in a situation where you've got 8 seals arguing one thing in one city or going the other that's not a clear cut public relations victory so i think that. chief gallagher will probably have a lower profile than he would have had without this david b. the roche associate professor at the near east south asia center for strategic studies so i thank you so much for sharing your views with us thank you now a t.v. news crew has captured the terrifying moment that a truck crashed into an earlier pileup on the side of a highway in texas. the video shows
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a state trooper running for his life as the truck plows towards him in thick fog he'd been investigating a 2 car crash in the book county when the truck lost control a police officer and the person in the truck were both injured. and it's feared that thousands of koalas have been killed after bushfires ravaged areas north of australia's largest city sydney thousands that survived with burns are now being treated by vets and volunteers to a surge of the marsupials habitat has been destroyed along the new south wales coast which was home to about $28000.00 koalas a heat wave gripping several states has also left many d. hydrated including this. who approached cyclists in the state of south australia firefighters battling weeks of catastrophic fires across the country have also been helping desperate koalas spain has denied that it intended to extract
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members of bolivia's ousted governments during a diplomatic visit to the mexican ambassador's residence in la paz 2 spanish diplomats were about to leave the ambassador's home on friday when there was a confrontation and their cars were detained when bolivia's former president have resigned 9 officials from his government refuge in the mexican embassy bolivia's current government accuses them of electoral ford. 2020 will be a year of relative political calm for germany given the country's party's time to take stock with chancellor angela merkel bowing out of politics at the next election she needs to work out how to transfer her popularity to the next party leader dominic king reports from berlin. political berlin at the turn of the year is a ponderous place the present parliamentary term is more than half way through the current coalition of christian and social democrats continues but it's clear this
12:43 am
is a loveless marriage unloved by the voters angle americal is still chancellor more than a year since stepping down from leading her party she remains by far the most popular politician in germany far more popular with the electorate than her party and as the end of her mandate approaches increasingly she's concentrated on foreign policy goals such as they were the conflict in ukraine is that guns often does because they have a lot of work to do but my feeling is there is goodwill to resolve difficult questions and this goodwill is always needed if you want to solve political problems. but there's little sign of that goodwill on the domestic front her preferred successor and a good company has struggled in the spotlight recently calling on colleagues to back her or sack her as party leader in the end she got the endorsement she wanted but faced renewed questions over where she stands politically it was a compromise not entirely clear where she wants to steer the party but it's clear
12:44 am
that many have question marks whether she has what it takes to be chancellor thank the christian democrats fear a twin challenge from right and left. how to claw back voters who deserted them for the far right alternative for germany in recent years one simple taney asli steering a course which can keep them in the political center for in 2019. a green wave swept across the country propelling that party to around 25 percent in the polls and allowing it to make life increasingly difficult for the present government here our military did i cannot surrender but i don't know how they didn't the merkel era is clearly coming to an end and a new era begins and the question is who is setting the course for this new era we want to help set the course we are campaigning to be the ones to shape the new era and so germany finds itself in a peculiar position right now 2020 is the year in which the politicians can draw
12:45 am
breath far enough away from the general election for the main parties to prefer to stay in government but close enough for them both to worry about who will lead them into that election and i'm going to call remains the unlikely glue that binds them together for now dominant came out earlier in the u.k. government has accidentally published online the addresses of more than a 1000 new year on recipients the list includes singer elton john and hundreds of other high profile celebrities senior police officers military figures and politicians the sensitive information rules visible for an hour before it was really a cabinet office confirmed the addresses were uploaded in ever and has apologized. still ahead in this news hour searching for life on the red planet the final preparations are made for a robot destined for
12:46 am
a mission to mars and to the world cup titles in as many days peter has the dow the action obviously in sports. my name is only some people say that my feelings are only programmed that they're not real but if i think the real turn they are real don't you think south america was designed to be the world's most advanced autonomous android which is one of the more advanced robots in the world can or about feel that's a philosophical question it's not allowed but you do socially connect on a subconscious level we are creating this new kind of entity. examining the impact of today's headlines you use the misinformation i've used the term by setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions how unique is this in terms
12:47 am
of modern american history when it comes to racism you have the makings of a legal fascist most international filmmakers and world class journalists bring programs to inspire you. on al-jazeera. my. my my and. a comment is expected to make its closest approach to earth on saturday making it only the 2nd confirmed interstellar object to be observed in our solar system during comment a ball resolves approach it will be traveling about 290000000 kilometers away from earth unfortunately stargazers will struggle to catch
12:48 am
a glimpse of it as the comet is less than 1.6 kilometers across and getting fainter as it moves away from the sun. well meanwhile space agency nasa plans to send the robotic rover to mars next year to search for evidence of life it will gather evidence for future human missions to the solar system's 2nd smallest planet the robot is nearing completion ahead of its journey to the dry bed of a lake believed to have existed around 3 and a half 1000000000 years ago. reports. a small step in the lab or a tree before a giant launch into space if all goes to plan this rover will touch down on the red planet in february 2021 its mission to collect samples from mars and try to find if there are any traces of microbial life beating back billions of years from here on out it's it's a test test test test in everything we possibly can shake you know just to make
12:49 am
sure that we've got a reliable system to mars. the mars 2020 rover reese currently in 3 sections and being constructed in this sterile environment outside of los angeles it will be sent to the jazz a crater which scientists believe was once the bed of a lake and could hold martian fossils if they exist what we do in this room is we make sure we have a strict clean room protocol so that we are not sending not contaminating our vehicle so that we can preserve the science that we are interested in learning about as well as searching for life it will also prepare for possible human exploration if successful it will be not his 5th soft landing of a martian rover he landed his rule we're going to use a new landing capability that gives us a hazard avoidance. function that allows us to land safely which future missions. can also take advantage of. china also has its eyes set on space it has
12:50 am
successfully launched one of the world's most powerful rockets saying it's a big step in its ambitions for the. then mars it's a mission is to have a crew space station by 20221 of the things that people really learn from the apollo era and the space race in the 1960 s. is that if you try and compete directly both sides lose out so it's all about working together or at the very least doing collaborative complementary missions working together or alone the space race is about to reach new frontiers join the silver are busier. now with the sport barbara thank you very much we start in the english premier league where west ham's poor form cost manager man well pelligrini job on saturday he was sacked by the club after their 21 home defeat to leicester it was the hammers 9th loss in 12 games and leaves them just
12:51 am
a point above the relegation places the chilean had been in charge for 18 months with west ham spending over 200000000 dollars on new players in their time this was he's bleak assessment of the team's display after the final whistle against leicester the not one of the great things of this club are they find that they always have the stadium with 60 something people pull so they just sort of bridge the results and they did so they did they deserve a better. performance of the team at the other end of the table manchester united are up 2 firsts and just a point of the champions league places after to know when their burnley anthony marcio and marcus rash with the goals for united. and to go also i'm going to kill the balloon made it 2 wins out of 2 for the new it was a member of color when she lost me they were 21 when is that new castle but i'm sure he still sees plenty of room for improvement the spirit of the team is really good they work well then they fight each other then and they don't
12:52 am
have to work. and so i think that this is the key of this the week torrie now all we have to water quentin are going to have time to try to play about our football. some lawmakers in the united states want to change the way kids play american football to make it safer the state of new york is the latest to consider a teko ban for under twelve's in an effort to reduce head injuries but even with a new study highlighting the risks of the game day is resistance al-jazeera is kristen salumi has. saturday night on the gridiron for many families playing american football is a tradition. one that starts at an early age. i am. it's really fun competitive. 11 year old ryan for ranch act loves playing the game even after suffering a mild concussion and it's just
12:53 am
a really fun sport and i like to hit people. but those hits even the ones that don't cause concussions could increase his chances of a degenerative brain disease. a recent study by the boston university school of medicine found a player's risk of developing c.t.e. or chronic traumatic encephalopathy increases 30 percent each year they play the sport it isn't so much concussions although of course concussions are a problem but it's also a cumulative effect of even sub concussive injuries the study is fueling efforts to ban tackling under the age of 12 in some states talking about a. modification to the game not banning it that's number one number 2 we're talking about addressing children we're not talking about adults that can essentially consent to engage in whatever activity regardless of the risks. hitting is part of the game in football not an accident opponents say the studies don't take into account new training techniques and time limits on drills that involve contact
12:54 am
which many youth leagues have recently imposed. we take the head out of the game we were using more upper body strength hip strength leg strength and the head is out of it the best answer for me as a commissioner is straining football is the most watched sport in the united states but the number of kids who play on school teams has been declining for the last 10 years in part due to concerns about head injuries still for many parents a tackle ban is a step too far so i think the prevention comes with teaching the proper techniques and the proper way to play the game i don't know that a law is going to ever you know solve that problem i do worry about it but i you know every bit football's been going on for a long time and a lot of people play and not everyone gets hurt. the research maybe raising awareness of the issues. these hardcore fans don't yet see a ban as the way to tackle this problem kristen salumi al-jazeera bridgewater new
12:55 am
jersey south africa's cricket says have sitting and it's all good of 376 to win the foods taste at century and rossi from the descend with a half century in the home side 2nd innings total of 272 then rory burns has scored a 50 for england who 812141 in the chase for victory they need another $255.00 runs to pull off what would be a spectacular victory. italian skier dominic paris made it to world cup titles in as many days with another downhill victory on saturday on the full length stove you call seen bormio harris proved too good for the field and with it when top of the standings for the 1st time in his career overtaking switzerland for us it was an 18 world cup victory overall for paris. and one of skiing stone aimes has her 1st world cup title of the season in her 1st race of the season
12:56 am
olympic champion michela shiffrin winning the giant slalom at lean seen all story on saturday it's the american 63rd world cup victory. it was 3 wins in 5 years for the comanche team in one of the world's toughest sea races the french super maxi yacht to the sydney to hobart race crossing the finish line in the early hours of saturday the crews had to contend with smoke from nearby bushfires while navigating the australian coast commanche set the record for the race in 2017 but on this occasion there were 9 hours that hates and christiane are in although it's far from retirement age is football career was already looking to the future at an international sports conference in dubai on saturday rinaldo indicated that acting in hollywood would interest him once he finally hangs up his boots it will get mushroom going then shred away i want to prepare to face the obstacles of
12:57 am
a new life to do things i don't know how to do for example to participate in a movie in hollywood but you need to have a good preparation and not be nervous but it's hard for me to be nervous in football because that's what i've prepared for my whole life. better get the popcorn ready for that one barbara. probably not peter thank you now a new world record has been set in egypt for the largest cortright made of coffee cups yeah more than 7000 cups were used to make an image of the ancient oil king to turn common 65 kilos of coffee will use than it took 12 hours to complete in order to have the attempt confirmed by the guinness world records none of the resources used can go to waste so organizers said the cups of coffee will be distributed to thousands of workers at the site of the museum where the record attempt to let's stay with us for a few minutes. a
12:58 am
city defined by military occupation is never been an arab state he with the capital of jerusalem everyone is welcome but as the poet structure that mean things because only project does what we diffuse it was one of the founders of the settlement with this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is apartheid in the 21st century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera article to do is adopt donald trump is now the 3rd and president in the history of the united states to be impeached that's what they
12:59 am
should be everyone want to see is major event review for the future of the rest joining us with details coverage and analysis of the trump impeachment on al-jazeera insulation in the king. if you have or associated to it. at least has the potential to be biased in a number of different ways there are too many are for sure for the computer to do. those officers who commit those data entry is wrong to be saying that your son mission is wrong to. kill becoming a suspect before the actual crime and in-depth examination into preventative policing pre-crime on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every.
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a truck bomb explodes during rush hour in the somali capital killing $79.00 people many of them students. blowing barbus are you watching out jazeera life from that also coming out. police used pepper spray on protesters who stormed a shopping mall near mainland china mothers in turkey call for the return of their children who they say were forcibly recruited to fight for the p.k. .


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