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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2020 1:00am-1:33am +03

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the violence stopped when will i be able to return home. iraq's parliament votes to expel u.s. forces while rockets are fired in the heart of baghdad as fears grow over the fallout from the killing of iranian general custom so limited. this is hundreds of thousands of people moving slowly manny's death in iran where officials say his assassination will not go unpunished. i don't take this is our 0 live from london also coming up chaos in venezuela's capital where the opposition has accused the government of mounting a parliamentary crew. a rare moment of rest fighting australia's bushfire crisis but the heat stays on prime minister scott morrison.
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iraq's military says 6 rockets have fallen in baghdad 2 days after top iranian commander custom soleimani and iraqi paramilitary chief of a monday and 100 s. were killed in a u.s. air strike there well this is iraq's parliament voted to expel american troops in the country the resolution was passed during a jury an extraordinary session of parliament and was backed by prime minister a didn't do marty in iran hundreds of thousands of mourners gathered in the city of mashad to welcome home kasim saleman his body it's now arrived in the capital tehran before the final burial in cameron on tuesday well this comes as iran announced it's further rolling back on its commitments to the 2050 nuclear deal saying they'll be no limits on its uranium enrichment capacity meanwhile in lebanon
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hezbollah leader hassan nasrallah has warned the us military will pay the price for silliman his death saying it marks a new phase in the history of the middle east so a binge of aid has more from baghdad where the security situation is tense. we've heard at least 3 explosions here close to the outskirts of the fortified green zone iraqi security forces saying there were 6 in number and landed in around the green zone in baghdad central area where the u.s. embassy and other important buildings are located we were there throughout the day with the iraqi parliament when the proceedings were happening now this attack comes . second night in a row where these projectiles are being fired so far we haven't heard about any casualties although there are reports unconfirmed reports at the moment that some of these rockets landed in a residential area and some civilians might have been injured but this is
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significant because this is the 1st incident after the warning has been lied to his beloved brigades a group which said to iraqi forces and warned them to distance themselves for a 1000 meters away from any u.s. bases or military installations in indicating that there might be attacks from sunday evening on words and this is the 1st incident of its kind although no one has claimed responsibility so far worth noting that has been our brigade is the group which is designated as a terrorist organization which was targeted by u.s. forces on the iraq syria border and was spearheading the protests which surrounded the u.s. embassy an attack that last week. these are live pictures from the iranian capital tehran where kasim saleman his casket has just arrived i said vegas in the iranian capital with more on the day of mourning. jim a sea of mourners millions across the country came out onto the streets nothing
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like this has been witness in iran since the funeral of the founder of the islamic republic at a loss how many 30 years ago the assassination of qassam so the money has united a country and its different political factions donald trump street threatening to targeted rein in cultural sites has encouraged even more defiance. but there are some if we sacrifice our life for him if we sacrifice our blood for him it is still not enough i mean. you did you kill. them or their parents or children. yes it's ready love. the money get ready for a big brother well khaleel we. are with you on the streets of iran the event has reshaped the political dynamic. in november there were anti-government protests across the country but now the government and political
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establishment here have unprecedented support images of general so the money put up across the country and port named after him even streets named in his honor everyone is being reminded of his contribution to iran and what's seen as his ultimate sacrifice. so the money's daughter has asked to bring in president hassan rouhani and the need to of lebanon's hezbollah hassan nasrallah to avenge her father's death destination has now resulted in iran announcing it has no limits to its nuclear activities including uranium enrichment its stockpiles and research and development the deal is now old but. iran says no one can dictate to what kind of response it will give to america no need in marjah don't really know that this adventure has painful repercussions don't fret india iranian nation with your ignorance you put the lives of americans and it's boss region at risk you better pack up and. from the region. resale countries and the rest of the world with nervousness as the fear of
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a new conflict grows the killing of one man that is now threatening to reshape the face of the middle east as i bake al-jazeera. is present donald trump has reacted today's event well on this let's cross to john hendren in washington d.c. and it's been via twitter i suppose as usual what's he been saying. that's right the president left his more law go resort in florida within the past half hour he did not talk to reporters but he didn't leave without saying anything he did issue this tweet threatening iran with military military strikes if they were to retaliate to the killing of sulaimani the president wrote these media posts will serve as notification to the united states congress that should iran strike any u.s. person or target the united states will quickly and fully strike back and perhaps in a disproportionate manner this is probably the 1st time the any u.s. president has ever notified congress of an impending military strike via twitter
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but that is what he is doing a lot of people believe that that is a requirement of the u.s. war powers act that limits a president to 48 hours of sending troops anywhere without congressional approval and there are a lot of people very upset in congress right now meanwhile the president has been talking to his allies we have statements out from emanuel mccrone of france saying that he found many to be destabilizing boris johnson of the united kingdom also spoke to the president and said that tsunami posed a threat he said we will not lament his death but he also went on to say that retaliation is in no one's interest and it should be noted that the president has designated 52 targets he says he hasn't told them told us what they are but those are allegedly one target for each of the $52.00 americans who were held hostage in iran in 1979 during the revolution there the state department has put out a much more moderate statement saying they were disappointed by the vote of the
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iraqi parliament urging the expulsion of u.s. troops saying we strongly urge iraqi leaders to reconsider so it's been a newsy day here in the u.s. the president will be arriving at the white house in the next couple of hours it is possible that we may hear from him in the meantime the u.s. led coalition against arsenal has said that suspending operations tell us more about the significance of that. that's right the u.s. central command which is the pentagon unit responsible for the middle east has put out a statement saying that it was pausing the fight against isis it is doing that in order that it can focus on protecting the bases where u.s. troops and contractors are that's after a series of rocket attacks over the past several weeks one of them killed an american military contractor what this means in is that other people are going to have to pick up that fight or that fight will have to pause entirely that means more burden on iraqi troops and ironically on the iranian militias that the u.s.
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has been so critical of so the u.s. is making a lot of friends there john 100 thank you very much indeed. venezuela's opposition is denouncing what they're calling a parliamentary coupe off to opposition politician luis parra declared himself as the head of the national assembly for more latin america as a solution human joins us from caracas so he has talk us through this kind of complicated scenario in venezuela. very complicated scenario indeed it began in the morning away the very suspicious movements around the national assembly with most of the opposition deputies not being allowed to to surpass at least 3 or 4 national guardsmen barriers that had been placed even the even the journalists we couldn't get into the national
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assembly but eventually little by little they were allowed in but not to a group of around 31 guys all up until then was the president of the national assembly and has been the self-proclaimed president of the country said he would not go in unless they were all allowed to go in and while all that took place inside a sperry small group of opposition deputies who have turned on by who have been accused by the way all of one of them i understand of being embroiled in a mass corruption scandal they said they suddenly said they would no longer supported and one of them was sworn in as the new president in a very very irregular situation where there was not a roll call where there was an even accounting a formal counting of hands to see how many people really voted for that but it was mainly a small minority all the pro-government deputies with another small minority of opposition deputies were no longer support they let that pass informally while i go
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was trying to jump over the fence it was a very very tall fence with spikes his jacket was ripped a lot of people were hurt and the national guardsmen we saw that ourselves pushed them out they wouldn't allow him to get in and right now he has just been nominated in the building that it has right behind me which is actually a newspaper building with a group of around 90 opposition deputies they have really held the session and so he has just been nominated again as the president of the national assembly and is the interim president of the venezuela and they are voting one by one and there is no doubt that in the next hour or less he will be again. supposedly voted in but the question is who is going to recognize that besides the international community president google has just announced that or has just held a conference a televised conference saying that all this proves that why go no longer has the support of the opposition that there's a new a new directive now in the national assembly which is the only just the only
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institution in this country that is actually recognized around the world as being the judum it so it's a very very complex situation which is just going to raise the stakes even further . is it your impression that the listen the kind of divisions this in the opposition as it has essentially strengthened maduro's position. that is not so clear in fact many people have been saying all along that the status quo is what strengthens medaled this position because they were in a kind of a limbo why they always losing terrain and it was losing support because they hadn't been able to dethrone my little and it was just a matter of time and it is just a matter of time before there will be new elections this year for a new legislative assembly by then they assumed that. rather than i would be in a stronger position so this is not the status quo anymore this brings the conflict to
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a new level once again that had been rather dormant over the last few months here. whether whether this is going to really help. or not is still a very very big question but it is going to raise the level of conflict of indians country this in humans thank you very much indeed. for the most ill to come including funerals for the army cadets killed in the libyan government and no doubt used to play. in the hong kong protests take a new turn with police cracking down on traders showing that anger across the board of business. had there we have seen a change in the weather across the southeast of australia and not a moment too soon this is the line of cloud bringing with it those rain showers and
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that continuing to bring some showers really across areas in the south as i say victoria on into more eastern sections of new south wales and bring the temperatures down at the same time a lot lower than they were but still pretty well in adelaide 27 celsius on monday one of the likely into sydney where we have got the rain is up into the northwest of western australia this is a possible tropical cycle and this developing this is one we'll watch very closely in the coming days some very strong winds and heavy rain even if it doesn't develop into a cycle miracles where we need the rain we've just got really no more than a few showers that they tend to become a little bit heavier as we go through tuesday across those eastern areas of new south wales that if you shazam if you snow flurries working their way across areas of japan pretty clear up into the far north of china just as well it is cold it is chris and it looks very nice this is the harbin ice festival and look at this and as a say plenty of good clear weather in the 4 calls that have been not so across will southern and central areas of china bunch of rain working its way eastwards and very warm ahead of this system particularly in shanghai for the next couple of days
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the chance of showers but warm with have 21 that's 13 above average. capturing a moment in time. the snapshots of other lives. of the stories. providing the tips into someone else's what. day it was due day or. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. but witness on al-jazeera.
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armont of the top stories on our 0 iraq's military says at least 3 rockets have fallen in baghdad 2 days after a top iranian commander customs really money and iraqi paramilitary chief hundreds were killed in a u.s. airstrike there this is iraq's parliament has voted to expel american troops from the country. and these are live pictures from the iranian capital tehran where custom solmonese casket is arriving greeted by huge crowds it comes as iran and outs its further growing back on its commitments to the 2050 nuclear deal saying there will be no limits on its uranium enrichment capacity. but israel is opposition is denouncing what they're calling a parliamentary crew after one by doors block from the national assembly where opposition politician who is power that himself you had.
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at least one u.s. soldier and 2 american military contract has been killed in an attack on a kenyan army base the base known as camp simba is located in lamu county in southeastern kenya the armed group al-shabaab has claimed responsibility for their sold many fighters from the group were reportedly killed several aircraft and military vehicles were destroyed which is in kenya's capital nairobi she says there are plenty of questions left unanswered following a series of al-shabaab attacks over the past few days. it was an audacious attack the military base is heavily fortified protective about the king and american troops but al shabaab still managed to break through they destroyed the military planes and infrastructure on the base is a very volatile is an area called borneo forests and over the years the kenyan defense force they've been going in out of the forest trying to flush out al shabaab fighters and they've been casualties on both sides on
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a passenger bus was attacked along the road in the county area al-shabaab fighters they shot at the bus and 3 people were killed just last week in somalia a truck bomb went off killing dozens of people in the capital mogadishu there are concerns that al-shabaab is gaining more and more prominence in this particular week and they've attacked king in the past they have attacked uganda and also somalia over the weekend as well a few days ago there was an air strike in somalia with the u.s. army. some places in somalia trying to flush al shabaab out they say they killed some senior officials by no names or given so people on the ground are now asking how did al-shabaab manage to break through this base which was heavily fortified in alarm and questions are being asked on the ground what security measures does kenya have in place to make an attack like this doesn't happen again libya's u.n. backed government has declared 3 days of mourning for the victims of saturday's
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airstrike on a military academy in tripoli it was carried out by forces loyal to the warlord holly for have to at least 30 students were killed and dozens more wounded would have been more had reports from tripoli. i funerals for the young military students killed in an air strike in tripoli. and libya as you enter the government in no doubt ho to blame for the attack one of the country's backing warlords have to wonder are. we pledged to take revenge on the united arab emirates that states have been conspiring against us since the beginning of the 17th of february pollution in 2011 a spokesman for have told denied his forces were responsible saying the incident would be investigated but the investigation is also required now from the un mission to send fact finding committees to the location of the bombing our general
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come on denies that any of his units talked to the site using attorney fire or air force and this isn't part of a morals a customs and it doesn't affect our military ethics medical workers who are unable to identify some of the students. but is so badly burned or increases 18 year old a mad from the city of god who are survived the attack. we had just finished dinner we went out to the courtyard has the attack happened i lost consciousness i woke up in the hospital with a magic pill is to you didn't die in this course you are the it is spent less than 2 months in training under the theme those who attacked us have a grudge against us because our army is based on professional values an affiliation to the homeland not to a dictator this military is a long way. and its students from different cities and regions are
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not taken part in the battle for control of tripoli state officials say it was a foreign war plane that carried out the attack and want the government to cut all ties with those countries supporting kelly for health. have to the forces launched an offensive to seize tripoli in april has that has the support of egypt russia the united arab emirates and france and backed libyan government by turkey these families mourning gloved ones know the agony they're going to throw is likely to be repeated again and again as there is no end in sight to the fighting mahmoud up there were hate. tripoli estradiol prime minister scott morrison has defended his leadership and his government's response to the australian bush fires hundreds of fires of unprecedented size continue to devastate large areas of
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australia arson is known for his skeptical views on climate change i was heavily criticised for taking a holiday during the crisis he says now is not the time for apportioning blame or continue to demonstrate what we're doing through our actions sure there's been a lot of commentary there's been plenty of criticism i've had the benefit of a lot of analysis on a lot of issues but i can't be distracted by that and the public i now are not distracted by that what they need us to focus on all of us actually all of us focusing on the needs there in the communities and getting the support where it needs to go that's very much where my focus is and and that's where we'll continue to be working closely with the states and territories working closely with my ministers in the i can seize the defense forces the new recovery i can see to be led by mr coburn in ensuring that i have the support resources and communications that i know there's at least some small relief for firefighters battling the
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australian bushfires with slightly cooler temperatures and even light rain in some regions jessica washington is in batemans bay on australia's east coast. this was once a leafy beachside suburb fires ripped apart this community on the new south wales south coast destroying most houses. hundreds of bush fires are burning across parts of the country worsened by severe drought and intense heat but after weeks of bad news finally the much needed arrival of cooler temperatures and even a bit of rain quite call it's now again in the light twenty's and humidity is right you have some lying today thank goodness i don't think i've ever seen right for a while so that's helped the faucet. immensely it's still not out there or what i want people to get complacent curzon making the most of this brief window of cooler conditions to bring more fires under control but across many parts of australia
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fires are burning at emergency levels and this brief spell of rain isn't enough just soffits before the heat inevitably returns thousands of fallen here firefighters are in the field protecting communities around affected states weans are you know very very a lot less than your supply temperatures and these are great conditions to truong a good time watching thousands of people are still without power with no indication of when it will return for those on the front lines astray leah's longest a bushfire emergency is taking its toll this volunteer firefighter was defending the houses of others when his prized vintage bend was raised by flames he had spent 10 years collecting the parts to put it together. a call for. really aren't always in here. it's gone.
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and. they were coming from. persons. treasured possessions family homes. dozens of lives this season has already taken so much from so many. and there's still likely to be weeks of devastation to come jessica washington al-jazeera batemans bay astray. students and teachers at one of india's leading universities have been attacked after a group of masked men stormed the campus in the capital new delhi a student to the ruling b j p party is being blamed and police are also accused of not taking action quickly enough until burra has more now from new delhi on sunday evening about 50 miles men holding on rolls went inside a campus of university in new delhi. he took some students of
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that to many others who were also allegations that the beat up some teachers that is well now the students of university have protested against the controversial citizenship law this is a these men were no rules but members of the repeat which is another students' union affiliated with the ruling party the nationalist party. this happened on the day that protesters. also complained that police had gone out and asked them to leave they are worried that they may be asked to wrap up the protests and all of this is happening at a time when india's home minister has started what's being described as a door to door campaign to convince people that the controversial citizenship law may be a good thing for the country. croatia will have a new president after zoran melana bitch won the runoff election 2 weeks after the initial vote produced no clear winner
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a former prime minister milan of which won more than 53 percent of the vote it's a rare win for a left wing leader in central europe where populists and conservatives have dominated in recent times incumbent president kalinda grab architecture of which took just under 47 percent creation has just taken over the european union's rotating presidency for the 1st time when it will be tasked for the next 6 months was overseeing the ukase breaks it departure. tallon police have charged a drunk driver with murder after his car plowed into pedestrians killing 6 german tourists 11 more people were injured in the incident in a village in the alps close to the austrian border the tourists had just left a nightclub when the car hit them at high speed police say the driver was 4 times over the drink drive limit. petrol bombs were thrown at a hong kong police station and dozens of people arrested after march near the chinese border thousands demonstrating peacefully in showing sri district demanding
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that mainland chinese traders leave the territory but things turned violent when police tried to end the protest on congress had more than 6 months of anti-government demonstrations and is under serious florence 3 reports there's no end in sight. now this protest is organized by a local district council of many of whom were just recently elected into office at local district council elections last november now the purpose of this protest is to demonstrate the un happiness that people here feel against the practice of power allow trading past the practice of mainland chinese traders who come over to hong kong many of whom here shop here this is the northern territories and it's close to the mainland china they come over here they take advantage of lower taxes but hong kong has they buy items in bulk and to sell them back in china for a profit now locals here dislike this practice because they say causes them
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difficulties sometimes shortages of goods it also drives up the price of goods now people here say they don't like the practice of parallel trading because it they believe it's something that benefits mainly mainland chinese trade is rather than the people here but it's this protest is also an example of how a local issue is being used by pro-democracy protesters to highlight the wider unhappiness they feel against the hong kong government and protests in hong kong have been going on for 7 months now entering into the 8th month and really this turned out this demonstration just highlights how the anti-government sentiment isn't going anywhere. and bluefin tuna has sold for almost $1800000.00 in japan's capital the 2nd highest price on record 276 kilogram fish was auctioned off at tokyo's to use to fish market the successful bit. ahead of a japanese sushi restaurant chain last year killer set the record of purchasing at
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you know just over $3000000.00 quick money catch up any time on our website is us about his al-jazeera dot com. one of the top stories here on al-jazeera iraq's military says at least 3 rockets have fallen in baghdad 2 days off the top iranian commander custom silly money and iraqi paramilitary chief a boomer down where hundreds were killed in a u.s. airstrike that well this is iraq's parliament has voted to expel american troops from the country the resolution was passed during an extraordinary session of parliament and was backed by prime minister abdul mahdi. really money's casket has arrived in iran's capital tehran greeted by huge crowds earlier hundreds of thousands of mourners gathered in the city of mashad to welcome the body home.
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meanwhile 11 and hizbollah leader hassan nasrallah warned the u.s. military will pay the price for surly ronnie's death saying it marks a new phase in the history of the middle east. i'll be clear there are sponsors is to target their merican military presence in the region their american military bases their vessels every american officer and soldier in our region and our countries on our soul their american army is the one who killed these people and they are the ones who will be paying the price. at least one u.s. soldier and 2 american military contractors have been killed in an attack on a kenyan army base the base known as camp simba is located in lamu county in southeastern kenya the armed group has claimed responsibility if they are sold many fighters from the group were reportedly killed. australian prime minister scott morrison has defended his leadership and his government's response to the
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australian bush trials larson is known for his skeptical views on climate change and was heavily criticised for taking a holiday during the crisis cooler temperatures and light rain in some regions have given the firefighters some slight rest by petrol bombs were thrown into hong kong police station and dozens of people arrested after a march near the chinese border thousands demonstrated peacefully is showing sri distrait demanding that mainland chinese traders leave the territory things turned violent when police tried to end the protests there's that leinster stay with us this paris voice of the suburbs is coming next i finish. on counting the cost 2020 we pick through what could be the whole geo political a geo economic topics of the year for the most important election in the free world and we ask if the world can come together to tackle global warming inequality a globalized. culture but cost on al-jazeera.
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also going to be done. so it's not at all but almost gone.


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