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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 3, 2020 10:00am-10:34am +03

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jews in. turkey vols to retaliate off to 4 soldiers were killed in shelling by syrian government forces in. a low from doha everyone i'm kemal santamaria this is the world news from al-jazeera coronavirus alarms investors chinese stocks of fallen 9 percent as the epidemic spreads further 'd killing more than $360.00 people now also fears of an escalation in violence in libya as reports suggest an arms build up by forces loyal to war belief huffed.
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and jubilation is the can city chiefs pull off a sensational win to lift the superbowl for the 1st time in its. developments in syria 1st of all where government shelling has killed 4 turkish soldiers in the northern province of idlib so his defense ministry says 9 were also injured remember has been sending its reinforcements into the area trying to counter a syrian government offensive in and aleppo it labe is syria's last rebel held stronghold speaking just moments ago turkey's president a jet type or one said his forces have responded to that attack by the syrians and the turkey will retaliate against attacks in northeast syria. he has carried out a direct response to that to tank this was done through the defenses and to war
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plans this is for the sake of our brothers and a globe well turkish forces launched their military operation in northeast syria back in october of last year trying to drive the syrian kurdish forces away from its border that was triggered by the us his decision to withdraw military support to the kurdish syrian democratic forces the s.d.f. both of them were involved in fighting eisel the turks control a long strip of territory between the towns. and ain in northeast syria egypt and russia's president vladimir putin brokered a cease fire in january in that area but it collapsed when syrian forces backed by russia launched their campaign to recapture it which brings us up to today and here is the team covering this one step boston in moscow be with you shortly of course russia key ally to syria's president starting though with some close to you in istanbul the details 1st of all cinema what we know about this attack. welcome all
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this attack happened early in the morning 4 turkish soldiers got killed around 2 am local time this is what i have learned turkey as you have stated turkey has been sending reinforcements to the region in order to help the syrian opposition for the last couple of days and a yesterday there was a huge reinforcement deployment around area because turkey is trying to as stablish 3 more military observation ports inside of the escalation zone as threw off its 12th military observation post are currently surrounded by the syrian government government forces as they have advance in southern it what is interesting is that those 3 military post that are current the being surrounded by the syrian government forces they haven't been attacked but why is that now happening why this new military post in in south of it is being attacked this was
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a question i checked with my sources on the ground it is not a military observer post that has been attacked but the turkish military convoy that was being deployed to the area so it is perceived by the military experts that the syrian government try to give a message to turkey that you can't score far from this point turkey has been trying to ease an ease the pressure on the civilians and it also because of the displacement internal displacement is also causing a lot of problems for turkey there are at least 700000 by the border right now as u.s. and war into syria jim james jeffrey has stated last week so this is a critical issue but let's remember this all these things are happening despite a peace plan a cease fire is on the table as stan and such a peace process is are underway and let's just remember
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a couple of weeks ago. turkish officials paid a visit to moscow and we learned that syrian intelligence chief and it took his intelligence chief met and this wasn't the 1st time that they came together for backdoor diplomacy so this is interesting why is it happening turkey isn't it live in the escalation zone to prevent any clashes between the opposition and the syrian government forces and it's not only turkish military and they're also the syria is also some iranian forces floss russian forces are on the ground in order to preserve the escalation zone in order to preserve the non-conflict so right now it is a question whether it russian president who is also one of the goran tours of the asuna process is approving this we haven't heard from russia we haven't from o.b. how intent heard from the syrian government yet no one has claimed the clashes what we learned from the turkish sick turkish military sources is that these are these
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are probably the fighter groups that are the elements of the syrian government because so far yes turkish cornwallis have been attacked so far the turkish military posts from time to time have been to rest but not directed by the syrian government is syrian army but the shia fighter were upset so it is important what kind of messages are going to come out from damascus and moscow as well ok thank you for that sort of consoling and stumble over to moscow now here's step vasant step as sin and points out no official response here but maybe just the context you can give us fitting rusher into this and the fact as we saw the pictures there they were part of a peace process and a deescalation purposes as well which is clearly not working. exactly we haven't heard anything official here from from moscow yet all we know is what's coming from the turkish side about this incident but of course this comes at the back of an escalation that has been going on for
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a couple of weeks actually and also on friday of course a president accused russia of of violating the stan and sochi agreement so with this continuous shiling and attacking in together with the forces there is of course a lot of diplomatic hustle and bustle going on right now as we speak president out of one mansion in there has been some phone calls back and forth and he is also planning to speak directly with president putin what he considers a very close friend of course they have this very bombastic cease fire announcement in january not only about if only but also about. libya but that a cease fire never held at all the shelling and the attacks continued there were a lot of accusations that the syrian forces together with russia were also bombarding civilian targets russia has always denied this up until of friday the
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word denials about these so these attacks on civilians they sat there only attacking terrorists as they call them and also we have to know of course that the president putin has been urging the one to also stick to his side of the stand and such agreements which means that there has to be this deescalation zones that's why these observation posts have been in place but there's also some interesting reports that there because of all this traffic between moscow and damascus recently a lot of people have been going back and forth and also president putin himself went to the mosque is there might be some trouble as well and that and that assad is maybe doing exactly what he wants himself at the moment but that's still has to be confirmed we are still waiting to hear from from moscow officially. thank you step in moscow let's bring all this together now with use of. security and the stalls are retired turkish armed forces colonel his own scott from thank you for
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your time. as i hear from both correspondents there i hear the 2 tracks one is the military side of things one is the attempts at diplomacy and peace efforts in your opinion which is the one which is actually going to either work or is just going to be the one which has to be followed in the end. to tell the truth by you're using the military forces is also part of the diplomacy but i can say that from now on that will not be any. force in order to give an end to all kind of clashes inside the story in the area because all kind of diplomatic force has been given so far by president to go on and it has been the clear is. the 12th of january but didn't work so on a new refuge of law came to the door after turkey which is more than 710000
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that is a big track to turkey in terms of socially in terms of economy clee and also a demographic change not inside syria but also at the same time inside the cities up to turkey producers in turkey see it as a red line and needed to really they before yesterday start to set up and boot a military boot up in sight there for this reason from now wrong there won't be any solution using the military intervention in this area from my point of course but that does not mean that you diplomacy will not work we will see after. you side decisive the use this military intervention in the area hard diplomacy real change on the table well is there maybe it needs different diplomacy or even a different player we saw the pictures there before of presidents. putin and russia
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honey all talking about this is there another broker is anyone else interested in trying to bring this to a conclusion. also from my own perspective that can be also some interaction in in terms of diplomacy that the united states has given up some speeches especially the special and more james jeffrey state that they are acting together would be 30 inside the beria but the quays shows us very clearly that turkey also cannot trust to the united states diplomacy in this area because what we know that during the peace supreme court ration during it there are only a branch operation the united states is also acting together according to the turkish political idea together with the terrorist groups for this reason probably in this case turkey should act as long as in the case of the other operations and save the
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area from the aggregation of the. militia the shells which is backed by the iranian government and also to their subs regime but what can i say that. maybe a couple of birds have off the silence of the evil policy is because turkey is trying to engage also the e.u. foreign policy is the syria because the refugee crisis is not along the problem of the turkish side but in these circumstances it will be a big problem also probably a e.u. perspective this isn't an other. actor maybe the evil titian's may be supporting the turkey's actions inside the defense because of the refugee crisis and has been on a think that your country's does not want to see thank you for those thoughts you have the important there as well used to fight about it with us from thank you.
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let's move to the corona virus outbreak chinese people are returning to their homes after lunar new year holidays and there is more grim news about that rapidly spreading virus at least $362.00 people have not died and more than 17000 have been infected a hospital which was built in just 10 days it started receiving patients in the city which is of course the center of that out right. on the financial side of things stocks have fallen nearly 9 percent which is the biggest falls since 2015 despite the central bank pledging $173000000000.00 to stabilize one of the world's biggest economies in hong kong also hundreds of medical workers have walked off the job demanding the border with the mainland be closed to help contain the outbreak so let's go to hong kong and here is adrian brown for us hi adrian let's talk about that 1st of all what's happening in hong kong with
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a medical workers strike at such a critical time. yet that's just about the last thing that hong kong's already overstretched public service needs right now these medical workers are from a union that was a actually born out of the protest movement that began more than 7 months ago here in hong kong so what is happening is that this health emergency is now being politicized now this new group which claims to have you know several 1000 members say that they want the government to close the border between hong kong and china because they believe that is going to be the best way to control the virus now we don't know what impact so far their industrial action is going to have it only began several hours ago we'll be hearing from the hospital authority later on the soft in hong kong time to get their assessment so far on on what has been happening but so far it seems that it hasn't had
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a major impact on hong kong's public health system now there are about 40000 doctors and nurses working in the public health system and private health system the public health system here in hong kong provides care to about 90 percent of of the population the big concern i think at the moment here in hong kong and you pointed out in your introduction actually is that we have anything between 250-002-3000 extension 00 people returning to hong kong from the mainland from celebrating the lunar new year with their friends and family they will be coming back during the coming days not just from you know areas close to the infected area in china which is hand and who pay problems but from other parts of china where this disease has also been detected and confirmed we also have to remember kemal that you know every day people in hong kong leave here to go across
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the border to work in cities like shuns in which is just on the other side of the border on saturday for instance more than. $40000.00 people made the journey there and back and about 90 percent of the people coming into hong kong each day are actually hong kong chinese citizens so that's why it is so so complicated just a quick word if you wouldn't mind hadrian on the financial side of things i mentioned how much stocks have fallen not a huge surprise but i mean the chinese government is already trying to shore things up and it didn't come the market at all yet you know that's why we have seen fools in indexes right across asia of course that was bound to be expected this is the 1st time that they opened since the end of the chinese new year holidays but what the government has done is it's now pumping a huge amount of money into the banking system more than $170000000000.00 what the
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government in beijing wants to avoid is a credit crunch so it's trying to ensure that the banks have plenty of money to lend so it wants to avoid you know the sort of crunch that has happened during previous crisis on the mainland and of course you know there being predictions that you know economic growth on the mainland could slow to perhaps you know 3 or 2 percent if that is the case that is going to have no major impact on other economies around the world adrian brown in hong kong thank you for that update. still plenty of news ahead on al-jazeera. i'm alan fischer in iowa where they're about to cast the 1st votes in the 2020 u.s. presidential election campaign it's not fox because it's important it's important because it's 1st. and no laughing matter film stars tackle the issue of diversity head on at britain's movie awards.
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hello again welcome back to international weather forecast well it's been quite mild here across parts of europe as we enter the week and came into the weekend we're talking about temperatures into the teens across many areas of course we've had plenty of clouds and rain across much of this region but things that could be changing as we go and start the week here on monday though we're still going to see those temperatures above average you can see is 18 degrees a lot of teens across much of central europe but that's going to change as we go towards tuesday that westerly flow is going to change we're going to start seeing a more north westerly flow if not a northerly flow that's going to bring that colder air down and look at these temperatures we're talking about single digits across many areas we're talking about a change of about $8.00 to $10.00 degrees in some locations as well as not just heavy snow but down here towards the southeast it's going to be
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a mix of rain and snow as well as we go towards wednesday that system did you make its way down here towards the southeast very messy across parts of greece as well as into turkey here across zagreb look at your forecast for the next 5 days those temperatures are really coming down starting at 18 here on monday by the time we get towards thursday we're talking about 7 degrees there overnight we are talking about into the minus 2 degree area here across benghazi it is going to be cloudy with the possibility some showers in the temps are a 70. gives you a deal dead and did you get the peace prize too soon. is this going to hurt or help donald trump's reelection chances and in theory for one thing you could shoot somebody on 5th avenue and not have any consequence this is not a muslim issue this is a human colony issue join me man of the house and as i put up from questions to my
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special guests and challenge them to some straight talking to go debate here on al-jazeera. give it out to see where these are our top stories turkey's president says his military has hit back at syrian government forces after shelling killed 4 turkish soldiers in syria has been sending military reinforcements to know syria to counter a government offensive. and he built a hospital in china has begun treating patients affected by the coronavirus the death toll in china as i was in the 361 or 17000 people infected. and the economic impact of the virus is growing chinese stocks fell nearly 9 percent early
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on monday the biggest falls since 2015 that was after china's central bank pledged $173000000000.00 to stabilize one of the world's biggest economies. there are concerns growing in libya that the forces of the war khalifa haftar may be preparing to renew full scale fighting analysts say have to receive large supplies of weapons from the united arab emirates on the other side turkey has sent naval frigates troops and weapons to support the internationally recognized government of tony burke in tripoli. libyans have been voicing their frustration and anger at what many see is the lack of meaningful effort to end the conflict. much of the anger is directed at those who they see as responsible for prolonging hostilities but it's also aimed at the international community which they see as giving rule of khalifa haftar equal status with the internationally recognized
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government to. the building conference 2 weeks ago was meant to ease tensions and in force a ceasefire it has done neither the international community and europe in particular is as divided as ever over how to solve the problem europe is a big failure. europe they are not united they are fighting on libya france and italy. england is trying to watch their dear dear they are involved. now. out of europe now maybe they will act more because it may be they will have their own policy we hope so the united states once so vocal on libyan issues has remained largely silent the un envoy to libya gas and salami has been visiting both sides to try and broker a lasting cease fire but so far with no success there have been more than $100.00
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violations since it began on january 12th there is supposed to be an arms embargo here but with 2000 kilometers of coastline and 3 and a half 1000 kilometers of land border with 6 countries enforcing it is near impossible and there are concerns that both sides are stockpiling weapons and equipment and government forces are preparing in case there is a full resumption of fighting there are unconfirmed reports that the united arab emirates has given more than 3000 tons of weapons including drones to have to ask forces and 2 turkish frigates like these are right off the coast of libya to add to the approximately 2000 soldiers and pro turkish syrian fighters who are said to be reinforcing tripoli's defenses now turkey make a balance to him from the door was a window or from the back. they came because they have an agreement with the government so if he would like to now they are coming. you know flights that you know on smuggling what they wear what they what they see
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from image and egypt they are smuggling weapons after us forces have been attacking tripoli with rockets and artillery fire for 10 months they've also imposed a blockade of oil ports that are so far cost the country nearly $700000000.00 the economic impact can already be seen rubbish is piling in the streets of the capital because there is not enough money to pay workers and prices are starting to rise. the government has dedicated soldiers but needs international help it says it is the only way for this conflict and but have to our side has said repeatedly that any solution will be done on the battlefield tony berkeley al-jazeera tripoli. u.s. democratic presidential hopefuls have made their final pitch to voters ahead of monday's nominating process in iowa the state has held the 1st caucuses for more than 40 years and the results can indicate how well a candidate might do in the future is alan fischer looking at why iowa is 1st and
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whether that might change. thanks this is the benefit from going 1st the chance to meet the candidates face to face to ask them questions to test their positions iowa is not 1st because it's important it's important because its 1st iowa has been the 1st in the nation contest since 1972 that's because it's caucus process is drawn out and complicated presidential campaigns can spark into life here or be extinguished that gives people incredible power one report suggests voters in iowa have 20 times more influence than almost any other state the weight and meaning of iowa is really supplied by our national media establishment this is the 1st time they have hard results from actual voters and so it's just as an opportunity to essentially understand where these candidates are in the race iowa is predominately white it's mainly rudel has few big industries essentially it doesn't look a lot like the rest of america there are plenty who would like to see the 1st
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contest held in the state this more representative of america as a whole but that's simply not going to happen if somewhere were to move its primary or its caucuses in iowa would move it so and because the state law says it always has to be flushed and the people here insist they take their responsibilities very seriously in vetting presidential candidates and i just think that you know we've made good decisions in the past not always. money you want very important to know that the people that are on the 1st line for cook is doing our knowledgeable and could represent minorities throughout the united states when he spews political watcher says the people here know that doing their job for the rest of the country i will say in terms of the diversity of the state. iowans care about a wide variety of issues there's a lot of issues including issues that relate to the minority communities they get aired in the iowa caucuses there's a brown and black forum specifically dedicated to giving candidates an opportunity
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to air their issues where basically all we may hear country or not the health care some politicians have skipped iowa complaining of its size influence it's never worked out for them whether they like it or not for the moment the road to the white house goes through here alan fischer al-jazeera des moines iowa. still in the u.s. in the kansas city chiefs have won their 1st super bowl in 50 years. tens of thousands of people celebrated the win the chiefs scoring 3 touchdowns in a final call to come back for a 3120 victory over the san francisco 49 ers and agalloch is in miami with supporters of the chiefs have been celebrating off to the big. will not see the kansas city chiefs of one for the 1st time since 19 since you can see the seeds of jubilation here people who traveled all the way from kansas couldn't afford
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tickets but decided to soak up the atmosphere here in miami listen up and have none this year you came all the way you can see with me. the whole jail is going to be ruined you know the. oh no i was 12 2 years ago when they wanted you know you know. this is great and it was a pretty close game don't don't know why and that's never gonna use this quarterback down again did you ever want to give up on you know he's just. it was very odd. to be crazy remember when i watched this game. in the last few seconds. i've watched. they love their interest they. have it in london for the british academy film awards the bafta this year's ceremony though
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overshadowed by criticism again of the lack of diversity among nominees and it's been highlighted by one of the winners hammad reports welcome to the british academy film awards a star studded ceremony that's one of the best in the world of film and the top winner of the night 1917 san mandy's for 90. the world war one movie won 7 awards including best film and best director. and best documentary went to for some a film about a young mothers experience in syria's civil war as we speak and there was a bombing and shelling on over 3500000 civilians these people there and they should hear your voice now they should hear that britain as a country as a great country when that happened again renee zellweger one best actress for her role in judy thanks everyone and laura dern best supporting actress for marriage
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story so thank you bafta thank you for including me in this room of extraordinary artists amid the glamour there was criticism for lack of diversity of the 4 acting categories none of the nominations included minorities joaquin phoenix who won best actor for his role in joker address the issue i think it is the obligation. of the people that have created and perpetuate and benefit from this. of oppression to be the ones that dismantle it so that's on us thank you for the 7th year no woman was nominated for best director in so many women made great films this year. and i think it just goes to show you that there is the systemic problem brad pitt won best supporting actor for his role in once upon a time in hollywood in a message read out by his costar margot robbie he referenced brags that. her just
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became single welcome to the club i the prestigious ceremony has been celebrated for more than 70 years. amid criticism for lack of diversity baptise chairwoman said the academy will review its voting procedures including the types of films being made and how they are marketed for him mohamad al jazeera. just a quick reminder of the headlines for you turkey's president says his military has hit back at syrian government forces after 4 turkish soldiers died in shelling in italy and has been sending military reinforcements to northern syria to counter a syrian government offensive there speaking moments ago turkey's president reject typer one says his forces will continue to retaliate against the syrians. he has carried out a direct response to that attack this was done through the defenses and to war
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plans this is for the sake of our brothers and a globe of headlines a newly built hospital in china has begun treating patients affected by coronavirus the death toll in china is now 361 with more than 17000 people infected and the economic impact of the virus is growing chinese stocks fell nearly 9 percent early on monday the biggest full since 2015 china's central bank has pledged $173000000000.00 to stabilize one of the world's biggest economies. and yes in the united states the town's city chiefs have won their 1st super bowl in 50 years the chase with a stunning comeback a $3120.00 victory over the san francisco $49.00 is in miami and those are your headlines inside story is next. we understand the different cities and similarities of cultures across the land sentimental value taking al-jazeera
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bringing you the news and current affairs that matter to. the corona virus is spreading around the world and so is the alarm countries are closing their borders and banning travel in an attempt to contain the outbreak but all these measures you know how difficult is it to control the virus this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm daryn jordan the coronavirus us so far killed more than 300 people with at least 14000 infected in over 20 countries it's been just over a month since the disease was 1st detected in china as well and city.


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