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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 3, 2020 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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holding the powerful to account as we examine the u.s. its role in the war on al jazeera. turkey says it has struck back after 5 of its soldiers and a civilian died in shelling by syrian government forces. doha everyone i'm kemal santamaria this is the world news from al-jazeera hong kong has closed most of its border crossings with china to try to contain the coronavirus and as the epidemic spreads chinese stocks are falling the main shanghai index dropped nearly 9 percent in trading on monday. iran says it will no longer share data with ukraine on the investigation into last month's plane crash
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after air traffic control recently. so turkey says it has struck back against syrian military targets off to 5 of its soldiers and one civilian working with the military were killed they died in syrian government shelling in the northern province of. where turkey recently sent in its reinforcements russia of course a key ally of syria during its war is denying any syrian forces were targeted though turkey's president reject type one says quote 30 to 35 syrian soldiers have been killed. about 30 to 35 syrian soldiers were eliminated within these positions and as we cede we openly made it clear that we are targeting the syrian forces simply because it was the man who attacked your soldiers we cannot sit on
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our hands we will hold to account all those responsible for the attack on tooter soldiers given the context here turkish forces launched their military operation in the north east of syria back in october of last year the idea was to drive the kurdish why p. g. forces away from its border that in turn had been triggered by the us decision to withdraw its military support to the kurds to the syrian democratic forces there overthrew involved in fighting i thought so as it stands now the turks control a long strip of territory between the towns of. ain in the northeast of syria president obama and his russian counterpart vladimir putin brokered a cease fire in the area in january but it collapsed when syrian forces backed by russia launched a campaign to recapture if they ankara is accusing moscow of going back on that deal right let's what's that fastened in moscow she says it appears rusher is
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downplaying the shelling of turkish soldiers. there has been one statement from the recon reconciliation center which is based at the russian airbase in syria and they basically have a very different version of the events as what we've been hearing from turkey there's no mention of anyone being killed no turkish military has been killed they say there were some several injuries off turkish serviceman that happened when they didn't notify russian troops about their troops movement and then syrian forces attacked them while they were doing an operation against what they call terrorist so basically blaming the turks for not coordinating their movements and this is sort of an accident that's basically the russians version and also they say that there is no attack by turkey at the moment or anything about clashes that we are currently hearing about is being denied by the russian side they say we haven't seen any reports of turkish air space turkish airplanes violating the airspace in
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syria and it has not been any attacks by turkey on syria's syrian forces so it is a plain denial here and russia seems to be downplaying this whole event as i shouted there are pretty quiet we haven't heard anything from the ministry of foreign affairs for example or directly from the ministers at this stage there is maybe a phone call expected between one and put in maybe later today but we haven't heard anything about that at this stage. in istanbul sinan 1st of all the death tolls going off as now we were talking for soldiers earlier. yes exactly the thought has risen up to 6 in the morning it was 4 and 9 were wounded one of them was have a live and did so. to among the wounded have lost their lives as well turkish defense ministry just issued
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a statement. condolences to the march to what they call more it is then their families and they again repeated their while to retaliate and a statement came from ruling parties spokesperson america selig he refuted the russian claims that there were no attacks then there were there was no coordination between and between moscow and uncurl he underlined that for sure there was a coordination between 2 sides military about the turkish reinforcements the deployment to the area where the new turkish military post was being established come out turkey has 12 observation military observation posts inside at least 3 of them were are right now under in the area right below the m 5 highway which is right now controlled by the syrian government the territory was gained back by the syrian government so that's why they turks want to establish 3 more military posts one of them inside our camp and this is the area where we had
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the clashes we had the attacks yesterday last night where turkish military members lost their lives in it wasn't the military posts that self attacked by the syrian government syrian army factions but the surrounding area and the turkish convoy was directly targeted so right now turkish officials all of them are very upset and they are very angry governments alliance members nationalist party and others are also delivering statements about what's going on in live but let me remind prisons are done just fly to ukraine to have meetings with. ukrainian counterpart this morning and in an hour or so 2 leaders will hold a press conference and turkey is going to actually it is expected to discuss the issue related to the next station of creamier by russia the caribbean.
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situation over there and many other issues that can bother moscow in a way and let me remind just a couple of those that go will read from. there from the newspapers that present are damn pledged $200000000.00 which is around $33000000.00 as a fine as a military equipment finance for ukraine this actually happened before these attacks so today's meeting with in ukraine is also critical bit for moscow uncover relations and just one thing moscow when ankara decided to cancel today's planned joint patrol and operation piece of bring area which is between. and but we don't know we at anything about the future joint patrols yet we'll keep an eye on what president little bit later after his meeting with president the lenski that are cynical. coronavirus now on the growing pressure to contain it in hong kong has
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forced the territory to shut down most of its borders with mainland china they don't carry lamb hopes by suspending 10 entry points fewer people will cross the freight operations can continue or among the hundreds of medical workers. went on strike to push for leaders to shut down the border 14 cases of corona virus confirmed in hong kong with hundreds of suspected ones. our strategy is really to consolidate as much as possible the existing control points now is really down tool excluding the airport there are only 21 is the sons and they the. bridge and the at this you know benefit of doing that is we are channeling all cross by the traffic into these 2 cross border control points and because of the inconvenience that we have cost to people as a result so the numbers will come down. here's adrian brown now in hong kong only
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a few hours ago when you and i were talking about how carol-ann probably wouldn't or said you didn't want to make this decision i guess reality kicked in. that's right this is an impact a leader who's been under norma's pressure really for the past week to close the entire front here between hong kong and china she has said in the past that simply isn't practical so it goes against the world health organization guidelines but now she has gone really a step further she has said that she's going to close 3 more of those border crossing points between hong kong and china that means are now only 2 crossing points left excluding the international airport now carol lam has said that she's done that because she wants to try to reduce the number of mainland citizens coming into hong kong but there is kemal another slight complication because this week hundreds of thousands of hong kong people who have been celebrating the lunar new
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year holiday on the mainland will be returning to hong kong and of course they will now have to pass through those 2 main crossing points that remain open as well as of course coming through the international airport so i imagine there are going to be quite long queues at those existing crossing points because the hong kong authorities have to be absolutely sure the shore is a camby for the people coming in and sort of carrying that virus now of course when you come into hong kong at these crossing points you have to pass a thermal imaging camera that is supposed to detect whether you have a high temperature but this is a very sneaky virus it has an incubation period according to the experts of up to 14 days and of course you can have this virus and not show any of the symptoms can you tell me adrian just as you were talking about the the checkpoints i'm just interested to know how they work obviously you will have gone through the many times i just want to know how the process works and obviously if you going to be trying to squeeze a whole lot more people into europe. i
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mean when you arrive for instance the crossing point that's one of the busiest crossing points between hong kong and china that is going to close from for midnight tonight you basically queue up at immigration as you normally would arriving in any country and then you walk a further distance and then you pass really a table of medical officials and beside them is a camera and that can detect anybody that has a high temperature it's actually happened to me several years ago coming out from indonesia had a high temperature and i was quarantined for 24 hours so you know it does work but the problem is as i say with this virus it has that long incubation period the other thing i guess to to to remember right now is that you know i'm here in causeway bay and you'll see evidence of the other concern people have right now and that is you know a shortage of facemask yes they are available but for inflated prices it's the case
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of supply and demand limited supply but plenty of demand that is also the case on the mainland where you know a monday afternoon the foreign ministry spokeswoman basically said to the international community we do need help with more medical supplies that's unusual for china they say we commend you factor about 20000000 facemasks a day which of course is a phenomenal number but we need many many more because of course we have up to 50000000 people now in lockdown in. really good insight there from adrian brown in hong kong on those border crossings thank you and now scott hyde there in beijing on how china is working to treat the thousands of people infected. 1400 army medics are now in ruhani ready to work in a newly built hospital for coronavirus patients completed in just 9 days the images of supplies on the way and more medical help on hand the chinese government wants
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its people and the world to see china has criticized the united states for no substantive help with the outbreak and accuse the u.s. government of spreading fear and panic the new facility is modeled after a similar hospital built outside beijing during the sars crisis 17 years ago the number of dead from the corona virus now exceeds that of sars a 2nd hospital is expected to be finished by the end of the week together they will have 2500 beds for those infected with the virus there is frustration and anger on social media over conditions for the infected and doctors and will han china's central government the 1st day back for essential workers after the prolonged holiday focused on easing concerns over the supply of needed medical equipment it also look to build confidence in the economy the 2nd largest in the world after factories have been shut and businesses closed because of the virus. the far as far as we know many export companies are now quickly resuming their production capacity and very slow calories are also taking targeted measures to help create
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a sound and favorable business environment the central authorities and local governments have all made plans to introduce target measures to help businesses resume their operations. during the 1st day of trading since the lunar new year break the chinese mainland markets close sharply down to around 8 percent shy of the 10 percent one day decrease limit set by the markets. to help curb the slide china's central bank injected $174000000000.00 into the market but the spread of the virus is far from over and the lock down of millions of chinese still does not have an end date so the viruses impact on the future of china's financial markets and economy remains unclear it's got hotter al-jazeera beijing. in the news ahead weapons and military contractors arrive in libya despite an international arms embargo and calls for deescalation. culture on a plate the country style that's received international recognition.
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hello again welcome back to international weather forecast what temperatures are on the decline over the next few days for parts of northern asia we do have a system coming in out of parts of china pushing across the sea of japan and for your temperatures will definitely be falling as we go towards wednesday 1st of all starting here on tuesday sapporo minus 3 degrees for you there as we go towards wednesday it is going to be dropping to about minus 5 and notice we do expect to see more snow across much of this area for so your temperatures will be a little bit of a roller coaster over the next few days 5 degrees here on tuesday as we go towards wednesday plenty of sun but only getting to minus 4 coming back up by the time we get to thursday to about one degree there well cross parts of india do expect to see more rain in the forecast that will be increasing anywhere from the east coast
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into the central part of india over the next few days now the showers will be fairly light here on tuesday but by the time we get to wednesday we do expect to see those showers start to make their way a little bit more over here towards the east kokoda you may see a shower or 2 with attempted there of about 23 degrees and then here for the western part of saudi arabia we are going to be seeing some showers here anywhere south of mecca even mecca may see a shower to their attempts are there of $29.00 degrees and then here in doha 22. a journey of personal discovery my great grandfather he was a slave in the property al-jazeera as james gannon explores respond and his legacy and slave ownership you know like my family's status and wealth has benefited from their choice to enslave people and america's debt to the black people today some of the source even scared to speak out because it's a problem. al-jazeera correspondent
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a moral debt. moos. with al-jazeera these are the top story it's turkey's president says his military has hit back at syrian government forces after 5 turkish soldiers and a civilian working in the military died in shelling in italy and korea has been sending military reinforcements to northern syria to counter a government offensive. on kong has temporarily. shut down the majority of its borders with mainland china as it tries to contain the spread of corona virus at least 361 people have now died in china there are more than 17000 confirmed to be
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affected. and chinese stocks plunged nearly 9 percent early on monday the biggest fall they've had since 2015 even after china's central bank pledged $173000000000.00 to stabilize the world's 2nd biggest economy. iran says it won't be sharing information with ukraine on the investigation into last month's shooting down of a plane by iran's military it's accused ukrainian experts of leaking recordings of the air traffic control conversations to local media recordings appear to detail exchanges between the control tower in teheran and the pilot of another plane flying in the area when the ukraine jet was shot down or 176 people on board were killed as a big isn't around tells us more about this leaked audio. there's a conversation between air traffic control and a domestic airline us team on. iran and the flight was on its way from shiraz which is just over 1000 kilometers away from. the conversation between the pilot and air
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traffic control is very interesting the pilot contacts air traffic control and asked if there's any activity in a certain region because he's seen a light that looks like a light of a missile in the air traffic control for more details the pilot then again responds off seemed like it's a light of a missile he says then the traffic control says they've had no reports of any incidents but also the pilots stay on line then we hear control contact the ukrainian airline and he contacts them 9 times and at one point raises his voice trying to get in touch with them he then goes back to the domestic airline pilot and says have you seen anything this is yes we have seen a big explosion and it's ok to continue traffic control says yes we've had no reports of any incidents now this puts the reigning government in a very difficult position because the narrative coming out of the front has been that it was the revolutionary guard that shut down the aircraft with the missile
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and it took them 3 days to investigate and then the government but this conversation between air traffic control and this domestic airline pilot shows that someone within the civil aviation authority must have known and if they didn't know why wasn't the government informed or if the civil aviation authority heads didn't know why was that information fed up the chain of command so it puts the ring in government in a very difficult position because they've put out a narrative that they didn't know that the government didn't know it was the military that knew and it took them 3 days to come out with the information but this order says otherwise. the airport in yemen's capital sanaa is partially reopening to allow humanitarian flights out of the country it's been closed to commercial planes since 2016 the united nations is expected to supervise the patient transfers and flights although the hutu rebels control sanaa the coalition they are fighting controls the air space almost 5 year wars pushed yemen's health system close to collapse. the concerns are growing about the escalating violence in
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libya reports suggest khalifa haftar is received huge supplies of arms and may be preparing to relaunch his operation to capture tripoli that's despite a fragile cease fire in place for 3 weeks now and on the other side turkey sending military reinforcements to the internationally recognized government this report from tony berkley in tripoli. libyans have been voicing their frustration and anger what many see is the lack of meaningful effort to end the conflict. much of that anger is directed at those who they see as responsible for prolonging hostilities but it's also aimed at the international community which they see as giving rule of khalifa haftar equal status to the internationally recognized government to. the building conference 2 weeks ago was meant to ease tensions and in force a ceasefire it has done neither the international community and europe in particular
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is as divided as ever over how to solve the problem europe is a big failure europe they are not united that they are fighting for libya france and italy. england is trying to watch dear dear dear did it involve almost too much now. out of europe now maybe they will act more because it may be they will have their own policy we hope so. the united states once so vocal on libyan issues has remained largely silent the u.n. envoy to libya has son salami has been visiting both sides to try and broker a lasting cease fire but so far with no success there have been more than $100.00 violations since it began on january 12th there is supposed to be an arms embargo here but with 2000 kilometers of coastline and 3 and a half 1000 kilometers of land border with 6 countries enforcing it is near
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impossible and there are concerns that both sides are stockpiling weapons and equipment and government forces are preparing in case there is a full resumption of fighting there are unconfirmed reports that the united arab emirates has given more than $3000.00 tons of weapons including drones to have to ask forces and to turkish frigates like these have arrived off the coast of libya to add to the approximately 2000 soldiers and pro turkish syrian fighters who are said to be reinforcing tripoli's defenses now turkey make a balance that came from the door was a window or from the bag they came because they have an agreement with the government so if he would like to now they are coming. you know flights that you know on smuggling what they were what they what they see from him written in egypt they are smuggling weapons after us forces have been attacking tripoli with rockets and artillery fire for 10 months they've also imposed
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a blockade of oil ports that has so far cost the country nearly $700000000.00 the economic impact can already be seen rubbish is piling in the streets of the capital because there is not enough money to pay workers and prices are starting to rise. the government has dedicated soldiers but needs international help it says it is the only way for this conflict and but have to our side has said repeatedly that any solution will be done on the battlefield tony burke al-jazeera tripoli. malawi's constitutional court to rule on whether to a no last year's disputed presidential election results the voting in may return the sitting president to power but it sparked widespread protests from the opposition the supporters from hard. opposition supporters in malawi say last year's presidential election was rigged to favor peter who narrowly won reelection of opposition leader lazarus chocola 4 months they've been demonstrations in several parts of the country including the capital long way government officials
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say at least one police officer was killed civil society groups accuse the police of using excessive force to disperse protesters demonstrators insist there were lots of irregularities many vote. using typewriter correction fluid let's let's try as much as possible to have elections that are free and fair where nobody feels you know that they've been cheated because i think that's that's the thing these people were not just demonstrating for the sake of demonstrating they strongly felt that they had been cheated the system had cheated them. a hearing over the election dispute and a constitutional court began in august but it's been controversial a prominent banker was recently arrested keys are trying to bribe judges mase election results shows president peter beat opposition candidate by 159000 votes and lead of just over 3 percentage points all in the president of them. so
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we went to court he said and i am here to seek justice and before you win there. just this one behind. and it is justice that is being expected from the cause it is the constitutional duty of the courts to deliver justice 5 judges could decide legitimately won the presidential election or say the opposition did the results could be nullified and another round of elections would have to take place the police service sure that it is tied to the security across the country. and should not be afraid to move around the car fuel that has been issued by government we're still you know in the environment for peace and this will continue . which accuses the opposition of trying to sabotage the economy and spread
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chaos he vehemently denies allegations of vote rigging and promises to revive the economy and tackle institutional corruption in a 2nd term the country relies heavily on donor finding and unemployment is high right now is the political limbo only when the 5 judges give their ruling or people here know what lies ahead for the country politically and economically. algis are. hundreds of people rescued from the mediterranean arrived in the italian poor salo in sicily 363 people were rescued by the open arms spanish charity ship during 5 different operations over the past week it's a thing in malta had initially denied permission for that boat to dock. of ceramics that dates back centuries and a tradition that links to spain and mexico and now the cultural significance of tell of arab pottery has been officially recognized by the united nations cultural agency john heilemann reports from pueblo in mexico with the stars become
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intertwined with the city's identity. this comes this traditionally may tell of a poultry which you miscues just declared the tangible true heritage. it starts with the clay in pueblo or in central mexico they believe only the local variety can be used for true tyler better. from then on it's almost exclusively homemade an elaborate process which is survived 500 years salvador joined a long line of tell of it a poultice putting their hand to the will 27 years ago. i saw how just from a lump of clay you could make art that captured my attention that the masters here made art from nothing. the intricate patterns which make tell a very unique one hand painted in workshop. which opened its doors 200 years ago
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there were only 6 permitted colors this blues come all the way from africa. get my depends on that then this is basically we don't just use any materials they are very special and we can take 3 months to finish a piece and that makes it unique. and this is the end product the unesco designation covering tell a better production impossible or also applies to the neighboring state of plus color and tell of it at the marina in spain that for many is a heartland when you come to probably see tell of it are all over the place in museums and churches and in colonial houses they say here that it's the place that produces the most traditional tell a better in the world. and it's a painstaking business so much so the cross people here worried that the new generation are being drawn to it and yoko i hope that this designation from unesco means that young people show more interest in learning this tradition so that we
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keep hold of it because of tell of our disappears and then we practically lose the city's identity. the about 100 people employed in casa what they believe traditional television or in their own livelihoods are also on the threat from cheaper copycat ceramics they hope the unesco does ignatius help keep what they consider the real thing a life. john homan. half past the hour on al-jazeera these are the headlines russia denying claims by turkey's president that his military hit back at syrian government forces after 5 turkish soldiers died in government shelling in a civilian working with the turkish army was also killed and korea has been sending military reinforcements to northern syria to counter
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a government offensive. more from simcoe in istanbul turkish defense ministry just issued a statement. condolences to the what they call martyrs and their families and they again repeated their while to retaliate and a statement came from the ruling party's spokesperson a matching league refried to the russian claims that there were no attacks then there were there was no coordination between between moscow and. the other headlines hong kong has temporarily shut down the majority of its borders with mainland china in an effort to contain the spread of corona virus at least 361 people have now died in china while more than $17000.00 people are confirmed to be infected and chinese stocks fell nearly 9 percent early on monday the biggest fall since 2050 even after china's central bank pledged $173000000000.00 to stabilize the world's 2nd biggest economy. iran says it will no longer share information with
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ukraine on the investigation into last month's shooting down of a plane by iran's military that's accused ukrainian experts of leaking recordings of air traffic control conversations to local media the airport in yemen's capital sanaa is partially reopening to allow humanitarian flights out of the country it's been closed to commercial planes since 2016 and although the who the rebels control itself the coalition they are financing controls the space. hundreds of people rescued from the mediterranean have arrived in the italian port city of but zollo in sicily 363 people were rescued by the spanish charity ship open arms during 5 different operations in the med in the past week. that's my lot for today in that story is coming up next.
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the corona virus is spreading around the world and so is the countries are closing the borders and running in an attempt to contain the outbreak but all these measures you know how difficult is it to control the virus this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm daryn jordan the corona virus so far killed more than 300 people with at least 14000 infected in over 20 countries it's been just over a month since the disease was 1st detected in china as we sit.


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