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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 5, 2020 10:00am-10:34am +03

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well south of that slushy dry. but. the ordered her. america's future is blazing bright. the years of economic decay are over. the u.s. president donald trump boasts a for great american comeback in a state of the union address that underlines the political division is. watching how does their own life from a headquarters in doha and also ahead the democrats' opinion was clear house speaker nancy pelosi tearing up the trump speech after he appeared to refuse and
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shake. hong kong koren teens a cruise ship turned away from taiwan as the coronavirus death toll climbs in china . where and karun that's where fishermen say they're risking their lives as they dive to make a living. it's supposed to be a moment when the u.s. comes together but donald trump's 3rd state of the union address has instead emphasized the disunity in the country's politics he came face to face with the democrats who've been seeking to oust him from office he avoided the subject of impeachment and instead use the speech as an unofficial launch for his reelection campaign begins our coverage. that. the president of the united states. a u.s. president impeached by the house walk in to face the full congress expected the
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senate will vote down the charges against him in the coming hours. the chants from the republicans in the chamber made it clear what this speech would be about his reelection the state of our union is stronger than ever before. the do. pratik response was this obvious they're out but for the president he saw this as his time to herald what he sees as his accomplishments this is a blue collar boom. but many of his statistics were overblown out of context or simply untrue as with many other promises in this speech i have also made an ironclad pledge to american families we will always protect patients with preexisting condition and. his administration is actually in court trying to get some of those protections removed and his administration has
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rolled back most efforts to combat climate change but the president made this promise to protect the environment days ago i announced that the united states will join the one trillion trees an initiative an ambitious effort. in the democratic response some subtle attacks but they mostly focused on promoting their agenda it's pretty simple democrats are trying to make your health care better republicans in washington are trying to take it away but this speech will be remembered less for the substance than for the made for t.v. moments highlighting the president's past as a former television reality star he surprised the chamber by inviting one why don't know venezuela's opposition leader please take his message back all americans are united with the venezuelan people in their righteous struggle for freedom thank you very much. he had his wife present the presidential medal of freedom to an ellen conservative radio host and highlighted the family of
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a deployed soldier only to reveal he had come home. this was a night for symbolism planned and unprompted as he entered to give a speech the president seemed to refused to shake the hand of the speaker of the house and as it ended she sent her own message about what she thought of the speech the tension on full display the president departed making it clear he will fight to be back here next year and the opposition party will fight just as hard to make sure this will be his last party call him al jazeera washington. so after trump's addressed the house speaker nancy pelosi explained why she tore up the speech. it wasn't meant. to and i wonder what you think about him not shaking your head. will explode if. you. were you invited to another state of the.
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public not expecting others to be. wrong. and as we mentioned as you saw in patty's report the venezuelan opposition leader one who attended the speech arline america editor lucy a newman is in santiago and she says why don't the invitation was very last minute . certainly it was not expected in fact the invitation to attend the state of the union address wasn't even confirmed until it just took just a very very short time before it actually happened and what is also very notable was the expression on why those face he was extremely stern and i would venture to say that the reason is that he has felt snubbed by president trouble up until now remember that there was a highly anticipated meeting that was supposed to take place are expected to take place in florida in miami over the weekend not only that did not take place but president went to his retreat to play golf instead did not invite why they all
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there did not invite him to the white house and and this certainly was seen as i say as a snub at the same time of course president trump probably did not want to draw too much attention to what has clearly become a foreign policy failure at least so far with regard to venezuela so at least one guy they all can go home and it's expected he will do that very very shortly with this invitation under his sleeves or trying to cover a number of topics including the u.s. assassination of the top iranian commander qassam so they money he said so no money was targeted because he was planning attacks against americans. our message to deter. you will never escape american justice if you attack our citizens you for free your life. derek plummer's a democratic strategist and he says while there were some obvious moments of
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tension there was also shows of bipartisan support it's. with this particular state of the union we saw a very very different atmosphere whether it was president trump not extending his hand to the speaker or the speaker you know i think motioning throughout this speech her disapproval as well as tearing up the speech at the end it was a speech that was full of pediatrics i think a lot of it hollow but there are areas where there was you know bipartisan support really was around those stories of those americans who have made sacrifices and or are benefiting from the actions of democrats as well as republicans the president has tried to take credit for things that he just did not do he is quite frankly i'd been this honest about the impact of his policies whether we're talking about the growth that we have not seen compared to president obama whether we're talking about the number of jobs that were created compared to obama and president trump or
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whether we're even talking about the african-american unemployment rate which we saw decreased dramatically under president obama and his slow down under president trump and so present trump has made a number of promises i will say that he tried to you know speak to what he said were his promises but i think many americans saw through that it was a dark speech it turns it was a speech that i don't think spoke to the reality of his policies and the impact that he has had more over i think those that have benefited under this president have been those who have generally benefited in general so you know those americans are actually able to afford to invest in the stock market etc. the world health organization has called on all countries to improve data sharing on the coronavirus it also plans to send a team of experts to china to help health authorities struggling to contain the outbreak 490 people there have died from the virus on the number of confirmed cases
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around the world is now more than 24000 meanwhile 10 people who were on board a cruise ship in japan are confirmed to have the virus there are more than 3000 passengers on the vessel all are now facing up to 2 weeks of corn seen and over in hong kong around 800 people are being held on board a cruise ship there while health authorities carry out tests for coronavirus the vessel was earlier denied entry into taiwan let's get more on this and bring in a drone brown joining us from hong kong what more we're learning about the situation unfolding at the harbor in hong kong. yes well the drama is taking place just in the distance behind me you can just make out this giant cruise vessel the world dream which docked in hong kong on wednesday but the passengers on board are not being allowed to leave that vessel for one very important reason because mainland authorities contacted their counterparts here in
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hong kong to say that 3 passengers from a previous 4 age that the world dream of undertaken in january have now been diagnosed with the corona virus it's also understood that 3 crewmembers are now in an isolation ward in hong kong after complaining of a fever officials from hong kong's health prevention center and now on board the vessel they are taking the temperatures of we understand some 2600 passengers to determine what to do next now of course we know that this virus has a very long incubation period perhaps as long as 14 days so of course even if some of those passengers don't test positive for the virus a decision i think is likely to be made to have them remain in quarantine on board that boat for 2 more weeks and adrian any breakthrough in the strike by the doctors and nurses who are hong kong's leaders and seal the border with china.
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no real breakthrough if anything this dispute seems to be spreading daryn because these striking doctors and nurses who believe the only way of containing the virus is to seal hong kong's border with china and now appealing to workers in other unions to join their action in particular workers in the transport sector now the hospital authority here in hong kong says that this strike is having a major impact on emergency services in public hospitals and they're saying that people who have mild illness says or want treatment should actually go to private clinics instead of trying the public health sector so yes this dispute does appear to be deepening both sides not really preparing to back down the union has called for a meeting with the chief executive kerry land they had wanted that to happen at 10 am local time in hong kong but that didn't indeed happen so i think this strike
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looks like it's going to continue you know certainly into thursday and possibly friday it is reminded daryn that in hong kong so many things are being politicized right now yeah right to enter and thanks for that update from hong kong while the economic impact of the virus is being felt right across the world over in thailand there are fears it could cost the tourism industry more than ever $1000000000.00 china is thailand's biggest source of foreign tourists but numbers have fallen drastically since the outbreak alexey o'brien reports from bangkok. 8 times a day at the mekong railway markets vendors move their way. and clear the tracks to make way for the train. it's hot and bustling highlight with tourists even in the middle of the coronavirus crisis. and we always like ours by hours like we are we aware of where. this.
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crowded my area is china is thailand's biggest source of foreign tourists about $20000000.00 visitors a year and they bring plenty of money with them but last month chinese $2.00 groups from traveling overseas and put a number of cities in lockdown to control the spread of infection this floating on the outskirts of bangkok with tourists from all over the world including china it's much. higher in the colony and these bandits here rely on terrorism. more than a $1000000000.00. everyone he has affected. with the changing but chinese tourists by 90 percent the number dropping a few days ago a look at a state of usually. packed with chinese tourists along the coast
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thailand's famous speech is a ghost towns hotels are out and someone may need to be laid off. now if things don't improve soon i'll be in trouble because i have expenses to pay i need to pay rent and support my children so it's very difficult for me the ripple effects of the virus are expected to last for months if the impact for example is going to drag longer. virus could spread worldwide and stop tourism sector economy would fall into a slowdown below 2 percent in the 2nd half of the year this impact that we get is going to hit not just the recent sake they're not as exports that they're basically that's going to hear the mystically not of the type of back at the railway market the trains just pass through again the stalls are getting back to business meaning life will return to normal just as quickly. as they are at bangkok. still ahead on
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al-jazeera after hours of delay the results from the iowa caucuses start to roll in we'll tell you in the minutes. how low the temperatures are now starting to tumble across year up we see some very cold air starting to take its way across these northern parts but behind these are weather systems you see this tight squeeze on the ice apart into southern areas of france a mistrial wind winds gusting to 100 kilometers per hour over the next day or so so some very choppy waters of course that western side of the mediterranean that couple of days ago the further north in zurich we were getting up into the high teens for self-discipline the top temperature here on wednesday there's some snow there over the alps know that into the balkans and some was for snow just pushing
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across hungry easing over towards the southern parts of ukraine very heavy rain sleet and snow there pushing down it to bulgaria and also into a good part of turkey in the choppy weather also affecting the eastern side of the meds and not looking too pleasant here is it go on through the next few days prices guys data back in behind me down into single figures across a good part of the reason to be cold enough to cross parts of north africa over the next day or so particular when you consider what's going on into that eastern side of the mediterranean so although we get up to the mid to high teens across these northern areas as we go on through wednesday a top temperature of just 13 by thursday. frank assessments the one good thing about these bushfires is that you really want to get out of the. climate change informed opinions economy i think is actually what's keeping donald trump afloat right now critical debate sequel. and those do
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schoolchildren know what the law is all about this argument is astonishingly patronize a in-depth analysis of the day's headlines this is the beginning of a new iraq of a new conscious and aware use of that struggle against an ethnic sectarian kota inside story on al-jazeera. to. top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump hailed what he calls the great american comeback in his 3rd state of the union address he focused on the economy and jobs but steered clear of wednesday's impending impeachment. but tensions between trump and house speaker nancy pelosi were clear president here too with jack a handshake from lucy and
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a strong speech finished for those who ripped up her copy of it because she said it was a manifesto for mistrusts. the world health organization has called on all countries to improve data sharing on the coronavirus it also plans to send a team of experts to china to help struggling to contain the outbreak the death toll there is a beast 490. so during his state of the union speech the president also addressed his plan for israel and palestine it's a proposal palestinian leaders have rejected here's what trump had to say. last week i announced a groundbreaking plan for peace between israel and the palestinians recognizing that all past attempts have failed we must be determined and creative in order to stabilize the region to give millions of young people the chance to realize a better future. but a draft wording for a u.n.
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resolution seen by al jazeera calls the u.s. is president's proposal to solve the conflict a breach of international law the plan which was unveiled by donald trump last week allows israel to annex large parts of palestinian lands our diplomatic editor james bass has more from the u.n. in new york. the pushback against the trump plan on the middle east has begun here at the united nations i've seen words for a draw. for the security council drawn up by the palestinians. the current arab member of the council and by another security council member in than easier the wording says that they strongly regret the fact that the trump plan is a breach of international law that's very strong wording and it's very interesting i was told earlier by an arab diplomat but they didn't want to criticize directly the trump plan because they wanted to get their support for this resolution from 2 permanent members the u.k. and france the palestinian ambassador has made it clear he already knows how the
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u.s. is going to vote we know it will be defeated by a veto but we want to show that the international community is that if electing the same position. by all of us and articulated by the secretary general today again as he articulated that days ago when this very bad plan. announced in washington d.c. negotiations on the wording of this resolution will continue later this week and the palestinian president mahmoud abbas will be here in new york on tuesday when the resolution is voted on by the security council. well it was meant to be the 1st opportunity for a democratic presidential hopefuls to make their case to voters ahead of the race to the white house but it took almost 24 hours for partial results from the iowa
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caucus to be released they put people to judge marginally ahead of bernie sanders although both are claiming victory alan fischer reports from des moines. for the democratic campaigns iowa it's already in the rearview mirror they've moved on there in new hampshire the next step in this process no fool results from iowa no problem. each candidate is telling everyone what a huge success they've been even if it looks like they've struggled where it. is a good. thing going to. really be going well. in des moines an apology from the democratic party chairman that the system to count votes at the caucuses failed so spectacularly but he insists the results no being published can be trusted we have been working day and night to make sure that these results are accurate the one thing i will say is that the underlying data the raw data is secure
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it was always secure conspiracy theorists online are suggesting the result is being manipulated that's not something bernie sanders is buying into you know there's no excuse for not having results but it's like but that doesn't mean to say but the votes at the polls like comment will be awkward and i think that's an unfair i think to try to get the youngest candidate in the race former mayor people to judge is performing ahead of predictions and expectations but he's already looking forward to a similar result in new hampshire this weekend or this tuesday this is we get to this new hampshire just 4 decision. i have never been more times in our campaign you know our team and this is the this is the failure and i want to deliver results quickly and clearly has amplified calls to drop the state as the 1st in the nation to vote in the presidential process but one experience political observer says
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there's no obvious solution that doesn't mean that they rest of the nation will come up with the alternative that everybody can agree on new hampshire has a primary so that straight up election style voting the next state to hold a caucus is nevada later this month the democratic party there has already said it won't be using the system they used here in iowa alan fischer i'll just demoing. turkey's president says attacks on his soldiers in syria damage peace efforts in the region. has warned his russian counterpart vladimir putin that turkey will defend itself against any future attacks turkey's military hit dozens of syrian government targets on monday after 8 turkish military personnel were killed by shelling in the kremlin says putin agreed to take steps to coordinate their actions of their militaries in the northwest of the country malawi's president is appealing against a court ruling overturning his reelection peter mithya rico says it cannot be
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allowed to stand there have been months of protests over alleged voting irregularities how would toss up has more from the capital a long way. there are no bases his business has been slow for months months of anti-government protests over last year's disputed presidential election sometimes made coming to work to sell his goods difficult constitutional court judges recently said that photos marred by widespread irregularities some people may have voted more than once there was ballot stuffing and some numbers were changed using typewriter correction fluid they nullified mase election results and ordered a rerun the businessman says living in a country that seems to always be in election mode isn't good for his profits. as business people. to survive here in town we need to have to be. aware so it is very difficult for us to make business. after kenya malawi is not
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the 2nd country in sub-saharan africa to recently have a presidential vote overturned the court has ruled that peace america stays in power until a new election takes place parliament is expected to meet within 21 days set a date for that election from allowance it means more political and economic uncertainty. the opposition is still celebrating monday's court ruling and many are preparing for a new election opposition leaders want election officials fired what the judges of done is to give parliament an order to make sure that what they have. in terms of the fresh election in 150 days should happen and so we will look to parliament now to make sure that these things are more valid as are put in place and that it is actually possible but i don't believe that anybody will have confidence in this electoral commission. ruling party officials say they are
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considering the options they have 2 options. to stick in follow the ruling. and get ready for a fresh election. and that means a lot of politicking within the party. with the press in the candidate who will continue to be the candidate and different they want to change and things like that the 2nd option is for them to go to the supreme court and. but if they really have to look very critically had to their ruling to find you know suitable grounds for appeal if a legal challenge is launched some here fear it will plunge into a crisis how do. you know. twitter has announced so a place a warning on photos or videos it says are significantly and deceptively altered or fabricated the social media platform also said it will remove content that deliberately misleads users and could result in threats to physical safety
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widespread civil unrest or privacy risks and the chinese tech firm way says it will set up manufacturing hubs in europe to develop its 5 g. technology the european union has said member states could ban telecom operators deemed security risks for critical parts of 5 g. infrastructure but it allows a limited role for weiwei closely mirroring rules announced by the u.k. the u.s. has criticized the move saying while ways ties to the chinese government is a threat to intelligence cooperation in one of peru's most ecologically diverse bays fisherman who dive for crabs and shellfish say they're putting their lives at risk to make a living now stocks of fish are increasingly scarce which means they have to die further to find them right out of sanchez reports from her south of the capital lima. looking for crabs and scallops is not an easy
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job 26 year old with. a minute every time sometimes 5 to 6 hours nonstop he says finding shellfish these days is difficult and. the water is warmer so the crabs hide underground there's been over fishing in the past 3 years we haven't found any squid around here. the bay of lima is an area protected for its diversity fisherman are assigned a part of the bay where they can hand pick each shellfish especially scallops but now the surface trucked in wheat consuming more time in catching and cleaning before they can be sold after 40 years farming shellfish says the richness of this bay is being lost. over fishing in the change of the water temperature as to form the natural banks the industrial activity around here also increases and is warming up the water it's a series of reasons for this bank to be scarce. it is coast is among the most
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productive fishing areas in the world more than $70000.00 families depend on fishing they produce at least 65 percent of the fish consumed in the country large scale industrial fishing is also taking a toll on small fishing communities these fishermen go out at sea for days. for hours but unlike years before now they don't know if they'll arrive here at the port with enough fish or shellfish to make ends meet that's why fishermen are putting extra pressure on themselves under a promise suffered a decompression accident that left him with permanent muscle damage spiegel says they have no option but to dive deeper. we often risk decompression because sometimes we feel we have to run back to the ports or products so we get anxious and come to the surface faster so now we risk more and sell less. the ministry says it will implement vigilant committees to supervise the quality and amount of
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seafood harvested to the poor people turn to fishing indiscriminately as a quick solution to providing a livelihood their chance to make money fast impacts on the most superficial starts so that's why more divers are risking no more accidents which are now frequent many academics say the effects of climate change on the fish and shellfish stocks is still under investigation because government is fast tracking regulation of fishing and shellfish gathering but already the small scale fishermen say it is much harder and dangerous to make a living by the n.s.a. than just. following on the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump ailed what he calls the great american comeback and his 3rd state of the union address he focused on the economy on jobs but steered clear of wednesday's impending impeachment vote. if we hadn't grievers the failed economic
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policies of the previous administration the world would not now be witnessing this great economic success. the tensions between trump and the house speaker nancy pelosi were clear president appeared to reject a handshake from her and a strong speech finished alosi ripped up her copy of it because she said it was a manifesto of mistruths. it was amanda vanstone wasn't true and i wonder what you think about him not shaking your hand. because you're standing there and you believe. you're inviting your nose to the. public not expecting another move on from. the world health organization has called on all countries to improve data sharing on the coronavirus it also plans to
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send a team of experts to china to help authours he's struggling to contain the outbreak the death toll there is a least $490.00. and at hong kong around $800.00 people are being held on cruise ship while health authorities carry out tests for the corona virus 30 crew members have reported symptoms including fever japan has also quarantined a ship in yokohama after 10 cases the virus were found on board. twitter has announced it will place a warning on photos or videos it says are significantly and deceptive the altered or fabricated the social media platform also said it will remove content that deliberately mislead users and could result in threats to physical safety widespread civil unrest or privacy risks you have to dates with the headlines inside story coming up next but by. polls to elect a new guy. with criticism over the housing crisis. and unemployment in
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rural parts of the country will the current prime minister manage to just decision to announce his name the could take the country to break. it kills almost $10000000.00 people a year and that figure is rising for the poor countries of the biggest news is in the fight against cancer why is there such a gap with wilkin nations and how can we project this is inside story. i don't welcome to the program that clock most of us probably know somebody affected by cancer but your chance of beating the disease depends greatly on where you live the world health organization is marking well kuntz a day by highlighting what it cools unacceptable inequalities between rich and poor
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nations it says kinds of services are available in the public health systems 9 out of 10 wealthy countries compare that.


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