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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 13, 2020 8:00am-8:34am +03

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do the. inspiring documentaries come impassioned filmmakers. witness on al-jazeera. the. 14000 new cases in a single day the chinese epicenter of coronavirus announces a massive increase in patience and sacks its highest ranking politician. to watch al-jazeera live from a headquarters and i'm dating navigator also ahead. a deadly confrontation between a u.s. patrol and villagers inside syria as turkey warns it will strike hard if its
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soldiers are targeted again. heading for trial over his attempt to stop migrants italy's former deputy prime minister loses his immunity in a case over a block vote. the u.n. releases a list of more than 100 companies it accuses of violating palestinians human rights by having business ties to illegal israeli settlements. hello there's been a huge surge in the number of corona virus infections in the chinese province where the outbreak began a officials confirmed more than 14800 new cases late on wednesday that's up from just 1600 the day before and a short time ago the hoop a communist party chief the highest ranking official in that province was sacked 242 more deaths have also been announced there or earlier the world health
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organization has said reports that cases of corona virus in china have stabilized must be treated with extreme caution the u.n. agency says it's too early to tell when the outbreak what end. we need to focus on the task the task is to contain the virus to detect cases to treat the cases if we keep doing those things yes we may see a drop in the number of cases but i think it's way too early to try and predict the beginning the middle or the end of this epidemic right now. the cruise ship turned away by 5 poor it's because of fear some passengers may have the virus has now arrived in cambodia it's carrying 2200 people it's get an update from katrina you she's joining us from beijing so how significant is the sacking of the party secretary of province. this is extremely significant he's the top dog he was the top dog in hoop
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a province reported directly to beijing and we've also heard that the top official in the city of one lung or chung has also been dismissed now it's been clear for some weeks now that beijing has been extremely unhappy with how. it has handled this outbreak we know that there was an alleged cover up how serious this was because allegedly some officials were. reluctant to reveal any negative news ahead of some major communist party meetings in march we also know that the one sitting there said he was actually blocked or waiting on telling the public more about this illness because he was receiving clearance from above so it is very significant that they replaced. the young who is the top official and we will may well see dismissals over the next few days now they were the 1st to be dismissed over this week we did see other minor officials being sacked including some officials at
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a local level and then we saw some 2 senior health officials also being sacked and in a way this also is about the government trying to appease the public there has been now out in criticism of how this outbreak was handled that more could have been done especially that some doctors here tried to sound the alarm about the outbreak in earlier in january they were actually silenced for trying to do so so there's a lot of public anger here so it seems like she didn't think and and his team are trying to move to appease some of that that anger and control the situation and also we do know that and. they're the top officials and who. were also replaced by people who are seen as loyalists proteges if you like of xi jinping and people who also have the a lot of experience in maintaining security and stability so what that also gives us a little bit of insight as to what beijing's concerns are at the moment in who pay prominence even though there were reports that the number of new cases were
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starting to stabilize but now we're hearing off a huge jump in the number of cases so what's behind the increase. we're still trying to get more information about that but the main reason that we've been given at least from official sources is that they have suddenly changed the way corona virus has been diagnosed now initially doctors in china were relying on one type of testing kit in order to confirm whether a patient had curve in 1000 or not and there were a lot of questions and concerns about this testing kit 1st there was a shortage and then and then when there were enough testing kits people were saying that people were getting false negatives that people had to be tested at least 4 to 5 times before they actually were confirmed to have the krona virus and that has been extremely frustrating for the medical stuff on the ground so as far as we know what says happened is that doctors now this week have been given more discretion as to how they're able to actually diagnose patients with this new coronavirus are
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using things like c.t. scans lung x. rays for example was shot trying to get more information about this but we also do know that the world health organization has actually sent a team to china they were initially in beijing it seems like they are in ruhani no information as to whether that's connected or not the definitely the world health organization has also been on the ground trying to assess how the chinese government is handling that so this could be related with getting more information katrina thank you for that update from beijing bill rawlinson is a professor of religious and the university of new south wales and he explains what may be behind this surge of new faces. i think there's several reasons why you can see increases increase what we call as to time and simply you're doing more testing you're looking for more and you seeing more i think secondly a number of cases that wouldn't have been identified previously perhaps they were less severe and finally of course the the explanation that we don't want to see which is there's increased transmission and increased prices of like to see testing
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and diagnosis being at the forefront so we're very sure about what the cases are one of the issues has been that with this what virus we're now calling covert 19 is that there's been a range of of illness from really very minor illness through to very severe illness and even death as we've seen so i think it's important that we we have testing and we are being certain of that diagnostics of course what we'd like to see is that then translates into what we call social distancing which is effectively isolating people or so far slating on the basis of they having the diagnosis for 14 days they don't transmit and certainly in other settings like coronavirus we've seen that conduct intervention be very effective and so i'd like to see that happening and in fact certainly where i am in a stride that's been the focus of what we've been doing turkey has sent more
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reinforcements to its observation posts in northern syria as tension with government forces continues to escalate president threats of tyburn one is warning he will strike back if syrian forces in the province attacked turkish troops syria's ally russia accuses anchor of making the situation in the last rebel held region worse by having its military on the ground. and the confrontation between american troops and government supporters in northern syria has led to the death of one civilian as well how about it has more from istanbul. a russian patrol in north east syria near. after u.s. troops in the area opened fire killing one civilian. the u.s. issued a statement saying they came under attack and had to open fire the incident is now under investigation. 2 that attack came on the same day turkey's president issued a warning to the syrian government and its russian allies. one of them of the
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president was up to her and has given damascus and till the end of february to pull out beyond turkish observation posts it. says if talks with russia failed to stop syrian troops targeting turkish forces will respond harshly she was very strong the color we are determined to remove the syrian regime to beyond the boundaries of the thought she agreement that is behind our observation post by the end of february we will do whatever is necessary without hesitation without wavering on land and by air. damascus has dismissed the comments saying turkey is out of touch with reality but despite his anger and frustration president is still hoping he would be able to narrow differences with russian president vladimir putin the 2 signed agreements into $1018.00 which allowed for save lives and respect of the rebels
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movements the deals also prevent a syrian president bashar assad from launching a military campaign to take over the last stronghold of the rebels. as turkish russian relations remain strained the u.s. has stepped in during a meeting with turkish officials u.s. syria ovoid james jeffrey delivered a sharp rebuke of russia iran and the syrian government which the us blamed for the escalation as tension mounts turkey sending more troops into it live adding more art opposed to the 12 already established after that agreement with russia and iran 2 years ago. the syrian government has been increasing its offensive in the north taking over crucial highways and towns from rebels but it can only do this with a close support of russia's military and it's up to the russians and to the turks
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to decide what happens in syria next. it's the board italy's former deputy prime minister who could soon be put on trial over a ban he imposed on migrants the senate has lifted mateo salvini is immunity so he can be prosecuted over his decision to hold more than $100.00 people aboard a coast guard ship last year so how reports. as italy's interior minister matteo salvini had promised his right wing support base that he would reduce immigration across the mediterranean from libya so in july last year when he refused to allow 131 migrants to disembark in sicily south binny was keeping his word but prosecutors say he was also breaking the law and a vote that has narrowly gone against him in the italian senate means his immunity as a former minister is lifted and a trial can go ahead. the migrants spent 6 more days aboard the bruno gregory to
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rescue ship or salvini waited for other european nations to take them in italy he'd insisted would no longer shoulder the migrant burden alone now at a sensitive time in italian politics with regional elections due on sunday sell beanie may try to turn the possibility of legal action to his advantage. my children have the right to know that their father is often away from home not because he's spending time kidnapping human beings but because he is defending the borders and security of his country and that this was his precise duty it was not his right it was his duty. this is a kind of historic thing in italy. used to do the same thing so when he was under trial he was accusing. the judges and the prosecutors trying to boost his popularity this way depicting cell there's a victim of the system what selvin e did could have fateful consequences for the far right politician who hopes one
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day to be prime minister charges of illegally detaining migrants on the gregory ready kidnapping in other words could result in a jail sentence of up to 15 years a conviction would in cell beanies political career journal how al-jazeera still ahead on al-jazeera president trance close friend and ally roger stone gets good legal news but democrats say it's another example of political interference. and it's the end of an era for berlin airport why plans for a new one has done that ought to excite some air travelers. how i was still looking at some rather when she weather across northern parts of the middle east at the moment turkey still saying outbreaks as snow snow across the
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far north of syria and all the parts of iraq pushing across into iran but further south is starting to warm up i'm pleased to say 19 celsius the top temperature here in doha on thursday could well touch 21 this week i wanted to fried and hopefully we get into the mid twenty's once again as we go on through the weekend glossy dry as you can see as we make our way into the weekend but still a possibility of wanted to shout over towards the caspian sea what it's a shot was to around the highlands we got a fair bit of cloud showing up here and that will bring some wetter weather in soon ethiopia pushing across into the tropical belts of africa as we would expect to see so some showers there into southern parts of kenya pushing down into tanzania and a lot of the ones here rwanda also seeing some a rather rather heavy rain as we go on through the next hour send that wet weather stretching as well across into northern parts of angola but i suspect the wettest weather that's going to be over towards zimbabwe northern pass' in bob way into
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zambia seeing some very heavy rain as we go on through thursday and little further north which as we go through friday to the south of that is fine dry and warm. but. if you are looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going on what do you see race is a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic drug this is still the center of capitalism there is no limits i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to pave the road smaller and smaller we don't want to be set realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing on al-jazeera. louis or the.
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other way around the top stories on our interests are all china has removed the highest ranking official in who province the epicenter of the coronavirus oprah comes after who been elsewhere the 14800 new cases on wednesday up from just 6800 the day before as well as 242 more deaths turkey has sent more reinforcements to its observation post in northern syria as tensions with government forces there continue to escalate syria's ally russia accuses anchor of aggravating the situation in the last rebel hold region by having its military on the ground. italy's former deputy prime minister could soon be put on trial over a battle he imposed on migrants italian senate has stripped potatoes sylviane his parliamentary immunity so he can be prosecuted for refusing a rescue boat of migrants to doff last year. the u.s.
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attorney general has agreed to testify before the house judiciary committee about president donald trump's close ally roger stone the justice department todd recommended that stone be jailed for up to 9 years for lying to congress but it now says that should be reduced our white house correspondent kimberly how get reports 100 you not backing down i want to thank the justice department u.s. president donald trump is praising his attorney general william bar after bars justice department took the unusual step of recommending a reduced sentence for trump ally and close friend roger stone. government prosecutors had requested stone serve almost a decade in jail after being found guilty last november of lying to congress during its broader investigation into whether trump's presidential campaign had colluded with russia you have murders and drug addicts in again 9 years 9 years for doing
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something that nobody human can defy what he did trump weighed in on twitter calling the potential sentence horrible and very unfair and a miscarriage of justice that's when the justice department changed its recommendation to less jail time prompting 4 justice department prosecutors to quit the case in protest now there are questions about whether trump may pardon stone i don't want to say that here democrats are calling for an independent investigation into the stone case they allege the president who was last week acquitted in the senate for abuse of power is acting with impunity they point to trump's firing of white house officials who testified against him during the impeachment inquiry as further evidence of the abuse of presidential power left to his own devices president trump would turn america into a banana republic where the dictator can do what ever he wants and the justice
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department. is the president's personal law firm as outrage builds an online petition with tens of thousands of names is also calling for the justice department's internal watchdog to review the protocols were followed in the stone case go through what you want but such criticism is unlikely to hurt trump among his supporters that's because donald trump promised on the campaign trail to drain the swamp essentially push back on the so-called washington establishment that includes judges and prosecutors that the president believes are out to get him and his conservative allies can really help get al-jazeera the white house for us democrats vying to be the presidential challenger to donald trump have now turned their attention to nevada and south carolina following the new hampshire primary bernie sanders their only. judging tuesday's votes. are surged into 3rd place
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elizabeth warren came in 4th the former vice president joe biden trail then 5th the next votes in the state by state battle will take place later this month. have welcomed a u.n. report listing companies with business ties to illegal israeli settlements in the occupied west bank israel has described the publication shameful or birdman the reports look up into the hills of much of the occupied west bank there are illegal settlements block after block these are home to more than $600000.00 israeli settlers on palestinian land one international law stipulates they're illegal the un has got a step further and listed companies with ties to settlements in the end from an initial $321.00 companies whose names are submitted to us and whose activities we reviewed the report identifies $112.00 companies. it's important to know that it is
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not some claim a blacklist nor does it qualify any company's activities as illegal that would be a separate and highly complicated terminations and something which ultimately could only be decided on a case by case basis through a competent judicial process this list's includes well known international companies such as a p m p although the report doesn't state that the company's activities are illegal israeli politicians say they may now be targeted by the activist group boycott divestment and sanctions palestinian say this list to prove useful we need to war with the with the office of high commission not the high commissioner because he has to do a bit this list and he willy we need to work with the states with countries toward building responsibilities and to hold and as you move their responsibilities to talk to these companies telling them that what they are doing is illegal in the
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statement is ready prime minister benjamin netanyahu said the un human rights council is a biased and influential body instead of dealing with human rights this body is trying to blacken israel's name we reject any such attempt in the strongest terms and it discussed the proposed u.s. peace plan released last month through palestinian condemnation for agreeing to let israel maintain control of the settlements most countries and the u.n. view illegal israeli settlements as one of the most contentious issues in the conflict israel now says considering an excessive violence palestinians say they would ever allow that to happen you're about manly al-jazeera. the u.s. president has brushed off a decision by the philippines to withdraw from a decades old military pact donald trump said it will save the u.s. a lot of money this week the philippines announced it will pull out of the agreement by the end of the year president with regard to terrorism has been
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critical of the deal since taking office but philippine senators say scrapping the agreements will undermine security and foster aggression in the south china sea graham is a research fellow in the institute for defense and strategic studies one yang technological university and he says both presidents are undoing a key part of the region's security infrastructure. i think what trump is doing in this case is calling the. president reagan to his left of the sea he's the real deal in wanting to go down for this role that's essentially in terms of the end game would lead to the so many ition of a long standing usual defense treaty at the core of the for the for the united states relationship so i think it remains to be seen the interesting developments over the next 4872 hours in the least of our what the philippines nonuse a do in responding in a way that allows president ezer to get what he wants and sad to see president
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trump have taken and lead the way down this path in dismantling the whole course of very important relationships under his tenure is going to be a great uptick for all of us and right now we're seeing more to see in between these 2 clear thinking of raids on the actual route and are doing a very longstanding very important treaty that's keeping a very important part of the security architecture in that it is of the in place the sickly the south china sea and this is a very important part of the chess board that we can't afford to take our eyes off i think there's some sun opportunity for the chinese there as well that is if president because it does please have the right as americans somehow to withdraw or reduce the footprint security footprint in the asia pacific and i think china will basically get what it's what it wants as well which is to have a horse we've got it on the south china sea and there is military control. more
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anti-government protests are expected in guinea on thursday against a referendum to change the constitution opposition parties have threatened to boycott the vote and they fear president they will use the changes to extend his mandate more than 30 people have died since demonstrations began in october regular mohamed toss more. scuffles broke out once again on the streets of guinea's capital as a national strike became the latest weapon to be used against president alpha condé protesters in conakry have been demanding revoke his plans to seek a term led by a coalition of opposition groups calling itself the national front for the defense of the constitution people threw rocks and barricaded roads. white police fired tear gas and used slingshots to try to push the crowds back. we've put as you can see very strong security measures since midnight from the 8th november
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bridge to cut been learned covering every kilometer with the help of other security departments the situation is under control. the riots resulted in many shops being closed residents say the protests are affecting daily life so that when i come out to do business if there's peace it's better there's no peace in the country i have 2 children to feed it's not. we have very tired there's no business and no money all shops are closed most shops are becoming empty without food our children are not going to school we want peace. demonstrations began after president condé and now has plans for constitutional reforms last october guinea's current constitution and allows a maximum of 25 year presidential terms but condé wants to extend that he 1st came to power in 2010 and his mandate should end in december was the government will
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hold a referendum in march on removing the 2 term restriction but opposition parties say they will boycott the vote and continue to rally until the decision is called off mohammed al jazeera. pope francis has this misstate proposal to ordain married men into the priesthood bishops from latin america propose the controversial plan to address the shortage of priests in the amazon it would have challenge the roman catholic tradition that requires priests to be celibate the former l.a. lakers basketball player kobe bryant and his daughter who were killed in a helicopter crash have been birdied death certificates reveal the 2 were laid to rest on friday they were among 9 people who died when their chopper went down your los angeles 2 weeks ago on the public memorial is being planned for february the 24th. for more than 70 years take airport has been the main
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way for many millions of people to fly in and out of berlin but later this year it's due for clothes and be replaced by a far larger airport which has been delayed by nearly a decade city planners grand ideas for the side but many berliners don't want it's a close. by rights take shouldn't even be here a relic of the cold war when this was the only air route in and out of west berlin now it's showing its age and government and business alike want it shut so success or elsewhere can open their plan is to turn this into a research and industrial park a showpiece for the 21st century which will eventually be very lucrative if you go ahead fast forward 20 years you would have about 1000 companies working on that common future. create about 20000 jobs generate 2 and
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a half 1000000000 in revenue for the city. of. roughly 350000000 in tax revenues for the city the trouble is many aren't so optimistic almost a 1000000 berliners voted to keep take open in a referendum nearly 3 years ago but as it stands that verdict is not binding some politicians wish it was you know. there are many questions it's not just about the handling of passengers but there's a security aspect also a question of the chaffetz situation in berlin we've done multiple studies that suggests there would be huge traffic jams if the ep was a consolidated take all airport is shut and then there is the ongoing uncertainty over its successor this will be philly plant airport or b e r to give it its short form meant to be opened in november 2011 at a cost of around $2700000000.00 instead a legacy of safety problems. has kept it closed with costs spiraling to more than
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$8000000000.00 and counting if all goes to plan then the 1st passengers will be arriving while leaving from this terminal building at the end of october meaning these buildings will all be put to the use that they were originally planned for almost 9 years later some people say burley needs a large apple in order to be able to compete with other major european capitals but the fact remains the overall cost of closing and opening the relevant apple it's is now almost $10000000000.00 and climbing dominic cain al-jazeera in the german capital. fellow again the headlines on al-jazeera china has fired the highest ranking official in who by a province the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak it comes after who pay announced more than $14800.00 new cases on wednesday up from just 6800 the day
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before as well as 242 more deaths and a cruise ship turned away by 5 ports because of fear of some passengers may have the virus has now arrived in cambodia it's carrying 2200 people turkey has sent more reinforcements to its observation post in northern syria as tensions with government forces there continue to escalate syria's ally russia accuses anchor of aggravating the situation in the last rebel held region by having its military on the ground italy's former deputy prime minister could soon be put on trial over a ban he imposed on migrants the italian senate has stripped the is probably measuring unity so he can be prosecuted for refusing a rescue boat with migrants to dock last year. my children have the right to know that their father is often away from home not because he's kidnapping human beings but because he is defending the borders and security of his country that was his
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duty it was not his right it was his duty i think i have defended my homeland i did not ask for a prize because i received a salary for that but if there must be a trial so be it u.s. attorney general william barr has agreed to testify before the house judiciary committee to answer questions regarding the former white house adviser roger stone stone was sentenced to prison for lying to congress at the justice department plans to reduce stuff he was democrats vying to challenge donald trump in the next presidential election have turned their attention to nevada and south carolina following the new hampshire primary sanders narrowly beat who booed a judge in tuesday's vote well amy club ashara surged into 3rd place and elizabeth warren came in 4th while the former vice president joe biden trail than 5th those are the headlines all hail the algorithm is coming up next on al-jazeera. in india identity politics on the rise what we're seeing is the construction of partitions
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in the hearts and minds of the unions are put across the country and there's a dark side in detroit is we do see the grit from his office in that district of the his face into something more like the team i didn't see of the british today i meet with victims of violence and discover what life is like for minorities in the country join me on my journey in search of india's soul on al-jazeera. around the world powerful entities are working to manipulate and influence us you've heard about it trolls bought this fake news their algorithms at work behind each of these algorithms that have been developed and designed to push specific types of content to us content that says click me.


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